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Paragliding in Nainital

If you are wishing for a heart-stopping experience, and you are somewhere in Uttarakhand then you are already half battle down, as here you can fly like a bird with paragliding in Nainital. Your flight will be accompanied by bright multicolored butterflies and some beautiful yet exotic birds which home the Kumaon peaks. Naukuchiatal in Nainital is unquestionably a gem of Uttarakhand, which boasts with the alluring lakes like Naini and Bhimtal, where you can witness this exciting adventure.

Paragliding is a recreation activity, that can be done in any season, except monsoons as here the sowers are quite heavy. But it is an ultimate fun to be flying during winters when the entire region is covered with snow and it feels like you are skating on a blanket of white from above the ground. Naukuchiatal is crowned at an elevation of 1220 meters, thereby rewarding the eyes with a great range of varied sites and locations, all of which can be viewed when you glide through it. The picture it displays from atop is just amazing and is indeed a plus to the experience.

Right next to Naukuchiatal is the sprawling wilderness of Corbett National Park, so the best holidaying experience awaits you in Uttarakhand. You can pair up paragliding in Nainital with a safari ride in the Jim Corbett National Park. When you prepare to run and take off, loaded with all the necessary gears and equipment then the increased heartbeat and pumped up adrenaline definitely take you a step back, but open up your wings and get ready for a mind-blowing flight that promises an experience of a lifetime. Presence of an expert pilot will lessen the fear but leave your body suspended in the air with the help of a harness will always give you chills.

With a wide array of variants of paragliding in Nainital, here one can make a selection which fits in their preference list. If you are looking for a small window, then you can choose the glide for 3 to 9 minutes, but if this doesn’t satiate your hunger of adventure, then you can go for the enticing glide of 30 to 45 minutes. The heavenly sight of the enthralling surroundings dotted with varied biodiversity of Naukuchiatal and terraced farms can be embraced on your glide and it gives a feeling that you are flying in virtual heaven.

You can embark on many paragliding tours in Nainital where you can choose from a list of power packed deals which include camping and trekking and other recreational activities like river crossing, zip lining etc. After your paragliding venture, you can spend a fun frolic night with your family or friends at the campsite, which is spiced up with BBQ dining, music and dancing around the bonfire.

Paragliding is a non-motorized ride whose launching and landing both depends on the flow of the wind, so make sure the weather is apt for the sport. Limitations which come with a human body that says you cannot fly but what if you can, all you need is an extra pair of artificial wings and little training to play with the wind. Don’t miss this fun ride, it is an adventure worth the risk and a sport that intoxicates your adrenaline for days after your glide.

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Paragliding in Nainital | Book Online & Get Flat 16% off


Location: NainitalTimings:  Between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PMExperience the thrill of flying high up in the air and the best way to experience this is through tandem paragliding. Take off with highly experienced instructors and enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of Nainital. Anyone without any prior experience or knowledge can go for paragliding in Nainital, just need the desire to fly and follow the instructor’s simple guidance during takeoff and landing. The instructor will guide with what is needed and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Flights vary depending on the duration selected and the height of the takeoff site. After a quick briefing session by instructors about the activity, a group of professional gliders will help you to get adjusted onto the paraglider with all the safety measures in check. The experience of the picturesque view of the mountain ranges and the cool breeze brushing against your face will make it one of the best thrilling adventure.How to reach Nainital Paragliding Site:The activity area is 22 km far from the Nainital roadways bus stand so you can hire a private cab to reach there.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

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Paragliding at Spring Birds
Paragliding at Spring Birds



About the Activity:Unravel yourself at Hotel Spring Birds, Nainital, shed off all the humdrums of the city life by taking a break here. Experience one of the best serenity of Naukuchiatal,Nainital at Hotel Spring Birds. Located at the foothills of the kumaun mountains, Naukuchiatal,Nainital is perhaps the most picturesque lake in Uttarakhand.It is an ideal location to enjoy the captivating compilations of rare butterflies and colourful Himalayan birds. The enthralling surroundings and varied biodiversity of Naukuchiatal and nearby areas gives it the perception of virtual heaven. You can also engross in thrilling adventure games such as Paragliding, kayaking, birdwatching, boating, hoarseriding. Enjoy a fun frolic night  with your family and friends with a bonfire and music on demand.

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29 Ratings

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It was the best place to do Paragliding in Nainital. The Gliders there were experienced and very great. I loved the place.

People Also Ask About Paragliding in Nainital

  1. Is there any weight limit to do paragliding in Nainital?

    1. Naukuchiatal:
    Naukuchiatal located at a height of 1222 meters serves as one of the ideal paragliding spots because it has a launching pad in the form of a hilltop meadow named Pandeygaon right above it. On a Nainital paragliding sesh, when you are up in the firmament, you get to witness nature’s grand design - a stunning lake adorning the landscape’s center, rivulets that run into rivers, richer greens of the thick forests, and varying grasslands.

    Naukuchiatal offers the perfect paragliding weather and variety of ranges that you can select on the basis of your comfort. You can choose from medium flying (2000 feet and above), high flying (4000  feet and above), and long flying (5000 feet and above). This way both adults and children get to enjoy the aerosport. Instructors at  Naukuchiatal also make sure that you are equipped with well-fitting sunglasses, jackets and helmets before the flight, so you do not have to carry anything.

    2. Bhimtal:
    For the adventure bug, ascending the height of almost 1370 meters, to  undertake a Nainital Paragliding session means to glide above the deodar trees, many endearing landforms, mountainous terrains, over the Bhimtal Lake, and other hidden lakes.

    This pretty place guaranteeing adventure aplenty is one of the major pulls because instructors take necessary steps to soar and land perfectly. Here at Bhimtal, you can choose between soaring, cross-country flying, and thermal flying by selecting the ideal high fly, normal, and short fly duration as per your abilities.

  2. What are the different types & levels of paragliding in Nainital?

    The different kinds of Paragliding in Nainital are soaring, cross-country flying and thermal flying whereas the various paragliding levels fall under soaring and these involve high fly, normal fly, and short fly.

    1. Soaring: 
    This kind of paragliding is dependent entirely on the movement of the wind. Fixed objects like a dune or ridge are sought that helps in the glider’s upward movement. The soaring along a slope depends on the speed and steadiness of the wind.

    The levels in soaring (paragliding) are:
    -High fly: for fifteen to forty-five minutes
    -Normal fly: for three to ten minutes
    -Short fly: for thirty to ninety seconds.

    2. Cross-Country Flying: 
    This technique requires moving frequently from a single thermal to the next one. Here paragliders must be knowledgeable enough regarding aviation maps, flying regulation, and air law.

    3. Thermal flying: 
    This method demands more persistence, precision, and makes use of the warm air and heat from the surroundings. Here a paraglider rises gradually and detaches the thermals from that very source that was used during takeoff time.

  3. How is paragliding done?

    Paragliding in Nainital is done using a free-flying and lightweight glider aircraft that is launched by the foot and is devoid of a firm primary structure. Flying paragliders make sure that below the wing of the fabric a harness is suspended so that the pilot can sit in it. It is the various aerodynamic forces related to the flowing air, air pressure entering the wing’s front, and suspension lines that maintain the wing shape.

    There is sufficient preparation (checking weather conditions, making available proper essentials of paragliding, doing a preflight) done, and high caution levels exercised before the adventure activity begins.

  4. What is the best time for paragliding in Bhimtal?

    The best time to go for paragliding in Bhimtal is from September to December and March to June. It is during these months that the weather is pleasant and you can get the most stunning views of the valleys and the mountains, especially during high flights.
  5. Can one capture his/her video while paragliding in Nainital?

    Yes, you can capture videos and take photographs while Paragliding in Nainital to have an everlasting memory of the best time you had, for a lifetime.

  6. Is there any chance of emergency landing while paragliding in Nainital?

    Yes, there is a chance of emergency during the landing phase, when Paragliding in Nainital but by any chance, if you feel uncomfortable up in the air then you can choose to land before time.
  7. What kind of medical arrangements will be there if someone got injured during paragliding in Nainital?

    The medical arrangements on a paragliding site are appreciable and you can be assured of the best medical care. You will get first-aid and the right medical attention if you get injured and a team of doctors will do your checkup if such a situation arises.
  8. Are there any weight limitations in paragliding in Nainital?

    Yes, there are weight limitations when paragliding in Nainital. You must weigh between fifteen to sixty kilograms to undertake this adventure activity and failure to be in the specified weight range can result in non-participation owing to safety checks.
  9. How high can you fly in paragliding in Nainital?

    You can take a flight of three thousand feet for twenty to thirty minutes when paragliding in Nainital.
  10. Is there any weight limit to do paragliding in Nainital?

    Yes, you must be in between the weight range of 15 kgs - 60 kgs in order to enjoy a paragliding experience in Nainital. If you do not fall under the specified weight range, you shall not be allowed to participate in the activity due to safety constraints.

  11. Is Nainital worthy enough to have a paragliding trip?

    For thrill-seeking tourists, Nainital is worthy enough for a Paragliding trip because tandem paragliding here is all about gliding and hovering over Nainital's incredible Alpine, beautiful mountains, lush green forests, the crystal-clear Naini Lake, other shimmering lakes, and rivers from dizzying heights.
  12. What clothes to wear for paragliding in Nainital?

    Here is all that you must wear when Paragliding in Nainital:

    -To ensure proper circulation of blood, you must wear loose socks and sturdy shoes
    -Make sure you are carrying windproof jackets, thermals, and woolen clothes as you may encounter freezing temperatures
    -Instructors recommend that you do not wear jeans and stick to track pants especially when you intend to paraglide
    -To steer clear from frostbites, you must wear gloves.

  13. What will be the duration of paragliding in Nainital?

    Your paragliding experience in Nainital would last for approximately 15 minutes. However, they shall be exclusive of the time taken to prepare you, get you into your safety gear and get you out of the same after the completion of the activity

  14. What are the charges of paragliding in Nainital?

    The charges of paragliding in Nainital are very nominal and one needs to pull out an amount of about INR 1400, with which you can experience the sport. Be it a child or an adult you need to pay the same amount for witnessing the adventure. Here you can also enjoy Tandem Paragliding, with which you need no skills, as a professional will be gliding along with you, who is a master in this activity. All you have to do is follow the instructions he gives!

  15. Is paragliding in Nainital easy?

    Yes, you do not need to have any expertise in order to enjoy paragliding in Nainital. You shall be accompanied by a professional paragliding pilot who shall take care of an enjoyable ride as well as your safety.

    The experience is totally adequate for first-time gliders, apart from being great fun.

  16. Where can we do paragliding in Nainital?

    There are a number of options available to experience paragliding in Nainital. You can pick your choice based on your vicinity as well as the convenience of reaching. Some of the places even offer meals along with your activity.

    Therefore, you can surf through the available options and pick your best choice.

  17. What clothes should I wear while doing paragliding?

    Wondering about what to wear and what not? Make sure you are well-equipped with comfortable attire, a sporty one is preferable as this makes the experience even better. One must keep in mind to keep off all the things which give discomfort, as it lower downs the gliding experience. Wearing proper sports shoes is another thing one must take care of while planning to enjoy paragliding.

  18. Which is the best time to do paragliding in Nainital?

    Glide over the mesmerizing beauties of Nainital which will arrest you in its charm. If you have planned a trip in the months from March to June, then you have taken the best decision of your life as this is the favorable time to tour the region and experience paragliding in here. But, if you wish to glide over the magical snow, then you can witness this adventure in the winters from October to December.

  19. Can we do Tandem Paragliding in Nainital?

    Yes, you can enjoy Tandem Paragliding in Nainital, moreover, this is a more favorable activity which is practiced here, As in this adventure you don't need any kind of skills, all you need to take care of is to follow the guidelines of the instructor, and you are ready to go!. This is preferred by a noteworthy count of tourists, as it is a little more safe as you are accompanied by a trained professional which lowers down the risks.

  20. What are the things I should keep in mind before I do paragliding?

    Planning to glide over the scenic wonders of Nainital? If yes then make sure you visit the upland in the best months, so that you can experience the serenity at its best. Apart from this, you need to take care of the weight category, which is from 15 to 60 kg, as if you don’t fall in this range then will not be allowed to witness the sport.

  21. Is it safe to do Paragliding in Nainital in December?

    Yes, Paragliding in December is absolutely safe, additionally, at this time you can take a glimpse of the snow-cladded peaks and pine trails, which are an excellent epitome of tranquil settings. Be it the striking summers or chilling winters, this activity can be enjoyed in both the seasons. But in the monsoons, the sport is shut down as the region receives a lot of rainfall, which makes it inoperable.

  22. What should be the minimum age to go paragliding?

    Indeed age is no bar, all you need the courage to glide through the cool breeze, with paragliding equipment. Well, for security reasons, your weight must fall under the category of 15 to 60 Kg. Talking about the age factor, you can witness this enthralling activity, even if you are 5+. This is once in a lifetime experience and is worth trying if you tour the hillock