Paragliding in Bir - Billing

Bir - Billing Paragliding Packages

Duration Price
Unforgettable Adventure at Bir Billing4 days & 3 nights
INR 9,899
Paragliding In Bir Billing20 mins
INR 3,000

Paragliding in Bir Billing is all about running a few meters and flying with non-motorized, inflatable wings in the air and soar in the gorgeous valley. One has to use their own weight to control the gliding and a fair knowledge of air currents will help as well. The gliders take off from Billing and land in the lush green flatlands of Bir. Bir Billing Paragliding packages generally cost around INR 2500 per person which includes transportation and Gopro for shooting. The 360-degree view of the valley is easily captured in the fish-eyes on the wide lens of the GoPro camera. Paragliding tours in Bir Billing often leave the gliders in a spellbound state for a good time and they do not believe that they were soaring in the sky for a total of 20-30 minutes, it feels so smooth and time just flies in the air.

Paragliding treks will make you walk through the heart of Bir village, sauntering across the unpaved trails and native routes, jungle strolling and visiting a number monasteries. Stay in a natural setting surrounded by Oak and Rhododendron forests, hemmed in by mighty Himalayan peaks jutted high in the and mist-laden mornings. It is always suggested to stay in a camp in Bir Billing to be able to enjoy a hassle-free paragliding experience. Bir Billing is the paragliding capital of India and sailing in the open mountain air at a height of 4000 to 7000 meters is an indefinable joy. Paragliding in Bir Billing is followed with safety equipment and competent instructions. The right attitude towards learning the sport can send you on a joyride but risks are always associated with every adventure sport.

To avoid such conditions, the operators always keep a check on the weather and clear sky. Warm weather is the best time to shoot your gliders. The bubble that needs to be burst about paragliding is that the pilot never jumps off the cliff or an elevation but just runs off of moderate slopes and then swiftly takes the feet up when the glider inflates. The tandem paragliders in Bir Billing Paragliding packages can only accommodate two people at a time. An intriguing fact about paragliding is that you can go places soaring on the gliders and even cover interstate long aerial distances.

While paragliding in Bir and Billing, you would come across many semi-nomadic villages and mountain tribes amid the canopies of Deidara Oak, Rhododendron during the trip. Bir is located at a distance of 60 KM from Kangra and is considered the best grounds to glide. You can either trek from Bir to Billing which will take around 6 hours or you can take transport to and fro both sides. Bir Billing also takes pride in organizing Paragliding World Cup in the last couple of years. Let your left foot follow right and right foot follows left until you feel a little pushed in the air, suspended and flying. Bir Billing is a location where almost 40 to 50 gliders glide their way through the air at one time in the layered mountain valley.

Bir serves as the best destination to land your glide with its amphitheater of low hills and layering green patches, which is a sight to behold from above the ground. The heart-pumping flight will put you at ease if you know that there is an expert pilot which is handling the air pressure and directing your way through the whistling wind. The glide is segregated into three categories, the first one being the short flying which lasts a 10 to 20 minutes and lands straightway. The second one is the medium fly which takes the Bir - Bari landing route and you soar around 25 to 35 minutes in the valley. The last one is the long flying which takes the Billing-Red roof landing route and is done for a good 45 to 1 hour time. The nearest railway station to Bir is Pathankot which is 120 KM whereas the nearest airport to Bir is Dharamshala which lies 70 KM ahead of Bir. One can board a bus from Delhi to Baijnath and then Bir. State and private buses are running frequently for this route.

The picturesque backdrop of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges gives a dramatic appearance to the tiny town of Bir. Billing is located at a distance of 30 KM from Bir but the takeoff site is around 16 Km away from the landing site and the stretch between these two landmarks is a site to the eyes. The site of terraced farms, fruit orchards, small mountainous hamlets and idyllic surrounding is what you see when you are up in the air. Start your glide from Billing at 2300 meters and feast on the bounties of nature until you land. Before you embark on your gliding trip, you will be briefed with useful instructions and certain dos and don'ts. Paragliding in Bir Billing bestows the glider with some astonishingly beautiful sites of the Kangra valley from a bird’s eyes view.

Paragliding is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the age but the weight of your body is something that matters. You must weight between 20 KG to 120 KG for flying. The most important part of this gliding experience is that you will overcome your fear of height or depth and will feel safe as a bird while soaring thousands of feet above sea level. That is also because you will be flying along with an expert pilot so all those who are dreaming to be gliding alone will be a little disappointed but wait until you take off, you will be a different person after landing.


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Bir - Billing Paragliding Reviews

Reviewed: 10 Nov 2022
Everything was well planned and 2 days i thought were less but honestly its so enriching experience that it was fullfilled. A suggestion - add skycycling and bungee jumping in the package too it will enhance the experience more.

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