Ranikhet Tourism, India 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)
A picturesque hill station located in Uttarakhand is India’s very own Ranikhet situated 1829 metres above sea level in district Almora. It is a scenic town with a view of the Himalayan mountains from every nook and corner. The experience of watching the mighty mountains is itself overwhelming.

Additionally,  the town is perched at a peak hence the weather is welcoming throughout all the months. The town is a perfect combination of tranquility, beauty and serenity with a variety of flora, fauna, ancient temples, and several off beat picnic spots. It is indeed paradise on Earth with it’s breathtaking views.

The town also boasts of two prestigious army regiments dock that is the Naga regiment which is the youngest regiment of the army and as the name states, it consists of recruits from Nagaland. The second one is the Kumaon Regiment which is the most decorated infantry regiment in the Indian Army as the recruits have fought in both the world wars. The coast is clear for tourists to spend amicable time round the clock.

Although the British have left the country, you can still find traces of their architecture here. Churches, old bungalows are certain structures that have been preserved in their original form. Not just a treat for nature lovers, it is welcoming to all the curious buds as it houses an abundance of temples of various deities. Golden tip for golfers- Ranikhet Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses across Asia.

Legend says the land was later brought by the British from the natives and built into a summer resort apart from housing the army recruitment centre. The scenic beauty is a testament to this claim. Nature is at its pristine form- with tall coniferous trees, scenic green meadows, moderate summer temperatures, and warm and friendly locals. 

One can visit Ranikhet at any time during the year due to its moderate temperature. It stands to be one of the few all-season destinations. Each season casting its own charm on the visitors.
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08 December 2018
The wooden bungalow is a bliss in the mountains. The upper deck has a string of windows that give you this incredible view of the Himalayan range. No words to describe!
08 December 2018
Absolutely loved out cost-friendly and hospitable stay in this beautiful property in Ranikhet. We were a family of four and were very well taken care of by the staff.
08 December 2018
I went here with family and it is one outstanding cottage which almost lured us in extending our booking dates. Enjoyed!
08 December 2018
Nothing beats waking up to the beautiful view of the Himalayan mountains right from your window. We were very well taken care of by the caretaker of the place, Ram, who made sure we got everything we needed, and we absolutely loved the meals that were provided during the stay.
08 December 2018
One should book this tour if they are looking for some amazing stays in Ranikhet. The place stands between breathtaking nature and offers some great views. I really wish I could stay a little longer in this beautiful place in Ranikhet.
18 December 2018
Without a doubt, this has to be the most beautiful place I have ever stayed in. Right from our room, we had a great access to the view of the Himalayas and it was better than we even imagined it would be. Everything from the hospitality, the rooms to the food was well arranged too, and our manager Yash made sure that every need of ours was catered to.
18 December 2018
I don’t think that even the best 5 star hotels in Ranikhet would have offered the kind of view that we got right from our room during this stay! Just no words, it felt like the mountains were right in front of us. We loved the peace and quiet here, especially having come from Delhi, where there is so much noise and traffic, so this was definitely a relaxing experience for us, and I definitely recommend everyone travelling to Ranikhet to try out this stay!
13 December 2018
We had such a nice time staying in Ranikhet last month. Out Thrillophilia agent, Rani, handled all the booking and we didn’t have to do anything. We got there and we just fell in love with the place. The rooms were super authentic and the entire surroundings of the area were so green and fresh. We went on a 16km river raft which was super fun and we also took a dip in the clear river near our stay. We ended the day with a nice dinner. It was truly a beautiful experience.
08 December 2018
We covered a good 16 Km of distance rafting and engaged in kite-making, rock climbing, short treks as a part of this tour. Mountains really elevate your energy levels. I am back and feel so pumped up!
08 December 2018
All the three meals were super satisfying and filling here. The views were just exceptional because of the height at which it is located.

People Also Ask About Ranikhet

  1. What are the places to see in Ranikhet?

    1.  Chaubatia Orchards -
    Garden of lush green fields, Chaubatia Orchards is an extension of the Himalayan flora. Originally established by the British as a sanatorium, now it is the fruit garden for the government with over 150 varieties of fruits. The Horticulture Research Institute of India is also present here.

    One can buy fresh local produce from here and spend about an hour or two gazing at the varieties of fruits and flora. Carry a camera as this is the best place for photographers to indulge in. It is advisable to get there during the daytime only.

    2. Bhalu Dam -
    An artificial lake reservoir built by the British as a store-house for rainwater is hidden in the wilderness and a visual treat for photographers. Hire a pedal-boat and watch monkeys and langurs swinging across trees. In the snowy months, you can enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains as you swarm through the lake. This is present near the pristine forests of the Chaubatia Orchard at a mere distance of 3km.

    3.  Kumaon Regimental Centre (KRC) -
    As stated earlier, Ranikhet is home to the Kumaon infantry. The museum built in the 1970s showcases the formation of the Army under British rule and displays weapons and telecommunication tools used during battles by soldiers. Glance through the ancient collection of their bravado intently as photography is prohibited here.

    4. Haidakhan Babaji Temple-
    Temple of Lord Shiva, secluded amidst mountains is a must-visit for visitors to Ranikhet. The temple opens at the peak of the morning at 6:30 am. It has a mesmerising view to the valley and the drive to the temple is equally enchanting with pine trees and foggy roads. It definitely would provide one with the much-needed spiritual solace that you’re seeking. Do ask the Pandit tales about Haidakhan Babaji locally known as Bhole Baba!

    5.  Upat Golf Course -
    Right in the lap of Himalayas you’d find this 9-hole golf course in Upat Village which is about 6km from the Ranikhet Bus Stand. Duly maintained by the Indian Army, it is the second-largest golf course in the country. Outsiders need to pay a nominal fee to play the sport as it is maintained and used by the Kumaon army men.

    You need not necessarily play the sport but grab a view of the ethereal Himalayan ranges. The range seems endless and always has something new to show.

    6.  Kalika Temple -
    Located next to the Golf course and built by the Kumaon Regiment Centre, the temple involves a short climb. This is a joint temple of Ma Durga and Ma Kali, Lord Shiva and Radha-Krishan. Adorned with faith and belief this is an immersive experience with the culture of the locals who are brimming with faith. The temple is located at a striking spot and remains busy throughout the year as people come here to fulfill their wishes.

    7. Tarikhet Village -
    Located 8kms from Ranikhet, Tarikhet is another village. Mahatma Gandhi is said to have docked here during the freedom struggle. The non-cooperation movement was said to have been started here by Bhagirath Pandey and his associates.

    8. Ashiyana Park -
    It is the one and the only park also known as Devdar Udhyan. The park is beautifully maintained. Apart from the scenery that the town offers in its pristine form, the park is more of a constructed structure with shaped lawns, lush gardens, tall fountains. It does feel like a walk in the jungle, although well-protected. It is known to be a wonderland for children and hence has become a famous picnic spot for families and children alike.

    9. St. Bridget Church -
    The Brits have left quite a few landmarks in this tinseltown. A walk to the church and feels like you’re in the country-side of some part in Europe. The church is well maintained within and has breath-taking architecture on the out.

    10. Ram Mandir -
    Located on top of a hill too, this temple is dedicated to Lord Ram. The mandir also has a monastery where children are trained to study in the Vedas.
  2. What are the things to do in Ranikhet?

    1. Local food-
    Grab a bite of the Kumaoni food at the dhabas in the main market. They serve a variety of rotis and sabzis with a flavour of its own. Savour your taste buds as this is the best way to familiarize yourself with the local culture.

    2. Flora and Fauna-
    As you venture across the town, keep your senses awake as you see an array of wildlife and plants.  You’re sure to spot a leopard, mountain goat, sambar, barking deer, red fox, porcupine, and several others. Make a list of these, you never know when you might ever spot them again before they get extinct!

    3.  Boating-
    Enjoy riding pedal boats or rowing boats across Rani Jheel and Bhalu Dam. Exercise your body as you move around the town.

    4. Shopping-
    Flanked with a variety of local indigenous products there are several markets such as Sadar Bazaar, Zaroori Bazaar and Latkurti Bazar where you can purchase handicrafts and other locally made goods. Baal Mithai- sweet made of condensed milk covered with sugar bread is the specialty of the town.
  3. What is the best time to visit Ranikhet?

    The town can be visited anytime during the year. Although the monsoon seasons hosts a range of cultural festivals. While deciding what time of the year to visit this place, the choice depends on the weather you enjoy the most. 

    1.  Summer- This season starts in March and goes on till June. The temperature ranges between 10?C - 27?C. These months are the peak season for the town, except for several tourists from across the world and are highly recommended.

    2. Monsoon- The season starts from July and continues till the end of August. Since it is located on top of a hill, it is not advisable to travel during this period as roads get muddy and you might have to spend most of your time indoors. The temperature ranges from 22?C - 29?C. Although the scenery is enchanting, your travel plans would likely be hindered.

    3.  Winter- The seasons go on from September to February. The temperature lies between -3?C to 15?C. Witness the surreal snowfall and the rural lifestyle amidst locals during this season.
  4. How to reach Ranikhet?

    Although it is viable to hire any mode of transport to get here, the only way to get into the town is by road.

    1.  By Air- Located at a distance of 119 kms is the Pantnagar airport, which is a domestic airport well connected to major metropolitan cities. However, international travellers can alight in Delhi only and then take a domestic flight.

    2. By Rail- Kathgodam is the station that you’ve to alight to reach Ranikhet. It is located at a distance of 75kms.

    3.  By Road- You can take buses or cars from Nainital which is around 56 km, Delhi which would be 359 km or Ramnagar, which would be 96 km.
  5. What are the best places to stay in Ranikhet?

    As Ranikhet is a popular tourist spot, there are several places that you can dock yourselves in. There are plenty of choices from which you can pick based on your budget. Apart from the usual hotels, you would also find plenty of homestays near the Main Bazaar.

    These are mostly colonial bungalows that have been refurbished to boutiques or homestays. There are also budget stays among the options of hotels that are available to pick from.

    - Based on reviews the best hotels to stay would be Queen’s Meadow Hotel which has a reasonable price of 1500 per night for a double sharing room (excludes taxes).

    Parijat Retreat is another budget stay, the hotel only comprises six rooms and appears like a cottage on the outside. Super privacy assured. This treat is for INR 1100 for a double sharing room.

    On the luxurious end, you have the Rhodo Retreat and Resorts with a view of the Himalayas. This comes at a price between INR 2200-7400 for a double sharing.

    One of the best lodges is Windsor Lodge. It is a five-star accommodation with a swimming pool, lounge bar. This makes it a popular place to chill. The prices start at INR 5,000.

    While there are several more, you can take your pick depending on the season of your choice. But remember to book well in advance to grab the best of deals.
  6. Why is Ranikhet famous?

    Ranikhet, a quaint and tinsel town, known for its unmatched beauty and the perfect blend of nature and spirituality is a treat for everyone-whether you’re a nature enthusiast, photographer or just a curious bud. This place makes memories for everyone.
  7. How far is Ranikhet from Nainital?

    Ranikhet is at a distance of 57.6 km from Nainital. There are no flights, buses or trains that you can hop in to visit Ranikhet from Nainital. The only mode of travel would be to hire a taxi and get here.
  8. Does Ranikhet have snow?

    Winter goes on from September to February.  The magical snowfall is a sight between December to February. The temperature ranges from 3? C to 7? C. Surely, the time to snuggle up in cozy blankets.