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About Sawai Madhopur

Want to visit a place which is subtropical, traditional, and historic and also the one which has natural things, visit SawaiMadhopur and you will experience the best of the tourist places in Sawai Madhopur. Situated in Rajasthan, to its north lies Banas River, to its east, lies the Parbati River. This place itself is situated to the southeast of Jaipur. Don’t visit here during summers and also not in winters. The city experiences up to 49 degrees Celsius during May and June while the lowest temperature occurs between December and January, down to 2 degrees Celsius. So ultimately, November to May becomes the ideal tourist season. The tourist places in Sawai Madhopur are as follows:

The Ranthambore National Park is the famous national park. It has a variety of animal species which are taken utmost care by the authorities. Many species of animals and birds like Nilgai, sloth bears, hyena, chital, wild boars can be found here. The park here is also mesmerizing as it has three beautiful lakes, namely, Raj BaghTalab, Malik Talab and PadamTalab. Then there is a temple named as ‘Chamatkar Temple’. It has a very interesting story behind its construction. It is assumed that whatever is asked in front of God, the wish is fulfilled definitely. Ranthambhore Fort, Chauth Mata Temple, Khandar Fort etc are the other tourist attractions of the city. These all are mentioned in tourist placesin Sawai Madhopur. SawaiMadhopur is a place which offers a lot of variety in terms of nature and wildlife.

It has spell bounding options for sightseeing, biking, walking, jeep safari, camping, day outs, night outs and much more. It is completely adventurous cum religious place. Once visited, a person can never forget the astonishing experience ho goes through. This place suits every age group as it has an offering for each one of them. Come on plan a trip to SawaiMadhopur. It can be with family, friends or even with your BAE. Once you are done visiting SawaiMadhopur, you can also visit nearby places which are no less lavishing and entertaining. New Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Mount Abu, Pushkar and many more places are some of the best places available. It is surrounded by Aravalli and Vindhya hilly range. It has been listed in the UNESCO’s most heritage sites as well. One should definitely visit this place once.

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Sawai Madhopur FAQ's

Travel Tips

  • You can take a taxi tour for sightseeing the city.

  • When at restaurants, Indian platter is served and can be eaten with right hands. Mostly vegetarian dishes are served. Unless listed on the menu, do not ask for pork or beef. The only meat that is available at a few restaurants is lamb or chicken.

  • You must always remove your shoes when you are invited at a home for a dinner. Arrive a few hours before time so you can get acquainted with the guests.

  • This place is prevalent in pickpockets so keep your belongings safe, especially, when you visit crowded areas.

  • If you are not used to driving in the traffic of India, always hire an experienced and a licensed drive to drive you around the city.

  • There are many wildlife reserves, national parks, and places to see in and around this city that you can get a view of.

  • Carry sunscreen, clean water bottle, shades, umbrella, as it is humid till October.

  • There are different festivals and events celebrated throughout the year, which are vibrant and colorful. Get acquainted with the culture and events before participating in them.

Drinking laws

Most of the restaurants do not serve liquor. You can purchase them from private bars. Taking liquor out of the city or bringing liquor to this city is strictly prohibited even for individual use.

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Nature and wildlife safaris

The Ranthambore National Park is one of the most popular destinations in India to experience wildlife and nature. Situated in the district of Sawai Madhopur, 180 kilometers away from Jaipur, you will spot tigers, birds, and reptiles. You will also find trees and fauna of different species. This park is mostly famous for tigers, and you can easily spot a herd. You can experience bio-diversity when you visit then Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary. You will find different species of grasses, trees, and plants. Also, spotted are rare and wild species of hyenas, sloth bears, jackals, peacocks, sparrows, quails, and more animals and birds. There is little or no scope of water sports in this area. You can visit this sanctuary and fulfill your zeal for adventure. You can spend time in activities in the day time as there is no nightlife in this town.

Forts, museums, and temples

Every place and city in Rajasthan has a history dated to Rajput kings.  The sighting of forts and museums is a common place in most of the cities and towns of Rajasthan. Visit the Ranthambore fort which was built in the 10th century. The Banayan tree that ushers the visitors into the fort is said to be 400 years old. The Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History is located 9 kilometers from Sawai Madhopur and has then exhibits of plants, animals, and paintings. You can also visit the Jogi Mahal to view its architecture. The Chamatkar temple is one of the oldest Jain temples and is believed to have experienced many miracles before its foundation was laid.

Local shopping sprees

When in any city or district of Rajasthan, shopping is not to be missed. Popular for its folklore and stories about Maharajas, you will find artistic home décor, souvenirs, and creative items in the street shops of Sawai Madhopur. You can also take short classes on learning about the spices used in the local cuisine. All and all, a delightful experience to set out in the local bazaars and buy jewelry, footwear, and condiments that enrich your travel experience.

What you will like there?

Food and sightseeing

When you choose winter to stay and take tours, you can be truly delighted to enjoy the culture, cuisine, and history this place has to offer. Rich with Rajput and Jain heritage, you will get to see a different side of India in Sawai Madhopur. The staple food is a delish Rajasthani platter served in most of the restaurants. You can enjoy the savories offered in typical steel or a brass platter with Rajasthani drink called Chas or Thandai.

Take private tours and shopping

Instead of hiring taxis, you can take private tour packages to visit all places in this city. It helps you get a complete view of the history, heritage, and current day living of this city. You can enjoy shopping in the local bazaars for charms, spices, and artifacts. The footwear and clothes are the most interesting items to be shopped here.

Safaris and reserves

This is one of the popular tourist places and has always been a popular destination for its wildlife. On any given day, you can get a view of the most exotic and rare species of flora and fauna when you visit the tiger reserve, or the nature sanctuaries.

Spirituality and religious believes

This place is spawned with many temples with ancient architecture. You can visit the Ganesh temple, the Kala Gaura Bhairava temple, and many other temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

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