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Australia Honeymoon Packages

Australia couple tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Australia honeymoon packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Australia honeymoon trip packages with exciting deals & offers.

Australia honeymoon packages from Thrillophilia are crafted with love to offer you a wonderful trip with your beloved partner after your nuptials. These Australia couple tour packages offer the love struck newly weds with an amazing opportunity to soak in the mesmerizing landscapes of Australia in the middle of warm hospitality and ultimate luxury. The fairy tale romantic getaways to Australia curated by Thrillophilia lets you create memories that you can cherish all through your life.

By taking Australia honeymoon packages from Thrillophilia you can spend time along the pristine coastline of Australia sinking in the ultimate comfort of the beach resorts. Thrillophilia lets you stay in luxury resorts that offer some of the most comfortable rooms as well as unforgettable experiences. You will be taken out to various places of tourist interest, important landmarks, sightseeing tours, and also given an opportunity to marvel at various landmarks with your beloved partner. The tour packages also let the visitors and honeymoon couples take part in the adventure activities like surfing, banana boat rides, and many more.

Australia honeymoon honeymoon packages covers all the best places starting from the great barrier reefs tour to western australian tour and from sydney city tour to the Hamilton island tour. All these places offer you a wonderful vacationing experience.

Booking your honeymoon packages from Thrillophilia, you will be able to get loads of discounts and deals to make sure that you remain cheerful in the course of the tour as well as your experiences do not hurt your wallet much. If you want to head out on a wonderful tour package to Australia with your beloved partner, then grab this amazing Australia couple tour packages from Thrillophilia that offers a wonderful touring experience and a romantic vacation that you will cherish all through your life.

Places to Visit on Australia Honeymoon Tour:

There are several tourist attractions in Australia that are too romantic to miss if you are on a honeymoon.

1. Sydney Opera House: Ringing with the echoes of universal melodies and classic poetry, the world-famous Opera House of Sydney is a 20th-century performing arts center. Boasting of a vibrant expressionist architectural style, the Opera House is famous for being the most distinctive buildings of the performing arts industry. It was added to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list in 2007.

2. Broome and the Kimberly region: A bustling beach resort town in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, Broome is famous for its saltwater-laden white sands, alluring sunsets and camel rides. The scenic beauty of the Indian ocean set against the backdrop of blossoming clouds gives the place a romantic vibe that is perfect to include in Australia honeymoon packages.

3. Horizontal Waterfall: Described as "one of the greatest wonders of the natural world," the Horizontal waterfalls or the 'Horries' are unique natural phenomena found near the coastal parts of the Kimberly region of Australia. Twisting and turning between massive hills, the enormous tidal waves form a waterfall-like effect between the cliffs. This natural wonder is a feast for the eyes and a puzzle for the mind.

4. Mitchell Falls: Located in the Kimberly region of the country, Mitchell Falls is a four-tiered waterfall that encompasses the adventurous charm of the Australian Outback. With a dense white stream of water falling rapidly from a rock-bound oasis, Mitchell falls known for its scenic beauty combined with the ruggedness of nature. If you are a nature lover then you must include this in Australia couple tour packages.

5. Kakadu National Park: Known for its nature walks, waterfalls, crocodile spotting, and ranger-guided excursions, Kakadu National Park is a rendezvous with the world's oldest living culture. Situated in the northern region of Australia, the Park is filled with tricky wetlands, brimming rivers, and sandstone escarpments. Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, the Park is a safe biosphere for many varied animal species.

6. Rainbow Beach: Located in the Gympie region of Queensland, Australia, Rainbow Beach is a rural coastal town with an urban touch. A gateway to the famous Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach is a popular tourist destination known for its dreamy beaches, mesmerizing ocean views, and water sports. A paradise for campers, fishermen and water enthusiasts, Rainbow Beach, is one of the best destinations to add in Australia honeymoon packages.

7. Port Douglas: A charming beach town situated in the northern tropical region of Queensland, Australia, Port Douglas is known for its beaches, luxury resorts, and sparkling ocean waters. It serves as a resting site for people wanting to visit the Great Barrier Reef, the most extensive reef system in the world. Home to a biodiverse rainforest, the famous Four Mile Beach and the fashion hub of Macrossan Street, Port Douglas has a diverse range of attractions. This diversity makes Port Douglas, one of the most sought-after destination to add in Australia couple tour packages.

8. Bondi Beach:
 Filled with the most scintillating white beaches, Bondi beach is a popular tourist beach shaped like the crescent moon. Famous for facilitating numerous water sports like surfing and swimming, the beach is surrounded by many little cafes and pubs to spend your evenings in.

9. Blue Mountains National Park: A vast mountainous region situated in the western part of Sydney, Blue Mountains National Park falls amidst the world-famous Great Barrier Range of Australia.

10.Royal Botanic Gardens: Located on the eastern fringe of Sydney at Farm Cove, Royal Botanic Gardens is a heritage-listed botanical reserve and public recreational area. Full of beautiful flowers and different plant species, the Garden is a popular spot for people seeking peace. Its picturesque beauty and inviting atmosphere make it one of the most desirable honeymoon destinations in Australia.

Things to Do in Australia for honeymooners :

1. Head out on a reef tour: If you want to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia then you must take the helicopter ride to this private Island. You can visit the botanical garden, take a boat ride in the Emmagen creek and spend some romantic moments with your partner in the Daintree Rainforest.

2. Enjoy the lively vibe of gold coast: There is an awesome village area on the gold coast in Australia, which is called as the surfers' paradise because of its natural beauty. You can opt for sky point Twilight climb to have a 360-degree view of this place. If you are looking for a place to spend some quality time then you can go for a brisk walk in the great hinterland and see the natural diversities. At last, you can have the best seafood and some relaxing spa in the famous resorts on the gold coast.

3. Go on long drives to Melbourne: If you like taking long drives then visiting Melbourne is a must-do thing for you in your Australia tourism honeymoon packages tour. There are a lot of romantic Australia honeymoon places like seal-watching cruise tours or steam train tours. You can also opt to have a view of the sunset from the Eureka Skydeck 88. So if you want an adventurous as well as romantic and calm honeymoon then this place will be the perfect fit for you.

4. Sight wonderful views of Hamilton Island: Hamilton Island is a white sand Island in Australia and especially suggested for the honeymoon couples. You will get to see the marine life and the coral reef and it will be one of the best Australia tourism honeymoon packages trips for both of you. You may take a sightseeing trip and some cruise ride to spend some time with each other. There are a lot of beaches around where you can just sit back and relax for some time before starting your journey for life.

5. Relish the panoramic views of west Australia: If you want to see some scenic beauty of Australia then you must take up Cruise ride in the Buccaneer archipelago or a long drive along the Gibb river road. West Australia is a picture-perfect place to visit with your partner on your Australia Honeymoon Packages tour. Here you can have a panoramic view of the sunset with the premium wine in your hand.

6. Visit the sleeping city of Australia: If you love watching the village area, then you must visit Adelaide which is known as a sleeping city in Australia. It is one of the best Australia tourism honeymoon packages destinations where you can have an enjoyable time being a part of festivals and music around you. If you want to spend some time in solitude then you can walk hand in hand in the beaches away from the crowded cities of Australia. And if you are a wine lover then you can taste some as well.

Best Time to Visit Australia for a honeymoon :

The best time to head out on Honeymoon Packages of Australia would be from the month of May to the month of November. It is the best time to experience the cities of Australia as well as the dense rainforests.

You can spend time outdoors as the outdoor temperature remains moderate making it easy for tourists to move about from one place to another and marvel at the notable landmarks along with their loved ones.
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6D Melbourne
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People Also Ask About Honeymoon in Australia

  1. Which are the couple-friendly accommodations in Australia?

    1. The Carrington Hotel: Equipped with delicately decorated bridal suites and fireplaces, the Carrington Hotel is situated in Katoomba. Carrington is a luxury hotel offering a soothing environment along with all modern facilities like air conditioning, free wifi, and flatscreen tv. The hotel is adorned with beautiful golden exteriors and amber interiors and promises couples a romantic retreat.

    2. Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort: A luxury resort located at Four Mile Beach, Sheraton Grand Mirage is known for its bewitching interiors, fast service, and helpful staff. Surrounded by saltwater lagoons, tropical orchards, and fun beaches, the hotel offers its visitors all kinds of amenities including air conditioning, house-keeping, and a minibar.

    3. Emporium Hotel South Bank: One of the most sought-after boutique luxury hotels in Australia, Emporium Hotel Southbank is home to all the facilities you could ask for. With over 140 luxury suites sporting handcrafted features to match the requirements of couples, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, efficient room service, and other luxurious vanities.

    4. Sofitel Melbourne on Collins: Located at the Paris end of Collins Street, the dining and shopping hub of Melbourne, Sofitel Melbourne Hotel is a luxury hotel housing more than 300 luxury suites equipped with every facility one can wish for. From fully furnished modern rooms and mood lighting to locker safes and minibars, the hotel has everything one needs while on a romantic trip with their significant other.

    5. Novotel Barossa Valley Resort: Nestled between high ranging hillocks, Novotel Barossa Valley Resort is situated in the Barossa Valley wine region of South Australia. This destination is ideal for wine lovers as several old wineries and refineries surround the hotel.

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  2. When is the best time to visit Australia?

    The months of September to November and March to May are ideal for visiting Australia as the weather during these months is the most pleasant and moderate.

    1.Summer: Summer lasts from December to February in Australia. The temperature during these months is around 30 degrees celsius, and the atmosphere is tropical. One can come to Australia to visit its beaches and hills during this time of the year. The weather during the summer remains warm enough to sunbathe and cool enough to enjoy outside activities.

    2. Winter: The winter lasts from June to August in Australia. The temperature remains around 10 degrees Celsius during winters.

    3. Autumn: Autumn lasts from March to May in Australia. The temperature remains moderate during this season. As the tropical trees start shedding their leaves, the streets fill up with tourists from all over the country.

    4. Spring: Spring lasts from September to November in Australia. It is one of the best times to visit the country as the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, the tropical plants are in full bloom and skies are clear for sunset sightings.

  3. What are the best adventure activities which we can do in Australia?

    Here are the best adventure activities you can do with Australia honeymoon packages:

    1. Scuba Diving The Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef happens to be one of the top attractions that is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage site.

    With a 2300 km long ecosystem, this place is a popular paradise for scuba divers. You will be able to sight alluring coral ridges and over 1625 species of fishes, 133 species of sharks, 30 species of whales and dolphins, and 6 species of marine turtles.

    2. Skydive At Mission Beach: Skydiving at Mission beach is one of the iconic adventure activities that you can try out in the course of your visit to Australia. Get hooked up to the instructor as well as guide and then jump off from great height to experience the magic of flight like a bird.

    3. Cage Diving With Great Whites In Sa: Cage Diving with great whites in the sea is one of the top adrenaline pumping activities that you can take part in along with your loved ones. Plunge into the shark infested waters and have an immersive experience with the powerful creatures.

    4. Climbing The Sydney Harbour Bridge: The sydney harbour bridge is yet another popular adventure destination that thrill seekers love to conquer. Climbing up to the top of the bridge you will be able to sight untouched 360 degree views of the famous opera house as well as the sydney harbour. The best time to climb up to the peak would be at sunrise or sunset.

    Book Now: Sydney Opera House Tour

  4. Which are the adventure sports I can do in Australia?

    1. Underwater Scooter Tour at Gordon's Bay in Sydney: enjoy the exciting water activity in the famous Gordon Bay in Sydney. Choose from the best Australia honeymoon packages to avail the opportunity of undertaking this tour.

    2. Jet Ski and Parasailing in Gold Coast: Course through the rapid waters of the golden coast of Australia as the gushing water droplets hit your face. Enjoy the experience of flying as you parasail over the deep blue of the ocean waters.

    3. Jet Boating Ride at Gold Coast in Australia: Decked with spins, slides, and countless thrills, jet boating ride at Gold Coast is one of the most desired water sports in Australia. One should make sure to plan this activity while selecting from Australia honeymoon tour packages.

    4. Cairns White Water Rafting: Hold on to your seats as you traverse through the tricky waters of the Australian sea waves. White water rafting is Cairns is a popular sport that makes Cairns one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in Australia.

    5. Aqua Jetpack Flying: One of the most thrilling experiences you can ever have on a beach, aqua jetpack flying sets you sailing against the tropical winds of Australia as you stand atop the heels made of rapidly rushing water. This adrenaline-fueled water sport is one of the best that any beach in the world can offer.

    6. Kayaking: A peaceful water activity one can undertake in Australia, Kayaking is a lazy traipse along the quiet waters of oceanic beaches. This activity is exceptionally romantic as the couple floats together on the fresh fluvial waters of the sea. This particular water activity should be kept in mind when you are choosing from Australia honeymoon packages as it defines romance of the modern-day.

    7. Stand-up Paddleboarding: Having originated in Hawaii, stand-up paddleboarding is an offshoot of traditional surfing that has now been adopted in Australia. Surfers paddle to the waves on a paddleboard in this modern surfing style.

    8. Kite Surfing: An adventurous water-sports that uses the strong Australian winds to propel the surfer, kite surfing is popular with the new-age surfers of the world. The winds guide the board through the water to give the surfer a swift experience of gliding through the sea.

  5. Which famous wildlife parks are there in Australia?

    Here are the best wildlife parks you can visit with Australia honeymoon packages.

    1. Murramarang National Park: Situated in the New South Wales region of Australia, Murramarang National Park is stationed along the Long Beach coastline to Merry Beach. The Park is home to attractions like tidal rock pools, kangaroos and swift parrots. The natural beauty of its hillocks couples with dark-sand beaches makes it one of the most desirable honeymoon destinations in Australia.

    2. Kakadu National Park: A unique interface with one of the world's oldest cultures, the Kakadu National Park is the abode of many a diverse flora and fauna that define the biosphere of Australian wildlife. Australian tours packages are a great way to ensure that Kakadu National Park is a part of your travel itinerary.

    3. Eungella National Park: Perched above high mountains, this forest-covered Park is a retreat for every nature-loving pair. If you and your partner seek solace from your everyday lives and want to spend quality time with each other in the lap of nature, Eungella National Park is the perfect destination for you. '

    4. Tone Perup Nature Reserve: A sanctuary to some of the rarest animals and forest-dwellers, Tone Perup Nature Reserve is the nature's guesthouse to all its visitors. Wildlife enthusiasts revel at finding the distinct species of numbats, ringtail and brushtail possums, and woylies.

    5. Seal Bay Conservation Park: With live views of sea-lion colonies and spirited Kangaroo groups, Seal Bay Conservation Park is a protected bay area located in the southern region of Kangaroo Island.

  6. What are the most romantic things to do on an Australia honeymoon tour?

    Here are the top things you can do with your Australia honeymoon packages

    1. Visit Palm Cove: A coastal suburban town located in the Cairns region of Australia, Palm Cove is one of the most romantic destinations in the country. With high-rising palm trees, soft sands, and sparkling water, Palm Cove is a quaint enclave of luxury accommodations in Cairns.

    2. Explore Hunter Valley: Situated in the northern region of Sydney in New South Wales, Hunter Valley is one of Australia's most essential and oldest wine regions. Home to several wineries, the lush valley makes one of the most valued honeymoon destinations in Australia for wine connoisseurs.

    3. Experience the rocky terrains of Southern Highlands: Bustling with quaint old towns nestled amidst high-ranking mountains and wild plant-life, Southern Highlands of Australia is perfect for a romantic excavation. Couples can trek and walk together along the rocky regions of the highlands as the scenic beauty of natural forests blossoms around them.

    4. Try Scuba Diving at Great Barrier or Ningaloo Reef: Scuba Diving is one of the quietest, peaceful yet thrilling activities one can undertake. With the Great Barrier Reef, the most extensive reef system in the world, being a part of several Australia tour packages, couples can treat themselves with a joint exploration of the most beautiful parts of the underwater world.

    5. Experience White-water rafting on Mission Beach: Go up against the raging waters as you try to traverse through the tricky coastal waves of the Indian ocean while white-water rafting in Mission Beach.

    6. Stroll on Milk Beach: Settled along the Hermit Bay, this beach is known to have white-colored waves, thus staying true to its name. Strolling along with the shore hand in hand while admiring the sun setting across is the best you can enjoy here. Moreover, here you can indulge in many water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving too.

    7. Dinner at The Blue Bar on 36: No couples’ trip is complete without having a date night, and The Blue Bar on 36 makes sure you experience it in the best way possible. Serving the best seafood and world-class wines, this cafe sets the mood as you admire the sunset from the 36th floor.

    8. Picnic in Hunter Valley: Imagine enjoying some classic wines while indulging in spas and marveling at the serene beauty of the surrounding. The lush green scenery of this valley is dotted with loads of spots to settle on and enjoy some fun time together. Hunter valley is loaded with multiple activities that can be enjoyed by couples and families equally.

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  7. How much time do I need to explore Australia on our honeymoon?

    You would at least need to spend 10 days on the Honeymoon Packages of Australia tour. And if you have any more time to spare then it would be just better as you can cover loads of places with your beloved partner and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

    In the course of the ten days, you will be spending most of your time visiting national parks, exploring the northern territory and marveling at the heart of the country. Some of the famous places that you can visit in the course of your stay are Cradle Mountain, Daintree Rainforest, Bondi Beach, Kakadu National Park, Fraser Island, Great Ocean Road, Uluru, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and the famous Great Barrier Reef.

  8. Which are the famous biking spots in Australia?

    Australia is famous for its spirit of adventure. And nothing can give you a rush of adrenaline like a biking tour. Newlyweds embarking on a thrilling journey together can experience the wonders of these adventures together to make everlasting memories. Here are some best options for biking spots with Australia honeymoon packages.

    1. Sydney Bike Tour: Cycling around the harbor city of Sydney is the perfect way to see the whole city. The Sydney bike tour takes you on a journey to Sydney's top attractions like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the healthiest way possible.

    2. Mount Wellington Bike Tour: Witness the picturesque beauty and scenic landscapes of the Hobart region on a safe downhill bike ride from Mount Wellington.

    3. Brisbane City Lights Bike Tour: Journey with your partner under the stars surrounded by the glittering city lights of Brisbane on this unique bike tour.

    4. McLaren Vale Wine Tour: McLaren Vale is a wine town of South Australia that can be explored on a bike with the easy-paced McLaren wine tour in Australia. You will go to local wineries in the city and explore the rural vibe of the historic place.

  9. How can I reach Australia?

    The best way to reach Australia would be by taking a flight from any international airport of India. There are direct flights from all major cities on a daily basis to the major terminals of Australia like Melbourne and Sydney.

    Some of the popular flights from India to Australia are Etihad Airways, AirAsia X, Vistara, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Emirates, and AirAsia.

  10. Which are the best places for shopping in Australia?

    1. Queen Victoria Building: Brimming with apparel stores and fashion outlets churning high-end styles clothes, here, one can easily shop for Australian souvenirs and paraphernalia native to the country. Having architecture dating back to the 19th century, this shopping complex had many areas perfect to take memorable pictures.

    2. MacArthur Central: If you are looking for a place to shop for jewelry, then this shopping area is specifically for you. Objects like opal stones, opal jewelry, kangaroo leather, ugg boots, dinosaur designed jewelry, aboriginal pendants, and Akubra hats can be easily found here.

    3. The Rocks: This shopping complex is famous for its beautiful streets dotted with various local vendors. Hand made items like wine coolers, handicrafts, and handbags are popular here. The place also has many local street food joints where you can try some lip-smacking food after you are done shopping.

    4. Pitt Street Mall: This mall is famous for memorabilia that make perfect gifts for your loved ones and offer items from the famous artist's Ken Done, Penfolds Grange Wine, gold-plated eucalyptus tree leaves and macadamia nuts. Here you can also shop for local brands that offer items at less price than many global brands.

  11. What is special about Australia?

    Australia happens to be a global anomaly and the only continent to have some of the oldest geological features. Apart from being the driest continent in the world, it is the only continent that is covered by a single country.

    The existence of a great barrier reef adds one more feather to its cap as it is regarded as the largest living organism in the whole world and has been listed in the seven wonders of the natural world.

  12. Which are the famous beaches in Australia for couples?

    One of the most romantic evenings is the ones spent on beaches, surrounded by dark water, moist, soft sands, and delicious food. Australia has many dining beaches that make this dreamscape a reality. The best beaches one can explore with Australia honeymoon packages are:

    1. Bathers Beach in Western Australia:
    This beach is home to the Bathers Beach House restaurant situated three steps from the beach. This restaurant offers the most scrumptious seafood meals along with the beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

    2. Currumbin Beach: A lovely beach with a breathtaking ocean view, Currumbin Beach is home to the small but popular seaside cafe called the Beach Shack. Surrounded by lush green trees, this beach offers you the best mix of hiking and diving.

    3. Bondi Beach: One of the most sought-after beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach is home to many cute little cafes and food-joints that make people come back for more. The pristine sands and the deep turquoise waters welcome loads of tourists by offering many adrenaline rushing activities like scuba diving.

    4. Lizard Island: Best spot for the beach babies, this Island is located on the northern reaches of Grand Barrier Reef and lets you enjoy in its deep blue waters. From snorkeling to diving and from surfing to relishing on some seafood on the shoes, this beach has got it all.

    5. Noosa Main Beach: Also known as a sunshine coast, this beach offers everything one can think of, be it the clean white sands of the deep blue waters to dive in. The marines along the coasts offer a sight to behold when one enters for a session of scuba diving and snorkeling.

    6. Cable Beach: If you are looking for the most awesome sunset of Australia, then this place is for you. The pristine shores of this beach start glowing as the sun sets across the horizon and offers a mesmerizing sight to marvel at. In addition to this, the beach also houses small shacks serving lip-smacking seafood.

  13. Is passport required for Australia?

    Yes, you need to have a valid passport and visa to enter into Australia. You can easily obtain Australian visa for a period of 90 days for business travel or tourism.

    The immigration process is very streamlined and you would on no occasion face difficulties getting the visa done for you.

  14. Is Australia expensive for tourists?

    The east coast of Australia is very affordable to travel whereas the west coast is a bit on the expensive side.

    Sydney, the capital city of Australia happens to be the most expensive city which is followed by Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, and Perth. You can plan your journey in advance by choosing the best travel package to make sure that you get loads of discounts.

  15. How to reach Australia from India?

    There are ten international airports in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast airports receive flights from all over the world. The Sydney Airport gets a direct flight from New Delhi Airport of India. It is an Air India flight that takes 12.5 hours to reach Australia.

  16. Which are the day outing tours one can take when in Australia?

    One can embark on several day outing excursions in Australia. These excursions are often a part of Australian honeymoon packages.
    All-inclusive Blue Mountains Day trip: This day tour from Sydney takes you to all the high-end attractions of the magnificent Blue Mountains of Australia. On this trip, you will get to visit the Three Sisters in the eco-park, the famous Featherdale wildlife park with all native animals and ride the exhilarating rides in the Scenic Park.

    1. Great Barrier Reef Diving and Snorkelling Cruise: This luxury cruise from Cairns offers you a six-hour snorkel and dive tour at two snorkeling and diving sites. You get to witness the entirety of the coral reefs and the wonders of the oceanic world on this tour.

    2. Great Ocean Road Ecotour: Experience the mesmerizing beauty of golden beaches and perched hillocks of the Great Ocean Road on this full-day trip from Melbourne. Visit the Twelve Apostle limestone stacks, Gibson steps, and archaic cliff lines along with the sensational coastal plains of Australia.

    3. Kangaroo Island in a day tour: This trip from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island, the most popular wildlife destination in Australia gives you a glimpse into the fast-paced wildlife of the country. You can choose to travel to the Island by ferry instead of a flight to further increase your interaction with nature.

    4. Phillip Island tour: This day trip from Melbourne lets you interact with several creatures in the Animal Park that falls in the way. These animals include koalas, kangaroos, sea birds, fur seals, and penguins. You also get to see the famous Nobbies rock formations of Australia on this trip.

  17. Is Australia safe for couples?

    Yes, Australia is very safe for couples as compared to many other places in the whole world. The crime rate is very less and the local administration as well as the local residents are very helpful.

    You can visit this beautiful continent with your beloved partner without any kind of worries in your mind. Do remember that you can seek help from the local authorities in case of any kind of emergency at any point of time.

  18. Can I find alcohol easily in Australia? Is it legal to smoke in Australia?

    Alcohol is regularly consumed by a lot of people in Australia and is perfectly legal for anyone above 18 years of age. It is available in various pubs and liquor stores that can easily be found in the cities.

    Smoking is banned in vehicles with children and certain public places. One should always be on the lookout for non-smoking and smoking-free zone signs before starting to smoke in Australia.

  19. What is Australia's famous food?

    Australia has got its very own individuality when it comes to its cuisine. The cuisine of Australia has got something for every single foodie visiting for a holiday vacation.

    It is very likely that tourists will surely fall in love with the Roast Lamb, which happens to be the national dish. Some of the popular Australian dishes are Witchetty grubs, Fish ‘n’ chips, Pavlova, Meat pies, Barramundi, Lamingtons, Barbecued snacks, Burger with beetroot, Avocados, and Chicken parmigiana.

  20. What is the best time to visit Australia for a honeymoon?

    The autumn and spring months from September to November and March to May are the best time to visit Australia for a honeymoon. These months are neither too hot nor too cold and are perfect for both adventurous outdoor excursions and romantic homestays by the fireplace. Australia during these months does experience extremely scanty monsoons, if at all and the weather remains bright and sundry. Plantlife blossoms during the spring season and shreds beautifully during the autumn season. Several Australia honeymoon tour packages are available to choose from during these months.

  21. What is the cost of an Australia honeymoon package?

    A 9 nights and 10 days Honeymoon Packages of Australia would cost you in the range of INR 75000 to INR 150000.

    The cost of the package totally depends on the number of places you are visiting as well as the luxury options you are wishing to avail in the course of the Australia Honeymoon Packages with your beloved partner.

  22. What should we do in case of any medical emergency?

    The ambulance number is 0000. Ambulances in Australia usually come with a paramedic. The name of the telephone operator is 1234 in case you are not sure what number to call or what the amount of your local police station is.

  23. Is Australia good for a honeymoon?

    Yes, Australia is a very good place for a honeymoon tour with your beloved partner. With some of the amazing places and experiences, Australia lets the newly wed couples soak in its beautiful landscapes relishing the warm hospitality and luxury.

    Taking a honeymoon tour package to Australia from Thrillophilia, you will be able to visit some of the notable landmarks as well as get to spend some time in an upscale location.

  24. What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Australia?

    The ideal duration to explore every corner of Australia is 15 days to one month, depending on your pace and personal preference. Australia is plush with playful beaches, rocky mountains and hilly terrains. It is also blessed with fantastic nightlife and fun excursions like day outing trips and biking tours. Along with the fun trips, the country holds a lot of educational value in its National Parks, natural reserves and heritage sites. Hence, it takes at least 15 days to fully explore the country and appreciate its beauty.

  25. What language is spoken in Australia?

    The primary language spoken in Australia is english, which accounts for about 76.8% of the population. The other common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin - 2.5%, Arabic - 1.4%, Italian - 1.4%, Cantonese - 1.2%, and Arabic - 1.3%.

  26. What are the best ways to commute around Australia?

    Australia is a big country and there are a number of ways to commute around Australia. You can choose to move around in planes, ferries, buses, trains, taxis and many more.

    The cheapest way to travel from one place to another would be by taking public transports.

  27. Do I need a visa for Australia?

    You have to apply for a visitor visa if you are visiting Australia as a tourist. A visitor visa allows an Indian national to conduct professional business and travel in Australia. You can also apply for a tourist visa which enables you to travel across Australia but prohibits any professional company.

  28. Which spots are best for honeymoon photography in Australia?

    Here are some of the best photography spots for Honeymoon Packages of Australia:
    - Melbourne, Victoria
    - Leura, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
    - Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, New South Wales
    - Byron Bay, New South Wales
    - Barossa Valley, South Australia
    - Broome, Western Australia
    - Whitsunday Islands, Queensland
    - Port Douglas, Queensland
    - Palm Cove, Queensland
    - Hobart, Tasmania
    - Lorne, Victoria
    - Esperance, Western Australia
    - Sydney, New South Wales
    - Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
    - Noosa, Queensland.

  29. What is the temperature in daytime and nighttime in Australia?

    1. Summers: The temperature remains between 25 to 30 degrees celsius in Australia. There is not a significant difference between the daytime and nighttime temperatures in Australia.
    2. Winters: In winter the temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees celsius in Australia. There is no significant difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures.

  30. What is the best public transport to commute around Australia?

    All the Australian cities have city bus public transport systems. This system is very efficient and highly affordable. The metropolitan and more urbane cities in Australia also have the subways and trams system. This again is a very efficient and affordable way to travel across the city.

  31. Which are the best water sports to enjoy in Australia?

    Here are the best water spots you can do with Australia honeymoon packages:

    1. Aqua Jetpack Flying: Aqua Jetpack Flying is one of the most loved water sports that you can enjoy in Australia at multiple locations spread across Queensland, New South Wales, and perth. You will be provided with basic training and then you can fly like a bird enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

    2. Surfing: Surfing happens to be one of the most popular water sports that tourists love to take part in the course of their visit to Australia. You will get a chance to learn from the expert surfers before leaving your fingerprints on the mighty waves of the ocean.

    3. Kayaking: Kayaking has been one of the most sought after water based adventure sports that will let you explore the beauty of Australia. Some of the widely famous kayaking hubs are Sydney Harbour, Lake Burley Griffin, and Hobart Waterfront. You can choose to enjoy multi day kayaking trips along with your loved ones and relish the alluring beauty of the coastline.

    4. Stand-up Paddleboarding: Stand up Paddleboarding is a fastest growing water based sport that takes a great deal to master. The key to be a master of this is perfect balancing. In the course of your visit to Australia, you can try out this activity at Queensland.

  32. What are the best places for snorkelling tours in Australia?

    Australia has several snorkeling destinations, including

    1. Cairns: Cairns is filled with several inviting white sand beaches that facilitate snorkeling tours. One should make sure that Cairns is a part of the Australian honeymoon packages you are considering before making your decision.

    2. Whitsunday Islands: Nestled between the northeastern coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands is a set of 74 islands with waters teeming with coral reefs and marine life. Many beaches of the Island serve as snorkeling sports destinations.

    3. Port Douglas: Home to the famous Four Mile Beach, the town of Port Douglas is renowned for the adventure sports its beaches have to offer like snorkeling, deep-sea diving, surfing, etc.

    4. Noosa Main Beach: Boasting with a variety of lush and healthy marine life, this beach is the best place to enjoy a session of snorkeling. If lucky, here you will get a chance to marvel at hammer-head sharks swimming in their natural habitat. Known to be a mini aquarium, this beach has many species of rare fishes too.

    5. Whitehaven Beach: Having water so clear that one can easily see underwater makes it the best place to enjoy snorkeling. The white sand on the shore adds some extra stars as you snorkel below and watch the light being reflected through the shining sand.

    6. Perth: Dotted with many beautiful beaches, this city lets you experience the best of underwater life. The Cottesloe beach here attracts the most number of people and lets them enjoy the beautiful marine while enjoying a session of snorkeling. Those who want to indulge thoroughly, the can go for diving and experience the silence of deep waters.

  33. What are the dos and don'ts for Australia visit?

    - Leave your valuables in a secured bag in the locker of your hotel room.
    - Carry, and preferably memorize a list of emergency contact numbers and the details of your embassy with you.
    - Evaluate all your options in Australia honeymoon packages before selecting a package that suits your needs best.
    - Carry your passport with you at all times and keep it in a safe place.
    - Exchange currency from trusted forums such as banks and airports only.

    Do not smoke in vehicles with children and public transports.
    - Do not litter while on the road, beaches or anywhere outdoors.
    - Do not swim in the oceans until you make sure that you have read all the warning posters and information about the site.
    - Swim only within the red and yellow flags on the beaches. Red and yellow flags signify safe swimming space in Australia.

  34. Do we need to carry any documents if we are travelling to Australia for a honeymoon?

    Yes. You must carry all your identity proofs and visa documents with you in Australia. Keep the original documents secure in your hotel room lockers and carry copies of your passport, visa documents, aadhar card and pan card with you at all times.

  35. Which are the famous places to visit in Australia at night?

    1. Vienna: A hub of party people, this capital city is known for throwing the best parties and serving a variety of top-class drinks. In addition to this, the city gets life at night when the local food joints and clubs start shining and inviting people.

    2. Jazzit: Party animals from all over rush to this place and spend a night grooving on the best music. In addition to dancing, the place also holds open-air music nights where one can enjoy while sipping a beer or two.

    3. Party Cruise: Almost everyone must have enjoyed a part on the land, but partying on a cruise while traversing waters is a dream of many. Cruises in Airlie beach offer you a chance to roam the waters in night light white enjoying a variety of booze and loads of food.

    4. Magnetic Island: Famous for its full moon party, this island attracts a large number of party lovers every month when the full moon arrives. This beachside party spot offers a lot of booze while taking care of full security.

    5. Sydney harbor bridge: Offering a chance to admire its beauty, this bridge can be marveled either by visiting on foot or taking a helicopter tour around the reaches of the city. Marveling at the splendid beauty can be enjoyed even at the night time when you can see the beautiful twinkling lights of the city.

    6. Revolving Restaurant: Staying true to its name, this restaurant revolves as you relish on some lip-smacking food while sitting in it. In addition to the tasty food, this restaurant also offers you a chance to marvel at the 360-degree view of the whole city shining in the night light.

    7. Sydney Opera House: Offering you a chance to experience what art feels like, this opera house hosts many performances which can be enjoyed by visitors even at night times too.

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