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    Be prepared to be awed by the Banaue Rice Terraces of Ifugao! These rice and vegetable plantations hand-carved into the mountains is so superb a sight that it is often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

    No, this region is not famous for chocolate but gets its name from the brown coloured peaks that appear in the winter. Chocolate Hills are really made of limestone karst, and a trip to these lovely hillocks is a must when in Philippines.

    The Puerto Princesa Underground River, the world’s longest navigable underground waterway, should be on your checklist of places. This natural waterbody plays host to truly eye-catching ocean life and a majestic waterscape.

    In ‘volcano land’, you can’t miss a volcanic mountain! The highly active Mayon, almost 8000 feet in height, located in Luzon, stands erect in Mayon Volcano National Park. Also, the Taal Volcano, the second most active in the country, is in the vicinity.

    In the capital city, Manila, pay your respects or simple spend a few moments in the San Agustin Church. The Mexican-style, sturdy architecture, having survived many earthquakes, is one to admire. If you’re into history, you will also enjoy Fort Santiago.

    1. Mt. Pulag

    2. Mayon Volcano

    3. Banaue Rice Terraces

    4. Mount Pinatubo

    5. Dako Islands

    Image Credits : Shamis Khassenov - Flickr

    6. Tinago Falls

    Image Credits : Jojo Nicdao - Flickr

    7. D'bone Collectors Museum

    Image Credits : Bro Jeffrey Pioquinto - Flickr

    8. Tinuy-an Falls

    Image Credits : jojoscope - Flickr

    9. Philipine Eagle Centre

    10. Great Santa Cruz Island

    11. Mount Apo

    12. Britania Island

    Image Credits : Raissa QD - Flickr

    13. Yapak Beach

    Image Credits : Ree Dexter - Flickr

    14. Crystal Cove Island

    Image Credits : Marlon E - Flickr

    15. Crocodile Island

    Image Credits : Momo - Flickr

    16. Ilig Iligan Beach

    Image Credits : Marc van der Chijs - Flickr

    17. Mount Luho

    Image Credits : Constantine Agustin - Flickr

    18. Boracay Butterfly Garden

    19. Yap Sandiego Ancestral House

    Image Credits : Frances Ellen - Flickr

    20. Aguinid Falls

    Image Credits : Cristian Bortes - Flickr

    21. Taoist Temple

    Image Credits : Shankar S - Flickr

    22. Magellans Cross

    Image Credits : Constantine Agustin - Flickr

    23. Kayangan Lake

    Image Credits : Haundreis - Flickr

    24. Tubbataha Reef

    Image Credits : Q Phia - Flickr

    25. Big Lagoon

    Image Credits : Nennnn - Flickr

    26. Banana Island

    27. Sunken Japanese Wrecks

    28. Puerto Princesa Underground River

    29. San Agustin Church and Museum

    Image Credits : Benjie Ordonez - Flickr

    30. San Sebastian Church

    31. National Museum

    32. Chinatown Manila

    Image Credits : Marc Van Der Chijs - Flickr



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