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  • Lonavala or Lonavla is a tranquil tourist destination in Maharashtra, undoubtedly different from the main tourist spots in the state like Mumbai, Pune, Raigad etc. Lonavala is a small town and a picturesque hill station in Pune but with countless natural spots to indulge in adrenaline rushing activities and a peaceful weekend getaway and here is a guide to know the best places to visit in Lonavala without any doubt. The town is located about 64 kilometers from the main city of Pune and yes, it is well known for the indigenous production of the hard candy called chikki.

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    The hill station has a companion named Khandala making both of them the most splendid tourist location. These two hill station are located at a height of 622 meters in the Sahyadri ranges. Monsoon is the favourite season for people to visit Lonavala, especially for adventure seekers in plenty. In terms of cheerful attraction as well as adventure activities, Lonavala does not have a comparison. Among the places to visit here, almost all of them will make you confused and if you miss something, it will haunt you afterwards- oh yes, that beautiful every place or spot in Lonavala.

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    The Rajmachi Fort, Kondana Cave Waterfalls, Tikona- another hill fort, Kamshet to do some thrill filling paragliding, Pawna Dam that is encircled by the flawless arrangements of the pure nature, Karla Bhaja caves to witness some architectural nuances of the ancient periods, Visapur Fort lying amid the unbeatable serenity and the list goes on as this small town possesses unnumbered spots which will make us not say that we will visit it next time.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Lonavala:

  • 01Pawna Dam

    Pawna Dam
    Image Credit : Suyash Sonawane

    Located near Lohagad, Pawna Dam is one of the most amazing places to see near Lonavala. Built over the Pavna River, it is an important development in terms of its prominence for the agricultural produce of the land. One of the best times to visit Pavna Dam is of course the monsoons! The sight of the clouds reaching down to kiss the embankments and backwaters is truly breathtaking. A pleasant drive in from Mumbai as well as Pune through the town of Kamshet will bring you here. The route thereafter is in a rough condition but nonetheless picturesque and abounds with beautiful sights.

    The waters of the river and dam are perfect for boating, speedboating, water skiing and water jet rides. The beauty of the destination lies in its calm and unspoiled air which is as of date free from overcrowding and pollution. Escape into nature’s arms with this picture perfect spot that is a true delight!

    Camping near Pawna Lake, Lonavala

    Camping near Pawna Lake, Lonavala

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlLonavala

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  • 02Visapur

    Image Credit : Dinesh Valke

    Another important fort in Pune is Visapur Fort. A hill fort near Visapur Village. It is believed to be a part of the Lohagad Visapur fortification, located at a distance of 9 to 10 kilometers from Malavli Railway Station. It is situated at an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level. The fort is existing on the same plateau as Lohagad. Built during 1713-1720 by Balaji Vishwanath, the fort attracts history lovers, architecture admirers, and nature lovers.

    Though the fort is built much later to Lohagad, the history of the two forts is closely connected. In 1818, the fort was attacked and occupied by the British. The higher elevation and close proximity to Lohagad helped the British so much to continue the attack against the Marathas. The British set up their cannons and bombarded Lohagad. And thus, Lohagad was also taken over by the British troops. Visapur Fort is measured to be bigger and higher than Lohagad and houses different caves, cisterns of water, an arch fully decorated and old houses.

    There are the ruins of a large stone built house known to Peshwa’s palace. One can see the huge carving of Hanuman and multiple temples dedicated to him all over the place. Hanuman was the patron deity of Visapur Fort. The mythologies say the fort was built by the Pandavas.

    Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra

    Visapur Fort Trek, Maharashtra

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  • 03Della Adventure Park Ticket and Activities Near Kunegaon in Lonavala

    Della Adventure Park Ticket and Activities Near Kunegaon in Lonavala
    • d1 Day
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN141 ratings
    • Della Adventure
      Della Adventure

    About the Activity:

    • Della Adventure in Kunegaon is considered as India’s largest adventure park sprawling across an area of around 5 acres.
    • With around 70 activities, it's a perfect place to release all your cobwebs of routine life while delighting in various exciting available activities.
    • Either you can opt for Day Pass or Jumbo Pass (choose while booking), where Day Pass includes only the activity bundle from Zones A to F, but Jumbo Pass includes activity bundle from Zone A to F along with 8 extreme adventures.
  • 04Rajmachi

    Image Credit : Ravinder Singh Gill

    If you visit Lonavala, then Rajmachi should top the list of must visit places in Lonavala as it brings forth some of the greatest architectural ideas belonged to the old centuries and the faultless serenity protecting the fort well. It is one of the most visited historical forts, perched on a rugged hill lying in the Sahyadri Mountain. It introduces you to two twin fortresses named Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla.

    Two forts are encircled by a wide Machi or plateau. Udhewadi is a common name you will hear here which is a small village that accommodates 22 houses at the southern foot of Manaranjan Balekilla. Nature lovers, adventure junkies, campers, offbeat tourists and families come to Rajmachi to attain the state of bliss as the aura of nature surrounding the fort is simply amazing. People have agreed in one voice that monsoon is the best season to visit the fort as the region is fully covered by mist, silvery waterfalls, lush green forests dropping the raindrops down every second and appreciably green meadows on all sides.

    The families staying near the fort are quite happy to welcome the tourists and visitors, they provide food and accommodation and it is one of the most accepted occupation these locals find worth spending time. Rajmachi had a serious role to play in the history as it was selected as a strategic fort to control Borghat which was a famous trade route during the ancient time. The view from the top of the hill is indescribable along with the umpteen views of the water reservoirs, remnants of the large fort, ramparts and other structures.

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    Rajmachi and Kondane Caves Trek Lonavala Flat 33% off

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  • 05New Year in Lonavala: the Celebration Party

    New Year in Lonavala: the Celebration Party
    • lLonavala
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    • Camp 360*Drone View Lonavala
      Camp 360*Drone View Lonavala
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    • If you have been long planning for a camping trip then this is a must-do activity for you. Indulge in this exciting camping at 360*DroneView Lonavala and get soaked in the beauty of the mountains.
    • Marvel at the amazing sight of the mountains and breathe in the pure mountain air. Reach your basecamp at around 4:00 PM and get ready for the adventure ahead.
    • Not just get amazed by the beauty of the mountains but also indulge ins some exciting activities like Mini Golf, Dart Games, Camping, Trekking, Hiking, Mountaineering, Bird Watching etc.
    • Spend your night under the clear night sky while counting a billion stars. And most of all you the warm bonfire with make you each moments special. Sleep peacefully in the international tents with proper sleeping bags when the salubrious nature just cuddles you.
    • Get to explore some of the most famous areas like Karla Caves, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, Tikona Fort, Rajmachi Caves, Kondhane Caves, Rajmachi Point, Tamhini Ghat and Kune Waterfalls.
    • It's time to make new friends and welcome the upcoming New Year while greeting the soothing sun.
    • Check in time: 4:00 PM and Check out time: 10:00 AM.
  • 06Lohagad Fort Trekking Flat 29% Off

    Lohagad Fort Trekking Flat 29% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
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      Verified Local Operator
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    About the Activity:

    • Reaching point - Malavali Station 
    • Join the one day trek to Lohagad fort near Lonavala, experience a beautiful adventure in a serene place that is not tamed much.
    • Enjoy the exhilarating sight of the fort atop a hill that divides the basins of Indrayani and Pavna.
    • Have a glimpse of the strong and intact gates protecting the fort and interpret the stories from the period of Peshwa.
    • Feel the excitement existing in climbing up the hill which extends up to five kilometers from Malavli.

  • 07Ghangad-Tailbaila


    Ghangad is a fort cosseted in the Sahyadris , close to the lovely Mulshi stream which is in Pune District near Lonavala.  Otherwise called Korbarase Maval, the region of the fortification albeit little, is rich with natural magnificence. The fort is nestled between different fortresses of the locale, for example, Korigad, Tailbaila and Sudhagad.

    Being in the heart of Tamhini Ghat, the hike up to the fort is misleadingly simple. There are two titanic rocks gaps at the way of the post and as of now some remodel work is in progress to update the structure. There are also some delightful rocky patches which prompt you to indulge in some level of rock climbing! However, there is also a ladder nowl which makes crossing it far less demanding.

    Tailbaila on the other hand is a monolithic structure, which takes after a cobra head. Situated at a separation of around 94km from Pune, it is a bastion that is ideal for climbing lovers and experience seekers. The summit offers great perspectives of the Konkan Valley which are truly beautiful!

    Trek to Ghangad and Tailbaila Forts, Lonavala

    Trek to Ghangad and Tailbaila Forts, Lonavala

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  • 08Maval, Takve Lake

    Maval, Takve Lake

    The site of the most important endeavors in the history of Maharashtra, Maval is the place where the great king Shivaji Maharaj trained his army of soldiers who were called ‘Mavalas’. It is from them that the region draws its name! Cosseted towards the western regions of Pune, Maval is well endowed with rich biodiversity, flora and fauna. The Takve Lake, sprawling in the region presents an ideal opportunity to experience amazing water adventure water sports.

    Along with the rich and prosperous gifts of nature, the region also presents evidence to its rich past with various forts dotting the landscape. The best way to experience the charm of this rustic Lonavala place is to embark on a camping and water adventure activities on a weekend!

    Group Adventure in Maval, Takve Lake

    Group Adventure in Maval, Takve Lake

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  • 09Tikona


    A dominant hill fort after Rajmachi is Tikona in Lonavala. It is located in Maval possessing another name as Vitandgad. Tikona is appreciated as one of the best places to visit in Lonavala. The exact location of the fort is near Kamshet lying about 60 kilometers from Pune. Tikona Fort got the name like that due to the hill itself. Tikona Peth is the nearest village to the fort. The hill is perched on a height of 3500 feet above sea level and it is pyramidal in shape and thus its name meaning triangular.

    Trekkers find this hill and the fort the favourite adventure destination in Lonavala famous for the large doors, Tribakeshwar Mahadev, seven water tanks, Satvahan caves and many other attractions. Those who have experienced the beauty of the hill and the fort have recommended to others that the views of the Pawna Dam and the forts located near to it are captivating. Tikona is easily accessible from Pune and Mumbai and there are numerous bus services or taxis from Pune to reach the fort.

    The history says that Malik Ahmed Nizamshah of the Nizam dynasty had conquered the fort in 1585 and attached it to the Nizam territory. Later, Shivaji Maharaj brought the whole of Konkan under his control along with the major forts of Karnala, Lohgad, Songad, Visapur, Mahuli etc. Tikona had undergone through many fights and conquerors and finally, it reached the hands of the Marathas.

    Trek to Tikona Fort in Lonavala

    Trek to Tikona Fort in Lonavala

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  • 10Camping Experience near Shirota Lake, Lonavala

    Camping Experience near Shirota Lake, Lonavala
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lLonavala
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    About the Experience:

    • Though Lonavala in Mumbai is overflowing with offbeat locations, Shirota Lake is a spot every nature lover would love to explore again and again. 
    • Here is a camping package that is extending a hearty welcome to all those special people who are looking for a total change from their daily life scenes. The campsite is perching at an elevation from Lonavala passing through the jungles and is situated near the famous Shirota Lake.
    • Check-in at the camp around 04:30 PM and explore the peaceful, alluring beauty of the lake which lies so majestically across a vast area.
    • A lake view camping experience in the accompaniment of delicious dinner and fun will definitely uplift you, emotionally and physically.
    • Also, a time-bound campfire at night would be arranged where you can leave your worries and tiredness away as well as indulge in a night trek to the nearby jungle to experience the bizarre interiors of an unfamiliar habitat.
    • Check-out of the camps next morning around 10:00 AM after breakfast. 
  • 11Kamshet

    Image Credit : Karthik Chandrasekariah

    A perfect adventure spot in Pune is Kamshet, located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Pune. Also, they are very close to the famous twin hills in the region, Khandala and Lonavala. Kamshet presents small villages built in traditional style, with mud, thatch and reeds. Tourists, especially adventure junkies come to Kamshet to partake in the unending thrill and excitement provided by paragliding, trekking, hiking, camping etc.

    Paragliding, being the most favourite adventure in Kamshet, has numerous admirers from all over the world. The best time to paragliding in Kamshet is from October to the end of May. Multiple paragliding schools and providers are existing in the town. They offer authentic training or tandem flights to those who seek for it. The oldest and the most popular school is Fly Nirvana. Another interesting fact is that during the west wind season, some schools offer flight at Pawna Lake.

    Trekking and hiking are the other major adventure activities done in Kamshet- trekking to the places where nature is absolutely splendid and the attractions are preserved so well is one of the happiest attempt. Karla Caves, Bedsa Caves, Bhaja Caves, Wadeshwar temple, Sangameshwar temple, Kondeshwar temple, Vadivale lake, second biggest lake in the region after Pawna are some the exotic attractions one will eagerly summon to.

    A visit to the Pawna Lake would be thrilling as it provides the visitors with some of the most beautiful sights as well as space for camping. There are plenty of tour clubs offer lakeside camping at Pawna Lake.

    Paragliding in Kamshet Flat 10% off

    Paragliding in Kamshet Flat 10% off

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  • 12Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking in Lonavala

    Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking in Lonavala
    • d1 Day
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN64 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 4420402

    About the activity :

    • Lonavala, a gorgeous hill station located at a close distance from Mumbai and Pune has emerged as a popular and enticing weekend getaways for all city dwellers.
    • The activity site is located midway to the famous Rajmachi Fort and is only 7km from the main land of Lonavala. Arrive at the trekking site at a little around 09:00 AM and kickstart this amazing experiences.
    • Walk around the paths through lush foliage and thundering falls.
    • The waterfalls cascade down the ridges of Sahyadri Ranges and offer captivating views of the valley below
    • Climb up the forest trails and rappel down with a harness through the refreshing falls.
    • Day gets over at 4:30 PM
  • 13Duke’s Nose

    Duke’s Nose
    Image Credit : Vinay Bavdekar

    One of the most striking landmarks to hit your eyes as soon as you reach Lonavala is the structure of Duke’s Nose. A huge monolithic rock structure, it pierces the misty clouds with its peculiar shape! In local language the peak is also called Nagphani which translates to mean snake’s hood.  The peak was given the pseudonym of Duke’s Nose as it resembles the nose of the Duke of Wellington!

    With various ravines and forests grazing at its feet a trek up Duke’s nose is surely rewarding in all its beauty! One of the most versatile places to see in Lonavala, it is famous amongst trekkers as well rock climbing enthusiasts who take to the rock for its amazing heights and interesting topology.

    Duke's Nose Trek and Adventure Activities in Lonavala

    Duke's Nose Trek and Adventure Activities in Lonavala

    NNNNM25 Ratings

    d1 DaylLonavala


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  • 14Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala

    Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala
    • h1 Hour
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN533 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5113246
    • 12,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Take off on an unforgettable flight up high in the sky with a hot air balloon safari in Lonavala. A stunning hill station, it is located in the misty Sahyadris at a close distance from both Mumbai and Pune.
    • The hot air balloon ride happens at different time slots all through the year and lasts for an unforgettable hour.
    • Lonavala holds within its natural embrace a vast horizon of greenery, stunning valleys, gigantic hillocks, and luscious lakes and the sights that you will see will delight your soul with long-lasting peace.
    • The activity can be availed at the following timings:
                    Oct-Nov    6:15 AM
                    Dec-Feb   6:45AM & 4 PM
                    Mar-May   6:15AM

    Duration: 1 hour

  • 15Durshet

    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar

    Resting peacefully in the laps of the Sahyadris, Durshet bursts forth as an ideal and laidback weekend destination adorned in all the nature’s beauty. If going back to the roots is what you wish to experience, then Durshet is the ideal place to see in Lonavala. The destination is crowned in a tiara of perfectly green and lush forests. While in Durshet, there are a number of activities that can keep your travel loving heart occupied!

    The jaded woodlands present the perfect setting to enjoy activities like bird watching, wildlife spotting or just a calming hike to collect your scattered thoughts. Moreover, the soils of the region being fertile and salubrious, present an ideal opportunity for agriculture. The bloom of these farms rollicking in the fresh breeze is truly a sight to behold. You can also experience rice plantation as well as various adventure activities in Durshet! 

  • 16Koraigad

    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar

    Koraigad or Koarigad or Korigad, anything is fine to call a major hill fort located in Lonavala, popularly known as Korigad Fort. It is lying about 20 kilometers south of Lonavala and the year it came into existence long back and the exact year is unknown yet. The hill is situated at an elevation of 923 meters above sea level. The township of Aamby Valley perched on the southern and eastern foothills of the fort is one of the highlights one can witness during the tour of Korigad.

    Chhatrapati Shivaji had annexed the fort into his kindom along with other forts like Lohagad, Tungand Tikona, Visapur etc in 1657. Later, the fort was taken over by the British. Korigad is situated at a height of 923 meters above sea level. To the east of the fort, there lie two artificial lakes which are part of the Aambly Valley project and later they were drained into the Mulshi reservoir. Also, there are two more lakes on the top of the fort as well as a temple to Koraidevi and several small temples on the top.

    The wall of the fort is still intact and one can easily walk along the whole fort. The massive gate set up at the entrance is also strong and sturdy. But one can witness several ruins of the old structures inside the fort. The fort encompasses six canons.

  • 17Bushi Dam

    Bushi Dam

    A surprisingly old structure, the Bushi dam was constructed way back in the 1860s for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway as an energy source for their steam engines. Built to entrap the waters of Indrayani River, Bhushi Dam has slowly turned into a popular tourist spot. The steps like structure of the dama nd the overflowing waters of the river during the monsoons lend it a beautiful and surreal view as the water cascades down the steps.

    However, tourists are advised to be extra careful while frolicking in the waters as there have been incidents of unfortunate outcomes near the dam. It is also for this purpose that a separate control room has been buitl especially to provide assistance during times of crisis.

  • 18Karla-Bhaja Caves

    Karla-Bhaja Caves
    Image Credit : Dinesh Valke

    A jaw dropping spectacle of the skills of our old masters forgotten, the Karla and Bhaja Caves are a relic of an era long gone.  The caves share a similar kind of architecture and are carved with inscriptions and stories. Studies place the caves to an era dating back to 2nd century BC, and the carvings represent the beliefs and scriptures of the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. The caves are especially admirable for their impeccable use of wooden structures and giving us an insight into the fact that table and other musical instruments were prevalent part of Indian culture for more 2000 years!

    The horseshoe arched entrance of the Bhaja Caves is most noteworthy and marks the entrance to the Chaityagruha, which was the main hall of the caves. While the Bhaje caves belong to an early era of Buddhism, the Karla caves are a mixture of Mahasamghika sect of Buddhism as well as Hinduism. The caves also house a temple of the Ekveera Devi, a goddess who is worshipped by the local community! A historical place of great significance, The Karla Bhaja caves forms an important centre of tourist places in Lonavala.

  • 19Valvan Reservoir

    Valvan Reservoir
    Image Credit : Elroy Serrao

    Built over the famous Kundali River, the Valvan reservoir serves as a barrage that provides energy for the Khopoli Power Station which is under the care of Tata Power. Originating in the Western Ghats, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Lonavala and is still calm and quiet, just the way you like it! The backwaters of the dam form the Valvan Reservoir which is also a famous tourist spot.

    The refreshingly emerald green garden that is situated next to the reservoir is also a popular picnic spot for the locals as well as tourists. If it is solitude and inner peace that you seek to imbibe in yourself on your next trip to Lonavala, then a trip to the Valvan Reservoir is highly recommended!

  • 20Ryewood Park

    Ryewood Park

    Located within the main precinct of Lonavala, Ryewood Park is more of a landmark than it is a tourist’s destination. However, it is that one place where you can get a truly local feel as it is often frequented by locals who wish to spend some quiet evenings here. At just a 5 minute distance from the local railway station, it is a true delight to explore the blessings of natural surroundings on a quiet evening with a steaming mug of chai. Ryewood Park has plentiful playing space for young ones situated amongst a wide assortment of trees and blooms. There is additionally an old Shiva Temple situated inside of the recreation center's premises, other than a few swings for happy making.

    However, there are many a perspectives that suggest that a sprawling park of this size could have been made better had it not faced neglect at the hands of authorities and residents. Nevertheless, nothing can deter the quiet shade of green trees that the grounds enjoy which offer an unparalleled level of heritage, peace and solitude right in the midst of a crowded city!

  • 21Phanasrai


    A gorgeous campsite located in the midst of nowhere! If that is the definition of your ideal holiday, then Phanasrai is the ideal place for you. Surreal greens, mossy woodlands and an occasional stream of water ambling by merrily’; these facets combine to offer you an unparalleled experience of having landed in the nurturing lap of nature.

    Marvel the beautiful excellence of the spellbinding slope and mountains around this beguiling hill station while spending overnight in a camp.

    While here, you can also take an interest in adventures like flying fox and devour the stunning airborne perspectives of the region. Different exercises like waterfall rappelling will present you with the rush of excitement and adrenaline that is hard to come by!

    There they are! The 15 gems of must visit places in Lonavala, carry this checklist with you and prepare to be bold over by the misty green charm of this stunning hill station. Make sure that you carry memories in your camera, and revisit them whenever you feel like!

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