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  • Sariska National Park is amongst the most visited national parks of the country and is located in the Alwar area of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Situated around 107 kilometers far from Jaipur, this national park covers an unfathomable span of 800 sq. kilometers territory and is overseen by the Government of Rajasthan. The National Park is partitioned into segments of deciduous forests, fields, rough scenes, and steep precipices.

    The Sariska National Park circles the 'Siliserh Lake' and the 'Jai Samand Lake', which are home to various crocodiles, water snakes and different creatures of land and water. In spite of the fact that there are very few tourist destinations around Sariska, the National Park serves as the untainted getaway for the tourists looking for peacefulness and endless spans of widely varied vegetation in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

    The sanctuary also houses the ruins of ancient temples of Garh-Rajor that dates back to the 11th centuries. Also a 17th-century fort on the hilltop at Kankwari grants a picturesque view of soaring vultures and eagles. Sariska park is home to numerous carnivores including , Wild Dog, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Jackal, Leopard, and Tiger. These feed on an abundance of herbivorous species such as Sambar, Nilgai, Chausingha, Chital, Wild Boar and Langur.
  • Essential Info About Sariska National Park

  • 01Sariska National Park Safari

    Sariska National Park Safari
    Image Credit : Saad.Akhtar
    Safari in Winter 

    Safari takes places in two slots, Morning and Evening. The winter timings of safari for both the slots are given below:

    Morning Safari: 6.30 AM to 10.30 AM
    Evening Safari: 2 PM to 6 PM

    Safari in Summer

    During the summer season, too, the safari takes places twice a day, viz. Morning and Evening. The summer timings for safari in the Sariska National Park are given below:

    Morning Safari: 6 AM to 10 AM
    Evening Safari: 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM. 

    Jeep Safari of Sariska National Park

    Jeep Safari of Sariska National Park

    NNNMM25 Ratings

    h3 HourslAlwar


    Starting from


  • 02Best time to Visit Sariska National Park

    Best time to Visit Sariska National Park
    Image Credit : Saad.Akhtar
    The best time to visit the Sariska National Park starts from October and remains till June. Apart from this, the Sariska National Park is closed from July to September for the visitors. However, if you want to go for the wildlife photography, etc. the part is accessible throughout the year.

    You can do the same by booking a ' hide' in one of the water holes, which gives an awesome chance to sight the wildlife of Sariska National Park. But you have to take permission from the Forest Reception Office in prior for the same.
    Game Drive at Sariska in Rajasthan

    Game Drive at Sariska in Rajasthan

    NNNMM28 Ratings

    d1 DaylDausa

    Starting from


  • 03Flora

    Image Credit : Saad.Akhtar
    The forests inside the Sariska national park are the dry deciduous sort with Dhok as the prevailing tree types of delicate to direct inclines constituting more than 90% of the tree shelter. The edges bolster Salar on steep dry slants. Khair and Cheela happen in valley beds. Bamboo develops to a restricted degree along sodden and cooler parts. Aam, Jamun, Arjun and Bahera, which develop in clammy despondency and on nallah banks achieve vast sizes.

    The ground spread is fundamentally Ber, and Adusa. Zizyphus and Grewia are great grain species. The dried and fallen leaves of Dhok help the herbivores to hold over the grain lack amid summer months. The woods get to be rich green in the rainstorm months and totally dry in the late spring months.

  • 04Fauna

    Image Credit : Koshyk
    The national park has a rich wildlife. Jaguar, Hyena, Jackal, and Jungle Cats are the carnivores of the forest. Caracal and Wild Dogs are seen infrequently. Among the prey populace are the Sambhar, Chital, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Hare and Porcupine and so forth. Sariska National Park is one of a kind in creature distribution. The wild creatures here appear to have chosen their territory - limits. Slopka is best to observe the Sambhar, Kundli for Chitals and Tarunda and Kalighati for Nilgai. Four - horned antelopes or Chausingha can be found in the Pondupole Nallah. Chausingha is only Indian and is the main buck on earth with four horns.

    Sariska is also known for its populace of the Sariska National Park Safari to regularly spot Langurs and the Rhesus monkeys. Talviksh is the place where the fundamental populace of Rhesus exists and one can see several of them at once. Langurs can be found in vast numbers at Pandupole, Slopka and Kalighati too.

    Talking about the bird species, you can have the sight of grey partridge, sand grouse, crested serpent eagle, woodpecker, horned owl, tree pie, bush quail and many more, which can come up to 225 bird species.
  • Best Places to Stay in Sariska

  • 05The Sariska Palace

    The Sariska Palace
    A blend of regal and French architectural style is seen in the famous Sariska Palace resort located at the edge of the national Park. It is a major resort which has a prominent place among the other Sariska resorts. There are beautiful suites and standard rooms in the resort with proper amenities along with impeccable services.

    Wildlife safari, sightseeing excursion etc are quite possible when you stay in this resort since it is located very close to the serene forests and ancient temples around. Along with a positive stay, you can also indulge in indoor as well as outdoor games such tennis. Swimming pool, fitness and spa centre, lawns and courtyards etc are the particular features of the resort to attract more tourists toward here.

    Amenities: Swimming pool, restaurant and dining space, fitness and spa centre, lawns and courtyards, tennis court etc are the major highlights of the resort.
    Luxury Experience at Sariska Palace in Alwar

    Luxury Experience at Sariska Palace in Alwar

    NNNNM33 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlAlwar

    Starting from


  • 06Stay in Wildllife Camps at Sariska

    Stay in Wildllife Camps at Sariska
    • d1 Day
    • lAlwar
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Sariska Wildelife Camp
      Sariska Wildelife Camp
    About the Activity:
    • Discover an unknown, enchanting part of Sariska by staying in this beautiful Sariska Wildlife Camps, which are exquisite holiday destinations, you are up, close and personal with nature and are located in the vicinity of Sariska Tiger Reserve. 
    • The resort is loaded with all the modern amenities, allowing its guests to spend some quality time with their loved ones. 
    • The tent stays in Sariska Wildlife Camps are fully equipped with modern facilities, have canvas walls and are located in total solitude, giving you time to spend some private time with your loved ones.
    • Swimming pool, gazebos, sitting area and many more, the resort has enough space to unwind yourself, allowing you to relax in the lap of nature. 
    • Sariska Tiger Reserve is just 16 km from the resorts.
    • Check In: 11 AM and Check Out: 10 AM

  • 07Sariska Resort

    Sariska Resort
    Sariska Resort is a legacy style budget resort situated close Siliserh Lake and Sariska tiger Reserve, which is only 3 Kms and 20 kms far from Sariska Resort respectively. In spite of the fact that Sariska Resort is situated inside outskirts of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Sariska Resort has dazzling scenery of Aravali Hills keeping in mind sitting at housetop or in lavish green open yards one can appreciate the excellence of Aravali Hillls.

    Amenities: The Sariska Resort has 10 rooms, which are equipped with all the modern amenities like 24 hours running hot and cold water, sit out area, and comfortable cots. The restaurant at Sariska Resort offers delicious delicacies, which will definitely savor your taste buds

    Location: The Sariska Resort is just 20 km from the Sariska Tiger Reserve.
  • 08Sariska Tiger Heaven Resort

    Sariska Tiger Heaven Resort
    Sariska Tiger Heaven offers clean unpolluted air with a sylvan environment, making it the ideal getaway to peace and serenity. Situated on the inclines of the Western Hills of Sariska Tiger Reserve, it is spread more than 5 sections of land, ignoring the slopes, with undulating scene specked by various local trees, bushes, and plants.

    Amenities: The Sariska Tiger Heaven Resort has 16 luxury tents, 14 spacious rooms, and 10 cottages, which are constructed with stone and terracotta roof. Moreover, in the restaurant here, you can have a chance to taste some of the most delicious Rajasthani cuisines.

    Location: It is under 4 hours from the capital of India-Delhi and under 2 hours from Jaipur-the capital of Rajasthan
  • 09PRIM Resorts

    PRIM Resorts
    Prim resorts in Sariska absolutely stands out as one of the favourite resorts among the topmost Sariska resorts. Close to the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the resort offers a wide range of beautiful sights around it. The lakes, Aravalli ranges and the picturesque view of horizon together make the stay in this resort more peaceful and romantic. Adventure activities are also an attraction of the resort.

    Since there are plenty of forests around, the weather will always be nurturing your heart. Near to the resort is the Tiger Reserve and Siliserh Lake where you can indulge in thrilling activities such as jungle safari, spotting the wild tigers, jet skiing, water scooters and boating. The hospitality of the resort is commendable and you can find the best modern amenities here.

    Amenities: Vast swimming pool, landscaped courtyards, panoramic view of the Tiger Reserve and Siliserh Lake, Indoor and Outdoor activities and games etc. The resort also offers a Sariska National Park Safari to make your stay a memorable one.
  • 10V Resorts Sariska

    V Resorts Sariska
    V Resort is one among the best ones in Sariska resorts. It allows you to get a favorite time close to nature since it is located near the Sariska tiger reserve in Alwar of Rajasthan. It lies in the Tehla village and it is standing solely in this particular region near to the national park why it becomes one of the most demanded resorts around Sariska.

    It is very much possible to wake up to the calls of rare birds in the surrounding forests. Refreshing days are a promise while you choose to stay at this resort when you take up a tour of Sariska at any point of time. Traditional food, quiet ambiance, well-acclaimed hospitality and the access to explore the rustic life of Sariska are the prominent features attracting tourists toward this particular resort. Rooms are of tented types with canvas roof coupled with proper dining space and poolside spots and, common room.

    Amenities: Gazebo, Sit outs, Poolside space, V unwind common room, Rajasthani Thali.
  • 11Gulmohar Sariska Resort

    Gulmohar Sariska Resort
    Lulled in the lap of nature, Gulmohar Sariska resort catches the eyes of tourists with its proximity to the national Park of Rajasthan. It is one of the best Sariska resorts with proper facilities that promise luxury and comfort at its best. Inside the resort, you can witness the fusion of traditional and modern architectural styles.

    Luxurious rooms with wooden floors as well as Rajasthani marble floors offer a flamboyant view of the neighbouring forests and salubrious nature. Multi facilitated rooms with AC and heating inside and TV give a perfect stay here. Since it is located near the national park and the historical sites, sightseeing, jungle safari and tours can be done so easily.

    Amenities: 24-hour room service, swimming pool, drive-in parking, lush green lawns, nature farm inside the resort premises, laundry service
    indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom, outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton and volleyball, taxi service on call, sightseeing arrangement, doctor on call and multi-cuisine restaurant.
  • 12Aamod Resort

    Aamod Resort
    Located between Sariska Tiger Reserve and Alwar city, Aamod Resort offers a comfort stay along with proper amenities. Due to its close proximity to nature, the resort extends peaceful ambiance in and around it. The tourists coming here will definitely go through a magical experience of such a picturesque atmosphere. A heritage look of the resort from outside coupled with modern amenities inside attracts people to enjoy the stay. A multi- cuisine restaurant providing good food is the major feature of this resort.

    Here you will get chances to indulge in some adventurous activities as well along with multiple outdoor games such as football, air hockey, volleyball, cricket, basketball and some favourite indoor games also. A spa therapy will come along with the stay that will let you find peace of mind. There are facilities for both day and residential conferences since it has a huge spacious hall that can accommodate more than 100 people at a time.

    Amenities: Swimming pool, spacious rooms, spa massage, multi-cuisine restaurant, adventurous games as well as indoor and outdoor games, close to nature.
  • Places to Visit in and around Sariska National Park

  • 13Sariska Jungle Trek in Alwar

    Sariska Jungle Trek in Alwar
    • h5 Hours
    • lAlwar
    • NNNNN29 ratings
    • Narender Singh
      Narender Singh
    About the Activity:
    • The activity starts as you arrive at Siliserh lake in Alwar to embark on this adventurous expedition in Rajasthan.
    • Participate in an array of adventure activities like trekking and crocodile sighting.
    • Trek through the Sariska jungles along with a experienced professionals for a delighting experience.
    • Explore the amazing natural beauty all around, as you indulging in an array of adventure activities along with friends and family.
  • 14The Kankwari Fort

    The Kankwari Fort
    Kankwari Fort in Alwar is one of the major attractions for the visitors inside the national park. The old Kankwari Fort lies in the cushion region of the national park around 21 km from its main entrance. Despite the fact that the fort is lesser known however it holds unique centrality ever. Kankwari Fort in Alwar is flanked with hillocks secured with lavish manors and sprawling green glades that add to the magnificence of the generally destroyed fortification.

    Location: The Kankwari Fort is located on SH 29A, Rund Kankwari.

    Timings: 8 AM to 12 PM and 3 PM to 6 PM
  • 15The Ancient Shiva Temples

    While you are in Rajasthan, you ought to never miss an opportunity to visit the Ancient Shiva sanctuary. The national park is acclaimed for untamed life tourism as well as for profound tourism where the Neelkanth Temple of sixth thirteenth century AD is giving the comfort to the tourists.The old Shiva sanctuary or the Neelkanth sanctuary is primarily committed to Lord Shiva.

    Arranged in a separated slope close to the park this sanctuary can be come to by a lofty rock. While you are at the sanctuary, photography is disallowed. The little case like sanctums outside the sanctuary are clerics' graves. The sanctuary sits on a little level ringed by low slopes where the old protective divider is still unmistakable. It's said that the sanctuaries stayed protected in light of the fact that honey bees pursued Aurangzeb away when he attempted to assault them.
  • 16The Sariska Palace

    The Sariska Palace
    Make your Rajasthan trip additionally stunning as you visit The Sariska Palace which is a standout amongst the most gone to put in Rajasthan. Worked by the Maharaja of Alwar at the edge of the Sariska National Park this royal residence was a chasing lodge for the Maharajas. The insides of Sariska Palace is a mix of French and great architecture.

    The encompassing is rich in green and natural life gathering and the resort has immaculate luxuries and administrations giving the visitors a chance to stay in unadulterated solace and extravagance. Yoga and health also alongside swimming pool and incomprehensible yards and patio will add an amazement to your stay. For a complete unwinding, there is a swimming pool, wellness and spa, and a tennis patio for some workout.
  • 17Bhangarh fort

    Bhangarh fort
    Image Credit : A Frequent Traveller
    In the event that you cherish listening to apparition stories or a portion of the spooky stories and stories then this spot is an absolute necessity visit in Rajasthan. Visit the spooky and the most spooky spot in India Bhangarh Fort, situated amongst Jaipur and Delhi. Bhangarh is known for its demolished structures and is a compositionally noteworthy site which has some part of untold stories.

    This is another best places to visit near the national park.While you are investigating the fortification likewise visit the wonderful structures, for example, the Hindu Mandir of Gopinath, Shiv, Hanuman, Ganesh and so on and the feeling will give you a chance to overlook all the dull in your life. What's more, yes folks don't set out to stay there for a night.
    Jeep Safari in Bhangarh

    Jeep Safari in Bhangarh

    NNNNM31 Ratings

    h5 HourslDausa

    Starting from


  • 18Hanuman Temple

    While you are on a trip to Rajasthan visit the Hanuman Temple which is another best places to visit near the national park. This is one of the most visited temples in Sariska which is inside the sanctuary. Get amazed by the amazing beauty of the rocks and the stunning architecture.

    Situated amidst elevated verdant hill extension of the Aravalli range this Hanuman Temple l is surely the must visit place for you. The Hanuman Temple of Sariska has a giant idol of Lord Hanuman and one can find langurs, macaques and several types of birds. If you are visiting this place during the monsoon season then you can see the mesmerizing waterfall.

    Timings: Opens from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • 19Pandupol

    There is another sanctuary which is an absolute necessity visit place in the best places to visit close to the Sariska National Sanctuary. This stand-out Padupol is altogether different from alternate sanctuaries. Pandupol is a Hanuman sanctuary, situated inside Sariska wildernesses. Legend has it, that the Pandavas invested their energy in a state of banishment ('Agyatvaas') here for the break. Not at all like most different sanctuaries, the symbol of Hanuman here is in a leaning back position which makes it exceptionally uncommon from alternate sanctuaries.

    Highlights: The intriguing thing about the sanctuary is that it was the point at which the sanctuary was fabricated it was hindered which was broken upon by Bheem, the most capable of the Pandavas with his Gada (mace). The outcome was an entryway like opening in the stone out of which streams a characteristic water stream.

    Timings: Opens from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • 20Siliserh Lake

    Siliserh Lake
    Image Credit : blackfog
    There is another unequivocal spot which is an unquestionable must visit for you while you are in Rajasthan. Siliserh Lake is arranged only 13 Kms from Alwar city furthermore can be utilized as stop over before you proceed onward Sariska National Park, Lake is that delightful that everybody need to stay for some additional time, Lovely Siliserh Lake Palace gives choice to stay with a stunning perspective of 10.5 Kms lake, Beautiful sceneries of Aravali slopes includes it excellence, One can spend numerous hours by simply observing of the lake from Terrace of Lake Palace Siliserh.

    Lake was worked by maharaja Vinay Singh in the year 1845, The Lake and supply of Siliserh was made by Maharaja for individuals of Alwar, on the grounds that water can be directed to Alwar city An excellent Lake royal residence was likewise worked by Maharaja for his dearest spouse Shila, It was utilized as Lake castle and chasing lodge.
  • How to Reach Sariska National Park

  • 21Distance and Routes from Major Cities

    Distance and Routes from Major Cities
    1) Delhi
    The distance from New Delhi to Sariska National Park, Rajasthan is approximately 215 km.

    -By Air
    If you are travelling by flight then you can take a flight till the Delhi airport around 163 km away, and procure a transport or taxi from that point, for reaching Sariska.

    -By Train
    The nearest railway station from Sariska is Alwar, which is at a distance of approximately 37 km. The station is connected to Delhi through Jaipur-Delhi Express. From Alwar, you can take a taxi to reach Sariska. There are also regular bus services for the place.

    -By Road
    If you are travelling by car the best way to reach Sariska from Delhi is by road, a journey of about 3 hours 50 minutes by car which will cover a distance of 158 km.

    2) Jaipur
    The distance from Jaipur to Sariska National Park is 121 km.

    -By Air
    If you are travelling by flight then the nearest airport of Jaipur is at a distance of 107 km, from Sariska. The airport is all around associated with the real urban areas of India, for example, Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur and Mumbai, through general flights. 

    -By Train
    The nearest railway station from Sariska is Alwar, which is at a distance of approximately 37 km. The station is connected to Jaipur through Jaipur-Delhi Express. From Alwar, you can take a taxi to reach Sariska. There are also regular bus services for the place.

    -By Road
    If you are travelling by NH21 then it will be 120 km from Jaipur to Sariska
    If you are travelling through NH248 and RJ SH 13 then you will be covering a total distance of 120 km from Jaipur to Sariska.

Wildlife in Alwar



Bala Quila Fort

Also known as the Alwar Fort, the BalaQuila Fort is one of the most historic destinations in Alwar, and is one of the tourist attractions in Alwar that should not be missed when you are in the Rajasthani city. Extending over an area of 5 kilometres, the fort stands stern and forbidding at a height of 1000 feet with 15 large and 51 small towers and 446 openings for musketry.

It was first built by Hasan Khan Mewati in 1550, but has since seen various dynasties rule over it as Alwar passed into the hands of Khanzadas, Mughals, Pathans and Jats. The fort still stands as imposing as ever, and is a great place to visit during an evening in the city. 

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm 
Location: Bala Quila   Rd, Near Nikumbha Mahal Palace, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001

Bhangarh fort

If you are looking for some thrills in Alwar, visiting its “most haunted place” is the best way to fulfil the desire. Bhangarh Fort, on the border of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, has long held its spooky reputation. Though it is a well-preserved fort, the ‘supernatural’ occurrences that seem to occur within its premises tend to ward off many people.

If you are eager to explore Alwar in all its facets, haunted and otherwise, a visit to this fort is a must. Do it while the light lasts, since ghosts are said to hang out here at night. Though spooky, Bhangarh Fort is one of the best places to visit in Alwar for some unique memories.  

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm
Location: Gola ka baas, Rajgarh Tehsil, Alwar, Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410

The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum, also known as the Government Museum, is a worthwhile place to visit when in the city. There is a wonderful range of artefacts that are displayed in the museum that speak of the history of Rajasthan, and of Alwar in particular.

The entire collection of the museum comes from the Royal families reserves and consists of 234 sculptures, 11 inscriptions, 9702 coins, 35 metal objects, 2565 paintings & manuscripts, 2270 arms & weapons and 1809 objects of local art, crafts and musical instruments. Spending a couple of hours in the museum is a good way to initiate yourself into the history of Alwar and take back memories of its unique culture and tradition. 

Timings:10 am to 5 pm
Location: City Palace, Alwar, India

Siliserh Lake Palace

Siliserh Lake Palace is an erstwhile royal palace and hunting lodge located on the banks of the Siliserh Lake that has now been converted into a heritage hotel which is run by RTDC. The hotel makes for a perfect dropback to a romantic holiday because of the beauty of its exteriors and the simple elegance of its interiors.

The lake is perfect for fishing, sailing and boating. It is also a wonderful budget option for those who wish to enjoy luxury but do not wish to burn a hole in their pocket for the experience. The in-house restaurant offers a great range of Indian and Continental cuisines that are soul-satisfying and filling. 

Price: 2000- 3000 INR/ 50- 80 USD per night approx.
Location:Siliserh Circle, Alwar 301001, India

Hill Fort Kesroli

Ancient fort turned heritage hotel, Hill Fort Kesroli is a magnificent place to indulge yourself in when on vacation in Alwar. It is a beautiful structure to look upon, and just as gorgeous to inhabit. The décor is in keeping with the traditional image of the fort, and history still has a presence in the long glossy halls of the hotel.

A stay in this fort allows you to escape the everyday bustle of Alwar while letting you immerse yourself in its culture and tradition as you rest your body in relaxation. 

Price: 5000- 8000 INR/ 70- 100 USD per night approx. 
Location: Near M.I.A Post Office-Bahala, District Alwar, Kesroli

Sariska Palace

This luxurious resort near the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary offers you the indulgence of a luxury hotel at the rate of a budget accommodation. Staying in this Palace during your stay in Alwar will allow you to experience the best of Alwar’s wild scenery, decadent luxury, and gracious courtesy.

The palace is located close to the sanctuary and the haunted fort, thereby offering its guests some of the best sights and sounds to be had in Alwar. 

Price: 1500- 2000 INR/ 30- 50 USD per night approx. 
Location: Near Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Alwar, Sariska, Rajasthan 301022

City Palace Alwar

The City Palace of Alwar is actually a fort that is located right below the Alwar Fort in the foothills of the Aravalli ranges.  Built in the 18th century, this fort reflects its rich cultural heritage in its blend of the Mughal and Rajput architectural styles.

Though it mainly houses government offices today; the City palace is one of the best places to visit in Alwar. The Palace houses an artificial lake inside its premises as well as a museum that is one of the best in the state. A visit to the City palace will allow you to experience the best of Alwar in a comprehensive way. 

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm
Location: City Palace, Alwar

Vijay Mandir Palce

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Alwar, the Vijay Mandir Palace is one destination you simply cannot miss while touring the city. It is located 10 kilometres away from the main city and is spread over a vast area of land.

The imposing structure attracts the eye from far off, and reflects its grandeur in the best possible way. The picturesque image is magnified in beauty by the reflection which sparkles in the lake below. An hour spent roaming the halls and grounds of this Palace will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, and you will return to Alwar armed with many Instagram-worthy images too. 

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm
Price: Free 
Location: Alwar District, Near Vijay Sagar Lake, Alwar, India

Neelkant Mahdev temple

Located deep inside the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the Neelkant Mahadev Temple in Alwar is one of the best places to visit in Alwar. A rocky and tenuous path leads up to the ancient temple that was built in the 10th century as a shrine for the worship of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Time stands still within the temple- the bulky ancient stones cast still shadow over the interiors and the thick forest looms silently over the temple. Only the Shiva shrine is open; both the Brahma and Vishnu shrines have been locked up. An expedition to this temple can be carried out either on foot or by vehicle though the roads for vehicles are very rocky.
Timings: 6 am to 6 pm
Price: Free
Location:SariskaTIger Reserve, Alwar, Rajasthan

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

Cenotaphs are a hallmark of royal Rajasthani architecture, and Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri is one of the best cenotaphs in Alwar district. Situated outside the main palace of Alwar, Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri was built by Vinay Singh in the memory of Alwar’s ruler, Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and his queen, Rani Moosi who committed ‘sati’ on her husband’s pyre.

The tombs of the king and queen are sheltered in the cenotaph. Mythological carvings that adorn the walls of the structure are interesting to behold while the marble-covered floor on the top of the cenotaph stuns the beholder with its austere magnificence. 
Timings: 9 am to 6 pm
Location: City Palace Rd, Mohalla Ladiya, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001

Fateh Jung Gumbad

This five-storeyed tomb is a lasting legacy from the 18th century when it was commissioned by Shahajahan in the memory of Fateh Jung, a worker in the court of that Mughal ruler. The tomb is a classic structure which features a unique blend of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles.

Intricate carvings, immense domes, high minarets, and the warm colours of rich sandstone suffuse the tomb with the brilliance that was characteristic of the monuments Shahajahan built. Fateh Jung Gumbad is one of the best tourist attractions in Alwar, and should definitely be visited when you are in this heritage city. 

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm
Price: Free 
Location: Bharatpur Road, Near Railway Line, Alwar, Rajasthan 

Purjan Vihar

Alwar is a wonderful, historic city, but like all other cities of Rajasthan, it is rather prone to be faced with the scorching sun. What better way to avoid the heat and the sunburns than to visit Alwar’s own private “Shimla”. PurjanVihar, also known as the Company Garden or Shimla, is one of the best places to visit in Alwar.

The cool winds that rustle through the ancient trees in this garden bring about a feeling of peace and relaxation to those who visit it, and the long avenues are perfect for long and leisurely walks.

Timings: 4 am to 10 pm
Price: Free
Location: Sector 7, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001

Pandu Pol

Pandu Pol is a scenic tourist spot in the Sariska Tiger Reserve which is very popular with tourists. The spot is also sacred to the Hindu religion because of the mythical connotations regarding the Pandava brothers attached to it.

A hanuman temple has also been constructed over here. Situated in the middle of dense forest groves, this spot offers tourists a chance to immerse themselves in the natural harmony that flows all around. The beauty of the setting along with the sanctity attached to the spot make it a good tourist spot to visit in Alwar. You can simply visit it when on a tour of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. 

Timings: All day long
Price: Free
Location: Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar District, Rajasthan

Neemrana Fort

Constructed in the 15th century, the Neemrana Fort Palace has recently been turned into a luxurious heritage hotel. It features glorious views of the neighbouring wilderness and offers a scenic getaway from the hectic life of the cities. Staying in this palatial retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no one who has experienced it can forget.

The structure comprises of seven palace wings built over 14 layers tiered into a hill across 6 acres of garden-palace. Hanging gardens, two outdoor pools, an Ayurvedic spa, and India’s first zip-line are other unique offerings that make a visit to this destination a memorable way to spend a quiet and indulgent vacation. 

Price: 5000- 7000 INR/ 75- 120 USD per night approx. 
Location: 122nd Milestone, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Alwar, Neemrana, Rajasthan 301705

Sariska Wildlife Santuary

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Alwar. Spread over an area of more than 800 square kilometres, this sanctuary offers a safe haven to the majestic Royal Bengal tigers of Alwar. The sanctuary is made up of grasslands, dry deciduous forests, cliffs and rocky terrains. A host of birds and animals inhabit the sanctuary including Wild Dog, Jungle Cat, Chitel, Nilgai, Chausingha, Sambar, Chinkara, Four-Horned Antelope, Hanuman Langur, and Rhesus Monkeys.

The sanctuary also houses the rare Indian Eagle-Owl. But the sanctuary is not just famous for its flora and fauna. A number of historical temples can be found inside the sanctuary, that add further mystery and majesty to the place. Trekking through the wildlife sanctuary is a great experience. 

Timings:6:00 am - 3:00 pm
Indians: INR 60, 
Foreign Nationals: INR 450,
Vehicles: INR 250
Location: Subhash Chowk Station road malakhera, Alwar, Rajasthan 301406

Bhartrihari Temple

30 kilometres from the city of Alwar, near the Sariska National Park, stands the majestic Bhatrihari Temple. This temple is one of the most important tourist attractions in Alwar, as well as one of its most sacred spots. Named after the ruler of Ujjain, Bhartrihari Baba, this temple offers devotees a chance to experience some quiet time away from the chaotic attractions of the city.

It is built in classic Rajasthani style, with floral designed columns of shikharas and mandaps decorating its wide galleries. A visit to this temple is said to be a powerful experience and you might even find your deepest wishes granted by saint Bhartrihari. However, regardless of your faith, a visit to this spot should definitely be included in your itinerary, if only for the views and the architectural beauty of the temple.

Timings: 6 am to 7 pm
Price: Free
Location: Alwar - Jaipur Road, Alwar District, Indok, Rajasthan 30100

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