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KL Tower Tickets highlights

  • Visit the KL Tower, one of Malaysia's most iconic architectural marvels and take in the panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur.

  • Step into the thrilling Sky Box, a glass cube extending from the Sky Deck, and feel the adrenaline rush as you marvel at the city from 300 metres.

  • Admire the architectural excellence of one of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world standing at 421 metres.

  • Ascend to the observation deck and admire the 360-degree views of the city's stunning landscapes.

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KL Tower (Menara)
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Sky Deck KL Tower
Menara Kuala Lumpur No. 2 Jalan Punchak Off, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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KL Tower Tickets overview

About KL Tower:

The KL Tower, or Menara Kuala Lumpur, is a towering symbol of Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Standing at 421 meters tall, it provides panoramic views of the city skyline, including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Visitors can enjoy these views from the observation deck, located 276 meters above ground level. The tower also features a revolving restaurant, Atmosphere 360, offering diners a unique culinary experience with stunning vistas. Adventurous visitors can step onto the glass-bottomed Sky Box for a thrilling perspective. 

About KL Tower Tickets:

  • Admire the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur's capital city from the KL Tower Observation Deck.
  • Explore the architectural marvel of KL Tower, one of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world.
  • Defy gravity and conquer your fears at the Sky Box, a heart-pounding glass box experience suspended 300 meters high.
  • Learn about the fascinating history of the tower, from its construction to the preservation of the Jelutong tree and the natural surroundings of Bukit Nanas.
  • Engage with interactive exhibits and displays that showcase the rich cultural heritage and history of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Gain insight into the tower's impressive infrastructure, with its 22 levels, 4 elevators, and a stairwell with a total of 2,058 steps.
  • Browse through the souvenir shops located within the tower complex and shop for unique gifts and mementos to commemorate your visit to the KL Tower.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: KL Tower is located 5.1 km from the city centre. It will take around 13 min to reach the destination via the Jalan Raja Chulan route.

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KL Tower Tickets faqs

Which are the best places to visit in KL Tower?

  1. Sky Deck and Sky Box: KL Tower's open-air Sky Deck, at a height of 300 meters, is a must-see attraction. The city's skyline is seen in all its glory from this vantage point. The Sky Box is a large glass box that juts out into the open, creating a dreamlike experience.
  2. Mini Zoo: The Mini Zoo is a small, entertaining attraction that's great for both children and adults. Exotic animals like giant pythons are available for you to wear around your neck and pose for photos with. The colorful parrots, llamas, and charming rabbits are among some of the kid's favorites.
  3. Upside Down House: The latest attraction in KL Tower, this house is famous for its unique design. You'll see modern architecture in a new light after visiting this KL attraction. This two-story house is built upside down right next to the parking lot. You'll be curious about it because it's on the roof and the furniture is above your head.
  4. Atmosphere 360 Restaurant: The Atmosphere 360 Restaurant is one of the most intriguing features of KL Tower for those looking for an exceptional eating experience. A revolving feature of the restaurant allows you to enjoy the bustling cityscape from every angle, at a height of 282 meters above the earth while savoring some delectable recipes. 

What is special about KL Tower?

The KL Tower is famous as the world's seventh tallest telecommunication tower. It offers breathtaking views from 276 meters high and boasts a revolving restaurant and many exciting attractions like Mini Zoo, Upside House, etc. Aside from being a tourist draw, the Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara KL) symbolizes peace and unity by illuminating its facade in a rainbow of colors.

What is the best time to visit KL Tower?

The best time to visit KL Tower is during sunset to witness the different hues of the sky. A visit in the evening offers sweeping views of the city's lit skyline. However, to avoid crowds and have the most enjoyable experience, purchase your Menara Kuala Lumpur Tickets for weekdays.

How many floors are there in KL Tower?

There are a total of 6 floors in Kuala Lumpur Tower. The top four floors of Menara Kuala Lumpur's tower head (TH03 to TH06) have been designated for telecommunications and technology uses. While the Observation Deck is located on TH01, the Revolving Restaurant is located on TH02, and the Mega View Banquet is located on TH03. With KL Tower Tickets, Kuala Lumpur, you can get the panoramic view of the city from the Observation Deck and Sky Deck.

What is the shape of KL Tower?

The KL Tower features a combination of Eastern architecture with Western technology. Every doorway on the upper ground floor has a dome-shaped glass archway arranged as Islamic "Muqarnas." The large abrupt patterns at the bottom represent the seven tiers of the sky. The receding shape of the apex represents the sun's ray, and the soffit of the tower head has a vertical rib on the outer layer having the metal Islamic design.

Who built the Menara Kuala Lumpur and When?

Kumpulan Senireka Sdn. Bhd. designed and architectured the KL Tower, which was built by Wayss & Freytag. The building's technical assessor was Ove Arup & Partner International London/ Jururunding Kuala Lumpur. The foundation was set on July 6, 1992, it took almost three years to finish the structure as it was completed on 1 March 1995. However, it was inaugurated on October 1, 1996.

What are the other activities to do in Kuala Lumpur?

  1. Explore Bintang Walk: Bintang Walk is one of Kuala Lumpur's most well-known retail strips and popular shopping and leisure destinations. Explore the lane to savor some local to global dishes or do some shopping at night markets or glitzy shopping malls.
  2. Visit Aquaria KLCC: Take a trip to Aquaria KLCC to see more than 250 distinct species and over 5,000 land and aquatic animals from Malaysia and around the world. Interactive kiosks allow visitors to learn more about the conservation of fish and turtles.
  3. Witness Petronas Twin Towers: Be amazed to see the architectural wonder, Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers structure. Also, relish stunning views of the surroundings from the double-decker sky bridge at 170m (558 ft) or from the observation decks on level 86 at 370m above the ground.
  4. Check Out the National Art Gallery: View a permanent collection of over 4000 artworks of notable Malaysian and international artists at the National Art Gallery. Also, be amazed to see the amazing architecture of the building and its vast collection.
  5. Tour Petaling Street: A pedestrian shopping venue and a designated heritage site, it is filled with vendors selling everything from clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, souvenirs, watches, and toys to perfumes. To quench your thirst and fill your hunger, a plethora of hawkers sell traditional Chinese dishes.