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Camping in Kasol

Kheerganga Camping, Riverside Camping, Camping at Malana Magic Valley, Kabila Camps, Mahadev River View Camps, Parvati Woods Camps, Jalpa Camps, Aman Camps, Orchard Camps and many others. 

Camping is a
unique experience to have in Kasol which makes it one of the major adventure travel destinations in India. This beautiful and quiet hamlet, nestled in Parvati Valley, on the banks of Parvati River, is an abode of hippies and is popularly known as ‘Mini Israel’. 

Located at short distances from popular hill stations like Manali and Kullu, Kasol is the top choice for Israeli tourists in India. Besides, Indian adventure-seekers also visit Kasol all round the year to experience either adventure or serenity; or both. 

Owing to numerous
excellent trekking options around Kasol, the hamlet serves as a perfect base for adventurers trekking from Kasol to nearby places. Kasol is situated at a distance of 570 km from the national capital, Delhi. Many people travel to this quiet village during weekends to escape the hubbub of city life and find solace here.

Kasol camps are the most fun accommodations for adventure lovers who want to surround themselves with adventure and nature in Kasol, consistently. Though there are excellent hotels and even homestays available here, if you wish to 
experience the essence of Kasol, camping in the middle of lush green forests is the most appropriate choice.

What makes camping in Kasol even more fun is the presence of Parvati River flowing across the village. Ironically, the sound of the flowing river water makes the mood of this place even more relaxing. You can find excellent campsites in Kasol in the middle of raw nature, offering the views that soothe your soul and make your stay memorable. 

Whether you prefer to stick to the budget or you want to have a stay experience in tents laced with all modern comforts and amenities, there is a huge range of camping options in Kasol. Nothing compares to the experience of staying in the most natural settings with the calming sound of the Parvati River.

Here are some of the best camps in Kasol: 

720 Ratings
Excellent 720 Ratings
720 Ratings Ratings
Adventure Camping in Kasol Flat 23% off
  • 2D/1N
  • Kasol
  • 2D/1N
  • Kasol
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Camping Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Check-In: 10:00 AM on day 1

Check-Out: 11:00 AM on day 2

Considered to be one of the most scenic places in the Himalayas, the Parvati Valley sure does deserve the praise. Home to mesmerizing scenes of the green-clad Himalayas of the state of Himachal Pradesh, and to the wonderful small town of Kasol, Parvati valleys is also the place where this tour takes you to. A Kasol camping adventure is something that you will not forget easily, especially with the refreshing experience of camping under the stars and near a river, beside a campfire.

About the activity:

Reach the campsite located 30 km from Bhuntar on Manikaran Road on your own, Kasol in order to relish your camping experience to the fullest.

Enjoy this great overnight camping at Kasol with your near or dear ones and indulge in good food and bonfire.

Experience a fun and exciting experience on the nature walk in this hilly heaven. 

You can enjoy the bonfire with light music at the riverside with dazzling stars. Enjoy your stay with the chirping of birds, rejuvenating forest breeze.

How to reach the campsite?

By Road: Take a bus from Delhi/Chandigarh to Bhuntar. Get down at the Bhuntar bus stand and from there take a local bus ride or hire a taxi to Kasol. 

By Air: Fly from Delhi airport to either Kullu or to Dharamsala and from there take the local bus to reach Kasol. It is a distance of 511 km from Delhi and 269 km from Chandigarh.

Variants: It is available in 2 variants.

1. Stay in Alpine Tents
2. Stay in Swiss Tents

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415 Ratings
Excellent 415 Ratings
415 Ratings Ratings
Kasol Riverside Camping Experience Flat 30% off
  • 2D/1N
  • Kasol
  • 2D/1N
  • Kasol
₹900 ₹630
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Kasol in the famous Parvati Valley is one of the emerging favorite locations to camp and trek at in Northern India. With that being said, Kasol actually is like all of the wildest imaginations and all that you may have heard so far about it. This tour takes you on a riverside camping and trekking experience in the green hills and valley of Kasol and Parvati. You will be also visiting the famous Chalal, the Little Amsterdam of India famous for the trance parties that attract tourists from all over the world. You will also experience dancing and singing around the Bonfire here.
About the Activity:
  • Arrive at the Campsite on your own and check into the cozy and comfortable camps
  • Freshen up and have your breakfast before you leave for sightseeing on your own.
  • Arrive at camp and enjoy the bonfire session with dinner, dancing and singing, before settling in for the night
  • Spend a night at the camps before waking up the next morning and checking out to end the trip
Group Size: Min 2 people
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255 Ratings
Excellent 255 Ratings
255 Ratings Ratings
Kasol Camping with Chalal and Kheerganga Trek
  • 3D/2N
  • Kasol
  • 3D/2N
  • Kasol
₹2,699 ₹2,025
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Camp Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Check in time: 10:0 AM on day 1 in Kasol Camp

Check out time: 09:30 AM on day 3 from Kheerganga Camp

Himachal Pradesh has many gems in the Parvati Valley, one of them is Kheerganga. This 12 km long Kheerganga trek starts from Barshaini which is a picturesque hamlet near Kasol. 
Kheer Ganga is a holy place with a hot water spring. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. According to legend, Kartikeya the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati meditated for a thousand years at Khir Ganga making it an important religious place for Hindus. The trek is very pleasant and offers some excellent views. After climbing the Kheer Ganga, a quick bath in the hot spring relaxes the mind and body. The view of the sunset apart from trekking through Kheer Ganga forests are an incredible experience. 
The trek welcomes all from beginners to avid trekkers. The majestic views of Kheerganga will leave you spell-bounded. Camping at the summit is something that you will never forget. The summit of the trek offers magic with the chilly winds, fresh air, tranquil surroundings, lush greenery, and snow-capped mountains. Also get a chance to trek to Chalal, the Little Amsterdam famous for the crazy parties that happen here. And to top it all off, the tour also includes a chance to camp by the riverside in Kasol.

You will start your trip by arriving in Kasol and then you will go on a trek to Chalal by the river Parvati. Overnight s
tay in camps by the riverside in Kasol before starting the Trek to Kheerganga on next day. You will pass through the famous Rudra Nag waterfall midway the trek. This will make you fall in love with the place as you camp on the edge of a beautiful scenery and then you will return back to Kasol.

Activities to do:

Exploration: The Kheerganga trek offers a golden chance to explore the quaint villages and hamlets to know the Pahadi culture, traditions and lifestyle.

Trekking: Other than trekking, you can also do short treks from Kasol to Chalal, Malana, and Tosh Village. Trekking in the Parvati valley is an amazing adventure to do.

Camping: Camping under the starry sky, at Kasol near the riverside and at the top of Kheerganga will be magical and exciting. The bonfire will work as a cherry on the cake.

How to reach the campsite?

By Road: 
Take a bus from Delhi/Chandigarh to Bhuntar. Get down at the Bhuntar bus stand and from there take a local bus ride or hire a taxi to Kasol. 

By Air: Fly from Delhi airport to either Kullu or to Dharamsala and from there take the local bus to reach Kasol. It is a distance of 511 km from Delhi and 269 km from Chandigarh.

Variants: It is available in two variants.

1. Camping with common washroom(Alpine Tents)

2. Camping with attached washroom(Swiss Tents)

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535 Ratings
Superb 535 Ratings
535 Ratings Ratings
Camping in Kasol with Trek to Malana Magic Valley @ ₹4500!
  • 3D/2N
  • Kasol
  • 3D/2N
  • Kasol
₹5,625 ₹4,500
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About Camping in Kasol:

Kasol has enamored thousands of travelers till date and it is the unrivaled hub of serenity, authentic traditions, and cultural enhancements. 
Delight in this 3 days 2-night Kasol camping expedition that enables you to witness the stunning beauty of Kasol. 

Stay in a camp close to the beauty of nature Indulge in the relishing trekking trip to Malana Valley and nearby places on the second day of the tour. 

Enthrall in a trip that provides you with a stay next to the bank of River Parvati, where you can bask in the beautiful view of nature around, indulge in fishing and other activities.  Relish the meal around a bonfire while enjoying the scenic landscapes comprising of stunning river valley sprawling the region.

About Kasol:

If you are looking for something that would last longer than any other memory of Parvati Valley, then the experience of camping in Kasol would definitely find its way in your itinerary. Located by the River Parvati, Kasol is a quaint and untouched small town replete with nature’s best in terms of beauty and experiences.

What can easily be called a paradise for photographers, Kasol is surrounded by hill slopes covered in the color green as far as the eyes go, and beyond that, unending vistas of snowy mountains of the Himalayas.

A place that is more of an experience than a destination, there are a lot of things to do in Kasol. You can take a hike in the many scenic trails here or can spend an amazing night or two in of the amazing and quaint Kasol camps.

Speaking of camping in Kasol, this campsite that sits right by the River Parvati is something that you shouldn’t be missing on. Starting with your arrival in Bhuntar and then in Kasol, you will be checked into your camps, post which you can enjoy the natural beauty of the region around, alongside the torrential stream of River Parvati.

When you wake up the next morning, you will start the trek to what is one of the most cut-off and mystical regions in India, Malana.  Gateway to the beautiful Magic Valley, the trek is some of the most scenic ones in the region, leading you to the serene campsite for the day.

This untouched piece of land is so far away from any pollution or technology that it will become your favorite getaway from connectivity. Enjoy a campfire here under billions of star in this pristine valley far away from civilization, before returning to Kasol as the end of a brilliant trip.

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395 Ratings
Excellent 395 Ratings
395 Ratings Ratings
Kheerganga Trek And Camping In Kasol Flat 20% Off
  • 3D/2N
  • Kasol
  • 3D/2N
  • Kasol
₹3,225 ₹2,550
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Available Group Departure: All Weekends of Feb, March, April, May, June.      
It can be availed on all days provided the group size should be above 2 pax.

About the Activity:

About the Kasol and Kheerganga Trek:

- Come and join this Kasol-Kheerganga trek trip for 3 days and 2 nights where you can rediscover yourself in the very relaxing sight of the Himalayas.
- Kheerganga in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh offers a mystical journey into the woods and is one of the gifted abode for natural sulfur hot water springs.
- From the valley, you can behold the incomparable beauty of Parvati River and the glacier of Lahaul Spiti.
- Find this trip more energetic and enthusiastic with a bath in the hot springs that will let you shed away all your pains and sorrows.

About the Destination:

An emerging favorite of the country is the Kheerganga trek in the beautiful land of Kasol, which is a small town housed on the slopes of Parvati Valley. Nestled on the fringes of Parvati River, Kasol has found its place in the tourism face of Himachal Pradesh for being a pleasant getaway throughout the year. Apart from that, Kasol is also famous for being a favorite for budget travelers from around the country looking to have a memorable and scenic getaway in the Himalayas. 

And their search always ends at Kasol because the River Parvati has gifted this small hill station with scenic treks, pristine beauty, green slopes, majestic waterfall, high altitude meadows and natural hot springs, a combination of which makes it the place to unwind after a break from the boring weekday life. And one of the most valuable gems of Kasol is the meadow of Kheerganga.

Strict Guidelines :

In any unforeseen circumstance if Kheerganga Trek cannot be conducted then any alternate trek will be conducted or alternative will be provided by the operator as per their discretion based on the situation and availability. 

The campsite might or might not be riverside , depending upon the past scenarios high and low tides can lead to casualties.

Tents will be provided on multiple sharing basis based on the group size and availability.

Israeli Psy Music Party : We would be providing a glimpse of it to enhance the experience of the travelers.

Travelers are requested to kindly coordinate with on-ground operators.

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Kabila Camps

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Kabila Camps

One of the well-known Kasol camps, famous for hospitality and excellent amenities, Kabila Camps, offers various accommodation options according to your requirements and budget. The options for you to choose from range from luxury Swiss tents that come with modern amenities to comfortable tents at low rates for budget travelers. 

Located just a few steps away from the divine Parvati River, these camps in Kasol offer mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills that revive your energy. You can also enjoy mouth-watering delicacies during your stay here.

Amenities: Garden. Free Wi-Fi. Balconies with mountain views.

Activities: Rafting. Camping. Paragliding.

Location: 4 km from Kasol Town. 6 km from Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib.

Price: INR 1,800-6,000.

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Mahadev River View Camps

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Mahadev River View Camps

Staying true to its name, this campsite offers stunning views of Parvati River with lush green hills in the backdrop, creating a hypnotizing composition. Located at a 20 minutes walk from the city center, this campsite is the perfect stay option to experience the fun of camping in Kasol.

There is a range of camps available here. If you want to spend your time in Kasol resting in luxury accommodation, you can find luxury tents with all modern amenities at Mahadev River View Camps. And, if you are a budget traveler looking for low-priced accommodation, there are options for you as well. 

This campsite is also an ideal option if you feel like savoring tasty delicacies from the local and international cuisines as well.

Amenities: River View. Food.

1.1 km from Kasol city center.

Starting from INR 1900/-

Also Check Out: Affordable Kasol Tour Packages

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Parvati Woods Camps

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Parvati Woods Camps

Home into the woods, away from home. Located at a walking distance from the town area, these camps are your perfect accommodation to experience the Kasol vibes through camps in Kasol. Camping at Parvati Woods Camps, located at a scenic location near Parvati River is the best stay option in the middle of the refreshing atmosphere of this beautiful hill station. 

This is also a great option for you if you are a foodie because they serve food you are going to remember forever. Moreover, they also offer local village tours apart from various adventure activities that will save you from undue hassle. trekking here is one of the best things to do in Kasol.

Amenities: Bonfire. Music. Heating. Parking. Power socket. Restaurant.

Activities: Trekking. Fishing. Mountaineering. Cycling.

Location: Manikaran Rd, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105

Price: Starting from INR 500/-.

Check Out: Best Time & Season to Visit Kasol

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Orchard Camps

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Orchard Camps

Whether you are an adventurer or a person seeking solace, this villa is where you will find what you are seeking. Breathe in the untainted air of Kasol and hear the soothing humming of Parvati River staying in these comfortable tents with all modern amenities, based amidst the picturesque hills. It is one of the most famous tourist places in Kasol

There is also a garden where you can relax and gaze at the wonderful creativity of the nature Kasol is. The location of this campsite is perfect if you want to cut off from the outer world and yet stay just a walking distance from the activity since it is located at a short distance from the market area, just next to Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib.

If you want the real experience of camping in Kasol, try these camps.

Amenities: Hot Spring Bath, Garden, Mountain View.

Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing.

Location: 5 minutes walk from Kasol market area

Price: Starting from INR 2000/-.

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Jalpa Camps

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Jalpa Camps

Kasol is an abode for hippies and this camps in Kasol is the best accommodation where you can feel the hippie vibes of Kasol. Pick this campsite for mouth-watering vegetarian delicacies served in its restaurant and a comfortable stay in beautiful tents. 

You can even enjoy a terrace and hot spring bath at Jalpa Camps. Located close to the market area of Kasol, this is an ideal place for memorable camping in Kasol. One more reason why this campsite is amazing is that pets are allowed here.

Amenities: Outdoor Dining Area, Pets Allowed, Safe Deposit Box.

Activities: Bike Tours, Walking Tours, Cycling, Hiking, Fishing.

Location: Choj, 2 km from Kasol city center.

Price: Starting from INR 800/-.

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Aman Camps

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Aman Camps

If you are looking for a campsite with an unmatched location in Kasol, Kasol Aman Camps is the best stay option for you. Surrounded by beautiful hills, this well-maintained campsite in Kasol offers all modern amenities. There are a variety of options in the form of luxury tents and budget-friendly comfortable accommodations. 

If you want to indulge in adventure activities in Kasol, you can even have a hot spring bath at Kasol Aman Camps to relax your muscles after you come back. The campsite also has a restaurant where you can enjoy some lip-smacking dishes from Indian and international cuisines.

 Hot spring Bath. On-site Restaurant. Parking Facility. Room Service.

Evening Entertainment. Hiking. Bicycle Riding.

Old Kasol at a walking distance from Kasol town.

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Parvati View Riverside Camps

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Parvati View Riverside Camps
Image Credit : Booking.com

While choosing accommodation in a hill station, one of the most important factors is its location and the views it offers. Parvati View Riverside Camps offer unequaled views of Parvati River that make your stay here a dreamlike experience. 

At this camps in Kasol, you can find a range of comfortable tents to match your budget and even the luxury ones. There is also a garden where you can spend some quality time appreciating the beauty of Kasol. This is an excellent option among budget Kasol Camps with modern amenities.

Hot Spring Bath, Fold-up Bed, Garden, Parking, BBQ Facility.

Activities: Hiking, Evening Entertainment.

Location: 19 km from Kullu-Manali Airport

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13 June 2019
"It was a wonderful journey and enjoyed a lot and welcome gesture was good and the guides were good"
24 June 2019
"One of the experiences, which will always remain in my memories. Kheerganga is a trek which is beautiful, not so tough, tiring but the moment you reach the destination, you forget it all and you feel that you have reached a different realm altogether. I can still feel the fresh air hitting my face up there. anyone who can trek 4-5 hours continuously, please do not miss this place.\nand our trek guide is VICKY a very good person\n"
17 August 2019
Highly satisfied with my maiden camping experience at HIM CAFE.. Realy awe-inspiring views around the camp. Decent food to get in a hilly terrain. Pawan-caretaker is too friendly and caring. Tents were clean and safe.. Day 1: Reached the camp by 2.00 pm checked in the tent. Started trek to Tosh village after a Powernap at the tent. Tosh village is too beautiful that it couldnt be penned down. Wittnessed aome melting snow while sunset which is an imsane experience. You can enjoy at cafes at Tosh before your way bck to the camp. Had dinner. Enjoyed Bonfire. Day2: If you are trekker then use this day for an early morning trek to a stunning water falls which is little above the Tosh village. Come back for a sun kissed breakfast. I had Kheerganga in my list so i started to Barshaini which is the starting point of the Kheer ganga trek. So its ideal to stay at Tosh before/after a trek to kheerganga. Amenities at camp: Food Tents Cafe Kitchen Clean washrooms And what not amazing sceneries around. An amazing one day backpacking experience which could carry lot of insane memories. Happy Trekking..
02 August 2019
"It was a nice trip, I loved how beautiful that place was"
10 October 2019
"The agent Ramesh Sharma was very very good, he was very genuine and helpful and polite.. He helped us keep our luggage safely. The trek is definitely great but our guide was not so helpful but the trail was itself leading to the destination. Our guide left us on our way down and was not seen thereafter.. The lodging and food on kheerganga was quite good. The guide was giving us a twin share small tent but that could be easily wet if it rained, so we asked him to provide us a bigger tent and he did.. Kheerganga is astoundingly beautiful. Must visit.. "
26 March 2020
I have been on many treks, some good some bad but in this case, the experience was fantastic. First of all, kudos to the customer service team of Thrillophilia who went out of their way to explain to me each and every detail about Sar Pass Trekking and helped me with a smooth ticket booking experience. The trek was awesome. From food to the guide everything was on point.
16 March 2020
I always wanted to experience the Sar Pass Trek and Thrillophilia made that happen. Booking tickets for me and my friends from Thrillophilia was a breeze. The tour was amazing and the guide really helped us with a lot of things throughout the trip and never complained. Overall, I must say that the experience was wholesome and if you are an adventurer, you need to visit this trek.
29 February 2020
Trip was very good and enjoy full... just issue your transport service not good
25 February 2020
"overall good"
16 February 2020
Hey hi! I'm Divya. This was my experience with Thrillophilia and it was amazing. They've responded always whenever I needed them. About this trip, firstly Kasol is a very beautiful place and the camp we were staying at is located Riverside, a very beautiful location and the hosts are lovely ppl, very friendly, camp in Kasol. They've taken us on Trek to Chalal .... This is a trek trail that goes along the river up to the village of Chalal. And next day was the Kasol trek. It is the beautiful trek that I've experienced till now ( not that I've climbed many mountains and hills). It was covered all over with snow. The views were amazing.. We had a guide trekker who took us on the trek. Overall it was a wonderful experience!!! Thanks to Thrillophilia, sincerely!!!!

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People Also Ask About Kasol

  1. Which are the best treks are available in Kasol under lowest prices?

  2. Which are the best places to visit near Kasol?

    There are many famous destinations around Kasol. Here is the list of best places to visit near Kasol:

    1.  Manali - 74 Km from Kasol
    2. Kheerganga - 22 Km from Kasol
    3. Malana - 22 Km from Kasol
    4. Bhuntar - 32 Km from Kasol
    5. Gulaba, Rohtang Pass - 95 km From Kasol
  3. What are the best resorts in Kasol for a comfortable stay?

    Click here to check out the list of best resorts in Kasol starting @ Rs. 1300/-

    1. Hotel Sandhya - Starting from INR 3,500
    2. Brick And Wood Cottages - Starting from INR 1,300
    3. The Himalayan Village  - Starting from INR 10,600
    4. Parvati Kuteer - Starting from INR 2,110-2,800
    5. Hotel Royal Palace -  Starting from INR 3,420
  4. Which are the best Cafes in Kasol?

    Explore the Best Cafes in Kasol to enjoy your weekend. Click here to know the best Cafes for parties and food.

    1. Stone Garden Cafe - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 600-700
    2. Buddha Place - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 600
    3. Moon Dance Cafe - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 600
    4. Jim Morrison Cafe - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 650
    5. Riverview Café - Cost for Two: Approximately Rs 800-900
  5. Is it safe to go camping in Kasol?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to go camping in Kasol. As the camping sites of Kasol are popular all over the world, a huge number of people visit Kasol for camping. So, you will always have people around you, if you need any help.
  6. How do you get to Tosh from Kasol?

    Tosh is a beautiful village in Parvati Valley situated around 20 km away from Kasol. The best way to get to Tosh from Kasol is to take any bus en route Manali, and then get off at Bhuntar, which is a stop above 50kms from Manali. From here, one can easily get to Barshaini. From there, Tosh is only a short distance away and can be trekked on foot. Trekking to Tosh from Barshaini would take around 1 hour and 15 minutes. One can also take a shared cab uphill, which would take around 20 minutes and a 100 rupee fare to reach Tosh.

  7. When is the best time to visit Kasol for camping?

    The most ideal time for enjoying camping in Kasol is from the month of November to the month of February. During this time of the year, the place presents unadulterated scenic beauty, offering you the chance to camp amidst lofty snow-clad mountains.
  8. What is the general cost of camping in Kasol?

    In general, the average cost of camping in Kasol starts from INR 800 and goes up to about INR 7,000 per head. However, the cost tends to vary on the basis of several factors including, the season, duration, the camping site, and the adventure sports you choose to participate in.
  9. Where can I go from Kasol?

    Nearby destinations worth a visit in Kasol:

    Chalal is the nearest place to Kasol and can be reached by just crossing the bridge across Parvati river.

    This serene hamlet is located only 20kms away from Kasol and can be reached through a scenic trek.

    Kheerganga is only around 5-6 km away from Kasol, and the only way to reach it is on foot. The reward? A natural hot spring surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

    Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga:
    Although they are three different villages, Kalga, Pulga and Tulga are fondly referred to as the “trio”, and can be reached easily via the Barshaini route.

    : One of the most popular tourist destination spots in India, Manali- divided into Old and New Manali- can be easily reached from Kasol by first taking a bus from Kasol to Bhuntar, and then hailing another bus from there to Manali.

    : Triund is a flat plain area between the majestic Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Although the trek-time to Triund is shorter than the time to Tosh or Kheerganga, the climb is steeper and a little more tiresome.

  10. What is the best time to visit Kheerganga Camping?

    The most ideal time for enjoying camping in Kheerganga is from the month of April to June and from the month of September to October. During this time, the weather remains pleasant and the sky remains clear with a very low possibility of rainfall.
  11. Which is better Manali or Kasol?

    Manali and Kasol are two very different destinations and are not exactly comparable. Although the atmosphere in Manali is more tourist-oriented, Kasol offers off-beat travel options with esoteric destinations and is worth a visit. Unlike Manali, Kasol is relatively untouched by tourist activity. As a result, the hotels are more budget-friendly. Kasol is a perfect holiday option for those who want to back-pack across the countryside or those who are looking for a bit of an adventure, or even those who simply want to relax amidst the lap of nature.

  12. What is special in Kasol?

    What makes Kasol really special and popular among tourists is its lush landscapes, the rolling green and white hills, the roaring rush of rivers and the confluence of cultures in the heart of the village. The beauty of Kasol, with its trekking trails, its flea markets, and its quaint cafes, remain unparalleled.

    Kasol is also known for its ‘pot-culture’, or the open use of hashish by its residents. It’s also highly regarded for holding the melting point of several religions in Manikaran. Manikaran is a pilgrimage center for both Sikhs and Hindus. It has many temples, including the Lord Ramachandra Temple and the Temple to Lord Shiva. It also houses the Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib.

  13. How far is tosh from Kasol?

    The village of Tosh is around 20kms away from Kasol. To reach there, one has to first reach Barshaini by buses and then trek all the way to Tosh via Pulga village. This trek route is around 7 km long and takes around 4-5 hours on foot. One can also hitch a ride or hail a cab to reach Kasol from Barshaini, which would take around 15-20 minutes of journey.

  14. What is Kasol known for?

    The multi-cultural hamlet of Kasol is best-known for its trekking trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty. Its most popular trekking trails include the Chalal Trekking Trail, the Tosh trail, The Rasol Trail and the Malana trail. There are also longer, and more challenging trails such as the Rudrang Trail, the Kheerganga Trail, or the snow-clad Sar Pass Trek, which takes around 5 days to complete and is said to be one of the most difficult trekking trails ever attempted.
  15. Is there snow in Kasol?

    Yes, Kasol experiences heavy snowfall, accompanied by showers during its winter months between October to February. During these months, most of the trekking trails and roads in this area remain covered in thick layers of snow and remain inhospitable. Temperature during this season varies between 3 to 10 degrees and there are often road blockages.
  16. Why is Kasol called Mini Israel?

    The main reason why Kasol is known as Mini Israel is due to the large number of Jewish and Israeli migrants who have settled here. As a result, there are also a large number of Israeli tourists who visit the place each year. The considerably large Jewish population in Kasol has also influenced its culture, cuisine, and lifestyle. Most of the cafés and stores that line the Kasol streets have signboards written in Hebrew. Israeli cuisine and dressing styles have also penetrated the Kasoli culture. The locals of Kasol are also well-versed in Hebrew.

  17. Is Kasol safe?

    Yes, Kasol is a completely safe holiday option, and especially for solo travelers or a group of holidaying friends. However, its open use of marijuana and its rave hippie culture may prompt families, especially those with children, to reconsider.

  18. Which place is best, Kasol or Kasauli?

    Located in Himachal Pradesh, both Kasol and Kasauli are scenic hill stations and popular summer destinations for tourists from both India and abroad. However, the atmosphere and lifestyle of Kasol and Kasauli are completely opposite to each other. Both places are equally stunning and worth a visit.

    However, while Kasauli is more crowded, noisy and tourist-oriented with a busy nightlife culture and multiple shopping centres, Kasol is more tranquil, serene and slow. While Kasol is more of an adventurous town, with natural attractions such as hot pools and trekking trails, Kasauli is known for its scenic beauty and has multiple tourist spots to visit.

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