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Best Places to Visit in North Goa of 2017

  • 01 Miramar Beach

    Miramar Beach
    Image Credit : Miramar Beach

    The Portuguese named it Puerto de Gaspar Dias and since then this beach has become one of the most popular beaches of Goa. With its peaceful surroundings, Miramar Beach is the ultimate destination to enjoy tranquility in isolation. The grandeur of the Arabian Sea is an enchanting sight for beach lovers and a perfect spot to hangout for bird watchers too.

    Whether it is sightseeing, seclusion and shopping, Miramar Beach hits the spot in many ways. A number of local shops selling souvenir items are lined up in one corner of the beach where you can explore a number of local crafts. The beach is an ideal escapade for adventure freaks, beach lovers and honeymoon couples.

    • Water Sports: Wind surfing, Banana Rides, Jet skiing, Water scooter etc.

    • Nightlife: Ozone, AZ.U.R, Sea Moon Bar, Tito’s Pub, Club LPK, Club Cabana etc.

    • Location : Miramar Beach, Panjim, Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: It is about 4 kilometers away from the city of Panaji.

    • How to reach from Panaji: Panaji bus station (3 km) is well connected to Miramar beach, from where you can take avail public transportation and private buses to reach here. It only takes 15 minutes to cover the distance from Panaji to the beach.

  • 02 Vagator Beach

    Vagator Beach
    Image Credit : Vagator Beach

    Vagator Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa which provide a wholesome escapade offering everything like sightseeing, water sports, shopping and tranquility. The beach is mostly famous among Westerners and a permanent residence for many of them. Vagator Beach is the place that enchants people of all ages. This charming beach is the perfect destination to appreciate the company of sand, sun & sea. The sunsets are particularly beautiful witnessed from the Vagator Beach. It is also quite famous and popular beach in north Goa.

    Vagator resort offers a lot of shacks and restaurants where you can take a snack and try the wonderful appetizing dishes of local cuisine. The local art, music and nightlife defines the aura of this amazing beach. The coastline is stacked up with several stalls who sell books, apparels, handicrafts, trinkets, and other food items like soft drinks, snacks, sea food, etc.

    • Water Sports: Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Dolphin Sighting

    • Nightlife: Mezcal, Mango Tree, Disco Valley, Tin Tin Bar, The Alcove

    • Location : Vagator Beach, Bardez Taluka, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji:  The distance between Vagator Beach and Panaji is about 20 kilometers.

    • How to reach from Panaji: Vagator Beach is connected to Panaji through Mapusa and Calangute. You can easily catch a bus or drive by yourself to reach the Vagator Beach.

  • 03 Ashwem Beach

    Ashwem Beach
    Image Credit : Ashwem Beach

    Comparatively a lesser known beach among tourists, Ashwem Beach is ideal for tourists wishing to spend some alone time at a beautiful location. Ashvem has a lovely landscape known for its stones surrounding the beach carved by the shellfish. The view that the shoreline gives is a standout amongst the most wonderful sights at any point seen. Ashwem Beach is best known for the Olive Ridley Turtles and government has devoted to a Turtle Beach here for conserving this endangered species.

    The beach is ideal for swimming as the currents aren’t too strong. Here you can also find unique shacks made of coconut palms and bamboo which are known for their excellent and fresh seafood as well as their delicious Goan delicacies. If you wish to pamper yourself then go for the Ayurvedic Massages here for a relaxing experience. Ashwem Beach is popular for its party life after the sun sets down.

    • Water Sports: Speed Boat Ride. Ashwem Beach isn’t very popular for water sports in Goa.

    • Nightlife: La Plage Restaurant, Shanti Lounge, Bardo, Blue Sunset Beach Party etc.

    • Location: Ashwem Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Approximate driving distance between Panjim and Ashvem Beach is 29 kms

    • How to reach from Panaji: You can either drive or hire a cab to reach Ashwem Beach from Panaji.

  • 04 Kalacha Beach

    Kalacha Beach
    Image Credit : Kalacha Beach

    Kalacha is a standout amongst the most picturesque beaches in North Goa. This shoreline IS situated toward the south of Querim beach and is known for its sweet water lagoon. Kalacha is renowned for its pleasant new water tidal pond and casual, bohemian vibe. Music sessions frequently happen around an open air fire and it becomes an extraordinary place to meet different voyagers. This is an untouched haven, far from the bother of merchants and expansive vacationer’s gatherings.

    The untainted beach is encompassed by a background of overgrown, green slopes toward the end of the shoreline. You may be lucky to spot some entrancing natural life, for example, exotic birds and monkeys amidst the tropical foliage around the lake.

    • Water Sports: Paragliding, Hang Gliding

    • Nightlife: Most often beach parties and live music sessions are spontaneously arranged by backpackers.

    • Location : Kalacha Beach, Pernem, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Panaji is 42 kilometers away from Kalacha Beach.

    • How to reach from Panaji: Kalacha Beach is connected to Panaji via Mapusa to Arambol beach. From Arambol Beach, one can easily take a bus or walk along the northern part to reach Kalacha. Buses leave for Arambol from Mapusa every hour from 6 AM till 7 PM. The beach is then accessible only via foot.

  • 05 Mandrem Beach

    Mandrem Beach
    Image Credit : Mandrem Beach

    Mandrem Beach is well known for its white sand and lines of palm trees that line the shoreline and pulls in an expansive number of visitors which is  quite peculiar, being one of the slightest populated beaches in Goa. Individuals, local people and vacationers travel from great distances from abroad and nationally just to appreciate the peace, calm and excellence of this beach. The water has the ideal temperature which makes it utterly cheerful to lie in the sun. it is a must visit place in Goa.

    Being a remote beach, you would not find many five star resorts and restaurants here. But there are some popular places like The Mandrem Beach Resort, Cuba Retreat Mandrem, Dunes Holiday Village, La Cabana Beach and Spa etc. Many popular Bollywood celebrities have been spotted at this pristine beach.

    • Nightlife: Blu Sunset Beach Party, Soma Project

    • Location : Mandrem Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: It takes 8 minutes to travel from Mandrem Beach to Panaji. Approximate driving distance between Mandrem Beach and Panaji is 7 kms.

    • How to reach from Panaji: You can either take a bus or drive with your own vehicle from Panaji to Mandrem Beach.

  • 06 Dona Paula Beach

    Dona Paula Beach
    Image Credit : Dona Paula Beach

    Also called the Lovers Paradise, the Dona Paula Beach is particularly famous for the romantic legend associated with it. As per the legend, Viceroy's daughter Dona Paula de Menezes jumped off the cliff after facing opposition from her family due to her love affair with fisherman’s son. This place pulls in its sightseers who come to stand amazed at its innate magnificence, immaculate shoreline and the sentimental legend associated with it.

    Individuals rush to the Dona Paula shoreline not exclusively to appreciate the sun and the ocean yet additionally to enjoy water sports on the unmistakable waters. The beachside stalls and designer boutiques tempt the shopping lover in you with excellent ranges of straw hats, handkerchiefs, feni, port wine, etc. The beach is a perfect blend of romance, buzzing nightlife and adventure and listed amongst the best beaches in Goa.

    • Water Sports: Wind Surfing, Parasailing, Dolphin Watching, Scooter Ride, Motor Boat Rides, Jet Skiing

    • Nightlife: Lido’s, Bar Latino, Bar Alfonso, Pescador

    • Location : Dona Paula Beach,

    • Distance from Panaji: Dona Paula Beach is located 7 kilometers away from Panaji.

    • How to reach from Panaji: Buses easily connect the city of Panaji with Dona Paula Beach. You can also opt to hire a taxicab or drive by yourself.

  • 07 Candolim Beach

    Candolim Beach
    Image Credit : Candolim Beach

    This beach has won the hearts of tourists for its tranquil ambience, adventure sports and other amusement options. The enchanting Candolim Beach is particularly famous for its nightlife which ensures fun and some crazy moments to remember for a lifetime. Interesting adventure sports, spellbinding scenery and a unique festivity makes Candolim Beach one of the best beaches in Goa. The Sunburn Festival is held here for three days every year attracting hordes of tourists. Also, the water activities at Candolim Beach are must try to get the adrenaline rush with adventure.

    This beach is the perfect place for all the individuals who search for restoration, fun and quietness. Its peaceful and serene air enchants numerous voyagers. On the highest point of it, when you come to realize that it's a home to a lot of water sports and different exercises, at that point you'll wish to never go back home.

    • Water Sports: Banana Ride, Dolphin Sighting Trip, Jet Skiing, Speed Boat Rides, Water Scooter etc.

    • Nightlife: Club LPK-Love Passion and Karma, SinQ, Drift Bar, Pharaos etc.

    • Location: Candolim Beach, Bardez Taluka, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: This beach is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Panaji.

    • How to reach from Panaji: The best way to reach Candolim Beach from Panaji is via a bus or your private car. There is no air or rail connectivity between Candolim Beach and Panaji.

  • 08 Calangute Beach

    Calangute Beach
    Image Credit : Calangute Beach

    Deserving every reason to be called the ‘Queen of Beaches’ in Goa, Calangute Beach is a paradise for nature lovers holding the spectacular beauty and charm. The beach reflects the unique Goan culture with a glorious view of the landscape serving as a perfect retreat for visitors. Here you can find the effervescent markets selling everything from beer, trinkets to pawns. It is also the biggest beach of North Goa and ideal for witnessing the beauty of palm and coconut trees against the locale of the magnificent Arabian Sea.

    This beach is often crowded with people swelling towards the sea, lazing around, taking sunbath and children making sand castles. Another spectacular features of Calangute Beach is its sunsets and sunrise.

    • Water Sports: Parasailing, Speed Boat Rides, Water Skiing, Water Scooter, Jet Skiing, Banana Ride, Wind surfing etc.

    • Nightlife: Cantare, Revolution Pub, Club Antoos

    • Location: Calangute Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: The Calangute Beach is 16 kilometers away from the city of Panaji.

    • How to reach from Panaji:  There is a regular bus service which runs from Panaji to the Calangute Beach. If one is driving then it takes half an hour to forty minutes to cover the distance.

  • 09 Sinquerim Beach

    Sinquerim Beach
    Image Credit : Sinquerim Beach

    The scintillating Sinquerim Beach is an excellent shoreline that has a fabulous extend of sand. It is situated at the north of the well known shorelines like Baga, Calangute and Candolim. It is a perfect place for swimming and one ought not to miss going to this shoreline when vacationing in Goa to enjoy the beach activities.

    The beach is mostly popular among up market tourists and you will find some of the most amazing nightclubs in Goa here. Many music festivals are also hosted here. Apart from a number of restaurants that satiate your hunger with food, Sinquerim Beach is also known to satiate your appetite for adventure with a number of water sports.

    • Water Sports: Windsurfing, Jet skiing, Water Skiing ,Dolphin sighting, Paragliding and scuba diving 

    • Nightlife: Sinq , Love Passion Karma

    • Location : Sinquerim Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: It is located at a distance of 14.1 km from Panaji. 

    • How to reach from Panaji: There are frequent buses available from Panaji. Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available as a mode of transportation.

  • 10 Vainguinim Beach

    Vainguinim Beach
    Image Credit : Vainguinim Beach

    If one’s looking for some quiet and isolation, Vainguinim Beach is one of the most surreal places which attracts a large number of tourists in Goa. Nestled between the plush trees, the Vainguinim Beach offers a sight to behold. The beach boasts of a silvery sand coastline mingling with the clear and green waters. The gorgeous and clear waters of this beach are more than tempting to take a swim at the Vainguinim Beach.

    This beach is probably one of the most serene beaches of North Goa as it remains isolated without much of traffic from tourists. The beach is well known for watersports and other adventure activities in Goa. Here you can find one of the most sophisticated and well equipped casino-Chances at ‘Vainguinim Valley Resort for a gaming experience.

    • Water Sports: Windsurfing, Parasailing, Banana Ride, Water Skiing, Water Scooter, Knee-and-Wake Boarding

    • Nightlife: Chances Casino and Club

    • Location : Vainguinim Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Approximate driving distance between Vainguinim Beach and Panjim is 7 kms.

    • How to reach from Panaji: It takes 8 minutes to travel from Vainguinim Beach to Panjim. You can easily drive or take a bus for your journey.

  • 11 Ozran Beach

    Ozran Beach
    Image Credit : Ozran Beach

    Ozran shoreline is a standout amongst the most picturesque Goan Beaches. This beach is particularly a hotspot for foreign sightseers and boasts of a postcard perfect view of the coastline. Because of its confined area, frequently voyagers come here to make an escape from the whole murmur drum around them and go back revived and upbeat.

    This secluded beach is an extension of the famous Vagator Beach. The rocky beach is an ideal spot for picnics where you can enjoy the scenic beauty under the shade of palm trees. Here you can enjoy the sunsets as the sky turns golden from the sundecks outside the beach shacks. Tourists also engage in sports like volleyball and football at the beach. One of the attractions on this beach is the rock sculpture which people popularly call the Shiva Face which was carved by one of the tourists.

    • Water Sports:  Water scooters, Banana boat rides, Swimming, Fishing

    • Nightlife: Mezcal, Mango Tree, Disco Valley, Tin Tin Bar, The Alcove

    • Location : Ozran Beach, Bardez, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: It is located at a distance of 20 km from Panaji. 

    • How to reach from Panaji: Ozran Beach which is more or less a part of Vagator Beach is connected to Panaji through Mapusa and Calangute. You can easily catch a bus or drive by yourself to reach the Vagator Beach and then visit the Ozran Beach.

  • 12 Querim Beach

    Querim Beach
    Image Credit : Querim Beach

    This disconnected beach draws in less guests, and in this manner less hawkers than most Goa shorelines. On the off chance that you long for a void shoreline with pleasant scene, this is the place for you. Dotted with historical structures, this beach is found quite recently north of Arambol beach which is popular among the hippies and Russians.

    It is one of the most tranquil beaches and ideal for unwinding as it is still obscure to the world and is separated without any vacationers. This beach is also the spot where Terekhol River joins the ocean. Barely any rough outcrops and columns of pine trees finish the scene of this place. You can spend your day under a shady tree watching the waves slamming on the shore and drinking coconut water at Querim Beach on your vacation.

    • Water Sports: Paragliding is a popular water sport here. Swimming is not advisable at Querim Beach.

    • Nightlife: Here you can find some entertainment at night on the beach shacks.

    • Location : Querim Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Querim Beach is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Panaji.

    • How to reach from Panaji: Querim Beach is well connected via bus from Panaji. You can drive by yourself to reach the Querim Beach by your own vehicle.

  • 13 Arambol Beach

    Arambol Beach
    Image Credit : Arambol Beach

    If you are wishing to spend some moments in solitude appreciating the exquisiteness of a pristine coastline, then Arambol Beach is the perfect place to be in Goa. It is relatively unexploited by tourists and perfect spot for going to enjoy a day in sun with your folks. Also known as Harmal Beach, the place is a heaven for those searching for some quietness and solitude. The shoreline has  a long sandy extend with soft white sands. The beach is considered most favorite for some long-staying budget travelers.

    One of the popular activities here is dolphin sighting organized by local fishermen. Along the coast, tourists can find a few shops sell clothes, junk jewelry and handicrafts from Goa and other parts of the country.

    • Water Sports: Paragliding and Dolphin Watching

    • Nightlife: Cockstown, Friend’s Pub, Blue Diamond etc

    • Location : Arambol Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: The distance between Arambol Beach and Panaji is 35 kilometers.

    • How to reach from Panaji: There are buses available from between Panaji to Arambol every thirty minutes until noon, and every ninety minutes thereafter and between Mapusa and Arambol which takes three hours. The nearest bus stand is a 2km walk away from the beach.

  • 14 Anjuna Beach

    Anjuna Beach
    Image Credit : Anjuna Beach

    Situated on the west coast of Goa by the Arabian Sea, Anjuna Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa. The hippies were the first people to come here in the 1950s and since then Anjuna Beach is a hotspot in Goa for local and international tourists. Anjuna Beach grows on you as you take a stroll along the glowing white sands and enjoy the sight of gently swaying palms in front of you. This beach is also famous for its Wednesday Flea Markets where you can shop for souvenirs, sarongs, traditional handicrafts etc.

    • Water Sports: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Windsurfing, Bungee Jumping, Banana Ride, Dolphin sighting trip, Go karting, Water scooter, Water skiing etc.

    • Nightlife: Curlies, Purple Martini, Café Lilliput, Shiva Valley and UV Bar are popular spots for enjoying nightlife at Anjuna Beach.

    • Location : Anjuna Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Anjuna Beach is at a distance of 21.5 kilometers from Panaji.

    How to reach from Panaji: There are buses available every hour if you wish to travel to Anjuna Beach from Panaji via Mapusa. Motorcycle taxis and auto rickshaws are also available from Mapusa.  The nearest railway station is at Karmali 11 km away from Panaji and 29 km from Anjuna.

  • 15 Coco Beach

     Coco Beach
    Image Credit :  Coco Beach

    Located at the mouth of Nerul River on the Mandovi Estuary, the Coco Beach is a secluded shoreline in Goa. The beach is frequently viewed as an abbreviated door amongst Candolim and Nerul. Wonderful tall palm trees surround this beach. You may find this beach a little filthy contrasted with different beaches in Goa but it is prominent for water games and boating activities. One can easily spot dolphins on a boat trip on the Mandovi River.

    These outings additionally reach out up to the base of Aguada Fort and present great perspective of the the landmark attraction. The bustling mornings spent in enjoying boat trips are trailed by peaceful and quiet evenings and nights. For local sightseeing, tourists can visit the Reis Magos Fort and Reis Magos Church situated near this beach.

    • Water Sports: Banana Ride, Jet Skiing, Bumper Ride, Parasailing

    • Nightlife: For enjoying nightlife, tourists can go to the nearby destinations at Candolim Beach.

    • Location : Cocoa Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Coco Beach is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Panaji.

  • 16 Siridao Beach

    Siridao Beach
    Image Credit : Siridao Beach

    Siridao is a coarse sand beach and a haven for shell collectors. One can come across a wide variety of oysters and pearl shells at the beach. The area close to Siridao Beach is ideal for the individuals who are looking for an adventure and explore the caves in the surroundings. Most people here engaged in fishing activities and you can also enjoy a fishing trip at Siridao Beach along with the locals.

    When visiting Siridao Beach, we suggest you to go to The Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth situated here. Many devotees come here to pay reverence to Lord Jesus. The place gets most crowded during the first week Easter as people gather to enjoy a large feast arranged at the Chapel.

    • Location: Siridao Beach, Tiswadi, North Goa 

    • Distance from Panaji: It is located at a distance of 9.5 km from Panaji. 

    •  How to reach from Panaji: Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available from Panjim

  • 17 Chapora Beach

    Chapora Beach
    Image Credit : Chapora Beach

    The wonderful Chapora beach in North Goa is an ideal spot for the leisure lovers and peace searchers. Catching the fishes with an astounding perspective of the lovely nightfall ahead is truly an alleviating background which you can witness at the Chapora Beach. One of the most important landmarks of Portuguese era, the Chapora Fort is located on the stretch of this beach.

    It remains one of the most crowded beaches of Goa flocked with tourists looking for a calm stroll on the sand, sunbathing or enjoy the warm currents at the shore. Hungry tourists can find a number of restaurants and beach cafes near the Chapora beach that serve some flavorsome seafood and drinks.

    •  Water Sports: Fishing, jet skiing, wind surfing, para gliding, ringo rides, para sailing, crocodile spotting at certain pre- defined locations and dolphin watching

    • Nightlife: Sunita Bar, The 9 Bar, Camlin Bar And Restaurant, Sunset Bar And Restaurant, Big Chill Goa, Ferns Bar And Restaurant, Mango Tree Bar And Restaurant, Siddheshwar Darbar Bar And Restaurant, Green Bar And Restaurant, Nyan Bar, Disco Valley, 9 Bar, Helinda Bar And Restaurant

    • Location : Chapora Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: It is located at a distance of 21.1 km from Panaji. 

    • How to reach from Panaji: The nearest railway station is at Karmali, just 11 km away from Panaji. From Panaji you can hire car or taxi to reach Chapora.

  • 18 Morjim Beach

    Morjim Beach
    Image Credit : Morjim Beach

    Nestled in the midst of lush green surroundings, Morjim Beach is a delight that will leave you refreshed with its calm and serene ambience. If one is a fan of bird watching, Morjim Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa to spot several species like the Sand Plover, Bay-backed Shrike, Quill, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Kingfisher and Sandpipers can be seen in natural surroundings. Dolphin Sighting is another activity which you can indulge in at the Morjim Beach.

    This place is also famous for being a nestling place of Olive Ridley Turtles. Lately, Morjim Beach has earned the label as ‘Little Russia’ due to the large population of Russians here.  A lot of private beach sun beds, coco palms, Russian sports bar and beach touching restaurants can be found here.

    • Water Sports: Dolphin Watching, Swimming. There is not much of adventure sports here due to habitation of water animals.

    • Nightlife: Club Fresh, Bora Bora, Marbela Beach Resort

    • Location: Morjim Beach, Pernem, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: Approximate driving distance between Morjim Beach and Panjim is 27 kilometers.

    • How to reach from Panaji: There is a daily bus service available from Panaji to the Morjim Beach. You can also opt to drive by yourself via your own vehicle.

    • Other Stays: Check out some other resorts in north Goa.

  • 19 Baga Beach

    Baga Beach
    Image Credit : Baga Beach

    Baga Beach in Goa looks as though it has come straight out of a work of art. Lofty white waves hurrying to wipe out the prints of feet left by you on the white sand while the breeze keeps on playing with the palm trees is a sight to behold at this majestic beach in Goa.

    It is a decent place to appreciate some moments and abide in a serene consideration with oneself. It is counted as one of the best beaches in Goa where you can see wonderful sunsets and at the same time appreciate the cool morning breeze. The shacks become animated in the late night with music impacting and astounding client service at the party places in Baga Beach. It is also a center point to experience daring water sports and famed for drawing in a huge number of sightseers every year.

    • Water Sports: Banana Ride, Dolphin Trip, Water scooter, windsurfing, Jet skiing, Motor boat ride, scuba diving etc.

    • Nightlife: Club Tito’s, Cavala, Britto’s, Zanzibar etc

    • Location: Baga Beach, North Goa

    • Distance from Panaji: From Panaji the Baga Beach is located 19 kilometers away.

    • How to reach from Panaji: The Baga beach is just half an hour drive away from Panaji and 15 minutes from Mapusa. There are frequent buses available to Baga from Mapusa and Panaji throughout the day and the journey takes about half an hour from Panaji.

  • Nearby Getaways from North Goa
  • 01 Pune

    Did you know Maharashtra is an incredible water sport destination? From Pawna to Lohagad, Maharashtra has the best places for you to take the plunge. Embark on the invigorating Dolphin Safari in Tarkarli. Not just that there’s also the Tsunami Island Safari, and you can explore the classic heritage of the Nivati Fort. Pack your bags and head out to the best places to visit in Pune and the top adventures to keep your adrenaline pumping.Join the one day trek to Lohagad Fort near Lonavala, experience a beautiful adventure in a serene untamed beauty. Enjoy the exhilarating sight of the fort atop a hill that divides the basins of Indrayani and Pavna. Be mesmerised by breathtaking flora and underwater wildlife during the Sangam Safari, and the fierce crocodiles of the Crocodile island. If it is pure and raw adventure that you are looking for, then you need to head for an exciting white water rafting in Kolad. The Kundalika River flows through the rugged terrain of the forested hills and through the farms and offers a golden opportunity to enjoy a rafting tour for beginners.


    Famous for its greenery and virgin beaches and waterfalls, a trip to Konkan is the best therapy for your stressed mind. Visit the pristine beaches of Nivati, Malvan, Kunkeshwar, Tondavali, and indulge in some brilliant water sports besides scuba diving, like snorkelling, underwater safari. You can even go flea market shopping in Malvan or check out the cashew factory. With a young and vibrant crowd, Pune boasts diverse masses that eventually bring about so much of vivacity in the city that one cannot help fancy this place. Apart from its vivid crowd, what makes Pune a travel worthy destination is the ease of access, minimal distance between attractions, heart-melting landscape and soul-stirring historical monuments. If you are a traveller, you must make it to best places to visit in Pune to see a whole new face of India!

  • 02 Lonavala

    Lonavala, a popular hill station, is a part of the Sahyadri slopes. It offers an appealing and beguiling experience of the naturalistic environment. Encompassed by thick woods, waterfalls, dam close to the lakes, Lonavala is an absolutely wonderful place to visit. Considering all the Tourist places in Lonavala, you will appreciate nature and will fill the need to get a getaway to have a relaxed weekend or a decent trek.

     Lonavla is an extraordinary decision for the individuals who wish to get away from the rushing about of daily life for a couple of days. The lavish cover of greenery encompassing this hill station springs to life amid the Monsoon season. Numerous well known Bollywood films have utilized the pleasant setting of Lonavla which is honored with waterfalls, lakes and greenery.

     Lonavala’s fundamentally loved sweetmeat comprises solely of pompously lit shops selling chikki, a crisp hard, fragile sweet made in the region. Expect to have an amazing family time through visiting wax exhibition halls, go-karting, etc. Yet, there are some charming side avenues, quiet local locations also, amongst other tourist places in Lonavala, if you would like to have a peaceful holiday with your loved ones.

  • 03 Kolad

    If you’ve ever dreamt about backpacking off to green pastures and cascading waterfalls among the lush mountains, you don’t have to travel all the way up north to experience setting like that anymore. Kolad – a humble village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra – is home to some of the most imposing valleys and natural beauty that were hidden away from the rest of the world until recent times. Nature enthusiasts and hikers already know of this gem in the Sahyadris that has been gaining impetus by day as a popular destination for adventure sports, but there’s more to this quaint settlement than just that. The primary tourist places in Kolad shout out loud white water rafting and trekking into the wild.


    Fondly referred to as the Rishikesh of Maharashtra, Kolad has been lately getting attention as one of the best white water rafting spots in Maharashtra. In fact, the stunning landscaping valleys of Kolad have a charm of their own during the monsoons in Maharashtra. The village is located alongside the banks of the magnificent River Kundalika, the fastest flowing river of the South. This provides varying degrees of difficulty levels for those fascinated by water sports. Apart from that, the rugged topography of this village makes it a great hiking destination among those eager to explore the thriving faunal side of Kolad.


    Kolad’s scenic locale makes it a popular hotspot during the monsoons. Apart from the daunting sports, you can experience the true spectacle of nature. In fact, courtesy the varied climatic conditions in Kolad, every season gives you a chance to unwind in several ways. There are numerous hotels, resorts, farmhouses and peaceful home-stays tucked away into this tranquil village for those who wish for a peaceful time away from the city.


    So, round up a group of friends, or simply hang out with your loved ones, Kolad is perfect for those looking forward to a delightful picnic in a land not so far away. Don’t forget to visit tourist places in Kolad which include Tahmini Ghat Waterfalls, Bhira Dam, Ghosala Fort and Tala Fort amongst others.

  • 04 Chikmagalur

    One of the most scenic hill stations in the state of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is solitary of the most serene and picturesque tourist destinations. Chikmagalur means ‘young Daughter’s Town’ and is situated at a height of about 3400 feet. There are a number of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur and a list of things to do here like the Mullayanagiri trek, camping at Ballalarayana, visiting various coffee plantations, enjoying the sunset from famous points etc. In fact, the highest peak in state Karnataka called Mullayanagiri is located in Chikmagalur which stands at a height of approximately 2000 metres tall. This peak is a trekker’s paradise and is visited by many adventure junkies every year. Chikmagalur is popular for its tree plantations and for having a pleasant climate. It has a rich history attached and it is believed that years ago the land of this district was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of a legendary chief who ruled Sakrepatna- Rukmangada. That’s exactly how the hill station derived its name. You can expect rugged regions, lowlands and the most scenic views here as it is one of the most untouched parts of the state. The best places to visit in Chikmagalur are worth exploring for every travel enthusiast and which indeed gives back only good things to talk about.

    Another historical association of this place tells about it being the birthplace of many freedom fighters, a few intellectuals and great poets. Even though this place does not have an airport, it still is very accessible and can be reached easily. The nearest railway station to Chikmagalur is Gudur railway station which is about 40 km from the hill station. Thereon, you can hire a cab and reach here. Similarly, there are various range of accommodation facilities for different kind of travellers. So you can choose one according to your budget and preference. This hill station has the best and the most renowned sightseeing spots in this beautiful district that you must not miss on. The cool breeze at this height welcomes you with open arms throughout the year but the best time is from September to May when the climate is most favourable for outdoor activities, exploring as well as relaxation. A trip to Chikmagalur will give you best of memories worth cherishing a lifetime.

  • 05 Alibag

    The tourist places in Alibag makes for the perfect weekend getaway with friends or family. It shares its boundaries with the majestic Arabian Sea and is popular for its magnificent sea forts, its virgin beaches and local seafood cuisine. It’s an ideal weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy Mumbai. It is located only 9 Km from Mumbai and can be easily accessed via NH 66. The driving distance to this paradise is just under 2 hours.

     Alibag literally means the ‘Garden of Ali”, it is in Raigad and is ideal for those who are looking for some peace, serenity and sun soaked beaches. Alibag is commonly referred to by the locals as the Goa of Maharashtra and rightly so as it's surrounded by the beautiful Arabian Sea on all sides. A lot of people don’t know this, but, Alibag shares its borders with a famous Israeli-Jewish region, which is home to numerous Jewish families. So, if you are a cultural buff then you might want to head that way and try and scoop up some of that rich Jewish culture and heritage. Alibag is also home to a popular Jewish Synagogue referred to as Israeli Ali.

     Alibag provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of fun and relaxation as it's surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea on all sides and is lined with virgin sun kissed beaches. Although the drive to Alibag is a must do as it's laced with picturesque views, it can also be accessed by ferry from Mumbai. It is the perfect tourist spot enjoyed both by the young and old. There is no dearth of things to do and explore tourist places in Alibag as there are huge no. of forts, beaches, and even some celebrity bungalows.You may even sight a few celebrities while you are there.

  • 06 Madikeri

    In its real terms, feel like a king when you visit this hill station of south India, which is Madikeri. Etymologically, the meaning of Madikeri says that it is the “seat of the King.” When we check the locales and location of Madikeri in the Coorg district of Karnataka then we find that it indeed is the “seat of the king” where he can enjoy the most pleasures part of his life.  There is a sea of tourist places in Madikeri which never fail to surprise a traveler.


    Situated at the elevation of 4,000 feet above the sea level, Madikeri is a calm and soothing hill station. Seasoned tourists consider it among the unbeaten destination because it is not very popular in regular terms. This reflects in the economy fares and facilities that you are going to avail when you will visit this hill station carrying all the climatic virtues of Western Ghat hills. Located at the center of the road between cities of Mangalore and Mysore, this place is indeed a throne of climatic conditions designed for the people who are tired of the hustle bustle of the big cities. A big percentage of the human population is in a race to return to the innocence and simplistic world with no gizmos and great connection with nature. If you are one of them then the hill station of Madikeri can act like a “place of pleasures Nirvana” for you.


    Apart from the climate, this place also offers amazing tourist places other regular fun fairs that a tourist expects from a hill station. Still, many things are underdeveloped and this fact adds an old world charm into the place. If you are someone for whom perfection is boring and challenges are exciting then pick Madikeri as your destination in the coming seasons and explore a new you along with a new and distinctive hill station of the south India.  

  • 07 Dandeli

    Have you visited Dandeli in Karnataka as yet? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. With the best places to visit in Dandeli, it is a total traveller’s paradise. From trekking to nature trails to camping, this small town is a goldmine of adventure tourism. Partake in a 2 day 1 night package at Bison River Resort in Dandeli with water sport activities make your holidays more colourful and extra splashy. The most scenic location nestled amidst deep green valleys, deciduous forests, Kali River and wildlife habitats provide an enigmatic time during your stay. The activities mainly include river crossing, kayaking, rafting etc. Dandeli is located close to the the Supa Dam Reservoir and is approximately 525 km from Bangalore. Enjoy nature at its finest as you stay in a bungalow and indulge in a plethora of activity. Experience kayaking, coracle riding, trekking and bird watching.

     You can also embark on a trip to Siroli peak. You can also indulge in white water rafting expedition which is fast acquiring a lot of popularity in the region. Unravel yourself in thrilling wilderness accompanying you throughout your Dandeli trip. Home to the elegant Black Panther and the Bengal Tiger – undertake nature’s trail under the supervision of a trained guide or naturalist. Navigate a kayak/coracle through the Kali River and admire the thundering waterfall of Syntheri rocks from a safe distance. If you love the outdoors and enjoy scouring the depths of the jungle then it is time for you to head for an exciting jungle adventure in Dandeli with your family and friends! The exotic jungle area of this place offers a wide array of activities for the adrenaline junkie who loves nature photography as well as the best places to visit in Dandeli with a mystery and aura of its own.

  • 08 Shimoga

    A beautiful city located along the banks of the Tunga river in central Karnataka is Shimoga also known as Shimoga. Offering the beautiful tourist places in Shimoga, this city is encompassed by lush green landscapes, coconut palm trees and abundant waterfalls. Shimoga has a religious history with rich traditions, fine arts and culture. "Kuvempu Rangamandira" and "Karnataka Sangha" and the newly built "Suvarna Samskruthi Bhavana" are the major venues of the city for cultural activities.

    Yakshagana, a dance drama, is popular in Thirthahalli, Hosanagara, Sagar, and Sorab Taluks of the district and this art is also performed in Shimoga which adds feathers to the cap of tourist places in Shimoga. There are some professional and amateur troupes from Malnad region, performing this dance drama across Karnataka. The Keladi rulers named the city Shimoga (Face of Shiva) as it was believed that Lord Shiva drank the water of river Tunga. This city was built up by the Keladi rulers amid the lead of Shivappa Nayaka in around 1600 A.D.

    The Sahyadri ranges, a part of the Western Ghats, sustain the waterways round the year, and immerse the prolific alluvial soil, with gifts from nature make it the bread provider of Karnataka. Shimoga can be named as 'Heaven on earth’ in India as it is comprised of breathtaking views from the hills and hillocks, refreshing waterfalls with a calm and peaceful weather among the other things to do in Shimoga, nature is surely one of the picturesque blisses of the place. The serenity here attracts many tourists to this city. Visit this wonderful city with your beloved or with your family as it a perfect tourist destination for all.

    From the state capital Bangalore, Shimoga can be reached on road by on NH-206. (via Tumkur, Arasikere, Banavara, Kadur, Birur, Tarikere, and Bhadravathi.) KSRTC, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, runs several buses from Bangalore, including Hitech and night services. Shimoga is around 274 km (170 mi) by road from Bangalore. From coastal side, Shimoga is accessible by bus or car. This route passes through Agumbe Ghat or Balebare Ghat roads. Mangalore, Sringeri, Dharmasthala, Udupi, Hubli are connected by Road to this city. Shimoga is better connected with roads from all directions and as such, it is an important bus junction. The tourist places in Shimoga will surely take your heart.

  • 09 Candolim

  • 10 Margao

  • 11 Gokarna

    Looking for a low-key beach destination to chill? Pack your bathing suits and head to Gokarna. Literally translated as ‘Cow’s Ear’, tourist places in Gokarna in the coast of Karwar in the state of Karnataka is a treasure for those who wish to enjoy the perks of a Beach destination without the full scale party scene. Imagine a less commercial Goa. Coconut, Banana and palm trees are galore. Clean sands and clear blue sky add to the once hidden haven and is perfect for solo travellers or younger travellers.


    Unlike its past, Gokarna is a popular tourist destination for the western tourists. This has resulted in some enterprising locals setting up restaurants and resorts to capitalise on the incoming wealthier crowd. Those looking for a more authentic experience can hire shacks along the beaches. One can also indulge in watersports like surfing, snorkeling etc. and sample some local cuisine. If it’s blessings you seek and not the beaches, then Gokarna has another very different side. As much as Gokarna is known for its pristine beaches, it is also a pilgrimage town that’s ideal for family trips and history enthusiasts. In fact, it is one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centres.


    The temples define Gokarna rocky landscape. It’s origin is full of mythological stories that will leave you in awe as you see the History come alive in front of you. The main temple, Mahabaleshwar, is believed to house Atmalinga, the original image of Shiva Linga. Its existence has been mentioned in Ramayana as well. It also was a refuge for Brahmins in the 15th century who wanted to escape the forced conversions by Portuguese and the British. There are a lot of conventional tourist places in Gokarna and one tends to slow down to its pace. Whatever you seek, whether it is sanctity, salvation or relaxation, you shall find here.

  • 12 Kamshet

    Kamshet is a beautiful hill station located in the Western Ghats of India. The place is famous for paragliding, a beloved adventure sport of India and the numerous flying schools located in  the vicinity. The small but picturesque hill station is surrounded by the breathtaking Western Ghats which form a major part of the tourist places in Kamshet and regularly finds itself in many top 10 lists that name destination for the ultimate thrill seekers.


    Kamshet is a paradise not just for the eyes but also for the adventures junkie in you. But don’t think this place is just for those who seek thrill and excitement. There are numerous other activities as well as tourist hotspots that make this an ideal place for a family getaway or even a romantic getaway.


    Kamshet is ideally located just 45km from the main town of Pune. The locals refer to it as a paragliding paradise. There is no better place in the region to indulge in this thrilling adventure activity. But if you are not much of a thrill seeker then you can spend your time enjoying the natural scenery, fresh air a luxury these days and stroll through the small villages laced around this quaint hill station. If you want to experience the quintessential Indian village lifestyle then a visit to one of the villages is a must.


    There you can interact with locals, have a feel of what it’s like to live in muddy huts and even have a small shopping spree at the local village markets. The hills station is surrounded by gorgeous sunflowers fields and you can enjoy some amazing views while paragliding over them. Other tourist places in Kamshet include Bhairi Caves, Bedsa Caves, Pavana Lake, Kondeshwar Temple and Shinde Wadi Hills. If you have more time at hand you can perhaps extend your trip to other hill stations such as Khandala and Lonavala, which are located at short distances from Kamshet.

  • 13 Udupi

  • 14 Mahabaleshwar

  • 15 Mangalore

    Situated 250 km west of Bangalore (now Bengaluru), the state capital of Karnataka, the coastal town of Mangalore (now Mangaluru) remains one of the prime tourist attractions in South India all throughout the year. Although Mangalore is known beaches, islands, temples and the sunrise and sunset points, you will be able to find many more interesting things in this coastal town if you are ready to explore. In fact, you can make Mangalore the base in the bid to explore the entire western coastline. Since Mangalore is well connected by air, road and railway network you can easily go out for sightseeing.

    While you are on the move, food remains one of your major concerns for sure. When you visit Mangalore, be ready to serve served with delicious sea foods and other authentic Canara dishes which are simply mouth-watering to say the least. Now when you are in Mangalore, you must be prepared to face the tropical climate there. Although the mornings are not too hot and you can brave the sun, the evenings remain the best time to be at the beach and relax with an ice-cream while watching the sun disappear.  So, if you are stationed in Bengaluru and looking for a weekend destination, Mangalore can definitely be your ultimate choice.