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Prashar Lake

Sage Prashar is the reason Prashar Lake got its name ages ago. One visits this quintessential lake will be unknowingly directed to oblivion and for sure the serenity will let every visitor linger for more. Located in Mandi village, Himachal Pradesh, the iconic attraction apart from the lake is the three stories pagoda like temple structure near the lake. 2730 meters above the lake seats amidst the rejuvenating sets of nature’s miracles including the snow-clad peaks in the backdrop and River Beas flowing so fast through the valley down. One can get access to the lake through Drang. The age of temple lengthens back to 13th century and the lake has one more surprise within it that is a floating island. Though visitors are seen in plenty over here, no one could accurately fathom the depth the lake goes into, till date.

Parashar Lake

Why to visit in winters – The Lake has a unique sight during winters and this is the only reason you have to make a visit to Parashar Lake this winter, this hidden gem of Himachal is great to be explored during winter season.

What to do – Visit the Devnal temple, Prashar Lake, Trokada mata Mandir, Trilonkanth temple

What to see – Temple hopping (lots of temples to hop), Panchvaktra temple and Arya samaj Mandir are worth seeing



Dhauladhar Range or the White Range is located on the southern region of outer Himalayan Peaks, rising to the north of Kangra and Mandi. Hanuman ji Ka Tibba is the highest mountain located in this peak at an altitude of 5639 meters. But this range is popular because of its differing topography. Though the major portions are composed of granite, the range presents the multiple formations of slate, limestone and sandstone often. Those who would like to do trekking at this range are supposed to have the perfect skills in trekking and mountaineering as the ranges extend the vertical incline until the top. It still remains tough to inhabit humans in large numbers but the surrounding meadows and forest range have plenty of admirers from all over the world.

Rewalsar Lake

Though Himachal Pradesh amuses the visitors with its abundant natural sights, Rewalsar Lake or Tso Pema Lotus Lake will be the biggest surprise to see because of its unusual shape itself. This square shaped lake mid-altitude lake is located in Mandi district, at a height of about 1360 meters above sea level. The sacred water in it, the woodlands and mountain peaks around have attributed more beauty to the spot and it has been an important destination for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. The lake shares space with three Buddhist monasteries and three Hindu temples and another holy lake Kunt Bhyog lies above Rewalsar. Here, different types of festivities happen yearly; the Sisu Fair in February or March and Baisakhi festival are the important ones.

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Traveller Tales from Mandi


Kosha Modi

12 May 2017

We were a group of 50 students who went on a trip booked through thrillophilia. We had two stops in our journey, Kullu, and Prashar Lake. Kullu: We reached Kullu after an overnight bus journey. Th...

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Aaditya Mehra

14 April 2015

Prashar lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic places. We had visited the place between April and July and again in September and November and the later one is the best time i would suggest for a

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Kashyap Trivedi

06 June 2015

Excellent destination with awesome views. It is lies 49KM north of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh and located at height of 2730m above the sea level. With deep blue water the lake looks mind blowing.

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Gajaadhar Khanna

11 May 2015

The place is lovely, amazing and visiting this place is like a dream come true. We enjoyed the beautiful sights on the way and around the lake. It was one of the best tours i have been on.

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01 February 2017

Amazing experience. Went on a snow trek. It was handled amazingly well. Thanks to Thrillophilia for such a wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend.

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Nitin Mahajan

03 January 2017

Prashar lake is a perect trek for anyone looking for a 2 days of wilderness. Am happy that i did this trek and even more happy that i booked it from thrillophilia. all the arrangements from food, cam...

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25 September 2019

It is an awesome trek. Hiking 9km through the lush green forest, rocky areas, some steep ascent, and various waterfalls, it was a treat away from city life. The tour was well managed by the operator...


Vivek Kumar

02 July 2019

"it's awesome trekking experience , value for money. Needs a little bit improvement in quality of food"


Annapurna Malik

18 December 2018

My visiting month wasn't the best but I did witness the ages-old lake and temple. The lake was worth the strenuous uphill climb. I am glad we had a guide otherwise we would have definitely got lost in

What You Should Know More About Mandi

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • Choose your stay well: There are numerous home-stays that you can choose from. They are sprawled along the location of Mandi. The rooms of these places are as good as regular homes with the services being quite basic by nature. For a more luxurious experience, you can opt for these high-end resorts and hotels that face the sea. Most of these places are quite affordable and you won’t find difficulty in traveling around either as the place is quite small and limited.

    • Transportation: The place is quite connected. One can easily find local transport to roam about in the holiday destination. However, it is more convenient if you have a car of your own for private transportation. Enjoy the city of Mandi at your own convenience.

    • Eatables and water: Mandi is quite cool. But summers can get slightly hot. Therefore, if you are visitng Mandi during summers then it is essential for the well-being of your body that you consume enough water to stay hydrated. Moreover, your body may or may not accept that local food at Mandi. Make sure you are sure about a food item before you consume it. Carry bottled water around.

    • Drinking laws: Mandi is filled with restaurants and bars that offer both soft drinks as well as liquor. Booze is available quite freely. However, take special attention into the duplicate liquor that people sell. It is better to purchase alcohol from around the area. Apart from that, frequent drinkers most probably visit Mandi – there is no problem.

    • Shopping experience: Indulge in the vibrant shopping experience that Mandi’s local market offers. However, ensure that you don’t get looted. Be sure of using your bargaining skills at Mandi. You don’t certainly want to be fooled by the locals.

    • Don’t blindly follow the locals: Mandi is a small location. Majority of the people over here are quite helpful too. But like any other vacation spot, it is important that the locals are not followed blindly. If you need directions around the place, get that sorted at the hotel desk itself.

  • Q. Things to do in Mandi:

    • Visit the Pandoh Dam: Pandoh Dam is located on the Beas River of the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. This structure was established back in 1977 and the main purpose for the Pandoh Damn was to generate hydro-electric power. This Dam is part of a power scheme that essentially diverts the water of the Beas to tunnels and channels thereby, reaching the rural, less developed regions around Mandi. The project was successful back in 1977.

    • Stroll by the Rewalsar Lake: Rewalsar Lake which is situated approximately 12km away from the heart of the city is among the primary attractions around Mandi. This location holds immense religious importance and especially known for being the home for the seven floating islands that are believed to be an act of penance that were held by Lomas Rishi during the reign of Lord Shiva.

    • Adventure activities around Parashar Lake: Parashar Lake is another primary attraction around Mandi that is located approximately 17kms away from the heart of the city. This location is perfect for experiencing nature in its true essence. The place is bordered with lush green land, ever-expansive hills and clear blue water and one can witness a temple from the lake as well. You can even indulge in adventure activities such as camping, trekking, climbing and even boating around this region.

    • Janjehli for adventure buffs: Janjehli is situated approximately 44kms away from the heart of the city and is the perfect treat for adventure buffs. Visitors can take part is activities such as trekking, mountain-climbing, camping among other things at Janjehli. The place is surrounded with lush-green trees and clear skies and makes for a perfect location for photographers as well.

    • Visit Sunder Nagar: Sunder Nagar, the princely state which was first known as Suket is situated approximately 24kms away from Mandi and is quite close Shimla as well. Hop, skip and jump and you’re in the most beautiful destination of Himachal Pradesh. This location is well established for its wonderful background filled with towering trees and hills.

  • Q. What will you like in Mandi:

    • Visit the Kamlah fort: Kamlah fort situated in the city of Mandi stands proudly on Sikandar Dhar ranges. This structure was built back in 1625 and still stands strong. It is as high as 4772 meters and speaks great wonders of the place.

    • Spiritual oneness at Shikhari Devi temple: Shikhari Devi Temple not only speaks a thousand words about spirituality but also about nature’s serenity. A temple which is at a height of 3332m, the experience is quite enthralling to say the least.