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Meghalaya Tourist Places

Nohakalikai Falls, Umiam Lake, Mawlynnong Village, Living Root Bridges, Laitlum Canyon, Dawki River, Cherrapunji, Mawsynram, Elephant Falls, Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Seven Sisters Falls, and many other beautiful places.

Star attractions in the state are its waterfalls, caves, rainforests, hill stations and a lot more. Take a boat ride in the crystal clear water of Umngot River in Dawki, trek through the sacred forests of Mawphlang, walk across the world-famous living root bridges in Cherrapunji.

There are numerous Meghalaya tourist places that are well-known all over the world as it boasts some of the most spectacular waterfalls like Nohkalikai Falls, Elephant Falls, and Mawlynnong Falls; the longest caves like Krem Liat Prah and Mawsmai Caves; and the wettest places in the world like Cherrapunji and Mawsynram. 
Meghalaya is blessed with so many unique places that you can easily spend a month exploring this beautiful state and still miss out on some of the most interesting ones.
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COVID-19 : MEGHALAYA is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 10 Feb 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to MEGHALAYA?
  • Entry to Meghalaya is open for kind of tourist activities with e-vites. Tourists will need to register themselves on Meghalaya Tourism app for safety reasons.
  • It is mandatory to book the first night’s stay (Either Hotel/Homestay/Guest House) for the first night and declaration of the complete itinerary for the E-Invite to be generated.
  • Covid-19 negative certificate is mandatory. The test should not be older than 72 hours.
  • A valid Photo ID card needs to be uploaded on the Meghalaya Tourism App including that of other members who are traveling in the group.
  • Rapid Antigen Test result will not be accepted by Meghalaya as valid COVID-19 test report.
  • The e-vites can be generated on the following website - https://app.meghalayatourism.in/tourist/#/sign_in
  • Wearing face masks in public areas is compulsory.
  • Following social distancing in public areas is mandatory.
  • A Covid-19 negative certificate mandatory to enter Meghalaya.
  • Lockdown restrictions lifted on all activities and facilities.
  • Night curfew lifted in East Khasi Hills.
  • No COVID-19 test will be done upon arrival if the provided report is negative
  • If the tourist visits without a COVID-19 report, covid test needs to be done on the spot, results of which will be delivered the next day.
  • Rapid Antigen Test results will not be accepted by Meghalaya as valid Covid-19 test report.

Flights are available from all serving airports of India to Shillong Airport.

Local Transport

Public transport such as SPTS buses and cabs are operational.

Meghalaya government is taking precautionary steps to make it safe enough for the travellers. Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all safety guidelines issued by the government and practice personal hygiene while visiting Meghalaya, to stay safe.

A covid negative report and an e-vite needed to enter Meghalaya Updated: 10 Feb 2021

Covid-19 negative certificate is mandatory in addition to an e-vite. The test should not be older than 72 hours. You can avail an e-vite through a tour operator and the Meghalaya tourism app. The Meghalaya Tourism App is available on both the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and the APPLE STORE. The E-Invite can be generated on this Website.

Night curfew lifted in East Khasi Hills Updated: 10 Feb 2021

The night curfew which has been stopping people from having fun has been lifted in East Khasi Hills on 19th of January.

All the tourist attractions opened for the general public Updated: 10 Feb 2021

The official site of Meghalaya Tourism Board announced that Meghalaya is open for tourism and is welcoming all the local tourists after being closed for 9 months.

Meghalaya reopened for tourists on 21st December Updated: 09 Feb 2021

After remaining under lockdown for 9 months, Meghalaya reopened tourism from December 21. However, the visitors are expected to adhere to the guidelines and health protocols as set by the state government. The visitors will have to register on the Meghalaya tourism app. It is mandatory to furnish a Covid negative certificate Read more.

Must Visit Meghalaya Tourist Places


Nohkalikai Waterfalls (54 km from Shillong)

One cannot simply miss out on the fun of standing under the tallest waterfall in India – Nohkalikai Waterfall. Standing 1115 feet tall, this spectacular waterfall is a wonder of nature in itself. You can witness the tall waterfall standing on the edge of the cliff from where it looks like a thick, white rope hanging from a lush green cliff. 

This waterfall is a sight to behold and is one of those places where you just cannot resist taking out your camera and clicking an uncountable number of pictures. Located at a short distance from Cherrapunji town, this is a must-visit Meghalaya tourist spot. 

There are also some interesting legends associated with this place which make it all the more interesting. A piece of advice: avoid making plans to visit the waterfall during monsoon season as thick cloud cover may ruin the view.

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 per person

Location: East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya


Double Decker Living Root Bridge (65 km from Shillong)

You must have seen its pictures on the internet; this bridge has that kind of fame. This 3 km long living root bridge stands at a height of 2400 feet. People take a trek into the rainforest of Cherrapunji that normally takes 7 hours to reach the spot where this famed bridge is situated. 

This bridge is an excellent example of how wonderful things could be if mankind and nature worked in collaboration, and is among the top Meghalaya tourist places. Though there are many astonishing living root bridges in Meghalaya and it is believed that some of them are over 500 years old, this double-decker one shows its distinct popularity. 

One must take a walk on this unique bridge for a once-in-a-lifetime experience because it is one of the most unique places to visit in Meghalaya.

Location: Nongriat Village, Sohra. 


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Umiam Lake (15 km from Shillong)

If you think man-made lakes cannot be as beautiful as natural lakes, a visit to Umiam Lake is all you need to change your opinion. The lake is vast in a literal sense as it covers an expanse of 221 sq. km. Umiam is a perfect place to capture perfect frames and to admire the flawless creativity of nature and human’s limitlessness. 

Watching a setting sun here is a sight so magical that you would want to treasure the moments. Surrounded by green hills, this reservoir is quite popular among tourists being one of the most scenic places to visit in Meghalaya. You can also indulge in various fun water-based activities at Umiam Lake including boating, yachting, and skiing.

Timing: Activities – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Location: North of Shillong

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Elephant Falls (12 km from Shillong)

The popularity of Meghalaya is largely attributed to the numerous astonishing waterfalls it is blessed with. One of the most popular ones among these waterfalls is Elephant Falls. It is a 3-tiered waterfall situated in the middle of a refreshing lush green forest. 

The noise of the crashing of crystal clear water with the solid rocks, however ironical it may sound, feels soothing. The sight of this waterfall is worth capturing in your camera. Just a few miles away from the capital city, Shillong, these falls are one of the most awe-inspiring sites in Shillong. Do not miss this gem of nature on your Meghalaya trip!

Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Location: Upper Shillong


Mawlynnong Village (78 km from Shillong)

A village that won the status of being the cleanest village in 2003, not just in India, but entire Asia. But, it is just not the quality of being clean that makes it one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. Mawlynnong Village is also known as “God’s Own Garden” and the reason is clearly evident from the beauty God has blessed it with. 

The unique living root bridges in this town are a sight to behold. Besides, the green, dense wilderness of the village is refreshing in every sense. Mawlynnong Waterfall where you can spend some quality time soothing your soul is another Meghalaya tourist spot that mandates a visit to this village. 

Since the village lies in the Indo-Bangladesh border area, a point called ‘Sky View Point’ lets you take a look into the landscape of Bangladesh as well.

Location: East Khasi Hills district.

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Adventure In Meghalaya Explore All (13)
Explore All (13)

Laitlum Canyon (21 km from Shillong)

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This place qualifies for one of the most spectacular landscapes in India and one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. This not-so-explored Meghalaya tourist spot is worth at least a visit for more than just a couple of reasons. If you are a photographer, this place is your chance to capture paradise through your lens. 

If you are a nature lover, this abode of clouds, perched into the East Khasi Hills is your escape into nature. If you like living on the edge, this place has a 3000-steps-stairway that lets you climb up and down on the edge while staring at dreamy vistas that surround this place. Sunsets and sunrises add a magical charm to the beauty of its scenic hill slopes and make it appear surreal.

Location: East Khasi Hills.

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Dawki - Umngot River(81 km from Shillong)

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Dawki is a small city located on the border of India and Bangladesh and is also the trade hub between the two countries. What makes Dawki a tourist magnet is Umngot River – the river with crystal clear water. And by crystal clear, we mean so clear that you can actually see the shadow of your boat into the bottom of the river floating with your boat. Dawki Bridge that is a suspension bridge over the river is another reason to visit this river at least once. 

The distinctive charm of this river attracts tourists from all over the country and even abroad to take an unforgettable ride on Umngot River, and makes it one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. Nothing compares to the heavenly joy of riding on this beautiful river surrounded by wilderness.

Location: Dawki Village.

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Cherrapunji (53 km from Shillong)

It is in a neck and neck competition between with Mawsynram for the title of the wettest place in the world. Before Mawsynram got famous, this was, inarguably, the title-holder. You can visit Cherrapunji during any month of the year to drench yourself into a “seemingly unending” rain which is more common than anything else here. 

It is also home to many spectacular waterfalls namely Dain-Thlen, Noh-Kalikai, and Kynrem which enhance the charisma of this alluringly misty city, green with nature’s abundance. Cherrapunji is also famous for astonishing living root bridges in its rainforests. Mawsmai Cave is another remarkable landmark in the city putting it on the list of the best Cherrapunji tourist places.

Location: Cherrapunji, East Khasi Hills

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Mawsynram (65 km from Shillong)

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If you love rains, Mawsynram is the place where you will get enough of it; or even more than enough. Here, you can walk into the clouds and drench yourself in an unlimited supply of rains as it is popularly known as the world’s rainiest place since it receives an average annual rainfall of 11,872 millimeters. 

Clouds live among humans in this pretty village surrounded by green hills. It is perched on the top of a ridge in the Khasi Hills. Apart from rains, what is remarkable about this place is the nature’s bounty this place is blessed with. This wet village is an ideal place to come spend a lazy weekend at. Besides, you can find some amazing waterfalls in the vicinity of this village. If you are planning a visit to this place, don’t forget to pack your rain suit, though.

Location: Mawsynram, East Khasi Hills

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Newly Added Meghalaya Experience

Adventure in Meghalaya

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Explore All (11)

Camping in Meghalaya

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Trekking in Meghalaya

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Explore All (9)
31 May 2015
This trek has a beautiful trek path. This can be done at any season. A couple of years back, my friend went to this trek in the month of March, and he said it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. But I went in September because of holiday constraints and it was awesome. I totally loved it. It is completely worthy.
11 January 2021
I had visited Meghalaya this month with my spouse and it was a lovely experience we returned with. We had a stay of 8 days and Thrillophilia made everything quite simple for us. Starting from the pickup from Guwahati airport and our stay to our sightseeing tours and breakfasts, everything was just excellent. We had to do no customization as the package already included excellent places like Cherrapunji,Mawlynnong, and Mawphlang. The plus point is Thrillophilia was always available at our reach for every sort of assistance.
05 January 2021
Since it was my first trekking tour ever, I was a bit nervous and that’s when one of my friends recommended Thrillophilia. I booked their Shillong trekking package and it made my trip so easy. Trekking on the David Scott memorial trail and finally reaching the Double Decker Living Root Bridge was such a beautiful experience. I also got excellent places to try the authentic local food and they were so tempting. I will recommend Thrillophilia to all solo travelers like me for a totally sorted experience!
07 November 2020
A visit to Shillong was long due and I finally got it ticked last month with Thrillophilia’s package. My entire group really enjoyed the tour and the trekking experience to the Living Root Bridge was very amazing. We also hiked to Shillong Peak and the view was simply excellent. The hotels in which we were made to stay at Shillong and Cherrapunji were also very decent with sanitization done. The rooms were spacious and most importantly the bathroom was clean. The staff was also very kind to send us some late-night tea for our gossip sessions. We also received fresh and delicious meals every day of our trip which was again a bonus. Our entire group was so happy and we really made a lot of memories. Thanks to the whole team of Thrillophilia!!
18 November 2019
Perfect place for solitude. Calm and Peaceful. The location is perfect, its on the edge of the hills, the downhills we can see plains of Bangladesh. The rooms are spacious and well maintained. The food is also delicious, The staff at stay is friendly and cooperative. looking forward to booking more trips from Thrillophilia. Cheers!
02 February 2021
I had taken the travel package from Thrillophilia to Dawki with my family members. It was a superb experience that i can say as Thrillophilia made sure we don’t miss out on any single thing during our trip. The driver and tour guide assigned to us were very helpful and they gave us a detailed knowledge of every single place mentioned in the itinerary. We were provided with the best ever accomodation available in the course of our stay. Thanks a tonne travel masters for making it happen for us.
23 December 2020
When it comes to spending a holiday vacation filled with a plethora of activities, then there is absolutely no one better than Thrillophilia. This might seem to be an exaggeration but the fact is no one understands thrill better than them. For this reason, we chose them once more for the trip to Dwaki which is a paradise for adventure seekers. This trip gave us an opportunity to take part in a wide range of adventure activities like zip lining and cliff jumping. Apart from thrilling experience, Thrillophilia also provided us with some of the stunning views of Umngot river which is widely famous for being the cleanest river in Asia. We were provided with some of the best local recipes all through the trip and every small need was very well taken care of by the hospitable staff members. We would love to recommend Thrillophilia as a travel partner for all travellers who wish to experience much more than highlights.
06 January 2021
I was planning a visit to Meghalaya with my partner and the “Umiam Lake Boathouse” seemed really romantic to me and I booked it. Just as I could imagine it to be, this tour turned out to be so amazing for both of us. The stay at the boathouse was really special. It had a private bathroom and a furnished kitchen where we could cook our dinner and feel totally at home. We also enjoyed fishing, bird watching, and boating and everything was truly worth the moment that any couple will wish for. We also enjoyed romantic nature walks, clicked a lot of pictures, and had the special Assam tea. The caretaker at our stay was really generous and was ever ready for assistance. Our package also included good breakfast and we were saved from going out every morning in search of food. Overall, it was a really amazing experience and I’ll definitely book with Thrillophilia for my next trip as well!
29 November 2020
I had booked a Thrillophilia package for Umiam Lake boathouse stay for my parents’ anniversary. Since I was not accompanying them, I was a bit nervous, but thankfully this package made everything so sorted and easy. The caretaker at the boathouse was such a nice person, I could literally call him and confirm if my parents were alright and he would be explaining to me how my parents were so happy enjoying the views and boating. Thanks to Thrillophilia, it was a perfect anniversary for my parents!
10 December 2020
I took a 8 days long trip to Meghalaya with my family a few days back and booking with Thrillophilia helped us a lot. Our check-in, sightseeings, transfers, accommodation, and food was really very spotted with this package. We could visit popular destinations like Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai falls, Mawsmai cave, living root bridges, Seven Sisters’ Falls, and many more. Since the package included permits and tolls we were totally relaxed and just enjoying. Our driver was also very friendly and aware of the local routes. He shared with us many facts about the local culture, traditions, and folklore. He also took us to excellent food outlets for our lunch and dinner. We also got a decent time to stay and enjoy each destination and there was no rush. The hotels we stayed at had very good staff and we also received good breakfast every morning. Overall, it was a very nice family trip and a good first-time experience with Thrillophilia

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People Also Ask About Meghalaya

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Meghalaya?

    Living Root Bridge: One of the most famous places to visit in Meghalaya is this double decker bridge which lies at a height of 2400 feet and is 3 KM long. The bridge is famed for being wholly and naturally made by the roots of the surrounding trees.

    Umiam Lake: This lake is famous for attracting various adventure seekers by offering activities like boating, yachting and skiing. This man made lake is surrounded by lush green forests which again ofer adventures like hiking and trekking. 

    Elephant Falls: Being one of the top places to visit in Meghalaya, this waterfall is blessed with serenity and the best of natural vistas. Being a multi tiered waterfall, the Elephant Falls creates a big pool beneath it, thus offering swimming opportunities to its visitors. 

    Dawki: Umangot River: Letting you experience boating on crystal clear waters, this river stream is located within the partition of India and Bangladesh. The water here is believed to be so clear that one can see the shadow of their boats.
  2. What are the famous tourist places in Meghalaya for couples?

    1. Double Decker Living Root Bridge: This is a unique 3 km long bridge famed for its unique structure. It is a marvel of nature and one of Meghalaya's most popular tourist spots. Take a romantic walk with your partner on this unique bridge to create everlasting memories.

    2. Umiam Lake:
    This beautiful man-made lake covers an area of 221 square km. This is a perfect place to click some amazing photos with your special one. Here, you can participate in water activities like skiing, yachting, and boating.

    3. Elephant Falls:
    A magnificent cascading waterfall with 3 tiers, Elephant Falls is surrounded by greenery on all sides. You can capture some beautiful moments here with your partner.

    4. Mawlynnong Village:
    This is the cleanest village in Asia famous for its beautiful root bridges. The dense wilderness surrounding this village is a perfect spot to spend some quality time with your partner.
  3. What are the best places to visit in Meghalaya with friends?

    1. Laitlum Canyon: This niche tourist spot is a photographer’s paradise. Situated in the East Khasi Hills, this canyon has one of the most spectacular landscapes you will ever see. You can climb up to this place using a 3000 steps stairway.

    2. Dawki-Umngot River:
    Dawki is a city located near the Bangladesh border which is famous for the Umngot river. The water in this river is crystal clear and you can see the reflection of your boat here. The river is surrounded by dense wilderness.

    3. Cherrapunji:
    This is one of the wettest places in the world with heavy rainfall throughout the year. The journey from Shillong to Cherrapunji is filled with awesome scenery. Here you can visit the Nohkalikai falls with your friends and click some amazing photos.

    4. Mawphlang Sacred Forest:
    This tropical rainforest is a great place to explore with your friends. The forest is considered sacred by the locals and is biologically diverse.
  4. Which are the places to visit in Meghalaya for families?

    Don Bosco Museum: Being one of the largest museums in Asia, this place is known for the wide collection of handicrafts and weapons it has on a display. 

    Balpakram National Park: One of the best Meghalaya tourist places, this national park is famed for being home to various species of exotic animals like tigers, leopards and barking deers.

    Air Force Museum: Get a better knowledge about fighter jets and other aircraft related items at this museum. This place is the perfect spot if you are travelling with family and your little ones. 

    Ward’s Lake: Visit this one of the best Meghalaya tourist places and spend a day rowing boats along its pristine waters. 
  5. How many days are enough for Meghalaya?

    A four days trip can be enough to cover all the famous destinations of Meghalaya. The first day can be spent enjoying the beauty of Sikkim and the second can be dedicated to visiting the natural root bridge.

    The third day of the trip can be spent around the waterfalls of Cherrapunji and on the last day you can visit the cleanest village of Asia- Mawlynnong.
  6. What is famous in Meghalaya?

    Meghalaya is famous for the large variety of Orchids it has, which is 325 in total. In addition to this, many tourists who visit here also shop for scottish clothing including dress materials and shawls/stoles. Meghalaya is also a home to the cleanest village in Asia - Mawlynnong.
  7. Is Meghalaya safe for tourists?

    Either travelling solo or on a group trip, Meghalaya will turn out to be the safest place for you to enjoy sightseeing. The police and local authorities are very friendly and proper patrolling of common areas is done round the clock.
  8. What is the best time to visit Meghalaya?

    The months between April to June when the surroundings are pleasantly warm are considered to be the best time to enjoy a visit to Meghalaya. The average temperature around this time of year stays close to 20 degree celsius, making it easy for people to cover all the major tourist attractions in Meghalaya.

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