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  • At the tip end of Himachal Pradesh, a cloud clad beauty simmering with pine trees and infinite glorious abundance of green pastures sits a small town called Kasauli. Along these realms of magical views, there are many spectacular hill stations to visit near Kasauli. With surrounding views include that of Himalayan oak and huge horse chestnuts along with the indigenous chir pine trees, the perched heritage of Himachal landscape is molded into the divine poetry. On one hand, the white stretches of snow-capped mountains and on the other, the refreshing thrills of alpine meadows and evergreen forests.

    Each of these ornamental hill stations including Mashobra, Parwanno, Barog engages in the fresh fragrance of life. Famous for skiing, apple orchards, and archaeological site, these hill stations are perfect for a thrilling road trip.  Feel the breeze through a pleasant walk in Salogra or learn skiing in Kufri or live along the world heritage UNESCO - Kalka-Shimla Railway track in Barog, there is plenty to explore in these hill stations.

    Here are some hill stations to visit near Kasauli:

  • 01Draw Ski Prints on Snow in Kufri

    Draw Ski Prints on Snow in Kufri
    Kufri, about 90 km away from Kasauli, is famous for its trekking and hiking trails. At a height of 2,633 meters, this hill stations was once a part of the Kingdom of Nepal. Kufri is famous for ski slopes, and panoramic views showcasing the undulating of deep valleys, and evergreen forests rising towards the lofty Himalayas.

    Through thick cedar woods, one can walk up to the Mahasu Peak or trek through the Himalayan National Park. Situated amidst the Himalayas, Kufri Fun World is one of the highest amusement parks in the world. The ski slopes participate in the annual winter sports festival held in February. Kufri hosts the National Snow Statue Competition in January.

    Travel time:
    The journey from Kasauli to Kufri is around 4 hours by taxi.
  • 02Find Self in the Arms of the Scenic Chail

    Find Self in the Arms of the Scenic Chail

    Located about 65 km away from Kasauli is quiet hill station, enough to create a detox from the daily routine. With its breath-taking views, Chail is a popular camping and trekking destination.

    Attractions: The School Playground, sitting at an altitude of Ft 7500, is the world’s highest cricket and polo ground. Sadhupul Lake provides the ambience and backdrop to the Lake restaurant, where one could eat an omelette with feet dipped in the lake. The Chail Palace, build as the summer retreat for Maharaja of Patiala is extremely regal and the Chail wildlife sanctuary is filled with vivid birds and scenic view.

    Travel time:
    To visit, take a two-hour cab from Kasauli.

  • 03Taste the Majestic Nature with Solan

    Taste the Majestic Nature with Solan

    Located about 25 km away from Kasauli, is Solan - the district headquarters of Solan district. Elevated at 1,600 meters, this hill stations to visit near Kasauli is named after the Hindu goddess Shoolini Devi. Every June, Solan witnesses a 3-day mela at Thodo ground to celebrate the goddess.

    With vast mushroom and tomato farming, it is known as the “Mushroom City of India”  and “City of Red Gold“. 

    The Shoolini Mata Temple is a popular tourist attraction. With easy access to many surrounding hill stations, Solan is an umbrella of superb food, thrilling landscapes, and luscious wildlife. Located on the outskirts of Solan is the famous Mohan Meakin Brewery which is the oldest brewery and distillery in Asia for Scottish whiskey.

    Travel time: 
    It takes just an hours drive to reach Solan from Kasauli.

  • 04Rush into the Adventures of Mashobra

    Rush into the Adventures of Mashobra
    Capped with mist bathed hills, amidst trees of pine, oak, cedar, and deodar, and carpeted by apple orchards is Mashobra. Known as Quieter Shimla, it gels visitors to connect with the rich, fresh surroundings and unwind with the fragrance of vista stream gushing through the valley.

    It is a prominent offbeat hill station to visit near Kasauli that gives an adrenaline rush.

    Popular for camping, the treacherous mountain trails are often challenged by bikers, adventurous rock climbers and trekkers. The hamlet of Fagu makes for a dream sequence to trek through. The extended sanctuary, Chharabra is postcard retreat. Mashobra is also known for a heady paragliding experience especially to feel like an eagle soaring over the enchanting hills of the town.

    Travel time: It takes about 3 hours by road from Kasauli to reach Mashobra.
  • 05Sleep with the Breath-Taking Views of Parwanno

    Sleep with the Breath-Taking Views of Parwanno
    Situated on the border of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, this small town offers beautiful apple orchards and delicious fruit products. With the backdrop of the sleepy hills, the hills showcase the hustle-bustle of an industrial city.

    Parwanno is an ideal getaway for outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking and a paradise for nature lovers. The cable ride in Timber Trails dives into the halts and dances of beautiful Shivalik Hills, not less than scenic utopia. The ancient heritage and cultures of Parwanno can be viewed through the Temples - the Kali Mata temple is flooded with tourists during Navratri and the Balaji Temple, was once buried and excavated in 1988. The verdant cover of heritage along with placid lakes, pine and fir trees is one of the closest hill stations to visit near Kasauli.

    Travel time:
     Parwanno is an hour away by Taxi from Kasauli.
  • 06Win a Tournament with Luscious Pastures in Naldehra

    Win a Tournament with Luscious Pastures in Naldehra
    About 95 km away from Kasauli is the ornament town of Naldehra. Placed at an altitude of 2,200 meters, built under the supervision of Lord Curzon, is the Infamous Golf Course. Perched on the edge of the Golf Course at Naldehra is a green pasture sporting delight.

    The Mahunag Temple, dedicated to the snake lord, is bewitched by the view of the Himalayas. Naldhera is famous for annual events - Joton ka Mela, a bullfighting fair conducted in October,  and the Sipi Fair, dedicated to Sip Devta is held in May.

    Travel time:
    It takes 3.5 hours by taxi to reach Naldhera.
  • 07Watch the Moonlight up the Mountains in Barog

    Watch the Moonlight up the Mountains in Barog
    Barog is a quiet, little village alongside the straightest tunnels in the world, build next to the Kalka-Shimla Railway track. The untainted Barog is now emerging as a popular tourist destination. The pleasant climate alongside the view of snow-capped mountains beckons crowds.

    The Dolanji Bon Monastery is a haven for peace seeking visitors. The Choordhar Mountains, popular as Choor Chandni Peak, bear the sight of moonlit night cascading as silver bangles along with the slope. With the blissful views, the mountains are popular among trekkers and photographers. Extending the mesmerising pictures of nature, the Barog Camping Grounds is a perfect destination to enjoy Choor Chandni Peak and Solan Valley.

    Travel time: Barog is 45 minutes by cab.
  • 08Journey along the Vista Roads to Narkanda

    Journey along the Vista Roads to Narkanda
    Situated at an altitude of 2708 meters on the Hindustan Tibet Road, filled with snow-capped imagery, Narkanda is an essential tourist hill stations to visit near Kasauli. The road trip to Narkanda has spectacular bird's-eye view of the different valleys as the road twists and turns from one spur to another.

    Narkanda is a house to apple orchards — the Stokes Farm which forms the major economy of the town. The hill station is famous for skiing and winter sports. Hatu Peak near Narkanda towering at Ft 2000 is a popular ski slope in the area. The pine enriched Tannu Jubbar Lake provide a relaxed ambience for a picnic.

    Travel time:
    Narkanda can be reached in  7 hours by taxi from Kasauli.
  • 09Get Mesmerized into the Surroundings of Salogra

    Get Mesmerized into the Surroundings of Salogra

    Salogra is a prominent trekking and biking destination, 33 km away from Kasauli, crowned with pine and deodar trees. The villages surrounding - Top-Ki-Berh, Mahi, Basal, and Mashiwar are picturesque.

    The travelers hike through Salogra to enjoy pristine natural sceneries and beautiful trekking routes. The trek to Barog where one can visit the Lord Shiva temple is extremest popular. Abode to alluring sceneries, Krol Ka Tibba, is a significant tourist destination located at Salogra.

    Travel time:
    Reach Salogra in less than 90 minutes by taxi.

  • 10‘Meet the Fossils’ in Nahan

    ‘Meet the Fossils’ in Nahan
    Nahan is located 90 km away from Kasauli. Lying among the lofty Shivalik range overlooking lush green fields, dirt free roads, and clean streets, this small hill station is an alluring mix of Rajasthani and colonial architecture.

    way from the buzzing crowd of the city, a quaint town today is dotted with gardens, temples and a manmade lake and is said to be a romantic getaway. This cantonment town of Himachal houses the Indian Army Special Forces Training School.

    Located close to Nahan is Renuka Lake, shaped like a woman reclining, believed to be goddess Renuka, has breathtaking surroundings. Located on the banks of the Markanda River, the Suketi Fossil Park, the largest fossil park in Asia, houses life-sized fiberglass models of extinct mammals whose skeletons and fossils were found at the location.

    Though easy, the trek from Nahan to Renukaji is a said to be amazing.

    Travel time:
     It takes about 3 hours to reach Nahan by taxi.
  • 11Talk to the Trees in the Lawns of Shoghi

    Talk to the Trees in the Lawns of Shoghi

    Shoghi is a small hill station 60kms away from Kasauli, abundant in natural scenic beauty and a large variety of flora and fauna. This town, surrounded by oak trees and rhododendron, offers attractive old temples and a host of adventurous activities.

    The food fanatics can enjoy fruit products like juices, jellies, syrups, and pickles. With pleasant weather throughout the year, there are many spots for trekking, hiking, and camping in the terrains of the land. The town receives many visitors for the Human Temple, the Kali Temple, and Tara Devi Temple.

    Travel time:
    Shoghi is about 2 hours drive.

  • 12Find the Greens on this Side of Morni Hills

    Find the Greens on this Side of Morni Hills
    A sleepy hill station in Haryana, Morni Hills is truly the green-gowned beauty. The Shivalik range of Himalayas is expanded all across Morni and the climate is pleasing throughout the year.

     Tikkar Taal a hillock divides these two interconnected artificial lakes - Chota Taal and Bara Taal. It is untouched by commercialization and is an ideal place to get a resplendent view of the hills. Gurudwara Nada Sahib is a meditative haven, nestled in the laps of Shivalik hills, with Ghaggar-Hakra River on one-side.

    Travel time:
    Even though in Haryana, this hill stations to visit near Kasauli is about 2 hours away by taxi.

Sightseeing in Kasauli

Adventure in Kasauli

Day outs in Kasauli



Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

It is a Tibetan library situated in Dharamshala in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The library exists from 1970 and was founded by the 14th Dalai Lama named Tenzin Gyatso. The Library of Tibetan works and archives is one of the most important libraries of Tibetan work in the world.

Highlights: You will find a lot of Buddhist manuscripts and archives for the subjects relating to Tibetan history, politics, culture and art. There are around 80,000 manuscripts and documents in the library. The library exists as a resource to provide knowledge about the rich culture and heritage.

Location: The library is located in the city of Dharamshala and you can easily reach there through road vehicles as it is quite close from the city.

Price: For a membership of the library, the fee is around Rs. 300 INR per month and the registration cost is Rs. 50. For tourists, there is no additional price but for those who want memberships will have to pay the monthly price.


Masrur is an old village situated in the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the tourists visit this village to see the architecture of the temples situated here. A lot of tourists visit the place while touring around famous places in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Location: Masrur is 40 kilometers from Kangra, a district in Himachal Pradesh. It is very close to Dharamshala and is quite accessible from roadways through Lunj. Roadways are the best way to reach the place which is what most people prefer.

Highlights: Masrur is quite famous for its rock cut temple which is also known as Himalayan Pyramid. They are a set of complex temples known for their classic Indian architectural style. These temples are around 6-8 centuries old which makes them more special.

Best time to visit: Usually people love to visit the place during winter season given the nice climate in North India.

Christ Church

Christ Church is a great place for all the photo fanatics, God lovers and experience seekers. If you are on a visit to Shimla or any nearby region make sure to visit this place.

Location: It is located in the Mall road of the Kasauli region. The Kasauli bus stand is nearby and travelling is not a hassle from here. Even a railway station is at close proximity from the place.

Highlights: It is one of the oldest church in Himachal Pradesh, said to be built in the year 1853. But the church always looks as if it is newly built. The church also has a beautiful clock tower which people click a lot of pictures of.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the place is from morning 7 to evening 7. It is only open during these hours so you must take that into consideration before going to the place.

Naam Art Gallery

Naam art gallery is the best place for everyone who loves art and appreciates it. The gallery has a huge collection of paintings by Elizabeth Buschmann who belongs to Germany, who is also the founder of the gallery. It also has paintings from A.W. Hallett, who is an English painter.

Location: It is located around 32 km from the town of Dharamshala and takes just about an hour with public or private transportation.

Highlights: The major highlights of the gallery are of course the beautiful paintings hung on its wall. More than that, if you like a painting, you can buy it for yourself, this is a great way to show appreciation to someone's art.

Place this

Best time to visit: The art gallery is open on all days from morning 10 to 7 in the evening. So you can have a visit at these times and enjoy the art work displayed here.

Sunset Point

We all know the beauty of sunset points, there are various such points throughout our country and the world. The sunset point in Kasauli attracts a lot of visitors because of the stunning view of the valleys. Apart from tourists, even the residents sometime come here to savour the beautiful scene of the sunset.

Location: It is located at the end of the upper mall road. Busses and cabs are available at the place so transportation is very easy.

Highlights: The major highlight is the view of the sunset point. People come here to enjoy, relax and click a lot of beautiful pictures of the setting sun. It is one of the best places to enjoy the evening.

Best time to visit: For seeing the sunset, you need to visit the place at dusk around 6 in the evening. It is a natural event and thus you need to time yourself well to see it.

Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge is the most beautiful and the historically significant building of Shimla. It is architecturally rich and accounts for a good half-day excursion. Known to be the summer residence of Indian Viceroy who was the British Raj leader between 1888 until 1946, the Viceroy has taken several significant decisions in this Lodge.

Location: The Viceregal Lodge is located some 2km west of Shimla on the summit of Observatory Hill which offers beautiful panoramic views over the region. To reach the Lodge you’ll have to follow the Chaura Maidan Road out of Shimla and the lodge spans over 500m along this road.

Highlights: The Viceregal Lodge is Shimla is also famous as the Rashtrapati Nilayam or the President’s House. Reference here is on the era between independence to the mid 1960’s when the logo was used by the Indian Presidents as their summer retreat.

Price: Entrance fee to the Lodge is 20RS

Tsuglag Khang

This is one of the temples which are the main focus of visiting pilgrims, monks and a lot of tourists. Tsulag khang is loved by people owing to its beautiful aura and the natural surroundings.

Location: Tsuglag khang is located in the town of McLeod Ganj which has good accessibility and transport facilities. You will find the place on the Temple Road.

Highlights: The major highlight of the place is the main temple, the Tsuglagkhang itself. Another famous thing about it is the Namgyal Gompa and finally the Tibet Museum, which is famous for many ancient things worth seeing.

Best time to visit: You will have to take proper considerations while visiting the place due to different timings in different months. If you are going during April to October months, the place is open from 5 am – 8pm. For the months of November to March, the place is open for 6am-6pm.

Kangra Art Museum

This is one of the museums which have paintings from the Kangra School, Chamba rural embroideries along with various traditional photos and costumes from the earthquake which shattered the place in 1905.

Location: It is located in the town of Dharamshala. You can easily reach the place through any means of transport.

Highlights: You can have a look at the fine miniature painting made by some of the most dedicated artists who love to paint. The museum is also home to the best embroideries.

Best time to visit: The museum stays open from 10 in the morning to 1:30 in the noon and then reopens again from 2 to 5 in the evening. It will be a waste of time if you visit on any other time because the museum will be closed by then.

Price: The ticket price for Indians is Rs. 50 whereas that for foreigners is Rs. 100.


Dharamkot is a village adjoining McLeod Ganj that oozes sparkling sceneries. Just three kilometres to the north of McLeod Ganj, forests of towering pines and rhododendrons welcome you to experience bliss first-hand. Not far from Dal Lake, the festival-fair organized every year adds to the vividness of Dharamkot. More spellbinding views of the Dhauladhar range await you, and a spiritual retreat at one of the several dedicated centres is just a step away. 

Although located only a stone’s throw away, the village of Dharamkot is in complete contrast to the Tibetan realms of McLeod Ganj. Trek to the villages at Naddi and Triund, which are right around the bend, and delve into the offerings of bountiful nature. A few cafes en route to Dharamkot sees the crowd dwindling, and peace is on the offing at throwaway prices. 

One of the most popular things to do among hikers is to rent a room in relatively noiseless Dharamkot and travel back and forth to McLeod Ganj—with the goal being solitude. Getting one’s own stock of alcohol from a kilometre away and chilling in the cafes is another one of travellers’ favourites. 

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