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  • The romantic island of Sunsets, Greece is no less than a dream honeymoon destination. The stunning islands of the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas, the centuries old Greek temples, and its impressive coastline accounts for Greece being the most popular holiday spots in the world. 

    Greece is a classic combination of sun, sea and sand with beautiful beaches, laid-back towns, and Stunning Islands.

    From the best handmade Greek wines to the exotic ancient temples holding great importance, the list of things to do in Greece on honeymoon is endless.

    Peer inside the 12th century temple on the port of Rhodes, poke around the exquisite palace of Knossos in Crete, soak in spirituality at Mount Athos, and party at vibrant Taverns. 

    When it comes to Greece, you never run out of things to do and places to go. Witness the romantic sunset of Fira with your other half, exchange kisses at the beautiful cliff top of caldera, stroll hand in hand at the stunning beaches of Aegean or get an exotic couple massage and spa, Greece an Ideal Honeymoon destination

    Greece pulls more than 13 million tourists every year and after you go through this list, you won’t wonder why! This list of best things to do in Greece on Honeymoon is sure to add Greece in your list of Honeymoon destinations to visit!!

  • 01Visit Athens To See Parthenon

    Parthenon the charm of Athens, is a prominent monument of Acropolis. Built in 5th century BC, this magnificent temple is a classic example of Greek architecture you cannot miss.

    Visit one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments made of Doric architecture. Enchant your senses by the glistening gold and ivory hues of the monumental statue of Athena. Get lost in the harmony of massive buildings and tantalizing colorful glimpses of Doric statues peering from the spaces between the columns.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 36.6 km, takes approximately 43 minutes to reach.

    Location: Athens, Greece.

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  • 02Visit Beautiful Island Of Santorini

    Out of the many things to do in Greece on Honeymoon, a visit to Santorini is a must. One of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the world, Santorini is a paradise of exquisite white washed domes, picturesque narrow streets of the quaint Oia, beautiful multi-colored cliffs, postcard perfect beaches and world’s oldest natural volcanoes.

    Activities: Sip on crisp world class Greek wines, stroll hand in hand in the narrow streets of the stunning village of Oia, or relax at the exquisite beaches of Kamari and Perissa. Satiate your taste buds with exotic santorinian and Greek cuisine and enjoy a breathtaking sunset from the cliff of Fira.

    How to reach: Instead of covering a distance of approximately 309.9 km from Athens International Airport, you can consider landing directly to Santorini (Thira) National Airport.

    Location: Santorini, Greece.

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  • 03Live In Fisherman's Town - Plaka (Crete)

    Located on a low hill area, plaka offers a quiet retreat for those who wants to enjoy a relaxing getaway. This relatively uncrowded town of Crete gives you an excellent aerial view of the souda bay and the azure Sea of Crete.

    Activities: Also known as Fisherman’s town, palaka offers excellent seafood and serves very good local wine. Savor fresh seafood served with a dressing of exotic Greek herb, lemon juice and olive oil accompanied with shots of raki and local alcohol.  Go on organized boat trips to Elounda and Agios Nikolaos. Get ferry rides to watch the ruins across the beautiful town of Plaka. Enjoy romantic moments with your other half at this peaceful place admiring the splendid sunset.

    How to reach: You can take a flight to Chania International Airport and take a car to palaka which is only 23 km from Chania.

    Attractions nearby: 215 sea caves, Venetian fortress, Sea of Crete

    Location: plaka, Crete, Greece

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  • 04Explore Santorini With An ATV

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    What better way to explore the stunning Santorini than on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)! Out of a variety of eccentric transportation options that Santorini Provides which includes the likes of a donkey ride, exploring the quaint town with an ATV is one of a fascinating things to do in Greece on honeymoon.Santorini is also well known as top honeymoon spot in Greece

    The all-terrain vehicles are easily available locally on rent. With a number of ATV rental service providers, you can easily find one near your accommodation. The ATVs are available on a per day basis and along the ATV, you get a helmet and a tank full of fuel. Zoom past the best scenic views of Santorini and experience Greece like never before.

    Location: Santorini, Greece

    Price: 25-75 Euros per day

  • 05Swim In The Amoudi Bay

    The rocky bay of Ammoudi offers a fascinating view of the blue and white buildings of Oia, tranquil blue waters and one of the most beautiful sunset sceneries. Dotted by tiny beaches the Amoudi bay is located in the picturesque coastal town of Oia.

    Activities: Dive into experience an exhilarating view of the colorful volcanic cliffs and enjoy the soothing waters of Amoudi Bay. This well known yet undiscovered bay of the quaint Oia village, provides excellent weather conditions to swimmers.

    Distance from Santorini (Thira) National Airport: 18 km, takes approximately 38 minutes to reach.

    Location: Amoudi Bay, Ormos Ammoudia, Greece.

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  • 06Visit Medieval Castle Town Of Monemvasia

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    Located on the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese, the medieval castle town of Monemvasia is well known for lovebirds. One of the most romantic Greece tourist attractions, Monemvasia is famous for its superb architecture, cobbled streets and profound romanticism.

    The rawness, wildness and the fairytale atmosphere of this ethereal castle town makes it an ideal destination for an all year visit. Stroll hand in hand around the delightful cobbled streets amid byzantine churches and beautiful mansions and get a sensational view of the Myrtoan Sea below. 

    Activities: Go on romantic nighttime walks under the moonlight in the dimly lit streets and experience the romantic air and charm of this stunning castle town of Monemvasia.

    How to reach: You can take a flight from Athens International Airport to Kalamata International Airport or drive all the way to Monemvasia covering a distance of 285 km.

    Distance from Kalamata International Airport: 178.3 km, takes approximately 2 hr. 19 min by car.

    Location: Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece

  • 07Go For A Private Yacht Trip

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    The beauty of this stunning island of Greece is best experienced in a private yacht! Experience Greek on power yachts, catamaran charters and sailing yacht charters with a team of crew members cherry-picked to give you an ultimate Trip around this beautiful island on your honeymoon which makes it one of the most soothing honeymoon destination in Greece

    Activities: Discover plenty of lively and interesting ports, fabulous bays framed by olive trees and a romantic weather on the luxury of your private yacht trip. Go from island to island in absolute luxury and comfort with your other half.

    Options: Choose from a wide range of sailing Yacht options that suits your travel plans.

    Price: 8,000 Euros to 3, 30,000 Euros

  • 08Get A Massage & Spa Treatment

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    Greece is known for its exotic spa treatment, mineral oil massages and thalassotherapy. Relax with your other half at Greece’s highly sophisticated spas offering tailor made wellness services.

    Activities: The delightful range of therapies from ancient cultures of India, Japan, China and Greece ensures you a beautiful skin and healing. Enjoy a wide range of therapies from exotic Greek spa, floating pools, hydrotherapy, to mist showers and herbal saunas. Relax in majestic spa interiors with a peaceful lighting and décor and rejuvenate with exclusively crafted couple massages.

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  • 09Horse Carriage Ride In Corfu Town

    There is no dearth of activities to do in Greece and having said that, the Horse carriage Ride in Corfu town is a must try. The horse carriage ride majestically draws you to sights and sceneries in comfort and style. Get a private trip of 2 in a stunning horse carriage and explore the beauty of Corfu town in this private excursion that usually lasts for about an hour or more. 

    Romance in the history of this magical island, its exquisite flora and fauna and a stunning scenery as an experienced and professional guide explains you things about the Island. Get a bit more romantic and get your carriage customized with flowers and exotic champagne to surprise your other half while the guides take beautiful photographs of you.

    Distance from Corfu Airport (CFU): 3.3 km, takes approximately 8 min to reach. 

    Location: Dimitris Katsaros, Gimari Corfu, Greece.

    Price: 55 Euros/person

  • 10Explore Antonis Benakis Museum

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    Built in the late 19th century, Antonis Benakis Museum is the finest museum in Greece giving you a taste of ancient Greece. The Benakis Museum houses classic Greek masterpieces spread across three floors and is one of the top things to do in Greece Athens. 

    Admire the beauty of the impeccable treasures of the Bronze Age to World War II, and a gorgeous collection of byzantine icons and Greek regional costumes. Brush past the intricately carved and painted sitting rooms of the Macedonian Mansions, and an extensive collection of contemporary art.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 35.8 km, takes approximately 34 min to reach. 

    Location: Koumpari 1, Athens, Greece 

    Price: 9 Euros/person, free on Thursdays

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  • 11See 4Th Century's Delphi Theatre

    Image Credit : aegeancenter

    Built up the hill from the temple of Apollo, this beguilingly beautiful Delphi Theatre built in the 4th century, offers a spectacular view of the entire sanctuary below and the valley beyond. 

    This five thousand seater remarkable architecture of ancient Greece is made of limestone and tells the tales of plays, poetry readings and musical events that took place regularly at the Adelphi Theatre. Get lost in the heavenly views of mount Delphi, stunning olive lined sanctuary and the site of ancient oracle.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 200 km, takes approximately 4 hours to reach by car.

    Location: Delphi, Greece. 

  • 12Go For Athens Food Tours

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    Everyone loves food and it is what makes the Athens food tours, one of the best things to do in Greece Athens. Athens food tour offers you a fascinating journey of Greece’s rich culinary history. 

    Activities: Go on a unique journey of some lip-smacking traditional Greek food with a specialist food guide. Explore small, hidden specialty food stores and embark on this delightful journey of Greek delicacies. The food guides knowledgeably lead you to a kaleidoscope of colorful and alluring delicatessens, restaurants, and spices, grocery and pie shops, and authentic Greek food shops. 

    Location: (meeting point) On Korai Street, outside Panepistimio metro station, Greece.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 33 km, takes approx. 45 minutes to reach.

    Price: 49 Euros/person

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  • 13Visit Goulandris Natural History Museum

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    Bask in nature at Goulandris Natural History museum which also houses a center for Environmental research and Education called Gaia. This unique center is home to a variety of zoological, rock, mineral, botanical, and fossil specimens. 

    Activities: Get acquainted with nature, the diversity of Earth’s landscape, and the impact of human activity on the environment. You can also check out some books on environment at the rich library, and dine at their two café-bar restaurants.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 40 minutes by car.

    Location: Kifisia, Greece

  • 14Explore Green Island of Greece - Kefalonia

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    The beauty of Kefalonia, one of the most charming Greece tourist attractions is unmatchable. The largest Island of Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is famous for its exotic beaches of skala, lourdas, myrtos and Antisamos. 

    Activities: Its exotic beaches are less crowded which makes it ideal for all the private time you need with your other half. Stroll hand in hand in the picturesque villages of Kefalonia passing by the medieval castles and beautiful monasteries. Go for a yacht tour from this cosmopolitan port or dive for a rejuvenating swim in the alluring Ionic sea.

    Distance from Kefalonia Athens Airport: 32.2 km approx. takes 35 minutes to reach by bus or car.

    Location: Kefalonia, Greece

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  • 15Bath In Crystal Blue Water Of Kolymbithres Beach

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    One of the most famous beaches of Greece, the alluring kolymbithres beach is located in the huge bay of Plastira. Bath in the turquoise blue waters of this impressive beach overlooking the huge granite blocks sculptured into beautiful shapes by the actions of sea and winds over time. 

    What To Expect: Relax on the sun beds under the umbrellas and get a nice honeymoon tan or indulge in some thrilling water sports by the beach. The nearby beach bars and taverns make sure you never run out of drinks. Get a boat ride to the aesthetic port of Naoussa or get a bus from Paros to the asphalted road of Kolymbithres.

    Location: Kolymbithres beach, Paros, Greece.

  • 16See Charming Medieval Village - Lindos (Rhodes)

    A visit to Lindos, the stunning white washed village located on the Island of Rhodes is one of the best things to do in Greece on honeymoon. No less than santorini or Mykonos, this charming medieval village is pretty much heaven.

    From wallowing in the crystal clear waters of Island, gorging on delicious seafood and feta, to strolling across pretty little shops, cobbled streets and white walls draped in bougainvillea, this exquisite village of Lindos is well worth a visit. The little shops bustling with goodies are an ideal spot to shop for linens, clothes, bags, sandals and jewelry.

    Distance from Rhodes Airport: 51 km, you can also considering taking a high speed boat to Lindos from crete and Cyclades.

    Location: Lindos, Island of Rhodes, Greece

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  • 17Fall In Love With Meteora (Kalambaka)

    Explore a truly sensational and inspiring setting of the overwhelming rock formations and get a unique experience of nature’s grandeur. The serene Meteora Monasteries is a pilgrimage to a holy place for all Christians around the world. 

    Located above the town of Kalambaka, at a height of 1200 ft. the gigantic rocks of Meteora symbolizes peace and harmony. This stunning Monasteries are listed in the world heritage sites of UNESCO which makes it one of the most notable Greece points of Interest. Go on a religious journey at the monastery and enrich your feelings of spirituality in this beautiful place. 

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 347.5 km, takes approx. 4 h 21 min to reach.

    Price: entrance fee of 3 Euros/person

    Location: Meteora, Kalambaka, Greece

  • 18Feel The Spiritual Heart of Greece - Mount Athos

    Image Credit :

    Feel spiritual vibes at this thousand year old Mount Athos also known as Agion Oros. It is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world and dates back to the Byzantine times. 

    Activities: Occupying the stunning Athos peninsula, Mount Athos gives you a beautiful view of the Xerxes Canal and exquisite grey white crystalline limestone. Get an awesome view of the spotless snow-capped peak crowned by white clouds.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 260 km

    Location: Mount Athos, Greece

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  • 19Go For Photography On Myrtos Beach (Kefalonia Island)

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    Considered in the list of 30 best beaches in the world, the Myrtos Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Greece. Located in the north-west coast of the region of Pylaros, this marvelous bay boasts of dark blue to electric and turquoise blue waters, spotless white small pebbles, and marvelous green cliffs, making it the most photogenic beaches of Greece.

    Activities: Admire the most romantic sunsets of the brilliant bay, and take beautiful photographs of this post card perfect bay from the Cliffside. Watch the color of the sea change from orange into rose as the sun sets. Capture the dramatic and breathtaking sceneries of the Myrtos beach and take home some beautiful memories.

    Distance from Kefalonia Athens Airport: 32.2 km approx. takes 35 minutes to reach by bus or car. 

    Location: Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Island, Greece. 

  • 20Get History Lessons - National Archaeological Museum of Athens

    Image Credit :

    Experience Greece from prehistoric times to late antiquity at one of the Greatest Museums in the world. Situated in the Exarcheia area in Central Athens, the National Archaeological museum of Athens houses some of the richest collection of artifacts dating back to ancient Greek era.

    Activities: Get some history lessons on ancient Greece in this two storied building imposing neo-classical design. Get lost in ethereal Neolithic, Cycladic and Mycenaean artifacts and the beautiful bronze and marble structures of Athens. 

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 36.3 km, takes approx. 36 minutes to reach.

    Location: 28is Oktovriou, Athina, Greece

  • 21Visit Samaria Gorge

    Visit Samaria Gorge National Park for an epic Stroll through the most walked gorge located in Crete. The Samaria Gorge is an area of stunning natural beauty, rare flora and fauna and exotic forests of ancient cypresses.  Go on a daunting trek with your other half at an altitude of 1230 meters, starting from the white mountains of Xyloskalo and ending at village of Agia Roumeli. 

    Activities: Spend a night at Agia Roumeli to wake up to the stunning views of the Beach located on the Libyan Sea. Avoid visiting the Gorge in winters as it stays closed citing the dangers posed by water and falling stones.

    Distance from Chania Airport: 56 km, takes approx. 1h 15min.

    Location: Samaria Gorge National park, Agia Roumeli, Crete, Greece.

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  • 22Swim In Volcano Red Beach Of Santorini

    The red beach of Santorini is arguable one of the most famous Greek points of Interest and why not! Located only a few steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri, the volcano red beach has a unique landscape of red and black volcanic rocks.

    Swim in the captivating waters of the red beach amidst steep red hills full of wild scenery. Mesmerize your senses with a palette of contrasting colors- red pebbles, sand of various colors and appealing dark blue waters. Apart from swimming, the volcanic red beach of Santorini also provides water sports activities like Snorkeling. Or simply take home a collection of colorful pebbles from the Beach.

    Distance from Kamari Airport: 13 km, takes approx. 30 min to reach. Or you can take a boat Akrotiri port, Kamari and Perissa beach. 

    Location: Red Beach, Akrotiri village, Santorini.

  • 23The Greek God of The Sea - The Temple of Poseidon

    Image Credit :

    Get a taste of the Greek temples dating back to the Bronze Age. The temple of Poseidon makes for a perfect half day trip and combine it with lunch in a nearby tavern, to experience Athens in all its charm. Located 70 km from the south east of Athens, sounion was considered a sacred area back then. 

    Wander in the gleaming white columns of the temple and get a breathtaking view of the beautiful and famous Kea, Kythnos and Serifos. A steep path from the temple of Poseidon leads to a small beach. There is a souvenir shop nearby and some nice wilder areas along the west coast road. End your day looking at a beautiful sunset from the temple.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 32.4 km.

    Price: 8 Euros/person

    Location: Cape Sounio, Sounio.

  • 24See Museum of Achilleion

    Image Credit :

    The exotic museum of Achilleion will set your imagination wild, giving your fairy tales a twisted turn with good, bad and evil with its mere presence between cypress trees and olive groves. Located in the village of Gastouri, the museum of Achilleion lies majestically amidst exotic plants and flowers and gives you an awesome view of traditional Greek houses, attractive flower filled gardens, bougainvillea festooned walls and pergolas awash with a variety of colors.  

    Inspired by ancient Greek Mythology, the Museum houses invaluable pieces of art, statues of Zeus and Hera and a portrait of Empress Elizabeth. You can also get a 360 degrees virtual tour of the Museum with panoramic images.

    Distance from Corfu International Airport (CFU): 9.1 km, takes approx. 17 min to reach.

    Location: Achilleon, Gastouri, Greece

  • 25Remember The History - Colossus of Rhodes

    Get to see the main source of inspiration for the magnificent statue of liberty. The Colossus of Rhodes resembles a striking analogy with the Statue of Liberty, and if you don’t believe what is written, come see it yourself. 

    Mesmerize yourself with the exquisite Colossus of Rhodes that was built in 3rd century BC, representing an almost naked man wearing a crown of sunlight and brandishing a torch. The huge 32m high statue made of bronze stands in all its might and charm at the port of Rhodes. 

    Dedicated to the sun god, Helios, the statue was destroyed in a powerful earthquake in 226 BC. A visit to Colossus of Rhodes is one of the best things to do in Greece on honeymoon as it fell short of being considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World due to its short life span. 

    Distance from Rhodes airport (RHO): 15.3 km, takes approx. 25 minutes to reach

    Location: Colossus of Rhodes, Rodos, Greece

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  • 26Go for Santo Wines Tour

    With the Panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and enchanting volcanoes in the backdrop, Wine tasting at Santo Winery couldn’t come any better.

    Located in beautiful countryside village of Pirgos on the top of the Caldera cliff, Santo Wines tour offers unique wine tasting experience served with a platter of cheese, tomato, tapenade and bread and takes you on a journey of cultural exploration of the best food and wine from one of the oldest vineyards of Europe. 

    Santo Wines Winery is also a coveted spot to watch the famous Santorini Sunset while enjoying a wide range of Wines.  Sip on crisp Greek wine and enjoy the amazing views that the Island has to offer.

    Time: The winery is open from April to the end of November from 10.00am until sunset.

    Distance from Santorini Airport (JTR) Thira: 5.5 km, takes 11 min to reach

    Location: Pyrgos, Thira, Greece.

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  • 27Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

    One of the largest ever built temples in the ancient world, the temple of Olympian Zeus has an ambitious layout with tall columns and spotless marbles. Also known as Olympieion, this remarkable piece of architecture was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 174 BCE. 

    Located south-east to the Acropolis of Athens, the temple gives a stunning view of the River Ilissos. Admire the beauty of Athen’s largest temple and experience the Grandeur of the largest ever temple built in ancient Greece.

    Distance from Athens International Airport: 36.2 km, takes approximately 43 min to reach.

    Location: Athens, Greece

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  • 28Explore All Islands - Island Hopping Greece

    Image Credit :

    Discover the wonders of the Aegean Sea from the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, the Kamari and Perissa of Thira to the beautiful Islands of Crete. From luxurious and cosmopolitan islands to pure and pristine islands with untouched beauty, Greece is an ideal getaway for beautiful islands.

    Where To Do: Sail in Yachts, catamarans and boat or get a private ferry to the islands of Greece to live an unforgettable experience. Wander in the beautiful neoclassical port of Rhodes to the picturesque beaches of Kamari and Perissa. Indulge in some watersports or just relax on the sea beds under the umbrellas. Greek islands calls for a honeymoon of a lifetime!

    Location: Greece.

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