40 Things to Do in Colombo 2021 (Starting from ₹1050 Only)
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Commercially, being the capital and size wise, the largest, Colombo is a proud metropolitan sitting on the west end of Sri Lankan coast. The city has its population of more than 005.600 million and its city proper has a population of about 752,993. Financially, it’s the center of the country and a very popular destination for tourists.Some of the best things to do in Colombo include sleeping over at the Planetairum, taking a dip at Negombo, riding a tuk-tuk, etc. Its location is firmly on the western coast, is located almost adjacent to a place called the Great Colombo Area, a place which includes the SriJayawardenepura Kotte, the place which is Sri Lanka’s capital, legislatively, and Dehi-wala Mount Lavinia. The reason as to why Colombo is called the capital of Sri Lanka is that Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte is located well with the urban, suburban areas of Colombo. Busy and very Vibrant, Colombo is a homogenous mixture of colonial buildings, the life of moderners, and ruins. Since 10982, it has been the capital of legislature.

The very large harbor and its strategically placed position on the West coast made sure that ancient traders and merchants knew of the city almost 2,000.0 years ago. The city is where a lot of corporate offices, entertainment centers, and restaurants are.

The city is a proportionate mixture of hydrosphere and lithosphere, with a huge number of canals running throughout the city and the Beira Lake which covers an area of 65 hectares, right in the middle of the city. The lake being one of the very important and distinctive landmarks of the city was used in order to defend the people and the city. The lake hosts regattas and many theatricals on its banks. Th city experiences tropical type monsoon climate. The city experiences temperate climate almost throughout the year. Between March and April, the highest temperature that Colombo experienced is something around, 31°C. The only time there is a major, distinct weather change, is between March-April and October-January. The expectation of very heavy rain is relatively high.  The minimum temperature experienced in the city is 22°C. The average amount of rainfall is 2,500mm or 250 cm.

A popular attraction for residents and tourists if Galle Green, which is located smack dab in the middle of the city. The southern face of the promenade is marked with the Galle Green Hotel.  The most important temple in Colombo is the Gangaramaya Temple, which is a beautiful architectural mixture of Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Sri Lankan styles.

Next to the Town Hall, and the National Museum of Colombo, is the Viharamahadevi Park. It has a large Buddha Statue and is the largest, oldest park of the city, and is considered amongst one of the best things to do in Colombo.

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People Also Ask About Colombo Things To Do

  1. What are some of the best things to do in Colombo?

    Colombo is situated on the west bank of Sri Lanka. Being the financial and legislative capital of a country, the city is the hub of activities. The immense amount of entertainment that tourists and locals alike receive, is incredible. Some of the best things to do in Colombo:

    • Check out the National Museum
    • Take a look at the beautiful colonial buildings
    • Take a dip at Negombo
    • Ride a Tuk-Tuk
    • Visit Dehiwala Zoo and Gardens
    • Play at Royal Colombo Golf Club
    • Take a peep at Geoffrey Bawa’s home
    •    Sleepover at Planetarium
  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Colombo?

    The city of Colombo utilizes its utilities to a very great extent. The city has lakes, fests, coasts, gardens, planetariums and the list gets longer as time passes. The best adventure activities to do in Colombo:

    •    Trekking and Hiking
    •    Diving
    • Rock Climbing
    • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Hot Air Ballooning
    • Whale Watching
  3. Which are must try water sports in Colombo?

    Being situated on the coast of the Country, Colombo is graced with a very big number of water sports. The deep blue sea, the clear blue sky, and everything that comes in between makes the water sports all the more enjoyable. The watersports available in Colombo are:

    •    Bubble maker diving course for children
    •    Lagoon Canoeing
    • Scuba Diving
    •    White-Water Rafting
    •    Snorkelling
    • Open water and Advance open water diving
    •    Deep Sea Fishing
    •    Sailing
    •    Bottom Fishing tour
    •    Catamaran trip
    • Water skiing
    • Jet skiing
    •    Windsurfing
    •    Banana and tube ride
    •    Speedboat
    •    Surfing
    •    Kitesurfing
    •    Kayaking
    •    Seaplane riding
    •    Paddle boating on Beira lake
    •    Wakeboarding
  4. Which all romantic things can be done in Colombo during honeymoon?

    Colombo has been blessed with scenic views, glaring suns, green trees, and beautiful weather. The lakes and gardens have a lot of hidden spots for romantic getaways, where locals and tourists alike, go to mingle.  Tailor-made for some romantic dinners, a walk, and everything romantic, Colombo is ideal for a romantic honeymoon. These are a few of the romantic things you can do in Colombo:

    • Walk on turtle bridge
    •    Candlelight dinner on a beach
    • Take Catamaran cruise
    • Go air ballooning
    • Boat ride on Madu River
    • Go for a helicopter ride
    • Go snorkeling
    •    Explore Galle
  5. Which are some famous places for scuba diving in Colombo?

    The deep blue sea that Colombo is adjacent to it allows makes it perfect to go scuba diving in. The diving centers are spread out mainly across the beaches and the divers are accompanied by locals and experts. Some of the famous places for scuba diving are:

    •    Leather Coral Reef
    •    British Sergeant
    •    Taprobane East Wreck
    •    Gorgonian Gardens
    • Great Basses
    • HMS Hermes
    • Bull Dog Reef in Kalpitiya
    •    Perseus
    •    Thermopylae Sierra
    • SS Rangoon
    • MV Cordiality
    •    British Sergeant
  6. Which are best places for wildlife safari in Colombo?

    The diverse climate, wildlife, and vegetation make the safaris at Colombo an immense pleasure. The vast array of animals, from leopards to elephants is a big plus. Out of the many Safaris available in the city, the following are the best:

    • Yala West (Ruhuna) National Park
    • Uda Walawe National Park
    •    Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve
    •    Kaudulla & Minneriya National Parks
    • National Park of Horton Plains
    •    Wilpattu National Park
  7. Which are some famous sites for camping in Colombo?

    Camping at Colombo is a dream come true for all wannabe campers. The greenery makes it so. The national parks are ideal or the scenic views and camping. The famous camping sites in Colombo are:

    •    National Camping Park of Yala
    •    National Camping Park of Udawalawe
    •    Willpattu National Camping Park
    •    Knuckles Mountain Range Camping
    •    Mahingyanaya Sarobara
    •    Vaddha Village Camping
    •    Wahawa Hot Spring Village
    •    Rainforest Camping in Kitugala Forest Reserve
    •    Kaudalla national  Camp
    •    Sinharja Forests
  8. Which are best casinos to visit in Colombo?

    Even though the word, “gambling”, instantly rings bells, nights spent at Colombo casinos are well spent. Beautifully furnished, and largely facilitated, the casinos are the hub of classy, rich people wanting to bet on something they are into. The best casinos to visit at Colombo are:

    •    Bally’s Casino
    •    Bellagio Casino
    •    Marina Casino
    • Jim’s Poker Room
  9. Which are best treks in and around Colombo?

    Trekking at Colombo is a dream come true for all wannabe trekkers. The greenery makes it so. The national parks are ideal or the scenic views and trekking. The best treks in and around Colomba re:

    •    Rainforest Trekking in Kitugala Forest Reserve
    •    Waterfall  trekking in Kitugala Forest Reserve
    • Knuckles Mountains Trek National Park
    •    Sinharja Rainforest
    • Hike to Adam’s Peak
    •    World’s End Nuwara Eliya
    •    Belihuloya Sri Lanka
    • Ohiya Sri Lanka
    •    Meemure Sri Lanka
  10. Where can I take elephant safaris in Colombo and how much will it cost me?

    Anyone who enjoys nature would enjoy the safaris of Colombo more than just a little. The entire concept of enjoying the feel of wood beneath them, and swaying under the sun, as if they were dancing to a gallop in a 1600s ball, I too much a feeling to push aside. The following are places where elephant safaris are available:

    •    Habana; $55 or Rs.3598
    •    Sigiriya; $60 or Rs. 3920
    •    Kaudalla; $57 or Rs. 3724
  11. Where can I go for tea and herb tasting in Colombo?

    The best place to enjoy tea is the plantation in itself. Visiting Colombo without checking out its tea plantations would be rather sad for any tourist. The plantations provide its customers with ample parking space. The location of almost all the tea plantations is extremely strategic. The farms have complimentary homestays, which allow a family at a time, with bedrooms opening up to a garden of its own, and are famous for making customers forget about the outside world, and makes a dream world for them, consisting of lush greenery.

    • The tea and Herb Company
    •    Ceylon Tea Supermarket
    •    Venture Tea
    •    Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka
    • The Tea and Herb Country Limited.
  12. Where can I go for blue whale watching in and around Colombo?

    We can watch blue whales in and around Colomba at:

    •    Mirissa Galle
    •    Trincomalee.
  13. How is nightlife in Colombo? What can all activities be done during a night in Colombo?

    Nightlife activities in Colombo can be experienced at:

    •    Bally’s Casino
    •    Bellagio Casino
    •    Rhythm and Blues Nightclub
    • Loft Lounge Bar
    • ZAZA Bar
    • Sky Lounge
    • ON14 Rooftop Bar
    •    Barefoot Garden Café
    •    Stirred
    •    Molly’s pub
    •    Clancy’s Irish Bar
    •    Cascades
  14. Which are best places for spa in Colombo?

    To relax is the most important thing to do. The best place to do so is a spa. The place in which one would find the best spa in Sri Lanka, the best spas of Sri Lanka are as follows:

    •    Thusare talking Hands
    •    ExSerenib Ayurvedic care and therapy
    •    Kemara
    • Spa Ceylon
    •    Angsana City Club and Spa Crescat City
    • Spa Ceylon and Boutique & Urban Spa
    •    Azmaara Spa
    •    Sidhalepa Spa
    • Prana Lounge
    • White
    • Sea View Spa
    • Amber Spa
    • Prana Yoga Lanka
    • The Om Space
    •    Ramani Fernando Salon and Spa
    • The Spa Colombo
    •    Ehishi Lanka
  15. Which are famous temples and museums that I should visit in Colombo?

    The beautiful trees, the lakes, the river, the forests, the monuments, the museums, the temples, the snow, all combine to make Colombo what it is. It is and always will be, beautiful. A number of options one has for sightseeing, romantic, or otherwise, is mind-boggling. So here is the list of some place for sightseeing in Colombo:

    •    Colombo National Museum
    • The central point
    • Dutch museum
    • J.R Jayewardene Museum
    • The Galleries of SApumal Foundation
    • The Bandaranaike Museum
    •    National Art Gallery
    •    Traditional puppet Art Museum
    • Gem Museum
    •    Currency Museum
    •    Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple
    • Seema Malaka Temple
    • Sri Ponnabalam Vanesar Kovil
    •    Sambodhi Chaithya
    •    Isipathanaramaya Buddhist Temple
    •    Borella All Saints Church
    •    DEwatagaha Mosque
    •    Chabad house
    •    Colombo Grand mosque
    • Old Kathiresan Temple
    • St. Mary’s Church
    •    Kelani Raja Maha Temple
  16. What are must visit sightseeing attractions in Colombo?

    Colombo is the capital for the legislature of Sri Lanka. Naturally, it’s a hub of all things beautiful and is diverse in all that is sighted there.

    •    Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple
    •    Kelaniya Raja Mahal Vihara
    • Galle Face Green
    •    Viharamahadevi Park
    •    National Museum of Colombo
    •    National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka
    •    Colombo Dutch Museum
    • St. Lucia’s Cathedral
    • The Central Point
    •    Jami-Ul Aftar Mosque
    •    Pettah Floating Market
    •    Diyatha Uyana
    •    Bally’s Casino
    • Seema Malaka
    •    Bellanvilla Rajamaha Viharya
    • Water Wood Lanka
    • The Independence Square
    •    Beddegana Wetland Park
    •    Colombo Walks
    • New Kathiseran Kovil
    •    Wolvendall Church
    • Khan Clocktower
    • Galle Face Beach
    • Sri Ponnabalawaneswaram Kovil
    •    Sambodhi Chaithya
    • Mount Lavinia Beach
    •    Attidiya Bird Sanctuary
    •    Ancient Building of Ananda College
    •    Harrisons
    • Light House Clock Tower
    • Ape Gama
    • St. Peter’s Church
    • Sir Edward Barns Statue
    • New Town Hall
    •    Museum June
    • Sri Lanka Air Force Museum
    •    Kayman’s Gate
    • Old Town Hall
    •    Bellagio Colombo
    •    Chatham Street Clock
    •    National Art Gallery
    •    Elephant House
    •    Buddha Statue
    • Red Masjid