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Munnar Tour Package - Browse through a wide range of Munnar packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Munnar holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

Explore the beautiful Munnar with Thrillophilia's exclusive Kerala tour packages. Our carefully planned Munnar travel packages are made to let you enjoy the calmness of the rolling hills and the lovely tea gardens that make this place so pretty. Whether you love exciting adventures like trekking or prefer peaceful walks in nature, Thrillophilia has something for everyone.

From the misty Anamudi peaks to the stunning waterfalls at Attukal, our Munnar tours ensure you see the beauty of nature. Learn about local life by visiting small tea villages, understanding how tea is made, and tasting delicious Kerala food, all while we take care of your travel needs.

With Thrillophilia, your Munnar trip isn't just a vacation but a bunch of memories that will stay with you forever. We focus on giving you personalized experiences, tailoring every part of your journey to what you like. Enjoy the peaceful lakes, go on wildlife adventures, or relax in cozy hill resorts. Trust Thrillophilia's Munnar tour packages to make your dream vacation come true. 

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Best Time to Visit Munnar

Munnar is a spectacular year-round destination. Each season has its own unique beauty, and with Thrillophilia's Munnar tour packages, you can comfortably enjoy all of them.

1. Peak Season (September to March): This is when Munnar is at its best, with fresh air, colorful flowers, and clear blue skies. It's great for outdoor activities, adventures, or just enjoying nature's beauty in a peaceful setting.

2. Monsoon Season (June to August): During this time, Munnar is covered in mist, and rain showers bring life to the region, turning it into a lush green paradise with cascading waterfalls adding to its charm.

3. Shoulder Season (April to May, November to December): These months offer a more peaceful visit with pleasant weather, transitioning from greenery to warm autumn tones. It's ideal for a relaxed experience with fewer crowds.

How To Reach Munnar

1. By Air: The nearest airport to Munnar is the Cochin International Airport, which is about 125 km away. The Cochin airport is well connected with major cities in the country, such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and more. From the airport, you can hire a cab or board a bus, which will take about three and a half hours to reach Munnar.

2. By Road: Munnar is well connected to several cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu by road, and cabs and buses are easily available there. NH-85 connects Munnar to other parts of the state as well as the country.

3. By Train: The closest railhead to Munnar is in Aluva or Ernakulam, which are well connected to other parts of the country. Ernakulam is the main junction and has trains coming in from cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. From here, you can get to Munnar by bus or by cab, which takes about three and a half hours.

Places to Included in your Munnar Tour Package

These destinations to include in your Munnar tour packages are not just places to visit; they are experiences that will fill your journey with wonder and awe.

1. Lakkam Waterfalls: Lakkam Waterfalls is a peaceful and pretty waterfall in Munnar. It's a great place to relax or have an adventure, all while being in the middle of beautiful nature.

2. Echo Point: Echo Point is a cool place near Munnar, only 15 kilometers away. It's known for the echoes you can hear when you shout. There's also a path to Top Station, where you can camp outside and enjoy the big, beautiful views.

3. Eravikulam National Park: Eravikulam National Park is a big, green park that's really important and protected. It's a place where you can see rare animals like the Nilgiri Tahr. You can go there to feel close to nature and see the wide, pretty views of Munnar.

4. Tea Estate Tours at Kolukkumalai: The Kolukkumalai hills in Munnar are very high, at 7900 feet. They have narrow paths that take you through beautiful tea gardens. You can see amazing views and smell the fresh tea leaves. These hills are famous all over the world for having the best tea. People love to visit because it's so pretty and smells so good.

5. Pothamedu View Point: Pothamedu View Point offers amazing views. It's high up, so you can look down at the tea fields and the foggy hills. It's very quiet and pretty, and it's a great place to have a special time away from everything.

6. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a place with lots of different plants and animals. It's in the mountains and protects special animals like the grizzled giant squirrel. You can go for walks on trails and enjoy the pretty views and nature.

Activities to Include in your Munnar Trip

Munnar has lots of fun activities that everyone will love. Here are some of the best activities to include in your Munnar tour:

1. Stay at Treehouse: Staying in a treehouse in Munnar is a special experience. It's like a cozy house up in the trees, surrounded by plants. You can see all around from high up, and it's very calm. It's a fun way to enjoy Munnar and make great memories.

2. Shikara Ride: In Munnar, you can take a peaceful boat ride on Kundala Lake. It's really pretty there, and you might even see some special blue flowers called NeelaKurinji. It's a great thing to do when you visit Munnar.

3. Rock Climbing: Rock climbing in Munnar is an exciting adventure. You'll climb up cliffs and rocks and see beautiful tea gardens and foggy hills. It's fun for both beginners and experts, and you'll have a great time in the beautiful outdoors.

4. Ayurvedic Spa: Munnar is known for great spa treatments. When you visit, you can get a relaxing massage that helps you feel good and calm. It's a nice way to enjoy your trip to Munnar.

5. Mountain Biking: Go on a fun mountain bike ride in Munnar! You'll go through green tea fields and see awesome views. The paths are exciting, with ups and downs, and you'll feel the rush as you ride. It's a cool way to see Munnar differently.

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Munnar Tour faqs

Is 3 days enough for Munnar?

Absolutely! With 3-day Munnar tour packages, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this hill station. In 3 days you can explore its lush tea plantations, visit iconic viewpoints like Top Station, and relish local cuisine. Delve into the rich cultural tapestry with visits to the Mattupetty Dam and Attukal Waterfalls. Your 3 days Munnar packages allow for a perfect balance between relaxation and exploration, creating a memorable experience. While Munnar offers more treasures to discover, three days provide a satisfying taste of its serene landscapes and vibrant culture, leaving you with lasting memories.

How much will it cost for a trip to Munnar?

On average Munnar tour packages for days can start from around INR 15,000 per person, covering essentials like stay, transportation, and some meals. Mid-range Munnar packages from Thrillophilia with better amenities and guided tours can range from INR 20,000 to INR 35,000. Luxury packages, offering premium stays and exclusive experiences, can range about INR 50,000. Prices for the Munnar tour packages fluctuate with season, demand, and additional activities. It's advisable to check with travel agencies for current rates, and customization is possible based on individual preferences and budget constraints. The cost of Munnar Kerala tour packages varies widely based on factors like the duration, accommodation, and inclusions. 

Is 2 days enough for Munnar?

Yes, you can enjoy quite a bit of the beauty of Munnar with your 2 Days Munnar tour package. While the captivating beauty of this spectacular destination deserves more exploration, two days provide a delightful introduction. You can immerse yourself in the lush tea gardens, relish the panoramic views from viewpoints like Top Station, and visit the enchanting Attukal Waterfalls. Experience the local culture, indulge in flavourful cuisine, and unwind in the tranquil surroundings. Though a short stay, two days in Munnar promises a rejuvenating escape, leaving you with a taste of its scenic wonders and a desire to return for a more extended exploration.

Is Munnar expensive to visit?

No Munnar is not an expensive place to visit as this magnificent destination offers a diverse range of experiences catering to various budgets, making it accessible to all. Several luxury accommodations and exclusive activities are available for those seeking opulence but budget-friendly options are also available in abundance, ensuring affordability for every traveller. Munnar tour packages are available on every budget for discerning travellers who understand that the charm of Munnar lies in its breathtaking landscapes, tea plantations, and cultural attractions. You can also get your Munnar packages customised and plan your Munnar trip according to your preferences.

What sort of climate can I find in Munnar?

Munnar boasts a delightful and temperate climate throughout the year, making it a spectacular year-round destination. With its idyllic setting in the Western Ghats, the town enjoys a pleasant atmosphere, characterised by cool temperatures and refreshing mountain air. Summers are mild, providing a perfect escape from the scorching heat, while monsoons bring lush greenery and a serene ambience. Winters offer a touch of crispness in the air, enhancing the charm of the mist-covered rolling hills. Whether it's the vibrant blossoms in spring or the misty landscapes in winter, you can enjoy your Munnar tour packages and Munnar’s ever-inviting climate regardless of the season.

What are the best places to visit in Munnar with family?

The best place to visit with family on Munnar Tour Packages are:

1. Carmelagiri Elephant Park: At Carmelagiri Elephant Park you can enjoy an elephant ride with your little one. This is a prime attraction for families and you can even click pictures with elephants.

Location: Mattupetty Road, Munnar, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612.

2. Mattupetty Dam and Lake: At Mattupetty Dam and lake you can get amazed by the scenic views and water sport facilities. You can opt for paddle boat, speed boat or motorboat to enjoy your water ride.

Location: Munnar - Top Station Hwy, Mattupetty, Kerala 685616.

3. Chithirapuram And CSI Church: Built way back in 1910, this protestant church was a masterpiece of a Scottish tea estate manager. Stained glass window, brass plaques and a big chandelier, all you can find there.

Location: Kochi - Dhanushkodi Road, Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala 685612.

4. Kalari Kshethra: It is the best place to witness traditional martial art form of South India: Kalaripayattu. You will also get to see traditional dance and other art forms.

Location: Kochi Road, Chithirapuram South, Munnar, Kerala 685655.

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Which are the best street food options to try on a Munnar trip?

With your Munnar packages make sure to enjoy some of these delicious local delicacies.

1. Spicy Banana Chips: Savour the local flavours of Munnar with these crispy delights, a popular snack in this beautiful hill town.
2. Ela Ada: These are delicious steamed rice parcels filled with jaggery and coconut, a sweet treat loved by locals.
3. Appam with Stew: Indulge your taste buds with these delightful rice pancakes served with a rich and aromatic vegetable stew.
4. Munnar Tea: Experience the region's famous tea in various stalls, with options like spiced chai and cardamom-infused blends.
5. Kerala Parotta: Relish these wonderfully flaky, layered flatbreads paired with spicy curry for a satisfying meal.
6. Vazhakkappam: Bite into these crispy fried banana fritters, a popular street snack enjoyed at any time of the day.

Is it safe to travel to Munnar?

Yes, travelling to Munnar is generally considered safe. The town is a popular tourist destination and the local people are quite welcoming making it quite convenient for travellers. However, like any travel destination, it's advisable to take standard precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings and staying aware of your surroundings. Additionally, check for any travel advisories or specific guidelines before planning and booking your Munnar tour packages. Munnar's serene environment and the hospitality of its people make it a secure and inviting destination for visitors from all over the country as well as abroad.

What are some best things to do in Munnar with family?

  • Explore the backwaters on a houseboat: Embark on a memorable adventure by cruising along the tranquil backwaters of Munnar on a houseboat. With Munnar tour packages, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterways, surrounded by lush greenery and floating villages. Marvel at the sights and sounds, spotting colorful birds and playful dolphins. It's a unique experience that will create cherished memories for everyone. 

  • Visit hill stations for scenic views: Munnar's hill stations offer panoramic views that will leave you in awe. With Munnar travel packages, you can visit places like Mattupetty and Echo Point, where you can enjoy the thrill of hearing your voices reverberate in the mountains. Take a leisurely stroll through tea plantations, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and capture photos against the backdrop of rolling hills. These hill stations provide a serene and refreshing escape to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Experience Ayurvedic treatments and massages: Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment in Munnar. Munnar travel packages offer opportunities to indulge in relaxing massages and therapies that will rejuvenate both body and mind. Experience the gentle touch of Ayurvedic oils and immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of wellness centers. It's a perfect way to embrace the healing traditions of Kerala.

  • Watch Kathakali, a traditional dance form: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Munnar by witnessing a captivating Kathakali performance. With Munnar tour packages, you can witness this ancient dance form that combines intricate movements, elaborate costumes, and expressive storytelling. Let your faces light up with wonder and amazement as you learn about the rich cultural heritage of Kerala through this mesmerizing art form.

  • Shop for spices in markets: Take part in a flavorful adventure through the bustling spice markets of Munnar. With Munnar travel packages, you can explore vibrant marketplaces where aromatic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves fill the air. Engage your senses in the experience of smelling and touching various spices, and learn about the importance of spices in Indian cuisine. Bring home authentic flavors of Munnar and continue the culinary exploration.

  • Visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks: Munnar is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that offer unique experiences. These natural habitats allow you to spot diverse flora and fauna in their undisturbed environment. Embark on a thrilling wildlife safari with your loved ones and observe the beauty of nature up close. It's an educational and exciting adventure that will awaken your appreciation for the wonders of wildlife and the importance of conservation.

  • Explore the beaches and go surfing: Enjoy the breathtaking combination of lush mountains and sandy beaches in Munnar. Take the opportunity to visit nearby beaches like Mararikulam and immerse yourself in various activities such as building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply unwinding under the soothing shade of palm trees. For those seeking adventure, try your hand at surfing and experience the thrill of riding the waves. It's a perfect harmony of nature, warm sunshine, and the tranquil sea, ensuring an unforgettable beach experience.

  • Visit historic and cultural sites, such as forts and temples: Indulge in the rich history and cultural heritage of Munnar by exploring its historic sites. Journey through time as you visit forts, temples, and other architectural marvels that showcase the region's fascinating past. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories behind these landmarks and embrace the cultural richness they represent. This experience is an opportunity to connect with history, creating cherished memories for you and your family. Let Munnar's historical sites transport you to a bygone era, where every step unveils the legacy of this remarkable destination.

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What should you pack for a trip to Munnar?

When you visit Munnar with your Munnar travel packages make sure to pack light layers suitable for its diverse climate, including comfortable clothing for daytime exploration and warmer options for cooler evenings. Essential items that should also be included are sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent. A light rain jacket is advisable during the monsoon season. Don't forget a camera to capture the stunning landscapes, and if visiting tea plantations, pack binoculars for a closer look. Lastly, include any personal medications, as the serene environment may not have immediate access to all amenities.

Which are the best romantic places to visit on a Munnar tour?

Best romantic places that should be a part of your tour Munnar packages:

1. Rose Garden Munnar: Rose is a worldwide symbol of love and visiting a garden full of roses will be a totally romantic experience for a couple. Spread across 2 Acres of land, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful roses and various other species of flowers.

2. Mount Carmel Church: It is a serene place built way back in 1898 and is the first Catholic church of Munnar. Here you will surely find some peaceful time with your loved one.

3. Pothamedu Viewpoint: Only 5 Kilometres from Munnar, this amazing place is surrounded by tea and coffee plantations and greets you with a beautiful view of Munnar and its valleys.

4. Staycation at Treehouse: It is one of a kind where you will be nestled amidst natural beauty and your house will be made up of natural things only like bamboo, hay, etc.

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Which are the best things to do on a Munnar tour for couples?

1.Get Ayurvedic Spa Treatment - When in Munnar, a spa session can definitely add a harmonious rhythm to your pleasant vacation. Munnar Tour packages are specifically designed to give you a glimpse of Indian ayurvedic spa treatments with a touch of international spa sessions. Couples can enjoy the traditional ayurvedic spa sessions which include Vasti, Kizi and Abhayangan.

Munnar tour packages got you all covered on the ayurvedic twin spa suite specifically designed to give adequate privacy to the couples. There are different couple-connect spa therapies to promote love and intimacy between couples. Spandini in Munnar is one of such spa centers offering a wide range of ayurvedic spa treatments ranging from aroma theory to Special honeymoon packs.

Location: Munnar Colony Rd, Pattaline, Munnar, Kerala 685612

2.Experience Love In Camping - An adventure enthusiast couple might experience love in camping at the beautiful, lush, woody camping destinations in Munnar. Munnar attracts honeymooners for its blissful views, wide stretch tea plantations in untouched valleys and exotic flora and fauna.

Munnar tour packages are mindfully designed to give you that adrenaline rush, going camping in the wild misty mountains enjoying the sparkling starry nights in cozy tents. Anandavana Jungle resort and Munnar jungle camp are the top rated destinations preferred by couples to go camping. Bonfires and night performances are a cherry on top. This experience is definitely worth every penny spent.

Location: Palliparambil laksham colony, Munnar, Kerala 685612

3. Fall In Love With Scenic Beauty of Attukal Waterfalls - Attukal waterfalls is one of the most charming scenic spots situated in between Pllivasal and Munnar. There is a narrow wooden bridge through the dense wild jungles that will lead you to the iconic waterfall. Trekking through the hill slopes is an added advantage that will provide you that thrill and adventure.

The Waterfall looks like a sparkling silver line surrounded by foggy mountains and dense flora which serves as an excellent backdrop for the couples to take pictures. This place remains open for the tourists from 6 AM to 6PM and it should be definitely one of the bucket list places to visit, added in the Munnar packages.

: Attukad Waterfall Rd, Pallivasal, Kerala 685565

4. Ride Elephants at Carmelagiri Elephant Park - If you are a couple who take travel and adventure as your passion then Carmelagiri Elephant park is the perfect place for you. This offers an unique elephant safari experience which will take you through the beautiful valleys and wild dense forests of Munnar, accompanied by Mahouts.

You can feed the elephants and enjoy how the majestic elephants obey the calls of the Mahouts. This ride makes you realise the importance of these majestic creatures in southern India. This elephant park is open throughout the year and is very popular among tourists .Munnar tour packages include this breathtaking elephant safari experience for couples at Carmelagiri elephant park.

: Mattupetty Road, Munnar, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612

5.Spent A Night In Tree house - A night over at a Tree house is definitely a dream for many. Munnar tour packages offer this magical experience of enjoying your stay at a tree house and escaping the crowd. Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat in the Munnar bypass is the top pick by couples to enjoy the cozy tree houses surrounded by the deep, serene wildlife of the Nilgiris.

The woody aromatic smell of the jungle, Chirping of the birds, humming of insects and the rustling of the leaves is an experience you will cherish forever. There is a beautiful waterfall in front of it to add to its charm. Fine dine in and safaris are also included to add comfort and thrill for the couples. Overnight stay at the tree house will cost you in accordance with the amenities you opt for.

Location: IX/163 Laksham Colony, near St.Sebastian Church, Munnar, Kerala 685612

6. Visit The World of Forests & Animals - Eravikulam National Park - Eravikulam National park located in Munnar Wildlife Warden is the first ever National Park of Kerala. This National Park has some stunning views of the lush mountain valleys with all kinds of native flora and fauna.

The endangered Nilgiri Tahr deer, lion tailed macaques, stripe necked mongoose and Nilgiri Wood pigeon are some of the main attractions here. If you are lucky enough you will end up spotting some of the endemic butterfly species like palini fourring and the red disk bushbrown. Couples can enjoy the jeep safaris, trekking and hiking through the mountain slopes and photo points. 

7. Experience Shikara Boat Riding At Kundala Lake
- Kundala is a beautiful town enroute the top station in Munnar. Here lies the Kundala lake, which is a hotspot for boating and different leisure activities. You can get a panoramic view of the beautiful evergreen jungles, cloudy mountains and waterfalls while enjoying peddling in the boat with your partner.

Restrooms are available for overnight tourist stays in the Munnar packages. The best time to enjoy boating is in the early morning when the sun rays burst through the scenic mountains and get reflected on the water. This place is even ideal for some relaxed and peaceful sightseeing. Boating costs around 300 INR for 3 persons in a pedal boat and 150 INR for 4 persons in a row boat.Pedal boating is very popular amongst the love birds.

8. View Sublime Beauty of Western Ghats
- Top Station - Munnar is the city located in the Western ghats which is  identified as one of the hotspots for biodiversity.The Top station which is around 32 kms drive from Munnar is located at an height of about 1700 mtr above the sea level. This is no less than a hidden gem with its mesmerizing beauty and stunning views.

You can feel the clouds below the mountains when you reach the Top Station. This place is known for the Neelakurinji flowers which blossom just once in twelve years. This is the time when the whole mountain looks blue covered in these flowers. This is a treat to the eyes.Couples can always enjoy and relax at the viewpoints while capturing some memories.

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What are the best adventure activities one can experience in Munnar?

Best adventure activity to include in your tour Munnar Packages:

1. Trekking: Trekking is a popular activity in Munnar where you will get to explore exotic wildlife, panoramic landscapes and beautiful nature. Mathikettan Shola Rainforest, Lakshmi Hills and Top station are some popular trekking spots.

2. Camping: Surrounded by Munnar hills, Top Station is a great spot for camping under the blue sky. You will witness amazing landscapes, huge mountains, mesmerising waterfalls, scenic valleys and more.

3. Hiking: It is a perfect way to explore nature on foot. Anamudi Peak is a great location for a hike where you will enjoy beautiful views and inhale some fresh air. It is a hike of around 8 Kilometres.

4. Amusement Park: To engage yourself in multiple adventure activities, Munnar homes Wonder Valley Adventure Park. Here you can enjoy amazing adventure activities including river dancing area, bungee jumping, nature trails, wave pool and amazing waterfall.

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How many days are enough to explore Munnar?

The ideal duration to explore Munnar depends on the extent of your itinerary and personal preferences. Generally, a 3 to 4-day trip is sufficient to cover the major attractions and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Munnar.

This timeframe allows you to visit popular sites like the tea plantations, Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, and enjoy activities such as trekking and nature walks. However, if you wish to delve deeper into the region's offerings and take your time to relax and unwind amidst nature, a longer Munnar holiday package of 5 to 7 days would be ideal.

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