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Home to aristocratic palaces, and formidable forts, there is no dearth of tourist places in Bikaner. An oasis in the middle of the desert., the streets of the city are forever filled with an air of adventure and romance. Splashes of colour add vibrancy to its dry desert landscape. Spending time in Bikaner is a memorable experience filled with wonderful sites, chirpy clothes, solemn camels, and spicy Bikaneri snacks- a chance to immerse yourself into an authentic Rajasthani way of life. There are many exciting tourist places in Bikaner but its forts and palaces are its biggest attractions. The Junagarh fort is one of the most exciting sites to be found in Rajasthan. Standing tall since 1588, this fort has never been captured even once. Mighty in its impregnability, the Junagarh fort is a marvel of architecture that houses a great number of magnificent palaces, gardens, balconies, and kiosks among other buildings. The dashing hand of the Rajput style of architecture makes its presence felt in the rich red sandstone, intricate carvings, and typical designs that are played out on the buildings.

Its monuments are eclectic and unique, and represent the personalities of each of its 16 rulers. With mosques, Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments, Gothic archways, and beautiful mansions all houses inside together, Junagarh is experience indeed. This fort is the reason city of Bikaner exists- and so it should definitely be visited when you are in Bikaner. The architecture all over the city is exemplary and will leave you marvelling. Even regular houses in Bikaner have a distinct charm about them, and the palaces and havelis are lovely to gaze upon. Lalgarh Palace and Museum,Gajner Palace and Lake, Laxmi Niwas Palace, and Rampuria Haveli are some of the places you must visit when looking around at the tourist places in Bikaner.

The grandeur of the palace, balanced out so beautifully by the characteristic red sandstone, is a unique sight to explore. And the stately aura of the havelis will leave an indelible impression upon you that you- an impression which will stay with you for life. Apart from forts and palaces, there are many devotional places to visit in Bikaner. Many unique and exclusive temples add sanctity to the vibrant air of Bikaner. Deshnok Karni Mata Temple, Kodamdesar Temple, Jain Temple Bhandasar, Shri Laxminath Temple, and Shiv Bari Temple are some of these. Bikaner is a culturally rich city that has not been explored enough by tourists visiting Rajasthan. Fairs, festivals and frolic reign here in a happy mixture. Truly immersing oneself into its intense traditions will prove to be an intimate experience that will leave you with spellbinding memories.

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  1. Travel Advice

    • Keep touts at bay
    • Do not entertain the beggars. If you give money to one, many others will follow you back.
    • Though the street food and delicacies in Bikaner are very authentic however, you must still check for the quality before you buy anything.
    • Whenever you buy a bottle of drinking water, you must check for the seal. If the seal is broken, you must avoid buying that bottle.
    • Buy a bottle of the brand that is known to you. Several replica brands come into play and tend to deceive you.
    • Make sure you never leave your cash or valuables in the hotel room.
    • Avoid going out of the room with too much cash in your pocket.
    • Avoid traveling during the night hours.
    • Ensure that you maintain the integrity of the place by not getting involved in any brawls or fights.
    • Do not indulge in drugs of any form.
    • Carry with you a necessary first aid kit.
    • Do not wear clothes that are skimpy or revealing.
    • Always be polite when you communicate with the locals.
    • Always carry with you a copy of your necessary documents like ID, passport or license. 
    • Make sure you do not book a hotel in a secluded place.  
  2. Drinking Laws

    In Bikaner, the legal drinking age is 21 years.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Junagarh Fort

    One key attraction of Bikaner is its Junagarh Fort. The construction for the fort was started in the year 1478 by Maharaja Rao Bika however, this construction went on till the rule of the Raja Rai Singh and Karan Singh. Structures that we see today are more from the era of the latter two rulers.

    Gajner Palace

    The residence of the erstwhile king Sir Ganga Singh of Bikaner, the Gajner Palace has now been converted to a Heritage hotel. Situated approx. 20 km from the main city, it overlooks the magnificent Gajner Lake. Do give yourself a royal feel and stay in this resort palace at least once.

    Lalgarh Palace

    One important place to see in Bikaner is the Lalgarh Palace. Built in the 20th century by the Maharaja Ganga Singh, the palace today has been converted into a hotel. It is an ideal place to stay when you are here on a holiday. Exquisite interiors and rich décor will give you a lavish feel that you deserve. There is a swimming pool in the palace which is a site to not be missed. A museum can also be found in the palace.

    Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

    Lying approximately, 32 km from the Bikaner city is the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. It an ideal place for exploring the wildlife adventure near Bikaner. Some of the animal species that can be located here include neelgai, Chinkara and wild boar. A myriad of birds like sandgrouse can also be spotted here. For all adventure enthusiasts and nature buffs taking a safari is the best thing to do here.

    Kote Gate

    One important landmark destination of Bikaner is Kote Gate. This in fact is the first thing you’ll see when you come to Bikaner. On one side of the gate there are some exquisitely constructed Rujputana Havelis while on the other side of the gate there is a multi hued bazaar that is ideal for shopping. A lot of authentic Rajasthani items like utensils, handicrafts, miniature paintings, shoes, camel hide, khadi items and wooden items can be bought from here. You can also enjoy Bikaneri sweets here.

    Shiv Bari Temple

    An important place to see in Bikaner is the Shiv Bari Temple. It looks great and has a significant religious importance. The temple is also a fine example of the architecture of the Rajputs. Lying about 6 km from the city, this temple was built by Maharaja Doongar Singhji.

    Old City

    The old city of Bikaner is exceptionally popular for its sightseeing. It has a feel of a very medieval town accredited to its large number of old havelis, labyrinth of narrow streets along with notable Jain temples found here. It has a huge 18th century wall with 5 entrance gates. The main entrance gate is known for its triple-arched Kothe Gate.  

    Sadul Singh Museum

    Sadul Singh Museum lies inside the Lalgarh Palace that is about 2 km north east of Junagarh. This museum brings forth the history of the Rathore royal family of Bikaner. A massive collection of personal use items of Maharaja Sadul Singh can be found here.

  4. What will like you like there?

    Bikaner Is Not Jaipur

    Just as much as we love Jaipur, there is no denial to the fact that it is one helluva busy tourist destination. Practically, anyone and everyone from far and near, in and around swamps it in large numbers. What happens as a result? It is forever crowded, has way too many touts and is naturally expensive. Want to ditch all the rush and the crowd? Just travel a 330 km ahead of the royal capital to Bikaner and enjoy the sparkling Rajasthan bereft the chaos and the crowd.

    Bikaneri Bhujia

    Bikaner is officially the sweet town of Rajasthan. It will have your taste buds seeking something more. Ever wondered why so many mithai shop across the country name themselves after this city? Well, you just got it right! Even our desi food chain of India, Haldiram has its roots from Bikaner. Haldiram also has a huge factory on the Ganganagar road. Unfortunately, it is not open for the public. However, you can still request one to the employees there to let you in. If you are lucky enough they might let you in. This can well give you a sneak peak to the art of great bhujia making adventure. The less adventurous of you, may head to the Giridhari Lal or the Haldiram’s store located on the KEM road and yes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. People with a sweet tooth wouldn’t even might taking a stopover at Sankhala on Station Road or Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop to devor.  Do try out some kulfis in pista and kesar flavor and rasgullas. Other delicacies that are worth their spices, sugar and salt are ghewar, raj kachori, dal bati choorma, camel-milk tea, and the list goes on and on.

    The Royal Splendour

    Bikaner is every bit a royal destination as much as say, Jodhpur. You can find several forts, monuments and archaic ruins that speak volumes of the devoid royalty. Visit these to admire the authentic styles of architecture, paintings, engravings and more.

    Temple Town

    Temples and Bikaner go hand in hand. The key drawcard here is the Karni Mata Temple of Deshnokh which is situated about 26 km from the city. Other important temples here are the Shivbari Temple that is constructed to revere their namesake devotee. Several Jain Temples that have been in existence since 15th century is equally notable.  

    Camel Story

    Camels and Rajasthan are inseparable from each other. Bikaner has an entire breeding farm of camels which is probably the largest in whole of Asia. There is also a Camel Research Institute found in Bikaner which is located about 8 km away from the city. Here you can enjoy the company of the camels for a few hours in the evening. There is a souvenir shop here that sells the authentic footwear of Rajasthan the mojris that are made from the camel hide. However, if you enjoy riding the gentle giant across the desert of Rajasthan, you can take a camel safari.  

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