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Rajinder Butt

15 August 2014

Kudremukh is an amazing peak and so far I had just heard about this place but finally I get to see it. Amazing place - loved the trekking experience. What an experience. I'm going again.

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Chandraayan Patel

28 December 2015

kudremukh has always been my favorite trekking destinations. and as usual it was a wonderful trip. surrounded by greenry and clouds so refreshing and peaceful

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Jyoti Baid

09 March 2017

"it was a nice breezy trek "

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Jitender Chattopadhyay

26 March 2016

Chikmagalur is a very beautiful town and it is just a heaven on earth. Visiting this place has been there in my list of travel things to do, all along. However, we were not sure on how to do it. While we wanted a relaxed getaway too as well as sightsee Chikmagalur, we had a tough time planning. That’s when we came across one day sightseeing thing and we were so excited. It is the best thing that is available at this budget. Also, it feels well organized and executed. This literally covers every important part of Chikmagalur.

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Madhuri Prajapat

31 December 2015

Very good trekking experience and it was well organised. Right from transportation from Bangalore to Chikmagalur and food everything was very good. Best part of the trip was jeep drive to Mullodi . It was one hell of bumpy ride.


Garuda Jain

31 December 2015

We 3 friends went on this trek from Bangalore with group of other people and we all became good friends. Trekking experience was very nice and the best part was visit to Hanuman Gundi Waterfall. Our camp stay was amazing but food was ok. Overall the whole experience of jeep ride, trek and waterfall visit was awesome.


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