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  • Turkey truly is, for many a traveller’s a paradise! Be it its rich history, stunning beaches or its delicious cuisine, there are a lot of places to visit in Turkey, waiting to be explored. It is this diversity that captivates many. It’s not just the coexistent influence of the Mediterranean, Central Asia, the Balkans and the Middle East that attract people, but the general friendliness of the Turkish people makes thousands of travellers visit this place every year!

    Sure, Istanbul is probably the most famous city, but Turkey has so much more to offer which you might not be aware of. If you plan to travel to Turkey for the first time, it's important that you go there prepared for the most popular Turkey tourist places. Not only shall it save you much time but you would be able to enjoy your vacation in the best possible manner. 

    Whether you are a solo traveller, travelling with friends, tagging your family or spouse along, Turkey will suffice your tastes and preferences. Choices are varied, whether you want to go shopping, visit the historical places or just enjoy the nightlife. After all, all travellers can attest to the fact that travelling to Turkey is just like tiptoeing through a natural wonderland which never disappoints!
  • 01Places to Visit in Istanbul

    Places to Visit in Istanbul

    1. Hagia Sophia Museum: With regards to architectural history and art, Hagia Sophia Museum is definitely one of the topmost visited places in Istanbul. If you are into history, don’t miss out on the place.

    2. Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque): As Turkey’s sole six minarets mosque, there are many legends associated with it. For the best possible experience, approach it from the West side of the mosque (the Hippodrome).

    3. Topkapi Palace: Transformed in 1924, spanning over 400,000 square meters and containing over 300,000 historical archive papers, it is the first and one of the biggest palace-museums in Turkey.

    4. Basilica Cistern: As Istanbul’s biggest Byzantine cisterns, it was built in 532 AD and most people who visit this place find the conception and depths to be quite stunning. 

    5. Suleymaniye Mosque: As one of the most popular landmarks of Istanbul, Suleymaniye Mosque was built in 1557 and offers a great view of the Bosphorus & Golden Horn.

    6. Dolmabahce Palace: The Ottoman Sultans once resided here and this place was also the administrative centre. This palace is renowned all over the world for its unmatched beauty and glamour. 

    7. Grand Bazaar: For centuries now, Grand Bazaar has been Istanbul’s heart with over 4000 shops and attracts thousands of visitors every day. 

    8. Miniaturk: Established in 2003, Miniaturk is one of the biggest miniature parks in the world, spanning across 650,000 sq ft. done in 1/25th scale, this park has over 105 models.  

    9. Gulhane Park: Situated in Istanbul’s Eminonu district, it is an urban park which has decades of history associated with it. It is one of the oldest public parks around.

    10. Bosphorus Cruise: This is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. Enjoy the half day guided tours of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus District to have an unforgettable experience.

    11. Kariye Museum (The Chora Church): Decorated with the most stunning and oldest Byzantine mosaics, this medieval church was later converted into a museum in 1948 in Edirnekapi.

    12. Galata Tower: This medieval stone tower is one of Istanbul's highest and oldest towers, spanning almost 206 feet high. If you want a panoramic view of the city, this is the place.

    13. Duden Waterfalls: The truly magnificent Duden waterfalls is definitely one of the most popular tourist places. You shall notice heaps of volcanic materials around in the cave & river bed.

  • 02Places to Visit in Antalya

    Places to Visit in Antalya
    14. Antalya Aquarium: If you want to get educated, entertained and amused at the same time, this huge 40 thematic aquarium complex is just the place for you. 

    15. Kursunlu Waterfalls: Surrounded by pine forests, the sheer size of this waterfall will amaze you. For residents of Antalya, this is one of the most popular picnic spots.  

    16. Hadrian's Gate: The Roman emperor Hadrian built this triumphal Arch which serves as an entrance gate. Over the years, a lot more of this gate has been uncovered.  

    17. Kaleici, Antalya Old Town: It’s called the old town for a reason. People actually started living here nearly 2500 years back and its predecessors date back to nearly half a million years. 

    18. Antalya Muzesi: Covering nearly 75,000 sqft, this museum has an open-air gallery, 5000 artworks and 13 halls to exhibit them. This is one of Turkey’s most prominent museums. 

    19. Harbour District/Antalya Marina: This marina resembles a crescent and is a Hubspot for fishermen. There are also several stalls and cafes for you to indulge in. You could also see several small yachts.   

    20. Hidirlik Tower: This landmark tower stands tall at around 46 ft and is one of the most visited Turkey tourist places. Over the years, this has also been used as a lighthouse. 

    21. Lara Beach: As one of the most famous beaches of Antalya, this is a place where you shall see pristine sands and crystal clear water. Enjoy in the midst of total tranquillity.  

    22. Konyaalti Beach: Want to take some time off your daily hustle and bustle? This peaceful beach has everything to offer, right from cafes to nightclubs.
    23. Mermerli Beach: Surrounded by lush vegetation and cliffs, this is a private beach which offers unmatched beauty. There’s no shortage of food and refreshments around to keep you occupied.   

    24. Vanilla Restaurant: The restaurant is known to provide a sumptuous dining experience for a variety of cuisines by using modern, innovative and classic cooking techniques.

    25. 7 Mehmet Restaurant: Want to try out some of Turkey’s traditional home foods? The 7 Mehmet restaurant has consistently maintained the highest level of home food alive over the years. 
  • 03Places to Visit in Pamukkale

    Places to Visit in Pamukkale
    26. Pamukkale Thermal Pools/Travertines of Pamukkale: These brilliant and often surreal thermal pools are a sight to behold and that’s why it is one of the most popular places to visit in Turkey. 

    27. Pamukkale Amphitheatre: You’d simply be spellbound by the sheer structure of this place. If you are into architectural ruins and history, you’ll definitely love this place. 

    28. Pamukkale Natural Park: Most ideal as a picnic spot, the Pamukkale Natural Park serves as a retreat to man Turkish families during the weekends. It’s a peaceful place to be at.

    29. Cleopatra Pools: Want to have a bath in the waters which Cleopatra once did? Although these are ancient pools, modern spa facilities have been equipped to cater to modern people.  

    30. Laodikeia: Along with the Pamukkale, the Laodikeia is definitely one of the most prominent archaeological remains of this city which dates back to 5500 BCE. 

    31. Bodrum Castle: Built on the ancient site of Halicarnassus, this castle may not be so popular, but, it definitely has its charm. It comprises of pristine beaches, bars, and restaurants. 

    32. Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology: With over 14 exhibition halls showcasing underwater artefacts, this 1964 built museum is a popular spot for tourists and locals. 

    33. Castle Of St. Peter (Bodrum City): Built in the 15th century, this castle is probably one of the most prominent spots of Bodrum. It also showcases statues and other artefacts. 

    34. Mausoleum At Halicarnassus: Built in the 350 BC, it has its four sides adorned with sculptures and stands at a height of nearly 148ft.

    35. Bodrum Amphitheatre: This famous landmark was built primarily during the Hellenistic age in the hillside. In the modern era, it is mainly used to stage theatrical productions. 

    36. Port Bodrum Yalikavak (Bodrum City): As one of the biggest marinas in Bodrum, it's a great place to hang out at. Whether it's the chic boutiques or the variety of eateries, you can find everything here.  

    37. Bodrum Deniz Muzesi: Opened in 2011, this museum holds the ancient maritime history of Bodrum. The archives and models dating back to nearly 3000 years are exhibited here.  

    38. Bitez Beach: This beach is mainly known for its water sports and a huge number of sunbeds on offer. It’s a great place for snorkelling. You can also enjoy boat rides at affordable prices. 

    39. Yahsi Beach (Ortakent): Situated in Ortakent, this is different from other beaches because it's an open bay. You can enjoy a wide number of water activities here. 

    40. Annalivia Restaurant, Gumbet: Visit this popular restaurant if you want to try some of the finest dishes and enjoy friendly services without splurging a huge amount of money. 

    41. La Pasion Restaurant: With incredible cooked food, courteous staff, and a happening environment, this restaurant often serves as a go-to place for tourists and locals.
  • 04Places to Visit in Kusadasi

    Places to Visit in Kusadasi
    42. House of the Virgin Mary: Located on Mt Koressos, this Muslim and Catholic shrine was discovered in the 19th century. It attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world every year. 

    43. Temple of Artemis: Considered as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, this temple got destroyed completely in 401 AD. The remains of the sculptures make for a great viewing site. 

    44. Dilek National Park: Considered as one of Turkey’s most important natural heritage, this natural park spans across 27, 598 hectares. Go there to watch some of the most endangered species. 

    45. Adaland: This is one of the best waterparks in Turkey and that’s why it’s one of the most visited Turkey tourist places. Enjoy a wide variety of water activities to suffice your tastes. 

    46. Kusadasi Castle: You could easily spend an hour in this castle enjoying great views of the city and its surroundings. If you are a photographer, there shall be many chances of clicking stunning pictures. 

    47. Priene: Located at the height of 1250 ft above sea level, it overlooks the ocean from above steep slopes. Now, it's more inland due to the vast changes in the landscape over the years.  

    48. Ladies Beach: Don’t be confused by the name; even men can visit this place. Visit there and take a sunbed. It won’t cost you much and you shall enjoy a lot. 

    49. Golden Boys Restaurant: Whether it's the starters, mains or the desserts, you will find food worth your money. With a peaceful ambience and great music, it will make for a great evening. 

    50. Saray Restaurant: In the midst of narrow streets and surrounded by historic buildings, this restaurant is worth a try. The lip-smacking dishes shall compel you to come back again and again.

    51. Planet Yucca Restaurant: With live music ready to enthral you and delicious dishes waiting to satisfy your taste buds, this restaurant shall give you the finest dining experience in Kusadasi.
  • 05Places to Visit in Izmir

    Places to Visit in Izmir
    52. SaatKulesi (Clock Tower)/Konak Square: Located in the Konak district of Izmir, this clock tower has huge historical significance attached to it. It is one of the main attractions of the Konak Square.  

    53. Asansor: Although this elevator was primarily used to carry people and goods up the hillside, it has changed a lot over the years. Now there’s a very famous restaurant on top of it.  

    54. Izmir Archaeological Museum: Want to see some of the oldest and popular artefacts from in and around Izmir?  This archaeological museum holds a piece of Izmir’s rich history. 

    55. Key Museum: If you love cars or are enthusiastic about them, you shall love this place. With a huge collection of vintage vehicles, this place will definitely amaze you. 

    56. Arkas Art Center: As one of the most renowned cultural centres in Izmir, the Arkas Art Center has 2 floors, with a total of 10 exhibition rooms and showcases works of international painters.   

    57. Hisar Mosque: This mosque was built in the 16th century and is one of the biggest attractions of the city. Many people consider this as one of the most popular places to visit in Turkey and for the right reasons. 

    58. Izmir Atatürk Museum: Built by a carpet merchant, this museum depicts a neoclassic style of building and covers around 852 square meters. Each and every room is decorated with beautiful sculptures. 

    59. Agora Open Air Museum: If you are in Izmir, this place is a must visit. If you are into archaeology and want to know more about its culture, visiting this museum would be worth your time. 

    60. Izmir Natural Life Park: Consisting of nearly 120 different species and almost 1500 animals, this natural park is definitely one of the best attractions of Izmir. Visit this place and you could end up spending hours there. 

    61. Synagogue Street: Seating around 3000 people, this synagogue is one of the two largest in the world. This place is by far the centre of attraction of the city. 

    62. Tavaci Recep Usta Restaurant: Located on the city’s Asian side, this restaurant is one of the best places to eat around. If you want to try the traditional food at best rates, this is it. 

    63. Topcu Restaurant: This restaurant was the preferred choice for celebrities to dine during the 90s and it hasn’t lost its charm till now. Needless to say, the food is delicious.  

    64. Ilica Public Beach: Want the full resort experience? Head to the Ilica Beach for a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience. The water is said to have several health benefits. 
  • 06Places to Visit in Bursa

    Places to Visit in Bursa
    65. Grand/Great Mosque (Bursa): Incorporated in a Seljuk style of design, this mosque was built in 1399 and has about 20 domes. The fountain inside the dome is famous amongst worshippers.  

    66. Green Tomb (Bursa): If you want to know more about the architectural style of the Ottoman Empire, this tomb is a great place to start with. It serves as a popular symbol of Bursa. 

    67. Bursa Zoo: This zoo is not just for kids as adults too can enjoy quality time here. Whether it’s with the water seal or the penguin, you will definitely enjoy your time here. 

    68. Uludag National Park (Bursa): If you are interested in participating in winter sports activities, then don’t miss out on this national park. This park is situated at a distance of 36 km from Bursa. 

    69. Tombs of Osman (Bursa): Situated in the midst of beautiful mountains, this tomb is one of the best places to visit in Turkey since it’s made for the founder of the Ottoman Empire. 

    70. Nusretiye Clock Tower (Bursa): Erected in 1848, this clock tower is about 15m high and is a true testament to the architectural style of the Ottoman Empire. Visit this place to know more about its history. 

    71. Hunkar Kosku (Bursa): Although this museum is relatively small, it is surrounded by lovely gardens. This place also has a terrace which offers a panoramic view of the whole city. 

    72. Muradiye Complex (bursa): This complex has 12 tombs, a theology school, hamam and a mosque. It was built somewhere around 1426. You could easily spend hours in this place. 

    73. Oylat Cave (Bursa): This cave is one of the best places to visit in Turkey as several fossils have been found here over the years. The entrance of this cave is about 20 feet high. 

    74. Bursa Exit (Bursa): If you want to try something different which spikes your adrenaline, you can participate in the only escape game in Bursa and make your way through puzzles. 

    75. Inka Historic Plane (Bursa): If you are passionate about the history of aeroplanes of the times gone by, this place won’t disappoint you at all. It’s one of the best Turkey tourist places.  
  • 07Other Places to Visit in Turkey

    Other Places to Visit in Turkey
    76. Cappadocia: This place includes unique historical mansions and cultural features. There are several underground cities located in this place which attract tourists from all over the world. 

    77. Ephesus (Izmir):  This place is one of the wonders of the Ancient World. Tourists visit here to witness the ruins of the ancient city temples and the city’s great theatre. 

    78. Side: This ancient city is located on the Mediterranean coast. Long Sea beaches are the main attraction here. Tourists come here to relax and enjoy, sunbathe on the beaches and explore the wealth of Roman-era ruins of this area.

    79. Marmaris: This place is situated on the Mediterranean coast. Tourists visit this popular place during winters for sailing and diving. 

    80. Konya: Museums are the best attractions for which people come here. Beysehir Lake is the largest freshwater lake situated here and thus makes this place popular.

    81. Mardin: This place is rich in historical architecture. It is also considered as an open-air museum due to this architecture. 

    82. Ankara: This is the second largest city in Turkey. The roads and railway tracks are well-connected. It has various archaeological sites and Roman and Ottoman architectural work attract the tourists from all over the world.

    83. Zeugma Mozaik Muzesi: This is the greatest mosaic museum in the world. The mosaics consist of thirteen colour harmonies which are extremely impressive.

    84. SumelaMonastery: This monastery has rich historical and cultural significance. Altindere National Park is one of the main attractions of this place.

    85. Mount Nemrut: It’s amazing to visit this place during the sunrise and sunset timings. Various ancient statues are situated in this place which the tourists find unique. 

    86. Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley: This valley is situated in Fethiye district of south-western Turkey. A large number of butterfly species are found here. It is beautiful here as the valley leads to two small waterfalls.

    87. Patara: Patara is famous for its 18 km long beach situated near the Turkish Riviera which attracts tourists in a large number.

    88. Prince's island: This popular destination is situated near to Istanbul. In this island, tourists ride horses and use a cart as these are the only ways of transport. 

    89. Sahaflar Carsisi: This is a second-hand book bazaar where tourists visit to buy various Turkish publications. This is one of the most frequented places to visit in Turkey. 

    90. Pergamum: Ruins of the ancient monuments are very impressive here. A great temple “Serapis” is also one of the main attractions.

    91. Goreme air museum: This is a must visit place in the Cappadocia territory. It contains the finest rock-cut churches with beautiful wall paintings.

    92. KaymakliUnderground City: It is the widest underground city in Cappadocia. This underground city consists of 8 underground floors and only 4 of them are open for public viewing. There are several tunnels which make this place more popular.

    93. Old Silk Market: If anyone is interested in buying scarves and accessories, then this place is a must visit for tourists.

    94. Rüstem Pasha Mosque: This place is quite rich in architecture. There are a wide variety of architectural designs which cover the entire walls of the mosque. Tourists come here to see the finest arts.

    95. Rumeli Fortress in Istanbul: This hilltop site is located on the European banks. The fortress is an open-air venue for seasonal concerts, art festivals, etc. This is one of Turkey’s most visited places.

    96. Spice Market Istanbul: The Spice Market in Istanbul is a paradise for a gastronomic. This is the best place to pick up dry fruits and nuts, spices, olives, fragrant oils and essences, baklawa and other Turkish delights.

    97. Kabak Bay:  There are a number of waterfalls which are located here. Kabak Beach is one of the finest places in this area.

    98. Saklikent Milli Parki, Antalya: This is located in Fethiye-Mugla. Saklikent is a canyon which is considered as the third longest canyon in Europe and it is very beautiful. Tourists can come here and enjoy rafting and trekking.

    99. Anatolia Cemetery: This is one of the best preserved ancient cemeteries in the world. People must visit here to see various tombs, house formed temples.

    100. Ottomania: Consists of everything that you need to know about the Ottoman Empire. You can fully submerge yourself into knowing more about the history of this place. 

    101. Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi- This museum is located in two Ottoman buildings. This consists of a number of exhibits of Anatolian Archaeology which make this place popular.

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