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Siddhran Dwivedi

06 September 2016

My girl friend wanted to experience a desert camping and so I took her over to the Samsara desert campus. The ambience, location, service and food was moderate. The highlight of the stay was the desert camping, like us there were many couples and hence we had fun time mingling with the other travelers. Mobile network reception was average, but however there weren’t Wi-Fi connectivity (my GF wasn’t able to update her pics on Insta). It was a different experience to stay in a village away from the city life. The manager of the property was polite, knowledgeable and friendly too, each time we reached our bedroom; the staff had managed to decorate it beautifully with towel art and fresh flowers. All the more this place is completely safe and ideal for couples, honey moon trips and family. My GF is totally impressed and has put an indent now itself to take her there again for her birthday. Friendly place!!


Anilaabh Somayaji

06 September 2016

Wow! What a place! A beautiful resort to stay away from the hustle bustle city life, I am damn sure every visitor would have the same reaction just like me, if you happen to visit the Samsara Desert campus. The greatest part of the trip was that the roads were totally smooth and hence we reached without any stress or tension, my wife loved the sand dune that was visible from the room backyard. The resort is fully green and maintained well by the staff; we enjoyed every bit of the trip. Full marks to the staff and room service!


Dhanu Chattopadhyay

15 December 2015

I was visiting to the mehrangarh fort, I came across this zipline adventure thing. I never did it earlier but really wanted to hop on . But i couldnt do it as i reached the fort late in the evening and they have time duration for when to do it. So do check before going. But luckily I got the chance next day, and truly it was an amazing experience.


Aditya Gandhi

06 October 2015

Rajasthan is a magical place, and this activity made the tour so memorable for me and my family. it was like all of my family about 6 of us did this and we loved it. best part are the views of the city and the fort. the safety was good and the instructors were also experienced. do it!!


Kin Verma

28 December 2015

ZIPlining over blue city was out of the world. you get t osee the whole city from top and the royal forts. its like flying above the city and witnessing a bird eye view of the city. it was a very different ziplining experience for me! great acyvitiy in jodhpur. a must do in jodhpur


Suryakanta Mehra

03 January 2015

Cant even begin to explain how amazing this entire experience was! I had goosebumps! hats off on teh safety procedures and equipment that was well taken care of. What a away to celebrate NEW YEAR!

What You Should Know More About Jodhpur

  • About the Destination

    Mehrangarh, the mighty fort transcends over the Blue City of Jodhpur. This masculine fort is a breathtaking spectacle and a magnum opus of fine architecture. On the base of the fort, a potpourri of Brahmin blue cubes stretches out to the 16th century city wall that is spread over a length of 10,000 meters. Blue City of Jodhpur is really Blue! In the interiors of the main city lies intertwined network of medieval, winding streets that never lead you to where you expect them to. Enveloping the streets are the shops and bazaars that sell everything from temple decorations and trumpets to saris and snuff. These are scented by a confusing aroma of roses and incense on one hand and sewers on the other.     

    Generally speaking, blue manifested the home of a Brahmin however these days, the non-Brahmins too partake in the act.  Besides glowing with the mysterious light, the blue tint is also known to keep insects at bay. Modern Jodhpur of today goes beyond the city walls however it is the bedlam and the juxtaposition of the larger than life fort and the old Blue city that captivates the travelers. This busy and overcrowded zone is also the key tourist hub of Jodhpur. It often seems that you cannot communicate with a local here without them trying to see you something. Further west towards the old city, areas like Navchokiya are just as spectacular but far less active.

  • Travel Advice

    • Whenever you are visiting temples, mosques or churches, dress appropriately. Be respectful towards the religious places and the people there.

    • If possible pre order or buy any museum ticket online.

    • Do not get in the taxis or rickshaws that don’t have a meter. Ask the fare and bargain well before sitting in it especially when traveling late night or from an airport.

    • Turn your phones off whenever you are in any religious premise.

    • When traveling with children, don’t let them disturb others around you. If they cry or throw a tantrum, take them outside.

    • Whenever you have a complaint, do it reasonably without shouting or raising your voice.

    • If you see signs saying, ‘No Pictures’, it means no pictures. So, keep your cameras shut.

    • When filming, take requisite permissions.

    • Be wary of the pick pockets here.

    • Don’t buy anything without bargaining.

    • Read about a destination before traveling.

    • Don’t buy anything you don’t need. There may be people who might try selling you things you don’t need, either say a strict no or simply walk away.

    • Avoid traveling alone during the night hours.

    • Avoid street food.

    • Carry all your medicines along.

    • Keep your cash and valuables in a room safe.

    • Don’t wear too much jewelry in a public place.  

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Jodhpur is 21. Anyone below 21 years may be prohibited from buying or consuming alcohol.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Mehrangarh Fort

    You cannot complete your visit to Jodhpur without visiting the Mehrangarh Fort. It is one of the largest forts of India. The construction for the fort was commenced in the mid 15th century. It went on for 500 years and this perhaps is the reason why one can see varying styles in architectures each of which represent the period in which it was built.  

    Jaswant Thada

    Jaswant Thada was constructed in the year 1899 in the loving memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. Located close to the Mehrangarh Fort, the serenity of this place is simply breath taking. Carvings are intricate and you can easily locate the portraits of the Rathore rulers. On the grounds of the Jaswant Thada you’ll find a multi level garden that is beautifully carved with gazebos and a pond.

    Balsamand Lake

    It is an artificial lake of Jodhpur that was constructed way back in the year 1159 AD. Built by Balak Rao Parihar, the lake is surrounded by groves of mango, papaya, plum, guava and pomegranate. This Lake Palace was constructed with an agenda of serving as a summer resort for the royal family.  It beautifully reflects the Rajputana style of architecture.  

    Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

    Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum is a 347-roomed massive palace. Its construction began in the year 1929 and went on till the year 1943. This exquisite palace is situated on the top most point of the city and is often regarded as the largest private residences in the world.

  • What you will like there?

    Street Food
    There is something really authentic about the street food of Jodhpur. When here, Janta Sweet home is the place you should try. Don’t forget to hog on to the Mawe ki Kachoris, Jodhpuri Mirchi Vadas and Pyaaz ki Kachoris. Lassi and desserts which are an equal delight. 
    Rajasthani Feast
    Once done with the street food, relish on the authentic royal thaali of Rajasthan. It is an elaborate six course meal that will leave your belly delighted. 
    Trinkets and textiles
    To shop for souvenirs in Jodhpur, there is Nai Sarak and Sardar market that offers a number of options for satiating your shopping desires. Do indulge yourself in shopping for pretty silver jewellery, colourful bandhini sarees and embroidered mojris & juttis. Do bargain a lot to get the best deal. 
    Antique shops & Pichwai paintings
    Jodhpur is a home to shops that sell beautiful old furniture such as doors, chests, windows, etc and antique paintings and other items. Explore a cluster of antique shops located at the foot of Umaid Bhawan.  
    Luxe living
    Jodhpur is a little laid back when compared to the other towns and cities of Rajasthan. If you are out on a honeymoon or if you want to have a private time with your partner you can book a luxury room in a lavish villa to partake in the luxe lifestyle of the city. 
    Festivals & folklore
    Jodhpur has its own share of fables and folklores most of which are kept alive via its festivals that are celebrated round the year. Some of the festivals that you must watch out for include Jodhpur Polo Season conducted in December and Flamenco & Gypsy Festival conducted in March.  
    Vintage car display
    There is something for the car enthusiasts too. The Umaid Bhawan palace Museum of Jodhpur conducts a rally of the classic vintage cars that were once driven by the Maharajas. There are Hummers, Rolls Royce’s, Mercedes and other exotic cars in mint condition. 
    Safari rides
    If you enjoy a Safari ride, you can get an ample number of options for this in Jodhpur. For those who think that Safari rides are incomplete without a sight of wildlife, Chinkara Sightseeing in an open jeep can be your preferred choice. To explore and experience the village life of Rajasthan, you can take a safari that drive you through the rural areas of Jodhpur. In the middle of the ride, you can get down and join the villagers for a chit chat over a cup of tea. 
    Glamping in the desert
    The camping trips in Jodhpur are very different from the ones you take in other parts of the country. These are set up in the midst of wilderness and sand dunes. Further, the safari style deluxe tents are pitched within the dunes that house with them jute rugs, teak furniture and tiled bathrooms. Post sunset, the camping site appears like a rustic lounge with mattresses laid out and candles lit accompanied by a light chatter over a three course dinner.  

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