55 Best Places to Visit in Sydney 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

Recommendations for Sydney

Hyde Park
Hyde Park is one of the oldest parks in Australia. It is divided by the Park Street. The southern section of the park has the visitor centre, a number of monuments as well as statues, the ANZAC Memorial building and the pool of reflection. On the other hand, the northern section of the Hyde Park features multiple themes gardens like the iconic Nagoya Gardens and Sandringham adorned by the public art works, Archibald Fountain as well as the monuments and the water features.

Location: Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Highlights: It has some 16 hectares of the wide open space in the heart of the central Sydney. There is no shortage of the lush green grass here. So, it is an ideal spot for impromptu picnic.

Best Time: It is open all round the year, so you can visit any time.

Cost: Entry to the Hyde Park is free.
Circular Quay
Circular Quay is one of the most famous harbors in Australia. Many type of community celebrations take place here so you can be here during such times to make the most out of the place.

Location: It is located at the central business district of Sydney Cove. The location is precisely between the Bennelong point and The rocks. There are great transportation facilities including ferry quays, bus stops and train stations.

Highlights: This harbor is among the favourite tourist attractions in Sydney and people who are on a tour to Sydney definitely visit here. One of the most fascinating or strange thing about the place is that despite circle in its name, it is square in shape. You will get a spectacular view from the Cove in this quay.

Best time to visit: If you are planning to visit the Circular Quay, make sure that there are some celebrations happening there which makes the experience really worthwhile.
Manly Beach
Manly Beach is a part of the northern beaches of Sydney. It covers three parts- Queens cliff, north steyne and south steyne. It's main street for shoppers and diners, runs through the ferry wharf and harbor to the peninsula to Manly beach, the boundary between north and south steyne. Manly Lifeguards work the entire year at South Steyne, and work from October to April at Queens cliff and North steyne. After an energy filled day at exclusive Aussie beaches, unwind from unwinding by exploring the insane night acne at this beach. The nightclubs on this beach will keep you on your toes all night. Before that do remember to shop till you drop and try the sumptuous cuisine at one of the restaurants.

Location: It is located at Manly, NSW 2095, Sydney.

Highlight: Manly Beach is known for its restaurants, nightclubs and dive bars.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbor bridge is also known as Coat hanger and is the world's largest steel arch bridge. It is also one of the iconic symbol of Australia. The bridge carries eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, footway and a cycle way too. The bridge helps in connecting the Sydney central business district and the North Shore.


Location: Sydney harbor is located at Sydney New South Wales and is in close proximity with most of the transportation facilities. For tourists, it is great to get along to different famous places from here.

Highlights: The place looks beautiful and the scenery is just amazing overlooking the waters. The bridge and the river together look more beautiful and captivating. The design of the bridge is inspired from the Hell Gate bridge in New York City, USA.

Best time to visit: The bridge looks beautiful at night so you might choose to visit it after dusk for capturing good pictures.
Madame Tussauds
Famous for its wax statues of people who are achievers in their fields, Madam Tussauds was first opened in London. It showcased the work of great wax statue artists who worked tirelessly day and night to appeal to high artistic and aesthetic sensibilities. After its raging success in London it opened in many other places with similar success. After a long wait, in 2012 Madam Tussauds opened in Sydney with great fanfare and pomp. Right now in Sydney, it showcases many brilliant artists, businessmen, politicians, sportspersons who have made their life living examples of success and achievement. Madam Tussauds aims to commemorate this achiever spirit and challenges us to look within and carefully nurture the achiever within us all.

Location: It is located in near the central business district in Sydney.

Highlight: Wax statues of many famous people can be found here so, if you wish to be photographed with celebs, this is the place to visit.

Best time to visit: Can be visited any time of the year. It might be crowded during holidays and weekends.
The Rocks
Scenically adorned by Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House, on the edge of breathtaking Sydney Harbor, The Rocks gives you an unparalleled mix of the new and old. From old cobblestoned laneways, to stylish modern bars, The Rocks has some of Sydney's finest restaurants and bars. As Sydney's art hub it has been transformed into a creative hub of modern art, festivals and evolving DIY spaces. The Rocks is an amazing blend of culture, cuisine and experiences that are worth living and ensuring to give you memories that will last a life time.

Location: The Rocks starts from the Harbor from the north and east to Kent.

Highlight: A total urban indulgence, The Rocks is one of the busiest tourist places in Sydney with festivals and concerts all around the year.

Cost: There is no general cost, but individual events cost may vary.

Best Time: Research when your favorite concerts are being organized, and accordingly make a visit.
Sydney Fish Market
For all the fish lover’s this place will be like a true heaven for you. You can shop your favourite fish from the Sydney Fish Market which is the third largest seafood market in the world in terms of variety.

Highlights: The Sydney Fish Market caters to six seafood retailers, greengrocer, sushi bar, restaurants, gift shops and more. To help you fill your weekends with seafood delight the place offers constant offers from Friday 2pm to Sunday 4 pm.

Location: Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road, Sydney NSW 2009, Australia
Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo is one of the best zoological park in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. The zoo was opened on 7th October 1916 and is among the best places to explore different types of wild animals.


Location: Taronga Zoo is located in the shores of Sydney Harbor in the suburb of Mosman. To reach the zoo, you can use public transport which is easily available or private vehicles if you please.

Highlights: Taronga Zoo has different animal species nearly about 340 species and more than 2600 individual animals. You can also hire the venue to organize any functions or events with a 180 degree and peaceful view of the Sydney harbor making those events truly memorable.

Best time to visit: Taronga Zoo is open daily including the Christmas days. The visiting hours are 9:30 am-4:30 pm in the month of May to August, 9:30 am-5:00 pm from September to April and on new year's eve 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. You need to plan your trip accordingly to the timings of the zoo.
Museum of Contemporary Art
For art lovers, the museum of contemporary art is one of the finest places to visit in Sydney.

Location: It is located in The Rocks area of Sydney and getting there is very simple as well. You can check the map on its website for the exact location.

Highlights: It is among the only museum which houses Australian and international modern art so art lovers will have a great time here. The museum is also home to Aboriginal art which is quite rare to find elsewhere.

Price: The entry is free to the museum so anyone can visit it during the given timings.

Best time to visit: The museum stays open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening so you can visit it during these times. There is a certain amount of rush experienced between 11 to 12 in the evening so you can avoid the time slot if possible.
Bondi Beach
It is one of the world's most beautiful and famous beaches. Everyone who goes there falls in love with its village atmosphere. It is almost a kilometer long and dotted with lifesavers. There are always some activities going on at bondi, mostly centered on the pavilion. Bondi is a perfect combination of nature and waves. It is a perfect getaway for those busy lifestyles as it is delightfully famous for its harsh waves. If you love beaches and are absolutely in love with the sun and sand, then Bondi is a must before you say goodbye. Bond with the friendly locals at bondi and explore the beach through them. What a better way to know Australia than via Aussies right?

Location: Bondi Beach is a suburb in Sydney in New South Wales.

Highlights: It always has activities going on at Bondi, and special events for days when it is raining. It also has a lot of food stalls along the line.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Sydney Tower
Sydney Tower is one of the tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere. The tower is 1,014 feet high and among the most eye catching places of tourist attraction. It is also known as Sydney Tower Eye, AMP Tower, Westfield Centre point Tower or Sydney Sky tower.

Location: Sydney Tower is located in the new Westfield shopping center at the corner of the Pitt street and Market Street. To reach here, the most quick and easy way is to use public transport.

Highlights: The magnificent view of the whole Sydney from the tower eye is one of the most spectacular view one will cherish in their visit here. At the base of the tower, there is a shopping center. It also has restaurants, coffee lounge with revolving view of the Sydney Skyline.

Best time to visit: Sydney Tower is opened daily from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm. One can enjoy this breathtaking place at all seasons.
George Street
George street is one of the business hubs of Sydney where you can spot some of the biggest multinational companies of Australia. If we see the Top 100 listed businesses in Australia, most of them are located in this region. Although it is just a general street, it has become a tourist attraction owing to the huge buildings and the presence of many company headquarters.

Location: It is located in the central business district of Sydney and is about 3 km long. The street has the best connectivity options and you can easily find various transportation facilities to get around the city from here.

Highlights: This street still stays among the busiest roads in Sydney as most of the top businesses are located here. There are many high rise buildings in the street and you will mostly spot business people around the place. The skyline of the place is simply amazing, you will have a good time visiting this street.
Kings Cross
Kings Cross is an inner city locality which is situated 2 km east of Sydney's central business district. It is Sydney's red light district known for its crime and organized mafia. Once infested with numerous illegal establishments and casino it is now a mixed area with residences, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, brothels and strip clubs.

Highlight: The tacky nightclubs, topless waitresses, strip clubs as well as the adult bookshops are still there, but of late some exciting cafes have surfaced on the Kings Cross that is attracting a wide range of the different types of visitors. The Kings Cross is very sleazy at night. During the day it looks a lot less threatening.

Best Time: Ideally, if you are planning to go to Kings Cross with friends, you can make a visit any time of the day. However, prefer going during the day, if you are on your own.
Hotel Hollywood
The moment you step inside you will find framed posters from the time when Hollywood sirens were photographed. It has a fun art décor with red lighting and a disco ball which makes the atmosphere a lot of fun. The place plays a soft blend of electro music which will take you to a different world altogether. The melodious songs are always perfect to either make you groove or have you perfect drink quietly somewhere in the corner.

Highlight: The Happy Hours from 5 to7 pm Monday to Saturday. And if you want to try some good beer this is the place to hangout.

Price: A$6o for two people which is inclusive of alcohol.

Location: 2 Foster Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.
Bronte Beach
Bronte is a small popular beach in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is 2 km south of Bondi and situated north of Coogee. The beach is frequented by walkers, swimmers, surfers of all kinds. It provides various trails due to its paved coastal footpath with the rocky cliff tops. A long distance swimming event is also held here every December. The 30m pool in the south end is very famous among locals in Sydney. Come here for an amazing walk with your loved one. This is an absolutely beautiful place for those long endless conversations and creating timeless memories. Knowing well the beauty once, you are sure to return to this beach time and again.

Location: Bronte Beach is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Highlight: It is well known for its amazing surf waves and water sports.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Palm Beach
The Palm Beach is the northern most part of the northern beaches. It's mesmerizing sands and shining blue water is perfect for swimming, chilling and surfing. Palm Beach has been divided into two, with the north offering perfect surfing conditions while the south offers a more protected swimming environment. The beach has an extravagant 35 meter ocean pool for toddlers and amateur swimmers. There are popular eateries like Jonah's, Dunes restaurant and The boathouse. Palm Beach also has a golf course nearby for golf aficionados.

Location: It is located 41 km North of Sydney. So, if you travel towards the north, never miss out on the very beautiful and inviting Palm Beach.

Highlights: If you feel like exploring, Ecotreasures provides for seekers their famous Sydney's hidden treasure tour then Palm Beach is one highly recommended spot.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May
Collaroy Beach
A suburb in northern Sydney, it is 22 km north-east of Sydney's central business district. It is among the northern beaches' region. Famous for its great swimming conditions, amateurs as well as seasoned players will not hesitate to make this their play ground. This beach provides the perfect waves for all skill levels. No more bickering in a friend circle over which beach to surf at, come to Colloroy and everyone feels right at home. Advanced surfers can move on to crazy wave magnets like Narabeen and long reef. It has a lot of amenities to complement your wave time, like picnic area and Rock paths. There is also a surf shop, a restaurant and a cinema for fun seekers.

Location: Colloroy Beach is located 22 kms north-east of Sydney's central business district.

Highlight: The beach seems ideal for both seasoned and amateur swimmers.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Showcasing the best of China's food and culture is Sydney's Chinatown, an urban locality in the southern part of Sydney's central business district. An enthralling experience for any food lover, you can get all of your favourite classic Chinese food right here. Chinatown is sure to give you an intensely rewarding experience as here you can immense yourself in Chinese culture and history and partake in its many festivals that take place throughout the year. It is an absolute family destination with something for everyone. With its cheap hotels, it makes for a great place to stay for the weekend.

Location: Located in Haymarket, between Darling Harbor and Central station. It is Australia's largest Chinatown.

Highlights: What makes Chinatown extraordinary are the specialty shops wherein one could buy things which would not normally be available elsewhere. You could get art, crafts, tea sets, dinnerware and Chinese herbs. There is a Chinese supermarket as well which houses ethnic Chinese goods.

Best time to visit - September to November, March to May.
Chinese Garden of Friendship
The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a garden in Chinatown, Sydney. Designed in the form of private gardens, the garden was made in the Ming Dynasty and offers the people a botanical insight into Chinese culture and heritage. Filled with beautiful bamboo plants and glistening waterfalls, the whole garden cannot be seen from anywhere within the botanical garden. The Chinese Garden of Friendship has a Dragon Wall. This symbolizes the bond between the Guangzhou and the New South Wale. There is a Tea House that offers the visitors a refreshing and a traditional ethnic Chinese tea. You can also get some incredible refreshments here.

Highlights: Chinese Garden of Friendship is also a popular venue for weddings.

Location: Pier street, Darling harbor, Sydney, NSW

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May

Admission fee: For adults the admission fee is $6 and for the children below the age of 12, the admission fee is $3.
Freshwater Beach
Freshwater is an amazing beach nestled between two peak lands. In the northern peak it does provide protection in the summer from the waves, however throughout the year the waves are fairly consistent. Freshwater Beach is under the aegis of the Manly-Freshwater National and World Surfing Reserve that recognizes the environmental, cultural and historical values of beaches. The Beach is beautiful and stands apart in its own right for its environmental heritage. Most tourist places are fun but this aims to educate the people with regards to safeguarding our environment.

Location: It is located in Freshwater, NSW, which is a suburb in Sydney.

Highlights: There is also a saltwater pool which is famous with swimmers. It is also the home of Hawaiian 'duke' Kahanamolu , the person responsible for bringing surfing to this region. There is life size statue of him on the beach.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Sydney Jewish Museum
The Sydney Jewish museum catalogues the history of the Jewish people in Australia and most importantly the Holocaust. It was made to commemorate Jewish men and women who served in the second world war. In the historic Maccabean Hall, it was opened for Sir John Monash on Armistice Day in the year 1923. The museum has long been a major Jewish community center since then and has been deemed as an ideal venue for the museum. It is an important part of the Aussie cultural history that tends to pay tribute to the six million people who were murdered by the Nazi's. Further, Sydney Jewish Museum honors the people who happened to survive this massacre.

Location: It is located at the 148 Darlington Road.

Highlight: Sydney Jewish Museum aims to teach religious Tolerance and universal brotherhood to mankind.

Best time to visit: It is best visited during the Hanukkah festival.
The Strand Arcade
Want to have some Victorian Style Shopping? There is absolutely no better place than the Strand Arcade. The Arcade was also known as the ‘Arcade Street’ , a name which was given to the place which connects London with City of Westminster.

Highlights: You can find the local craftsmanship of Australian Designer Labels such as Alex Perry, Manning Cartell, Lover, Dion Lee and many more to list down. You can also visit some of the renowned stores such as Haigh Chocolates, Raphael Jewellers, Victoria Buckley Jewellery and much more.

Location: 412-414 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


One of the largest cities of Australia as well as the capital of New South Wales region is one of the exciting cities with Mediterranean climate, sunny beaches, impressive skyline and sparkling harbour. With throbbing and consistent buzz, the city is full of entertainment and places to visit without which a holiday to Australia is incomplete. A unique feat of architectural magnificence is Sydney Opera House hosting thousands of performances and attracting millions every year.


Just like the Opera House, The Botanical Garden of the city is equally beautiful with array of plants and verdant greenery. Apart from this Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach, Sydney Aquarium are few of the must visit places in the city. Sydney cannot be explored fully without gracious shopping experience and the city provides luxurious shopping destination at the Queen Victoria Building with modernised stores selling suits, jewellery, accessories and a lot. Sydney Tower offering 360 degree view of the city and National Maritime Museum is also worth visiting. 
Darling Harbour
Darling Harbor, near to the city centre in Sydney, is a fun recreational and a nice pedestrian precinct. It is named after lieutenant general Ralph Darling. Some of the attractions here include Paddy’s Markets, The star Casino and the Exhibition Centre, and several other destinations.

Location: It is situated on the western outskirts of Sydney's central business district. The Darling Harbor is easily accessible. So, you can reach this tourist hub via different modes of transport. There are some ferry services too going on to help you reach the Darling Harbor.

Highlight: It has a large number of places to visit including - Harbor shopping centre which houses kingpin bowling alley and M9 laser fighter, a flight simulator. Sydney Entertainment center, Chinese garden of friendship, tumbalong park, paddy's market, Darling quarter playground, madam Tussauds and LG IMAX, the world largest screen.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Queen Victoria Building (QVB)
Queen Victoria Building is also popularly known as QVB among locals and tourists. It was built in the late 19th century replacing the old Sydney original site. This beautiful architecture is 30 meters wide and 190 meters long. QVB occupies the entire George, Market, York and Druitt Streets. In 1987, the new market building was honored to Queen Victoria for her glorious reign which marked her diamond jubilee.


Location: Queen Victoria Building is located at 455 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. Public transport is easily accessible to reach this destination.

Highlights: Queen Victoria statue is placed in front of the Druitt Street entrance. The building has four main shopping floors and many memorials along with historic displays. The building consisted of concert halls, coffee shops, offices, showrooms, city library and a variety of trade people are accommodated

Best time to visit: The shopping center is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Susannah Place Museum
Sussannah Place Museum is a historic museum which was built in the year 1844. The architecture of the four terrace house is something which will take you back in time. The museum stands as a sign of all the working class people in the locality. A few things were recently repaired in the museum so that it stays stable to be visited by tourists.

Location: It is located in The Rocks, Sydney. Getting to the place is quite easy as you can get many public transportation facilities heading to the museum.

Highlights: Tourists mostly visit the place for its architecture and rich heritage. It has been in existence since more than a century back so it's definitely worth a visit.

Best time to visit: The museum is open from 2 to 5 in the afternoon on all days so if you wish to visit here, be sure to visit it during the given timings.
The Victoria Room
An absolute paradise for tea lovers, it is one of the upscale tea venues Sydney has ever had in the past decade. It will make you feel that you have entered the Victorian era once you have been to this place with big and bold chandeliers, colors and even elegant furniture too. On a weekend afternoon when it doesn’t serves tea the tea room gets transformed into a cocktail bar room. The place comes with an extreme luxury. The Victoria tea room has been the award winning cocktail bar.

 Highlights: One should definitely try the sapphire tea, traditional chicken, salmon and cucumber variations. You can also try the mini cappuccino cup which is definitely a big treat.

 Price: $45 for a classic tea

 Location: 235 Victoria Road, Darlinghurst, Sydney.
Bondi Junction Westfield
What makes this shopping centre different from the rest of them in Australia is Westfield Bondi Junction. It has over 400 speciality store and several departmental store too such as David Jones and Myer. One can also get a chance to shop from their favourite brands such as Zara, Harvey Norman and Rebel Sport. Some of the other brands cover some other known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany, Bally, Dior and other well-known brands too.

Location: 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022.
Customs House
Based n the Central Business District, the Custom House is almost a heritage icon of Brisbane. Operated by the famous University of Queensland, this beautiful symbol of magnificent architecture is used for educational and cultural facility. There are various artefacts that symbolises the bygone era and the historical essence of the city. The place is a tourist destination and it is open for public on all days. One can explore the historical building and also catch a glimpse Stuartholme-Behan collection of Australian Art which is secured based here. One can catch the beautiful glimpse of the river from here and enjoy spending some time in this historical location. Private functions are now organised here since the hall rooms have a capacity of accommodating almost 350 persons. The place is easily accessible with bus stops and trains stations based closeby.

Location: 399 Queen Street, Brisbane City 
Harbourside Shopping Centre
The Harbourside Shopping Centre provides not just an amazing view because it is located close to the water edge. The magnificent view that the place provides is an absolute show stopper. You can view the amazing harbour and city skyline view which will surely take your breath away.


Highlights: Quite interestingly, you will also find a bowling alley and laser in this shopping centre which just adds to the fun you can have in this place.

Location: 231/2-10 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000.
The Rocks Markets
Did you ever know that all the good things happen on Friday. If not then visit ‘The Rocks Market’ from 9am to 3pm. The Rock Foodies Market is about all the interesting things you can relish in lovely Jack Mundey Place.

Highlights: You can try the delectable crusty bread, chocolate, homewares, condiments, Guitar and Banjos amongst others. If you are looking for something more try the gourmet wraps, burgers, barbecued salmon, lamb kebabs and much more. The market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. You will find more than 200 eclectic stalls by some emerging designers and artists.

Location: George St, The Rocks NSW2000.
DFO Homebush (Direct Factory Outlet)
If you are looking for a perfect bargain haven, then this place is for you. All you need to do is spend a lot of time to pick the cheaper one from the boxes that are available there. You can definitely check out the homeware store too where you can find some perfect piece. The parking can be a real nightmare for you, so it is best to visit the place somewhere around 10 am which is opening time for you. The renovation that has happened has made the shopping centre quite classy to look and moreover it allows you to get the clothes, shoes and even general merchandise too.

3-5 Underwood Rd, Homebush NSW 2140, Australia


Bilgola Beach is a suburb in the northern part of Sydney and is one of the very beautiful surfing beaches in Sydney. The term 'Bilgola' is derived from an ancient Aboriginal phrase which means 'swirling waters'. The legendary Bilgola Beach is famous for its beauty. You will come here for the beauty but stay back for the serenity it offers to the mind. Once everything quiets down, you can hear the ocean, all of your worries will melt away in the 'swirling waters'. Nearby there are a lot of places to crash and munch while you look over the beach.

Location: Bilgola Beach is 33 km north-east of Sydney's central business district.

Highlight: It is known especially for its beautiful surf winds. You can swim, twist, twirl and play all your favorite water sports here at the Bilgola Beach.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Avalon Beach
Due to the much preferred sea-change the locals from Sydney have started to prefer Avalon beach for the better 'surfer lifestyle'. So the water sport community here has grown allowing for it to become a major attraction. Along the north head land, the waters there attract a lot of long boarders for its huge waves. The 25 meter ocean rock pool attracts a lot of visitors for its refreshing experience. Little Avalon, south of Avalon produces comparatively harsher waves making it fun for tube rides. It's 'surfer lifestyle' has made this a major water sport attraction all over the world and is on the top of every water sport fanatics' bucket list.

Location: Avalon is located in the northern suburb of Sydney.

Highlight: Avalon is known for its crispy waves much preferred by professional and amateur surfers alike

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Whale Beach
Designed by Ace Architect Alexander Stewart Jolly, Whale Beach is the home of Wedge which is a well known surf break. It is located 40 km north of Sydney city central business district and has various places and spots for the perfect wind for surf junkies. Whale Beach comes under the Pittwater council, among the northern beaches region. Its beaches are amazing but one also has to be careful about the looming whales. The government had provided a lot of security and it also has an enclosed pool. The beach, being very famous is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Catching the surf winds is comparatively easier due the equally spaced out waves. At Carol Reed, there is a heritage listed single stories bungalow made from sandstone.

Location: It is 40 km north of Sydney central business district.

Highlights: It is famous for the wedge, a surf break.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Chinaman's Beach
Chinaman's Beach In Rosherville Reserve, Sydney Harbour, is a relatively isolated Beach. It is near Balmoral beach and faces Clontarf Reserve. It is a local favorite since it is a perfectly nestled area with just about zero waves thereby making it just the right place for snorkeling, swimming and kids. Chinaman's Beach is also famous for canoeing and kayaking. The beach is extremely clean, so rest assured that as a concerned parent you can witness your children building sandcastles, collecting shells and discovering rock formations in extremely hygienic surroundings. Moreover, if it’s your lucky day, who knows, you might even stumble upon a sea creature!

Location: Chinaman's Beach is located at Mosman NSW 2088

Highlights: It has a small playground with lots of greenery for kids to play. And if you do get hungry, which you will after having an insane amount of fun, you can just drive up to the Spit or at the Balmoral beach.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May
Silver Beach
Silver beach, on the kurnell peninsula is your answer for a relaxing time. When life stretches you thin, stretch yourself over this pristine wonder of nature known to all as Silver beach. True to its name, you thank yourself when you see the silvery gleam of this beach shine in your loved ones eyes. In the front of Botany Bay spend your time in the midst of surreally clean sand and immerse yourself in the supreme pleasure of slowly dipping down into its crystal clear waters. The Silver beach is known for its functionality as a family outing venue with everything available at a convenient location. It is a great picnic spot and like all other beaches in Sydney it will cradle you and tease you to come explore its exquisite beauty.

Location: Silver beach is located on the Kurnell peninsula adjacent to Botany bay.

Highlights: It is known for its clean beaches and crystal clear water.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre
If you want to go out for shopping while enjoying the spectacular views of the harbour while having the best of fashion, food and lifestyle all under one roof.

 Highlights: Birkenhead is the original factory outlet centre. It offers some of the top most designer labels and that too at 70%off regular price. While shopping you can also get a chance to sip of coffee.
World Square
It is the central business district which comprises of not only shopping centres, restaurants, café and other take away shop which will keep you busy all the time.

Highlights: The place is also considered to be home to many radio stations too especially the Austereo’s Sydney radio. You can also visit the famous Rydges World Square Hotel which has both restaurants and other commercial space. You can also witness one of the tallest skyscraper World Tower. The place is a must visit for one and all and allow you to spend some of the most amazing time.

 Location: World Square is a large development in the Sydney Central Business District, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera house is a multi venue performing art center located in the prime destination of Sydney. It is one of the most prominent tourist attraction place with over eight million people visiting it every year. The opera house has been included under UNESCO World Heritage List on 28th June 2007.


Sydney Opera House is located at Bennelong Point in Sydney, Australia. The building structure and its surrounding occupy the whole of Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbor which lies between Sydney Cove and Farm Cove.

The opera house is home to some of the best performing arts that happen in the country. The place was designed by famous Danish architect Jorn Urton. Multiple events in all sorts of art happen in the Sydney Opera house so tourists can enjoy them. For recreational purposes, there are various bars, cafes, and restaurants inside it.

Best time to visit:
Events keep happening at different times so you need to be there at the decided timings if you don’t want to miss them.
Wattamolla Beach
When you specifically want to just feel that clear granular sand below your feet as you lie down letting all your worries wash away with the waves, come down to Wattamolla beach in Sydney. Arrive here with your family and stretch yourself below the shade of cabbage tree palms and then head to the beach. A popular place, it has something for everyone in your family, so that you can bond like never before. When you're hungry, eat a BBQ lunch to your heart's content and then go for a walk on the beach track. After digesting your food well, get ready for some light water sport and try out canoeing, kayaking or liloing.

Location: Wattamolla beach is located at the Royal national park.

Highlights: Wattamolla beach provides a unique experience as this beach is located within a national park.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Macquarie Street
Named after Lachlan Macquarie, an early governor, Macquarie street is the eastern-most street of Sydney's central business district. It was designed as a ceremonial district starting from the Harbor to the vast areas of Hyde Park and the Domain. Lachlan Macquarie, a visionary in his own right, along with convict architect Francis Greenway designed and constructed many of Sydney's magnificent public buildings. It is regarded as the symbol of an informal governmental and public precinct. Macquarie Street was also known as the Harley Street of Sydney.

Location - Macquarie Street starts south of Circular Quay, near Opera House to the Parliament House. Circular Quay, Martin Place and St James provide easy options to reach Macquarie Street. Sydney Explorer Bus stops at Macquarie St opposite the library is a way to reach Macquarie Street.

Highlights: A visual delight for the architecturally inclined, Macquarie street boasts of many wonderful buildings including - The Sydney Hospital, State Library of New South Wales, Parliament House, Hyde Park Barracks, St. James' Church and St. Mary's Church.

Best time to visit - September to November or March to May are the ideal times to visit Macquarie street.
St. Mary's Cathedral
St Mary’s Cathedral is in the centre of Sydney. It is in true sense a statement of wonder and grace. A lot of artists have contributed to St Mary’s Cathedral in their designs in stone and glass thereby creating a special space of solitude in Sydney. The Cathedral is believed to be the most treasured historic building here in Sydney. More importantly, St Mary’s Cathedral is a one of the most surprisingly beautiful English style of gothic churches in the world. William Wilkinson Wardell conceptualized a gothic type structure shaped from the local yellow-block sandstone. The building was finally completed 100 years after Wardell's death.

Location: It is located on The St. Mary's road in Sydney, NSW.

Highlight: This Cathedral is representation of the origins of the Catholic Church. Not only Catholics but people irrespective of the religion can make a visit to the St Mary’s Cathedral to gather some inner peace.

 Best time to visit: September to November, Christmas.

Centennial Park
The Centennial park land in Sydney is a very historically and culturally important place. It is one of the world's biggest park lands. It covers three major parks, Queens park, Moore park and Centennial park. It is filled with fun and surprises and is an activity intense park land with lots to do including Picnics, BBQ's, horse riding and pony rides, playground, bird watching, rollerblading and many other impromptu events. It is filled with sports and athletics happening all around with more than 560000 sports man making the parkland its home. The Centennial park land has over 35 sports venues.

Location: It is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Highlight: Its main features are the sports facilities and nature trails that can be enjoyed here. The Centennial park land is also called as the 'lungs of Sydney'.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May
If you are looking for extreme luxury then Hemmesphere is the best place to be. A beautiful place which depicts extreme grace and relaxation. A perfect escape to sit down in comfortable lounges and have some meaningful conversations with your loved ones. You can also try an upscale romantic candle light dinner to have a pleasant evening. For spirit sippers they will be delighted to watch fresh ingredients and spices being blended in front of their own eyes. You can try the amazing vintage dram which is sure to delight every spirit sipper.

Highlight: The menu keeps changing as per the season and you can try some amazing decanted cocktails which are prepared by our special mixologists. You can also try the Rosemary’s Baby which is the show stopper of this place.

Location: Level4 , Establishment 252 George Street, Sydney.

Price: A$100 for two people.
Alexandria Outlets
A paradise for all the shopaholics where you will get a chance to shop from all your favourite brands. A train journey to Green square would be just perfect for you to explore all the stores that line Mcevoy Street. Moreover, you will find some interesting bargains in outlets like Seafolly, Puma, New Balance, Cotton On, Morrisey and David Lawrence. You can find some interesting kitchenware, cafes and restaurants too. It will take approximately one one and a half day to complete the shopping expedition.

Location: 39/37-41 Doody St.
Shelly Beach
Among the Famous Manly beaches, Shelly beach is the Crown jewel. It is a protected marine reserve. The beach is near North head and fairy bower. Due to its marine diversity and shallow depth of 12 meters it is popular with snorkelers and divers. One can also walk around the bush track which had spectacular views of the north head and northern beaches. There is also a restaurant called le kiosk located in proximity to satiate your hunger.

Location: Shelly beach is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Highlights: It is a haven for marine life enthusiasts, as it offers amazing under water tours with an intricate view of marine life. So, if you are a water baby, nothing really should stop you from visiting this much delightful and amazingly refreshing, Shelly beach.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
Candy's Apartment
The Candy Apartment is an age old music club where people like to groove to cult music. The club is known to have pushed limits on the music tracks that they play.

Highlights: You can get to hear both Rock, Hip-Hop, House and Electro and if you are lucky enough, you can also get a chance to listen to some party tunes too. This underground music night club will give you a chance to have some unforgettable memories and lets you come back to this place again and again. And since the nightclub has always been underground away from the sunlight so it is one of the most appropriate opportunities to have some real fun. This place is also considered to be a place which influences music trends in Sydney.

Location: 22 Bayswater Road, Potts Point New South Wales.

Price: $20 is the entry fee.
Slip Inn
Enjoy some drinks and meaningful conversations with an absolute indoor seating and the courtyard that is placed downstairs is a pretty place to party. And a Danish flag at the entrance will leave you totally spell bound. And moreover the colorful interiors just adds to the chirpiness and liveliness of the place.

Food: You can try some pork and wine to try some amazing food.  You can try some hard core Mexican food an absolute paradise for Mexican food lovers.

Price: A$80 for two people with alcohol.

 Location: 111Sussex Street, CBD, Sydney
Queen Victoria Building
A shopping centre which will leave you totally mesmerized by its Romanesque revival architecture. It has some four floor shopping malls and is well complemented with several other delightful cafes and restaurants. A must visit place for every tourists.

Highlight: The centre dome is a place to watch out especially during Christmas as it is occupied by a giant Christmas Tree. The Queen Victoria Building fills an entire block by George, Market, York and Druitt Street.

Location: 455 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.
Westfield Sydney
Tourists love shopping and Westfield is the best shopping center present in Sydney. The place was opened in the year 2010 and the rush never seems to slow down. The whole place is operated by Scentre group. The place went through a huge redevelopment process and after that there has been many new stores opened up.

Location: Westfield is located right below the Sydney Tower in the Sydney central business district. It is also very near to the Westfield Sydney Central Plaza so getting around other famous places is hassle free as well.

Highlights: There are more than 361 stores and services in the shopping center so you can purchase from a wide range of collections here. You will also find some of the high end luxury stores like Guess, Esprit and Cue in the place. The Pit Street Mall is also here, which is supposedly one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world.
Broadway Shopping Centre
One of the largest shopping centre in Sydney which is located in Broadway locality and a shopper’s paradise too. You can get a chance to shop from over millions of brand options.

Highlights: The shopping mall features some of the renowned brands which are hard to find anywhere else. You can get a chance to shop from Kmart, Coles, food court, Hoyts 12 screen cinemas. And you can also shop from several speciality stores.

Location: 1 Bay Street, Broadway NSW 2007.
Redleaf Beach
Redleaf Beach is an ideal Harbour side Sydney beach which is a must visit for every visitor. Take a dip at the Murray rose pool which was earlier known as red leaf pool at the west end of the beach. Its Harbour side will provide you a safe enclosure to swim in. No more worrying about the kids. It has no shortage of space, with its 90 by 60 meter area as you can be assured of a leisurely swim even if it's crowded. Go on a lovely walk after your swim and dry yourself in the shining sun to feel yourself close to the nature. After that move over to enjoy a fantastic bite as you contemplate your beautiful life looking over Darling point and Harbor Bridge.

Location: 536 New South Head Rd, Double Bay NSW 2028

Highlight: A good place for family and swimming trainees.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
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