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Museum of the Future Tickets highlights

  • The Museum of the Future impresses with its futuristic design and its 5 themed floors that offers a peek into the future.

  • Enter into the year 2071 at the Museum of the Future, and get a glimpse of the future through themes of space, humanity, and sustainable practices.

  • Get to know about the impact of climatic changes on the planet as you visit the Heal Institue in the 'Digital Amazon'

  • Visit the 'Tomorrow Today' exhibition and gain some insights into the technological advancements that will lead the planet in the future

  • Enter the visionary ambience of OSS Hope on the 5th floor by a simulated space shuttle to see captivating missions, discoveries, & inventions.

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Museum Of The Future
Timings: 09:30 AM to 09:00 PM


Museum of The Future
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Museum of the Future Tickets overview

About Museum of the Future, Dubai:

An architectural masterpiece, the Museum of the Future in Dubai isn’t your regular museum where you see exhibits from the past. Spread across 7 floors (only 5 are accessible to the general public), the museum transports you into the future and offers an immersive experience. Each floor has a different theme, ranging from climate change, ecology, wellness, spirituality, imagination, and, of course, the future of space travel and living!

About Museum of the Future Tickets:

  • Visit the innovative museum in Dubai and have an immersive experience with various themed exhibitions.
  • Admire its breath-taking architecture which has a unique ring-shaped exterior while roaming around the museum.
  • Marvel at the stainless steel panels covered with quotes by the Ruler of Dubai as you visit Monumental Atrium painted in white colour.
  • Get on the futuristic bubble elevators and head towards 5 themed floors.
  • Visit the 5th floor of the museum where you'll learn about the space discoveries, inventions & missions.
  • Gain insights into the impact of climate change while exploring the 4th floor.
  • Enhance your knowledge about new species in 'The Vault of Life' of DNA library.
  • Get disconnected from the digital world and attend an interactive session to calm your body and mind while visiting the 3rd floor- Al Waha (The Oasis).
  • On the 2nd floor, about find out about latest technology and get an insight into how it can help shape the future.
  • Head towards the first floor- Future Heroes, and see three amazing exhibitions - Imagine, Design, & Build where children aged 10 and below learn how to effectively build and beautifully shape their future.

How to Reach?

  • By Metro: Take the Red Line Metro and get down at Emirates Towers Metro Station and walk to the Museum of the Future, which is situated only 290 m away.

Do Not Miss:

  • A New Moon: Study the transformation of the moon into a source of renewable energy through a space station located 600 kilometers above the earth.
  • Traverse through the space shuttle simulation (with countdown) and see the futuristic Dubai video.
  • Observe the monitoring room where new species are evaluated!
  • Make a wish in the wishing pool.
  • Visit the viewing deck where you can capture some pictures of the inner shell of the museum with the curve of the building.
  • Enhance your experience with a visit to the 'Journey of the Future'.

Museum of the Future Tickets faqs

What are the best exhibitions to explore at Museum of the Future Dubai?

  • Tomorrow Today: Here you will come face to face with game-changing technologies that have the power to transform the world. Discover the various aspects that technology will shape in the future, from the environment and human health and wellness to society and culture. 
  • Journey to the Future: Once here, you will experience a virtual journey into space as you get to become an astronaut and travel 600km above the earth. Explore the mysteries of outer space, learn about the work that is done by astronauts in space and be a witness to technology that taps the moon for creation of renewable energy.
  • Digital Amazon: The Museum of Future Dubai tickets allows you to be one among those few humans who have been able to venture deep into the perils of the Amazon rainforest. View all those hundreds of species of animals and insects that cannot be otherwise seen by the naked eye. 

What is Museum of the Future Dubai famous for?

This futuristic escapade in Dubai, in the shape of an elongated ring with a void at its center, has also been called “the most beautiful building in the entire world” by the ruler of the Emirates. It is famous for the mind-boggling exhibits it presents, all dedicated to the future along with workshops solely for the purpose of testing and developing upcoming technology.

What is written on Museum of the Future building?

All over the exterior of this unique structure, you will find engravings in Arabic calligraphy. These are essentially quotes related to the future which have been endowed by the Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

What is the timing to visit Museum of the Future Dubai?

The Museum of the Future Dubai is open all days of the week from Monday to Sunday. You can visit here any day from 10 am to 6 pm.

What are some of the other things to do in Dubai?

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  2. Walk down the Global Village: This massive theme park is a great place to visit with family and friends for a full day of entertainment and shopping. The place is open from October through April when it becomes a buzzing hub of rides, concerts, dining, and attractions from different corners of the world.
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