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  • A small island country in the Indian ocean, experiences and activities entail that there are a lot of things to do in Sri Lanka. From the amazing experience of whale watching in at Marissa Port to the amazing train journey to Ella from Kandy, and from the mesmerizing experience at the Elephant orphanage, to the scuba diving experience at Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka has something for everyone and in every field and landscape possible. 

    Activities in Sri Lanka also include the usual rafting and camping adventures, although in a much more grander and naturally beautiful manner. Adventure lovers can even try kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, and for those who prefer mild adventures that take them higher than anything else, destinations like Kandalama curate activities like hot air balloon rides to see the sun rising from high above. Cycling is another one of adventure activities in Sri Lanka that are a must try. Feel the sea breeze hitting your face as you enjoy the views of the ocean on one side and the beautiful village of Galle on the other.

    Sri Lanka is also famous for being a tea lover’s heaven, it is also another interesting activity to take the hike in the tea estates of the famous Bogawantalawa Valley. For the lovers of extreme adventure, options of going for surfing at Arugam Bay and Rock Climbing in Bambarakanda are available, up for grabs and definitely, a must try. Sri Lanka is a big explosion packed in a small packaging.
  • Must do Things in Pattaya

  • 01Whale Watching at Marissa Fishery Port

    Whale Watching at Marissa Fishery Port
    Image Credit :

    You will find mischievous dolphins playing in the water and will put up a spectacular looking show. If you are lucky enough you can nonchalantly see the mighty blue whale too. 

    Be a part of the exciting whale watching cruise from Galle to Mirissa fishery port. Dondra Point which is close to Mirissa is the main point to see the blue and sperm whales You can witness Blue Whale, Bryde’s Whale, Killer Whale and Pilot Whale. Whale watching is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka.

    Best Time: The best time to visit will be during the month of December, February and March. Mornings are the best time to witness dolphins and whales.

     Price: Approximate price for the harbour cruise starts from 175,000 LKR and can go up to 575,000  LKR depending on the size of the cruise.

    Whale Watching Tour in a Private Yatch in Mirissa

    Whale Watching Tour in a Private Yatch in Mirissa

    NNNMM26 Ratings

    h7 HourslMirissa


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  • 02Kandy to Ella Train Journey

    Kandy to Ella Train Journey
    Image Credit :

    Some journeys should never end and the journey from Kandy to Ella train is one of them. The train takes you from Kandy to Ella is one of the most beautiful journey, the scenic beauty and the green landscape will surely take your breath away.

    The train will take you through the tea plantations, waterfalls, mountains, clouds and mist which will make you feel as if it is a scene picked up from a beautiful movie. You can also enjoy delicious food from the local hawkers who sell freshly cut mangoes and pineapple pieces sprinkled with cinnamon, crispy papadums.

    Location: The journey starts from Kandy railway station, which is 95 km from Colombo.

    Price: The train ticket starts from 13 USD with tea and coffee included.

  • 03Have Fun at Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage, Rambukkana

    Have Fun at Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage, Rambukkana
    Peradeniya Gardens is a spacious 147 acre of natural extravaganza consisting of more than 4000 species of plants, and 10,000 varied kinds of trees, incidentally serves as the largest garden of Sri Lanka.

    The unique and rarest collection in these gardens is the Giant Bamboo of Burma which grows 12 inches each day to a height of 40 meters. Apart from this other amazing collections include Javan fig tree, Cannonball tree, Double Coconut Palm and about 200 other varieties of palm trees and versatile collection of flora. 

    One can pack some food to enjoy an open-air picnic here or can relish the cafeteria inside serving local and western cuisine. The Peradeniya Botanical Garden is one prime tourist attraction of hill country and remains quite flooded with tourists every weekend. 

    : Opened daily from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

    Price: Approximate price starts from 2353 LKR for adults and 1177LKR for child
    Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Tour from Kandy - Flat 25% off

    Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Tour from Kandy - Flat 25% off

    NNNNN23 Ratings

    h8 HourslKandy


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  • 04Go for Wildlife Safari

    Go for Wildlife Safari
    Image Credit : Michael Jansen - Flickr

    Sri Lanka might just seem like a small droplet in the world map but it encompasses some of the world’s spectacular biodiversity hotspots. Sri Lankan Asian Elephants, Leopards, Sambar and Purple-faced Langur are something which is easy to spot here. Going on a safari is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka has housed some of the best National Parks. You can check out the Yala West National Park which allows you to see some fairly bold leopards. The best time to visit Yala National Park would be from December to March. If you are an ardent elephant watcher then Minneriya National Park has housed approximately five hundred elephants in the park.

    Price: Approximate price for a full day would be 75 USD and for half day it would be 40 USD.

    Udawalawe Safari & Elephant Transit Home Visit with Lunch

    Udawalawe Safari & Elephant Transit Home Visit with Lunch

    NNNNM28 Ratings

    h8 HourslUdawalawe


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  • 05Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa

    Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa
    Image Credit :

    Bathing in warm Indian Ocean currents is an experience of a lifetime. You will find a wide variety of marine creatures in Sri Lankan waters. From the mighty Blue Whale to the tiny nudibranch, Sri Lanka has it all. 

    The friendly locals of the place well complemented with an amazing food make the experience even better. This reef is located off the coast of Mount Lavinia which will never disappoint you. It is home to some of the most beautiful aquatic creatures such as Lionfish, rays, and nudibranch.

    Best Time: If you want to dive in the west and south-west coast then October to May is the best time. However, May to October is the ideal time for the northeast coast.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 41 USD

    Two Hours Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

    Two Hours Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

    NNNNM30 Ratings

    h2 HourslHikkaduwa


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  • 06Yala National Park Camping

    Yala National Park Camping
    The sensational Yala wildlife National Park promises unparallel thrill and excellent adventurous experience with a visual treat of scenic excellence in the exclusive Yala Safari Camping. It is indeed an extra ordinary experience to rise up to a place where for miles there is no soul visible except the caretakers.

    The spectacular terrains provide fascinating visuals through dense to scrub vegetation, rocky pools, spectacular ravines, fresh water lakes with snaking coastline along with sight on endemic mammals like Asian elephant, leopard, black bear, crocodiles, grey languor and many others. It’s a paradise for birdwatchers with the presence of paradise flycatchers, Ceylon Shamas etc.

    Location: Thalgasmankada, Sri Lanka

    Highlights: Sri Lankan Leopard which is present in Block 1, in a density of one leopard per square kilometre.  

    Things to Know: Presence of person of wildlife department is mandatory within the park

    : Approximate price starts from 4500-6000 LKR for foreigners
    Yala National Park Safari in Sri Lanka

    Yala National Park Safari in Sri Lanka

    NNNNM28 Ratings

    h14 HourslHambantota


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  • 07White Water Rafting in Kitugala

    White Water Rafting in Kitugala
    Image Credit : Anuradha Ratnaweera - Flickr

    If you have always dreamt of living like Robinson Crusoe, a plunge into the White Water Rafting in Kitugala is worth a shot. You will experience rafting in one of the wettest place in the country – Kitugala. 

    This place is located 90 km from Colombo on the banks of the river Kelani River It offers grade three rapids making it an adventurous experience for both the beginners and intermediate rafters.The overall rafting experience will leave you completely thrilled.

    Best Time: April to November is the best time to opt for this activity.

    Prices: Approximate price ranges from 1500 LKR. 

    White Water Rafting Adventure in Kithulgala, Sri Lanka

    White Water Rafting Adventure in Kithulgala, Sri Lanka

    NNNNM33 Ratings

    h5 HourslKitulgala


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  • 08Catamaran Cruise Trip at Trincomalee

    Catamaran Cruise Trip at Trincomalee

    Let your dream come true with a trip on Catamaran cruise which will let you collect some fond memories of Sri Lanka. Take a morning trip with our cruise which will allow you to soak yourself completely in the warm sun rays and relax. 

    You can also get a chance to have a delicious barbeque on board of catamaran.Once on the cruise you can sit back and enjoy the beaches while listening to some good music. Don’t forget to carry a hat and sunglasses on your trip.

    Highlights: You can take a ride on Polonnaruwa Parakrama Sea which is one of Sri Lanka’s man-made lake or can also try water sport activities like snorkelling, swimming and other water sports.

    Best Time: April to September and October to March.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 65 USD


    Catamaran Trip at Topaz in Sri Lanka

    Catamaran Trip at Topaz in Sri Lanka

    NNNNM24 Ratings

    h3 HourslTrincomalee


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  • 09Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya

    Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya
    Image Credit :

    If you would like to kite in heaven then the Kite Surfing experience in Kalpitiya will leave you with an amazing experience. The Kalpitiya Lagoon is the best place for freestylers and beginners. It is one of the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka.

    If you want some training then there are several schools where trained professionals can teach you the art of Kite Surfing. You will find several accommodations in the nearby area which makes it easier for everybody to try this adventure sport.

    Location: Kalpitiya is approximately 3 hours from Colombo.

    Highlights: Afternoon is the best time to try kite surfing as there are strong winds that are blowing.

    Best Time: May to October and December to March.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 45 USD

  • 10Hot Air Balloning at Kandalama

    Hot Air Balloning at Kandalama
    Image Credit :

    Watch the world from a different perspective with our Hot Air Ballooning. It has a perfect amalgamation of both thrilling experiences of flying up in the air with complete serenity. You can capture some of the most beautiful photographic moments. 

    It can be an amazing scenery or a Sri Lankan Leopard resting on the branch of the tree. Colorful Hot air balloons floating in the cloud offers one of the surreal and majestic views.The best part of the Hot Air Ballooning is the take-off time which lets you absorb in the colourful wonders of the world

    Location: Kandalama which is approximately 4 hours from Colombo

    Price: Approximate price starts from 13000 LKR per person.

    Hot Air Ballooning at Kandalama Lake in Sri lanka

    Hot Air Ballooning at Kandalama Lake in Sri lanka

    NNNNM24 Ratings

    h4 HourslKandalama


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  • 11Visit Casino in Colombo

    Visit Casino in Colombo
    Image Credit :

    A visitor’s delight, Colombo is a place of many beautiful tourist attractions. When you are here, do not miss to visit the casinos of the place. These are perfect joints to keep you entertained with their world-class interiors and customised services. The four most attractive casinos in Colombo are Bally’s, Bellagio, MGM Colombo and Marina Colombo. 

    Bally’s is located right in the heart of the city and is a popular Sri Lanka tourist place. Bellagio on the main Duplication Road, the highly-sought-after MGM, in close vicinity to Majestic City Shopping Mall and Marina, a high-profile casino on the Marine Drive.

    Timings: The joints are opened 24/7 on all days of the week.

    Price: Approximate price starts from just LKR 100 onwards at joints like Bally’s. That’s not all! You get to taste some awesome dishes as well, while you try your luck at these places.

  • 12Snorkelling


    If you want to have a good snorkelling tour, it is time for you to test the Sri Lankan waters where you can span for 3 nautical miles in a length. The whole of the south coast of Sri Lanka is filled with such adventurous sports.

    If you want the adventure to reach its peak, you can try Bar Reef which is considered to be Sri Lanka’s largest reef.

    Highlights: For the best experience, you can try snorkelling in Hikkaduwaa, Weligama and Kirinda.

    Best Time: The best time to indulge in this activity is March, April or May.

    Prices: Approximate price starts from 410 USD

    Snorkeling in Mirissa - Flat 18% off

    Snorkeling in Mirissa - Flat 18% off

    NNNNM36 Ratings

    h2 HourslMirissa


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  • 13Rainforest Camping in Kitugala Forest Reserve

    Rainforest Camping in Kitugala Forest Reserve
    Image Credit : Joseph - Flickr

    Wake up with the melodious chirping of birds all around at the Rainforest Camping in the Kitugala Forest Reserve. The camping in the forest reserve of Kitugala is an experience in itself and will let you have a blend of both adventure and leisure at the same time. 

    Be close to the trails of nature and try out the all the adventure activities such as Jungle walks, Adventurous stream jumps, Mountain Biking and River Trips.All the meals are served to you at your comfort and a barbeque dinner is not to be missed.

    Location: The camping base is approximately 2hrs 30 minutes’ drive from Colombo.

    Best Time: Between February to April.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 290 USD for two days and one night.

  • 14Lagoon & Village Cycling

    Lagoon & Village Cycling

    The best way to get away from the monotonous life in the city is to cycle through the quaint village of Galle. Lagoon and Village cycling in Galle is a perfect way to spend your weekends. Ride at your own pace and you will be able to cover 12 km easily. 

    The cycling routes in Galle are usually the less travelled ones into the gravelled paths, through the mangroves, paddy fields, grasslands, local villages and their shopping stalls and sparse jungles. 

    Highlights: Three to four hours of utmost pleasure. The cycling expedition takes you by the local industries, lagoons and mangroves. Also, in the local village, you can learn to make coconut ropes or catch crabs from the villagers.

    Timings: The activity starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 2 PM

    Price: Approximate price ranges from Rs.1100 to Rs. 3500

    Family Cycling Tour in Galle

    Family Cycling Tour in Galle

    NNNNM38 Ratings

    h6 HourslGalle


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  • 15Visit Galle Fort/Dutch Fort

    Visit Galle Fort/Dutch Fort
    Image Credit : Towle N

    Dutch Fort is one of the most extraordinary historical and archeological sites of the world. The fort was first constructed by Portuguese in the late sixteenth century and fortified expansively by the Dutch in the mid-seventeenth century. It is a stunning blend of archeology, architecture, and history in the backdrop of the tropical atmosphere.  

    Its appeal lies in that it is not just a historical monument. Even today the life is buzzing inside it, with a museum, gorgeous villas, administrative offices, antique shops, cafes, bookstores and lifestyle stores.

    Location: Situated in the Southern Sri Lankan Coast in the Bay of Galle just 132 KM from Colombo.

    Highlights: A stroll on the streets will let you experience the beautiful architecture of the colonial style buildings that still exudes the warmth and charm. Visit National Maritime Museum, stop by Meera Mosque and enjoy delicacies at Lucky Fort Restaurant and Galle Fort Hotel Restaurant.

    Timing: Opened 24 hours a day 

    Best Time to visit: The absolute best month to be here is in February

    Galle City Tour - Flat 18% off

    Galle City Tour - Flat 18% off

    NNNNM41 Ratings

    h12 HourslGalle


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  • 16Tea Estate Trails at Bogawantawala valley

    Tea Estate Trails at Bogawantawala valley
    Image Credit :

    Waking up early in the morning and being served the finest bed tea by the butler will be a delight in itself. The tea planter will take you through the entire tea making process starting from the fields where the tea was first plucked and then taken to the factory where all the conversions take place. 

    The tea trails will take you to the colonial era time. The afternoon cream tea is something to truly relish. The nearby places are an appropriate place to walk, cycle and biking.

    Location: Close to Hatton, near Bogawantawala valley.

    : Ceylon Tea Trails, Sri Lanka which is a must watch.

    Best Time:
    December to April.

    Price: The approximate price ranges from 484 LKR to 1626 LKR.

    Tea Hills Tour in Sri Lanka

    Tea Hills Tour in Sri Lanka

    NNNMM24 Ratings

    d5 Daysn4 NightslColombo

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  • 17Surfing

    Image Credit : AlGraChe - Flickr

    Peel off the waves with your surfs and let the adventure begin! The thrilling experience of surfing will surely leave you with an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. It is one of the famous things to do in Sri Lanka.

    Although surfing is available in many Sri Lankan beaches if you want to have a real surfing experience in the warm water you should go to Weligama beach. However, you can also try other beaches like Arugm Bay, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and much more to list. 

    No matter whether it is your first time or you are a professional, it is always better to understand the water from a trainer to learn the basics of surfing in safe waters.

    Best Time: It is different for different beaches but ideally one should visit during November and April.

    Prices: Approximate price starts from 8 USD for 3 days.

  • 18Mountain Bike Tour at Mirissa and Unawatuna

    Mountain Bike Tour at Mirissa and Unawatuna
    Image Credit : Dai Williams
    Mountain biking is more fun than normal cycling and it is treated as one of the amazing things to do in Galle. The rocky paths, gravelled roads, tracks unused for years and the adrenalin rush to speed up are the absolute reasons to try this jaunt. At Galle, Unawatuna is the place where you would find centres for this sport.

    You can choose your type of bikes from an array of selection and you will be provided with a local guide, helmets, and refreshments. The guide helps you to know the place better with his narrations and titbits of information.

    Location: Biking centres at Mirissa and Unawatuna

     You would get to see the real Sri Lankan villages, peacocks, chameleons, buffalo, mangroves, coconut farms and tropical forests. You can also eat homemade authentic food in one of the many villages you would come across. 

      8:30 AM or 2:30 PM as per your convenience

      Approximate price starts from  Rs.1100 to 3500

    Best Time to Visit: December to Feb. is a suitable time for Mountain Biking
    Mountain Biking Tour at Akuressa in Sri Lanka

    Mountain Biking Tour at Akuressa in Sri Lanka

    NNNNM28 Ratings

    h11 HourslAkuressa


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  • 19Rock Climbing in Bambarakanda

    Rock Climbing in Bambarakanda
    Image Credit :

    The experience of crumbling the mighty rocks beneath your feet is truly triumphant. Bambarakanda waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and as an extra delight you also get a chance to choose from the two climbing paths, two for the beginners and one for the climbers. 

    It is one of the best climb up, where you will get the feeling of conquering the whole world. It will give you the newest experience in mountaineering. It will be both challenging and thrilling experience for both professionals and amateurs.

    Highlights: It is one of the richest biodiversity with forests, grasslands, and thick vegetation, making it ideal for nature lovers.

    Prices: Approximate price starts from 245 USD 

    Rock Climbing at Bambarakanda in Sri Lanka

    Rock Climbing at Bambarakanda in Sri Lanka

    NNNNM33 Ratings

    h4 HourslNuwara Eliya


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  • 20Hike to Adam's Peak, Sabaragamuwa

    Hike to Adam's Peak, Sabaragamuwa
    One of the natural landmarks is the summit of Adam’s Peak. A trek toward this colossal Adam’s peak can be very exhausting. Besides being just a natural landmark the place is also considered to be a sacred pilgrimage because of the curious depression which is found on the summit and is painted in gold people term this as Sri Pada or Sacred Footprint of Buddha.

    The trek starts from the far end of Dalhousie village and reaching the large standing Buddha. Trekking can be really exhausting especially when it is 5500 steps and do wear warm clothes as it is cold up there.

    Location: It is approximately 5 hours from the airport.

    Best time of visit: The Adam’s Peak should be made by night so that you reach them by dawn and the ideal month would be December and January.

    Adam's Peak Hiking Srilanka

    Adam's Peak Hiking Srilanka

    NNNNM26 Ratings

    n1 NightlNuwara Eliya


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  • 21Trekking

    Image Credit :

    Backpack your bags and go trekking in Sri Lanka where you find endless opportunities that awaits you. You just can’t miss the Knuckles Mountains which offers an amazing view of flora and fauna. For a true traveller, this will be a dream come true experience. 

    You can cherish the local food, sitting on the rocks and getting really close to the trails of nature. Walking by the road you can see the tea plantations even more closely. Trek to the Adam’s Peak which will also be an exciting experience.

    Location:: Situated approximately 4 and a half hours from Colombo via Katugastota.

    Best Time:: The time to trek on the Adam’s Peak will be during the month of December.

  • 22Vedda Village Tour, Colombo

    Vedda Village Tour, Colombo

    If you seriously want to live like the people of the forest, a tour to the Vedda village is a must. The major population of the village is confined more towards Dambana. You will still find people hanging their axe on their shoulders and a bow slung behind them which will take you back to the Stone Age. 

    You can also enjoy their staple diet venison during your stay there. Want to relish the taste of pure honey! Then it is best to have it from the locals.

    Location: The village is close to Maduru oya sanctuary which is approximately 248 km from Colombo.

    Highlights: If you want to live like a true forest warrior then the best thing to do would be to experience village camping and enjoy the traditional dance forms of the Vedda.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 180 USD per person.

  • 23Dambulla Cave Temple, Kandy

    Dambulla Cave Temple, Kandy
    Dambulla Cave temple is also known as the Golden Rock temple is also one of the world heritage city declared by UNESCO. The cave temple is made with a massive granite outcrop.

    The word ‘Damba’ means rock and ‘Ulla’ means fountain, hence you can see drip of water from the main house. If you have an eye for paintings then you can also see some of the historic paintings which shows the majestic manifestation of the first sermon of Buddha.

    Highlights: Don’t forget to visit the Golden temple Buddhist museum which will leave you jaw dropped with its spectacular entrance from the golden mouth of lion like beast.

    Location: You can come via Ambepussa and Kurunegala which is approximately 4 hours from Colombo.

    Prices: There are no prices charged for the same, however you have to pay  200 LKR for keeping the luggage.
  • 24Horton Plains National Park

    Horton Plains National Park
    Image Credit : Dhammika Heenpella
    Established in 1988, Horton Plains National Park serves as the country’s platform to showcase the scenic panorama of Sri Lanka with an array of exclusive and extensive flora and fauna. Though there is an option to explore the park through jeep ride but the best journey is by foot as it has excellent trekking trails stretching for an area of 9kms.

    Along with the pictorial scenic beauty one can also see Sri Lanka Samba deer, wild boar and spot macaques. At an Altitude-2100-2300 meter, World’s End serve as the end point of this hiking tour. The look out from this point is simply amazing and provides an expansive terrain.

     Ohiya, Sri Lanka 

    Sunrise at World’s End

    Best Time: November to March

    Things to Keep in Mind: The trek is not very easy throughout the trail especially near the falls. Reach at World End before sunrise for best view 
    Trip to Horton Plains and Pedro Tea Factory

    Trip to Horton Plains and Pedro Tea Factory

    NNNMM34 Ratings

    h11 HourslNuwara Eliya

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  • 25Golf at The Royal Colombo Golf Club

    Golf at The Royal Colombo Golf Club
    Ever dreamt of playing golf at one of the world’s finest and high-profile golf clubs? Royal Colombo Golf Club is just what you are looking for!

    Highlights: Constructed 130 years ago, this is the second oldest golf club in the world. Tourists coming to this club can try their hand at the 96-acre golf court by submitting proper identity documents and paying the relevant fees as per their requirement.

    Location: The club is located at the purely residential area of Model Farm Road in Colombo.

    Timings: The club is open from 6AM to 11PM on all days of the week.

    Green Fees per day basis on week-days and public holidays/weekends costs LKR10000 and LKR12200 respectively.
    One week Green Fees charges come up to LKR40000.
    Caddy Fees comes up to LKR800, single club hire charge comes up to LKR500 and full club hire charge comes up to LKR4000.
  • 26Visit Sigiriya

    Visit Sigiriya
    Image Credit : Pavel Dobrovsky - Flickr
    A visit to this place will show you a 1600 years old Sigiriya Fortress which was built by King Kasyapa. This massive compound is protected by two moats and three ramparts. It is once known to be the private residence of King Kasyapa. It is 165 km from Sri Lanka.

    If you are interested in ancient places, this is one of the best tourist places to visit in Sri Lanka.

    Location: 31 min (16.8 km) from Sri Lanka via Inamaluwa

    Timings: Opens daily from 7 AM to 5:30 PM.

    Price: Approximate price starts from INR 3955.

    Best time to visit: This area will be early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

    Sigiriya Rock Fortress Day Tour - Flat 23% off

    Sigiriya Rock Fortress Day Tour - Flat 23% off

    NNNNN33 Ratings

    h3 HourslDambulla


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  • 27Visit a Turtle Hatchery at Bentota

    Visit a Turtle Hatchery at Bentota
    Image Credit :

    Turtle Hatchery was started by the Sri Lankans with a view to protect the turtles from extinction. Earlier, people usually fishermen used to collect the turtle’s eggs and sold it to whoever would pay the higher price. With the commencement of the Turtle Hatchery these eggs were fed and cared for until they were 2 to 4 years old. 

    You can find different species of turtles such as Green Turtle, Leatherback and Olive Ridley. Despite their extinction turtles are still caught by the fishermen for fish and shells which is indeed a very lucrative market.

    Location: 10 to 15 minutes tuk tuk ride south from Bentota

    Highlights: You should visit the Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery where you can spend an interesting time watching the baby turtles grow.

    Things to keep in mind: Avoid disturbing the nesting turtles with light.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 500 LKR.

    Turtle Observation Camp in Rekawa

    Turtle Observation Camp in Rekawa

    NNNNM31 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlHambantota


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  • 28Caving at Batatotalena

    Caving at Batatotalena

    The caving activity in Sri Lanka will not fail to catch your fascination. This activity is known as speleology by the locals which involve four important things; exploration, surveying, mapping and photography of the caves.

    The unusual experience of this caving activity will leave an experience which will be cherished thoroughly throughout your life.

    Location: Batatotalena is approximately 98 km from Sri Lanka which will take 2 hours for you to reach there. Make a booking well in advance so that you don’t have to face last moment fuss and commotion.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 350 USD which includes caving and other activities too.

  • 29Visit Polonnaruwa Sacred City, Colombo

    Visit Polonnaruwa Sacred City, Colombo
    Image Credit : Jonybraker - Flickr
    Just walk into the Golden age by entering the city of Polonnaruwa which is not only its capital but also an ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka too. You will find some of the ancient remains of palaces, shrines and stupa. It is amongst the highly visited Sri Lanka tourist places.

    Each of these historical remains is blessed with a glorious past of their own.Once you have reached the place it will keep you glued to it that you wouldn’t even realize when time flies by.

    Location: Approximately a 5 hour drive from Colombo

    Highlights: You shouldn’t miss the chance to see the statue of Parakramabahu I who had his reign during the golden age. You can also witness a spectacular view of the Lotus Pond with its lotus-shaped petals built on 4 tiers, the majestic view is not supposed to miss.
  • 30Ride in a Tuk-Tuk

    Ride in a Tuk-Tuk
    Image Credit : Nigel Wilson
    That the beauty of a particular place is accentuated by the way one reaches to it, is definitely not an understatement. This is true for Colombo as well. When you come to this beautiful city, you just cannot afford to miss to travel in the tuk-tuks (similar to autos in India).

    If you are lucky enough to get friendly, patient and knowledgeable drivers, you can stop and click as many pictures as you want at awesome locales.

    Location: Tuk-Tuks are available all over Colombo city.

     One of the most important tips that you should follow before taking a tuk-tuk, is to know the local metre rates to avoid being exploited. Getting a good tuk-tuk driver is indeed a challenge in Colombo; however, this mission is worth your effort, as you get to understand a lot from these local drivers. 

    These tuk-tuks can be taken anytime during the day.

    Price: The charges depend on the distance you travel.
  • 31Duck Paddle Boating at Beira Lake

    Duck Paddle Boating at Beira Lake
    Image Credit : President Mahinda Rajapaksa
    Paddle boat ride on Beira Lake is a must-do thing when you visit Colombo. Various duck paddle boats are available on rent on this lake, for you to enjoy the beauty of the waters.

    The sheer thrill that you get by paddling your way along these boats as you encounter some real ducks or swans on the waters is sure to evoke the child within you.

    Highlights: One of the major highlights of the lake is the Simamalakha Shrine, located right in the middle of the lake in an island.

    Location: The Beira Lake is situated very close to the famous Gangaramaya temple.

    Timings: Boat rides are available all through the day, but evenings are better, because you get an excellent view of the illuminated Gangaramaya temple at the background.

    Price: Boating charges are around 100 Sri Lankan Rupees for 30 minutes in a two-seater boat. 
  • 32Tea and Herb Tour in Colombo

    Tea and Herb Tour in Colombo
    Sri Lanka is known for its exclusive varieties of tea. The capital city of Colombo is covered with a green carpet of tea plantations that demands a separate tour in itself. The aroma of tea and herbs in these estates lend an incredible magic to this place.

    And for the tea lovers, this is like a heaven where you will get to taste after manufacturing directly from the factory.

    Location: Starts from the Bogawantalawa valley and other plantations that range at 1500m above sea level. 

     You not only get to witness the process of manufacturing tea in the factories here, but you also get to taste the different brands of tea. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You will find tea of different kinds of price ranges here and you will get to know the minute differences among each variety. 

    These tours are available all through the year from leading tour operators. 

    Price: Approximate prices starts from 5700 LKR and can vary based on the processes covered in the tour.
    Tea and Herb Tasting Tour in Colombo

    Tea and Herb Tasting Tour in Colombo

    NNNMM37 Ratings

    h4 HourslColombo


    Starting from


  • 33Boat Trip in Madu River at Balapitiya

    Boat Trip in Madu River at Balapitiya
    Image Credit :

    The sight of Kingfisher waiting for its prey and monkeys nibbling fruits happily while sitting on the branches of the tree is not to be missed. Madu Ganga is the only pristine mangrove forest in Sri Lanka after Bentota. A boat trip to this wonderful place will let you see different variety of plants and animals. 

    You will spot 64 island in total in the river and the lagoon. Meanwhile you can also relish the food cooked on cinnamon woods. The boat trip will take you to an island which has housed a Buddhist monastery Kothduwa where the young monks will show you a 150 year old book made of palm leaves.

    Best Time: Sometime late in the afternoon when it is not so hot is the best time to opt for the activity.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 2300 LKR. 

  • 34Lagoon Canoeing Tour at Unuwatuna

    Lagoon Canoeing Tour at Unuwatuna
    Canoeing is a beautiful experience in Galle and also one of the best activities to do in Galle. Unawatuna is an astounding island where most of the adventure sports happen in Galle. It is brimmed with canals, lagoons, beaches, rivers and reservoirs.

    Canoeing can take you in the midst of the Natural beauty of flora and fauna characterised by changing landscapes and fascinating mangroves.

    Location: Unuwatuna Lagoon, GalleHours and timings: starts at 8- 8:30 am and comprised of two hours of paddling

     Canoeing trip includes a local guide, water and refreshments and a life jacket. You can reach the Unawatuna Lagoon by a tuk-tuk. You would get to explore coastal flora and fauna untouched by the human civilization, the deeper sector of mangroves etc 

    Timing: Morning or Evening time is suitable for this tour.

    Price: Approximate price starts from Rs. 2100, per canoe 2 - 3 people can accommodate 

    Best Time to Visit:
     November to May
    Lagoon Canoeing Tour in Unawatuna

    Lagoon Canoeing Tour in Unawatuna

    NNNNM38 Ratings

    h2 HourslUnawatuna


    Starting from


  • 35Dondra Head Lighthouse at Matara

    Dondra Head Lighthouse at Matara
    Image Credit : Sulare Fernando - Flickr

    A chance to connect with the mighty ocean is the Dondra Head Lighthouse. The coconut trees, Bougainvillea flowers and soft breeze blowing all around is the place for this mighty Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built during the Colonial times and was hence formerly known as Ceylon.. 

    It is one of the four international lighthouse in Sri Lanka. People have to climb 196 steps to reach the top of it.The serenity of the lighthouse is far removed from the regular hustle and bustle of the city.

    Location: Situated 6 km southeast of Matara town.

    Highlights: The breath-taking view of the ocean from the top is simply a show stealer. To climb the lighthouse, you have to take prior permission from the Ports Authority.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 500 LKR. 

  • 36Visit Anuradhapura

    Visit Anuradhapura
    Image Credit : Asiatourism

    Among the things to do in Sri Lanka, a visit to Anuradhapura can be counted as the top one as the city has a vibrant space among the cultural and paradigm shifts in its history. 

    The reason why it is still possessing some great importance is that of its precious preservation of ruined Sri Lankan civilization. It is a UNESCO world heritage site which was a seat for Theravada Buddhism for many centuries.

    Highlights: For some period, it was considered to be the most strong and influential centre of administration and political power. Still, we can see umpteen number of Buddhist monasteries around the city preserving the religious and traditional aspects of the city intact. Anuradhapura houses the scared Bodhi tree, eight major palaces, monasteries and monuments.

    Location: North Central Province, Sri Lanka

    Price: Entry is free

    Day Tour to Anuradhapura and Mihintale

    Day Tour to Anuradhapura and Mihintale

    NNNNM33 Ratings

    h4 Hours


    Starting from


  • 37Drink an Orange Coconut, Colombo

    Drink an Orange Coconut, Colombo
    Image Credit :
    Sri Lanka is not only the place where you can find some scintillating locales, but also the place where you can experiment with exciting foods and drinks. The coastal island country has lots of unique drinks here that are natural sources of energy. 

    Highlights: Orange coconut, commonly known as King Coconut is one of them. This drink is more refreshing, tastier and sweeter than the water found inside the green tender coconuts that we find in other countries. Locals call King Coconut as Thambili. 

    Location: Street sellers all over Colombo sell King Coconuts as Sri Lanka is the biggest producer of these in the world. 

    Timings: King Coconuts can be drunk anytime during the day, as they provide great refreshment. 

    Price: The price range per king coconut comes up to LKR80 only.

  • 38Go for Spa at Unawatuna

    Go for Spa at Unawatuna
    You have come for a holiday and you don’t go to a spa and massage, then ideally you have wasted your vacation by 10%. The best thing you could gift to your body is complete nourishment through Galle’s Spas. Hence, it is also treated as one of the best things to do in Galle.

    They are widely known in the country for their services, therapy, and massages. Galle fort is considered one of the best in the city with natural rejuvenating therapies such as Ayurveda. Few Spas also offer Yoga and meditation as packages, Unawatuna Island is the major center for authentic spas and wellness therapy in Galle.

    Highlights: The Spa therapy includes physiotherapy, body massage, deep tissue massage, face massage, hand and feet nourishments, total body care, yoga and a variety of combo offers. Other provisions include reflexology, waxing, detox treatments etc. and all these are obtained at the most serene atmosphere surrounded by overwhelming nature.

    Location: Unawatuna, Galle

    Timing: 10 AM to 7 PM or 9 AM to 10 PM 

    Best Time to Visit: You can go for the spa at Galle anytime you want. 
  • 39Enjoy Kayaking

    Enjoy Kayaking
    Image Credit :
    Kayaking and Canoes are nothing but modes of transportation which was once used by fishermen in ancient times. You can try Kayaking in the famous river of Kalu Ganga which flows to the west coast town of Kalutara where it finally meets the Indian Ocean.

    While Kayaking you also get a chance to see the fascinating flora and fauna of the nearby areas. You can also try river canoeing in the calm and serene waters of Samanalawewa reservoir which is one of the country’s vast tanks.

    Best Time: When it is less windy, October to early May will be a good time to visit.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 15 USD per hour. 

    Difficulty Level: Medium, should be able to hike 1.5 miles and swim if you are renting.
  • 40Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats Ulpotha Village

    Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats Ulpotha Village
    A perfect escapade, Ulpotha village is cradled with mountains and lake on one side and green fields on the other side. The natural beauty, calmness, and serenity which the place offers makes it an absolutely delightful place for many.

    You can go back to the traditional and simple way of living life in a village. Indulge yourself in relaxing and soothing Ayurveda therapies which will leave you completely rejuvenated. Mornings are reserved for Yoga classes which will allow you to look younger.

    Highlights: You can choose to go for some more Ayurvedic programmes too, at an additional price.

    Best Time: Ulpotha is open for only half of the year. You can visit the place from November to March and June to August.

    Price: Approximate price ranges from 1470 USD to 3500 USD
  • 41Waterfall Trekking in Kitulgala

    Waterfall Trekking in Kitulgala
    Kitulgala is one of the most promising destinations in Sri Lanka which provides an ideal option for vacationers who love to spend their time conducting adventurous and leisure activities. The forest reserve provides excellent camping opportunities and this enables the tourist to stay comfortably and focus on versatile adventurous sports and enjoy the scenic pictorial beauty of the location.

    Waterfall Trekking is one of the most sought after adventure sports among the vistors which solely aims on providing a closer view of the incredible scenic panorama of the waterfall here along with the lavish greenery spread across.

    Enjoy exclusive tropical flora and lianas not popular in Srilanka

    Best Time: February to April

    Things to Keep in Mind: Since it is a waterfall trekking, comfortable and well gripping shoes should be packed. Its easy so previous training is not required. 
  • 42Visit Mihintale

    Visit Mihintale
    Image Credit :

    Mihintale is a mountain crest close Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. It is accepted by Sri Lankans to be the site of a meeting between the Buddhist friar Mahinda and King Devanampiyatissa. Presently, journey site this is an extremely celebrated place in Sri Lanka furthermore went to by a considerable measure of tourist around the globe.

    Highlights: At the foot of the mountain are the vestiges of a healing center, therapeutic shower a stone engraving and urns having a place with the antiquated period have been uncovered. Between the doctor's facility and the means prompting to the stone are the remains of an extensive religious community. On the floors of the square building which is 125 feet (38 m) on one side, are delightful carvings furthermore are stone balustrades and monitor stones.

    Location: The Mountain is located near Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka.

    Price: The entry is free of cost.

  • 43Visit Ritigala

    Visit Ritigala
    Image Credit :

    If you are a lover of the mountains then there is another place which is a must visit for you in Sri Lanka. Ritigala is an antiquated Buddhist monastery and mountain in Sri Lanka. 

    The remains and shake engravings of the cloister go back to first century BCE. The mountain comprises of four pinnacles of which the principle and the most astounding crest at the south of the range is named Ritigala Kanda.

    Highlights: At a stature of 766 m over the ocean level is the most noteworthy mountain in the north-focal dry fields of Sri Lanka. The Ritigala Mountain has been declared as a Strict Natural Reserve keeping in mind the end goal to keep up its unblemished surroundings. Ritigala is home to 70 rock caves that were accepted to have been inhabited since the main century BC. Mahavamsa.

    Location: It is located 43 km away from the ancient monastic city of Anuradhapura.

    Price: The entry is free of cost.

  • 44Go to Flag Rock at Galle

    Go to Flag Rock at Galle
    Image Credit :

    If you have a fetish for exploring some interesting sites then this is another thing to do in Sri Lanka. Flag rock is naturally occurring large rock outcrop which was used as a defensive wall while building the city walls of the ancient Galle Fort. It is the most southerly bastion on the sea wall.

    Looking west you get incredible perspectives of the Galle Lighthouse, on top of the Utrecht Bastion, and Gun powder Museum inverse the luxurious white painted Fort Meeran Jumma Masjid mosque.

    Highlights: Towards the east side you will see the Triton Bastion before the Neptune and Clippenburg Bastion. These Bastions and ramparts were started by the Dutch in 1663.There are some hazardous shakes close Flag Rock Bastion. Some are obvious over the water surface however many are definitely not.

    Location: It is located at the southernmost end of the Galle Fort.

    Price: The approximate price starts from $123.

  • 45Go to Sigiriya Museum

    Go to Sigiriya Museum
    Image Credit :

    If you are a history lover then this is another place which is a must visit for you in Sri Lanka. This one of a kind Sigiriya museum will actually make you feel as if you are in the bygone days. 

    Planned and worked by Sri Lankans with Japanese guide and ability, the new gallery was opened to the people in August 2009. The conceptual design of the museum was done by Prof Seneka Bandaranayake.

    Highlights: It is not a customary museum where a momentous building houses antiquities. Or maybe it was structurally intended to manage the cost of spaces for the substance which oblige the open door for the person to touch base at his or her own particular translation of the shows, arranges, models and photos. Every display would dive the guest into direct correspondence with various parts of the past. You will not just enjoy the history but will be actually living it once again.

    Location: Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

    Price: The approximate price starts from $8 to $15.

  • 46Visit Star Fort in Matara

    Visit Star Fort in Matara
    Image Credit :

    Star Fort is a fort in Matara, Sri Lanka. This fort was built to hold a  little army, nourishment supplies and enough ammo to withstand an assault before being re-inforced from the primary post. 

    It was implicit in an interesting shape where they had a six-pointed star with space for 12 vast guns to cover comes closer from all bearings. The glacis or external divider is around 7.5 meters (25 ft) wide and is encompassed by a 6 meters (20 ft) wide and 3.1 meters (10 ft) profound channel.

    Highlights: This fort was reestablished and at present houses a gallery, which features the historical backdrop of Matara. There are likewise two small houses saved in a greatly improved manner as there has been constrained wear and tear on these. One can also find prisoners cells and jails that were inherent place so that the prisoners can be kept there and these cells were likewise worked with such a great amount of insight to keep the prisoners as bait for the enemies.

    Location: It is located on the eastern bank of the Nilwala River, approximately 350 metres from the gate to the Matara fort.

  • 47Visit Tissa Dagoba at Tissamaharama

    Visit Tissa Dagoba at Tissamaharama
    Image Credit :

    Anoher interesting place which is a must visit for you in Sri Lanka is Tissa Dagoba. The town of Tissamaharama is a prominent religious focus with some emotional extensive Buddhist chime formed Dagoba holy places spotted around the wide open. 

    Tissa Dagoba is one of the largest Dagoba in It stands 55.8m high and has a boundary of 165m. It is thought to have held a hallowed tooth relic and a temple bone relic.  If you are looking for some serenity then this place is a must visit for you.

    Highlights: Numerous Dagoba places of worship are utilized to house some essential Buddhist relic said to have originated from the collection of Buddha or a question that had a place with him. The bones of insightful adored friars are once in a while buried in a Dagoba. So , while you are in Sri Lanka don’t miss a chance to visit this place.

    Location: Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

    Price:  The entry is free of cost.

  • Other Things to Do in Srilanka


    Things to Do in Colombo

    48. Visit Galle Face Green- Spread in 12 acres, this oceanside park in the heart of Colombo contains a promenade 500m long; a walk here is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka

    49. Have Fun National Zoological garden of Sri Lanka- Also called the Colombo Zoo, the main aim of this attraction is to lay emphasis on the conservation and wellness of the 3000 animals across 350 species that are housed here.

    50. Mount Lavinia Beach- The Golden Mile of Sri Lanka, this beach in the suburbs of the Colombo is a hotspot for young people from around the world looking for fun and nightlife here

    51. Bally's Casino- Sri Lanka’s largest casino, it is famous for providing something for everyone as it allows the visitors to enter for free, enjoy free food, and play on very low stakes

    52. Water World Lanka- The only public aquarium in Sri Lanka, this wonderful place spread in a whopping 5 acres is the best place to witness the amazing beauty of the world underwater

    53. Explore the scenic beauty of Colombo in Airplane- Colombo is not just beautiful when you are there, you can also feel like you are falling in love as you arrive in the city and look at it all from the window of your plane

    54. Try Kottu Sri Lankan cuisine- Made from the traditional Sri Lankan bread, vegetables, eggs or meat, and spices, the name od this cuisine means Chopped Bread and is claimed to be Sri Lanka’s national dish

    Things to Do in Kandy

    55. Visit sacred Temple of the Tooth- A sacred Buddhist temple in the city of Kandy, which houses the tooth of Buddha as a relic in a part of the royal complex of olden kings of Kandy

    56. Elephant safari at Udawalawe National Park- The national park which was created for the relocation of the animals displaced by the construction of Udawalawe reservoir is an amazing place to take an Elephant Safari tour

    57. Hike to Hanthana Mountain Range- The mountain range containing seven peaks in Kandy is totally a hiker’s heaven, and trekking being one of the best things you can do in Sri Lanka, this place is a must visit

    58. Take a Walk around Kandy Lake- Quite near to the temple of the sacred tooth is the biggest attraction of the city of Kandy, the Kandy Lake, and a walk around here will leave you with serene memories forever

    59. Kandy View Point- The hill near the Kandy lake can be climbed to reach the Kandy ViewPoint from where you can get an unparalleled 360-degree view of the city

    60. Have Fun at Wales Park- The park atop a hill in Kandy overlooking the lake, this scenic garden was established in a different name and was renamed in the honour of Prince of Wales

    61. Visit Millenium Elephant Foundation- A charity and rehabilitation organization for Elephants, this place rescues, cares and re-establishes captive Asian Elephants; visiting here is amongst the best things to in Sri Lanka

    Things to Do in Nuwara Eliya

    62. Hakgala Botanical Garden- Sri Lanka’s second largest botanical garden, Hakgala Botanical Garden’s history has seen it as an experimental garden for Cinchona and then Tea Plantations, before getting turned into this beautiful masterpiece

    63. Mountaineering at Pidurutalagala- Lying on the plateau of Nuwara Eliya, Pidurutalagala is the highest mountain in the country at about 2,524m above sea level; you can drive to the top because hiking is prohibited

    64. Enjoy at Devon Falls- Named after the famed coffee planter Devon, the falls with a drop of 97m and lying at the height of 1,140m above sea level is a must visit when coming to Nuwara Eliya

    65. Galway's Land National Park- One of the two prime bird watching sites of the country, Galway’s Land is a small national park aiming to preserve the Montane Ecosystem, with birding amongst the best things to do in Sri Lanka

    66. Nuwara Eliya Golf Club- Located on the hill station of Nuwara Eliya, it is one of the oldest Golf Clubs in Sri Lanka, the 18-hole course is spread over a whopping 100 acres

    67. Take a bath in Aberdeen Falls- A scenic waterfall with a drop of about 98m, Aberdeen falls is not just a sight for the sore eyes, but is also an amazing place to relax and rejuvenate with a bath here

    68. Have Fun at Victoria Park- A part of the research field of Hakgala Botanical Garden, this park next to the Nuwara Eliya Post Office was renamed on the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897

    69. Lover's Leap Waterfall- Attached with a romantic folk legend, this impressive waterfall in Nuwara Eliya is a sight to behold and visiting here is going to be one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka

    Things to Do in Negombo

    70. Fishing at Negombo Lagoon- If you have never fished in a Lagoon before, take this golden opportunity to experience the new adventure and then enjoy the dinner made with whatever you catch

    71. Visit Guruge Nature Park- An entertainment cum educational experience, Guruge was the first theme park in Sri Lanka, where you can enjoy water rides alongside learning the history of life in the country

    72. Enjoy with a splash of water at Mayan Water Park- A part of the Guruge Nature Park, the Mayan Water Park is a theme park in Negombo where you can enjoy splashes and frolic in the water with everyone

    73. Sunbathing at Browns Beach- An amazing beach location in Negombo, this place is a local’s favourite spot to just sit and enjoy the views from the beach, while munching on amazing street food

    Things to Do in Bentota

    74. Barberyn Island- Located at about half a mile from Beruwala, this island spread in an area of just 8 acres is famous for the iconic lighthouse made of white granite

    75. Moragalla Beach- A tranquil location some 2 km away from the tourist destination of Beruwala, this offbeat beach is just a stretch golden sands with clear blue waters famous for being less crowded

    76. Diyakawa Water Sports Centre- A great place to enjoy water sports in Bentota, this place is famous for providing a horde of facilities like Jet Skiing, Sofa Tube Ride and many others at surprising prices

    77. Try Milk Rice (kiribath)- A traditional Sri Lankan dish made from rice, it is a form of rice pudding made in coconut milk and has become a household dish with immense popularity

    Offbeat Things to Do in Sri Lanka

    78. Jeep Safari and camping at Wilpattu National Park- Famous for having the unique sand rimmed natural lakes filled with rainwater and home to leopards, a camping and jeep safari expedition is going to prove the best trip ever

    79. Wasgamuwa National Park- A natural park built as a refuge for the animals displaced by the construction of Mahaweli Development Project, this place is famous for bird watching and herds of Sri Lankan Elephants

    80. Surfing in Arugam Bay beach- An important spot on the Indian Ocean Trail of Sri Lanka, the Arugam Bay Beach is an amazing and popular surfing spot; surfing is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka

    81. Windsurfing at  Bentota Beach- Bentota beach is a beautiful location but is also a great place for people who are beginners in windsurfing as you can find coaches and types of equipment easily here

    82. Hike to Knuckles mountain - Trekking is surely one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka, and the Knuckles Mountain Range is the ideal place in the country with trails made by the forest department

    83. Hot air ballooning at Sigiriya Rock- Witness some of the best scenes from up top in a hot air balloon near Sigiriya Rock, and you will never forget the sunrise that you get to see from there

    84. Sunset at Galle Beach- Galle is famous for being a beautiful location on the western coast of Sri Lanka, and amongst the best things to do in Sri Lanka is to witness a serene sunset on the Galle Beach

    85. Wildlife safari at Sinharaja Forest reserve- A World Heritage Site and a declared biosphere reserve, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a place that houses a number of endemic species like Leopards and Elephants

    86. Pigeon Island Marine Sanctuary- One of the two National Marine Parks of Sri Lanka, this place is home to some of most pristine coral reefs of Sri Lanka which is a mesmerizing sight to the visitors

    87. Wildlife Safari at Kitulgala forest Reserve- Being blessed with 2 monsoons in a year, this wetland forest reserve is gifted with lush green forests was made with the idea of protecting the catchment area of Kelani river

    88. Surfing and Boat riding at Hikkaduwa Beach- Located in a small town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, the Hikkaduwa Beach is a hotspot for people looking for surfing and boat riding adventures in Sri Lanka

    89. Elephant Back Safaris at Minneriya National Park and Kaudulla National Park- Built around the historical Minneriya Tank of the 3rd century and an important birding destination, both the National Parks boast of amazing experiences on an Elephant back

    90. Canyoning at the waterfall of Sandun Ella- Sandun Ella is a waterfall in Kitulgala, recently emerged as a famous canyoning destination of Sri Lanka for its 105ft drop into the abyss

    91. Diyakawa Water Sports Centre- A great place to enjoy water sports in Bentota, this place is famous for providing a horde of facilities like Jet Skiing, Sofa Tube Ride and many others at surprising prices

    92. Enjoy magnificent View from Lipton’s Seat- One of the best viewpoints in Sri Lanka, the Lipton’s Seat was originally the lookout for the tea giant, Sir Thomas Lipton, and can be reached by climbing or taking a tuk-tuk

    93. Explore Shark Point Reef-Shark Reef Point near the Pigeon Island National Park is one of the best places to see the blacktip reef Sharks while snorkelling in the reefs
    94. Snorkelling at Jungle beach- One of many secluded beaches of Sri Lanka, Jungle Beach is a great place with clear waters and a good number of fish species to enjoy snorkelling in peace

    95. Nallur Kandaswamy temple, Jaffna- One of the most important and prominent Hindu Temple in the Jaffna District of Sri Lanka, it is dedicated to the Lord Murugan and is a rebuilt version of the 10th-century temple

    96. Sail Lanka Charter  at Trincomalee- Take a chartered boat trip along the coastlines of Sri Lanka near Trincomalee, and experience the sunset while still onboard; mesmerizing to the very extreme

    97. Watch Barasingha of Lunugamvehera National Park.

    98. Relax at Induruwa Beach- Induruwa Beach on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka is an amazing beach resort destination and has found its fame for the amazing views and experiences curated here

    99. Fishing and Kite surfing at Negombo Beach- Negombo Beach as a top beach destination in Sri Lanka is a great place to enjoy fishing with the locals and try your hand at Kite Surfing

    100. Try Hoppers a Srilankan Cusine- Hoppers or Appam is a famous Sri Lankan Cuisine made with a fermented (palm toddy or yeast) batter of flour, coconut milk and various spices, and is steamed or pan-fried

    101. Visit Nilaveli Beach Resort- A prime property at the beach in Trincomalee, the rustic touch of this resort is something that attracts a large number of visitors every year, and is a must visit.

Sightseeing in Srilanka

Adventure in Srilanka

Water sports in Srilanka

Snorkeling in Srilanka

Scuba diving in Srilanka

Fishing in Srilanka



Whale Watching Spot

Whale watching spot comes at the top amongst the major attractions in Mirissa. You can find a number of operators around this area offering trips to the Indian Ocean for dolphins, whales, and turtles spotting.

Location:  Harbour Road, Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

Timings: Usually, the whale watching tour starts early in the morning around 6-7 AM and lasts for 4-5 hours approximately. The ocean gets rough due to sunlight in the afternoon, hence, it is difficult to spot a whale in the water at this time.

Price: The average cost for whale watching is Rs. 2500 - 3500. However, if you are a group of 4-5 people, you can negotiate the prices to get a better deal.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to spot whale is from December to March as the ocean is not rough during this time.

Distance from Mirissa: This place is located around 15-20 KM away from Mirissa beach.


Nine Arches Bridge

The Nine Arches Bridge is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Sri Lanka and amongst the top places to visit in Ella. There is an interesting story behind this bridge. When the British stopped the construction of this bridge mid-way due to lack of steel during World War 1, the locals constructed it using stone and bricks. 

The bridge has stood strong without a single piece of steel since then. The setting of the bridge is extremely charming and is amongst the most popular tourist places in Ella. It is located inside a dense forest near a quaint little village with tea plantations surrounding it. Watching the old world trains pass through this bridge is a sight most loved by the tourists. 

Location: Between Ella and Damodara Station

Timings: The bridge is approachable all day around. However, early morning sunrise is the best time to visit. 

Price: There is no entry fee.


Ravana Falls

Sri Lanka is abundant with the legends of Ramayana. So much so that even the natural landscapes have compelling stories associated with them. The Ravana Falls and the nearby caves are said to be some of the places where the demon god Ravana hid. These legends and the striking landscape of this Ella attraction pulls many travellers to them. 

The waterfall is around 82 ft. in height and is layered in three tiers. The third tier is approachable after a sharp rock climb and rewards with some amazing views of the dense greens and the rocky landscape. 

Location: A 23, Ravana Wildlife Sanctuary, Ella

Timings: March- June, December- February

Price: There is no entry fee


Secret Beach

The secret beach of Mirissa is not a secret anymore as it is easy to reach and well signposted nowadays. It is one of the amazing places to visit in Mirissa for capturing some beautiful moments and epic photographs.

Moreover, most of the beaches in Mirissa are crowded so the secret beach is the perfect place to relax and sit in a peaceful environment.

Location: Secret Beach Mirissa, Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Timings: Open for 24 hours.

Price: The best thing about Mirissa beach is there is no entrance fee for it.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit this beach is either early in the morning to relax or in the evening to enjoy an incredible sunset.

Distance from Mirissa: This beach is located at a distance of approximately 1-2 KM from the heart of the Mirissa town. You can reach a secret beach in several ways like you can choose to walk, hire a moped or take a tuk-tuk. However, try to start early if you’re planning to go on a walk, otherwise, it will be 20 minutes of hard work in direct sunlight on a steep pathway.


Ravana's Cave

Ravana’s Cave is a place of the legends and amongst the top places to visit in Ella. As per Hindu mythology, it is said that Ravana had hidden Sita in this cave after kidnapping her. Legends apart, the natural scenic beauty of this cave, located at a height of around 4,500 ft.) attracts hikers and adventure seekers from all over the world. 

This caving activity is exciting, as one has to climb around 1,000 steps to reach the huge cave. Travellers love to spend time in the cool dark interiors of the cave and amidst the dense greenery. 

Location: Bandarawela- Wellawaya Road, Ella

Timings: Best time to visit is early morning or evening to escape the heat. The caves are open all year round. 

Price: LKR 150, INR 58


Mirissa Beach

If you want to enjoy a sunset dinner at a lovely restaurant then do not miss to visit Mirissa Beach. It is one of those attractions in Mirissa where you can find plenty of great restaurants offering a variety of seafood.

Although you will find this beach a little crowded yet, it will give you a very relaxing vibe.

Location: Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

Timings: Open for 24 hours.

Price: Visiting Mirissa beach is free of cost. In fact, you can enjoy the Lion beers on free sunbeds at a very reasonable price.

Best Time to Visit: The beach gets busy from 11 AM so it is recommended to visit this either early in the morning to avoid the crowd or in the evening to enjoy a lovely sunset.

Distance from Mirissa: Once you reach Mirissa from Colombo, you can easily found this exotic beach as it is only a couple of KM away from the Mirissa railway station.


Ella Rock

Ella Rock is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ella amongst the most interesting places to visit in Ella. A three-hour easy trek will take you further into the luxuriantly dense forested countryside of Ella attractions. During the trek up till the rock, you will see beautiful tea plantations and get a chance to interact with the tea planters. 

Once atop the rock, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the morning sun rising from behind the lush hills. You will get a bird’s eye view of the scenic valleys rolling for miles. Travellers love to spend some quiet time in peace atop the rock in this popular tourist place in Ella.

Location: Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela highway, Ella

Timings: The best time for this hike is early morning around 5:30 am

Price: LKR 3,800, INR 1,500


Parrot Rock Bridge

Another one of the amazing places to visit in Mirissa is to climb up the Parrot Rock. This small and easily accessible rock will give you a stunning view of the Mirissa area. This is a place which will take your mind away from work and stress.

It is a very quiet place where you can relax watching surfers in the high tides of water. You can also chill out in the nearby restaurants of this place.

Location: Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

Timings: Open for 24 hours.

Price: You don’t need to pay any price for visiting this place.

Best Time to Visit: You can come early in the morning to enjoy with the low tides and the amazing morning sea breeze. Visiting it in the evening is also a great idea if you want to enjoy wrapping up activities looking at the breathtaking sunset.

Distance from Mirissa: The parrot rock is located to the left side of Mirissa beach. So once you reach Mirissa beach you can easily get on this rock to have an excellent sea view.


Ceylon Tea Factory

Ceylon Tea Factory is actually a restaurant, which has been named this way so as to intrigue and educates travellers about the tea making heritage of Sri Lanka. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the whole of the country, and not only Ella. Here, you can taste traditional Sri Lankan curries & hot rice, along with international cuisines and drinks. 

The restaurant also has a tea bar that makes hundreds of varieties of teas. Gluten-free meals are also available here. 

Location: no. 4, Passara Road, Ella

Timings: Every day 11:00 am- 10:00 pm

Price: A meal for two costs around LKR 2,290, INR 900.


Little Adam's Peak

Due to its natural landscape, Ella has many quaint and rustic hiking trails. Little Adam’s Peak is one such popular trail that should not be missed. It is a short 50-60 minutes trek that takes you through the world famous tea plantations of the region. The greenery is a respite to the eyes and the intoxicating fragrance of the tea leaves further adds to the experience. 

Once you reach the top of the Little Adam’s Peak, you will see a Buddha statue backdropped against the mountains. 

Location: Ella- Passara Road, Ella 90090

Timings: The best time for the hike is at sunrise or the sunset. The peak is approachable all year around.

Price: There is no entry fee. 


Coconut Tree Hill

One of the unique and unusual places to visit in Mirissa is Coconut Tree Hill. Located at the end of Mirissa beach, this place is completely covered with palm trees.

It is one of those attractions in Mirissa, which are great for taking pictures of all the tall beautiful palms overlooking the ocean. You can also enjoy a well-deserved coconut at this place to add an extra memorable element to your journey.

Location: Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

Timings: Open for 24 hours.

Price: No entry cost.

Best Time to Visit: Being in the proximity of the main beach; it is recommended to reach this place early in the morning or before sunset.

Distance from Mirissa: You can reach this place by taking a short walk from Mirissa beach. It will take 10-15 minutes approximately walking along the beach to reach this beautiful spot.


Dhowa rock temple

Sri Lanks is known around the world for its tranquil and peaceful spiritual destinations, and the Dhowa Rock Temple is one of the best Ella attractions. Said to be around 2,000 years old, this temple is famous for its huge 39 ft. unfinished statue of Buddha. The rock art and murals in this temple are amazing sights. 

You might run into some monks here who will be more than happy to tell you stories about the Temple. Surrounded by lush greenery, the temple transports the visitors into a peaceful trance. 

Location: Bandarawela- Ella Road

Timings: 8:00- 5:00 pm

Price: There is no entry fee, but you can leave a donation at the temple


Weligambay Beach

It is a relatively smaller beach alternative if you want to avoid the crowd. It is quieter, serene and a great place for surfing beginners. At times fishing boats outnumber the tourists, especially in low season.

In addition to being a top surfing destination, this beach is also an excellent place for Instagram lovers. You can also take a few photographs with iconic stilt fishermen, a practice rooted back to World War II.

Location: Weligambay Beach, Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

Best Time to Visit: It is an amazing place to have breakfast or lunch with your friends and family.

Distance from Mirissa: Weligambay beach is located at a distance of 6-7 KM from Mirissa so you can always take a tuk-tuk to your destination. It will not take more than 10-15 minutes.


Mahamevnawa Monastery

The Mahamevnawa Monastery is one of the most important and revered Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka founded by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero and is amongst the top places to visit in Ella. This monastery serves as an educational institution for young people and adults who want to be ordained as monks. 

Sri Lankan artists have adorned the Monastery with striking carvings, murals, and painting. Here, you can not only talk freely to the monks but also take personalised meditation lectures from them. Listening to the reverberating Buddhist hymns amidst the peaceful environs is a tranquil experience. 

Location: Bandarawela, Ella

Timings: 8:00 am- 9:00 pm every day of the week

Price: There is no entry fee


Matara Beach

Mirissa is just a small town of Matara district so without a shred of doubt Matara beach comes amongst the popular beaches of Sri Lanka. You can enjoy long walks by the shore, taking surfing lessons, and beachcombing at this wonderful place.

Furthermore, if you are not into the mood of taking a walk or any surfing lessons, you can simply read your favourite novel gazing at the ocean in between. And post that, you can take a bath in the sea water if the tide is not so strong.

Location: Matara, Sri Lanka.

Best Time to Visit: Just like other beaches; try to get there early in the morning or before sunset as it gets crowded in the afternoon. Moreover, do not visit it on the weekend because being a major town in the country, it can get heavily crowded on weekends.

Distance from Mirissa: Being a major district of Sri Lanka, it is well connected to every major city and town in Sri Lanka. From Mirissa you can take a tuk-tuk which will not take more than 30 minutes to reach this beautiful beach.

Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory

This place is a must-visit for the lovers of tea and is amongst the top tourist places in Ella! Sri Lanka is famous the world over for its amazing Ceylon tea. Halpewatte Tea Factory invites tourists to come inside their premise and see how their favourite tea is made- right from plucking the tea leaves, processing till final packaging. 

This is the largest tea factor in the Uva region. After the tour, you can also have a cup of tea in their tea shop and take teas home. The factory is located at a beautiful vantage point with scenic views of the hills and valleys. 

Location: Badulla Road, Hela halpem Ella

Timings: Every day 8:00 am- 5:00 pm 

Price: Adults LKR 763, INR 300, Children LKR 381, INR 150

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