Things to Do in Chennai

Revel around the Marina Beach, Take a walk through Thalankuppam Pier, Stroll around Elliot’s Beach, Enjoy Nature Photography at Ubbalamadugu Falls, Fun rides in MGM Dizee World, Visit Mahabalipuram, Heritage tour to Royapuram Fishing Harbour, Enjoy Water sports in Muttukadu and many more.  

Being a great part of history, you do not have to think about What to do in Chennai. It was a significant place in the British era and gained a lot of attention which in turn left a lot of historical monuments in the city like forts, temples, churches, mosques and more. Besides this, the city is edging the Bay of Bengal so one can expect a lot of serene beaches in the area where you can indulge in different water sports and have a walk.

After visiting distinct places there are a lot of amazing activities in Chennai which can give you amazing experiences like camping on the edge of one of the calm beaches and lighting a bonfire at night. Moreover, you can engage in treks to various waterfalls. And then you can buy some souvenirs from the local market and try some traditional food to make your Chennai Trip memorable.

Here are some of the best things to do in Chennai:

1. Revel around the Marina Beach

One of the famous coastlines of Chennai, Marina Beach is best known for its breath taking view and serene surroundings. Nested within the city premises, the placid beauty of the beachfront, the rolling waves and the picturesque surroundings attract almost everyone visiting this kaleidoscopic city! With a coastline of around 13km, Marina Beach has bagged the title of being the second largest beach in the world; well, this makes it a must visit places in Chennai.

Being one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, this place is calling people to discover it in its raw form. Be it the azure waters, soft sands and the openness of the ocean, Marina Beach is sure to keep you enchanted with its alluring charm and appeal. Enjoy your vacation at this spellbinding seashore along with your family and friends; you will surely cherish these moments for a lifetime!

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2. Take a Walk through Thalankuppam Pier

Thalankuppan, a small fishing hamlet located in the northern part of Chennai, is another mind soothing destination that will leave you with a therapeutic experience! A quaint and silent destination near the metropolis, this is the village where the Thalankuppam River meets the sea. An ideal place for the peace and silence lovers, the pier in this region is one of the must to visit locations.

Extremely popular with the South Indian Film Industry, a walk along this pier is one of the best things to do in Chennai. Visit this spot during the morning or evening and you can witness the golden rays of the sun paying hide and seek with the sparkling waves. Take a walk through the Thalankuppam Pier, feel the tranquillity that exists here and curate some of the memorable moments of your holiday.

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3. Stroll Around Elliot’s Beach

Named after Edward Elliot, the then Governor of Madras; Elliot’s Beach is another exciting beach destination in Chennai. Not far from the city premises this stunning beach marks the end of Marina Beach and is located in the Besant Nagar. Also known as the ‘Bessie’ or ‘Besant Nagar Beach’, it is one of the most popular destinations among the locals.

Owing to the Pictorial beauty, calm and tranquil surroundings, easy accessibility and the lesser amount of crowd within this sandy retreat, it is also gaining popularity among the tourists who prefers to avoid the rush and stay away from the crowd. A walk along the long stretches of Eliot’s Beach will not only pamper your sense, but will also take you to the ‘Schmidt Memorial’ that serves as a major landmark to the city.

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4. Enjoy Nature Photography at Ubbalamadugu Falls

Set out the water baby in you and explore this exquisite tourist spot in Chennai with a visit to the Ubbalamadugu Falls. Around 35km from the metropolis, this stunning cascade flows graciously in the forests of Siddulaiah Kona and truly makes for a must to experience site.

In addition to the opulent beauty and appeal of the waterfall, it also serves as a sacred place among the Hindus; devotees visit this cascade during ‘Maha Shivratri’ and offer puja. Visit this falls, witness the magical beauty it creates as the splashing water hits the base; unravel the best of the nature’s bountiful beauty while being a shutterbug and capturing some of the best clicks of your life!

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5. Fun Rides in MGM Dizee World

For those of you that love amusement parks and water sports, MGM Dizee World is the place to be in Chennai. With some of the most entertaining rides and water slides, a fun-filled day in this amusement park is also among the best things to do in Chennai with your kids. It is a destination that keeps the visitors engaged throughout the day.

Water World of this park is something that every visitor of MGM Dizee World looks forward to explore in Chennai. If you are looking for some fun and exciting things on your way to Chennai, you now know where to go!

6. Visit Mahabalipuram

The modern state of Mahabalipuram; a weekend getaway near Chennai, was established in the year 1827 and has a pre-history from the time of Pallavas. The town is an historical venture which attracts maximum number of tourists flocking Chennai, and keeps them engaged with its ancient architecture. With several temples and monuments in the town, this place gained much popularity among the visitors; it is a hub for the history, culture, architecture and archaeology enthusiasts.

On your visit to this historic town, you can visit many of the ancient temples that has deities like Lord Krishna and other Gods and Goddesses; temple caves dedicated other deities can also be visited within the town. Among the other major attractions in Mahabalipuram, there are enchanting Pancha Rathas, Krishna's Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram Beach and several others. Owing to its opulent beauty and religious importance, the range of temples and other historical monuments in Mahabalipuram has now been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Heritage Tour to Royapuram Fishing Harbour

Being a coastline, Chennai has enough and more destinations for a sea food lover. One of them, Royapuram Fishing Harbour is the place where one can experience the exhilarating and buzzing life of a fish market and nearby harbour. It is one such places in Chennai, where you can have a glimpse of the daily life of the locals and their fishing cultures.

An absolute delight for the fish lovers, it is best visited at dusk when the entire harbour gets lighted up with the majestic sea reflecting them back! A visit to this quaint and bustling fishing village is one of the best things to do in Chennai and get introduced with some of the heritage and cultures of the city.

8. Enjoy Water sports in Muttukadu

Adorned with lush greenery and wonderful landscapes, Muttukadu is a small town that is famous for its serene beauty and enchanting back waters. The place is also known for some of the exciting water activities that keeps the adventure junkies enthral during their Chennai tour! Amidst the extremely elegant and historical traditions of this metropolis, here is a chance for you to let yourself loose and dive into the water adventure sports at Muttukadu.

Some of the activities that you can enjoy at this destination are kayaking, boating, canoeing and surfing. The most popular among all the activities that are organized here is windsurfing regatta, which is generally scheduled during the month of February.

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9. Witness the Lords in Jagannath Temple

Dedicated to the divine trinity of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra, Jagannath Temple in Chennai is another attraction for the devotees of these deities. The wonderfully carved temple is astonishingly stunning and engages all its tourists in its intimate splendour. Built according to the Kalinga architecture, the temple is a mirror that reflects great art and architectural designs of ancient times. Granites and white marbles that decorate the temple make the stone carvings look much prettier and splendid.

It also has separate shrines that are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Bimala which can be visited by the tourists. The annual festival of this magnificent temple is something all devotees and tourists look forward to attend as it showcases the Rathayatra; one of the most prominent rituals of the festival.

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10. Visit San Thome Cathedral

Built during the Portuguese rule in Chennai, what was earlier called Madras, San Thome Cathedral is one of the most popular shrines in Tamil Nadu. Built in the neo-gothic style, this church is beautifully decorated with amazing architecture that will leave every traveller spell bound.

Believed to be built on the grave of St Thomas, it was recently declared as a ‘National Shrine’ by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India. A major religious centre for the catholic, it has also become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Chennai.

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Iskcon Temple
Located on the East Coast Road in the Sholinganallur locality of South-Chennai, ISKCON Temple is the spiritual and cultural hub of the city. This temple in Chennai is not only the biggest Radha Krishna temple in Tamilnadu but one of the biggest ISKCON temples in India. 

With the history of the ISKCON temple in Chennai dating back to the late 1970s, the construction of the temple began in the late 1990s and was completed in 2012 in many phases. The temple houses the deity of Lord Krishna, alongside Radharani and their friends Lalita, Lord Chaitanya, Lord Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra inside three teak-wood alters which are one of a kind. These deities are sourced from Rajasthan and Orissa.

Under the guidance of Sri Bhanu Swami, the beautiful architecture is inspired by the Kalinga and Pallava kingdoms’ architecture. At the entrance of the temple, one would see the wonderful design of various Hindu universes on the marble flooring. The various universes are circled a central pillar called Mount Meru. The design is implicated from the ancient Vedic Puranas where Mount Meru is described as the centre of all the universes. 

The temple is a blend of various cultures with modern scientific technology. To attract more and more people in the ISKCON movement, the authorities of the temples organize lectures and audio-visual programs about the Hindu philosophy. 

Spread over an area of 1.5 acres, the ISKCON temple or the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple is built on five floors.

Dakshinachitra happens to be one of the most renowned and widely held museums situated in Chennai that makes a mark in the living history of Museums in India. The museum has a varied display of Indian artifacts and works of art and crafts, architecture, lifestyles, and performing arts. The museum has been set up in the year 1996 in order to promote the culture of South India in a global scenario.

The entire project was taken up by one of the NGOs in South India, Madras Craft Foundation. The museum is said to offer amazing and engaging tours to visitors coming from all over the world. It displays more than 4220 different artifacts and about 1,000,000 pictorial representations of various happenings in South India. A passage through the galleries will certainly give anyone a vast exposure and depth knowledge of the legacy of the times gone by of South India.

The museum is crafted in the middle of the city in the form of a village. It has about 18 different houses that offer a unique experience to the visitors showcasing various contextual exhibits. These houses are brought to the village from various areas of South India and were reconstructed in a unique style by professional artisans. If you are interested in gaining knowledge about the past happenings and cultural variations of South India, then there is no better place than Dakshinachitra.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Tamil Nadu, a land of religious diversity and rich culture, is also home to some astonishing temples. Amongst it, there is Kapaleeshwarar Temple, a holy place situated in Mylapore. According to popular folklore, the temple traces its history back to the 7th and 16th century. This place is known for its history, architectural styles, and spirituality. The temple was built to worship Lord Shiva and other deities.

Kapaleeshwarar temple resonates the rich Tamil religious culture. Its premises consist of sculptures of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Moreover, the temple is home to shrines of Tamil Shaivite saint poets Nayaars. The structure of these shrines is marked with towering domes or Gopurams. Every structure light up during major festivals.

From March to April, Kapaleeshwarar celebrates the religious sentiments during the Brahmotsavam festival. Devotees flock this temple and attend the grandeur of spirituality and Pooja services.

Kapaleeshwarar temple hosts five types of Pujas, Ko Puja, Vaikarai Puja, Kaala sandhi Puja, Uchi Kaala Puja, and Ardhajama Puja. Visitors often schedule and take part in the Puja services. With the help of local priests, you can indulge in buying temple offerings and completing rituals. Also, if you are fond of artistic wonders, this place is going to win your heart.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Known popularly as a beautiful and alluring spot for picnickers in Vandalur, Arignar Anna Zoological Park happens to be one of the best places for exploring fauna and flora of this region. Calling on to adults and children for weekend getaways, Arignar Zoo gets a heavy influx of visitors each year. Located at an approximate distance of around 32 km from Chennai and spread across an average area of about 1260 acres, it is known as South East Asia’s largest zoo. 

Sheltering more than 138 species of creatures, Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a paradise for every nature and animal lover. This park houses umpteen varieties of animals, including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fishes, and butterflies. In addition, the place also has a small Jurassic Park that adds to overall excitement offered by the destination. Other special aspects of this park include a children’s park, a learning centre, and Elephant joy rides. 

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is frequently visited by photo fanatics, wildlife lovers, nature lovers, peace seekers, and experience seekers. The park provides its visitors the opportunities to go on safaris and watch the various animals closely. The park also houses a small library where children as well as adults can get to read and learn more regarding the habitat and living styles of the different animals living in this place. In addition to all these exciting experiences, visitors can also indulge in nature and wildlife photography during their visit to Arignar Anna Zoological Park.

Kishkinta Theme Park

Awaken the child inside you by visiting one of the best theme parks in Southern India. Located in Chennai, near the Vandalur Railway Station, the fabulous Kishkinta Theme Park is spread across 120 acres of land, surrounded by scenic landscapes and lush greenery all around. The park also has a varied range of terrains, along with picturesque fountains, waterfalls and other decorations adding to the beauty of it. 

Catering not just to children, but also to adults alike, the Kishkinta Theme Park has a magnificent water park within its premises. Moreover, it boasts of exciting rides like the water volcano, elephant splash and much more. Additionally, along with water rides, Kishkinta Theme Park also has dry rides, making it suitable for all kinds of visitors. The presence of other kinds of entertainment such as wave pools, roller coaster and toy trains, and a lot more, make a visit to Kishkinta Theme Park even more enjoyable. 

The theme park is designed in a way such that it becomes a great place for a day out with your friends and family. In addition to the many rides, you can also enjoy a great picnic with your near and dear ones. Moreover, from time to time, the park organises many different entertainment shows and other events for visitors. Therefore, it becomes a perfect place for a day’s outing amidst the busy city limits.

Santhome Church

Santhome Church is a standing testament to the belief of the Christian followers and is among the three wonders of this world that house the tombs of Christ’s original disciple. The other two are Santiago de Compostela in Spain and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

It was constructed in the memory of Saint Thomas who was an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Santhome Church is the greatest symbol of multi-culture and religious harmony as people from all religions visit this Church to seek solace and eternal peace.This church was built initially as a mausoleum, but it has now transversed into a Basilica owing to it’s gaining popularity and importance. Beneath the towering white embodiment of this basilica lies the body of Saint Thomas who came to India in 52 AD to preach about Christianity.

He was successful in converting a large population of the locals residing in Tamil Nadu and Kerala with his wisdom and powerful preaching. He thereafter formed a community that is now known as Syrian Christians. This church also houses a museum that displays souvenirs of Saint Thomas and gives visitors an insight into the glorious past of this church during the historical times.

Mgm Dizzee World

Infused with a ton of rides and amusing activities, MGM Dizzee World in Chennai is hands down one of the best theme parks in the country. A pioneer in getting the best rides from around the world to India, the place is equipped with euphorias like hot air Jurong bird show from Singapore, Big Wheel, Sky Glider, Rainbow, Super Trucks, and many more rides, adventurous and water sports.

The entertainment park's vast variety of rides and attractions that are suited for anyone from a kid to a large family, makes the places much more engaging and alluring for visitors. Apart from exciting rides and adventures the place also holds a spacious restaurant serving a variety of dishes of both Indian and International cuisines, make the MGM Dizzee World a complete package. So, if you are looking to get away from the crowded city into a land encapsulated with loads of amusements, well, look no further, MGM Dizzee World in Chennai is the place to be.

Vgp Universal Kingdom

Standing proudly on the Eastern coast of Chennai is the VGP Universal Kingdom, the largest water park in Chennai. With its plethora of rides, attractions and other amusement options, the Water Park offers a fun and educational entertainment for people across all ages. VGP Universal Kingdom came into existence as early as 1975, way before Amusement Parks became a commonplace notion in India. The late founder of the Park, Shri V G Paneerdas, conceptualized a new form of leisure, entertainment, and brought his vision to fruition with the construction of the VGP Universal Kingdom.

Primarily built as an entertainment sector, the park was later converted into a full-fledged Theme Park in 1997, and is now the largest amusement park in all of India. Sprawling across a vast 45 acres of land, VGP Universal Kingdom boasts of more than 50 amusement rides, a water Park, a Snow Kingdom, a fully equipped private beach, a Petting Zoo and three restaurants to its name.

The rides are segregated by their difficulty levels, and the park provides attractions catering to people of all ages. The amusement park often hosts live shows and events, bringing performers from around the world to present a gala of music, dance, theatre, puppetry and much more. The live shows usually take place during the weekends, public holidays or on special days like New Year’s Eve. 
VGP Universal Kingdom also has a mascot of its own- Kutti Raja- who, with his retinue of Sepoys, is bent to deliver the best of entertainment and fun to the younger visitors of the park.

Marina Beach

Famous as the longest beach in India and the second-longest of its kind in the world, Marina Beach is one of the most famous beach holiday destinations in the country. Named so after the Italian word ‘marina’ by the then Governor-General, the beach has been a popular location in Chennai since 1881.

Stretched over 13 kilometres, the glistening sands of the beach are as rejuvenating as they are picturesque. Keeping in mind the popularity of the place, there has been a huge number of significant buildings and monuments build across the promenade since the beginning of the 19th century.

The most famous landmark in the city, Marina Beach is home to several iconic buildings and statues. For instance, it hosts India’s first aquarium which was constructed in 1909. Additionally, walking along the promenade, history lovers could find a great many statues commemorating the lives of some of the most illustrious dignitaries in Indian history.

Whether you wish to take a romantic horse ride by the seashore or enjoy a spellbinding 360° view of the city from the Chennai Lighthouse, Marina Beach is a must-visit in Chennai.

Chembarambakkam Lake

Brimming with serenity and calmness, Chembarambakkam Lake is also known as Puliyur Kottam. Its blue freshwater creates a perfect contrast with the distinct species of vegetation. The watchtower standing amidst the lake uplifts the beauty as well as the footfall to the place. People like to come here to cherish the surroundings and spend some time near the lake.

They like to spread a mat and enjoy their home-cooked foods and snacks while drowning in the depth of the beauty that surrounds them. Several binoculars could also be seen peeking into the dense trees in search of rare migratory birds. Also, an ancient Shiva Temple and Kanni Koil are placed near the lake which could be visited by the tourists on their trip to the Chembarambakkam Lake.

Apart from aesthetic beauty, the lake also serves a big purpose. With a storage capacity of 3645 million cubic feet, the lake is responsible for providing fresh drinking water to the citizens of Chennai. One of the four reservoirs of the city, the lake is also India’s second-largest Water Treatment Plant. Further, it also gives birth to the Adyar River which is another gift of the lake to the people relying on it.

Semmozhi Poonga

Based in the glorious metropolis of Chennai, Semmozhi Poonga is a lush botanical garden established by a collaboration between the Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering Department of Tamil Nadu. Conceived in 2010, the magnificent Garden is the first botanical Garden of Chennai. The Garden is vast covering an area of about 20 acres and is situated at the Cathedral Road. The Garden is home to temperate and tropical flora and distinct plant species.

It is filled with both native and exotic plants including a variety of bonsai species, shrubs, medicinal herbs and aromatic stems. It is an ideal place to spend one's weekend in if one is a nature lover or botany enthusiast. Semmozhi Poonga is divided into eight sub-gardens showcasing plants of specific varieties such as bonsai, herbal, exotic, tree court and mural walk. The colourful Garden is a feast for all the senses of the mind.

Contrasting natural shades and alluring natural fragrances blend into each other and make a paradise-like scenario. The Garden is also famous for its contrived duck pond and a beautiful golden garden featuring flowers of different shades of gold. Replete with attractions including water and rock garden, fern garden and butterfly garden, the Park is graced with twenty-five thematic gardens. A plethora of rare plant species and natural bounties from all over the country feature in this unique Garden which makes it the perfect site for exploration and education.

Queens Land

A total crowd pleaser, the Queens Land Amusement Park in Chennai is amongst the most favourite tourist attractions in the city. Located on the Chennai-Bangalore Trunk Road, this popular holiday spot, is spread across 70 acres, and was established in early 2003. The park is also quite beautiful, with lush greenery and scenic landscapes all around.

Catering not just to children, but also to teenagers and adults, Queens Land also boasts of a great water park within its premises. Moreover, it has 51 great rides, out of which 33 are for adults and 18 for children. These rides are spread across water as well as on dry land, and are great fun. Some of the exciting rides here include Free Fall Tower, Roller Coaster, Alpen Blitz, Cable Cars, Himalayan water Rides, Boating, as well as the Centrox and the American Wave Pool.

Additionally, the park also has a great swimming pool along with a pirate ship, bumper cars and go karting, which make the park even more enjoyable and fun.
The park is worth every penny, since it is a great place to spend a day out with your near and dear ones. Along with the rides, you can also have a great picnic here, while enjoying the enthralling atmosphere of the park. 

Guindy National Park

Sprawling over 2.70 KM square of land, Guindy National Park has been ranked the eighth smallest national park of India. Also, it is the only park situated right in the middle of a city. Established in the year 1978, the park got its protective atmosphere to preserve some of the rare and endangered species of wildlife. To fulfil this, the park is completely restricted from any human activities like poaching, hunting, etc.

With well-established boundaries, the park successfully houses more than 350 species of vegetation along with 150 species of birds and 14 species of wild animals. You can also spot more than 60 species of butterflies and spiders as well as numerous amphibians and reptiles. Utmost care has been taken to keep up their natural habitats and several restrictions have been made to support the same.

People like to come here to stroll around the park to witness various species and capture them inside their lenses. It is also a good place to come close to nature and understand its importance in our lives. Children should definitely be brought here in order to get sensitized in relation to wildlife and its preservation

As the park is settled amidst the city, commuting to the park and finding various eateries as well as places to stay near it becomes very convenient. With all these facilities, Guindy National Park will not let you go disappointed.

Government Museum

The Government Museum in Chennai boasts of a large repository of curious exhibits defining art, archeology, anthropology, numismatics and diverse other subjects. From a cutting-edge life-size T-rex in animatronics to ancient sculptural specimens, there is a wealth of interesting things to see here. Besides the main building, the museum has a natural history section, a children’s museum, and zoological and botanical galleries.

Those interested in culture can surf through a wide gallery of folk arts, exhibiting puppets, local musical instruments, theatrical costumes, and various other objects. There’s also the  Museum Theatre, capable of accommodating up to 600 people which show enlightening historical documentaries in high-quality acoustics. 

The centuries old museum was established in the year 1851.It is also one of the most ancient in the world and carries the legacy of housing the vastest collection of Roman antiquities outside Europe. Among the ancient Asian heritages preserved here, the bronze statues found in Southern India, dating back to 1000 BC, are the most well-known.

The museum has something to engage everyone, from art aficionados to children. While you spend time admiring Ravi Verma paintings in the arts section, the younger ones in the party can head to the children’s museum featuring vibrant visual exhibits elucidating Nature, Indian history, innovation in technology, and more.

The children’s museum is presently being renovated with an air-conditioned 3D theatre equipped to play five films a day. It takes around 2-3 hours to cover a full tour of the Government Museum complex and get super-knowledgeable about all things under the sun.

Kalikambal Temple Chennai

Dedicated to goddess Kalikambal, an avatar of Goddess Parvati, and Lord Kamateswarar, a form of Lord Shiva, Kalikambal Temple in Chennai is a living memoir of the ancient history and heritage of this southern Indian city. Located on Thambu Chetty Street, a renowned financial hub at Georgetown, the temple reflects the major features of Dravidian architecture.

Along with goddess Kalikambal and Lord Kamatswarar, Lord Vishnu is also worshipped here. The temple has the sanctity of the two Pancha Bootha Sthalams which are Tiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram. The temple is a major attraction for tourists with great religious inclinations. Southern superstar Rajinikanth often comes to this temple to offer puja.

The temple is the symbol of faith and devotion for all Chennaikars and people in south India at large. Earlier, the temple was situated inside St George Fort, but during the British rule, the temple was shifted here on Thambu Street. Its architecture, idols and legends known by the priests here provide a great amount of knowledge about the history and the Dravidian heritage of ancient India.

Besant Nagar Beach
Besant Nagar Beach also known as Edward Elliot's Beach in Chennai is one of the cleanest beaches of India. Embellished by golden sand beaches, curling waves and limitless stretch of sea, the beach entices tourists from different parts of the world. The serene and tranquil nature of the beach uplifts the human spirit and refreshes the mind and soul.

You can witness the amazing sunrise and sunset at the beach, with the sky being painted by the golden rays of the sun. The beach is named Edward Elliot's Beach after the famous chief magistrate and superintendent police of Chennai, Edward Elliott.

But it is popularly known as Besant Nagar Beach since it is located in the city of Besant Nagar. The city of Besant Nagar was originally named after the famous social activist Annie Besant, who had an immense contribution to the development of India during the British rule. It is said that once a Danish sailor, Karl Schmidt, sacrificed his life while saving a man from drowning in the sea. A monument has been constructed in his honour at the beach and named as “Elliots”. 

Several multi-cuisine restaurants and street side cafes adorn the shores of the beach. Sea foods are one of the key attractions of the beach where you can enjoy the fried fish delicacies with the South Indian dishes. You must also not miss out on some of the beautiful old temples and churches located near the beach. 

The pristine beauty of the beach serves as the perfect weekend getaway, offering a plethora of activities like surfing, boating, sunbathing and relaxing at the seashore. It is amazing to watch the twinkling stars and the moonlit sea waters at night.

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Chennai Things To Do FAQs

What are the things to do in Chennai with Family?

1. Revelry in Choki Dhani: A heart-warming Rajasthani treat in the heart of Chennai! Well, if this unbelievable, you must visit Choki Dhani within the city. A park themed on the culture, heritage and traditions of Rajasthan, it is the perfect example that shows how the Indian states are connected with a single thread.

Though located in one of the extreme south corner of the corner, this unique park has all the essence and flavours of North India, and offers a lively glimpse of the vibrant and colourful lands of Rajasthan. While activities like camel ride, bullock cart ride, head massage and boating within the park will keep you immersed in unlimited fun and excitement, its range of delicious Rajasthani vegetarian cuisines and authentic cultural shows will make your stay memorable in Choki Dhani!

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2. Feel the Spirituality of St Thomas Mount Church: Located atop a small hill, St Thomas Church in the Guindy suburb of Chennai; within the reach of Chennai International Airport, is one of the most sacred as well as gorgeous churches in the city. According to devotees, this is the place where St Thomas, who was a disciple of Lord Jesus lived and also attained martyrdom around 2,000 years ago.

In addition to the religious importance, this place is also known for its opulent beauty.  From the hilltop, you can enjoy astounding views of the nearby region. On a visit to this pious place, you can experience the sanctity and devotion that exists here. In addition to this, the opulent and charismatic beauty of the church and its surroundings will surely keep you enchanted all through; views from the hilltop are really commendable and is a must for everyone!

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3. Have a Glimpse of the Space in Birla Planetarium: For all the science and technology geeks visiting Chennai, they don’t have to be worried about being getting bored! Along with the other classes of visitors, this city also offers a lot to the science enthusiasts; and one among these is the Birla Planetarium.

Opened in 1988, this it has several exciting programmes that opens the doors to the outer space and solar system. Within a visit to this planetarium, you will get acquainted with the movement of the stars, earth, comets, moon and other fascinating elements of the universe. Be it for the children or the grown-ups, a visit to Birla Planetarium is considered as one of the most educative things to do in Chennai.

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4. Bird Watching near Pulicat Lake: If you are searching for some of the things to do in Chennai amidst its untouched, a visit to the gorgeous Pulicat Lake is a must for you! Situated in between the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, it is the second largest saline water lake in India. Globally known as the ‘Pulicat Lake Wildlife Sanctuary’, the placid and calm surrounding that engulfs it, offers a blissful experience to the visitors. In addition the scenic vistas also make it for a picture perfect setting.

A treasure trove for the nature lovers, this saline lake is also the abode of a wide range of flora and fauna. Also, due to the favourable conditions and availability of foods, Pulicat Lake witnesses a large number of migratory as well as local birds within its surroundings. On your visit to this stunning lake, you can easily spot the greater Flamingos and several other exotic species of rare and playful birds.

5. Seek Blessings in Kapaleeshwarar Temple: Located in Mylapore, Chennai, Kapaleeshwarar temple is one of the oldest temples in Chennai and carries a rich traditional value among the devotees. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is one of the most visited temples within the city. Built in Dravidian style, the architectural brilliance of the temple complex also attracts a large number architecture fans.

There are several deities that are worshipped in this temple in several mantapas and halls. Decked with intricate designs, the temple complex truly makes for an amazing display of ancient artefacts and beliefs. Visiting this world famous temple should definitely be one of the things to do in Chennai for any traveller.

6. Visit Valluvar Kottam: A monument that adds to the great tradition of Chennai, Valluvar Kottam is a memorial built and named after a famous Tamil poet as well as a philosopher called Thiruvalluvar. The monument is a giant 35 meter chariot that depicts the best of Thiruvalluvar’s work in it. Thirukkural is the main work of Thiruvalluvar that inspired this giant temple chariot.

Several inscriptions of his work from Thirukkural is seen written on this monument. All these factors make this monument worth a visit while you are in Chennai. The wonderful architecture is still a blissful experience for the tourists that visit Valluvar Kottam in Chennai.

7. Spend Time with Books in Anna Centenary Library: For those travellers who look out for a place to explore the world through books, here is something in store for you in Chennai! Quite unusual for a traveller to be found in a library, but Anna Centenary Library is one of the greatest assets of Chennai that needs to be explored over and over again.

Built with a budget of rupees 172crore and spread across nine acres, this centenary library is named after one of the former chief ministers of Tamil Nadu, C N Annadurai; such large scale libraries are hardly seen now-a-days. Also one of largest libraries in the entire of Asia, spending a day out at this library amidst the books of much value proves to be one of the unique things to do in Chennai.

Which are the best adventure activities to do in Chennai?

Chennai is one of those tourist places which has something for every sort of tourist. Chennai is a great place for adventure enthusiasts or adrenaline junkies. Chennai has a lot of options for adventure activities in and around the city. Some of the best adventure activities to do in Chennai are listed below:

1. Trekking in the Nagalapuram Hills
2. Camping in Tada Falls
3. Rappelling in Kelambakkam
4. Surfing in Marina Beach
5. Surfing at Covelong Beach
6. ATV Rides on Marina Beach

Which are some of the best beaches for watersports in Chennai?

Chennai’s long coastline offers a scintillating view of the sea and the beaches. The beaches are very comfortable and are best suited for relaxing, away from the generally hot and dry climate prevalent over all of India. So if someone is an admirer of natural beauty and want some time off to relax, Chennai is the best place with its lovely beaches. There are also great facilities for watersports in the beaches of Chennai. From surfing to kayaking, there’s something for everyone. Some of the best beaches for watersports in Chennai are:

1. Marina Beach
2. Elliot’s Beach
3. Covelong Beach

Which are best surfing sites in Chennai?

Chennai’s location just beside the beach makes it an exciting place for surfers, novice or experienced, to try out their skills against the fiery waves of the Bay of Bengal. Surfing is taught here by the many surf schools that have been set up with skilled surfers training the students. Proper safety is always maintained by them.

The best surfing site in Chennai is the Marina Beach, where one can notice many surfing activities by both Indian and foreigners alike, along with Muttukadu. Covelong has become the country’s first surfing village and is a surfing haven visited by surfers from all over the world.

Which are the best places for trekking in and around Chennai?

Chennai is the gateway to some beautiful trekking spots located very close to it. The tourists looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city often choose to go to these nearby treks to relax their mind and work their bodies. The treks also give a fantastic ringside view of the beauty of the nature and wildlife of South India. Some of the best places for trekking in and around Chennai are:

1. Nagalapuram Hills located close to Tirupati
2. Tada Falls in Andhra Pradesh
3. Peerumedu Waterfalls, Yelagiri
4. Takalana Falls, Chittoor
5. Dolphin’s Nose Trek, Kodaikanal

Which are some of the best locations for camping in Chennai?

Chennai is one of the places which provides an engrossing natural experience which is why it has remained one of the top places for tourists to visit over and over again. So someone with the love of the outdoors has a great time in Chennai. From rugged terrains to the majestic Bay of Bengal, Chennai does offer a lot. No wonder it has many popular camping locations as well. Here are some of the best camping locations in Chennai:

1. Yercaud
2. Tada Falls
3. Nagalapuram
4. Yelagiri
5. Mahabalipuram
6. Pichavaram
7. Hogenakkal
8. Pulicat Lake
9. Alamparai Fort

Where can we experience ATV rides in Chennai? What are its charges?

ATV or All Terrain Vehicle rides are a popular adventure sport all around the globe and Chennai is no exception to that. Chennai’s Marina Beach provides a fine location for ATV Rides. There are many private operators which provide ATV Rides on the beach, and they also have their own tracks. The rides are performed with top quality bikes and safety measures.

There are different charges for ATV Rides. In the tracks it starts from INR 400 and goes to INR 2000, the beach ATV rides start from INR 2000 and go till INR 3000 depending on bike and distance.

Which are the best destinations for a wildlife safari in Chennai?

Tamil Nadu is home to some of the most diverse animal and plant life in the country and has many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in it, some of which are a jump away from Chennai. Some of the parks offer wildlife safaris to take the tourists into the interiors of the forest for seeing the animals up close. The best destinations for wildlife safari in and around Chennai are:

1. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
2. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Arignar Anna Zoological Park
4. Guindy National Park
5. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
6. Periyar National Park
7. Rajiv Gandhi National Park

What are the best things to do in and around Chennai?

1. Enjoy Fishing at Barracuda Bay: For the adventure junkies who yearns to go for fishing in Chennai, they can make it to the Barracuda Bay Sport Fishing and try their hands in an amazing angling experience. Quite unique from any other kind of visit, this is a much exciting way to spend holidays within the city. Visitors to this club needs to complete the registration formalities, and once done with it, they can avail an array of packages.

Most of these packages depend on the type and duration of your fishing expedition. Trolling, popping and jigging are some of the most popular types of fishing provided by the Barracuda Bay Sport Fishing club. The packages also mention the distance a traveller can go for fishing and the species available within that region.

2. Rediscover History at Alamparai For: Once a glorious fortress, though the Alamparari Fort was built during the Mughal era and depicts the valorous tales of the past. An ancient structure of great historical and architectural value, it was extensively used for the export of zari cloth, ghee and salt. Though, the fort is in ruins today, you can still witness its grandiosity and splendour from its amazing architecture and layout.

Located next to the sea, it offers a view that will surely hold you captive as long as you stay here. If you want to enjoy the best of the Alamparai Fort, you must visit it either during the early hours in by evening. The golden rays of the rising or setting sun playing hide and seek with the azure water cuddles the entire vicinity and creates a soothing ambience.

3. Visit Queens Land: Yet another theme park to enthral the tourists of Chennai, Queens Land is one of the nicest amusement parks in the city that will engage and excite you for an entire day. Spreading over 70acres, this amusement park is a must visit destination for all the fun ride lovers. The theme park offers a total of 51 fun rides including both water and land rides.

This place is best when visited with a group of kids. Opened in 2003, the park is located on the way to Bangalore and attracts visitors from both the cities. Visit this park with family members; especially kids, friends or your corporate mates; spend a day filled with fun-frolic and exciting moments.
Find some of the best places for team outing around Chennai for some fun & frolic with team mates.

4. Explore 
Fort St George: Historically called as the ‘White Town’, Fort St George was built by the East India Company in 1644. A perfect destination to have a glimpse of Old Madras and its Colonial era, this gorgeous fort is also one of the popular sightseeing places in Chennai. Presently, it houses the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and also a museum that exhibits several items from the colonial period. A hotspot for the history enthusiasts, it also consists of several well decorated halls that will remind you of the glorious days of a bygone era; the halls are symbolic of the colonial era and exhibit items like weapons, coins, uniforms and other artefacts of the colonial period.

Unlike other metros in the country, Chennai is considered as one of the quiet, calm and serene places. The list of all the above things to do in Chennai will take you for a joyride through the glorious history, cultural beliefs and traditional values the city holds in its bosom. Next time when you visit this warm-hearted city, make sure you opt for all these experiences and discover the city like never before!

5. Witness Architectural Brilliance of the St Andrew Cathedral: Also known as the ‘Queen of Scottish Churches in the East’, St Andrew Church is a reminiscent of the Chennai’s past. Built in 1818, its construction was done according to Georgiana and Neo-classical architecture. Well, this also adds to the wonderful outlook and appearance of the church.

Often referred as the ‘St Andrew Kirk’, this opulent marvel of the past showcases the finest blend of art and craft of a bygone era. Unique design, shape and form of this religious structure makes it one of the must visit places in the entire of Chennai and its surroundings.

Which are the best pilgrimages places to visit in Chennai?

Chennai, albeit a modern city, has not lost touch with its history and divine roots. Chennai was part of massive kingdoms in South India ruled by some of the mightiest kings in the country’s history who worshipped their gods by creating beautiful and mammoth temples of them and those temples are now striking proof of their legacy. Chennai is a holy place for Hindu devotees. Some of the best pilgrimage places in Chennai are:

1. Parthasarathy Temple
2. Kapaleeswarar Temple
3. Ashtalakshmi Temple
4. Kalikambal Temple
5. Ayyappan Temple
6. Thirumalai Thirupathi Devasthanam Temple
7. Mahabalipuram

Where can we go for fishing in Chennai?

Fishing is a well-known activity in Chennai, being a coastal city. Many of the people here base their entire livelihood on fishing. Sports fishing is slowly becoming popular in Chennai. The Yacht Club in Chennai Port often hosts many sport fishing competitions that bring sports fishers from all around the world for a shot at glory. The tourists are properly taken care of with state of the art speed boats and complete safety of them. On the other hand, the Marina beach is another option for fishing.

How can I spend 2 days in Chennai?

The city of Chennai mostly encircles around the beach area. However, this Tamil capital is not called The Gateway of South India just for the beaches but the beauty beyond that. Looking around for places to make those 48 hours of your life a memorable one? Then one should make sure to plan it wisely and visit the following:

1. Devote your morning hours towards driving on the sandy stretches of the beach road of Ennore or Ramapuram to Basant Nagar or ECR. After that, go check out the Santhome’s Church and the classic Kapaleeshwar temple and Parthasarthy temple.

2. Later in the afternoon, one can visit some of these places like the St. Thomas Mount or spend your time in the St George fort. One can also enjoy a film shoot or visit the Guindy Park and Snake Park.

3. You can spend your evening in Chennai by heading on to the streets as the time is cooler so you can watch the sunset at Broken Bridge or try out the roadside sandwiches. You can also go for window shopping or stroll through the Triplicane.

What is famous for shopping in Chennai?

Chennai can provide you with many things to shop for yourselves as well as for the purpose of souvenirs. One can visit the following shops and markets to get yourself a shopping treat:

1. Chennaigaga is considered as one of the most famous shopping places where you can find popular items like graphic t-shirts.
2. Spencer Plaza.
3. Dakshinachitra.
4. Artifacts from Mahabalipuram.
5. Poompuhar.

Where can I try rappelling in Chennai? Is it safe and simple?

Rappelling is an adventure sport that is a mix of rock climbing and mountaineering. It is the perfect thing to do for an adrenaline junkie who wants an adrenaline rush along with some healthy exercise for the body. In Chennai, there are many adventure resorts like Silver Sands Resort which has rappelling areas.

Some professional trainers take individual classes on rappelling as well. But the best place for this is Kelambakkam, a hill 100 kilometres from the city limits. This place offers a range of climbing options and is a haven for a climbing enthusiast.

Which are the best places to go sailing in Chennai? How much will it cost me?

If anyone wants to escape the hustle bustle of the city, taking a sail in a private yacht in the ocean is a great way to spend some romantic or family time. There are many inland water bodies that are man-made near the Chennai harbour for sailing.

Chennai has some very old sailing club which teaches sailing to novices and holds races regularly. Private yacht sailing costs INR 30,000 a person.

Where can I enjoy paintball in Chennai? How much is the cost?

Paintball is a fun and competitive shooting game in which players eliminate their opponents by hitting them with round dye-filled pellets. It is a really popular and exciting sport that can be played anywhere both indoors and outdoors. Paintballing helps build up team coordination and corporates often send teams to play paintball for the same purpose.

Headshot provides international quality paintball in Chennai, and they are one of the best in the country. Go Bananas is another similar place in Chennai. The cost begins from INR 500 for a round of paintball.

Where can I get the best cruising experiences in Chennai?

Chennai Port is one of the busiest and most important ports in the country. But not only is it used for transportation of cargo to and from all over the world, it also serves as a starting point for different cruise ships which then start a trip to all around the world. From Chennai Port, a tourist looking for a great cruise experience can ride a luxury cruise to Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar or Islands or to Lakshadweep, or Vishakhapatnam. The luxury cruises are very comforting and relaxing giving one a complete peace of mind.

Which are the best locations for bird watching in Chennai?

Housing over 200 species of birds, Chennai has been a hotspot for bird watchers forever. It is the only urban city where many rare birds are spotted right in the city. Some of the popular bird watching locations in Chennai are:

1. Guindy National Park
2. Theosophical Society Gardens
3. Siruthavur Lake
4. IIT Madras Campus
5. Pallikaranai Marsh

How is the nightlife in Chennai? What are the things to do at night in Chennai?

Chennai, being one of the most important cities in the country has lots of people here from different places and is one of the busiest cities. So naturally, it has a colourful and vibrant nightlife. From pubs to cinemas, Chennai offers a lot to the night-crawler. There are some great nightclubs and pubs like 10 Downing Street, Pasha The Park, Cloud 9, The Flying Elephant, Illusions, Blend where one can dance, eat and have drinks.

Movie theatres like PVR, Cinepolis, Lux, Palazzo stay open until late for you to watch a regional or English movie. One could even take a drive to the beach and lie down there for a view of the tranquil skyline and experience the calming air.

Which are some of the famous archaeological sites to visit in Chennai?

Chennai has gone through three foreign rulers, the Portuguese, the French and the British. All of them have left their mark on the city in the form of architecture and monuments. Chennai is a city with a rich history which is still present in the form of buildings to stand proof of those times. Here are some famous archaeological sites to visit in Chennai:

1. Madras War Cemetery
2. Rippon Building
3. Senate House
4. Vivekananda Illam
5. Kapaleeswarar Temple
6. Chyavan Eshwara Temple
7. Thousand Light Mosque
8. Fort St George

What are the things to do at Queens land amusement park in Chennai?

Queensland Amusement Park is a theme park in Chennai which opened in 2003 and has now become one of the largest such parks in the country. One can spend a fun time here with family or friends by enjoying the fascinating rides in the park. Some of the things to do or rides to take in the park are:

1. Free Fall Tower
2. Alpen Bridge
3. Centrox
4. Cable Car
5. Himalayan Water Ride
6. Hanging Coaster
7. Go-Kart

What is the time and charges to visit the Crocodile bank in Chennai?

The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology were created in 1976 by Rom and Zai Whitaker to protect the three endangered species of crocodiles, the mugger, the saltwater crocodile and the gharials. They were immensely successful and soon enough, they began to include turtles and snakes for breeding and protection.

This place is very important as it houses many rare and threatened species of animals. The bank is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Entry tickets cost INR 50 for adults and INR 30 for children below 10 years. They also have night safari facilities from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at the cost of INR 200 for adults and INR 100 for children.

Which water sports can we enjoy at the beaches in Chennai?

Chennai is home to the Marina Beach, the second largest beach in the world and being a coastal city, Chennai has immense scope for water sports. Thus, surfing is a very popular water sports activity at the beaches of Chennai.

There are many surfing schools in Marina Beach itself, which teach you the basics of surfing in three to four hours after which you are allowed to surf with the help of a professional trainer on the ocean. Other than surfing, some of the other water sports that can be enjoyed in the beaches are windsurfing, canoeing, and kayaking.

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