55 Things to Do in Greece | What to Do in Greece in 2024
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What to Do in Greece?

Visit the Acropolis, Climb Mount Olympus, Watch the Sunset in Santorini, Explore Mykonos, Explore the Samaria Gorge, Relax on Balos Beach, Visit the Beautiful Zakynthos Island, Explore Thessaloniki, Enjoy a candlelight dinner, Enjoy an evening of Rebetiko and much more. Make these extraordinary experiences part of your European adventure with a meticulously planned Europe holiday packages.

Presenting a vibrant canvas of history, culture and nature, Greece with its beauty beckons to all. From adventure lovers to history buffs, everyone is bound to find their home here, for one can never run out of things to do in Greece.

Those looking to explore its enigmatic history will spend a wonderful time exploring the historical sites across Greece, with the Acropolis, the Temple of Hephaestus and the Oracle of Delphi being some of the most popular names embedded in Greek lore. On the other hand, the lover of adventure will feel right at home trying their hand out in extreme sports at the many beaches across the islands, for water sports are among the best Greece things to do.

However, not everything here is heady and adventurous. If you’re looking for a leisurely vacation, you could always head out to an open air theatre in Athens, sample some cocktails at a rooftop bar, or simply enjoy one of the magical sunsets that Santorini is so well known for.
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Must Things To Do In Greece


Visit the Acropolis

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It is impossible for one to be unaware of the rich culture that Greek embodies, and the Acropolis can rightly be deemed as the centre of attraction of every trip to the country. It is one of the most famous sites in the world, and a trip to the majestic marvel is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Greece.

With its architecture housing iconic attractions such as the ruin of the Parthenon, the temple of Goddess Nike and many more, the Acropolis is the shrine to the array of myths and legends Greece is famous to have spawned.

Erotokritou 11, Athens, Greece

Each adult ticket costs between 10€ to 20€, depending upon the time of visit.

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Climb Mount Olympus

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Yes, you heard it right. The fabled Mount Olympus, known throughout Greek mythology as the home of its Gods and the mountain atop which rests the palace of Zeus, is but a fictionalised depiction of the highest mountain in Greece, which actually exists.

Naturally due to its unrivalled fame throughout all cultures, climbing the mountain is an absolute necessity for trekkers and enthusiasts of mountain climbing, and is one of the most exciting things to do in Greece. Despite not being a technical climb, the activity requires quite a bit of resilience and it is advised to undertake the climb only if you are prepared to spend a considerable time on the expedition.

Location: Mount Olympus, Greece

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Uncover Lake Plastiras

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Lake Plastiras is one of the largest artificial lakes in Greece, and visiting it alone or with company is one of the most underrated things to do in Greece. The “artificial” lake owes its existential roots and eponymous nomenclature to General Nikolaos Plastiras, who envisioned it and saw to its creation.

Situated in Central Greece, the lake is surrounded by pristine landscapes that include lofty mountains, lush forests and ever-present puffs of clouds, making it perfect for walks, picnics and all sorts of outdoor activities as are fitting for weekends, including going for a swim or boating in its waters.

Location: Lake Plastiras, Krioneri 43067, Greece

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Watch the Sunset in Santorini

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Santorini is a geographical location more than a city; it represents the pure intersection where art and architecture come together. Characterised by its vibrant concrete palette of sand-white buildings with cobalt-blue domes atop them, it is a crescent-shaped island in Greece that boasts unparalleled beauty and a visit to which topping the itinerary of the quintessential traveller to the country, enjoys a considerable population of tourists all-round the year.

Watching the sunset in the city is one of the best things to do in Greece: the artistic potential inherent in the architecture of the city reveals itself at dusk, when each degree of the sun’s descent unravels shades of colour in the city and its surroundings that would otherwise seem fit for another world altogether.

Location- Santorini, Greece

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Explore Mykonos

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Mykonos is one of the very few places in Greece that know exactly how to embody its rich tradition and still be a festive gala with sheer exuberance. The island is arguably the most popular in Greece, and travellers throng in large numbers every year to spend in a celebratory daze.

The island is famous for its characteristic nightlife and is famous for the tremendous number of pubs and bars it houses. Besides its beaches being a stage for perennial partying, the island is also famous for facilitating a plethora of outdoor activities and adventure sports such as jet skiing, horse-riding and windsurfing amongst others, making a visit to the island imperative in your list of things to do in Greece.

Location: Mykonos, Greece

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Visit the Delphi

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When in Greece the figments of its lore never cease to pop up as manifestations in real life and Delphi is no different, making a visit to it one of the primary things to do in Greece. Known throughout Greek mythology as a place of divine guidance, Delphi is the place that houses the temple of Apollo, and is known to have been the home of the priestess Pythia.

If you are a traveller lost in the beauty of Greece, you might just want to look for the divine guidance of the Oracle there as well (good luck!). The rugged architecture of the place being characteristic of many of the country’s shrines is unchanged from its ancient roots and its vast expanse allows visitors to seep into a time that has stood witness to humankind itself.

Location: Delphi, Greece

Pricing: Prices for a ticket per adult person for a tour start at around 100€.

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Explore the Samaria Gorge

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Explore the Samaria Gorge- For travellers with ‘Wanderlust’ on their bio-s and those without alike, the Samaria Gorge is the ideal place to find oneself in when opting for a perfect outdoor adventure, and hiking there is one of the most exciting things to do in Greece.

The nature of the place (gorge) is best expressed in its title itself, and a traveller there is sure to find themselves enveloped in the natural scapes of mountains and forests on slopes. Perfect even for a lazy walk, travellers who want to embark on a proper hike might want to clear their schedule for a comprehensive tour of the entire area. The hike is not difficult, but is certainly time consuming and a test for your knees.

Location: Samaria Gorge, Crete, Greece

Pricing: Samaria Gorge can be explored independently but being part of a toured expedition is recommended, prices for which start around 30€ per adult.

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Explore Crete

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Known famously as the cradle of European civilization, Crete is one of the most popular islands in Greece and a visit to its abode has remained, as indicated by the voluminous population of tourists every year, one of the best things to do in Greece.

Famous through the Greek lore for being the fabled home of the Minotaur, it is in real life no less than a heaven on earth, making tourists allot a significant portion of their itineraries to the island itself. Crete is known for its delicious cuisine and upbeat lifestyle, and its numerous beaches are always bustling with activity and merriment.

Location: Crete, Greece

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Discover the Acropolis Museum

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The Acropolis in Greece needs no introduction, and keeping its historical and cultural significance in perspective it is fitting that the architectural ode to the Greek pantheon has its own museum to its honor. The Acropolis Museum is a stellar attraction for anyone visiting the magnificent site in Athens, and the museum is understandably enticing to people with layman knowledge as much as those with active interest in Greek history and culture.

The museum houses some of the best artifacts in the world which tell of the country’s rich cultural heritage, making a visit to it one of the most informative things to do in Greece.

Location: Erotokritou 11, Athens, Greece

Pricing: Each adult ticket costs between 5€ to 10€, depending upon the time of visit.

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Visit the Beautiful Zakynthos Island

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The land of Greece never ceases to surprise, and just when you might think you have seen enough, up would pop Zakynthos. It is an island located in the Ionian Sea, and a visit to it rightly ranks pretty high in the list of things to do in Greece.

Named after Zacynthus, the fabled grandson of Zeus himself, the island is one of the most sumptuous bounties of natural beauty that one could hope to come across in Greece. The land is famous for being an embodiment of lush flora and fauna, and its biodiversity earns it flocks of tourists throughout the year.

Zakynthos, Greece

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Witness the Pink Corals at Elafonissi Beach

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The Elafonissi beach was a name once elusive to most tourists, but thanks to social media booming, for better or for worse, this paradisiacal slice of land off the coast has Crete has turned into a popular tourist attraction, a visit to which tops the list of the things to do in Greece for the modern traveller.

The beach is actually a part of the entire island of Elafonissi, and secluded from the public area of bustle, one can find solace in the scattered beaches that restrict entry to beach accessories, in turn restricting most hype-tourists. These spots are relatively untainted, and if lucky one can find themselves witness to their pink sands, which are essentially coral dusts of the seabed that come ashore.

Location- Elafonissi Lagoon, Greece

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Visit Shipwreck Beach

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If the name sounds ominous to you, you are not alone in that introductory apprehension. Nevertheless, there is no cause for worry, as the Shipwreck Beach, which is the popularized name for the Navagio Beach, is a place full of cheer and spending a weekend at it is one of the best things to do in Greece.

Also known as the ‘Smugglers Cove’, the beach is located on the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea, and earns its nickname from the ship called ‘Panayiotis’ that had run aground on its shores ages back. The rusted ruins of the ship still remain, as does the tremendous beauty of the beach, characterised by its marble-white sands and crystal clear aqua-blue waters.

Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece

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Hike the Corfu Trail

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The Greek landscape, as is fit, is riddled with as many secrets and nooks as its multifaceted lore, and the Corfu trail is one of those relatively less-known activities in Greece that demand your attention. This hike is definitely for the backpackers and the ones that love the thrill of an elaborate adventure, and it compensates with its beauty as much as it requires your time and perseverance.

Despite being a trail without any “mountains to climb”, it spans from the South tip to the North tip of the island of Corfu, encompassing the entirety of its scape including villages, lakes and the quintessential scenic replenishment you would expect from the country.

Corfu, Greece

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Visit Museum of Contemporary Art

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The Museum of Contemporary Art as the name might suggest, tends to be perceived as one that would cater to the tastes and sensibilities of the eccentric or at the very least, the ignorant elite and thus stays mostly out of the larger public eye. Nevertheless, a visit to the museum shall certainly prove worthy of overcoming the inhibitions, being one of the most enlightening activities in Greece.

The museum with its stellar and eclectic installations of contemporary and modern art is a monument of delight to those with an active interest in the subject, and being just a short walk away from the “major” attractions nearby, chooses to appeal to the tourist-mass to bring them into the fold as well.   

Leoforos Kallirois Amvrosiou Frantzi, Athens, Greece

Each adult ticket costs 8€, while a ticket for a teen comes at exactly half the price.

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Marvel at the Epidaurus Theater

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The Epidaurus Theatre of Greece needs no introduction when it comes to veteran enthusiasts of the performing arts, but for the sake of the uninitiated traveller looking for activities in Greece, let us explore a bit. Built in the ancient times of 4th Century BC by Polykleitos, the theatre is an absolute marvel of architecture and is a testament to the Greek theatrical ethos.

Constructed in a semicircular fashion centering the stage, the theatre is famous for its unmatched acoustics, known to have allowed the actors on stage (enacting primarily reprised versions of classical works) to be able to reach the audience even with minimal vocal exertion.

Ethniki Odos Isthmou Archaias Epidavrou, Epidavros, Greece

Tickets for tours start around 100€ per adult.

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Visit the Red Beach

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Like glittering rubies from a distance, Santorini’s Red Beach stands out for its astonishing beauty. Towering monoliths of brick-red color surround the stunning blue waters of this beach on all sides, ethereal in its contrast. And despite being small in size, it is this ethereal charm that makes Red Beach one of Greece’s most popular destinations.

The beach itself is semi-organized, with some umbrellas and sunbeds gathered in groups. Although it lacks water sports facilities, tourists can spend their time snorkeling through the shallow waters here. The keen observer might also find some interesting rock formations scattered across the sands here.

Location: Akrotiri Village, Santorini, Greece

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Explore the Monasteries of Meteora

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One need not wonder long why the Meteora rocks are called the Miracle of Greece. Housing one of the world’s most intricate monastery complexes, the fantastic rocks of Meteora stand proud on the plains of Thessaly.

Perched across steep rocks, the byzantine Greek Orthodox monasteries are home to one of the world’s most striking collections of wall paintings and artifacts. Although there are about 24 monasteries in total, only 6 of them are still functioning till date. The Eastern monasteries are a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site as well.

Kalambaka 422 00, Greece

3 € at each monastery

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Go Spelunking at Melissani Cave

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One of Greece’s most stunning attractions, the Melissani Caves is a must visit for every adventurer. Legend has it that the caves were named after a heartbroken nymph who, spurned by the god Pan, had taken her life here. With a gorgeous blue lake at its heart, these caves are every caver’s dream, making it one of the most popular Greece things to do.

Earth, sun and sea combine here to create a natural spectacle. A boat ride takes you to the heart of the cave, which is divided into two chambers. Here, one can witness a stunning array of age-old stalactites, adding to the enigmatic aura of the place.

Location: Kefalonia, Greece

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Admire Hephaestus Temple

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Standing atop the Agoras hill, Athens’s Hephaestus temple is one of its proudest religious landmarks. One of the best preserved ancient temples in the world, exploring the shrine of Hephaestus is one of the most popular Greece things to do.

Dating back to 445BC, the temple stands testament to the flourishing Greek architecture of its times. Separated into colonnades, the ancient temple is dotted with elaborately crafted pillars across its length. Intricately designed bas relief friezes add to the beauty of the place. Two elaborate statues of Hephaestus and Athena guard the temple doors.

Location: Ancient Agora, Athens 105 55, Greece

Price: 9 € per person

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Explore the Palace of Malia

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Dating back to 1,900 BCE, the ancient Palace of Malia is one of Greece’s shining gems. Malia is the third largest Minoan Palace in Greece, and covers nearly 7,500 hectares of fertile land. Although now entirely in ruins, an exploration of the palace remains one of the most popular things to do in Greece.

Once at the ruins, one can note a clearly mapped plan of how the palace one stood- a central courtyard surrounded by storage rooms, a theatre and a crypt to the east, and so on. Archaeological excavations have yielded some invaluable treasures from the site as well, which are now housed across Greece’s many museums.

North Coast of Crete, East of Heraklion

Entry fee:
6 € per person

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Romantic Things To Do in Greece


Enjoy Sunset at Oia

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Nestled on the northwestern tip of Santorini, the coastal town of Oia is renowned for its sunsets- that magical hour of the day when everything appears twice as beautiful. With its caldera cliffs riddled with white washed houses, the village assumes a new guise during sunset each day.

The sky itself seems to be lit up in orange and yellow, with streaks of color dancing across the horizon. Although Oia sunsets can be viewed from just about anywhere, the best vantage point in the village is the ruins of the Castle of Agios Nikolaos, where one can witness the sun dipping behind the veil of the Aegean Sea.

Santorini, Greece

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Visit a Winery With a View

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Greece is well known for a lot of things, and its wineries are only one of them. Set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea, the wineries in Greece are known for their product and their beauty alike. The city of Santorini is home to some of Greece’s most beautiful wineries.

The list here is endless- visit Domaine Sigalas to pair your wine with a fantastic Oia sunset, spend a day marveling at the seaside cliffs at the Venetsanos Winery, or head over to the Santo Winery for its panoramic views of the surrounding city.

Location: Santorini
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Go For a Sailing Tour From Santorini

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There is little more romantic than exploring the beauty of Greece on a sailing tour. With the Aegean Sea spread out like a carpet on all sides, sailing is one of the most exciting Greece things to do. There are several sailing tours and cruises setting off from Santorini on all days of the week.

Those looking for a group experience could opt for a group catamaran tour, which comes with the option of meal and drinks. Alternatively, one could also take a private tour for a true romantic experience. Although there is no correct time for sailing tours, the sunset hours are generally considered to be the most magical time to enjoy a cruise in. 

Santorini, Greece

Starting from 65 € per person
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View Caldera from Cable Cars

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Santorini is, of course, well known for its volcanic calderas. There are many ways to tour the volcanic mountains here. A cable car ride, however, tops it all. Traveling all the way from the Old Port to Fira, the Santorini Cable car offers unique, panoramic views of the sea, the surrounding city, and the caldera.

Not only is the journey exceptionally beautiful, but also one of the easiest ways to reach the caldera. The cable car ride is highly recommended for all, especially photographers.

Old Port- Fira, Santorini

6 € per adult
3 € per child
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Take Spa at Lilium Zen Spa

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If you’re wondering what to do in Greece with a loved one, look no further. Offering a host of exceptionally crafted massage packages, the Lilium Zen Spa in Santorini is known for its range of aromatherapy treatments for couples.

Although the spa is well known for its couples packages, one may also choose from a host of individual treatments and packages as well. All treatments are rendered by expert masseuses, who’s deft hands promise to knead out all the stress and weariness from your tired bones. The spa offers cave baths as well.

Thera 847 00, Greece

Starting from 90 € per massage
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Stay in a Cave House

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The Santorini Cave houses are a group of homes dug into the mountains. The traditional name for these cave houses is ‘ yposkafo’, which literally translates to dug into a rock. The cave houses occupy a central position in the history and culture of Greece- these ancient underground homes only came into being when the ordinary townspeople, driven by poverty, had to resort to cutting their homes into mountain sides.

The traditional cave house featured a single room, where the living and cooking space was shared. Now, the Santorini cave houses are popularly used by tourists for stay. 

Santorini, Greece
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Visit a Volcano on Nea Kameni

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The youngest of volcanic islands on the Eastern Mediterranean, Nea Kamani begs to be explored. With solid black lava crusting its side, the volcano at Nea Kamani offers a stunning sight against the bright blue waters of the sea. Tourists can walk around the base or trek along its slopes, exploring the lush green sceneries here.

The volcano’s craters can be found bubbling with sulfur streams, which are said to possess healing properties. The Nea Kameni volcano is also well known for its splendid views of the sunset. 

Santorini Caldera
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Bath in Hot Springs at Palea Kameni

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 One of the twin volcanic Kameni islets, Palea Kameni nestles at the heart of the flooded Santorini Caldera. The island is best known for its natural hot springs, whose orange-blue waters are said to be healing. The hot springs were formed as a result of volcanic activities on the island.

There are several cruise boats and ships making their way from the Santorini coast to Palea Kamani each day. While those desiring to take a dip can do so, others can spend their time exploring the cliffs surrounding the springs.

Santorini Caldera
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Get Your Honeymoon Photoshoot In Santorini

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With its volcanic peaks, its postcard perfect villages, and it's gorgeous blue waters, Greece attracts honeymooning couples throughout the year. While there is much to do and see here, the sheer beauty of the location makes it an ideal place for a honeymoon photoshoot as well.

It is a fact well known that Greece is among the most photographable destinations in the world. Whether you choose an Oia sunset as your backdrop, or turn to the beauty of its volcanic cliffs, you can never go wrong when choosing Greece as your honeymoon destination.
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Go For a Private Yacht

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The Greek myths saw its legends travelling to and from the island on grandiose vessels. To get a little taste of this legendary experience, try yachting in the Aegean Sea while in Greece. One need not work too hard to avail a private charter in Santorini. These private luxury yachts are fitted with all necessary amenities to make one feel comfortable on board.

Bring along your family, your group of friends or simply enjoy the experience with your loved ones. Marvel at the volcanic cliffs that skirt along the edges of the shore as you sail along, taking in the fantastic sunsets that Greece is so well known for.

Location: Santorini

Price: Starting from 650 €
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Adventure Things To Do In Greece


Sailing at Cythera Island

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The southernmost of the Green Ionian islands, the grounds of Cythera remain largely untrodden till date. Although the island is famed for its many beautiful beaches, most of these can be accessed by boats only. This makes sailing one of the most popular activities here.

Although several charters and yachts travel this way from the main island, one can also steer their own boat to Cythera quite effortlessly. The wind and the sea conditions in the Ionian Sea are generally steady and predictable, making it easy to navigate. 

Cythera Island, Ionian Sea
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Surfing in Vasiliki

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Famed for its beautiful beaches, Vasiliki is a small harbor on the outskirts of Lefkada town. The sea here is quite shallow, allowing experts and beginners alike to explore it even without much expertise. Although swimming is the most popular activity here, the beaches of Vasiliki open up to endless surfing opportunities as well.

The picturesque bays have enough space to accommodate expert and first time surfers alike. Vasiliki is well known for its windsurfing opportunities as well. 

Vasiliki, Lefkada
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Hiking in Thera

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Nestled high on a ridge of the Messavuono Mountains, the ancient Thera looks proudly over the city of Santorini. A scenic train leads hikers to the city, commanding excellent views of the surrounding villages. The mouth of the trail sits at the edge of the town, and leads all the way up to Thera along the slopes of Mount Messa.

Now in ruins, remnants of Thera’s past lay unearthed across the mountaintop. Visitors can detect the ruined structures of public buildings such as theatres, Churches, markets, pagan temples and more. The summit at Thera commands excellent views of the surrounding sea as well. 

Santorini 847 00, Greece
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Scuba Diving in Schinaria

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Housing some of Greece’s most magnificent underwater caves, scuba diving in Schinaria is among the best adventurous things to do in Greece. The dramatic Shinaria beach is well regarded for its water quality. The sea life here is magnificently diverse as well, housing morays, blackfishes, octopi and other sea creatures in abundance.

One does not need to be an expert in the sport to try scuba diving in Schinaria. There are several instruction schools scattered around the beach, and beginners and children can attempt it as well. 

Rhethymno, Crete
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Rafting in Voidomatis

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The rapids of Voidamatis in the Zagori region is extremely popular among rafters. The current being fairly mild, these rapids are easily navigable, making it an ideal place for first timers to try their hand out in the sport. The descent takes place at the heart of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, and is home to some amazing views as well, making the ride twice as enjoyable.

Rafters will glide along the 16th century Agion Anargiron Monastery, and row under the arched bridge of Kalidonia. The weather here remains quite pleasant throughout the year as well. 

Voidomatis River, Zagori Region, Ionnania
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Rock climbing at Kalymnos

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Offering a magical blend of the sea, sun and cliffs, rock climbing at Kalymnos is one of the most enchanting of adventurous things to do in Greece. The beautiful island is home to several sheer limestone clifftops, making it ideal for rock climbing adventures of several grades.  The climbing guides at the island makes sure that the experience here caters to each person’s capabilities.

There are easy slabs, intermediate climbs and steep cave walls that can be accessed by beginners and experts alike. The guides offer special climbing training as well, making sure that no one enters head first into the experience without proper awareness. 

Kalymnos Island 
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Skiing in Pisoderi

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One of the best places in Greece to enjoy alpine skiing at, the Vigla Pisoderi Ski Resort is a must visit during the winter season. Although its pistos do not span more than a few kilometers, they are extremely well charted and promise quite the adventure.

The resort offers 5 ski lifts that service around 15 trails, with each trail home to some fantastic views on either side. The two charming lakes of Balkans and Prespes are located in this region as well, adding to the overall beauty of the place. 

Vigla Pisoderi Ski Resort
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Sea Kayaking in Kremaston Lake

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The magical milk blue of water meets the sky in a perfectly magical blend at the Kremaston Lake. Virtually unknown to an international audience, this hidden lake can be found stowed away beneath the towering Agrafa mountains.

One of the best ways to explore the beauty of Kremaston is to take a kayak out into its shimmery blue waters. Several kayaking tours are offered at the lake, and kayaks available on rent. The sport itself is quite an easy one, and can be attempted by beginners as well. 

Central Greece
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Jet Skiing at Paradise Beach

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A beach well known for its adventure sports, the dreamy Super Paradise promises to bring out the adventurer in you. Surfers and swimmers frequent the beach for its mild, pacifying tides. However, if high speed excites you, then a jet skiing tour here might be right up your alley.

One of the best adventurous things to do in Greece, the jet ski tours here make a quick trip around Mykonos, offering fantastic views of its beaches and cliffs.

Super Paradise Beach, 846 00, Greece

Starting from 30 € per ride 
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Windsurfing at Paros

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Paros is among the best Greek islands for windsurfing. The northern winds that blow during the summer months makes it an especially popular location for the sport. The beaches on the southern side, especially the Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, are rife with windsurfing opportunities.

There are several surfing centers scattered across the island which not only provide surfing kits on rent, but also offer lessons for those just beginning at the sport.

Paros island, Aegean Sea
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Wakeboarding in Athene

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The islands of Greece are known for its many water sports, wakeboarding being one of them. The experimental watersport involves balancing on a surfboard as it sails through the turbulent waves, attached to a motorized boat in front. One can try their hand at wakeboarding at several locations around Greece, although Athens is the most popular destination for the sport.

With its dreamy beaches offering the perfect backdrop, wakeboarding in Athens is an absolute treat. There are several instruction schools around the island as well, guiding beginners on the know-hows of the sport. 

Athens, Greece
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Flyboarding in Alimos

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Located just at the centre of Athens, Alimos is one of Greece’s most popular beaches. Fairly organized, the beach invites swimmers and water sport enthusiasts to itself throughout the year. One can try their hand at a variety of extreme adventures here, flyboarding being only one of many.

One of the most adventurous things to do in Greece, flyboarding literally involves being lifted into the air by a hoverboard attached to one’s feet. There are several facilities in Alimos beach offering flyboards on rent. Training for first time flyboarders is offered here as well.

Alimos Beach, Athens 
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Things To Do in Greece At Night


Walk along Polignoto

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The Polignoto is the road that leads to the Athenian Acropolis. One of Greece's most scenic walkways, walking through Polignoto is like walking through the pages of history itself. The walkway starts right opposite of the Thisso open air theatre and travels all the way to Plaka.

With nothing but the lights of Acropolis to guide you along, the Polignoto walkway seems to take you all the way back to ancient Athens itself. One can witness the stalwarts of Greek history rising at a distance, making out the figures of the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus as they walk by.

Thisso- Plaka
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Sip your Cocktail at a Rooftop Bar

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For a truly amazing nighttime experience, head over to a rooftop bar in Greece. From sunsets over oceans to panoramic views of whitewashed villages, the rooftop bars here promise to leave you enchanted with their views. The rooftop bars here can be visited throughout the day, although the post-sunset hours offer the best experience.

There are several bars to choose from in Greece- whether it be Thessaloniki’s Orizontes Roof Garden, the Sky Bar in Mykonos, or even the Tudor Hall Restaurant in Athens. Each bar comes with an exquisite menu of its own, promising a gastronomic adventure for all.
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Go to an Open Air Cinema

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If you’re wondering what to do in Greece as the night falls, make sure to fit a visit to an open air theatre into your itinerary. The natural wonders of Greece have been lauded for ages, and one of the best ways to spend time in the great outdoors here is to catch a movie under the stars.

The therina cinema- open air cinema- is one of the most atmospheric rituals of Athens. Today, there are over 65 open air theatres operating around the city- some private, some public, all stowed away in hidden corners of the city. Some screens offer proper seating arrangements, while others merely ask you to roll your carpet on the open grass and enjoy the show.

Athens, Greece
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Enjoy an Evening of Rebetiko

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Emerging in the 20th century, Rebetiko is Greece’s very own Blues music. Played along traditional instruments, the rebetiko genre of music initially acted as a voice of protest for the downtrodden classes in Greece. Today, it is a thriving form that has made its way into mainstream performative arts.

When in Greece, do not miss out on the chance to catch an evening of live Rebetiko. The neighbourhood of Exarchia is home to some great Rebetiko joints, and Aggelos is one of them. In Pangrati, you’ll find the basement of Marathonitis pulsating with music. And if you find yourself in Keramikos, you’ll be forced to choose between Pipis Kafenio, Pinoklis and Triporto.
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See the Panathenaic Stadium

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See the Panathenaic Stadium all lit up: One of the biggest historical attractions in Greece, the Panathenaic Stadium is a marvel when seen at any point of the day.

However, when lit up after sundown, the Stadium appears twice as amazing. As of 2021, the mammoth marble stadium has acquired a new lighting system, with thousands of LED bulbs lighting up its borders.

Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou, Athina 116 35, Greece
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Drink Traditional Greek Spirits

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The Greeks may be known for their music and their history, but no one can visit the nation and not drink their local wares. Those looking to taste the traditional Greek culture (quite literally) should definitely make it a point to get a taste of the locally made Greek spirits.

The traditional drink here is the Ouzo, a distilled drink made out of anise seed oil. One can also find a host of grape distillates here, namely Tsipouro, tsikoudia, and raki. Tentura, an herb and spice liqueur is another popular drink here. Other popular local spirits include the mastic of Chio, Corfu’s Kumquat Liqueur and Kitro from Naxos.
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Take a Night Food Tour

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One of the most unique activities in Greece, the night food tour around Athens seeks to offer a glimpse into the local cuisine of the country. The food tour takes you across some of Athens’s best food destinations, teaching one how to feast like a local.

The tour itinerary makes stops at local bakeries, diners and wineries, allowing a comprehensive view of the culinary culture prevailing here. The food tour is an exceptional way not only to taste the local wares, but also to experience the thriving nightlife around Athens. 

Athens, Greece
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Enjoy a Candlelight Dinner

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Commanding uninterrupted views of the Santorini bay, the FlyAway Creative Restaurant might just be one of Greece’s most picturesque diners. While dining solo here has its own merits, one can make their experience at FlyAway twice as amazing by opting for a candlelight dinner with their loved one.

The fine dining by candlelight is complemented by a comprehensive and tastefully curated menu. The restaurant is especially well known for its Mediterranean delights, serving classics with a twist. If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to witness a Santorini sunset from here.

Location: Epar.Od. Firon-Ias, Imerovigli 847 00, Greece
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Other thing to do in Greece


Explore Thessaloniki

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One of the oldest cities in Greece, Thessaloniki has many stories to tell. Dotted with lush gardens, vibrant markets and historical marvels, exploring Thessaloniki might be one of the most rewarding activities in Greece. There are many ways to explore the city. One could walk around its landmarks on foot, letting the road take them from one gem to the next.

There are a number of bicycling tours available here as well, with the trails curving to accommodate the city’s many attractions. One could spend a day here exploring only its many ancient sites, from the Arch of Galerius to Ancient Agora. Thessaoliniki’s waterfront is widely regarded for its beauty as well, home to several of its prettiest gardens.

Thessaloniki 546 35, Greece
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Get Lost in a Medieval Maze

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Anyone remotely well versed in Greek mythology will remember the ancient Labyrinth where Daedalus trapped the Minotaur. While there is no concrete evidence of where this Labyrinth may have been located, there are two potential sites that one can explore in Crete. One of them is Kommos, the home of King Minos.

Located on the southern coast of the island, Kommos is home to some spectacular ruins. However, if you walk deep into the ancient city, you’ll find remains of walkways and corridors that may have been the Minotaur’s home. However, further down the road you’ll find Gortyn, another ancient maze-like structure. Although it’s somewhat distant from Minos’ home, this maze ruin bears more resemblance to the Labyrinth described in the myths.

Location: Crete
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Visit the Vergina Royal Tombs Museum

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Stowed away into the dark underground, the Vergina Royal Tombs Museum is an ancient marvel. The dark burial ground in the heart of Greece has been converted into a chilling Museum where visitors can descend and admire ancient Macedonian tombs dating back to Alexander the Great.

The central attraction here is the tomb of Philip II, dating back to 336 BC and buried with a gold shield, silver chalices, and other countless treasures. Elsewhere the museum boasts of well preserved mythic friezes. It is also believed to be the final resting place of Alexander the Great himself.

Location :
Vergina 590 31, Greece

6 € per adult 
3 € per child
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Enjoy Ancient Corinth

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Nestled on the Isthmus of Corinth, Ancient Corinth is one of Greece’s most marvelous of ancient cities. Now a significant archaeological site, the ancient city is a must visit for anyone willing to explore the history of the nation. The city still preserved some of Greece’s most important ancient monuments. The Temple of Apollo is one of them.

Now in ruins, this famed temple is known for its Doric structure and designs. The hilltop fortress of Acrocorinth is another significant attraction here. Many of the findings here are now on display at the Museum of Ancient Corinth, which offers a delightful insight into the working of this historical city. 
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Relax on Balos Beach

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One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, Balos Beach is on top of every tourists’ go to summer destination. With its white sands contrasted against the crystalline blue waters, the beauty of Balos is quite unparalleled.

Although Balos is frequented by several adventure enthusiasts, the serene ambience at the beach is also perfect for those simply desiring to lounge and relax on its sands. Across the beach is a rocky island with a hilltop fortress which can be accessed by boat. 

Location: Crete, Greece 
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People Also Ask About Greece

  1. What are the best adventurous things to do in Greece?

    Surfing: When thinking about Greece, few or none think of it as a surfing destination. If you give it a chance, however, Greece is bound to surprise you. With its steady winds and warm currents, surfing is among the best adventurous things to do in Greece. There are several good surf spots around the islands, Ikaria and Karpathos being two of popular names.

    Scuba Diving: If merely wading through the stunning sea does not satisfy you, spend day a day scuba diving off the Greek coast. Home to enigmatic underwater caves, reef formations and a vibrant sea life, scuba diving around the islands can be quite a rewarding experience.

    Rafting: Rewarded with swift rivers throughout its expanse, rafting is one of those activities in Greece that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The fun activity lets one explore downtrodden paths, exploring the unexplored as they row throw. The rivers of Evrytania, Epirus or Arcadia are especially well known for their rafting opportunities.

    Hiking: Home to a stunning range of cliffs, hiking is among the most popular Greece things to do. There are several kinds of hiking experiences available here that cater to experienced trekkers and beginners alike. Although virtually every city has a cliff worthy of climbing, Mount Olympus, or the Mountain of Gods, remains Greece’s most popular trekking location.

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  2. What are the best things to do in Greece at night?

    Catch a movie at an open-air cinema in Athens: An intrinsic part of the Athens night culture, the open-air cinemas in Athens are worth a quick visit. There are several open air theatres scattered around the city, each possessing a unique vibe. Although several of the films played here are in native Greek, those looking to explore the culture of Athens should make it a point to visit one theatre just for the experience of it. 

    Get a taste of traditional Greek spirits:
    Adhering to its culture of revelry, Greece is well known for its assortment of traditionally made drinks. The variety of Greek spirits, made mostly of fruit and liqueur, is quite dazzling, and would take someone several days to exhaust. Most of these spirits are available across local pubs, which one might choose to hop across and sample as they go by. 

    Take a night food tour:
    A special experience for those desiring to experience the culinary culture of Greece, the night food tour hops across several of Athens’ popular food destinations. The tour itinerary travels through diners, wineries and bakeries alike, making sure that the tourists get a chance to sample the best of Greek cuisine.

    Enjoy an evening of Rebetiko music:
    Greece’s very own blues genre, the Rebetiko is now popularly played across most music joints and late night clubs in Athens. Using a combination of traditional instruments, soulful music is known for its rhythm and deeply emotional lyricism. One can enjoy a live session of Rebetiko at virtually any late night pub that hosts live music around Athens.

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  3. What are the best romantic things to do in Greece?

    Witness a magical sunset in Oia: Although the sunsets in Oia are magical in any case, its charm appears twice as resplendent when witnessed with a loved one. With its characteristic whitewashed buildings spread across the horizon, the yellow-orange skies of an Oia sunset promises a once in lifetime experience. 

    Take a cruise on the Aegean Sea:
    There can be little more romance than enjoying a cruise on the stunning blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Although there are several kinds of tours available here, the romantic cruises go way out of their way to make sure your trip here is as amazing as possible- candlelight dinners, live music and all.

    Row across Lake Kerkini:
    Among the most popular of romantic things to do in Greece, a boat ride across the stunning artificial lake is an absolute must do when in the country with a loved one. Take your boat out into the open water with the idyllic mountains rising tall all around you, admiring the beauty and serenity of the lake at your own leisure.

    Take a stroll around the National Gardens in Athens:
    If you’re wondering what to do in Greece for a quiet time out with your loved one, look no further than the National Gardens. Home to expansive flowering lawns and picturesque sidewalks, the National Garden beckons to those couples looking for a little peace away from the busy city life. 

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  4. What are the best things to do in Santorini, Greece?

    Visit a winery with a view: Santorini’s wineries are known across Greece not just for their wine, but for their views as well. Offering panoramic visuals of the city and the sea, the Santorini vineyards are a must-visit for those looking to sample a fantastic cocktail with a view to die for.

    Take a hike from Fira to Oia:
    Santorini is home to several cool hiking trails, and the one traveling from Fira to Oia is just one of them. With the horizon opening up to the sea on one side, the views commanded by the trail are quite exquisite.

    Take a cable car ride to the volcano:
    The caldera in Santorini is one of its best known landmarks. There are several ways to go to the volcano, hiking being one of them. However, the cable car ride to the top is one of the most pleasing things to do in Greece. Traveling at a height of 220 meters, the cable car commands excellent views of the surrounding cityscape, offering an unparalleled adventure.
  5. What is Greece Famous for?

    The cradle of modern Western civilization, Greece is best known for its historical landmarks. With ancient city ruins, mythical monuments and more scattered throughout its islands, the nation invites history and myth to itself throughout the year. 
  6. What is the best time to visit Greece?

    Although Greece can be visited throughout the year, the best time to take a trip to the island nation is during the months of Spring, between April and June, or during autumn, between September and October. The weather during these months remains quite pleasant and the crowds thin, making it ideal for sightseeing.
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