15 Things to Do in Kodaikanal 2021: Upto 40% Off
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Things to Do in Kodaikanal

Are you looking for some of the best activities to do in Kodaikanal to pace up your thrill and adventure? From scrumptious binging, at the eating joints to enjoying the galore of the wondrous natural trails, there are plenty of amazing things to do in this city for a joyous experience.

You can even test your adventurous streaks by trying the adrenaline rushing activities over here like trekking and camping. One of the best things that each one of you must try at Kodaikanal is enjoying the panoramic view of Silent Valley in late afternoon or early morning.

For travellers willing to get their adrenaline rushing, they can visit the Guna cave for a thrilling expedition. For those willing to experience the nightlife of this city, booking a night Safari at JC residency is one of the many things to do in Kodaikanal at night!
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12 March 2020
A very good place perfect to visit with family or with friends group. The food was nice and beds were comfortable, an on-time pickup was there and the staff greeted us well right from the entering in the campsite. We had a wonderful stay with no problems and with good co-travelers. We will visit again for sure. Recommended.
06 March 2020
My first camping experience was excellent, I was with my friends. The campsite is easily reachable and had good facilities, washrooms were clean and the caretaker of the place was a nice person.
03 February 2020
This place is very beautiful with all the basic facilities provided. This place has amazing views of near around and give relaxing vibe. Very decent place with good food with good guide for trekking.
14 February 2020
The trek was amazing as had an god scenery . the guide was helpful and stay was comfortable. We reached the camp timely and had a fantastic bonfire. Highly recommended .
The Village Tour was just amazing throughout the day. There are many sightseeings to cover, and the place was extremely beautiful and charming. The local people are so friendly, and our driver cum guide was professional and very informative. We had a great experience.
I recently went to Kodaikanal with my family and it was a nice trip. We enjoyed a lot on our little hill vacation. The forest and greenery make this place so beautiful and the weather was so pleasant. It was a nice break from the hustle-bustle of the city. we went for sightseeing the tea and spice plantations, dam, lake, and many more places. The hotel was also very nice and even the food was delicious. It was a good experience.
The trip to Kodaikanal was an amazing experience. The city is so beautiful and clean with greenery everywhere. We enjoyed a lot there. It was fun exploring the caves, temples, and other places. The stay and meals included in the trip were really nice. Thanks Thrillophilia for the wonderful experience!!
Kodaikanal is so alluring and captivating. The soothing weather makes it more charming. We recently went to Kodaikanal and we had a good time on the trip. We had fun exploring the places, the temples were so beautiful and we even enjoyed boating.
The Trip to Kodaikanal along with Ooty was a great experience. The weather was so nice there. It was so mesmerizing to stay near so greenery and fresh air. We had so much fun exploring the different places like caves of Guna, temples, Ooty lake and the best was visiting the wax museum. The stays and transports were well organized. It was a wonderful trip.
24 February 2020
It was a nice experience and the campsite is very well maintained as per the location. The staff here is helpful and the bonfire was amazing. We enjoyed our time here and performed many activities. Our camps were big enough and properly hygienic. We stayed here for one night but worth it, Highly recommended.

People Also Ask About Kodaikanal Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Kodaikanal?

    1. Visit the Kodai Lake:
    Kodai Lake also called as Kodaikanal Lake is located in Dindigul district at an elevation of 2285 meters above sea level. This man-made lake looks like a star from the top view, and it's a famous tourist attraction among family trippers and honeymooners. The lake offers fishing where one can do fishing amidst the cool breezes; likewise, one can go for boating and other leisure activities with their family and friends. With utmost safety measures, you are allowed to enjoy the serene waters and beautiful creations. Lastly, an interesting fact is, the Lake was built in 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, the then collector of Madurai. After his retirement, he shifted to Kodaikanal and built this glowing lake on neglected marshy land.
    Location: Kodaikanal Lake, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.
    Timings: 6.00 am to 5.00 pm.
    Price: No Entry Fee

    2. Take a Coaker’s Walk:
    If you want to enjoy the chic flowers and green scenery, you should go to Coaker’s Walk. Built by Lt. Coaker in 1872, it is recognized as one of the leisure activities to do in Kodaikanal with your partner. This 1 km long pedestrian starts from the Van Allen Hospital and connects the main road above St. Peter’s Church. It allows one to take a wide-angle view of the lush green plains and fill his camera space with panoramic photos. This location is an ideal place for solo travellers where they can take a stroll and enjoy their solitude.
    Location: Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.
    Timings: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.
    Price: Rs. 10/- per head and Rs. 20/- for the telescope house.

    3. Day Outing in a Kodai Estate:
    “A perfect place for a perfect weekend” Kodai Estate is a perfect landscape to have a calm and peaceful environment. Surrounded by best architectural houses, gardens and native wildlife, the place is best for sightseeing and chilling out with your family and children. Mostly, family tourists and thrill-seekers give a try to this estate and get an amazing experience. Moreover, the place is superbly suitable for sports and adventurous activities, and it guarantees an eternal feeling to them. This breathtaking place is also called as SaffronStays Kurinji Estate. If you’re looking for some memorable things to do in Kodaikanal, pick a day outing to Kodai Estate.
    Location: Kurinji Temple Road, Kodaikanal.
    Timings: Open 24 hours.
    Price: No Entry Fee.

    4. Silent Valley view at Echo Point:
    One of the best tourist spots in Kodaikanal, Silent Valley is a one-stop destination among nature enthusiasts. The best part of the place is the valley, covered with white mist passing through the mountain trees and green meadows. With chill climate and mesmerizing views, it turns out to be a paradise for tourists. The best time to visit is in the early morning and late evenings where one can witness the clear skies and feel the true essence of natural beauty. One can reach this place by taxi or auto. Further, cycles and bikes are also available for rent.
    Location: Berijam Lake Road, Kodaikanal.
    Timings: 6.00 am to 5.00 pm.
    Price: No Entry Fee.

    5. Stay at the Cinnabar Farm:
    To have a relaxed room embraced with full of garden and trees, come and stay in the Cinnabar Farm. This farm place is best to learn some of the best practices of farming and preserving nature. Additionally, you are allowed to plant a sample and spend time with the local community. When it comes to food, their breakfast and dinner are must-try dishes. Especially, for dinner, they offer more varieties, including Italian, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Indian or Continental. After having a full meal, you will be served with desserts. Please inform the staffs in advance, if your travel time is not complying with the check-in and check-out timings.
    Location: Chettiar Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.
    Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
    Price: Rs. 6,000/-

    6. Visit the Mannavanur Lake:
    Get ready to catch some rabbits at Mannavanur Lake. Located at a distance of 34 km from Kodaikanal, Mannavanur Lake is one of the best sightseeing activities to do in Kodaikanal. Since the lake is surrounded by a sheep farm, one could find hundreds of sheep grazing hither and thither. The place is blessed with a high density of birds, and one can rarely spot some wild animals near the location. In contrast to the above, this tourist spot also has great vegetable cultivation. For nature lovers, this scenic place is nothing but heaven filled with charm and elegance. So, if you’re coming to Kodaikanal, don’t forget to visit Mannavanur Lake.
    Location: Mannavanur, Tamil Nadu.
    Timings: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.
    Price: Rs. 10/- per person.

    7. Witness Pillar Rocks:
    The three mammoth rock pillars standing like three walls is one of the most popular destinations in Kodaikanal. Situated at an elevation of 400 ft from the sea level, it contains attractive nooks and crannies to explore. Interestingly, the chambers between the pillars are called as the devil’s kitchen, followed by a garden closely to pass time with your family. The panoramic view from the top is a stunning experience, gives immense delight to our minds. Many thrill-seekers, they don’t miss this wonderful vista, which otherwise a left-out gem remains hidden for them. So, they add this great natural wonder in their things to do in Kodaikanal list.
    Location: Pillar Rocks Road, Kodaikanal.
    Timings: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm (except Tuesdays).
    Price: Rs. 5/- per individual.

    8. Visit kurinji Andavar Temple:
    For pilgrims, a beautiful temple filled with divinity and spirituality awaits you to pay your servitude to God. Located at a distance of 3 km from the Kodai Lake, Kurinji Andavar Temple is one of the important pilgrim centers in Kodaikanal. Even though the temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga, (also called “God of Hill”), it is more than a religious institution where millions of tourists flock together and get blessings. The name “Kurinji” is derived from the Kurinji flower that blossoms once in 12 years. It is believed that the money from this flower contains huge medicinal benefits. The temple attains its peak during the summer season, and the summer festival is celebrated here annually.
    Location: Kurinji Andavar Temple Road, Kodaikanal.
    Timings: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.
    Price: No Entry Fee.

    9. Visit Guna Cave:
    One of the most alluring tourist attractions located in Kodaikanal, where one can feel like entering into a different world. A journey to this attention-seeking place is worth your time and urges your intellectual thirst. This amazing spot is equally prominent for hiking enthusiasts. Since the cave is surrounded by thick forest, it is definitely going to surprise you with great natural habitat. At the same time, its thrill feeling will give you a life-long memory. The cave is mostly visited by explorers, nature lovers, and thrill-seekers to fulfil their love for nature. Curiously, the name “Guna” is given to this cave after the famous Tamil movie ‘Guna’ starred by actor Kamal Hassan.
    Location: Pillar Rocks Road, Kodaikanal.
    Timings: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.
    Price: No Entry Fee.

    10. Witness Vattakanal Waterfalls:
    No hill station trip is completed without visiting a waterfall, where Kodaikanal is not an exception. The magnificent Vattakanal Waterfall is located 3 km distance from Kodaikanal famous for its cool breeze and rich bio-diversity. Nestled in nature’s lap, it is surrounded by lush green trees, majestic hills, and scenic views. To get the perfect view there are watchpoints available, so please ensure you get the best out of it. Moreover, there is a small bridge connecting two ends; many tourists come here and take numerous pictures for their social media friends. Visit this great Vattakanal Waterfall which is a sight to behold.
    Location: Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.
    Timings: N/A
    Price: No Entry Fee.

  2. What are the adventure activities in Kodaikanal?

    Here is the list of things to do in Kodaikanal. This wide landmass with hill slopes, meandering rivers, and cascading waters, offers you to rest and rejuvenate from the city lifestyle.

    1. Fishing & Boating – The best honeymoon activity for couples is boating. This is the perfect place to enjoy your time together. Similarly, fishing is the best activity for water-sport enthusiasts.

    Trekking & Rock climbing – If adventure is in your blood, then you should try trekking or rock climbing in Kodaikanal. It is sure to give you a memorable experience.

     Sightseeing By embracing the right ingredients of a hill station, Kodaikanal is famous for pilgrims, waterfalls, caves, lakes, and abundance of natural habitat. So a weekend won’t be enough to see all the attractions.

    4. Rafting  River rafting is a great adventure activity which promises a good rush of adrenaline hormone throughout your nerves. It becomes even more special if done amidst the best atmosphere of nature with an abundance of flora and mighty mountains. Kodai river flows proudly in the terrains of Kodaikanal. This river is perfect for a good experience of white river rafting amidst the beautiful surrounding of Kodaikanal filled with amazing views and lush greens.

    5. Shopping – 
    Kodaikanal is a hub for medicinal plants and herbs, dark home-made chocolates, old-fashioned antiques, and brand-new sweaters and leather jackets. One might get easily confused with a variety of options available.

  3. When is the best time to visit Kodaikanal?

    This enchanting place is blessed with a pleasant and soothing climate throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Kodaikanal is during the summer season from April to June. At this time, the daily weather ranges from 21 degrees C to 37 degrees C. Many tourists rush to this place and have an amazing holiday respite from it.

    The second best time to reach this place is during the monsoon season (June to August). The temperature varies from 17 degrees C to 34 degrees C which is ideal for a homestay nestled in nature’s green vegetation.

    Again, the place attains its best during the winter season from November to February. Here, the temperature varies between 9 degrees C, and 16 degrees C. Hence, many adventurous sports get active in this season. If you’re planning for daring activities to do in Kodaikanal, you should not miss this season.

  4. Are there any treks in Kodaikanal?

    Kodaikanal is located at an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level, offers the India’s best trekking experience to you.

    1. Kumbakarai Trek Situated in the foothills of the Kodaikanal hills, Kumbakarai is surrounded by beautiful scenery and locations where one get mesmerized with their eyes. Trekking is equally adventuring for all kinds of trekkers.

    2. Dolphin’s Nose Trek Located 8 km away from Kodaikanal, this place provides a perfect birds-eye view surrounded by huge mountains. It is one of the interesting treks in Kodaikanal.

    3. Canopy Hill Trek To test your trekking skills, come to canopy hills and do it. This fascinating place has uneven slopes and ridges, gives a true adventure to trekking lovers.

    4. Pillar Rock Trek This four hours trek is sure to allure you after completing the entire trail. The rough rocks and shiny woods is one-of-a-kind. This place is widely known as “Devil’s Kitchen”.

    5. Pambar Falls Trek To get yourself wet into cascading waterfalls, you should come to Pambar waterfalls and cherish the earth’s creation.

    6. Vattakanal Trek Located in the southern tip of the Palani Hills, Vattakanal provides an enthralling trek to nature lovers and adventurers.

  5. What are the best things to do in Kodaikanal with family?

    1. Visit Kodai Lake: Shaped like a star, Kodai Lake is a nice place to enjoy a serene escapade to indulge in activities like cycling, horse riding, skating, photography etc. While walking around the lake, you can enjoy snacking at the food stalls along with seeing the surroundings.

    2. Trek to Dolphin’s Nose and Echo Rock: Treating your eyes with picturesque views of the valleys and green meadows, Trekking to Dolphin’s Nose is an adrenaline pumping activity in Kodaikanal. One of the most adrenaline pumping
    things to do in Kodaikanal, this trek can be completed in 2-3 hours as it is a moderate level trail as it is steep and rocky.

    3. Visit Pine Forest: Visiting Pine Forest is one of the most surreal
    Kodaikanal things to do as it is full of beautiful landscapes which intrigues shutterbugs. When you are here, you can indulge in thrilling activities as well like horse riding and nature walks.

    4. Visit Shenbaganur Museum: A must visit for history lovers, Shenbaganur Museum has on display a number of traditional artefacts and antiques. It is among the
    fun things to do in Kodaikanal with children as it showcases about 300 species of orchids, 2500 varieties of plants and many rare species of birds.

    5. Explore Kodaikanal Solar Observatory: Having the most intriguing collection of solar data that can be traced back to the 19th century, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is a great place to visit with your family.  It has an astronomy museum and a library with a stupendous collection of archives and astronomical literature.

  6. What are the best things to do in Kodaikanal for couples?

    1. Have a Quiet Stroll at Coaker’s Walk: Go hands in hand with your significant other to soak in the panoramic views of Kodaikanal from Coaker’s Walk. This place offers a relaxed setting where you can see a bird’s eye view of the city. Moreover, the views of the sunset and sunrise are amazing from here.

    2. Do Photography at Lake View Point: One of the fascinating viewpoints of Kodaikanal, Lake View point offers a breathtaking glimpse of the surroundings. This is a place, where the shutterbugs can capture a number of beautiful pictures of Kodaikanal and its breathtaking surroundings.

    3. Visit Berijam Lake: A refreshing getaway for the couples, Berijam Lake is a pleasant spot to enjoy a wonderful picnic. Here you can listen to the birds and be surrounded by the pine trees and some of the rarest flora and fauna. This serene spot can be visited after taking permission from the Forest Department.

    4. Go Shopping: Kodaikanal is known to offer a range of products for the shopping lovers. One of the most exciting
    things to do in Kodaikanal, while shopping here you can look forward to buy spices, chocolates, handicrafts, leather products etc. Some of the popular places to go shopping here are Spices Corner, Corsack, Eco Nut, Kodai Chocolate Factory, Kodai Cheese, Anna Salai Street Market etc.

    5. Enjoy Boating in Kodaikanal Lake: One of the most recommended activities for couples on Kodaikanal, this experience is sure to go down your memory lane. A boating tour here will let you soak in the beautiful surroundings and appreciate the clean waters of the lake. The serene activity can be clubbed with horse riding, cycling and walking around the lake.

  7. What is famous in Kodaikanal?

    Kodaikanal is famous for its natural setting of the misty hills and lush green valleys. Tourists come here to indulge in exciting treks and witness its serene environs.
    Moreover, it a shopping paradise and offers a number of items like chocolates, cheese, handicrafts, wooden items, medicinal oils and herbs etc.
  8. Is Kodaikanal safe for couples?

    Yes, Kodaikanal is a safe destination for couples. It is a popular hill station and frequented by a number of tourists. However, you should take precaution by yourself and try to avoid any situation that could hamper your safety.

  9. How to reach Kodaikanal from Bangalore?

    The distance between Kodaikanal and Bangalore is 466 km. Well, this exquisite hill station is well connected by road, rail, and air.

    By road – One can reach Kodaikanal from Bangalore in roughly 8 – 11 hours. The most preferred route is Hosur - Salem – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri and finally reaching Kodaikanal. A range of state buses are running through this route.

    By rail – The train travel is between 8 h 30 min and 9 h 20 min. The direct train from Bangalore to Kodaikanal is Tuticorin Express which takes approximately 8 h 20 min to reach.

    By flight – The nearest airport is Madurai airport to Kodaikanal, located at 120 km distance. One who catches a flight from Bangalore; he/she will reach Madurai in 1 h 40 min. From there, there are direct buses going to Kodaikanal.

  10. Which are the best places for shopping in Kodaikanal?

    If you have shopping as one of the things to do in Kodaikanal, then let you explore the best shopping places available here.

    1. Danish Display – Loaded with the best-selling products, Danish Display is one of the most-visited shops to purchase a special gift for your dear ones.

    2. Kaleeswari Supermarket – From oil to tea, chocolates to spices, one can find a variety of articles at cheapest prices and have a great shopping experience.

    3. Kodai Chocolate Factory – To taste some of India’s best homemade chocolates, come to Kodai Chocolate Factory and fall in love with chocolates.

    4. Object Organic – Have you ever tasted an organic fruit? Check out the fresh organic fruits like avocados, pear, plum, etc. at your ease.

    5. Spices Corner – A one-stop place for all kinds of spices is Spices Corner. By using these spices, it not only gives flavor to food but also innumerable health benefits.

    6. Potter’s shed – Right from mugs to vases, you are loaded with lots of pottery items suitable for both cooking and embellishing your house.

  11. What to do in Kodaikanal at night?

    1. Night Camping – Night camping is one of the fascinating things to do in Kodaikanal. Having a pleasant conversation in the middle of the forest with your friends, can’t be replaced with a crore.

    2. Night Bar – In Kodaikanal, there are some interesting night bars that offer a peaceful atmosphere to spend time with your dear ones. Let you try it at least once.

    3.Bonfire – This unique activity is sure to bring your childhood mood back to the present and have a cool night.

    4. Night Walk – Take a stroll either solo or with a partner and get a perfect holiday feeling in Kodaikanal. This amazing exercise is sure to relish your memories.

  12. Which are the best restaurants of Kodaikanal? What cuisines are a must try?

    1. Cloud Street – Nice ambiance and good food, Cloud Street restaurant gives the best out of best to its customers.

    2. Tava – This small veg restaurant gives the best South Indian food, especially a full-meal. Many tourists visit here and have a homely food.

    3. Muncheez – For tourists, who want to try something different, you should come to Muncheez which has a huge variety of chic cuisines and desserts.

    4. Astoria Veg Restaurant – The Astoria is yet another veg restaurant famous in Kodaikanal. Rice items like biryani and paneer ticka masala is a must-try. Let’s Jump into the best cuisines in Kodaikanal.

    5. Tibetan Chicken Thukpa – For non-vegetarians, this traditional soup filled with noodles gives an elating feeling.

    6. Cappuccino and Tosca Cake – This cholocate cake while going inside your mouth will sweep you away from the floor.

    7. Moroccan Spice Tea – This specially made spicy tea is best to drink and good for health.

    8. Aby’s Gulab Jamun – fresh and hot julab jamun in a cold climate is a must-try dessert. Thus, in your things to do in Kodaikanal bucket list, add these eateries also.

  13. What are the best places to visit in Kodaikanal?

    1. Kodikanal Lake The most-visited family tourist attraction is Kodai Lake. It offers you great leisure activities like boating and fishing.

    2. Berijam LakeAfter getting the forest department’s permission, you can enjoy this scenic beauty enormously and take beautiful pictures.

    3. Pine Forest Needless to say, the very view of umpteen trees surrounded by hilly terrains is worth your time and money.

    4. Pillar Rocks Pillar Rocks is one of the best sightseeing locations in Kodaikanal, where trekkers and hikers enjoy the most.

    5. Kurinji Andavar Temple – Dedicated to Lord Murugan, the Kurinji Andavar Temple is one of the best pilgrims for its culture and festivals.

    6. Poombarai Village View – Get a wide landscape view of Kodaikanal in Poombarai village. Here, tourists spend time to take photos of the amazing landmass.

    7. Bryant Park – This botanical garden has nearly 325 varieties of trees, shrubs, and cactuses. The famous part is, it has a 160-year old Eucalyptus tree.

    8. Shembaganur Museum of Natural History – Initiated in 1895, it has the more intriguing artefacts of Palayiar tribes, whose descendants still residing near the hill station.

  14. What are the best camping sites in Kodaikanal?

    1. The Pear County – This very location itself brings elation to the inner soul and gives an awe-inspiring experience to you.

    2. Kodai Camp – It is one of the best camping sites located in Kodaikanal. One can experience the very primitive skills here seamlessly.

    3. The Misty Mountain Hop Campsite – It is the most-visited camping sites where adventurers seek an aesthetic pleasure amidst mountains and wildlife.

    4. Campers Valley – With good food and accessibility, this camping site attracts more tourists and gives them the best.

    5. Kodai Camping Stay – To get a perfect weekend getaway, you should try this camping site one time at least. Surrounded by scenery locations, it is absolutely worth your time and effort.

    6. Kodai Adventures Camping Tent Stay – The chic climate and wide landscape give you ample opportunities to fall in love with Mother Nature.