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30 Places to Visit in Dubai

  • With umpteen places to visit in Dubai, the city is truly a sight for sore eyes, with towering skyscrapers, luxury shopping, ultra-modern architecture, lively nightlife, iconic endless deserts and much more, there are a is much to experience when in this magical city.

    Visit the Burj Khalifa, a magnificent towering structure, dominating the skyscraper filled skyline being the tallest building in the wolrd. Marvel at the elegance of Palm Jumeirah, A man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. 

    This one of a kind destination boasts some of the world’s most high end hotels like Atlantis The Palm. In all this, Dubai still maintains its traditional Bastakiya Quarter lined with structures of ancient wind-tower architecture. 

    Dubai may be famous for the glitz and glamour of its sky-high towers, but the real heart of the city is, and always will be, the Creek. Today, the area is overflowing with the history of the emirate, as it's home to the Dubai Museum as well as the intricate alleyways of the gold, spice and textile souks.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Dubai:

  • 01Burj Al Arab

    Image Credit : Chris Hopkins Images

    Why not spend your holiday in the third tallest tower in the world? This stellar tower in Dubai is a world class hotel with amenities that will make you feel like royalty. This 56 floor building is open all round the year and caters to those who love living life large.

    You could be lucky enough to have your own private butler and the view is breathtaking for all those who have an eye for luxury and pure bliss. There are several ranges of rooms you can choose from or you could avail a day tour wherein you can explore the bars and restaurants in this world famous hotel.

    Image Credits : Arch_Sam

    Location: It is located near the Jumeirah beach.

    Price: The average cost of a room is 24,000 USD per night.

    Places to Visit Around: Skyview Bar, WadiWadi Water Park, Souk Madinat, Jumeirah, HintHunt Dubai, and Ski Dubai.

    Boat Ride Tour to Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab

    Boat Ride Tour to Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab

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  • 02Witness the Treasures of Dubai in Gold Souk

    Image Credit : colinmac

    The city of Dubai is known for balancing the cultures of the Middle East as well as the luxury that makes it so popular amongst tourists. The best part of spending your holidays is that you get to experience both these elements when you visit Dubai Gold Souk in Deira District. You will get to spend time marveling at the sheer beauty of the gold displayed in the stores there such as Damas, ARY, and Alukkas.

    Image Credits : colinmac


    Getting There: The best route is through the Dubai metro to Al Ghubaiba or through the regular Abra (boat) which will get you here directly. 

    Highlights: The smaller stores around are quite a sight to see and experience. The Old Souk marine station is very close to the Souk and the Dubai fish and vegetable market are nearby attractions too.

  • 03Explore the Shimmering City in a Dhow

    Image Credit : A.Davey
    A saltwater creek that does this city proud is located at the end of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary which divides the city into 2 main sections, mainly Deira and Bur Dubai. This creek allows you the golden chance of mixing with the locals and getting to explore the sea line with a dhow cruise. This is a charming side of the Old Dubai that few still know of, so make sure you pay this remnant of Dubai’s culture a visit on your next holiday.

    Image Credits : Britrob

    The Dubai Gold Souk, Dhow Cruises, Ferry, Park tour, and several restaurants and cafes. 

  • 04Kite Beach

    Image Credit :  goodiesfirst

    Known for being the ideal beach for kite surfers, this aptly named Kite Beach is located from the Al Manara Road Junction and has activities that will promise you a fun holiday. There are several water sports that you can enjoy here as well. If you are a food junky this is one of the city’s most sought-after casual dining spots. Just look out for the queues and funky pop music, you will find SALT, which has been attracting legions of fans with its cool and simple décor and the tastiest mini burgers around.

    Image Credits : Ericsson Beach

    Highlights: The beach is filled with tons of water sports activities like Dubai jetpack extreme water sports experience, 2 hours Palm Island speed boat cruise. You can also enjoy a variety of cafes and restaurants and it ranges from jet skiing to surfing and more. You can enjoy the kite surf show here as well as kayaking, beach tennis, beach volleyball and other activities. This is an ideal beach for photographers as well. 

    Best Time to Visit: February to August is the ideal time to visit the beach.

    Things to Keep in Mind: Swimsuit (fully clad) for women and men while swimming. 

  • 05Camp in the Desert Conservation Reserve

    Image Credit : Charlesjsharp

    The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is an initiative by the Dubai Government that allows you to spend a good amount of time camping at the deserts of Dubai (over 9 in number) and dine in the company of night stars which are primarily organized to experience a Bedouin lifestyle. Over here, you can experience falcon shows, camel rides and several other activities that will get you to the true essence of Dubai.

    Image Credits : Charlesjsharp

    Location: The office is located on the Airport road and they will take you to the desert where you can participate in a variety of activities. 

    Highlights: This reserve provides an array of activities such as Falconry, Archery, Horse Riding, Dune Driving, Camping, Hookah. 

    Approximate Price: A 5-hour tour will cost you around 150 AED per head.  

  • 06Visit Saeed Al Maktoum House

    Stationed in the locality of Al Shindagha, this historic building is the former residential house of one of the old time rulers of the emirates; Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum and has proven to be one of the best places to visit in Dubai due to its historic significance. The building is now converted into a museum and has an array of artifacts from all over the Arab world. You will get to see historic photographs, documents, and furnishings from years dating back to the 1800s and you can get a chance to catch his panoramic landscape of Dubai’s skyline. 

    Image Credits : Michelangelo_rd

    Getting There: You can use public buses and the metro as well to get to this museum

    Price: 3 AED for Adults and 1 AED for children under the age of 6.

  • 07Get Your Mind Blown by the Palm and World Islands

    Palm Islands are a set of 2 artificial islands mainly the Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali. Tourists can get a chance to visit Palm Jumeirah, as it is the only completed Island. The island takes the shape of a palm tree. The World Islands is a series of various small islands that has been constructed in the shape of a rough world map. The best way to view the Palm Islands is from the air or atop one of Dubai’s many high-rise skyscrapers, such as the Observation Deck at the BurjKhalifa. 

    Image Credits : Miroslav Petrasko - Flickr

    Highlights: To tour the islands you could take a Speedboat at Palm Jumeirah to visit some of the major attractions in the vicinity. 

    Approximate Price: A tour around the island will cost 36-50 USD 

    The World Islands Tour in Dubai

    The World Islands Tour in Dubai

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  • 08Jumeirah Beach

    Image Credit : Ismail Mia - Flickr

    Located in the Dubai Marina Coastline, this is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai and has by far captured the tourist’s eye to the maximum and driven beach lovers to try out the different activities available at this lovely beach. You can engage in a range of activities like water skiing, paragliding, surfing, jet skiing, swimming and more. This man made beach is very popular and has several resorts nearby. The beach promenade here is ideal for couples and there are many resorts around to relax and to spend a day or two. 

    Image Credits : Guilhem Vellut - Flickr

    Highlights: The beach boasts various attractions like Glory Art Gallery, Tour Val Day Tours, Talise Spa and much more. 

    Things to keep in Mind: Ensure that you are clad in a full swimsuit when swimming in the water and kindly avoid wearing bikinis or clothes of revealing nature.  

  • 09Dubai Fountain

    Image Credit : NatalieTracy

    Bring out your inner child as you enjoy this mesmerising fountain in Dubai. Set on the 24-acre Burj Lake, The Dubai Fountain features colourful jets of water as high as 450ft (140 metres), which is equivalent to a 45-storey building. The Dubai Fountain is 900 ft (275 metres) long, has five circles of varying sizes and two central arcs and is a must see for tourists and travellers alike. Dubai Fountain has an array of performances daily, with a repertoire of over 35 songs, including Sama Dubai; Baba Yetu, an award-winning song in Swahili; classical songs from the Arab world; and the signature piece of world-renowned Andrea Bocelli, Con te Partiro.

    Image Credits : Cory M. Grenier

    Highlights: The best thing about the fountain is the shimmering lights which make the whole area glow at the night time. This is definitely the place you should visit during the night. Location: The Dubai fountain is on the Burj Lake outside the Dubai mall. 

    Timing: You can visit the fountain from 5:45 PM- 11:15 PM. 

    Price: The approximate price starts from 65 AED per person 

  • 10Get a Glimpse of Old Dubai in Bastakia

    Image Credit : mckaysavage

    Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, also known as Al Bastakia is an old ruin worthy town that will send culture lovers into a fine tizzy. While here, you can roll down the sandy lanes to the modern white mosque, noting the splendid architectural details of the grand gypsum, coral, and limestone buildings and marvel at the carved wooden doors with brass knockers and the intricate gates that adorn every building here. Take a stroll upstairs for the incredible view of Bastakiya rooftops and take a good long look at the wind towers. This traditional form of air-conditioning, constructed to funnel cool air into the house, was an architectural series of buildings in southern Iran.

    Image Credits : mckaysavage

    Highlights: The vicinity offers some major attractions in Dubai like Ave gallery, XVA gallery, Old city wall, Sheikh Muhammed Centre for cultural understanding and much more. 

    Dubai Heritage Walk

    Dubai Heritage Walk

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  • 11Find your Flavor in Spice Souk

    Image Credit :  mckaysavage

    Located in the district of Deira near to the Gold Souk, this is a traditional spice souk in Dubai that offers a variety of fragrant spices to choose from. It’s a heavenly place which has a series of aromatic spices that is only available in this part of the Middle East. The colors alone are enough to make you want to stay here for a longer time. It is the biggest spice market in Dubai and has textiles and household items as well. The narrow passageways are a delight for the photographer’s eyes and you will get a chance to see the fresh stock of herbs and spices coming in from Iran, India, and South East Asia. 

    Image Credits : jsalita

    Getting There: You can reach the place by public transport (bus) or by the metro. 

  • 12Atlantis Palm Hotel

    Image Credit : Allison Richards - Flickr

    A stellar 7 star hotel with over 1,539 rooms of various luxurious dimensions, this hotel has attracted the eyes of many tourists and of course those with no limit on their credit card. The place is referred as the Royal towers and there are fireworks here almost every night that you can enjoy. 

    The vacation will be complete in Dubai once you have paid a visit to this hotel and explored the various luxuries abundant there. There are chances of you bumping into Hollywood stars here as this hotel is a favourite among the A-listers.

    Image Credits : drpavloff - Flickr

    Location: Crescent Road

    Attractions: Aqua Venture Water Park

    Approximate Price: It varies depending on the type of room. Average cost is 1200– 7000 AED per room.

  • 13Hatta Heritage Village Visit

    Image Credit : ~Pyb

    Located in the Al Hajar Mountains, on the outskirts of Dubai city, the Hatta Heritage Village shows the traveler the beautiful traditional life in Dubai. You will get to observe the strong attachment of the people who hail from this old town, people whose ancestors were farmers and handicraft men. The other significance also lies in the houses that you will see here, which were built from mountain rocks in the old year. There are over 17 houses, 2 castles and even a fortress here that you can revel in. You can explore the sculptures here as well and enjoy the folklore, the songs and the performances that grace the village every night.

    Image Credits : ~Pyb

    Timings: Can visit the place from Saturday to Thursday

  • 14Stroll at the Dubai Village

    Image Credit : Guilhem Vellut

    Bur Dubai Village, also known as the Dubai Heritage Village is located near the mouth of Dubai Creek that takes tourist back in time through a series of heritage villages complete with recreated architecture and local artisans. For patrons, the village is a great place to find unique handmade items to take home as souvenirs or gifts. 

    Image Credits : Guilhem Vellut

    Highlights: The vicinity offers many places to stroll around like Pottery shopping, visit traditional markets and enjoy live performances of Arabian folklore such as Raza, Ayyala, and Harbeya 

    Timings: It is opened every day from 08:00 to 20: 00, however on Fridays many shops will be closed as the operational hours are 15:00 to 22:00. 

    Getting There: You can reach the location through the Ghubaiba bus and train station nearby. 

  • 15Fun at Children’s City

    Located in Creekside park along the side of Bur Dubai, this colorful cluster of lego-style buildings in Creek Park is jam-packed with dozens of interactive and inspiring learning stations. The stations are specifically geared for kids between 2 and 15. The place boasts of a wide range of activities.

    Activities: There are daily educational workshops, story events, competitions, theaters and it’s own Planetarium. There is also a Toddler’s Area to engage kids below 6 years of age in interactive learning.

    Price: It costs 15 AED per adult and 10 AED per child

    Timings: This learning center is opened from Saturday to Thursday between 9 AM to 8 PM and on Fridays between 3 PM to 9 PM

    Getting There: The best way to get here is by taxi.

  • 16Adore the Sea Creatures in Dubai Dolphinarium

    Located within the picturesque Creekside Park in Dubai at Umm Hurair, Dubai Dolphinarium, has become one of the city’s greatest amusement venues including Coral Reef Aquarium, Fish Farm, Gatorville and a research therapy center. This unique facility has been primarily developed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages while emphasizing the need for the conservation of dolphins and other endangered aquatic species in a safe manner.

    Highlights: The major draw of the facility is undeniably its 45 minutes long fantastic performance by dolphins and seals wherein they dance, juggle, paint and even play basketballs. This is rendered by up-to-date lasers and spotlights accompanying the suitable music. They also offer an opportunity to swim with dolphins. It has facilities to hold parties and events. Educational related lectures and activities conducted by dolphin experts and scientists are incredibly noteworthy.

    Price: It costs 120 AED per adult and 70 AED per child. 

    Swimming with Dolphins in Dubai Dolphinarium

    Swimming with Dolphins in Dubai Dolphinarium

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  • 17Entertain youself in the Global Village

    Located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Global Village is Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction that offers unique shopping experience through its 31 pavilions, each representing a different country across the globe. Visitors will have every minute packed with entertainment at the Global village, with so much to see. This 19th edition of Global Village will host more than 12,000 shows in a span of 5 months.

    Image Credits : Black Zero - Flickr

    Highlights: The Global Village offers various dining options, entertainment, shopping, and thrilling rides for children at the Fantasy Island. It also offers shows ranging from stunt/thrill shows, street performances, bespoke shows and cultural shows from across the world. 

    Time to Visit: It is opened from November 2016 till April 2017. The gates are opened from Saturday to Wednesday between 4 PM to 12 Midnight, and on weekends and public holidays is it opened till 1 AM.

  • 18Visit Guru Nanak Darbar

    Guru Nanak Darbar is built in the demand from the Sikh community for a dedicated place of worship. The Gurudwara is believed to be the first of its kind in the entire region. It has a dedicated floor for a community feasts for about 5,000 people at a time and a huge hall for devotional songs. The main prayer hall of the new Gurudwara has a 7.2-metre high ceiling and 18-metre diameter dome roof. The function hall can accommodate up to 900 people. 

    Location: It is located in Jebel Ali which is around 35 km from Dubai center. Taxi is the best mode of transportation to reach the temple. The closest metro station is Ibn Batuta. 

    Timings: It is opened daily from 4:30 AM to 9 :30 PM

  • 19Take a Dip in the Pools of Hatta Rock

    Image Credit : krebsmaus07

    The Hatta Rock Pools have become one of the city’s most popular weekend getaways. This series of spring-fed pools meander through narrow canyon passages, amid the waterfall-dotted mountain scenery. The climate of the mountains is nearly as refreshing as a dip in the turquoise waters. With its close proximity to the Hatta heritage village, you may want to consider combining the two attractions into a single day trip from Dubai. The rocky mountain passages and interesting landscapes of the area are also popular for off-roading in a 4x4. 

    Location: Its is located near the village of Hatta . It is only half an hour drive from the ancient village of Hatta, and 10 minutes drive from Oman. 

  • 20Dubai Miracle Garden

    Located near the Arabian Ranches in Dubailand, Dubai Miracle Garden was opened on the Valentine’s Day, 2013. It has a collection of more than 45 million flowers, spread across 72,000 SQ meter site. The Dubai Miracle Garden features traditional flowerbeds, as well as topiary-style displays along with the blooms that are fashioned in hearts, igloos, stars, pyramids, etc. shapes. Whether you are a new or repeat visitor, the floral display will always be new for you, as it changes every season. 


    Image Credits : Fauziah Shariff - Flickr

    Price: Approximate price starts from 20 AED. 

    Timings: The garden is open to public from 10 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and 10 AM to midnight on weekends and on public holidays. 

    Non-operational Months: The garden remains closed from late-May to September. 

    Trip to Dubai Miracle Garden

    Trip to Dubai Miracle Garden

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  • 21Camp in The Emirate Desert

    Image Credit : traveljunction - Flickr

    Dubai, which is 80 percent covered with desert, holds some stunning locations for desert camping and the weather is just perfect for this activity. But before you buy a tent for yourself, it is important that you know the perfect camping locations around.

    Image Credits : Nain Dziyauddin - Flickr

    Activities: This vary from one desert to another, however, some of the activities that can be availed while camping are dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, belly dancing, sheesha, BBQ dinner etc. 

    Location: To have a great camping experience in Dubai and to avoid any pitfalls, you can visit Hajar Foothills, Umm Al Quwain, where you have the option to beach camp. Other sites are Ras al Khaimah desert, Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau, Jebel Shams.

    Things to Keep in Mind: Basic necessities like water bottles, snacks, and binoculars to behold the stunning beauty of the desert.  

  • 22Visit the Burj Khalifa

    Image Credit : Liji Jinaraj

    The Burj Khalifa is a stunning feat of architectural wonder, with two observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors and a restaurant-bar on the 122nd. Visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa is definitely one of the best things to do in Dubai which help you bring even distant developments into focus and cleverly simulate the same view at night and 35 years back in time. Access to the deck means passing various multimedia exhibits until a double-decker lift shoots you up at 10m per second. 

    To truly be on the world's highest observation deck, you need to spring for tickets on the 148th floor. A visit here is set up like a hosted elite experience, with a, guided tour refreshments and an interactive screen. Afterwards, you will be escorted to the 125th floor to be drizzled with interesting facts about Dubai and the Burj and to indulge in another virtual tour of major sights in an interactive attraction called A Falcon's Eye View.

    Price: Prices vary according to timings and age but approximate pricing ranges from 125 AED to 500 AED

    Timings: Opens daily from 9 AM to 11 PM

    Burj Khalifa at the Top With/without Transfers

    Burj Khalifa at the Top With/without Transfers

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  • 23Quintessential Arabian Safari

    Desert Safari Dubai is undoubtedly the only and best safari provider in Dubai. A must for everyone who is visiting UAE. A memory to share with your family and friends back home, we recommend it highly and it will be worth every penny spent. This tour departs in the afternoon across the desert of Dubai with several photo-stops during an exciting dune drive to the first destination, a camel farm. Stop to watch the beautiful sunset before reaching the campsite where you will have the opportunity to camelback ride, sand boarding and trying out a henna design. After working up an appetite enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner and Shisha (the famous Arabic water pipe). 

    Image Credits : traveljunction - Flickr

    Highlights: Belly dancing shows and lavish buffet dinner with veg and non-veg options.

    Operational Hours: Daily from 3.30 PM to 9.30 PM.

    Price: Approximate price ranges from 150 AED to 300 AED

    Desert Safari with Barbecue Dinner in Dubai

    Desert Safari with Barbecue Dinner in Dubai

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  • 24Spend a Day in Dubai Aquarium

    The 10-million liter Dubai Aquarium tank, located on the Ground Level of The Dubai Mall, is the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It houses thousands of aquatic animals, comprising over 140 species. Over 300 sharks and rays live in this tank, including the largest collection of Sand tiger sharks in the world. There are numerous ways for visitors to experience the main Aquarium tank, which measures 51 meters in length, 20 meters in width and 11 meters in height. Walk through the 48-metre Aquarium Tunnel on Ground Level, and explore the Rainforest, rocky shore living ocean environments and UAE night creature at the Underwater Zoo on Level 2.

    Image Credits : salis - Flickr

    Timings: 10 AM to 11 PM on Sundays and Wednesdays and 10 AM to midnight on Thursdays - Saturdays 

    Price: Approximate price for this activity varies depending on the package availed and  range from 100 AED to 250 AED.

  • 25Shopping at Dubai Mall

    Located in the heart the prestigious Downtown Dubai, described as ‘The Centre of Now,’ is The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination, has welcomed more than 80 million visitors in 2014. The Fashion Avenue, the precinct dedicated to high fashion, positions The Dubai Mall as the fashion capital of the region. Another niche component of the mall is The Souk, an elegantly designed precinct featuring jewelry shops, accessory outlets, traditional Arab clothing and handicraft stores, among others. 

    Image Credits : Cazz - Flickr

    Highlights: The Dubai Mall also features the world-class Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo featuring thousands of aquatic animals and a 270-degree walk through the tunnel. The strong family entertainment components include KidZania an innovative children’s ‘edutainment’ concept; the SEGA Republic, a 76,000 sq ft high adrenaline indoor theme park; the 22-screen Reel Cinemas megaplex with a total capacity of 2,800 seats; and the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink.

    Timings: Opens  from 10 AM to 11 PM on Sunday to Wednesday. 10 AM to 12 midnight on Thursday to Saturday.

  • 26Embrace the History and Culture in the Dubai Museum

    Dubai's best museum occupies the sturdy Al Fahidi Fort, structured around 1800 and considered the city's oldest monument. The exhibit charts the emirate's turbo-evolution from fishing and pearling village to global centre of commerce, finance and tourism in engaging, multimedia fashion. A walk-through mock souk, exhibits on Bedouin life in the desert and a room highlighting the importance of the sea illustrate the days before the discovery of oil. The last room showcases archaeological findings from nearby excavation sites. The main exhibit kicks off at the end of a spiralling ramp with a 10-minute video featuring historical Dubai highlights from the 1930s to the 2000s. From here, you cross the deck of a dhow to enter a mock souq with dioramas depicting shopkeepers and craftsmen at work, enhanced by light and sound effects as well as film footage. Other scenes show life at home, at Quran school, in the desert and at sea.

    Timings: Opens from 10 AM to 11 PM on Sunday to Wednesday. 10 AM to 12 midnight on Thursday to Saturday.

  • 27Go Crazy at Wild Wadi Water Park

    Image Credit : Sarah_Ackerman - Flickr

    Located in Jumeirah and facing the splendid Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi Water Park offers 30 thrilling rides and other attractions and is one of the best recognized outdoor water parks in West Asia. Themed around the tale of Juha, a character from Arabian folklore, the outdoor water park is designed to be a delight.The park had featured on The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race Asia 1 and boasts of high-adrenaline rides. It also holds the distinction of having housed the largest water slide outside of the North American continent.

    Image Credits : Sarah_Ackerman - Flickr


    Price: All entry charges are decided according to physical specifications like height, and Wild Wadi Water Park’s rates and opening hours are subject to the discretion of the management.

    Wild Wadi Water Park Tour in Dubai

    Wild Wadi Water Park Tour in Dubai

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  • 28Hit the Snow Slopes in Dubai

    Image Credit : Jon Rawlinson - Flickr

    Situated inside the behemoth shopping mall that is the Mall of the Emirates, this indoor ski resort sprawls over 22,500 square metres for fun in excess. Imagine skiing in the snow in Dubai! Ski Dubai is the very first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, and the massive area is set in a mountain-theme. Here’s the best opportunity to get rollicking in the snow all year round, with great rides and even penguins making this indoor resort their home. Ski Dubai, the indoor ski resort is open throughout the year, where the 5 runs offer a unique experience to suit different levels of expertise. The themed restaurants are a delight in their own fashion.

    Price: Starting from 250 AED onwards, the resort offers a wide array of activities for a gala time in the snow. A ski school on the premise is a wonderful way to support the participants.

    Ski Dubai Ticket in Emirates Mall

    Ski Dubai Ticket in Emirates Mall

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  • 29Visit the Holy Jumeirah Mosque

    Image Credit : toastbrot81 - Flickr

    The only mosque in Dubai that allows non-Muslims to enter, offers a refreshing glimpse into Islam’s rich heritage, which is often marred in the current world. This iconic mosque is built on the lines of the medieval Fatimid tradition, and when illuminated, the minarets and other ornate details simply come to life. Each tour lasts for 75 minutes approximately, and bringing a camera along to the most-photographed mosque in the region, might be a great idea and is a wonderful way to absorb Emirati culture and religion.

    Timings: The visits are organized and start at 10.00 AM on Saturdays to Thursdays. 

    Price: To enter the holy mosque, prepare to shell out 10 AED, while children under the age of 12 are not charged an entry fee.

  • 30Admire the Aqualife in Underwater Zoo

    One of the largest aquariums in the world, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo also holds the record for housing the world’s largest acrylic panel. A gigantic crocodile is a resident here and is one of the major attractions in the underwater zoo. Embedded inside the Dubai Mall, the facility is home to the mysterious Cephalopods in the Kraken’s Lair, and a selected assortment of animal species that thrive in desert environments are on display at UAE’s Night Creatures.The well-maintained underwater zoo is open to thronging tourists throughout the year. The world famous aquarium and zoo figure on most itineraries of tourists flocking to Dubai.

    Price: Price start from 100 AED per person. A membership program is also one of the main draws of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.