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Traveller Tales from Corbett


Nitin Sharma

23 March 2017

nice view property. it was my family trip , everyone are very satisfied with this resorts and location. the main important things food quality is very Good. well decorated room with modern toiletries. ...

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Leroi Lobo

13 March 2017

Lovely experience. Everyone should do it already once.


Manish Kumar

27 December 2016

An away resort has most scenic locale in terms of mountains and forest, pretty well laid out over 17 acres

What You Should Know More About Corbett

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • The area around Corbett National Park gets lonely after evening and hence, it is advisable to not go out alone after it gets dark.

    • If you are driving your own vehicle, follow the prescribed speed limits because there can be animals on the roads connecting to the national parks as well. Hence, to avoid any accidents and major loss to wildlife, speed should be controlled while driving.

    • Do not carry a lot of cash with you as there are always chances of theft when you are out on a trip.

    • Book your park Safaris from an authorized agency and do not fall prey to any scams. Make sure that you get a valid invoice or receipt of the payment which you make for safaris.

    • Do not litter in the forest area or anywhere else, because if you are visiting to enjoy the purity of nature, it is your responsibility to keep it clean.

    • Do not play music while on a safari and do not shout at or tease any animal as it is both against the rules as well as ethics of the park.

    • Make sure that you get all the entry permits before entering the park.

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    Though Corbett is a rural spot and checking of age proofs is not really common, it is advisable to stick to the legal drinking age of the place. According to law, the minimum drinking age in Corbett is 21 years of age. Also, Alcohol is strictly prohibited inside Jim Corbett National Park.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Park Safaris
    You should indeed got for at least two to three jeep safaris in Jim Corbett to get to experience the real beauty of the forest. Book your safaris to different zones every day and get ready for the surprises like spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, Wild boars and other abundant wildlife species, and experience the difference of seeing animals in the zoo and in a forest.

    Kosi River
    A perennial river which flows through the National park, it is a breathtakingly beautiful sight to see this river, gushing over the rocks with full force, forming white foam all over its surface. There are safaris conducted to different parts of the park and you should ask your safari conductor for the one near the river.

    It is a famous spot located inside the forest. It is a rest house located amid the park from where you can enjoy the sheer beauty of the park.

    Walking Safaris
    Along with the jeep safaris, there are also walking safaris conducted in the buffer areas of the forests, where the local tribes reside. This is a unique experience as you will get to know about the local lifestyle, coexistence with wildlife and how the people respect nature.

    Garjiya Devi Temple
    It is a temple dedicated to the Garjiya Goddess, located on the banks of river Kosi. It is most visited during the months of November and December and has a lot of importance among the locals.

    Corbett Falls
    It is a beautiful 20 meter high waterfall located amid dense forests of the Himalayan Foothills. The best part about these waterfalls is that you will hear nothing except the symphonic and satisfying sound of the water falling from over the rocks.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Variety of Wildlife
    Corbett is indeed a home to over 165 tigers but along with it, you might get lucky and spot Leopards, Wild boars and Himalayan Black bears, along with spotting Sambhar deer and Spotted deer in abundance.

    Revitalizing Weather
    Located between the Lesser Himalayas and the Shivalik mountain Ranges, this place has a very refreshing weather. It is pleasant during the day and gets cold during the night and with minimum air pollution, you will get to breathe fresh air amid the dense green forest.

    Coexistence with Wildlife
    This is probably the best and the most inspirational aspect of Corbett. The locals living around the park as well as in the vicinity of it share a friendly coexistence with the animals, without invading their territory. There are no such instances where people have complained about the wild animals or have tried to acquire the forest area or have attacked the animals. The respect they have towards nature and wildlife is something you would definitely take back with you as a valuable lesson.

    Local Hospitality
    The local tribe is very friendly and hospitable towards the tourists. They would readily talk to you, share their experiences about lifestyle, a few encounters with tigers and other wildlife and would leave you enthralled with their stories.

    A gifting forest
    Covered with the Himalayan sub-tropical forests, Corbett National park is a place where you would unwind your soul completely. Unlike other Tiger reserves in the country, this place is densely covered with forests and houses some of the rare wildlife species like the King Cobras and you are indeed lucky if you sight one in the wild.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination

    Website :
    Corbett Website

    Books :
    The Jim Corbett Omnibus

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Corbett?

    You can visit in any period as per its zones. Corbett features distinct zones and each zone has a different topography with different visiting periods.

    1. Jhirna Zone: Throughout the year
    2. Dhikala Zone: November to June
    3. Bijrani Zone: October to June
    4. Sonanadi Zone: ThRoughout the year
    5. Durga Devi Zone: November to June

  • Q. How to reach Corbett ?

    By air : It isn’t the ideal mode of transport to reach Corbett. However if you’re coming from a different part of country, Pantnagar Airport is the nearest domestic airport, approximately 50km from this town. IGI in New delhi, is the nearest international airport.

    By bus : Corbett is well connected to Ramnagar by buses. There are daily buses from Delhi, Haridwar and Nainital to Ramnagar.

    By train : The nearest railhead from Corbett is Ramnagar, connected to major destination such as Delhi, Haridwar, Lucknow and Varanasi. Though there’s just one train from Delhi, it has several stops. A more convenient option is to take a train for Muradabad and change for Ramnagar.

  • Q. What are the different things/activities to do in Corbett?

    Here’s a list of certain things you should do / places you must visit, in Corbett National Park :

    Wildlife Photography : This mega park with 521 sq km area is home to rich flora and fauna. It has diverse landscapes and many creatures and thus the possibility of wildlife photography is endless.

    Jungle Safari : It offers jeep rides through the varied terrain letting you enjoy bird watching and sights of wild animals, especially tigers, wandering in the wild.

    Corbett waterfall : This 66ft high waterfall is a sight to witness, especially on full moon nights. Nature lovers often camp and come for picnics here.

    River Rafting : Rafting in Kosi is one of the best ways to enjoy the speedy waters. The adrenaline rush makes the experience worthwhile.

    Elephant ride : Often enjoyed as safaris, these animals are up for a tour in various zones.

    Visit Dhikala : It’s the most popular tourist destination. The Dhikala Complex is the most sought after place to stay at. Herds of Chitals and Elephants are seen from the complex itself, which attracts park visitors enormously. Being centrally located, it’s the core area of Corbett. It is inaccessible in monsoons.

    Visit Jhirna : It is a farming village turned into park resort located inside the south area boundary.

    Corbett Museum : Located in Kaladhungi, is a bungalow that earlier belonged to Jim Corbett - the well known tiger conservationist and contains his memoirs, his personal belongings, letters written to him, antiques and rare photographs.

  • Q. Which are the best resorts to stay in Corbett?

    Some of the popular resorts in Jim Corbett are :

    • Gajraj Trails Resort, Corbett
    • Resort De Coracao - The Corbett
    • The Solluna Resort - Jim Corbett
    • Corbet - Treetop Riverview, A sterling holiday resort
    • La tigre Resort
    • Corbett Riverside
    • The Gateway Resort
    • Corbett Solitaire
    • Brys Caves Resort
    • Country Inn Corbett

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Corbett?

    Though private vehicles like jeeps and cars are best to commute around Corbett, Buses and trains are the best mode of public transport.

  • Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Corbett?

    Corbett Souvenir Shop : It’s the first and the only shop in Corbett for Souvenir items. Situated in Ringora village, it’s just 3km from Corbett. This store houses interesting pen stands, t-shirts, coffee mugs and coasters. You can also pick up hunter jackets, pug marks, wooden handicrafts and marble carvings from here. It being a fixed price shop, there’s no hassle of bargaining.

    Dhangarhi Museum and Souvenir shop : Situated near Dhangarhi gate is a good stopover for first-time visitors. Here you may pick up literature on wildlife in general, on the park and other memoirs of wildlife excursion in Corbett. It also showcases local handicrafts like wooden items and carvings. Again, it’s a fixed price shop.

  • Q. What are the adventure activities one can enjoy when in Corbett?

    Different adventure activities one can enjoy in Corbett are :

    • River Rafting
    • Mountain Biking
    • Parasailing
    • Angling
    • Zip Swing
    • Rock climbing
    • Free Fall
    • Jumbo Adventure

  • Q. What are the various wildlife safari available in Corbett?

    Wildlife safari is something Corbett is known for. You can experience wildlife safari on a jeep or on an elephant’s back.

    It’s available in following areas :

    • Dhikla Zone : Located on the edge of the Patil Dun valley, it is the most prominent and largest zone of the park. Here tourists can catch sight of tigers, elephants, hog deer, chitals, reptiles and many birds.
    • Bijrani Safari Zone : After Dhikala, its Bijrani Zone that offers the best jeep safari possibility in Corbett National Park. This picturesque section is mainly noticeable for grass fields and river stream. Chances of finding tigers here are as good as in Dhukla Zone. Sambar, Hog, Elephant, Black beer are common animals found here. Its known for birdwatching tours.
    • Durga Devi Zone : Located about 28 km from Ramnagar, it forms the north-eastern boundary of the park. This zone has undulating terrain which provides an excellent opportunity to see tigers. Besides, you’ll find elephants here.Being the untouched territory it is, the picturesque zone is fun to explore.
    • Jhirna Safari Zone : Located at the southern corner of the Corbett National Park approximately 16 km from Ramnagar. it is prominent for easy wildlife spotting. It has good population of sloth bear and elephants.

  • Q. What are the water sports activities one can enjoy in Corbett?

    Some of the water sport activities include :

    • Body Surfing
    • River rafting
    • River crossing and traver
    • Fishing and Angling
    • Bridge Slithering

  • Q. What are the best camping places in Corbett?

    Embraced with endemic trees and diverse geographical formations, camping can let you feel the charm of perfect wildlife . To allow people witness the beauty of bare nature, special camps have been raised in and outside the park. Some of them are :

    • Camp Forktail Creek : Located at the northeastern periphery of the park on a clearing enclosed by dense deciduous forests, it is a slice of heaven tucked on an area. To recreate the village like feel, huts are built with thatched roofs.
    • Camp Kyari : Located in Siyat, this newly built accommodation on the periphery of Corbett, is devoid of every element that is artificial and polluted. The experience gathered here is wild and real. Best for those who love adventures as they can pitch tent into deeper forests to co-exist with diverse wildlife.
    • Jungle Book camp Resort : Situated in Village Tera in Ramnagar, it is built atop a gentle crest set against the beautiful scenic view of the hills and riverbed on the other side.
    • Jim Jungle Retreat : Located on the periphery of Corbett National Park,  it is strategically built amidst the impressive natural scenery with picturesque Himalayan landscape at the background. It is one of the best luxury camps to stay in Corbett.

  • Q. What are the famous treks available near Corbett?

    Some of the famous treks are :

    • Corbett to Kunjkharak Trek in Uttarakhand : This 3 day 2 night trek, starts from Akashkanda on the foothills of Himalayas and winds up through dense Deodar forests. Most of the setting is along Kosi. This trek operates throughout the year.
    • Nainital-Corbett-Mussoorie trekking holidays : This three-in-one holiday package is full of beauty and adventure. Taking you through the popular hill station where life revolves around its gorgeous Naini Lake, followed by a trip to Corbett where you can spot tigers in their natural habitat while Mussoorie exudes an interesting old world charm.
    • Kumaon : It is the most beautiful tourist spot that rests like jewel in himalayas with stunning places like Corbett, Ranikhet, Almora and Nainital. After adoring the flora and fauna at Jim Corbett, you can take trip to Ranikhet. Having explored the glamour of Ranikhet, you can visit Almora, thereby proceeding to Nainital.

  • Q. How can I go for a night safari in Corbett? And how much does it costs?

    You can book a night safari in advance by talking to the manager of KMVN. They will arrange the booking for you. Online booking can be done on .

    There are two safaris daily : Morning 6:30 a.m and evening 2:30 p.m.

    Jeep Safari would cost you around 3000-3200 INR.