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The nightlife in Delhi has got the entire oomph factor that one looks for. Starting from crazy friends night, cosy romantic dinners to a family outing, this capital city has got it all covered. While party hopping is one energetic habit to adapt to, many spend their time walking on the empty roads and get some kick out of the roadside food. There is something for all and sundry!

Music lovers who want to have night of just music and ample food, can flee to one of the night cafes to revivify with soulful melodies. You can let go off all inhibitions while you take part in karaoke singing or just sway to the music of the live bands. One also has the alternative to pick their privacy and plan a lovely dinner for two or more. Most fine dining restaurants are open till midnight. But if your group of friends want to breathe out of the crowd and have the ‘us time’, then you should run to one of the street food places, some of which are open for the entire night till 5 am. They are the heart throbbing attractions from all other night out places in Delhi.

Everything about Hauz Khas Village is fascinating; if you are in Delhi for even a couple of days, you must take some time out and visit this hub. If you are too tired to step out or you just want to be with your loved ones, then Delhi’s lively nightlife will visit you. Order in food till as late as you want and how many ever times you want to. Some food joints also deliver to 5.00am in the morning thus becoming a blessing in disguise for all your house parties.

If you’re thinking how you are going to leave your children behind, then you don’t have to! Delhi is very accommodating those ways, and there are a number of safe places to visit even with your family. Why not make that a family get-together and dominate in those areas?

You wouldn’t want to call it a night until you haven’t checked in at some of the game zones to play some cool stuff with your buddies till at least a little over midnight. That is not all, the city that believes in ‘Work hard, party harder’ has more ways to stun you than you can imagine. You might think this is all, but you are in for a surprise. The city has movie shows that go on until late at night that will give you the ‘out of home’ yet ‘in my zone’ feeling. Save up the canteen money, and then set off on a late night road trip to the outskirts to grab a bite. There’s nothing like a long drive that takes you to so many food joints.

You wouldn’t have even guessed that even the India Gate escalates the entire idea of being out at night in Delhi. In fact, some of the finest sunrise photographs in India have been captured from there.

Here’s a peek into everything you need to know about the nightlife in Delhi.

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Delhi Nightlife FAQs

Which are some of the famous places to visit in Delhi at Night?

  1. India Gate: This memorial that is believed to be the best tourist place in the day, then you have no idea how beautiful India Gate looks at night. The lighting, the breeze and the driveway alongside is a splendid way to spend your night.
  2. Hauz Khas Village: This is the one place in Delhi where you can get world-class experiences on one street. Bars, parties, street food, cafes, karaoke, shopping….. This list is a never-ending one!
  3. Murthal: How about a highway full of dhabas? If that sounds like your kind of night, then Murthal waits for you.
  4. JNU Food Court: Walk around this highly literate area that is open 24 hours offering mouth-watering food all night long.
  5. Ghost Walks: The name itself is intriguing, ain’t it? Get your adventure loving side out, and walk through the mysterious spots in Delhi.
  6. Clubbing: ‘Night’ and ‘Party’ go hand in hand, and Delhi has an array of them to offer.
  7. Red Fort: The glimmering light that reflects from this red-sandstone structure is a favourite amongst many photographers.
  8. Chandni Chowk: Here’s another place people flock to for the best of night street food. Are you one of them?
  9. Akshardham Temple: The magnificent temple shines brightly in the night and is visible from streets away attracting a lot of people to go closer and get some clicks and observe the fabulous architecture

Where can we eat in delhi at night?

Having read all this, it might not surprise you that there are a number of places you can hog in throughout the night in Delhi. Street food rules the night out places in Delhi since other fine dining restaurants serve only till about 12.30-01.00am. Places like In & Out in defence colony, The Electric Room at Lodhi Road, 24/7 Restaurant at Connaught Place, RBG Bar and Grill at Lajpat Nagar 4, Gatsby Kitchen & Bar By Club, and Blooms at Nehru place are the best sit out restaurants that run through the night. But if you are in adoration of the night air, then Ganga Dhaba at JNU, Moolchand Paranthe at Lajpat Nagar 4 and Mukesh Dhaba at Gurgaon are some of the best open space dhabas to hog on delicious ‘desi’ food

Which are the famous clubs in Delhi?

If you cannot wait to shake a leg, then you have to be at the best club in Delhi to make it a night to hark back to. Here’s a catch up of the most famous clubs in Delhi. Agni in The Park Hotel is most famed for its glamour booze and dance nights. Take-off to F Bar and Lounge if you cannot leave food out of your party nights. And if you are looking for superb experimental cocktails then Shroom Night Club is your answer. Except these, clubs like Keya, Lap, Hype, Kitty Su, TGI Fridays, We2Pub and Zest are amongst the best clubs to set foot into the party nightlife in Delhi.

What can we do in Delhi at night?

If you are wandering about the streets of Delhi then the light and sound show at the Red Fort is not worth a miss under any circumstance. While you are driving around, meander into the area where there is the majestic Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is equally appealing as the Red Fort and India Gate at night. You do not want to sleep hungry after a night long party; why not head to Pandara road and have a plethora of budgeted things to eat? You might not have heard of a night safari in India, but here is the record breaker moment; the night safari at Sanjay Van at Qila Lal Kot Walls is an exceptional adventurous and trek site. If you keep your eyes open, then you might get the chance to witness a lovely play at the National School of Drama

Which markets are open in Delhi at night?

Just as the day descends, the crowd in the shopping area augments; therefore you should plan your day well if you want to go on a shopping spree. There aren’t any markets open throughout the night in Delhi but Connaught Place and Chandni Chowk are exceptions that welcome shoppers till late in the night. Other local markets like Greater Kailash, Karol Bagh Market, Central Market, Sarojini Market, Khan Market and Dilli Haat close anytime between 8.00pm to 10.00pm

What can we do at India Gate in night?

India Gate at night looks like a flood of lights offering a pictorial view and relaxing time to tired souls. A night visit to India Gate is one of the favourite night out places in Delhi. This memorial dedicated to our heroes witnesses a lot of crowds starting from sunset till late in the night. Families, couples, and friends spend quality time with one another at the garden area that overlooks the night and shining India Gate. Roadside food vendors are your answer to midnight cravings. This is also a beautiful spot for clicking a memorable picture, either on your smartphone or by a local photographer who will give you a print in a jiffy

Where can I go in Delhi with family at night?

Without a doubt, India Gate is hands down the best place to visit with your family if you want to be a part of the nightlife in Delhi. The dhabas are crowded enough making it safe for a family visit, so that is yet another great option. There are light and sounds shows conducted at the Purana Qila and Ref Fort that run till 10.00 pm; a long drive and an ice-cream after shall make the night a perfect one! Select Citywalk mall is open till 11 pm thus keeping another choice open for you. Look out for advertisements of local exhibitions to spend time with your family in the late evenings. Fancy dinners and a weekend night movie don’t seem like a bad option either.

Can we get local buses in Delhi at night?

The bus system of Delhi has seen a gradual development in the past few years. In addition to that, the number of routes has widened with special services in some particular areas. With a frequency of about one bus within every five odd minutes to more, you can opt to travel by buses in Delhi from 5.30am to 11.00pm. Several routes have been added that can take you at least to the nearest metro station.

What is Hauz Khas Village famous for?

Mostly called HKV, this is one of the most delightful places to enjoy amongst other night out places in Delhi. What the crowd loves the most is the fact that there are no cars screaming for space; there are posh narrow long streets after street and you can do is walk! These streets have everything to make your night a worthy one. Be it terrace restaurants, live music, karaoke cafes, booze cafes or the most trendy party places, it is all happening here in HKV. You name a cuisine, and bam, you find it; there is nothing that is not accessible here. What is all the more remarkable is that it has a plethora of budget food options that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. You can sit by the lake in HKV and enjoy the cool breeze and the calm ambience. There are a number of theme-based shops that are entertaining and an excellent background for your next set of social media uploads.

Can we commute through metro in Delhi at night?

Personal transport is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Delhi. Although, if you have curfew timings, then you might be able to catch the last few metros that run between 11.30pm to 12.00am. Sadly, there are no trains beyond that and you are on your own after and before these hours. Yet, you can opt for private cabs or autos if you want to stay beyond 12.00am. If you have stayed out the entire night, then you can take the metro home that starts between 5.30am to 6.00am based on the routes

Which are some famous late night restaurants in Delhi?

Apart from the eateries revealed above, you will find yourself confused between many more restaurants to pick from to satiate your midnight hunger. The newly inaugurated Café Tansen has pulled a lot of crowd for late-night eaters with a superb music theme. If you want to have a game night, enjoy exotic ice creams and get delicious food all at one place then Glued Reloaded might interest you. Maal Gaadi serves yummy Mughlai Food till 04.00am that is not so expensive either. Just as the name suggests, Midnight Sutra shall keep your tummy filled till 05.00am. Biryani anyone? You should visit Sardarji Biryani wale that is open 24 hours! The Jungle Café keeps its doors open till as long as you want while they serve you with the best food, sheesha and alcohol.

Are there any night tours in Delhi?

Of course, yes! There are many nights tours conducted in Delhi by more than a few private organisations that last as long as six hours starting from 2 hours. A tour of the Akshardham temple with an all-inclusive package of food and the musical show is opted by many. Apart from that, there are several other tours that take visitors through some of the best tourist spots in Delhi that allure people throughout the dark hours. Some of these tours are planned in Old Delhi to walk people through the historical side of the city. Walks in Shahajanabad are still considered amongst the most quixotic tours in Delhi

Delhi Nightlife Reviews

Chandrakin Varma
Reviewed: 13 Mar 2020
I didn't expect that the walking session would be so fun-filled. Also, I had some doubts about the booking process but the thrillophilia support team was very quick to get in touch and helped me with my booking. Great experience!
Anjali Naik
Reviewed: 13 Mar 2020
Booked the pub crawl with Thrillophilia and it was an amazing experience. The guide was friendly.
Kiran Kakkar
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
We visiting 5-bars in total which we had a blast, enjoying drinks, games, and dance. A very fun-loving guide, altogether we enjoyed the night-out like anything. Would do this tour again whenever I visit Delhi. Amazing pub-crawl experience with Thrillophilia
Vasudha Bhattacharya
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Delhi Pub crawl experience was awesome, friendly environment, lots of fun and enjoyment there really good night out with friends.
Buddhana Naik
Reviewed: 14 Dec 2019
Best way to discover the nightlife in Delhi in just a 3-hours tour along with a professional-guide who would be taken care of you to explored the whole-tour, each entry at the pub was impressive and enjoyable, the free shots were good, on this tour, we met new friends too... we participate in games ... Read More
Bhushan Deshpande
Reviewed: 18 Dec 2018
It was quite a different experience going for a night tour in Delhi. There was no crowd and the city somehow looked more beautiful at night. We were just two people so we had to join another group of 5 and the guide, Pranav was a good leader and explained the places to us really well, and I must add... Read More

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