Things to Do in Mussoorie

Wondering about the things to do in Mussoorie? Crowned as the “Queen of hills”, the hillock showcases exceptional artistry of nature, which is worth a visit. With a wide array of beat-skipping adventures to hiking up the majestic mountains, this hill-station one spot for all. Seated at an elevation of almost 2,000 m this upland is a contrast of picture-perfect vistas and lush green carpets of pines. Be it a trip with your bunch of folks or a solo trip, this place owns a gamut of enthralling adventures, which are just perfect to satiate your hunger of amusement. This place showcases an exceptional melange of soothing environs and serenity, which draws tourists from all over the map. Apart from just exploring the adventurous side, here on can also embrace the beauty of the region with alluring places like Mussoorie lake, gun hill point, Mall road, Kempty falls, Bhatta falls, and countless others, which will keep you engaged all through the trip.

Love taking a part of the trip back home? Stroll through the streets of the region and explore the pretty little things it owns. Be it the vibrant colored Kaftan tops or finely crafted handicrafts, this place is packed with an abundance of it. As a part of the excursion, here you can wander in several markets namely the Library, Landour Bazaar and Kulri market, which has almost everything you are looking for. A vacation at this hillock will definitely be a memorable one, as there is no dearth of remarkable places. In these markets, you can also pick up leather bags and silver ornaments, which are a creation of the land itself. Don’t let the price tags disappoint you, all you need to do is bring your bargaining skills in action and get the thing at minimal price possible. Are you a wildlife lover? Make a visit to the Benog Sanctuary, which is a must-visit destination, as it possesses an excellent collection of flora and fauna. Ranging from the Leopard Himalayan bear to Mountain Quails, here one can spot all of them. If you are a true explorer and wish to traverse each and every segment of the hillock, then you can hire a bike and roll through the land of picturesque settings. While you opt for this activity, you can not only witness the explored corners but you will also come across some virgin, unexploited segments, which will be a treat to your eyes.

Dive in an oasis of spectacular things to do in Mussoorie, which encompasses witnessing the cable car, sparkling kempty fall, alluring gun hill point and a lot more. Are you looking for exceptional adventures which will make your heart stop thumping? Well, you have landed up to the right place, as here you can experience a bag full of exciting activities in Mussoorie.  Here you can quench your thirst of adventure and create a whole new experience in your book of adventures, by hiking up the bewildering trails it has to offer. Here you can trace, the gun hill point, clouds end and various other places which exhibit mesmerizing views of nature.

Once you have covered the lands within the region, then you can travel the trails surrounding the region for which Mussoorie is a base camp. If this is not enough for you, then don’t be disappointed as here you can experience a whole lot more amusing adventures like rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, and various others. Apart from this, here you can also fly like a bird and embrace the beauty of the majestic hills from high above the ground. Rafting is another activity, which gives one thrill, and this can be witnessed here. Looking for a refreshing retreat? Mark your footprints at the Bhatta Falls, which is tucked amidst the Doon Valley and is filled up with serenity and freshness. A visit to this will undeniably rejuvenate each and every corner of the mind and soul.

Apart from this, here you can also luxuriate at the stellar resorts, which caters to warm hospitality and keeps up the spark of closeness to nature alive. When you have witnessed the long list of things to do in Mussoorie, then you can come back to your dwelling and relax. Stays like JW Marriott, Jaypee residency, Fortune resort grace, Mussoorie Gateway, and several others, which are packed with a bounty of top-notch amenities. Whether you looking for a blend of heritage feels and enchanting nature, or round the clock service, here you can have all of it. Also, the rooms are equipped with ultra-modern facilities and the luxury stays have all the amenities like spa, outdoor pool, room service, access to Wifi and a whole lot more.

Give your taste buds a treat with the lip-smacking cuisine of the upland, which is indeed one of the best things to do in Mussoorie. Jam-packed with a remarkable count of cafes, here one can savor amazing delights at places like Domas Inn, Kalsang, Trout house grill and bar, JW cafe and numerous others. With places like the Writer’s Bar, one can immerse in a state of elation with its heritage feels and also treat the taste buds with a wide range of culinary. If you love gazing at nature then make a visit to the Wisteria Deck, which is seated at a high elevation and from here one can embrace the lure of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and also enjoy the variants of cuisines. Boasting with a big list of activities to do in Mussoorie, a trip to this slice of Himalayas will be a remarkable one, and here one can create long-lasting memories to cherish lifelong. Still pondering why Mussoorie? Make a visit to this quarter and you will get your answers!

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Lal Tibba
In the local language, Lal Tibba means the Red Hill. This is said to be the oldest and the most populated place in Mussoorie. The place is known for its scenic beauty courtesy the pleasant sunrise and sunset that leave the visitors spell bound. Do carry woolens irrespective of the month of the visit.

Location: It is situated in the Landour area and lies at an altitude of 8000 metre above the sea level.

Highlights: Lal Tibba is even famous as the Depot Hill because of the presence of a depot here. Besides this there is camp of the Indian Military services, All India Radio and Doordarshan. Hills of the Lal Tibba are also popular amongst the shoppers as there are a number of markets in the nearby areas.

Best Time: The best and the most ideal time to visit Lal Tibba is the summer months of March and June. Avoid travel during the monsoon months as there maybe leeches here.
Bhadraj Hill

Besides the regular fare of extremely picturesque mountain-views, the Bhadraj trekking trail leads you into contrasting landscapes. While the northern slopes are carpeted with dense forests, vast grasslands are characteristic of the southern slopes. The Milkman’s Trail is highly used by trekking enthusiasts, and the best season to visit is post-monsoon—although it’s open throughout the year. Bhadraj Hill provides much-needed respite from Delhi’s insolent summer sun, and is of moderate difficulty.

Distance from Delhi: 332 Kilometers approximately

Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls, located on the Chakrata Road about 15 km from Mussoorie, is a famous tourist destination in Uttarakhand. The falls are known for their picturesque splendour and flowing waters, and they provide a relaxing getaway. Visitors can enjoy swimming, picnicking, and taking in the natural beauty of this gorgeous location tucked in the Garhwal Himalayas. For a comprehensive experience, consider including Kempty Falls in your Uttarakhand tour.

Gun Hill

Explore Gun Hill, Mussoorie's second-highest peak, which provides panoramic views of the Himalayas and Doon Valley. It's a popular place for photography and sunset views and is only a short cable car trip from Mall Road. Visitors can enjoy local delicacies, souvenir stores, and telescopic views here which makes it a must-visit destination in the Queen of Hills. Including Gun Hill in your Uttarakhand trip will enhance your experience with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant local culture.

Shedup Choepelling Temple
Shedup Choepelling Temple is often referred to as the Tibetan Buddhist Temple. It is today one of the most popular shrines in the region. The temple is established by the Tibetan community of Mussoorie and is a true exemplary of the Tibetan architecture. Clay lamps, surrounding blooming flowers, bright interior walls and the prayer flags amplify the beauty of the shrine.

Location: The Shedup Choepelling Temple is nestled in the beautiful Happy Valley. To reach the Shedup Choepelling Temple follow the address, Happy Valley Road, Near IAS Academy, Mussoorie, Dehradun, 248179, Uttarakhand.

Highlights: The Tibetan Buddhist Temple offers a beautiful view of the majestic snow-capped mountains and green valleys of Mussoorie.

Price: There is no entrance fee levied.

Best Time: The Shedup Choepelling Temple is open on all days but the best time to visit the temple is between 05:00 am – 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm – 09:00 pm.
Happy Valley
Happy Valley is exceptionally popular for housing the Municipal Garden, IAS Academy and the Tibetan temples. It is very popular for the estates, temples and the gardens. The tourists who visit this place can also take a walk to the Kala School from Happy Valley that leads to the Hathipaon Park Estate.

Location: Happy Valley is situated on the western side of the Library Point. From there on it leads to the Cloud’s End which is a place where the geographical borders of Mussoorie cease.

Highlights: Some key facilities available at the Happy Valley include the bathroom facilities, lockers or storage facility and more. Length of your journey to the Happy Valley can be about 1 to 2 hours.

Best Time: The most ideal time to visit the Happy Valley is during the month of March and June. Choose to explore the Happy Valley during the day hours.
Library Bazaar
Library Bazaar is the focal taxi and the bus terminal points to enter the township of Mussoorie. Popularly known as the KitaabGhar, the Library Bazaar is so called library found in the 1843 that is present on the first floor of the fantastic building. This is also one of the few libraries found in India.

Location: The Library Bazaar is beautifully tucked between the Laxmi Narayan Temple, the Gurudwara Singh Sabha, the Amania mosque and the Christ church. It stretches up to the Mall road and is popular for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian serving restaurant, luxury and budget hotels, fancy showrooms, gift shops, dhabas, and the small shops to cater to the daily needs of the consumers. 

Highlights: The architecture of the library bazaar speaks volumes about the colonial association of the building.

Best Time: The library is open on all days between 09:00 am – 08:00 pm.

Price: There is no entry fee.
Jharipani Falls
The enchanting Jharipani Fall offers a splendid view of the Shivalik Range, shrubs, creepers and the species of wild flowers. On the other end of the waterfall lies the beautiful Doon Valley and step farming fields that amplify the beauty of the place. 

Location: Jharipani Falls is located near the Jharipani village and is about 7 km away from Mussoorie.

Highlights: The Jharipani Falls is an ideal place for practicing some adventure sports and picnicking. It is definitely a must visit for all. With the backdrop of the scenic waterfalls, forested hills and the tranquility of the nature, make it a sight to capture in photographs.

Best Time: This Jharipani Falls is open on all days from sunrise to the sunset. However, the morning hours when the climate is a little cool can be the best suited time for visit.

Cost: There is no entry fee levied for exploring the Jharipani Fall.
George Everest's House
George Everest's House is set at the Mall Road and has long been the home to the much popular Welsh surveyor and geographer, Sir George Everest. The geographer just couldn’t stay untouched by the scenic beauty of the Mussoorie and hence planned to live here for thirty years. His house is today one of the most popular tourist spots.

Location: The George Everest's House is situated about 6 km from Library Bazaar and can be reached easily via cars or rented taxi. On one side of the Sir George Everest House lies the verdant Aglar River valley and on the other end lies the snow-capped Himalayas.

Highlights: The George Everest's House was built in the year 1832 and this building showcases some of the most interesting facts about the life and the personality of Sir George Everest.

Best Time: It is open all days of the week from 10 AM to 6 PM.
Mussoorie Heritage Centre
Mussoorie Heritage Centre was commenced in the November 2013 with the idea of preserving and showcasing the Heritage of Mussoorie and the adjoining areas.

Location: Mussoorie Heritage Centre is located at a distance of about 3 km from Library Bus Stand. This is a private enterprise that is situated on the Chamunda Peeth Temple Road in Mussoorie.

Highlights: The Soham Heritage and Art Centre displays the tradition as well as the culture of the Himalayas by way of paintings on canvasses, sculptures, frescoes, murals and scrap art. Housing a collection of local heritage artifacts – clothes, musical instruments, vessels, jewelry among, other things, this heritage center is truly a must visit for all. Bird watching is an interesting activity to carry out here.

Best Time: Mussoorie Heritage Centre is open on all days except Sunday. The visiting hours for the centre are 9 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM.
Benog Wildlife Sanctuary
Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the much popular Rajaji National Park. The park is a home to a couple of rare and common fauna such as the Himalayan goat, panther, leopard, deer and bear. This is today the most visited tourist destinations in the hill station of Mussoorie. You can spot several exotic and indigenous birds here including the red-billed blue magpie, mountain quails and White Capped Water Redstart that make this place a paradise for bird watchers. 

Location: The Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 11 km from Library Point.

Highlights: Besides the huge pine and fir trees, this wildlife sanctuary is filled with a number of medicinal plants. From this sanctuary one can catch spectacular views of the ice caped Chaukhamba and Bandarpunch peaks. Greenery, rate avifauna and the rich fauna make this place a must visit.

Best Time: The park is open on all days between 07:00 am – 05:00 pm.
The Mall Road

The Mall road is the central hub of the Nainital and is definitely a must visit on your trip to the city. It has a bunch of places, couple of things and plenty of activities to do when on a vacation to the Mall Road.

Location: The Mall road is located at a distance of some 15 km from the Kempty Falls.

Highlights: The visit to the Mall road is enough to give you greater insight to the city. There are a bunch of restaurants, shops and other establishments located here. Some of the hotels found here include Hotel Silver Rock, Hotel Hamers, Honeymoon Inn, Hotel Drive Inn, Tulip Inn Green Castle, Hotel Mall palace, Howard International and more. The restaurants that you can try include the Kalsang, The Rice Bowl, Udupi restaurant. You can try out a range of dishes from all parts of the country here.

Best Time: Can be visited at any hour of the day.

Mussoorie Lake
Mussoorie Lake is the freshly developed tourist spot developed by the City Board. It is an ideal destination or boating or a day out for picnic. This is regarded as the A one lake and is visited by a number of visitors all round the year. There are some shops that sell eateries here.

Location: The Mussoorie Lake is located just 6 km before Mussoorie in the Dehradun- Mussoorie road. It is in close proximity to the Dehradun Railway Station (28 km) and Jolly Grant Airport (50 kms).

Highlights: The Mussoorie Lake allows you to steal some quiet and romantic moments with your loved one.

Best Time: It is open all round the year. Ideal time to carry out boating in the lake is from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Place looks even more beautiful during the rainy season.

Price: Entry to the Mussoorie lake is paid at INR 15 per person.
Bhatta Falls
Bhatta falls is a recently developed picnic spot located close to Mussoorie. It has today become a great tourist attraction for anyone who visits the city. The picturesque beauty that envelopes this place is bound to leave the visitors spell bound.

Location: It is Located about 7 km from Mussoorie and lies on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road. The Bhatta falls is 27 km from the Dehradun railway station and 50 km from the Jolly Grant Airport.

Highlights: The Bhatta falls is a trekkers' paradise as you’ll have to walk some kms in order to reach the place. After you reach here, there are plenty of things that you can do to recreate yourself in the lush greenery and the beauty of the place. You can even splash in the freshwater of the Bhatta Falls. It has some small eateries where visitors can enjoy the delicious noodles, boiled eggs, soup, tea or coffee.

Cost: Entry is free here.
Benog Tibba

Housed inside the Benog Mountan Quail Sanctuary in Mussoorie, the trek on Benog Hill is off the beaten track. Ridden with steep slopes, the mountainous terrain is also dotted with camping sites. So, if bonfire with friends is on your mind, the Benog Tibba trek will leave you spellbound. The adventure trail also passes in the vicinity of Kempty Falls, one of Mussoorie’s better-known waterfalls. The northern face of Benog Tibba is home to ‘Ghoral’—a rare mountain goat on the verge of extinction. The forest grows denser with ascent, and offers stunning panoramic vistas. The trails running across pose sufficient challenges, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to moderate. The months between October and April are pleasant, with the snowfall over pines adding a mystical touch.

Distance from Delhi: 300 Kilometers approximately
Nearest Railhead: Balawala Railway Station Junction

Camel's Back Road
Camel's Back Road is one of the most visit locations in Mussoorie. A peaceful and calm walk in the lap of nature will assure absolute peace and calmness. It is a 3 km long road and is called as the Camel Back Road because of the presence of the natural layout of the rocks that are in the shape of the camel humps.

Location: The Camel Back Road starts from the Library Point and goes up to the Kulri Bazaar. Dehradun railway station is 34 km from here and the Jolly Grant airport is 56 km from here.

Highlights: From the Camel Back Road the visitors can enjoy the romantic sunrise and sunset with some snacks and the amazing backdrop of the Doon Valley.

Best Time: You can visit the Camel’s Back road anytime but keep in mind during the summer months the road is extremely crowded especially during morning or evening.

Cost: Admission to the road is free.

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Mussoorie Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Mussoorie?

Below mentioned are the best places/things to do in Mussoorie:

  • Kempty Falls

The thunderous Kempty falls, located amongst scenic surroundings, are a must-visit while in Mussoorie.

  • Lal Tibba

Revered for its jaw-dropping views, the highest peak in Mussoorie, Lal Tibba also has a Japanese telescope to give tourists a clearer view of its breath-taking environs.

  • Active Sightseeing

Cable-car rides, rope suspension and sky bridges add to the sightseeing experience in Mussoorie. Kempty Falls, Happy Valley, Gun Hill and Mussoorie Lake are popular spots for the same. Mussoorie lake has a small waterfall nearby and is a picture perfect locale. Camel’s Back Rd. is frequented by tourism photographers for the stunning views it provides.

  • Adventure Sports

Mussoorie is known for its wide array of adventure sports including trekking and hiking on Lal Tibba, besides the Har ki dun trek and Dodital trek. Its also replete with adventure activities like ziplining, rope walking, sky bridging, rappelling and rafting.

  • Happy Valley

Vestiges of the Tibetan settlement in Mussoorie are evident here. Happy Valley is a Buddhist area, quaint in its far-eastern charm. It’s also a pretty place lined by oak and deodar trees and decorated with small eateries at every nook and corner.

  • Christ Church

Admire the splendid architecture and stained glass display at Christ Church.

  • Sir George Everest’s Home

An erstwhile house, now a museum, this place belonged to Sir Everest after whom the mountain is named. The museum has an interesting collection of photographs and artefacts.

  • Jwalaji Temple

Pay a visit to this house of worship which has a shrine of Lord Durga.

  • Shopping

The Mall Road in Mussoorie is a shopper’s delight. In addition, there are Landour and Kulri Bazaar, which sell eclectic woollens, windcheaters and shawls, apart from antique curios, period furniture and rustic jewellery.

  • Lake Mist

This picturesque lake, cradled by the nearby forest, makes for an idyllic picnic locale. Enjoy boating here.

  • Municipal Gardens

The gardens are picture-perfect and boast a variety of flowers such as peony, dahlia, petunia and pansy. The ticket is Rs. 5/person.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is replete with innumerable adventure activities and sports. Some of the most adrenalizing things to do here include:

  • Trekking and Camping

Mussoorie makes for an ideal trekking destination, barring the months of monsoon. Scaling Lal Tibba, the highest peak here, is an unparalleled experience. Other camping and trekking options include Dodital Trek, Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund Trek, Har ki dun Trek et cetera.

  • Walking and Cycling

The serene and salubrious ambience of this hill station makes it a wholesome place for a stroll or a bicycle ride. Some of the prettiest tracks here are from Happy Valley to Library Rd, from Valley View to Clouds End and from Waverly Convent to Company Bagh.

  • Skywalk

This is a thrilling ropewalk, over a 350 ft long wire rope, at a height of almost 120!

  • Zip Lining

This is a rapid, fun activity for true adventure travellers. You are harnessed with the help of a rope and then made to slide down it at a speed of 50 kmph.

  • Zip Swinging

Zip Swinging is an uber bingo as it combines the thrill of a giant swing with the kick of zip lining.

  • Rock Climbing

Mussoorie is studded with rocks of all sizes, making it conducive to the sports of rappelling and rock climbing.

  • Caving

At Burans Khanda, there are many caves, set in haunting alpine forests that tourists can explore and enjoy as a group activity.

  • Mountain Biking

The rugged contouring and steep valleys in this area make ATV and mountain biking more exciting and pleasurable.

  • Paragliding

There is nothing like the aerial adventure of paragliding for a spectacular view of the hill station! The costs range from Rs. 2000-10000 per head.

  • Water Sports

The waters of Mussoorie are excellent spots for boating, fishing and river rafting!

  • Ice Skating

Mussoorie has India’s largest roller-skating rink. The Rink in Kulri Bazaar and Jaypee Resorts are popular venues for this activity.

Which are some famous campsites in Mussoorie?

Famous campsites in Mussoorie are on the way to Lal Tibba, Nag Tibba Summit, Bhadraj Temple and Forest Trek, Har ki dun Trek, Dodital Trek and even en route Sir George Everest’s house.

Which are the most adventurous places for trekking in Mussoorie?

Lal Tibba, Nag Tibba summit, Har ki dun, Dodital, Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund, Jwali Devi Temple and Jabharkhet Nature Reserve trek are the most adventurous options in Mussoorie.

While the highlights of most is scaling the rugged mountains, Jabharket Trek promises education about the flora and fauna of Jabharkhet Wildlife Sanctuary and is a must for nature lovers.

What are the things to do during corporate team outings in Mussoorie?

The best corporate team outings are both pleasurable and exciting. Adventure parks make for good excursions as these include outdoor sports such as abseiling, rock climbing, sky bridging and rope walking.

In addition, trekking to Lal Tibba is an enthralling group activity and so is walking through the roads of Happy Valley, soaking in the Buddhist culture. Also, Mussoorie hosts many winemaking workshops throughout and vinification can make for an offbeat corporate outing.

Which are the best destinations for a wildlife experience in Mussoorie?

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

The verdant pine forests of Benog Sanctuary, overflowing with the bounty of an active ecosystem, makes the place is a must visit for nature enthusiasts. The Sanctuary is home to the Ghurul, Leopard Himalayan Bear, Panther and also very rarely, the exotic Mountain Quail.

Jabharkhet Wildlife Sanctuary

This reserve makes for a great trekking and camping destination in addition to its complete wildlife. You may spot leopards at night in this sanctuary. The flora and fauna here boasts leopards, langurs, black bear, porcupines and martens. The forest is covered in thick growth of rhododendron and berry and fruit trees. Birdwatchers and laymen alike will notice flocks of thrushes, jays, magpies, songbirds and exotic species of vultures.

Which are the best locations for paragliding in Mussoorie?

Lal Tibba scenic Point, Mussoorie Lake and the nearby Lakhamandal, are areas in and around Mussoorie, conducive to the aerial adventure of paragliding.

Costs range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10,000 per person depending on duration of flight.

Which are the best routes for mountain biking in Mussoorie?

Mussoorie to Dhanaulti makes for a scenic and fun biking tour. In addition,

Purkal-Rajpur Bike Tour

Covers a distance of 35 km and acquaints you with the Uttarakhand village life.

George Everest Bike Tour

One of the best for adventure tourists, this tour starts from Barlowganj and is a long bike trail. It includes a visit to the Nag Devta temple and a scenic trip down the road towards Waverly School.

Chhasket Bike Tour

Begins from Clouds End and makes for a serene trail that culminates in the quaint village of Chhasket.

Mountain Quail Bike Trail

This is a trail circuit that traverses the Vinog Sanctuary and is a treat for nature lovers.

Where can I enjoy rock climbing in Mussoorie?

Kempty Falls offer various sizes of rock, suited to climbing. The area near Buddhist Temple also makes for a great location for rock climbing. Burans Khanda also has potential for the sport. Apart from natural rock climbing, there are many adventure resorts that provide this activity in Mussoorie.

Which are the best destinations for rappelling in Mussoorie?

Burans Khanda is a great destination for rappelling in Mussoorie apart from Kempty Falls and the area at the backside of Camelback Road. Snow Adventure Zone also offers various degrees of rappelling and rock climbing.

What are the things to do in snow adventure zone in Mussoorie? What are its charges?

Snow adventure zone is a resort known for its wide range of adrenalizing sports for adventure tourists. It provides an array of activities including Skywalking, Ziplining, Paintball, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Caving, Trekking and Mountain Biking.

Costs depend on the type of activity, but mostly range from Rs. 300-1000/ride.

Which are the best sites for fishing in Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is popular for freshwater fishing. The Aglar River and Yamuna River offer good catch.

The hill station is known for its Trout, Maund and Mahseer fish.

Where can I try zip lining in Mussoorie? What are its charges?

The best areas for ziplining in Mussoorie are at Kempty Falls and Happy Valley. This are offered by Mussoorie Adventure Park and Snow Adventure Zone, among other outdoor sports centres.

Charges are Rs. 300 onwards for zip lining and zip swinging.

Mussoorie Things To Do Reviews

Anjali Prajapat
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
Watching the mountains from the top of Benog Tibba Trek was way more exciting then we had imagined. The views are breathtaking and what makes it even more amazing was the temple of Goddess Durga. With a guide to tell the stories of this place, we are really happy trekking with Thrillophilia here.
Som Mehrotra
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Going for this trek in the months of winter was really exciting. Snows make it a bit moderate but the views are awe-inspiring. We didn’t see anything that beautiful during our entire trip.
Vaishnavi Mehrotra
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
It was worth visiting for the best of the views of Mussoorie. We really enjoyed the trek and it was also an easy trek so we didn’t face much of trouble climbing till the top.
Shresthi Sharma
Reviewed: 21 Jan 2020
The good package offers by Thrillophilia, it is a complete package as on this tour we get to expereince about camping, trekking and lots of adventure activity as well... Well-maintained and organized tour... No regret you can take this expereince
Rajan Ahuja
Reviewed: 17 Dec 2019
Last year we had celebrated the new year eve in Mussoorie doing camping in beautiful mountain ranges in the freezing cold. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we enjoyed a lot. Did so many activities, went for a nature walk, also I would like to mention the food and stay. Tents were clean a... Read More
Anuja Achari
Reviewed: 12 Dec 2019
Amazing place in the vicinity of nature.We were planning to visit Mussoorie and wanted to experience something different. I came across this camp while browsing Thrillophilia app and the images made me enquire further. We were 4 friends and got the best deal from team Thrillophilia. Coming to the ca... Read More

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