15 Things to Do in Mount Abu 2021: Upto 40% Off

The best things to do in Mt Abu include a host of adventure and nature oriented outings. Its stunning location among the steep Aravalli ranges, makes Mt. Abu conducive to a variety of adventure sports. The rugged contours of the mountains, romancing the verdant forestry and sun-lit skies, is described by the songs of the diverse species of birds that call Mt Abu, home.

There are many stunning viewpoints in Mt Abu from which travellers can relish the spectacle of the rising and setting sun. Some of these are Sunset Point, Toad Rock and Guru Shikhar. In addition, there are more than 17 nature trails in Mt Abu which offer horse riding packages and horse safaris, apart from treks on foot and hiking. Bhirgu Ashram and Jalwai village are some of the most brilliant destinations for camping and trekking. Nakki Lake offers excellent options for tourism. Some of the standouts are the exciting hot air balloon rides and the idyllic picnic+boating.

Perhaps the highlight of your trip to Mt. Abu will be a visit to the architectural marvel of the stunning, marble-sculpted Dilwara Temples. The area behind is often dotted with camps and treks to the temples are frequently organised by adventure clubs.

Devotees throng these temples as well as the temples of Rishikesh and Adhar Devi.

Mt. Abu has a quaint shopping sentiment of its own. Especially the Khadi bazaar here is known for its eclectic varieties of handlooms, handicrafts, quirky souvenir selections and tie-and-dye works.

When it comes to food, Mt. Abu serves sumptuous Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine. Some of the delicacies here are Daal batti churma and an extensive menu of chaat items. Arbuda Restaurant and Sher-e-Punjab are well known eateries in Mt. Abu, serving authentic platters.

The best things to do in Mount Abu will give you loads of memories to take back home as souvenirs.

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Awesome.. as to say about the trip simply.. we as a couple had a fantastic time and enjoyed the spots at Mount Abu. awesome memories.

People Also Ask About Mount Abu Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Mount Abu?

    There are lot of things which can be done in Mount Abu. Below mentioned are some of them:

    • Dilwara Temples

    The brilliant use of marble in this architectural marvel, is the highlight of a Mt. Abu visit. The temples are known the world over for their intricate carving and ornamental décor.

    • Adhar Devi Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Durga, this temple is situated on the peak of the Aravallis.  

    • Guru Shikhar

    This place offers a sweeping view of Mt. Abu and is known for its picturesque surroundings.

    • Achalgarh Fort

    The fort was originally built by the Paramara Kingdom rulers and was later reconstructed by the Mewars. It consists of a massive entrance bordered by towers made of grey granite.

    • Nakki Lake

    Gandhi’s ashes were immersed here and this place is famous for the subsequent Gandhi Ghat. It is an idyllic location for a picnic and also for photography.

    • Sunset Point

    Enjoy a mesmeric view of the setting sun from this beautiful viewpoint atop the Aravalli Range.

    • Trevor Tank

    Trevor’s Tank is a scenic picnic spot and is also known for its flora and fauna. A great bird-watching spot, this place is also home to the black bear and boasts a population of crocodiles.

    • Wildlife Sanctuary

    A subtropical forest that houses the leopard, mongoose, jungle cat, jackal and Indian fox, this wildlife sanctuary is a massive conservation effort, ideal for nature-tourists to visit.

    • Toad Rock

    Toad Rock is known for being trekking-friendly and also for being a splendid viewpoint. Its location among the Aravallis, make it a stunning spot for photography. Toad rock is a giant stone sculpture resembling a tortoise. Nearby this landmark are the Brahmakumaris Spiritual University and Museum and Shri Raghunathji Temple.

  2. What are the adventure activities to in Mount Abu?

    Talking about adventure activities in Mount Abu, there are lot many:

    • Abseilling, Rappelling and Rock Climbing

    Hike a steep slope in safety gear, mapping the highs and lows of mountainous Abu.

    • Trekking

    Its location within the Aravallis makes Mt. Abu an ideal destination for trekking and hiking. Sunset Point makes for a fulfilling trek, culminating in a stunning view of the surrounding area. Treks are also organised to Dilwara Temples and Toad Rock, the latter being an apt viewpoint as well. Guru Shikhar is another trekking destination, which offers a panoramic view of Mt. Abu. The trek here includes a visit to the temple of Guru Dattatreya.

    • Boating

    Lake Nakki is an ideal destination for boating and for enjoying a decadent picnic across the lake, in the serene surroundings.

    • Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Enjoy a bird-eye view of Mt Abu in a thrilling hot air balloon ride from the peaks of the Aravallis! Mars Aero Balloon near Lake Nakki offers this fun activity.

    • Horse Riding

    The steep contouring of the locale makes Mt Abu perfect for a challenging but fun horse ride. Mt. Abu has more than 17 nature trails and some of these are conducive to horse safaris.

    • Birdwatching and Animal Spotting

    The Wildlife Sanctuary at Mt Abu, is home to a host of animals and birds, making it an ideal location for birding and animal spotting. Trevor’s Tank is also respected as a birdwatching spot.

    • Mountain Biking

               Cragis point, Devangan Valley, Tiger Path, Kodra Dam, Kulagrah Valley, Gabir Nalla   and Sayabera make for excellent tracks for mountain biking.

  3. When can I go to Trevor’s tank in Mount Abu? What’s so special about it?

    The best time to visit Trevor’s Tank in Mt. Abu is just when winter is setting in, that is November-December.

    The place is special for being a crocodile breeding spot and also being home to exotic animals such as the black bear. Trevor Tank is also a great spot for birdwatching, as its frequented by migratory bird populations. In addition, the area around Trevor’s Tank promises excellent shopping in Mt. Abu.

  4. Which are some famous campsites near Mount Abu?

    Some of the most atmospheric campsites near Mt Abu are at Bhirgu Ashram, Utraj Oriya, Rishikesh Temple, Agneshwara Temple, Jalwai Village, Salgoan watchtower, Dilwara Temples, Toad Rock, Pandav Gufa, Wildlife Sanctuary and at Aarna Wild. Aarna Wild is known for its eco-camping.

  5. Which are the most adventurous places for trekking in Mount Abu?

    The most adventurous places for trekking in Mt Abu are Guru Shikhar, Sunset Point and Toad Rock, known for their spectacular views and nearby attractions including busy markets. A trek + camp to Dilwara Temples is also popular among adventure seekers.

  6. Which are some famous markets to shop in Mount Abu?

    Below mentioned are the famous markets to shop in Mount Abu:

    • Government Handicraft Emporium

    Known for its handicrafts, carry back a souvenir from this government owned retail facility.

    • Kashmiri Cottage Emporium

    This place sells the most beautiful Kashmiri shawls and Pashmina.

    • Piccadilly Plaza

    Here you will find an eclectic home-décor collection and section of handlooms.

    • Khadi Bazaar

           Khadi Bazaar is a must-visit for stylistas who are fond of fashionable ethnic wear. The shops here sell handlooms, handicraft, tie and dye, mirror-work and vibrant ghagra choli sets.

  7. Which are the best locations for rock climbing in Mount Abu?

    The best rock-climbing destinations in Mt. Abu are at Sirohi, Salgoan Watch Tower, Trevor’s Tank, Gaumukh, Cragis Point, Gabir Nalla, Sayabera, Kulagrah Valley and Achalgarh. All of these venues offer steep highs and lows, making rock climbing or abseiling a truly adrenalizing experience.

  8. Where can I enjoy hot air balloon rides in Mount Abu? How much will it cost?

    Hot air balloon rides at Mt. Abu are organised around Lake Nakki and Toad Rock. They offer a bird eye view of the place from a 150ft. height.

    The activity costs around Rs. 300 for an adult and Rs. 200 for children.

  9. Where to do horse riding in Mount Abu? What are its charges?

    Sunset Point is an excellent venue for horse riding in Mt. Abu. Others include Trevor’s Tank, Bridal Path, Tiger Path, Craig’s Path and Guru Shikhar. You can even go horse riding about Nakki Lake.

    The costs are anywhere between Rs. 200-500 for a decently long enough ride.

  10. What are the major attractions of Nakki Lake in Mount Abu? What are the things to do there?

    Nakki Lake is known for being Gandhi’s Ghat. Gandhi ji’s ashes were immersed in its waters. Also, the venue offers many activities for tourists. These include boating, horse riding and hot air balloon rides. The neighbouring area is famous for its eateries and shopping as well. Nakki Lake is a photographer’s paradise. It is also an interesting spot for animal spotting and bird watching. If lucky, you may spot Cranes and Grey Jungle Fowl here. The fountains in the area elevate the natural beauty of the lake.

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