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Best Things To Do in Coorg

Things To Do In Coorg

About the Activity: Coorg coffee plantation tour provides you an opportunity to witness complete journey of coffee- right from the seed till the packed powder ready to adorn your mugs.Experience staying in these lush-green coffee estates, where even the air seems to carry the coffee aroma. Indulge in gaining an in-depth knowledge of coffee cultivation with this amazing coffee plantation tour in Madenadu Village in Coorg.The tour will start around 10:00 AM and it extends up to 3 hours.Interact with the locals who are well versed in all techniques used in coffee plantation. Learn more about pr
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About the activity : On your next weekend, head to the intimidating and alluring mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, and possibly one of the most challenging as well!Let the adventurer in you explore the different domains of the mountain for an exciting Brahmagiri trek and you can also engage in an adventurous white water rafting in Coorg while exploring the wide rugged terrains of this land.While on the Brahmagiri trek, you can camp out in the remote woodlands close to the white water rafting point which is just 1 km away and happens to overlook the beautiful hills of Brahmagiri. 
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About the activity: Rafting in Coorg, through the Barapole River's roaring currents is indeed an experience worth cherishing. The activity begins with your arrival at Barapole which is known as Kithu Kakathu River. You can participate in this activity of 1-2 hours anytime between 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM. Make sure you attend the next session on safety tips to enjoy the best of rafting Coorg. You will be getting a briefing from experts, followed by a drill and the run that will take you in the river for a distance of 2.5 km. The base camp lies near the Ponya Devarakad. You will be entering t
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What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Coorg

  • What is the best time to visit Coorg?

    Located in the western ghats, Coorg is an evergreen hill station and no matter which time of the year you visit this place, you will always enjoy your holidays. The climate stays pleasant throughout the year.

    Summers can be a little hot and the maximum temperature during summer days may reach 40oC  but it never goes any higher than this. So, if you want to beat the summer heat by visiting this hill station, you can avoid visiting it during May and June. Rest of the year, the temperature will be quite pleasant. In winters, the temperature will not go below 10oC, and it's also a good time to visit the place. However, if you want to avoid too much rain, as the trekking becomes a little risky due to rain, you must not go during the monsoon season, that is July and August.

    Of all, March and April are the best time to visit the place.

  • Can we go on road trip from Bangalore to Coorg? How much is the distance?

    Yes, you can certainly plan a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg. The distance is approximately 255 kms, and it takes around 6 - 7 hours to reach Coorg from Bangalore when you are heading towards it from the road. The road quality is average at some places and good at other places, but not bad.

  • What all activities can be done in Coorg?

    You can indulge yourself in a number of activities in Coorg as it is an astounding destination:

    • Visiting breathtaking waterfalls
    • Immersing in nature and panoramic views
    • Trekking to the astonishingly beautiful peaks
    • Visiting wildlife sanctuaries
    • Visiting coffee plantations
    • Trying microlight flying
    • Trekking in the white waters
    • Visiting an elephant training camp

  • What adventure activities can be done in Coorg?

    When you are in Coorg, you can indulge in the following adventure activities:

    • River rafting in the capricious Barapole river
    • Jeep Safari to the waterfalls
    • Hiking and trekking to astounding peaks
    • Quad biking on the tricky trails
    • Indulge in an Ayurvedic spa
    • Microflight flying
    • Visiting an elephant camp
    • Enjoy angling and fishing in the Kaveri river

  • Which all attractions are best for sightseeing in Coorg?

    The best places for sightseeing in Coorg include:

    • Abbey Falls
    • Thadiyandamol Hills
    • Talakaveri
    • Raja's Seat
    • Iruppu Falls
    • Chelavara Falls
    • Brahmagiri Hill
    • Mandalpatti Viewpoint
    • Unchalli Falls
    • Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary

  • Which places are best for trekking in Coorg?

    Coorg is quite a popular destination for trekking in southern India and some of the breathtakingly beautiful places for trekking in Coorg include:

    • Nishani Motte Trek
    • Trek to Tadiandamol Peak
    • Camping and Trekking in Madikeri
    • Trek to Kopatty
    • Brahmagiri Trek
    • Kumara Parvatha Trek
    • Pushpagiri Trek
    • Galibeedu Trek
    • Kotebetta Trek
    • Kakkabe Trek

  • Where can we do river rafting in Coorg? How challenging are the rapids?

    White water rafting is one of the best experiences that one can indulge in while visiting Coorg. It would be an enthralling and exciting experience for you. Barapole river is one of the most adventurous rafting sites in the entire state of Karnataka, and when you are in Coorg, you must not miss it.

    The rafting in Coorg is a thrilling experience as there are a plethora of menacing and rousing rapids, but depending on your rafting skills, you can choose the rafting route. Though, the rapids are not very challenging, they certainly are risky. The Barapole river has 9 ferocious class 2 rapids. There are some level 3 and level 4 rapids as well.

  • What sort of activities are enjoyable by children in Coorg?

    In Coorg, children will enjoy activities like a visit to the Dubare Elephant camp where they can see as many as 150 elephants, and can see the mahouts giving bath to the elephants and training the Mysore Dasara festival. Here children can learn everything about the elephants.

    Apart from this, they can enjoy the jeep safari to the various waterfalls and can have fun in Raja's Seat park. Children can also visit the various wildlife sanctuaries in Coorg and can witness the animals in their natural habitat.

  • Is Coorg a good destination for Camping? Which places are famous for camping in Coorg?

    Yes, Coorg is an amazing place for camping and one can enjoy overnight camping with family & friends here.  The most famous camping sites in Coorg include:

    • Camping in Madikeri
    • Civet Creek Camping
    • Prakruth Homestay
    • Camping in Gonikoppal
    • Coorg Planter's Camp

  • Can we drink and smoke at a campsite?

    No, you cannot drink or smoke at the campsite. It is advised that people should not consume alcohols just before trekking or other camp activities like rafting, microlight flying etc. However, people from different cultures and traditions come for camping at Coorg, so there are provisions for drinking and smoking outside the camp.

  • Which are some of the affordable resorts to stay in Coorg?

    As it is a popular tourist destination, there are many resorts located in the Coorg. You will choose resorts from all price ranges. Some of the most affordable resorts are mentioned below with the charges applicable per night:

        Parampara Resort & Spa – Coorg – (Approx INR 3500 per night)

         Palm Era Resorts – (Approx INR 2000 - 2200 per night)

        La Flora Jungle Hill Resort (Approx INR 2000 - 2200 per night)

  • Which homestays are good for a stay in Coorg?

    Some of the best homestays in Coorg with double occupancies are as follows with the charges applicable per night:

        Sky Larc Homestay – (Approx INR 5000 per night)

        Balakrishna Homestay – (Approx INR 3500 per night)

        Spring Dale – (Approx INR 5000 per night)

        Karada Cottage – (Approx INR 3500 per night)

        Hillock Homestay – (Approx INR 2500 per night)

  • Which are must visit waterfalls in Coorg?

    Coorg is a land so rich in beauty and greenery, during the monsoons apart from its lush green carpet is the sound of numerous streams and waterfalls nearby that form a picturesque sight. Some of the must visit waterfalls in their whole gush and splendour are:

    • Abbey Falls
    • Burude Falls
    • Iruppu Falls
    • Mallalli Abbi Falls
    • Irpu Falls

  • Where can we go for a wildlife safari in Coorg?

    The following wildlife parks and sanctuaries can be best discovered with a Safari:

  • Which temples are famous in Coorg?

    Known basically for its tourist attraction, Coorg is also a center for devotion and pilgrimage. The following are some of the famous Temples of Coorg:

    • Talakaveri
    • Sri Omkareshwara Temple
    • Bhagamandala
    • Padi Igguthappa Temple

  • What is so special about Bylakuppe?

    Bylakuppe in Coorg is an area which is known as home to several Tibetan settlements. It gives the visitors an opportunity to explore the Tibetan culture. The Golden Temple with its humongous 40 ft statues and 7000 monks is what attracts people to view this unique vista.

  • How difficult is Tadiandamol trek? How much is the cost of the trek?

    Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most famous trekking destinations in India. There are different difficulty levels ranging from easy to moderate to advanced. The Tadiandamol trek involves a trek of approximately 15 km and it is certainly not an easy one. Only physically fit people should take this trek. The price of Tadiandamol Trek starts from 3, 000 INR.

  • Can we go for a jeep safari in Coorg?

    Yes, you can go for a jeep safari in Coorg. There are many places like waterfalls, forests, wildlife parks and sanctuaries that can be best visited by a jeep safari.

    Jeep safari offers a unique way to explore the different tourists' spots in Coorg, and especially the waterfalls. It is an enthralling ride and would become one of the most memorable experiences of Coorg for your lifetime.

  • How is Nishani Motte trek? Can anyone do it?

    Nishani Motte trek is another prominent trekking destination in Coorg. This is one of the easiest trekking destination. Yes, anyone in good health and at least a bit physically fit can do it.

  • Can we go for Kumara Parvatha trek? Is it a difficult trek?

    Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the most difficult treks in Coorg and an ideal place for you if you are looking forward to explore the adventurous side in you. Only well trained and experienced people do trekking here, as it is 6 - 7 km trek on one side through the lush green forests, green meadows and beautiful landscapes.

    The peak of Kumara Parvatha is 1712 meters high from the sea level and lies in the Pushpagiri range.

  • What things can couples do in Coorg?

    Coorg is a city filled with scenic beauty and adventures. Couples and newlyweds can spend quality time here capturing memorable photos and rejuvenating themselves in the lap of nature. They can also experience the adventurous life near the campsite enjoying with each other. There are various honeymoon packages of Coorg that are just perfect for a romantic outing with your partner.

    The overnight camps with a bonfire are an incredible way to spend a romantic evening right under the stars. Apart from this, couples can visit the aromatic coffee plantations and the serene waterfalls with pristine natural beauty. All the waterfalls in Coorg are splendidly beautiful and the atmosphere near the waterfalls is quite tranquil. Couples can also experience thrilling white water rafting together and indulge in sightseeing across the various picturesque hills  in Coorg. 

  • Is Coorg a good destination for a family vacation? What activities can families do in Coorg?

    Yes, Coorg is a good destination for a distinguished family vacation. There are so many places to explore in Coorg right from scenic beauties to divine temples and pilgrimages. There are many enthralling activities like rafting, camping, trekking, visiting natural waterfalls, and visiting wildlife parks and sanctuaries.

    There are many places where one can enjoy with the family, like the wildlife sanctuaries where children can see the animals living in their natural habitats. One of the most unique experiences that one can have in Coorg with family is a visit to the Dubare Elephant training camp. Here you can see the elephants getting trained, getting the food served and getting bathed by the mahouts. In fact, the tourists can also help in bathing the elephants on the banks of the river kaveri in this elephant training camp.

    If you want your children to learn about a different culture, then you can visit the Namdroling Monastery in Coorg. Here, you can explore the Tibetan culture as it is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India.

  • Is it advisable to visit Coorg in monsoon?

    Monsoon adds some of its flavors to Coorg. During this season, roads become wet and there is a time to time drizzle happening at irregular intervals. The best part is that Coorg looks greener than ever which is pleasing to watch as a tourist. But, at the same time, the rain might make the trekking destinations and some waterfalls little risky to visit.

    Thus, one must avoid visiting Coorg in monsoon, if you want to visit all the tourist destinations. But, if you want to enjoy the rain and get mesmerized by the natural beauty, you can plan a trip  to Coorg during the monsoon.

Traveller Tales From Coorg


Manoj Acharya

29 December 2015

Coorg is totally made for trekking,,,,with the green surroundings and is always peaceful and amazing to trek here....our trek was perfect and the best that i got to meet alots of new people becaus eof this trek. amaizng time!!


vijay kumar

08 October 2014

Hi everyone,this is my 2nd trip with you people and am as happy as the first one. The journey started with unknown place and unknown people,but during the course of the journey we all became friends and the place started feeling like home. I loved the place too with so much of nature and wildlife that once I thought of staying there forever.Trekking was a good adventurous journey with in nature with the irupu falls as a good climax to it. Thank you so much for organizing this trip with so many activities and I am waiting for my next trip with you people.

  • Img_5578.jpg
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  • Img_5712.jpg

Virinder C

19 April 2015

One of the best experiences of my life, hope to do it again. When we took off on the plane, the sky was cloudy but while in air the clouds dispersed and I had a breathtaking view of Ponnampet. -- My route for this trip was Bangalore-Madikeri-GoniKoppal-Ponnampet-Gonnikoppal-Mysore-Bangalore -- There is probably one hotel at Ponnampet, so do confirm reservation, else you can stay at Gonikoppal which is 6 km away. -- If you want to click photos in mid-air don't forget to carry something so that your phone does not fall, and also your photos would look like google maps satellite images :P . Full Story: I had been thinking to go on a solo trip for a while. On 14 March Friday evening, at office planning for my weekend I stumbled upon this treasure on Thrillophilia, at the very moment, I decided I need to this and get fresh look at things. I took a night bus to Madikeri (Coorg) and called Thrillophilia in the morning, the guys here helped me out to confirm with the pilot(Muthanna). I spent my entire day exploring Madikeri (Abbi falls, Raja Gate, Madikeri Fort, Mandapatti Peak ). At 6 in evening I got on a bus to Gonikoppal which is 6 km away from Ponammpet. Around 9:30, I was in Ponnampet. In morning I called Muthanna, he picked me up from the GoldenGate hotel (the only hotel in Ponnampet). After we flew, he dropped me back to my hotel :D .

  • Img_20150315_101422.jpg
  • Img_20150315_091718.jpg
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  • Img_20150315_101329.jpg

rashmi kataruka

06 September 2017

gather the beans....collect memories and cherish your experience as one soaks into the realm of nature in Kushi's coffee plantation as well as farmhouse . Her hospitality and engrossing talks was an education with unlimited fun . The journey starts when you are taken around the coffee plantation and explained the processes to invading her beautiful farmhouse where one can play around and feed her ducks, cows and other pets. Then one gets a chance to taste yummy passion fruit juice from her farm till the final ride back to the starting point on her muscular mahindra jeep. thanks kushi for making it all such a wonderful and adventurous experience.

  • 1504863260_dsc_0087.jpg
  • 1504863261_dsc_0119.jpg
  • 1504863261_dsc_0130.jpg
  • 1504863261_dsc_0131.jpg
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Vaijayanti Nair

29 December 2015

it was a good trek....though a little difficult for me....i felt tire after sometime..but the guides and the fellow trekkers are very helpful and they understand your pain...they waited for me and supported me in the complete trek. it was a beautiful experience for me. it was indeed the worth of my painn to climb up and see the view and sunset!


Ekdant Agarwal

31 December 2015

loved the was so rejuvenating and peaceful at the same time... the rafting was scary but we were well protected with the life jackets... would love to do rafting and water related activities again... guys if you haven't tried rafting then you should try with this trip..


Gati Singh

28 December 2015

Rafting was the best part of this trekking...If you an adrenaline junkie than you will surely love this thrilling experience... It was exciting and fun filled... Loved it to the core..Trekking was awesome too..

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews3014_2.jpg
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  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews3014_3.jpg
  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews3014_4.jpg

Aagam Panicker

28 December 2015

trek on brahmagiri hills is always a peaceful experience. though the trails are a little hard to walk, but the scenery and the surroundings are so lovely

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  • 2.jpg
  • 3.jpg
  • 1.jpg

jeevan yelety

06 September 2014

An amazing experience .. The tour was well organised .. This was my first trek and it was a memorable experience. Would strongly recommend this trip....

  • Img_0741.jpg
  • Img_0801.jpg
  • Img_0843.jpg
  • Img_0885.jpg

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