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Manali has always been that white lady ready to serve you with its splendour throughout the year, yet the best time to visit Manali is the summer season ranging from March to June. The summers here are pleasant throughout the day and night. But if you are a devotee of some snow-play then come winters and find the town encrusted in white like a place straight out of your imaginings. Manali being the interesting location it is best visited both in summers and winters, the seasons have something different to offer, yet it will be difficult to decide which is better.

On the other hand, we recommend you to avoid visiting Manali in the monsoons due to volatile and erratic landslides and pathetic road conditions to add to your dismay. We take you through all the three kinds of weather and how to get the best out of each considering there is a lot to be done in this graceful beauty.

Here are the best seasons to visit Manali:


Manali in Winter

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Manali in Winter
It is sheer joy to visit here in the winters. Every year the number of tourists flocking to take a vision of the winters is increasing. The paradise for backpackers and lovers, winters promise snow-capped mountains, charming countryside, and great food.

Places to visit:

Old Manali
– Leave everything and visit this amalgamation of contemporary and traditional setting full of historical temples and chic cafes. You can visit the Hadimba temple, Manu temple, the red house cafe and Cafe 1947 for a nice meal.

– seeking some snow in winter and we assure you will get lots in the grandiose town of Gulaba. While Rohtang pass could be closed due to heavy snowing, this locale sitting at 4300 meters will give you relishing the image of the beautiful towN

Choekhor Mahavihara
– Find lasting peace in this monastery in the quaint Kullu valley. Located amidst the enchanting mountains and greenery, you have to come here in winters to enjoy the most.

– Located approximately 2 hours from Manali, this one should not be missed during winters. The mystic Parvati valley houses this village which is very famous for its river-side camping adventures.

Hampta Pass
– The pass connecting the Kullu valley to Lahaul offers a breathtaking view of the Pir Panjal range and the cold deserts of the Lahaul. One of the best visions to endure, this should be unmissable in winters for its sheer beauty and striking revelation.

Beas Kund
– This is a magnanimous walking trail and is a one hour drive from Manali. If you want to enjoy the truest beauty of nature, then come here and see what’s in it for you.

Gauri Shankar temple
– Located near the Nagar castle, the trek to this temple will take you to this temple, which has beautiful architecture dated back to the 12th century.

Bhigru Lake
– Also known as the glacier lake, the frozen beauty provides a great trekking trail to adventure enthusiasts.

Activities to pursue:

Don’t blame us to arouse the shopaholic in you, but we recommend you to shop here in winters especially at the mall road with some vibrant wares on display which you may never stop yourself from. Winters in Manali mean snow and the Solang, Gulaba, and Rohtang offers spine-chilling skiing reverie amidst the thick snow coating.

If you are not up for skiing you can still enjoy snow by going for a snowboarding ride that is equally charging. The Rohtang pass offers snowboarding if it is kept open.
  An abundance of snow also means you can take a ride on the Santa Claus sledge ride and experience twists and turns that your journey shall bring along.

If you are done with your share of snow, do not forget to take the Gondola ride to savour the visual treat. Last but not least, the winter carnival with foot tapping music and compelling folk dances is not to be missed
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Manali in Summer

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Manali in Summer
The months from March to June provide the much-needed respite from the deadly heat your city is battling with. Summer is the ideal time if you are gearing up to tread on an adventurous path and seeing the very many beautiful spots at your disposal.

Places to visit:

Rohtang pass
– Situated at an altitude of 4000 meters, the must-visit site seems to lure tourists every year for its sheer magnanimity. The resplendent icy glaciers and the cascading pure waters of the mountains will magnetize your attention.

Solang valley
– The valley of Solang is a 13 km stretch between Beas, Kund and the Solang village. It is a paradise on earth just to see what this place unfolds in summers.

Hadimba Temple
– The 4-tier Pagoda is situated amidst dense Deodar forest and is a sacred shrine dedicated to Goddess Hidimba. The place presents an immense opportunity for religious devotees and art admirers. The rock which the Goddess chose to meditate is present there for the tourists to discover its wonders

Vashisht Baths
– Who said baths, have to be shied away? Not when you have the prospect of bathing in hot mountainous springs that will mend you spiritually. The Vashisht baths offer separate areas for male and female bath option. Enticing as it sounds to be get healed by just taking a hot water bath, you will also feel rejuvenated.

Rahala waterfalls
– Situated at about 17 km from Manali, this is one of the best experiences you can get in summer. The waterfalls will give you some of the most beautiful sights and the experience of a lifetime.

Manali wildlife sanctuary
– this thick deodar forest spreads about 3000 hectares and offers rich foliage with exotic flora and fauna. The best place for photo enthusiasts and bird watchers; it is a refreshing look into the wonders of nature’s creation.

Arjun Gufa
– The legendary naturally formed cave is a favourite picnic spot of Manali. The cave gets its name from the celebrated brave Arjun who is believed to have meditated here. The trek up to the caves is infested with many exciting twists and turns. This is surely a must visit in the summers.

Activities to pursue:

Manali has an enriching list of activities to do in summer and perhaps that is why it is known to be the best time to visit here. The trails and treks here can be extremely challenging but when you are here do not miss the trekking challenges that the Hampta pass and Deo Tibba throw at you.

Camping would be fun too so will your bike adventures on underhand roads. The beautiful Pandoh dam also offers silent and peaceful boat can or you can easily avail the joy of riding a snow scooter or gear up for mountain biking encapsulated in wrinkled peaks in the Rohtang valley.

A host of family adventures can be found here like paragliding, parachuting, horse riding, zorbing, and tandem. The cable car rides will make go gaga over the beauty unfolding right in front of your eyes.

The Vashisht baths offer a different ride altogether. Apart from taking utter joy in bathing in the hot gushes of water, you can also hop out for some amazing shopping experience near the site. Hadimba temple too can be visited when you can indulge in taking a forest walk or photograph the marvel in and around the vicinity of the temple
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Manali in Monsoon

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Manali in Monsoon

Do you enjoy getting wet in the rain? If yes, then you would enjoy during monsoons in this jewel of Kullu. There are risks here when you visit the rather vulnerable town in monsoons, but we can also recommend a few places if you happen to be there. The best thing you can resort to is to avoid travelling a lot because of frequent unpredictable landslides and dangerous situations. But we do have in mind that the traveller in you, needs to venture out to some safe havens in monsoons.

Places to visit:

Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk art
– This is perhaps one of the most popular sights to go to especially when you are venturing out in rain and need to remain indoors. The site offers some of the most treasured traditional collection that has been a part of the town since the '90s. You can find a range of vessels, masks, traditional yard goods and some unseen musical instruments here.

Kuthar Fort
– Yet another architectural marvel to hanker after in monsoons is the Kuthar fort. The 800-year-old fort is surrounded by quaint beauty which looks gorgeous in the rainfalls.

The Nagar castle
– The architecture of the castle is made up of stones and wood which was converted into a rest house. But now, as the attractiveness as a prominent tourist location has increased it has been made into a heritage hotel.

Manali Gompa
– This spiritual locale serves as a pilgrimage centre for Buddhists. A colossal statue of Lord Buddha has been erected here and tourists come in hordes throughout the year to eye this wonder. The pagoda styled monastery also has some visually appealing paintings that showcase the teachings of Lord Buddha.

The international Roerich memorial trust
– This fascination is just too apt for the monsoons because of its location on the lovely hilltop overlooking vegetation. The location is the former house of a noted Russian painter called Nicholas Roerich. The house has been beautifully and thoughtfully designed with exquisitely done private rooms and well-chosen paintings to brighten up the walls.

Activities to pursue:

We do not recommend that you set out your foot in the rain because of the associated risks, but for bikers, you can take part in the Brahmand tour
organized for passionate bikers to take and seep in the stunning landscapes and breathtaking destinations. For those, who have no such passion, you can shop, eat at those little town cafes or relax with some joyous spa sessions.

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"One of the cheapest and best sightseeing around the internet, perfect guide cum driver who knows all the ways and points , well guides with all the tradition over there , on time pickup and will take you for lunch however your budget is, almost covered all the places in Manali, thank you for such a wonderful trip."
Karthik Karthik Hampta Pass Trekking 2020
"The Hampta Pass Trek is a Total bliss. You get high with the mountains..the scenic views; the hot Maggie's and definitely with Snow. But also it's a moderate level; as I was a bit towards the heavier body persons,there were very little difficulties..otherwise it's the best one could ever do; to embrace Life."
18 September 2014
Morang La is an amazing point, which is also the highest peak almost 5300 ft, From there we trekked downwards and it was so exciting. We also encountered those nomadic groups there.A completely out of the box experience!!!
Thanks to Thrillophilia for providing such an amazing and thrilling package in Manali. It was really an awesome experience. The camps and amenities were fantastic. My friends and I enjoyed trekking with our guide Chetan bhaiya. He is very caring and nice guy. Our evening was well spent around a mesmerising bonfire and DJ music. It was like a treat for everyone. Food served was good. The splendour view of mountains covered with snow and enchanting waterfall rejuvenates yourselves like anything. Infact, river rafting was a chilling experience in the cold!! I would recommend others to try such wonderful camping and spend their time in the lap of nature away from busy and chaotic routine life. It is really worth enjoying!
24 October 2018
Hampta Pass was my first multiple day trek and I had an amazing experience overall. The base points like Chika, Jwara, Balu ka Ghera are all placed very well from each other and serve as a perfect checkpoints for the overall trek. Our trek started on 14th Oct and due to snowfall our group could not complete the trek and we had to come back from somewhere near Blau ka Jheel. So my advice would be to plan this trek before September end otherwise it gets too cold and you can't even compete the trek. But apart from this, the Hampta Pass Trek is thoroughly enjoyable with scenes that feel straight out of some fairytale or wallpapers. As for beginners, this trek is easy-to-moderate with only very few tough patches. Happy Trekking!
16 January 2020
We were a group of 3 friends and visited Manali in the month of January. It was such an amazing journey for us right from the start from Delhi. We meet our driver Mr Mukesh and our trip started with a night drive to Manali. Mukesh was a really good driver and person. Our stay was very comfortable and food during the tour was also nice. Rohtang Pass was really amazing and we played in the snow ride snow scooter. Thanks to team Thrillophilia and Mukesh for making our trip memorable.
12 January 2020
Me and my family really enjoyed visiting Shimla and Manali on this tour. My kids were gone mad by seeing the now and it reminded me of my childhood days when I saw the snow first time. Our driver was very good and knowledgable pahadi person. He shared lot of interesting stories with us and not to mention we enjoyed some Himachali song with him also. Accommodation was very good and all the activities in the tour were planned as per the itinerary. A very satisfying trip and thanks to Thrillophilia for planning our family tour of Manali so we well.
We went to Kullu Manali for our honeymoon and it was an amazing trip. We enjoyed a lot during the entire trip. The adventure activities like paragliding, skiing were so much fun to do. Paragliding was one fo the best thing we did, we even did river rafting in Kullu and had a lot of fun. The city is so beautiful and the weather was a little cold. The trip was so well organized, we even had fun shopping and exploring the cafes there. Thanks, Thrillophilia for the memorable experience!!
Recently we went to Manali for our honeymoon and it was one of the best trips ever. The city is so beautiful and alluring. The weather was so amazing. Views from Solang valley was mesmerizing. We enjoyed playing in the snow and even tried skiing. we even explored Kullu and river rafting was the best part of it. Thanks, Thrillophilia for the well-organized package. The stays were cozy and comfortable, the food provided was good, the driver was kind and humble.
Manali is so beautiful and alluring. The trip to Manali is one of the best trips. We enjoyed playing in the snow and even tried skiing. The Solang Valley is so alluring and we also went to kullu and did river rafting which was so thrilling. We even went to the shawl factory, apple farms. We had a great time there.

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People Also Ask About Manali

  1. What is the best time to visit Manali for the honeymoon?

    The best time to visit Manali for Honeymoon is between the months of March and May, during peak summer season. During this time, the temperature here remains on the lower side, and the weather remains cool, dry and pleasant.
  2. What is the best time to visit Manali for snowfall?

    The best time to visit Manali for snowfall is during the months of winter, between October and February. During this time, sub-zero temperatures prevail, and the ground is generally completely covered in a beautiful cover of snow.
  3. What is the best time to visit Manali for adventure activities?

    The best time to visit Manali for adventure activities is during the colder winter months. A lot of fun adventure activities take place during the cold months, such as skiing, snow sledding, snow zorbing, tobogganing, snow tubing and much more.
  4. Is December a good time to visit Manali?

    If you’re willing to brave the chilly temperatures, then December is an excellent time to visit Manali. During this time, the entire town is covered in snow, appearing twice as beautiful than usual. A number of interesting winter sports can also be enjoyed during this time.

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