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Camel Ride in Sand Dunes of Jodhpur Flat 34% off

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Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jodhpur - Flat 21% Off

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Bishnoi Village Safari, Jodhpur Flat 15% Off

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Cultural Walk Tour in Old Jodhpur

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Jodhpur Cycling Tour Package - Flat 20% Off

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Cooking Session at a Local Home in Jodhpur

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City Walking Tour in Jodhpur Flat 18% Off

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Camping in Jodhpur With Activites Flat 21% Off

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  • For that perfect traditional touch of royalty and ethnicity, you can never miss out the best places to visit in Jodhpur. Jodhpur, the Sun City of India, is one among the many popular royal thrones situated in the Thar Desert Region of Rajasthan. Jodhpur city is a refreshing reflection of the princely era of Rajasthan and takes us back in time, till the 15th century. Located in the largest state of India, Jodhpur is the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan.

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    While you are in Jodhpur you can visit some of the places like Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, Balsamand Lake, Ghanta Ghar and Kalyan Lake. The Sun City of India is decorated with palaces and princely destinations that enthrall every tourist that visits this city.

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    The charm of the pre-historic times of Jodhpur city is wonderfully embedded in the art, architecture, and infrastructure of this city. Jodhpur is a blissful experience to those tourists that love to experience the royalty and take a look back at the princely era of India. With a number of historic attraction and cultural heritage sites, the list of places to visit in Jodhpur also accommodates innumerable temples and educational destinations. 

  • Famous Places to Visit in Jodhpur

  • 01Mehrangarh Fort

    Mehrangarh Fort

    Undoubtedly, Mehrangarh Fort is the best tourist spot in Jodhpur city, as it is the most explored one by the tourists that visit Jodhpur. It hence tops the list of places to see in Jodhpur. This royal abode, earlier was one of the most majestic palaces in this city and is now turned into a museum that depicts the rich culture and heritage of Jodhpur. It is one among the largest forts in the country and accommodates several mahals within it.

    This mighty fort is considered to be a work of architectural brilliance and hence is the most visited place in Jodhpur. The intricacies of the fort and architectural splendour is enough to engage tourists that visit this fort. It is located on a hill top which is about 410 feet about the city and gives a majestic view of the Blue City as well. The fort is symbolic of the glorious princely era of Rajasthan and rich culture of Jodhpur city. This tourist destination, hence is one of the major attractions in the city of Jodhpur. 

    Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jodhpur - Flat 21% Off

    Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jodhpur - Flat 21% Off

    NNNNN72 Ratings

    h8 HourslJodhpur


    Starting from


  • 02Umaid Bhavan Palace

    Umaid Bhavan Palace

    Umaid Bhavan Palace is one of the last constructed places in India. It is hence also popular for it designs and architecture, which is of great attraction to the tourists of Jodhpur. Located within the city premises, this palace is a mirror to the princely era of Jodhpur. Currently, Umaid Bhavan Palace is divided into three areas, one of which is still owned by the royal family of Jodhpur city.

    Among the other two, one is converted to a heritage hotel which is known for providing a rich royal experience to its visitors; the other is a museum that showcases the art pieces of the royal age. The palace and its surroundings are considered to be brilliantly constructed. Watching the details of this master piece is the best thing to do here. This place should hence definitely qualify to every tourist’s list of places to visit in Jodhpur

    Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jodhpur - Flat 21% Off

    Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jodhpur - Flat 21% Off

    NNNNN72 Ratings

    h8 HourslJodhpur


    Starting from


  • 03Visit Ghanta Ghar

    Visit Ghanta Ghar

    Ghanta Ghar, also known as the clock tower is an important and most popular landmark in the Blue City or Sun City of India. Jodhpur places to visit cannot finish without ticking off this mighty landmark located just next to Sardar Market within the city premises. The tall colossal tower was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh during his rule between 1880 and 1911. This place then turned out to become the most popular landmark in the city. The close proximity to one of the famous markets in Jodhpur, adds to the tourist value of this place.

    One can indulge in shopping and witnessing the charm of the city after sunset at this place. It is a great way to explore the regular life of people of Jodhpur. At night the Clock Tower is lit up with beautiful lights and looks even more amazing and enthrals tourists with its charm. Buying artefacts and local ethnic artistic things from the nearby Sardar Market and trying out the famous chat delicacies is the best thing to do at this spot. The splendour of this landmark surely makes it to the top of places to visit in Jodhpur’ list. 

    Cultural Walk Tour in Old Jodhpur

    Cultural Walk Tour in Old Jodhpur

    NNNNN153 Ratings

    h2 HourslJodhpur


    Starting from


  • 04Bishnoi Village

    Bishnoi Village

    It is a small Village near the Jodhpur city of Rajasthan state known for its cultural activities. It’s truly a popular tourist spot where one can take the fun of Camel Trek, Desert Excursion, Cane spotting, Village walk and much more. Art and Handicraft with other artistic activities is the main reason why one should pay a visit to this wonderful destination.

    Excellent Safari tours and other private tours are few of the key reasons which attract several visitors here. Amidst the environment of typical village lifestyle, you can live in luxury accommodation and experience some unforgettable moment of the lifetime. A nature lover who loves to explore various aspects of natural beauty will come across some finest glimpse of a remarkable cultural life of Marwar- the real community of Rajasthan. There is no reason for a tourist who visits this part of the world to skip a tour to such wonderful rich and cultural heritage of India. 

    Bishnoi Village Safari, Jodhpur Flat 15% Off

    Bishnoi Village Safari, Jodhpur Flat 15% Off

    NNNNN147 Ratings

    h4 HourslJodhpur


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  • 05Tripolia Market

    Tripolia Market
    Tripolia Market in Jodhpur is the business sector offering grouped and exhibit of products from conventional antiques and wooden handiworks, batik sarees, high quality papers, metal things, metal furniture and souvenirs, marble statues and models, beautiful array and fabrics, silver gems, well known compositions of Rajasthani floor coverings.

    You can shop here for local Handicrafts and Textiles. The stock is amazing, the shopkeepers are lively and always smiling and it is an ideal shopping hub with reasonable price tags

    Jodhpur Cycling Tour Package - Flat 20% Off

    Jodhpur Cycling Tour Package - Flat 20% Off

    NNNNN156 Ratings

    h3 HourslJodhpur


    Starting from


  • 06Jaswant Thada

    Jaswant Thada

    Considered to be one among the many brilliant architectural landmarks in the city of Jodhpur, Jaswant Thada is located next to the mighty Mehrangarh Fort. The location of Jaswant Thada itself is a well-equipped tourist spot as it gives a bigger and better picture of the mighty Mehrangarh fort. Among the many Jodhpur tourist places that are known for being artistic wonders, Jaswant Thada is one of its kind. It is a cenotaph or an empty commemorative tomb built in the honour of Maharaja Jaswant Singh.

    This cenotaph was constructed in the year 1899 and is decorated with precious white marbles. The mahal consists of many other portraits of kings of Ranthore that add to the charm of this place. It is hence one of the best artistic marvels one can witness in the Blue city of our country. Rising above the great architecture and intricacies of construction, Jaswant Thada is embedded with beautiful outlook and picturesque view of the mighty majestic Mehrangarh Fort. This makes the place an easy and relaxing abode for visitors of Jodhpur to tick off. 

  • 07Mandore Gardens

    Mandore Gardens
    Popular among the tourist spots in Jodhpur, Mandore Gardens is one of the best parks to visit to relax on any given day. Mandore has a history dated back to the times of 6th century, even before Jodhpur was established. It accommodates great traditional values and is a masterpiece of architecture in its own. A true and pure form of gate away that will take tourists back to the glorious princely era of Jodhpur city. Mandore Gardens host a museum, a ‘Hall of Heroes’ and a temple dedicated to the 33 crore Gods.

    These depict the royalty that is embedded in the city and speak of the rich cultural heritage that is embedded in the roots of Jodhpur. The architecturally wonderful domes and structures constructed within the premises of Mandore Gardens are the biggest attraction to the tourists. This place all in all is the best abode to learn about the historical importance and get a glimpse of Jodhpur city. It hence qualifies to the list of best places to visit in Jodhpur.
  • 08Balsamand Lake

    Balsamand Lake
    Located within five kilometres from Jodhpur city, Balsamand Lake is situated on the Jodhpur- Mandore route. This destination is hence an easy reach to every tourist that visits Jodhpur city. Balsamand Lake was artificially constructed in 1159 AD by Balak Rao Parihar and since then is a great tourist attraction site in Jodhpur. This lake was earlier a water reservoir for the villagers of Mandore but now is transformed to an artificial lake.

    It is surrounded with lush greenery that adds to the existing charm of the place. It is decorated with a charismatic royal pathway which enhances the natural beauty of the lake. A palace was then constructed next to the lake which was a summer getaway to the royalty back then. All these factors of little royal details that are carved in this location make is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jodhpur city.
    Stay at Royal Balsamand Lake Palace in Jodhpur

    Stay at Royal Balsamand Lake Palace in Jodhpur

    NNNNM34 Ratings

    d3 Daysn2 NightslJodhpur

  • 09Sardar Government Museum

    Sardar Government Museum
    Image Credit : marwarology

    Located within the premises of Umaid Public Park near Rajasthan High Court, Sardar Museum is yet another place to discover the olden days of Jodhpur city. The museum is quite old and showcases portraits of kings and other historical things. It is a great place to unwind the tales of Jodhpur’s history.

    It is nothing less than walking back in time to get a glimpse of pre-historic times of Jodhpur city. One can also laze around in the park, which is a good place to do nothing but relax. This museum can be one of the simplest and easiest places to visit in Jodhpur.

  • 10Masuriya Hill Garden

    Surrounding the statue of Maharana Pratap in Jodhpur, located is this beautiful and charming park called Masuriya Hill Garden. The statue is a major piece of art work which is the biggest attraction in the garden. The garden area is a great place for small family picnic or an evening visit. This place is relaxing and a mind soothing experience for those of you that love to spend time amidst nature’s beauty. One can also witness wonderful sunsets and relish the splendour of the hill garden.

    Not so far from the city, this abode is tailor made for a calm and soothing outing. One can take a break from temple hopping and visiting the historical destinations in the city and rejuvenate themselves amidst the greens of this park. The garden may not be something exclusive, but the experience can be a great one, and hence this also can be one of the places to visit in Jodhpur during leisure time. 

  • 11Sardar Samand Lake

    Sardar Samand Lake
    Image Credit :

    The city of palaces has a different charm to itself as it is also a home for several enchanting lake destinations. Sardar Samand Lake is one such place to see in Jodhpur that will redefine the meaning of tranquillity for its tourists. This lake is situated close to the city and offers great environs to its visitors. The lake and nearby areas are known for accommodating exotic species of migratory birds which enhances the beauty of the lake. It is hence a home for great bird watching activity.

    Apart from this it is also blessed with different species of animals that one can spot while at this abode and also while getting there. Exotic animals like chinkara, black bucks and neelgai enthral tourist beyond limit. This destination hence is the most enchanting lake destination in the Blue City which one cannot afford to abort from their list of places to visit in Jodhpur. This lake hence is a beautiful and peaceful retreat from the busy metropolitan life.

  • 12Umed Garden Zoo

    Umed Garden Zoo

    Exploring the wilderness of any place is always a great experience. This also can be ticked off, while in Jodhpur city. The land that own innumerable historic locations and heritage sites is home form some of the exotic wildlife destinations as well. One can explore and witness migratory birds, relax amidst the greens and spot animals at this abode. The migratory birds that are accommodated at this Garden zoo are believed to be from African and Australia. This location is hence of great educational values and is perfect to visit with children.

    The place is beautifully equipped with trees and plants that add to the overall experience of a family picnic. The park has minimal entry fee which makes it all the more simpler to explore the garden. Both children and adults can watch exotic animals at this spot as there is an opportunity to visit the ‘Walk-in Aviary’ at the zoo.

  • 13Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

    Located at the foot of Mehrangharh Fort, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was constructed in the year 2006. The artificially created park was constructed with an objective to preserve the rocky trails of Jodhpur around the fort. An additional effort was made to restore exotic plant species that belong to the Thar Desert area.

    This park is spread over 200 acres and showcase some of the exquisite plant collections. It also adds to the beauty of the fort as it is decorated with lush greenery. This rock park is one among the exclusive creations in Jodhpur city and also is one of the most visited tourist sites of Jodhpur. The charming terrains of the park make it one of the best place to visit near Jodhpur city. 
  • 14Takhat Sagar Lake

    One of the surreal and peaceful abodes situated near the city of Jodhpur is Takhat Sagar Lake. The lake is located in the outskirts of Jodhpur and is a great place to drive to. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and is a quite abode. Many tourist visit the place just to place the areas around the lake. This not so popular destination is a refreshing break from visiting the heritage sites in this city of palaces. One can witness mesmerising sunset and unravel in the mystic beauty of this place. It would not be wrong to say that this lake is one of the many charming lake destination that surround this Blue City of India.

    Among several tourist spots that one can tick off in this city, this destination is a unique addition to the list of Jodhpur tourist places. In addition to the charm of environs around this lake one can also delve into some ethnic food dishes that are served in the nearby food stalls and restaurants. Great food and location make Takhat Sagar Lake a complete destination to rejuvenate oneself. 

  • 15Machiya Safari Park

    Machiya Safari Park
    Image Credit :

    Located in close proximity to Kaylana Lake, Machiya Safari Park is yet another popular tourist place to visit near Jodhpur. This destination is a great abode to explore for nature and animal admirers as this park accommodates several species of wild animals. Blue bulls, desert fox, deer, monitor lizards, rabbits, wild cats and mongoose can easily be spotted here in their natural habitat. These animals engage and enthral all age groups and hence Machiya Safari Park is a great place that accommodates every kind of tourist.

    This park also consists of an exclusive birdwatching point treating the eyes of avid birdwatchers. The safari park premises is also home for a fort which provides picturesque view of the city and nearby terrains. All in all this location is a thrilling as well an enchanting experience to every tourist. With so much to offer, this safari park is a great Jodhpur place to visit.

  • 16Kaylana Lake

    Kaylana Lake
    Kaylana Lake is yet another artificial lake located in the west of Jodhpur city. It is considered to be one of the most visited lake destinations in Rajasthan state. This lake is spread over a land of 84 sq. kilometres and is a picturesque spot for every Jodhpur tourist to explore. This lake is surrounded with lush greens and is home for some of the exotic species of birds. Birdwatching is one of the best activities one can engage in at this location.

    Constructed by Pratap Singh during the princely era of Jodhpur, the surroundings of the lake is also known for being equipped with wild bears and other animals. It was also one of the hunting grounds for the royalty back then. This hence makes the place much more charming and exuberant and is definitely worth a visit while in Jodhpur city. This birdwatcher’s paradise is also popular for giving the best view of sunrise and sunset in the city and exploring them in amidst the charm of nature in Kaylana Lake is undoubtedly a blissful experience.
  • 17Padamsar Lake

    Padamsar Lake
    Image Credit :

    One simple sentence which describes all about this lake is that it is situated adjacent to the Ranisar Lake discussed above. Thus everything mentioned earlier for Ranisar Lake is applicable to Padmasar Lake also. It was made by Queen Padmini of Rao Ganga who as also beloved offspring of Rana Sanga of Mewar in the same year which is 1459 with the same intention which is natural water conversation.

    Although the water of the lakes may not be suitable for drinking purpose the best part which is also mentioned above is that its water barely dries out despite located in a dry area. Alongside, Ranisar Lake it offers one of the best scenic views in the wonderful conurbation of Jodhpur. If you are looking to spend some time lonely or with some companion then this is one of the best places to be in. 

  • 18Ranisar Lake

    Ranisar Lake
    Image Credit :

    Built in 1459, this lake is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur city. The main purpose to build this lake was natural water conversation. The best part of this lake is that it rarely runs out of water in its parched landscape. The lake was built by Queen Jasmade Hadi, Rao Jodha’s wife. It is located just around 5kms from the center of the metropolis.

    As a visitor, you will surely get mesmerized by the tranquil waterside environment having the scenic fort view glooming in close proximity. The most mesmerizing sight for a sightseer in this attraction of the town will be the scene of the amazing sunrise which happens from the back of fort Mehrangarh and sunset which happens down opposite mountain. Clearly, for a peaceful and relaxing time amidst some natural scenic beauty, this place is one the best which the wonderful city of Jodhpur offers to its tourists.

  • 19Chand Baori

    Chand Baori

    Built by King Chanda somewhere around the 9th Century, Chand Bawri is a stepwell built in the Abhaneri Village near by Jodhpur. It is amongst the largest stepwell of the world and also the most beautiful ones. This attraction is one the hidden secrets of India as it not an effortless place to locate. This makes is one of the popular places to visit in Jodhpur.

    Built for the purpose of water harvesting, the stepwell is 64 feet deep with 13 floors, making it the largest and deepest of all in the country. The architectural pattern and beauty of the place is certainly something very interesting for a commoner. It is having a precise geometrical pattern which is not found in this era easily. The stairs enclose the water on three sides of the rectangular courtyard while the fourth side gloats of a pavilion having three stories with wonderful cut jharokhas, exhibitions upheld on columns and two anticipating galleries revering excellent sculptures.

  • 20Rai Ka Bag Palace

    Rai Ka Bag Palace
    Image Credit : Imgur

    Located in old Jodhpur city, Rai Ka Bag Palace is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jodhpur city. It is noted to be the best of ancient attraction in this city and hence attracts several tourists every year. Rai Ka Bag Palace was constructed in the year 1663 by one of the royal queens. The intricacies of the palace are an evidence to the great architectural abilities of ancient times. It is also believed that this palace was, the then king, Raja Jaswant Singh’s favourite spot and would spend maximum of his time in this palace.

    The dome style architectures, marble finished rooms of this palace add to the existing beauty of the palace. Today this palace is used by the government of Rajasthan but yet is a great place to visit and take a look at the architectural skills of pre-historic days. Among the many Jodhpur Tourist places, this palace is also quite renowned for its architectural splendour.

  • Offbeat Experiences near Jodhpur

  • 21Sunset Champagne and Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

    Sunset Champagne and Jeep Safari in Rajasthan
    • h3 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Mr. Reggie Singh
      Mr. Reggie Singh
    About the Activity:
    • Get picked up from the Mountbatten lodge in Ranakpur and take a jeep excursion to sunset point  on a thrilling journey.
    • Experience the aspects of traditional life of the vicinity with mythical and timeless beauty over the sand dunes.
    • After the jeep ride enjoy the sparkling champagne at sunset point with your loved ones.
  • 22Half Day Village Safari and Bird Watching at Gudha Lake

    Half Day Village Safari and Bird Watching at Gudha Lake
    • h5 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN38 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Head out for an exploration of the beautiful villages in Jodhpur and also spot few of the rare species of birds in this tour.
    • Get picked up from your hotel and get ready for the adventure ahead.
    • Start your tour with a visit to the famous Salawas village which is famous as the Weavers village.
    • Next head to the Kakani village which is famed as a potters and block printers.
    • Then lastly visit the Gudha village where you can spot some of the species of birds.
    • Meet the Bishnoi families once you reach the village and there enjoy a talk with them.
    • Return back to Jodhpur after a thrilling day and cherish these memories forever.
  • 23Sunset Horse Safari with Champagne in Rajasthan

    Sunset Horse Safari with Champagne in Rajasthan
    • h3 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    • Mr. Reggie Singh
      Mr. Reggie Singh
    About the Activity:
    • Get picked up from the Mountbatten lodge in Ranakpur and take a horse ride to sunset point  on a thrilling journey.
    • Experience the aspects of traditional life with mythical and timeless beauty over the sand dunes riding a horse.
    • After the horse safari enjoy the sparkling champagne at sunset point with your loved ones.
    • Then return back to your preferred location.
  • 24Camel Safari in Thar Desert, Jodhpur

    Camel Safari in Thar Desert, Jodhpur
    • h6 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • Mr. Prajapat
      Mr. Prajapat
    About the Activity:

    • Riding the state's most acclaimed animal is an exhilarating experience.
    • Enjoy this amazing Camel Safari amidst the golden sand dunes of the Thar desert with your family or friends.
    • Upon arrival at the location of activity, you will be welcomed in the traditional Rajasthani way.
    • Also meet with the desert family, have tea with them, and understand the cultures and traditions in this royal state.
    • Do not miss a visit to the ancient temple in Osian village nearby
  • 25Village Tour of Marwar

    Village Tour of Marwar
    • h6 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • Mr. Akshat
      Mr. Akshat
    About the Activity:
    • Set out for a dazzling visit to the proud village of Marwars after getting picked up from Chandpole gate.
    • Spend six hours in the fascinating village, interacting with the residents and observing their lifestyle.
    • The small huts, the nature and the routine of the villagers will obviously amuse you.
    • Ramble through the roads to view how their economy is being revolved and try tasting tea or indigenous bread if possible.
    • The tour takes you to a number of rare scenes of rural India where simplicity and calmness reside.

  • 26Dinner with Folk Dance at Osian in Rajasthan

    Dinner with Folk Dance at Osian in Rajasthan
    • h3 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • Mr. Surendra Sharma
      Mr. Surendra Sharma
    About the Activity:
    • If you are looking for some real Rajasthani experience, this tour is a perfect fit for you.
    • Indulge in this amazing night in Osian, Rajasthan and get a chance to see the colors of authentic Rajasthani culture.
    • Get welcomed with 'tika and aarti' and sit around the bonfire as you enjoy the Rajasthani folk music and dance.
    • Relish a delicious buffet of authentic Rajasthani cuisine while you relax and enjoy the dances performances.
    • End your trip with lots of memories.
  • 27Flavours of a Rajasthani Village

    Flavours of a Rajasthani Village
    • h6 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • Ajit Rana
      Ajit Rana

    Let the myriad flavours of Rajasthan come alive as you bask in an authentic village experience.Your unique sojourn would begin sometime in the evening and would last for around 6 hours.

    Begin with a 30 km drive from Jodhpur to the village (colloquially called Dhanis). After a traditional welcome, take a walk with the village chief to witness the different activities that take place here. On this guided walk, you visit the potter's and weaver's homes to see engaging sights of expert artisans at work. After absorbing the day to day scenes and sights of the village, participate in an old Rajasthani ceremony and subsequently join the chief at the temple for the evening prayers. In the evening, enjoy a festive ambience of folk music and dancing illuminated by a bonfire. Just before dinner, you get a Rajasthani cooking demonstration that titillates your senses for a sumptuous dinner ahead. It is prepared by the chief’s wife using ingredients indigenous to this region. 

    Duration: 6 hours (evening)

  • 28Day Drive Desert Experience in Jodhpur

    Day Drive Desert Experience in Jodhpur
    • d1 Day
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN32 ratings
    • Ajit Rana
      Ajit Rana

    About the Activity:

    • Unravel the charm and essence of the golden Thar Desert. 
    • This full day tour around the villages of Jodhpur is especially crafted to make you acquainted with the life and culture of the desert. 
    • Following your pick-up from the meeting point at around 8:00 AM, drive through the rustic tracks of the villages and reach the local settlements. 
    • Interact with the native people, be their guest and get a feel of their culture and traditional lifestyle. Discover the peace and harmony among the different communities.
    • A picnic lunch in the afternoon will keep your energy and enthusiasm alive and post this, visit one of the nearby villages. 
    • Take part in their different ceremonies and be a part of their delightful ceremonies and celebrations.
  • 29Desert Experience in Tented Camp, Jodhpur

    Desert Experience in Tented Camp, Jodhpur
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • Ajit Rana
      Ajit Rana

    A night camp experience, touring a Rajasthani village, watching the sun set over the sandy dunes, drive over the undulating landscape and visiting the homes of two ethnic communities – all this is packed into the 3 day Desert Experience Camp. Conducted near Jodhpur - also called the ‘Sun City’ – the culturally rich and adventurous camp is a great opportunity to know more about this state while enjoying the touristy must-dos as well.

    This 3 day camp begins when you are picked up from the meeting point after lunch around 2pm and driven to the camp. A short hike up the hill and you will be witness to a beautiful sunset over the sandy horizon. The evening is spent in enjoying the bonfire and barbeque dinner after which you retire to your tents for the night.

    Early next morning, after breakfast around 8am, the desert experience drive commences over dry riverbeds and the sandy terrain. After that, come the visits to the homes of the Bishnoi and Pittal community where the hosts let you in their abodes for you to observe their lifestyles and traditions. Post a picnic lunch, another riverbed drive follows and onto a village where you will be accorded a grand welcome in a traditional Rajasthani ceremony. A walk through the village allows you to soak in the typical rural ambience as you are witness to the lives of its residents. After returning to the camp, you will freshen up before eating a sumptuous dinner and head to your tent for the night. The third day morning, you will head back to Jodhpur after breakfast around 8am.

    Duration: 2 nights and 3 days

  • 30Farm Tour on Camel in Jodhpur

    Farm Tour on Camel in Jodhpur
    • h6 Hours
    • lJodhpur
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • Arjun Singh
      Arjun Singh

    Experience the serenity and tranquility of Rajasthan with a farm picnic lunch in this colourful state! You will start from the hotel with a drive for about 3 km where the camels will wait for you to climb aboard to embark on a fun journey! Jump on the camel’s back and ride to the local Thakur Saabs farm where you can relax in the open fields under the Neem tree. Get familiar with the local spices and the traditional cooking methods and join your hosts on a stroll through the farm during which you'll learn more about life on the farm, the crops and their seasons and local farming practices

    Meal Types: Breakfast

    Activities: Camel Safari, Local spices tour and traditional cooking methods

  • 31Champagne and Camel Ride in Jodhpur

    Champagne and Camel Ride in Jodhpur
    • h3 Hours
    • lOsian
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • Mr. Reggie Singh
      Mr. Reggie Singh
    About the Activity:
    • Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and the calm beauty of the sand dune in this 3 hour safari. 
    • Indulge in a camel ride which will lead you to the thrilling journey as you cross the sand dunes in the Thar Desert.
    • Experience the traditional life of and timeless beauty of the desert.
    • After the camel ride enjoy your champagne while looking at the tranquil beauty of the horizon as the sunsets.
    • Before concluding the trip witness a delightful dance and music show at the campsite.
  • Places to Visit near Jodhpur

  • 32Osian

    Image Credit :  Ben_Lepley +_+ - flickr
    Encompassed by brilliant sand ridges and villages, Osian, found 65 km north of Jodhpur, is well known for its Hindu and Jain temples and is known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan because of the sensual figures on the temples.

    An unmistakable exchanging focus on the Silk Route from the eighth to the twelfth century AD, Osian was additionally a noteworthy journey site amid the Gurjara Pratihara administration, who administered a lot of northern India from the sixth to the eleventh century and was known as Upakesapura.

    Among the most acclaimed vacation spots of the town are the 16 temples that incorporate Sachiya Mata Temple, Sun Temple, Mahaveera Jain Temple, and so on going back to the eighth to the eleventh century. With their mind-boggling carvings, the Sun Temple, Sachiya Mata Temple and the Jain Temples are devoted to Lord Mahavir emerge in their beauty and engineering.

    Dinner on the Dunes at Osian in Rajasthan

    Dinner on the Dunes at Osian in Rajasthan

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  • 33Khichan Bird Sanctuary

    Khichan Bird Sanctuary
    Khichan is a village in Rajasthan in which is located this magnificent bird sanctuary which attracts a number of tourists every year. The sanctuary is situated in next to a lake in Khichan village and accommodates a number of bird species that migrate from other regions. One cannot afford to miss this picturesque location on the way to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur, but witness the splendour of it.

    This sanctuary is the best Jodhpur place to visit for those of you that love bird watching activity.  Apart from witnessing the splendid view of different kinds of birds, one can also relish the charm of the picturesque location around the lake. This destination is an easy going place to laze around and witness the best of sunset at this nature’s abode. Take a bow to the magic of nature that brings the birds here and relish its charm in your own way. 
    Bird Watching in Kicchan, Rajasthan

    Bird Watching in Kicchan, Rajasthan

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  • 34Chandelao Village

    Chandelao Village
    The village and Garh of Chandelao have since a long time ago had impact in the historical backdrop of Rajasthan and the Kingdom of Marwar. This region of Rajasthan is famous for its savagely free individuals, its beautiful attire, its painstaking work, and its conventional lifestyle.

    Chandelao is a town of around 2,000 individuals, and like most towns in Rajasthan, most of the general population are included in farming. A considerable lot of the houses are still developed of the customary mud blocks, with a weatherproof covering of dairy animals excrement, painted white, red or blue. In a few spots, more up to date houses developed of excellent red Jodhpur sandstone are being constructed.

  • 35Om Banna Temple, Pali

    Om Banna Temple, Pali
    The Om Banna Temple in Pali is known for a motrcycle baba (Om Banna), and the neighborhood used to worship him. They think doing as such will avert accidents around there. Story behind this Baba is, there was a Guy named Om Singh Rathore assumed name Om Banna of town Chotila, in 1988 Om Banna smashed on the same site while riding on his bullet.

    After that cops seized Om Banna's motrocycle, yet the following morning it was absent from the police headquarters, they sought the bike and found that the bike is remaining on the accident site, they took it back to the police headquarters yet again next morning they found it at the same spot. They trusted that this entire demonstration is finished by Om Banna (really his spirit). So they fabricated a temple there in his memory. From that point on, individuals love Om Banna as an accident preventer. So this is the tale of om Baana.

  • 36Khimsar

    Image Credit :
    Located on the edge of the Great Thar Desert in the heart of rustic India lies this exceptional sixteenth-century Khimsar Fort, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jodhpur and offers experience subsequent to invigorating background.

    Many years of history unfurl as you look at its fight scarred dividers and walk around its bulwarks. As you taste tea on the porches you understand the magnificence of being encompassed by sections of land of rich green greenhouses.

    A genuine uncommonness of any desert on the planet!! Peacocks, parrots, pigeons and upwards of forty-six assortments of winged animals welcome you to add to the appeal and quality of this antiquated post.

    Khimsar Fort has been granted the 'NATIONAL GRAND HERITAGE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE' (this being the most noteworthy acknowledgment presented upon any legacy property by the Department of Tourism, Government of India).

  • 37Phalodi Fort

    Phalodi Fort

    Phalodi Fort, a historical site is situated in a small city called Phalodi in Jodhpur city. This fort is another place that reflects the cultural richness of the Blue city and speaks of the pre-historic period of Jodhpur. It is constructed in the year 1488 by Rao Hammir Narawat, and today majestically stands as a glimpse of the glorious olden days.

    One can witness the charm of this historical site and explore the village life of Phalodi at the same time. The artistic portraits and architectural designs of this fort are quite engaging and makes this destination one of the nicest Jodhpur Tourist places. This fort reflects the fine work of artists of Marwar of the pre historic era.

    Jodhpur city is undoubtedly one of the most exuberant and historic tourist destination of our country. Much popular as the Blue city of India, Jodhpur is a perfect destination for those who love to walk back in time to pre-historic era. The splendour and charm of the city’s culture and traditions is sure enough to leave its tourist spell bound. With innumerable places to visit in Jodhpur, one is sure to enjoy his/ her time here. What is more attractive about this city is how it accommodates every age group and every kind of traveller and has destinations that suit each and every one.

    Being one among the culturally rich cities of India, Jodhpur is a perfect way to learn about the history of India. Every destination is a valuable addition to the never ending list of places to visit in Jodhpur. Explore the unseen and unwind the books of history as you pack yourself to one of the majestic tourist destinations of India. 

  • 38Jaswant Sagar Dam

    Jaswant Sagar Dam

    Jaswant Sagar Dam is located in Pichiyak village of Jodhpur. The dam was constructed in the year 1892 by Maharaja Jaswant Singh and is hence named after him. Back then the dam was constructed keeping in mind the need for water and fulfilment of irrigation requirements in Jodhpur. Today, the dam is transformed to become of the most visited recreational spots in Jodhpur city. Surrounded with scenic environs the dam provides boating facilities to its visitors. It is a great abode to unwind yourself and relax in the arms of Mother Nature.

    Evenings are the best time to explore this location as it is quite popular for the picturesque sunset. It is that time when the crimson hued sun shimmers on the water gently enhancing the visiting experience of the tourists. Apart from all these, this Jodhpur tourist place is quite popular for being one of the finest abode for educational trips. It is seen that a number of schools and college from around the city choose this destination for a great recreational as well as educational trip.

  • 39Dechu


    It is a renowned village in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan state of the country. It has numbers of resorts and hotels which itself is an indication that despite being termed as the village, it is a very popular tourist spot.

    The main attractions of the village are Old Wells and Sand dunes. You can also try to reach to reach the top of Sand Dunes by the road available for the purpose. Other destinations of the place where tourists frequently visit are Baba Ramdev Temple, The Pokaran Fort, Salim Singh Haveli and more. Apart from the sand dunes, there are high and long rock series.

    The only setback you will have is reachability. There no major Railway Station or Bus nearby. Thus, one needs to opt for a cab or bus to reach this part of the country. But this little inconvenience is worth giving to enjoy a memorable holiday. 

    Stay at Samsara Desert Camps in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

    Stay at Samsara Desert Camps in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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  • 40Rohetgarh


    It is an ordered Heritage Hotel situated in Jodhpur. Throughout fifteen years it has been supported and created with extraordinary love and care by the family into one of the finest hotels in the country.Situated on the banks of a lake and set amidst rustic environment, it is an asylum of peace and quietness.

    Manicured Gardens and Sprawling yards, which welcome a large number of flying creatures and moving peacocks, proclaim your entrance into this desert spring where the feathered creature tune is the main sound you will hear. A great swimming pool with four enchanting structures tempts you for an invigorating plunge. Regularly supper is served by the poolside as society artists’ breathe life into the night air. A rich wonderfully delegated relax, quiet verandahs and porches with stunning perspectives, make consummate scenes for unwinding.

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