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  • Delhi, a city that has always been the centre of the country's politics, economy, tourism industry and other aspects. Though the country is jotted with several other mesmeric tourist destinations, Delhi outlooks most of them with its unique charm and grace. Being the largest confluence point of visitors from all across the globe, you will always assured with an array of holiday destinations near Delhi while visiting this historic city.

    From hill stations to arid deserts, beach to historical destinations, the list of holiday destinations near Delhi comprises tourist destinations of all types. On your next visit to this cultural capital of India, make sure you make to as much destinations as you can and add an extra amount of fun frolic to your holiday; for your convenience, here is a detailed list of all the popular tourist places around Delhi.

    Here are some of the best Holiday Destinations to visit near Delhi:

  • 01Vintage Stay at Laxmi Villas Palace, Jaipur

    Vintage Stay at Laxmi Villas Palace, Jaipur
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lJaipur
    • NNNNN101 ratings
    • Nem Singh
      Nem Singh

    About the Activity:

    Laxmi Palace has played host to such dignitaries as the Duke of Edinburgh, Shah of Iran, King of Nepal and Shah of Afghan. Laxmi Palace kitchen ensures that the only gourmet cuisine arrives at the dining table.

    Laxmi Palace is now a premier heritage hotel since 1994 and is first and foremost a Royal residence with the family of Raja Raghunath Singhji staying in the Palace . Even today the traditional pujas and ceremonies, especially of Dusshera and Diwali, take place in the ceremonial rooms.
    While restoring and refurnishing the Laxmi Palace care was taken to preserve the “Royal" character and the spirit of the property. The furniture, furnishings, even the photographs and paintings on the walls reminded one of the gracious days of the Raj. Are you ready to explore?

    Sightseeing, Spa and Vintage rides can be availed at an extra cost.

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