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Lonavala Tour Packages

If you’re on the lookout for a short getaway on a long weekend, there are some great Lonavala tour packages to explore and here’s why this holiday spot should be on your list.

Discovered in 1811 by the then Governor General of Bombay, Lonavala is one of the most breathtaking hill-stations of Maharashtra, nestled amidst the Western Ghats. Centred right between Mumbai and Pune, this lush town is easily accessible and definitely worth a visit.

Being a hill station, the weather is great for most of the year and being well-developed, getting around the town by car or bus is very convenient. You could also pick a tour package if you want to be taken around to popular sights and enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Lonavala is one of those spots that has something for everyone, so when booking a Lonavala tour, make sure the package includes a bit of everything. Steeped in history, the town is well known for its numerous forts, caves and temples.

Among the forts, make sure you visit the Tikona Fort, the Rajmachi Fort, and the Lohagad Fort, which has beautiful tourist spots surrounding it. Some of the ancient caves hidden in the vast hill-station are the Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves.

You can also offer prayers and seek blessings at the Narayani Dham Temple and the Bhairavnath Temple, located in Rajmachi. Most of these sights will be included in your tour package, but if they aren’t, make sure to customise the package and not miss out on any of these. It is here that you get a real taste of Maharashtra’s rich heritage and history.

But it isn’t just the history and temples that make Lonavala what it is. Lonavala packages have a lot more to offer, including visits to the serene lakes, picturesque waterfalls, camping, trekking, boat-rides, waterparks, and a trip to the central market so that you can bring back some souvenirs, especially the famous Lonavala Chikki and the decadent chocolate fudge that are must-haves.

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the Maharashtrian special, Vada Pav, too. Most tour packages are inclusive of food, so you needn’t worry about that. Your package will also be inclusive of travel and stay at some of the best hotels, resorts and homestays the town has to offer.

Though the package may include travelling within the hill-station, you can always choose additional tours and overnight stays if you want to head to the outskirts or go camping. Owing to the all-inclusive, carefully curated itineraries, and the surreal beauty of the town, Lonavala is flocked by tourists from across the world, making it one of the most popular and spectacular sights.

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
Overnight Outing in Lonavala 2D 1N ₹ 500 3.0 star View Details
Trekking to Rajmachi in Lonavala 2D 1N ₹ 1650 4.0 star View Details
  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Indulge in this one of kind activity at Anjanvel in Lonavala like never before with your loved ones.Reach the campsite around 8 am for a delicious breakfast and indulge in array of activities.Experience the excitement of farming activities like crop ma...

    Good 3.0
    27 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Indulge in this exciting trekking expedition to Rajmachi and witness the captivating beauty of this region while exploring the forts.Start your tour after 5.15 PM in the evening from Lonavala and reach the Tungarli dam base by an auto rickshaw.Treat yo...

    Very Good 4.0
    35 ratings

    Starting from


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What You Should Know More About Tours in Lonavala

  • Q. Which are the historic sites in Lonavala?

    Rajmachi: A small village known for its fort which is a favourite among adventure enthusiasts. One of the topmost attractions included in Lonavala packages.

    Karla Caves: A Buddhist cave, almost 2000 years old, with a recently built Buddhist temple structured with pillars.

    Bhaja Caves: Exemplifying some of the best rock-cut architecture with 22 caves and given the title of being a Monument of National Importance.

    Bushi Dam: The water gushing over rocky terrain is sure to leave you mesmerised, especially during the monsoons. Make sure this is part of your tour.

    Tiger’s Leap: Resembling a tiger leaping into the valley lends this spot its unique name. Located on the outskirts of Lonavala, the echo point here is popular too.

  • Q. Which are the famous lakes to visit in Lonavala?

    Pawna Lake is surrounded by outstanding natural beauty and is a delightful place for clicking beautiful photographs. It is an artificial reservoir of water located at the outskirts of Lonavala. Pawna lake is a interesting picnic spot where you can spend relaxing time with your friends and family. Enjoy a thrilling motor boating or rowing experience on the lake and see the wonderful views of three ancient forts namely Tikona, Lohagad and Tunga. Another scenic artificial lake nestled across River Kundali is Valvan Lake. Saunter on the lush green garden situated near Tungarli Lake and Ryewood Lake which is surrounded with a scenic charming landscape, where tourists gather for picnics.

  • Q. Which are the famous forts in Lonavala?

    Lonavala tour packages are usually inclusive of trips to a host of forts. Some of these being:

    Rajmachi Fort: Built at a height of 3000 feet, on the Shrivardhan Peak, this point comprises two fortresses and is surrounded by a vast plateau.

    Visapur Fort: The majestic fort build in the 18th century is popular for treks and for the history of Maharashtra. There is also a beautiful waterfall here that’ll leave you in awe!

    Tikona Fort: This spot derives its name from its triangular structure. It offers incredible panoramic views and has huge doorways for which it is famous.

    Lohagad Fort: Perched at a height of 3400 feet, this stately structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is where Shivaji Maharaj stored his treasure, making this a popular sight.

    Koregad Fort: This spot defines grandeur with sprawling meadows, blissful views, hills and green woods. It’s a favourite among tourists and locals too.

  • Q. Which are the best camp sites in Lonavala?

    Enjoy an awesome camping experience in the scenic precincts of Lonavala at a distance of nearly 8 km at the top of the hill .The mystically appealing surroundings of Lonavala offers an ideal opportunity for camping with friends and is easily accessible.
    · Rock face camping in Lonavala, is all about fun and excitement. You can enjoy the mesmerising sights of valleys and captivating mountains of this charismatic hill town. Camping at Lake Pawna is a thrilling experience.
    · Camping at Rusticivile Campground offers a memorable experience.
    · Indulge in a mind-blowing camping activity in the dense jungle of Karnala Bird Sanctuary located in Panvel.
    · Another wonderful camping destination is at Aundoli. Camping in this wonderful hill town rejuvenates the body and soul as you can stay close to the Nature and enjoy its ethereal beauty.

  • Q. Which are the most famous temples in Lonavala?

    Bhairavnath Temple: An architectural beauty, this temple is situated in Rajmachi and is among the most popular temples in the vicinity. It is usually part of Lonavala packages, being a historic sight. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mahashivratri is a grand affair here.

    Narayani Dham Temple: Among the newer temples in the town, Narayani Dham Temple is dedicated to Maa Narayani and houses Ganpati and Hanuman idols as well. Fine jewels adorn the idols beautifully, making this huge temple a popular tourist spot in a short span of time.

    Ekvira Devi Temple: This temple is worshipped primarily by the Koli community, commonly called the fisher folk. According to historic records, the temple was built by the Pandavas during their exile and is dedicated to Ekvira Devi

    Shri Durga Parmeshwari Temple: As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is built in South Indian architectural style with white marble and a beautiful Maa Durga idol.

  • Q. Which are the adventurous trekking tours in Lonavala?

    Trekking along the Sahyadri range and exploring its wild rain-forests, high bushes, tiny rivulets, remote tribal villages, ancient temples, plateau of flowers lush green meadows and waterfalls is an exciting activity Clicking mind blowing pictures of the scenic surrounding and traverse on the luxuriant, green plains of Lonavala . The adventure enthusiasts indulge in thrilling trekking activities on the challenging terrain of Nagphani Cliff commonly known as Duke’s nose. A Trek to Tikona Fort in Lonavala is a stimulating activity. Another exciting trek to Rajmachi and Kondhane Caves is taken by lot of young nature lovers. Lonavala Bhima Shankar trek is simply amazing.Treking on the trails of Della Adventure Park is very exciting.

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Lonavala?

    The beauty of this ‘Jewel of the Sahyadri Hills’ is that it has something to offer all-year-round, which is why Lonavala packages are available throughout the year, too. The most recommended and preferred season to visit it is during the monsoons, between June to September.

    Given, trekking might get difficult as slopes get slippery, but this is ideally the best time to visit the waterfalls and dams while enjoying the lush hill station in all its glory! The months of October to February are also a good time for a visit. This is when the weather is chilly, accompanied by strong winds, and visiting any and every spot is convenient.

  • Q. When is the best time to do the Rajmachi and kondane cave trekking tour in Lonavala?

    Rajmachi and Kondane Caves trekking tour takes you through untouched landscapes. Rajmachi a fort in Karjat region is a famous spot for trekking and can be reached by two ways. It is a 17 km trekking distance from Lonavala. Rajmachi.The tough route starts from Kondivide village near Karjat and the easy trekking route begins from Lonavala. In rainy season especially in the months of June till September this region has many gurgling waterfalls and lush green meadow .It is ideal for a monsoon adventure since you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of this area.

  • Q. Where can I do adventure activities in Lonavala?

    Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in some thrilling adventure activities such as zip-lining, paint ball, rock-climbing, trekking,waterfall rappelling or zorbing.Rajmachi Fort , Tikona fort ,Della adventure park is ensconced in the tranquil mountains of Lonavla where you can enjoy bunch of thrilling activities including swoop- swings, , ATV rides zip-lining, Motor-cross paint-ball, rock-climbing, rappelling and Zorbing. Tungarli Lake is another exciting site for adventurous activities. A hiking trail from Vinchu Kata to Visapur fort or Tiger’s Leap adorned by lush green forests offers fantastic view of the valley and adventure activities. Rappelling is a popular adventure sport conducted at the beautiful site of Kune Waterfalls. In fact Lonavala is an ideal treasure trove for adventure buffs.

  • Q. Which are the top attractions on a sightseeing tours of Lonavala?

    Lonavala is a perfect destination for adventure activities as well as for sightseeing. Surrounded by forests, gurgling waterfalls, scenic lakes, Lonavala is a must-visit tourist spot. This tourist destination has numerous attractions as you embark on a sightseeing tour. Visit the famous Bhaja caves, Tikona Fort , Bushi dam, Karla caves, Rajmachi fort, Pavana Lake. Lohagad Fort, Ryewood lake and Tiger’s leap. Lions Point is a famous sunset point where you will be mesmerised by the captivating sunset views of the valley. Narayani dham temple, Ekvira Devi Temple, Shivaji Udyaan, Wet N Joy water park and Wax museum are worth visiting

  • Q. Which are the best night adventure activities to do in Lonavala?

    Lonavala adorns a veil of serenity and tranquillity at night .Covered with a layer of mist during the monsoon, this quaint hill town offers thrilling night adventures. A thrilling Night Trek to Dhak Bahiri Caves is an awesome experience. Feel at Peace under the star lit sky at the offbeat campsite only 7km away from the stunning landscape of Lonavala. You can unwind in comfortable tents placed at the top of hills. Famous for evening and night trekking, Lion’s Point is one of the best places to visit at night for adventure lovers. This is a perfect place for adventure buffs and monsoons lovers.

  • Q. Where can I do paragliding in Lonavala?

    Paragliding is a very famous adventure activity around Lonavala as you feel the dramatic rush of adrenalin in your veins. Tandem Paragliding Flight over the scenic Pawna Lake is awe-inspiring. Paragliding in Kamshet takes you to thrilling heights and energises your body. You can indulge in scintillating Acrobatics paragliding in Kamshet . Enthusiasts enjoy exhilarating joy rides in Saputara.