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Best Places to Visit in Andaman and Nicobar in 2019

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Scuba Diving in Andaman

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Kayaking in Andaman

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Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman

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  • Places to visit in Andaman include Havelock Island, Port Blair, Neil Island, Baratang Island, Radhanagar Beach, Diglipur, Chidiya Tapu, Barren Island, Cellular Jail, Ross Island, Elephant Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Jolly Buoy Island, Kala Patthar and many more as they offer beautiful sunsets, distinct wildlife, migratory birds which would surely soothe your eyes and mind.

    Encompassed by the ever sunny skies and turquoise beaches, the tourist places in Andaman and Nicobar would surely make your holidays unforgettable. This archipelago of 572 islands has something or the other for everyone. Some of your best experiences can start right at the capital city, Port Blair. You can explore its many museums, flora and fauna and the rich marine life. Near to it is the Neil island which is a perfect secluded place where you can explore sea caves and never seen before marine life.

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    Havelock Island, which has sun-bleached sand and pristine waters, is surely the best place to dance with the waves. Another island called Bartang Island has everything you look for on an island- from captivating beaches, limestone caves, golden sunsets to mangrove creeks and spooky skeletons.

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    Several other places include the famous Cellular Jail, Mount Harriet and Madhuban for the exotic and distinct flora and fauna, Ross Island, Neil Island, Viper Island consisting of old ruins, Barren island with an active volcano and the list goes on. Once you visit the Andaman and Nicobar islands, they will surely allure you with their charm.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Andaman:

  • Havelock Island

    Havelock Island
    Image Credit : 
    Havelock Island, part of the stunning Ritchie’s Archipelago, is the heart and soul of Andamans. Speckled with countless white sand beaches surrounded by the beauty of tropical forest, Havelock is a coastal paradise promising unprecedented luxury with a blissful dollop of adrenaline. Home to some of the most stunning beaches of Andaman, the underwater world is guaranteed to lure you in with the plethora of water adventures like snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking, surfing and glass boat rides!

    On a lazy day, get in your favourite hammock by the white sandy beaches, and under the canopy of tall palm trees to reinvigorate your senses. Explore popular beaches like Vijayanagar, Radhanagar, and Bharatpur, and entertain the shopaholic in you by giving the iconic Market No. 3 a visit! If you’re a seeker of offbeat destinations, a fascinating trip to Barren Island, Inglis Beach, Merk Bay, and Kalapathar Beach are a delightful detour from the more popular, bustling Havelock beaches.

    Places to Visit in Havelock Islands:

    -Neil Island
    Neil Island is one of the most popular places to visit in Andaman, and sits about 40 km to the south of the Andaman Islands. The face of the island is peppered with dense tropical forests, coral reefs, and lovely white sand beaches. It is also one of the best places in Havelock for experiencing the realm of underwater adventures like scuba diving, snorkelling, and surfing. Beaches like Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Bharatpur are the most frequented of all.

    -Radhanagar Beack
    Skirting the southern coast of Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is something right out of paradise! Crowned Asia’s Best Beach, and 7th best in the world by Time Magazine, Radhanagar beach enjoys immense popularity. It is the beach that your island dreams are made of - pristine white sand caressing azure waters and towered by lofty trees! It is the perfect place to experience the combination of comforting luxury and rugged wilderness. 

    -Elephant Beach
    Elephant Beach is best known for snorkelling, owing to the beautiful coral reefs that grace the seascape, along with an abundance of exotic marine life which will have you keep coming back for more. The boat or ferry ride to Elephant Beach from Havelock Jetty takes about 40 minutes. As the beach is applauded for its stunning coral reef structures, sea walking is an unmatched, surreal experience. It is safe to say that your trip to Havelock is incomplete without visiting Elephant Beach.

    -Barren Island
    True to its name, Barren Island is a stretch of land that is completely devoid of human population. It also fosters the only known active volcano of South Asia, making it a truly fascinating destination for adventure seekers. Since the vegetation is scanty there, it is home only to goats, bats, birds and rats. Although, you need to obtain special permission from the forest department in order to visit the island. Besides, there is a whole world of water sports to lure you along the way!

    -Vijaynagar Beach
    The exquisite beauty of Vijaynagar Beach is ideal for those looking to bask in the comforting caresses of nature. Also famous as Beach No. 5, it is a go-to destination for exploring the exciting underwater world. The lingering tranquility and solace that the beach offers make it a truly unmatched spot, veered off other bustling attractions in Andaman. You can also have a look at our guide on the best things to enjoy in andaman on your trip. 

    -Long Island
    Decidedly the most offbeat places to visit in the archipelago, the seascape of Long Island remains relatively unspoiled. It is famous amongst adventurers and explorers of untraced paths, while not many travellers are privy to the beautiful secrets that it harbours. It is also the perfect place for you to unplug, and reconnect with yourself, given the isolated location of the place. If you can visit only a handful of places in Andaman, let Long Island be one of those places.

    -Bharatpur Beach
    A popular amongst travellers, Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island is a wide blanket of undulating waves, bordered by pristine white sand. What makes the beach stand out is the diversity in coral reefs and exotic marine life that thrives there. One of the best ways to fully admire the beauty of the beach and its wonderful residents is on a glass boat ride, which gives you a closer view, along with the illusion that you’re actually floating on water!

    -Kala Pathar Beach
    Sitting about 12 km away from Havelock jetty, the beauty of Kalapathar beach remains relatively unexplored. One of the cleanest beaches in Andaman, Kalapathar is ideal for those looking for a respite from the crowded, popular beaches of Havelock. Roofing adventure, natural beauty and solitude, the beach is not yet well equipped with advanced facilities that the other beaches have.

    -Market #3
    Market #3, also dubbed as the heart and soul of Havelock Island, caters to all shopping whims and needs of travellers and locals alike. Lined with several shops and vendors selling everything from clothes to daily essentials and groceries, one needs to brush up on their bargaining skills to shop here. The market operates from morning to 03:00 PM only.

    -Merk Bay Beach
    Snuggled in the secluded beauty of North Passage Island in Andaman, Merk Bay Beach is essentially a vast, unseen world awaiting exploration. A beguiling combination of clear turquoise waters and lovely white sand enchants the senses and redefines beauty. The one hour ride from Long Island jetty to Merk Bay is a scenic one as the path winds through unknown creeks and nooks. The island is apt for activities like dolphin spotting, birdwatching, or even for a simple yet refreshing walk by the moonlit shores.

    -Laxmanpur Beach
    Looking for picture perfect memories and postcard worthy photos? Laxmanpur Beach is what you’re looking for! Bestowed with untouched beauty, the beach strays somewhat off the commonly trodden paths. Its vast and open white shell sands form a striking contrast to the blue waters of other beaches in Andaman. You can also find a delightful amount of sea shells and corals here. Activities like snorkelling and diving are best enjoyed at Laxmanpur Beach, while the majesty of the setting sun leaves stellar shades in the evening skies for you to revel in.

    -Inglis Beach       
    Inglis Island is located about 60 km away from Port Blair, and is acclaimed widely for its diverse coral reef structures and wildlife. The endless expanse of turquoise green waters of Inglis are bound to leave you speechless. Embraced by vast forests, the island is fairly isolated, rendering it ideal for honeymooners and explorers. Lovely white sand beaches surrounded by vast stretches of greenery, the offbeat destination is something every adventurer dreams of. Don't miss on checking out our top selling andaman honeymoon packages

    Things to Do in Havelock

    -Visit beaches
    Andaman is a beautiful tropical world, and home to thousands of sparkling beaches. And while there are many places to explore in Havelock, essentially, it is nothing without its beaches. If you’re a seeker of offbeat places, Kalapathar Beach is the perfect place to explore, besides Vijaynagar Beach, Radhanagar Beach, and Kalapathar Beach. The most phenomenal experience if watching the slowly setting sun fire up the evening sky!

    -Have a Glass Bottom Boat Tour
    A menacing combination of adrenaline and peace, the iconic glass bottom boat ride is a must-have experience when in Havelock. Unveil the marvellous secrets of the marine world without dipping your toes in! The ride is generally about an hour long, and can be experienced best at Bharatpur Beach, given its secluded location ensuring you have only the pristine tropical beauty for company.

    -See Elephants training
    Close to the Havelock jetty lies an elephant training camp where they’re trained meticulously to carry heavy logs, and for other tasks. You can also take a tour of the thick forests of Havelock Island via elephant rides - a once in a lifetime experience. Another such place to experience this is the training camp presided over by the Forest Department at Kalapathar.

    -Witness Elephants swimming
    Elephant swimming is a widely spoken about activity in Andaman. The most famous swimming elephant, a 66-year-old wonder and the last of his kind was adopted by Havelock’s Barefoot Resort. It was there that he met his end. Sadly, there are no more swimming elephants left in Andamans anymore.

    -Explore the sea - Scuba Diving
    When in Andaman, scuba diving is a given! The most popular water sport, scuba diving lures in herds and herds of travellers, nature lovers and adrenaline junkies to Andaman every year. And for good reason, for the spectacular beauty of the islands and the stunning diving sites are virtually matchless. There are well-trained professionals and guides to oversee your adventure, and the top-notch modern equipments provided are an assurance of safety. If you’re looking for underwater adventures, Andaman will delight you.

    With no dearth of breathtaking white sand beaches and glistening turquoise waters in Havelock, snorkelling is one of the finest adventures you can have! One of the major highlights about snorkelling in Havelock is that there is not stipulated timings the must be adhered to, and can be done anytime as per your convenience. Despite being an adrenaline pumping activity, you’d be surprised at the feeling of tranquility it brings you.

    -Seesighting in Havelock
    Havelock Island is arguably the most alluring destination in Andaman, with countless little treasures locked in its verdant, tropical bounds. From an array of crystal clear beaches to explore, to an astounding list of adventures to lose yourself in, Havelock has got it all. The most commonly chosen sightseeing spots are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Barren Island, Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach, Vijaynagar Beach and numerous others.

    -Kayaking in Havelock
    Another stimulating activity to indulge in, kayaking was not as popular as scuba diving back in the day, but is gaining rapid popularity. The realms of Havelock is deemed ideal to experience kayaking. Your adventure is guided by thorough professionals, ensuring safety as well as an adrenaline packed adventure.

    -Seaplane ride from Havelock to port blair
    Imagine witnessing the spellbinding grandeur of Andaman unfurling before you in a vast, green sprawl, cradling an endless stretch of the sea - a bird’s eye view. That’s what the seaplane ride from Havelock to Port Blair promises, besides other things. The ride takes about 25 blissful minutes to cover the distance between Havelock to Port Blair, speckled with white sandy beaches.

    -Trek to Elephant beach
    If you thought watersports were the only happening thing in Andaman, a refreshing jungle trek to Elephant Beach is just the mythbuster you need! The narrow trails to Elephant Beach are lined with stunning, tall trees that command some of the best views on the island. The trek begins at about 08:00 AM, and lasts for 45 minutes, weaving through dense mangrove forests and marshlands.

    -Have a walk in sea
    A refreshing change from scuba diving, yet strikingly similar to it is the delightful adventure of sea walking. The best place to indulge in it is Elephant Beach in Havelock, where PADI certified instructors look after your journey and ensure you well-rounded safety and total fun. All you need is a well trained instructor, sea helmet and you’re set! In fact, you can even take this up as a pre scuba diving activity, to test the waters, literally!

    Things to keep in mind:

    Make sure to pack all your medical essentials in a single, easily accessible bag that you can carry everywhere. Carry medicines for fever, cough and cold, indigestion, headache, motion sickness, nausea, diarrhoea, painkillers, band-aid, gauze, cotton and antiseptic cream.) Though there are a decent number of pharmacy shops in Havelock, it is always advisable to carry your stash with you in case of emergencies.

    -  Carry your govt. ID proofs everywhere you go. You will be required to produce them at airports, staying in hotels and possibly other places.

    -  Locals are quite helpful, warm and welcoming. Don’t hesitate too much to ask for advice and recommendations. The island is relatively safe, with minimum crime rates, even for solo female travellers. That said, know when to avoid someone if you smell trouble. Do not get too friendly with someone you don’t know well. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

    - If you wish to save money, consider travelling by local transportation instead of hiring a private car. Not only will you make more friends, but also enhance your travel experience by a long shot.

    - Carry a majority of your money in form of cards, with only bare minimum in cash to ensure protection. There are enough number of ATMs in Havelock.

    - If you’re travelling during monsoons, keep an eye out for any weather reports that may be circulated.

  • Havelock Island Attractions

  • 01 Neil Island

    Neil Island
    Image Credit : 

    A tiny island located to the south of Andaman is Neil Island, brimming with less explore marine diversity, coral reefs, long beaches and bewitching greenery. Being one of the tourist destinations in Andaman, Neil is so happy to become the host with revealing all that it has.

    A romantically silent island unlike the hustle of Havelock Island, Neil Island is termed as the vegetable bowl of Andaman. A perfect place to simply relax and chill is the beaches here and the deserted shores are favourite to those who love to relax in utmost peace.

    In two hours, one can explore the island by walking around. It got the name Neil after the British Brigadier General James Neill who stubbornly dealt with the rebels during the 1857 Mutiny. The rich cultivation of paddy is found in Neil Island that belongs to the Ritchies’ Archipelago between Havelock Island and Rose Island. 

    Highlights: One of the major highlights of Neil Island is Neil Kendra, a beautiful curving bay full of white sand and holding the major jetty of the island made attracting by disarraying numerous colourful wooden fishing boats. Known to be the heart of the island, Neil Kendra has Bharatpur Beach on its left and Laxmanpur Beach on the right.

    The richest collection of marine lives and coral reefs have given Neil Island the peculiarity of being one of the most thrilling scuba diving sites on the island. In addition to diving, Neil Island is home to those who love snorkeling, swimming, birding, cycling etc.

    Activities: Glass bottom ride and snorkelling are the major activities available on Neil Island though there are enough opportunities to do diving and other prime adventure activities.

    Distance from Port Blair: The island belongs to the South Andaman district is located about 36 km northeast from Port Blair.

    Accommodations: Neil Island hotels and resorts in Neil Island.

  • 02 Radhanagar Beach

    Radhanagar Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Radhanagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has ranked 8th among the top ten beautiful beaches in the world based on travellers reviews and rating available on multiple sources and Radhanagar Beach deserves it for many reasons. One of the most ravishing beauty in Andaman with a lot of tourists visiting it every year, Radhanagar Beach is the gem of Havelock Island. 500 meters away from the beach, one can see only the expansive blue water and the lush green tropical forests but when you reach the beach, the sights are apparently awe-inspiring.

     Radhanagar is commonly called as Beach No.7 and this is one of the closest beach located near to Havelock Island ferry tier. The silky beach is kids friendly as well so that families are found in plenty on the beach to spend their vacation or a short holiday.

    Highlights: There is nothing to be worried as the coast guards are roaming around always and the number of people here will be a pleasant sight to see. Andaman honeymoon packages itinerary always includes Havelock Island.

    Activities: Snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, boating, parasailing etc are some of the most commonly seen activities on the beach and among them Scuba Diving is the best as it offers the clear interaction with the wide range of marine animals and coral reefs around living in harmony. 

    The turquoise water gives a rejuvenating experience while you swim across or do snorkelling and since the number of tourists are relatively higher, the Government opens more opportunities for them to spend an ample time on the beach. As it is a superb place adventure lovers also would covet, the fame it has achieved international importance in no time. You must book a tour including  Andaman snorkelling, to make your holiday much more special.

    Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair it will take more than three hours to reach Radhanagar Beach as it is located about 72 kms away from the capital city.

  • 03 Elephant Beach

    Elephant Beach
    Image Credit : 

    One of the most amazing places to visit in Andaman for water sports and leisure tour, Elephant Beach should not be missed from your Andaman holiday itinerary. Boasting of heavenly coral reefs and its enthralling underwater marine life, Elephant Beach is a great spot to spend your holiday time in Andaman.

    Whether you seek relaxing or a bustling escape from the monotony of daily life, Elephant Beach will charm you in all the ways. It offers a number of water sports which include diving, snorkelling along with a range of other adventure activities like bird watching, trekking and kayaking.You must check other islands of Andaman consisting of great beaches and make your tour marvelous by visiting them.

    Best visited during the months of November to February, Elephant Beach is an ideal place to watch the infinite sea and have an adventure with water activities. One should try to visit during the early morning and watch the sunrise in the sky at Elephant Beach. Along with the pristine natural landscapes, Elephant Beach is a great holiday respite to explore marine life, enjoy trekking and having a picnic at the beach. It is mostly known for its coral reefs and offers an unparalleled underwater fun for all the nature lovers in Andaman.

    Highlights: In Elephant Beach, the most amazing attractions and things to do are snorkelling and sea walking. Along with that you can explore other beaches like Govindnagar Beach, Radhanagar Brach and Kalapather Beach. Some other exciting activities to indulge in at Elephant Beach include sunbathing, scuba diving, surf riding, fishing, swimming, gazing at the sunset or sunrise, bird-watching, trekking, kayaking and more.

    Activities: Mirror boat rides, Snorkeling, Diving, Bird-watching, Swimming, Kayaking, Trekking, Gaze at the sunset or sunrise

    Distance from Port Blair: The distance between Port Blair and Elephant beach is approximately about 70 km.

  • 04 Barren Island

    Barren Island
    Image Credit : 

    The one and only confirmed active volcano in South East Asia is on Barren Island and recently in 2017, it appeared in news all over the world as the eruption happened in the volcano once again. The name is completely suitable for the island as it does not promote any type of human inhabitants and it is completely barren. The first identified eruption on this island happened in the year of 1787 and then on, there were around ten eruptions happened here.

    The volcanic island is placed in the middle of a volcanic belt and that too on the edge of the Indian and Burmese tectonic plates. The highest peak of the volcano stands up to 354 meters. But it is confirmed that most of the volcanoes on the island are found underwater.

    Highlights: Since the island is inhabited by humans, there are a lot of animal species are found among which, some of them are really unique. The total diameter of the island is 3 kms and there you can find a big crater, about half km from the shore.

    Activities: The sea plane ride above the island to enjoy the aerial view of the whole place is a recognized activity. For sightseeing and nature walk, this island is the best as you will come across the huge volcanoes and the nearby rock structures.

    Distance from Port Blair: It lies around 138 kilometers northeast of Port Blair. There is a strict rule that the visitors will be allowed to go to the island only by the chartered boats with the permission of the Forest Department.

    Here's our full guide on the top things to do in Andaman, which will help you in planning your trip. 

  • 05 Vijaynagar Beach

    Vijaynagar Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Known as Beach No.5 is Vijaynagar Beach in the north east part of Havelock Island. Very remote from the crowded locations on Havelock Island, Vijaynagar Beach is close to heart for those who love to spend time in utmost calmness. The regular touch of the sapphire blue water on the pearl like sandy beach makes no noise and it is one of the reasons why tourists chosen it as the perfect space for romantic couples and families. Don't forget to check the resorts for couples in Andaman.

    The beauty of the beach has been praised so much by those who visited it. It is always better to come here freely, just to roam around, or to float on the shallow water, or to read under the large shade given by the huge trees on the shore or to do sunbathing. The collection of Mahua trees and palms is the significant ornament making the beach a splendid place to sit back and relax as much as time one wants to. This is one of the magnificent attractions in Andaman.

    Highlights: A photographer's paradise is Vijaynagar Beach; especially the sunrise views from the beach is incomparably magnificent. When the sun’s fresh rays spread all over the wide sea, the entire atmosphere starts blushing in all possible colours and there is no better sight from the beach would satiate a photographic mind. The native birds appear during the fresh mornings add effective colours to the sunrise pictures.

    Activities: The beach is recognized for relaxed swimming and sunbathing. Adventure activities are not yet a fashion on this inevitable part of Havelock Island.

    Distance from Port Blair: Vijaynagar Beach is located at a distance of about 38 kms from Port Blair but from Havelock jetty the beach is lying 9 kms away only.

  • 06 Long Island

    Long Island
    Image Credit : 

    If you are looking to add some offbeat places to visit in Andaman for your vacation, Long Island is sure not to be missed. Located remotely and not having the best connectivity to other major places in Andaman, Long Island is sure to excite the adventure lover in you. Often hailed as a modern village with its basic amenities, Long island is a place where you can bask in the beauty of mesmerising beaches, cozy caves, rolling meadows and fascinating mangroves. The place is a must visit for nature lovers as there is no dearth of evergreen forests here.

    Also, the Merk Bay Beach will leave you spellbound with its white sands and pristine blue waters and an ideal spot for bathing, watching dolphins, snorkelling and bird watching. The untouched beauty of this island is one of the great ways to have an adventurous time for backpackers exploring the tropical forests and hidden caves. The island is also known to offer some killer views of nature and allows you to indulge in some amazing water sports.

     Some of the striking features of Long Island is its marine wealth with its exotic beaches. It’s a delight for adventure lovers as they are offered an electrifying vacation consisting of lush green tropical forests, unspoilt beaches, tropical forests and beautiful coasts.

    Some of the popular activities to do here except from the obvious sunbathing, is trekking, snorkelling and scuba diving. People should also undertake a boat ride to Merk and Lalaji Bay Beaches along with shopping in Rangat Bazaar when they are here. Travellers can also visit the Boat Building Yard on the island and see some locally made boats. The island is also well-known for forest camping, beach camping, nature walks, trekking and exploring the villages through the densely

    Andaman cruise packages are popular among the tourists, so we recommend for a cruise tour when you are Andaman so that you can witness the beauty of Bay of Bengal.

    Distance from Port Blair: 
    The island is located about 82 kms from Port Blair. You can use the boat service available from Port Blair to Long Island thrice a week.

    Check out the list of
    activities in Port Blair that you can take part in.

  • 07 Bharatpur Beach

    Bharatpur Beach
    Image Credit : 

    The best beach in Neil Island is Bharathpur which looks exactly as a painting exhibiting beauty at the higher level. Among all the favourite beaches in Neil Island, Bharathpur has a separate space. The extensive Bay of Bengal is beautifully lulled by the vast greenery and long stretches of white sand on the shore and tourists from all over the world love Bharathpur because of its backdrop unimaginably designed by the creator.

    The lagoon with shallow and clear water is an ideal space for family to have fun and enjoy the level best. The 500 km long beach has a lot of options for the kids to play and simply laugh.

    Highlights: Early morning visit to the beach will make you revel in the magnificent sunrise views when the beach gets showered in multi hues from the sun and the sight is amazingly vibrant. There is no other better option to start your day with unlimited positivity.

    Activities: This is one of the best spots to do snorkeling and scuba diving with the proper guides available throughout the island. You are getting the perfect opportunity to delve into the sacred world of marine animals and plants which are colourful in their own terms. Also, glass bottom ride is yet another favourite activity done by the visitors of Bharathpur beach.

    As the clear water always unwinds the extended coral reefs in different colours, people love to do swimming as well to have a face to face conversation with these rare species in underwater.

    Distance from Port Blair: Bharathpur beach is located in Neil Island about 40 kms from Port Blair. From the boat jetty at Neil Island, it is really easy to reach the beach by boat.

  • 08 Kala Pathar Beach

    Kala Pathar Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Kalapathar Beach located near Kalapathar Village which is famous for the abundant black stones is an adorning beauty on the famous Havelock Island. The whole beach is dramatically lined by thick greenery and one important fact about the beach is that it is comparatively silent and most of the time, less number of people will be roaming around and that may be the reason why it sticks close to the visitor’s heart. As the number of people is lesser, Kalapathar Beach is very special for couples and families who would like to spend time in peace and utmost calmness. 

    Along with that the indescribable sunset and sunrise views from the beach give unimaginable energy to the tourists. The emerald water, the silvery grains on the shore, the typical green colour of the tropical trees arrayed in a catching way and the pleasant views from the shore are the prime reasons why Kalapathar become a heroic figure many times.

    Since there are n number of accommodation facilities near the beach, tourists are eager to take up a long vacation on Havelock Island and visit this beach.

    Activities: Sunbathing is the best activity that can be done on Kalapathar beach. Snorkeling, bathing, swimming or just walk around are the possible activities that can be done on the beach. Watching the exciting sunset and sunrise is also considered to be refreshing activity here.

    Scuba diving also is an important activity which would open the gates of wide coral reefs underwater.

    Distance from Port Blair: It is located at a distance of 61 kms from Port Blair.

    If you are traveling to Havelock Island from Port Blair then you must check our Port Blair to Hvaelock Travel Guide.

  • 09 Lalaji Bay Beach

    Lalaji Bay Beach
    Image Credit : 

    A peaceful beach that attracts quite a lot of number of tourists is Lalaji Bay Beach located in the west coast of Long Island. The beach is closely connected to Rangat and Middle Andaman so that people won’t get confused about the route to reach Lalaji Bay Beach. Walking through the mangrove creek would be adventurous enough before you reach the charming beach. Facilities are limited on the beach so that tourists are always advised to bring drinking water with them. 

    Highlights: The crystal clear sea and the copious green trees on the shore are making the beach looks amazing and splendid. This pristine beach is highly suitable for beach hopping or sole walking for a refreshing and rejuvenating mind. For a relaxed, peaceful time, Lalaji beach is the best. To surprise you, at times, the dolphins will come out of the habitat and meet the sun.

    Activities: The beach is undoubtedly the best for swimming and snorkeling. But to relax for a while watching the crashing waves will be a remarkable experience for those who love to spend time in peace. To reach the beach, if you are ready, take a 2 hour long walk through the wilderness and the greatest pleasure on arriving at Lalaji Beach is the trekking trip.

    Distance from Port Blair: Lalaji Beach is properly connected to Rangat via continuous ferry but it is lying at a distance of 89 kms from Port Blair. To avoid the long and tiring sea trips, people usually take the bus route to reach Rangat and from there they take the ferry service to reach the beach.

    Don't miss to check out our guide on the top places to see in Havelock Island, which can help you in planning your trip. 

  • 10 Laxmanpur Beach

    Laxmanpur Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Comparatively a silent beach on Neil Island is Laxmanpur Beach that is outshining every other beach on the island in terms of beauty and ravishing charm. Among the beaches in Andaman, it is ranked no.3 and the major reason for that is the greatest combination of azure water, the long stretch of secluded beach, the tropical trees in the backdrop and the heaven-like peace prevailing around.

    It is very close to Neil Island boat jetty, about 2 kms away and that makes the beach more special to the tourists who would love to simply walk around and relax in utmost peace.The accessibility to the beach is perhaps easier by walking and it will let you marvel at the beauty of the surrounding in a deep manner and the natural spectacle would enable you to revel in and linger the vacation you have planned to have over here.

    Highlights: The glittering coral reefs under water would open your eyes wide while you interact with them by doing scuba diving. A relaxing evening walk along the cold, sandy beach is another activity tourists have their hearts at. Also, the sunset views from the beach have been glamorized by the astounding nature in the background.

    Activities: As every other beach on Neil Island, Laxmanpur Beach also welcomes its visitors by offering the umpteen number of activities that can be done alone, with your family and friends. The shallow water which is the crystal clear would offer you the best time of snorkeling and swimming.

    Distance from Port Blair: Though the beach is very close to Neil Island, the distance from Port Blair might force you to take a boat ride and it is located about 40 kms from Port Blair. From Neil Island ferry tier, the beach is lying 2 kms away and anyone can reach their by walking.

    Before you visit Andaman you should check out the best time to visit Andaman Island.

  • 11 Merk Bay Beach

    Merk Bay Beach
    Image Credit : 

    The famous, prominent and beautiful Merk Bay Beach is located on the North Passage Island in Andaman which is the immaculate yet uninhabited island. It is close to the popular Straight Island and Long Island.

    The combination of the turquoise water with the highly glittering white sandy beach executes the definition of unseen beauty very well. From Long Island jetty, one will get a lot of boat services to reach the beach and why tourists are eagerly coming to Merk Bay Beach is to simply relax or for a remarkable day out.

    Highlights: The boat safari from the Long Island Jetty is quite exciting as the journey will be going through the vast creeks and it will take around one hour to reach the beach. There is one point to remember is that during the rainy season or rough weather conditions, there would high waves which will make your journey a bit tricky and difficult so it is always better to check the Andaman travel guide before visiting.

    Tourists have pointed out that Merk Bay Beach is an ideal location for bird watching and there are plenty of opportunities to spot the playful dolphins coming out of the water to meet you.

    Activities: Birding, beach walk, dolphin spotting etc are the main activities Merk Bay Beach loves to host and there are water-based activities like boating, swimming etc can be done.

    Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair, Long Island lies about 47 nautical miles away and after you reach Long Island, you can take the option of a boat ride from Long Island jetty to the beach.

  • 12 Guitar Island Beach

    Guitar Island Beach
    Image Credit : 

    One of the significant yet less explored islands in Andaman is Guitar Island and there is a fascinating reason behind the unusual name of it. The shape of a guitar is clearly drawn by the island and yet another feature is that this island gets connected to the neighboring island during low tides. For sightseeing and spending a fresh morning, this island is quite good. This inhabited island is a wonder for many as it is tucked away by the green nature and astounding azure water that would be supported always by the relaxed long beach. It has one of the best beaches in andaman

    Apart from some fishing boats, the island is devoid of the crowd and you will feel the most private space on the island without any hindrance. Since there are no settlements on the island, night stay will be difficult. Hence tourists arrive here in the morning, spend some time relaxing and then go back by afternoon.

    Highlights: The long sandy beaches are the major attraction on the island and the relishing nature supports it throughout. The pristine nature would eclipse everything else on the island.

    Activities: Sightseeing and beach walk along the long, narrow yet beautiful sand bed are the most appreciated and welcomed activities but you will get enough chances to spot the sea animals like crabs, hermit crabs etc roaming around and a huge collection of shells will be seen here and there throughout the beach.

    Distance from Port Blair: Since Guitar Island is a part of Long Island, it can be approached by dunghi or traditional boat to the island. It will take around 15 minutes only. From Port Blair, Long Island is around 90 km and one can reach by road or by sea taking a boat service.

  • Baratang Island

    Baratang Island
    Image Credit : 

    Massive island, captivating beaches, limestone caves, and mangrove creeks, Bartang Island has everything that will set your holiday mood on. Cradled between Middle and South Andaman, this island is sprawled over an area of 243 square kilometers. Bartang Island is situated at a distance of 90 Km from Portblair and is known for its geological and natural wonders. With alluring sites such as mud island and parrot island, it has emerged as the favorite tourist destination among the travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Though it is still one of the lesser visited tourist places due to the accessibility hindrance, it serves you with umpteen opportunities to quench your thirst for adventure.

    The limestone caves are just a sedimentary rock compressed for millions of years by the deposits of several components including corals, skeletons, and seashells. Another attraction, Parrot Island is a place where you can spend some peaceful evening time with your family and witness numerous parrots flying around. If you are an adventure junkie, you would love to experience hiking and jet skiing at Mud Volcano. Being one of the most amazing wonders in India, this place will offer you an unforgettable experience that you can cherish for a lifetime. So, if you are looking forward to a fun-filled vacation, pack your bags and explore this wild beauty of nature.

    Places To Visit In Bartang Island

    1.Limestone Caves

    Limestone caves are formed by years of recurrent erosion by carbon dioxide dissolved water. In these caves, limestone has taken some intriguing shapes which keep changing over time. On your visit to this place, explore the beautiful path passing through Mangrove forests or indulge in adventure sports like trekking.

    2. Mud Volcano

    This is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Bartang Island. It of formed by liquids and gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen which are released from the interiors of the earth. Though there is no lava formation, mud emerges out of the volcano in a semi-solid state.

    3. Parrot Island

    Situated in the southern side of Andamans, Parrot Island truly offers a sight to behold. With a plenty of beaches, it witnesses a huge influx of travelers throughout the year. Whether you wish to go for a boat ride from jetty or explore the enticing Mangrove forests, you can have all sort of experiences on this island. The island got its name due to the flock of parrots who add to the charm of this place. You can also go for cruise ride in andaman, which is a unique experience like no other. 

    4. Baludera Beach

    Reckoned among the most alluring beaches in Andamans, Baludera is an isolated beach which has successfully preserved its pristine beauty. So, if you want to find an escape from the bustling tourist crowd, this is the right place for you. On your visit to Baludera Beach, you can also try activities such as beachcombing and elephant ride.

    5. Mangrove Creek

    The experience of boat safari amid the thick mangrove forests is an unforgettable memory that you can carry with yourself on your way back home. You can also spot a huge variety of birds along the lush green trails of canopies and tree knots.

    6. Guitar Island

    Flaunting the shape of a guitar, this island is among the less traveled island in Andaman. The beaches on this island are narrow, long, and creamy. One can get to see numerous sea creatures, hermit crab, and shells on these beaches. There is also a smaller version of this island situated in an opposite direction and it is called as small Guitar Island.

    7. Strait Island

    Strait Island is a tiny island in Andaman which is situated around 6 km east of Bartang Island. This is a comma-shaped island which is popular for its huge population of deer, and birds. If you are someone who loves to explore dense forests and wildlife, this place should be your next getaway destination.

    8. Merk Bay Beach

    Located in North Passage Island, which is one of the most isolated islands of Andaman, Merk Bay Beach is an ideal spot for adventure junkies. Whether you want to try scuba diving, snorkeling or other water sports, you can easily explore the enchanting aquatic life of the beach.

    9. Bluff Island

    Just another inhabited island of Andaman, Bluff Island boasts rich wildlife and numerous beaches. The island is around 64 km away from Port Blair and is an ideal spot for peace seekers and nature buffs. So, if you wish to spend some peaceful time with your loved ones, Bluff Island is a must-visit place for you.

    Also check out full guide on the top places to go on your andaman trip, which will help 

    Things To Do In Bartang Island

    1.       Visit Limestone Caves

    Bartang Island has gained tremendous popularity for the shimmering structures found in the caves which are made up of limestone. The journey to this cave is adventurous as you will get to pass through tribal reserves and mangrove forests. These unique caves flaunt stalactites and stalagmites structures which is indeed a unique combination in itself.

    2.       Explore Parrot Island

    Considered a paradise on earth, this island is popular for its natural beauty and parrots. The island can be reached by passing through dense mangrove forests which is itself a treat for the eyes. Apart from chirpy parrots, one can also find a large number of multicolored parakeets on this island.

    3.       Visit Baludera Beach

    One of the most deserted beaches in Andamans, Baludera Beach forms a perfect holiday destination for peace lovers. Tourists prefer to be here for its serene environment and aesthetic surroundings. The eco-friendly and treetop huts are another attraction which quadruples the charm of this beach.

    4.       Hiking At Mud Volcano

    A quick ride from Nilambur Jetty will take you to the mud volcano. One can choose either waterways or roadways to reach this place. These tiny muddy craters are formed by natural gases which are emitted by organic matter. Hiking at this site is an unforgettable experience in itself.

    5.       Visit Mangrove Creek

    Bartang Island is extremely popular for its Mangrove creeks. One can relish the boat safari experience while passing through these thick mangrove creeks. Many tourists take motorboat ride from Bartang jetty to limestone cave through mangrove forests which serves them with altogether a unique experience.

    6.       Visit Guitar Island

    One of the favorite sites of newly married couples, Guitar Island offers you an escape from the city life. This is a deserted island in Andamans which is popular for its serene environment and visual appeal. Guitar Island can only be accessed from the Long Island jetty.

    Snorkeling At Bluff Island

    Situated just 64 km from the Port Blair, this island is a hub for adventure lovers. The rich aquatic life of this island makes it an ideal place for trying out water sports such as snorkeling and diving. In your spare time, you can also explore the wildlife sanctuary present over here.

    8.       Visit Strait Island

    An ideal getaway location for wildlife lovers, Strait Island welcomes the visitors with lush green surroundings and dense forests. This place is home to a variety of birds which intensifies its charm. So, if you have always been a wildlife enthusiast, pack your bags and head to this beautiful island in Andaman.

    9.       Visit Merk Bay

    Situated in close proximity to the Straight Island and Long Island, this beach is a confluence of serenity and beauty. With its white sandy beach, turquoise blue water, and impeccable surroundings, it captivates the hearts of travelers. Merk Beach is also considered a perfect location for birding and dolphin spotting.

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    Other Essential Information About Bartang Island

    1.       Mobile Connectivity

    The mobile network is a major concern for the travelers visiting this island. Most of the networks fail to work properly and the ones that are functional, provide very basic services. Apart from call drop and bad network, you can also face issues with downloading the applications. However, it is found that BSNL provides better service than other networks around this area. So, don’t forget to carry a BSNL sim card on your Bartang trip. To avoid any kind of risk, it is advisable to take the help of a tour operator. You can also carry some extra sim cards which can be used in case of emergency.

    2.       Medical Facilities

    Though this island has very limited access to medical facilities, its proximity to the capital city of Port Blair makes things easier for the tourists. Port Blair enjoys a good healthcare service with numerous medical stores and hospitals. The health infrastructure on the island is limited, but one can easily see improvement and modernization in medical services. From ambulances, X-ray machines to captive power generators, there are enough medical facilities to support the outsiders. You can also find few Homeopathy dispensaries in this area. G.B Panth hospital is the most reputed hospital in the city which is known to provide affordable and genuine treatments to the patients.

    3.       ATM

    Though you will find a few ATM’S around Bartang Island, it is advisable to carry a decent amount of cash with you. The ATM’s in this island is replenished with cash in 4 to 5 days. Hence, you should carry enough cash while planning a trip to this place. If you happen to visit Port Blair on this trip, you need not to worry about cash as Port Blair has numerous ATM’S and you won’t face any cash crunch here.

    4.       Places To Eat

    You won’t find any opulent restaurant in Bartang Island, but you will surely get to experience the rich taste of this island through its food stalls and small eateries. Most of these eateries are located around Nilambur jetty and they mainly serve Bengali and South Indian cuisines. There are refreshment stalls available at almost each and every corner of the island. One thing that you can’t miss out on this island is its coconut water which will help you beat the scorching heat. Apart from this, you will also spot several street vendors selling snacks such as spicy cucumbers, lassis, and buttermilk at an affordable price. For the best hotels to stay in andaman click here. 

    5.       Minimum Duration For Visiting Bartang Island

    Bartang Island is a tiny island which has 2-3 major attractions including Limestone caves, mud volcano, and Parrot Island. If you are on a short trip and don’t want to extend your vacation, you can easily cover most of its attractions in around 2 days. However, if you are planning to cover south, north, as well as, middle Andaman, it is advisable to plan a 7-day trip. In these 7-days, you can travel in and around Port Blair covering places such as Ross Island, Havelock Island, Diglipur, and Bartang Island. Hence, the minimum duration for visiting Bartang Island is 2 days.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    Though Bartang Island is an enticing place with a plethora of activities and attractions, traveling to this beautiful spot is not a simple task as you have to cross the tribal zone which is protected by GOI. Hence, there are a few important things that you must consider on your Bartang Island journey. It is advisable to not offer any food item to the tribal people as it might prove to be injurious to their health. Apart from this, you should also avoid taking the pictures with tribal people as it is strictly prohibited in this area. Most of the time, the weather in Bartang Island is humid and hence, you should always carry cotton and loose fit clothes. This will make you feel comfortable and easy throughout the journey. If you are an adventure lover who is willing to engage in hiking and trekking activities, don't forget to carry good walking shoes with yourself. If you are planning your journey in the rainy season, do carry an umbrella with you. The most important thing you will need during any journey is money and as there are just a few ATMs in this region, carry enough cash with yourself. In addition to this, try to pre-book a decent accommodation as Bartang Island remains crowded with tourists throughout the year and last minute booking might result in inconvenience

  • Baratang Island Attractions

  • 01 Limestone Caves

    Limestone Caves
    Image Credit : 

    Baratang Island and the limestone caves in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are awesomely famous for different reasons. The thick mangrove forests, the enlarged tropical forest canopy, the friendly rivers to take a boat ride and the carvings of nature in the form of mud volcanoes and limestone caves are the principal factors that overshadowing everything else on the island. Tourists love to visit Baratang during their tour of Andaman especially for the glowing structures found in the caves made of limestone which are years old. 

    The journey to the caves is splendid as one has to cross the mangrove forests and the tribal reserves from Baratang boat jetty. These caves give away a feeling that you are at some place which is not a part of Andaman Islands. These are the rare caves which contain the stalagmites and stalactites rock structures proving against the common myth that both of them cannot be found together in one place. If you are really exhausted by repeatedly visiting the islands and beaches in Andaman then you must visit Baratang Island and these caves especially. 

    Also, find the list of all the best places in Baratang Island for your next Andaman trip. 

    Highlights: The mangrove forests encircling the caves are the real attraction at this place and people are eagerly waiting to take an adventurous boat ride through the mangroves and find the sleeping crocodiles in water. Another highlight which leaves the beauty of the caves heightened is its originality kept preserved from time immemorial. Humans have not exploited the real charm of the caves and thus these caves are stealing hundreds of hearts.

    Activities: Boating and trekking can be done here.

    Distance from Port Blair: To reach Baratang Island, one has to travel via road for almost 100 kms. You can take a bus or drive yourself and then you have to cross the Middle Strait and a half an hour long boat ride will take you to the limestone caves and formations.  

    Location: Baratang Island is the region where limestone caves are found.

  • 02 Mangrove Creek

    Mangrove Creek
    Image Credit : 

    Almost 13% of India’s mangrove cover is in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and among that, majority is appearing in Baratang Island, an ecologically important and a famous tourist destination. In terms of density and growth, Andaman’s mangroves seem to be the best. 

    Mangroves are found in abundance where there is brackish water and that is the reason behind Baratang Island’s consecutive support in the growth of thick mangrove creeks there.

    Highlights: There are tremendous scopes for bird watching as the thick wilderness is a haven for rare species of colorful birds. Also, there are sleeping crocodiles in the water. Hence, people are not supposed to insert their hands inside because the crocodiles will pull you toward the water.

    Activities: The island offers a relaxing boat ride through these mangroves which would lead you to reach the prestigious attraction of Baratang that is the Lime Stone Caves. Apart from Baratang mangrove creek safari, the tourists are directed to enjoy other safaris like Yerrata Creek, Dhaninalla Mangrove Creek and Sabari Village in Rangat etc.

    Distance from Port Blair: Baratang Island is located 100 km's away from the beautiful Port Blair. There are plenty of boats will be available to take you through the dense forests but one thing to remember is that you should sit firmly on the boat since even a single movement will cause you fall into the mangrove roots filled water.

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  • 03 Parrot Island

    Parrot Island
    Image Credit : 

    An uninhabited island located in the southern part of Andaman, Parrot Island is a paradise on Earth exhibiting the wonderful attractions of nature elaborately. There are a lot of beaches on Nicobar island welcome the plenty of tourists every year. It is a part of Baratang Island and can be accessed from Baratang Jetty. There is a chance for a spooky ride in a dinghy boat from the jetty as the route goes through several creeks. You can also go for cruise ride in andaman for leisure experience. 

    Before you reach Parrot Island, you will see a bunch of mangrove forests, appear as an evenly cut and well- arranged extending a pleasant view of nature at its best. And a fact is obvious from the name of the island. Yes, Parrot Island got its name from the hundreds of parrot flocks come to visit the beaches and mangrove forests and stay overnight here. They sharpen the mangrove roots with their red beak and thus the mangrove garden got equal shape and symmetry.

    Highlights: Apart from the green parrots, visitors have spotted the large multi-colored parakeets on the island and both these species made the structure of island totally camouflaging and mind blowing. The sunset views, not to be explained, are dramatically stunning as it combines the sea and the sky together and indicates that the groups of parrots and parakeets are coming to the island soon.

    Activities: Sightseeing in the major activity that can be done on Parrot Island as it showcases a number of forests, mangrove gardens and rare sights of colorful birds. But the boating through the creeks and the mangrove gardens is considered to be a thrilling adventure activity.

    Distance from Port Blair: The nearest city to Baratang Island is Port Blair and from the city one can take a cab or bus to Diglipur and Parrot Island is located at a distance of 30 km from Baratang Jetty. It would take around 30 minutes to reach the island by Dunghi boat available at Baratang Jetty.

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  • Port Blair

    Port Blair
    Image Credit : 

    The gateway to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and the Andaman Sea, Port Blair is the capital of the Union Territory located in the Bay of Bengal. Located on the Southern Andaman Island, Port Blair is at the very heart of tourism in the Andamans. Greatly connected with the mainland of India, Port Blair is also the center of finance, culture, and other major activities prevailing in the Union Territory.

    Be it sightseeing, interactions with the prevailing local tribes, knowledge of the history of the area, or water sports in Andaman, Port Blair is truly the heart of all that makes Andaman a true tropical destination worth exploring any time of the year.

    Surrounded by the rugged yet beautiful coastlines, and tropical yet mesmerizing forests, Port Blair is a culmination of not just the most beautiful of sceneries, but also of various cultures. Bengalis, Tamils, Telugus, Nicobarese, and Burmese are the main inhabitants of the capital, with Bengali being the most spoken language, followed closely by Hindi.

    Major things to do in Port Blair includes the name sightseeing at Cellular Jail, birdwatching at Chidiya Tapu, and shopping at Aberdeen Market, and must visit places
    near Port Blair are Havelock Island, Ross Island, Corbyn’s Cove, and Viper Island.

    Places to visit in Port Blair:

    Chidiya Tapu

    As is clear from the name itself, Chidiya Tapu is a heaven for bird lovers. With a lot of rare migratory birds approaching this island and a number of other indigenous species calling this place their home, Chidiya Tapu is a famous attraction near Port Blair. Another great thing to do here is to watch a mesmerizing sunset from the beach which is flanked by hills on one side and forests on the other.

    Cellular Jail

    Popularly known as the Kala Paani Jail, the Cellular Jail was a colonial prison built on the Andaman islands because of the remoteness of the place. The British sent exiled prisoners here, including the notable names of Batukeshwar Dutt, Yogendra Shukla and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (in the honor of whom Port Blair’s airport was named). The place is now an important historical monument and hosts an amazing light and sound show every evening.

    Viper Island

    Named after the ship that brought Lieutenant Archibald Blair to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1789, the viper island was the site of the British Exile Prison before the construction of the famous Cellular Jail. With the ruins of the old gallows still sitting on the top of a hillock on the island, the place is a scenic as well as bio-diverse wonder. Interestingly, the wreckage of the ship HMS Viper was also found near the island itself.

    Samudrika Marine Museum

    Ran by the Indian Navy, the Samudrika Marine Museum is situated in the capital itself and was built with a great initiative in mind. The museum works for generating awareness about the situations in the ocean and about marine life. Divided into 5 sections, the museum presents exhibits dealing with the Islands, the geography, people and demographics, archaeology, and the marine life. It houses a great collection of cells, corals,  and a few colorful fish species from the waters around.

    Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

    A stretch of unmatched natural beauty, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park was given its status on 24th May 1983. With the main aim of preserving marine life, especially the rare coral life, and the nesting sea turtles, the National Park is divided into 2 major island groups; Labyrinth Islands and Twin Islands. Spread in an area of 281.5 sq km, the place is a heaven for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts.

    Rajeev Gandhi Water Sports Complex

    Most of the water sports and related activities are concentrated in one place, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Offering a safe place for enjoying water sports, you can enjoy joy rides on speed boats, Jet Ski & Banana rides. Apart from these, there is also the availability of Kayaking, Canoeing, Parasailing, Paragliding, Waterskiing, and Boat Tours.

    North Bay Island

    The heaven of life underwater, North Bay Island is the adventurer's paradise. With a number of good diving sites, the island is swarming with opportunities for exploration underwater. You can choose to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walking, alongside glassbottom boat rides to spot the rarest and most beautiful marine species. Don't miss our full guide on the top places in andaman to visit on your next visit. 

    Cinque Island

    A group of islands, the North Cinque and South Cinque Islands are so famously known for being connected with sandbars in between them. With this passage named the Manners Strait, both the islands have some features that make them favorites of visitors all year round. While North Cinque is famous for water sports like diving and snorkeling, the South Cinque island is a part of the famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

    Ross and Smith Island

    Located far away from the mainland of Andaman are these twin islands connected by a sandbar in the middle. The entryway to this majestic pair of islands is from the small town of Diglipur, and one needs a formal permission from the forest department to visit. The clear blue waters, and an amazing marine life, alongside animals in the forests make this place a great experience to visit

    Mount Harriet National Park

    Covering the area around the third highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Mount Harriet National Park is named after the wife of Robert Christopher Tytler, an avid naturalist, and photographer of British Origin. It must be noted that the picture on the back of a 20 Rs currency bill was actually taken in this National Park. Don't forget to check out our full guide on the top things to do in andaman on your trip. 

    Forest Museum

    A famous attraction of the Andamans, the Forest Museum is located in Chatham, on the very outskirts of Port Blair. Managed by the forest department, the place is famous for exhibiting artifacts made with timber, gurjan, oak, satinwood and paduak. As an added flavor, the museum also has a mini zoo and a small zoological garden inside the complex.

    Marina Park

    Home to more than 350 species of marine animals, including creatures like fishes, turtles, sharks, and crabs, the place was built with the thought of preservation and showcasing the natural assets of Andaman. Ideal for all age groups, you can also see a lot of corals, clam shells, and lobsters as well.

    Ross Island

    With a rather sad history attached to it, the ruins present on the island speak volumes about the time that this place has seen. Once the administrative headquarters of the British colony in Andaman, the place was abandoned after the earthquake in 1941. The place is now taken over by forests that add an unsettling feeling to the whole place.

    Jolly Buoy Island

    Home to majestic corals and an unmatched beauty of a beach, the Jolly Buoy is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. A haven for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, the corals here are in their most pristine form and have been attracting travelers and adventurers from all around the world.

    Chatham Island

    3 km away from Port Blair, Chatham Island has had an important part to play in the history of Andaman, as this where the earliest of British Settlements arose. The British established the Chatham Saw Mill in the year 1883 to help with supplementing the need for timber and is now an attraction in the Andaman group of islands.

    Things to do in Port Blair

    Attend the Light and Sound show in Cellular Jail

    The cellular jail sound and light show is one of the best things to do in Port Blair. Displaying the story of the struggle behind fight of freedom in India, it is a popular attraction between tourists. The show runs in both, English and Hindi, taking care of all the audience that comes to view it.

    Spot beautiful birds at Chidiya Tapu

    Chidiya Tapu is one of the most colorful places around Port Blair to explore, as it is not just visited by the tourists, but also by some of the rarest bird species in migration and native to the archipelago. You can spot the Andaman Serpent Eagle, White-breasted Kingfisher, Oriental Scops-owl, and many other such rare species.

    Visit Rajeev Gandhi Water Complex

    The Rajeev Gandhi Water Complex, named after the deceased ex-Prime Minister of the country, is a great place to go to when you seek adventure and a calling for water sports, You can enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat riding, kayaking, water skiing, and more adrenaline spiking sports right here.

    Visit at Munda Pahar Beach

    Located right on the Chidiya Tapu, the Munda Pahar Beach is covered by hills on one side, and with mangrove forests on the other. Apart from the views of some of the rarest birds, this secluded beach is a great spot to witness a mesmerizing sunset, and thus attracts a large number of visitors. You can also take a look at our article on the best beaches in andaman which you must visit on your vacation.

    Visit Mount Harriet

    The third highest hill on the Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands, the area around the hill is densely forested and makes for what is known as the Mount Harriet National Park. Named after Harriet Tytler, the British Officer who documented the buildings and monuments of Delhi and her notes on the 1857 uprising in India.

    Watch the only active Volcano in India at Barren Island

    Home to the only active volcano in South Asia, the smoking hill on Barren Island is also the only active volcano in a chain of volcanoes that runs from Sumatra in Indonesia to Myanmar. Just like the name, the place is barren yet beautiful, with the latest eruption recorded in the year 2017.

    Explore North Bay Island

    A beautiful island full of beaches, the North Bay Island is one of the best places to visit near Port Blair. You can enjoy many water-related activities on the North Bay Island, with the most amazing ones being Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Walking, and Glassbottom boat riding.  

    Visit Japanese Bunker

    Telling the story of the Japanese invasion of the Andamans, these bunkers located at various strategic locations across the town of Port Blair. The Japanese came here during the time of the second world war and constructed these bunkers to help in the process, one of which is quite close to the Corbyn’s Cove. You can also check our best andaman honeymoon packages


    Visit Clock Tower

    In the very center of the city of Port Blair not far away from the water sports complex and on the main bazaar road, the Aberdeen Clock Tower is surrounded by many shops and is lit up in the evening, making for a great place to hang around. Forming a reference for the city, this landmark is also amongst the most photographed one.

    Do Shopping Aberdeen Bazaar

    The most popular shopping area in not just Port Blair but also in the entire Andaman Island, the place is also the commercial hub of the capital. Be it the festive season, weekends, or any normal day, the place is just packed with shoppers buying clothes, household items, coconut shell lamps, bamboo cane craft and jewelry made out of shells as souvenirs or just for use.

    Go on Samudrika Museum tour

    Divided into 5 sections dedicated to Andaman and the marine life around it, the famous museum is a great place to gain knowledge about the history, geography, and biology attached to this amazing tropical destination. Also, get to witness some rare species of corals and fishes in the museum.

    Other Essential Info about Port Blair

    Mobile Connectivity

    The mobile connectivity in Andaman has always been a concern for the modern traveler, and is a question often asked. The prefered connections that usually work in Port Blair are Vodafone, BSNL, and Airtel, with Vodafone being the best service. Reliance Jio and Tata Docomo do not work in Andaman at all.

    Medical Facilities

    Unlike the rest of India, people in Andaman and Nicobar enjoy free healthcare services from government hospitals, meaning the people do not pay consultation fee or medication prices. On Port Blair, the GB Pant Hospital and ANIIMS together form the best medical facility, with the Maricar Hospital following closely in keeping the people of the islands, and the travelers healthy.


    Cash is something that you will always need when you are traveling to a new place. The same applies to Port Blair, and the question of unavailability is something that will surely inconvenience anyone. As it turns out, many major banks have ATMs at strategic places in Port Blair, including Canara Bank, HDFC, United Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Bank Of Baroda, and United Commercial Bank.

    Places to eat

    Food is another major concern of a traveler. Although the experience of going to a new place and trying their cuisine sounds exhilarating and tasty, the best thing is always to enjoy it all from the best of the restaurants around. Some of the most favorite and highly rated restaurants of Port Blair are Icy Spicy, Hotel Kattabomman, Amaya, Annapurna, New Lighthouse Restaurant, Ananda Restaurant, Brewberry’s and many more. The taste here ranges from Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Seafood, to Cafes and Breweries.

    Minimum Duration for Visiting Port Blair

    For covering all that Port Blair and surrounding regions have to offer, you would need at least a 4 day trip to Port Blair. If you're looking for hotels to stay in andaman, there are many amazing options to choose from. 

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Following are a few pointers for keeping in mind while visiting here.

    1.    Mondays are a holiday in Andaman and you will find most of the places closed on that day, including the Cellular Jail.

    2.    For foreigners and NRIs arriving here, a Protected Area Permit is a must for entry into the capital, as well as the Union Territory.

    3.    The locals are very helpful and cooperative, and you must talk to them for a better experience of everything.

    4.    The local transport here is as effective as public transportation, and again the people are very cooperative in this scenario. You can also go on a cruise ride for leisure. 

    5.    ATMs are easily available throughout the city. Also, cards may or may not work here because of the network issues, so it is advised that you keep some cash handy at all times.

    6.    Port  Blair Weather can change any time of the year because this is a tropical monsoon zone.

    7.    Do not litter as the locals do not like tourists who do that.

  • Port Blair Attractions

  • 01 Chidiya Tapu

    Chidiya Tapu
    Image Credit : 

    As the name suggests, Chidiya Tapu is the perfect haven for unseen migratory birds and common native birds found in the Andaman Islands. Recognized as the most enchanting beach in Andaman and tourists arrive here on a large scale as the beach extends the best ever sights for them including the eye catching sunrise and sunset views. This is a silent yet crowded beach encircled by evergreen forests on one side and the short hills on the other side. 

    As it is considered to be the presenter of the most finishing touch of sunset and sunrise views, it is the main hub in Andaman Islands. The beach is filled with 46 varieties of endangered species of birds, and white spotted deer. There are a lot of seasonal orchids and other varieties of plants.

    Highlights: The major attractions of Chidiya Tapu are the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, the Sylvan Sands, the Munda Pahar Beaches etc. You will be able to stay at a forest guesthouse located nearby atop a hillock and from there, the panoramic view of Chidiya Tapu in detail.

    Activities: Apart from sunset and sunrise views, plenty of people come for an Andaman and Nicobar trip to see this beach, to identify the rare species appear in multiple colours and size. Even though many of the birds are commonly found on the beach, you would find it as a unique and unnatural scene to find the colourful gathering of them.

    Boating is an attractive activity done here as well as snorkeling and swimming are also a part of the adventure activities usually experienced by those who visit here.

    Distance from Port Blair: It is located about 25 kms from Port Blair.

  • 02 Cellular Jail

    Cellular Jail
    Image Credit : 

    Also known as Kala Pani, Cellular Jail is one of the unmissable tourist attractions located at Port Blair in Andaman. The three storied building has 698 cells that are connected to each other in the shape of a starfish. The place is famous for offering a fantastic sound and light show in the evening offering a delightful insight into the historical struggle for independence.

    It is one of the remnants of past colonial rule in India and today stands as a testimony to all those brave hearts who laid down their lives at the hands of British atrocities. Some of the famous freedom fighters who were captured here include Veer Savarkar and Bakuteshwar Dutt.

    The place was one of the most infamous prisons of the past as the freedom fighters were punished inhumanly by the Britishers. The place is a must visit for history lovers to have a sneak peek into the history and struggle that went down in the construction of this jail. The place is recognised as a national memorial monument and owned by the Government of India.

    Highlights: Tourists should try to explore the jail by visiting the picture gallery that houses a number of photos of freedom fighters. Often used as background for filming Hindi movies about the colonial past, the place has many fascinating remnants of history like the hanging cell and condemned cell. Some of the other unmissable attractions of Cellular Jail included its Exhibition Gallery, Art Gallery, Old Photographs Gallery, Gallery on First War of Independence and Netaji Gallery. There is also the Swatantrya Jyoti, an eternal flame of freedom keeps glowing in the memory of freedom fighters

    Activities: One of the popular activities to do here is sightseeing and revisiting the history of the grim colonial past Of India.

    Distance from Port Blair: It t
    akes around 15 kilometers to go there from Port Blair.

    Timing: National Memorial: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Closed on Mondays)

    Entry Fee: INR 30

  • 03 Diglipur

    Image Credit : 

    All fans of eco-tourism should pack their bags and have an exciting vacay at Diglipur when they are visiting Andaman. It is famous for its green landscapes and its exotic marine life which makes it a must visit for nature lovers. The island is renowned for having many prominent beaches like Kalipur Beach, Ross and Smith Islands, Ramnagar Beach and Pathi Level Beach.

    There is also the Saddle Peak Mountain National Park which can be accessed from Diglipur. It is replete with many exciting attractions with rare animals like Andaman wild pig, Andaman hill myna, Andaman imperial pigeon, water monitor, dolphins, whales and the Saltwater crocodile.

    A must visit for trekking aficionados, Diglipur is the largest peak in the archipelago of Andaman islands and offers a wonderful sight of its unique wildlife. One of the most visited tourist places in Andaman, Diglipur is sure to leave you enthralled with its gorgeous scenery consisting of glittering white sands, nice weather, lofty palms and its exciting marine life. Diglipur is one of the most serene spots if you forget all the worries of your life and enjoy an eco-friendly holiday.

    Highlights: The main attractions of Diglipur are Kalipur Beach, Diglipur National Park, Ram Nagar Beach, Mud Volcano, twin islands of Ross and Smith and Saddle Peak National Park. This place is luxuriant in flora and fauna, which makes it a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts.

    Activities: Trekking, Snorkeling, and Mangrove creek safari are some of the activities the activities that one can enjoy on their holiday in Diglipur island.  Beach combing, sunbathing, surf riding, swimming, fishing, bird watching, trekking in Jungle, sailing, kayaking are some other activities not to be missed here.

    Distance from Port Blair: Diglipur is at a distance of 290 km by road from Port Blair.

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  • 04 Samudrika Marine Museum

    Samudrika Marine Museum
    Image Credit : 

    The Indian Navy is guarding the famous Samudrika Marine Museum which exhibits the richest collection of Andaman’s animal and floral lives. The rare species of fish, other animals, plants, corals etc are preserved well over here and there is a small aquarium also. Rather, the different attraction on the island is this museum if you are completed visiting the beaches and the relishing islands.

    A lot of tourists have recognized this museum as a perfect representation of what the island can offer to surprise the visitors but in a miniature form. The museum located just opposite to Andaman Teal House is occupied with five sections displaying the history of the islands, the geographical features, about the people and their lifestyles, the less explored archaeological information and of course the marine life.

    The museum is established with the idea of creating awareness among people on various aspects regarding oceanic life and the importance of preserving this sensitive ecosystem well for a balanced future of human beings.

    Highlights: Outside the museum, there is a skeleton of a blue whale preserved and it is a marvellous sight to look at. The first room shows facts like volcanoes, tribes, different types of woods, insects etc. The second room is displaying the reverberating underwater beauties through an aquarium.

    Coral Reefs have an entire room that is the third room. Seashells in abundance have persevered in the fourth room and you will be surprised to the tremendous collection. Last but not least is the fifth room that is dedicated to the tribes of Andaman, the butterflies’ and the insects’ specimens as well.

    Timing: The museum is open on all days from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and from 02:00 pm t0 05:00 pm.

    Entry fee: For adult: INR 50 and for child: INR 25.  If you wish to take camera or video to the inside, you will have to pay INR 20 and INR 50 respectively.

    Distance from Port Blair: The museum is situated in Port Blair itself, walkable distance only.

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  • 05 Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

    Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
    Image Credit : 

    A great park that has been accepted well by the international tourists and a distinct idea and execution in India to preserve the sensitive and endangered species of marine species is Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Andaman. It consists of 15 islands of mangrove creeks, rainforests, splendid coral reefs which have around 50 types and a huge collection of rare but colourful fish etc. 

    This park came into existence in the year of 1983 under the solid Wildlife Protection Act of 1973 to keep the lives of marine animals safe and preserved as the underwater ecosystem was on the verge of destruction. The best time to visit the park is during the months from November to February and during monsoon, it remains closed.

    Highlights: The park is comprised of two major island groups known as the Labyrinth Islands and Twin Islands which are situated about 16 km away from Port Blair to the south of it. This park boasts of the unimaginable size it spreads that is about 281.5 which have 17 small islands and the open sea creeks.

    The fringing reefs are abundantly found in the park and that is one of the special reef species found on the island. Each island holds different type of vegetation. Tarmugli is the highest island in the park that displays the vast area of mangrove vegetation, sand covered beaches, sheet rocks etc.

    Activities: One can get knowledge of marine species after visiting national park.

    Distance from Port Blair: The park is located in Wandoor which is lying about 29 kms away from Port Blair. There are ferry services every 30 minutes from Port Blair boat jetty. The park is easily accessible via road as well.

  • 06 Mud Volcanoes

    Mud Volcanoes
    Image Credit : 

    Pure science have clearly defined how mud volcanoes are formed and Andaman archipelago is quite popular for its multiple mud volcanoes. They are formed due to the large scale emissions of de-pressurized pore water and some natural gases such as hydrocarbon gases that included Methane. These gases are emitted by the decaying organic matter found underground.

    Although there are 25 active mud volcanoes have discovered at different parts of the island, the mud volcanoes found on Baratang Island and Diglipur Island are the important ones and tourists visit these islands will take a look at this unique phenomenon of nature happening often.

    Highlights: Reaching the mud volcanoes in Diglipur and Baratang would need a flexible stretch of walk through the relishing wilderness and that exciting trek will give an energy in an unlimited way.

    Activities: One can enjoy trek here

    Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair, Diglipur is located about 350 km north and one can use the ferry service of seaplane service from Port Blair. Baratang Island is closer to Port Blair, about 100 kms distance.

    Find the weather guide of Port Blair here for picking up the best season to visit this surreal place.

  • 07 North Bay Island

    North Bay Island
    Image Credit : 

    Famous for the underwater corals, North Bay Island located near the Pheonix Jetty of Port Blair is yet another favourite tourist destination. Multiple clubs providing exhilarating scuba diving, snorkeling and sea walking at the island give it a special space in the hearts of adventure lovers. And because of this factor, North Bay Island is crowded all the time. 

    If you wish to do a tour of North Bay Island, then you have to come at the Andaman Water Sports Complex where it starts from and the boats can accommodate up to 60 people and every boat will have a guide as well. The glass bottom boat ride to the island will give you a lot of chances to see the world of fish, typical sea flora and reefs inhabited underwater in harmony.

    Highlights: Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most important activities available at the island and along with those, glass bottom ride is also has significant importance. The coral reefs and the marine animals make the underwater world enthralling.

    Also, sea walk is considered to be a mind blowing activity and it opens up the doors to mingle with the colourful, rare species of sea. To do sea walking, you will be taken to the spot from the stationed sea walk paltoon and the experience of walking along the soft sea bed is memorable for a lifetime.

    Activities: Sea walking and scuba diving in Andaman are considered to be the best adventure activities that can be done, as there are umpteen number of travelers do these activities regularly.

    Distance from Port Blair: The island lies at a distance of about 42.4 kms from Port Blair and it would take around 1 hours and 30 minutes to reach there.

  • 08 Cinque Island

    Cinque Island
    Image Credit : 

    South Cinque Island and North Cinque Island are the two major portions that make the huge Cinque Island a vibrant and captivating beauty in Andaman. This famous underwater diving spot is located on the north side of the popular Duncan Passage and in the middle of Rutland and Passage Islands. The inhabited island is a surprising beauty to all the tourists arrive here. But the two divisions of the island are beautifully separated by a sandbar. 

    Another important factor to know about Cinque Island is that it is a part of the very famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor. And thus, the abundant presence of colourful marine lives is not a surprising feature. Tourists mainly arrive at Cinque to enjoy adventure activities, especially diving and snorkeling. The beautiful corals and fish species give away the admiring time underwater to every nature lover.

    Highlights: Mostly, day visits are allowed on the island that too with the permission in advance from Chief Wildlife Warden. The astonishingly beautiful corals are the main feature of Cinque Island. The island itself is a sanctuary as it houses a large collection of variety coral reefs, sea weeds, multi coloured fish species, starfish, sea anemones, turtles and water snakes.

    There is an authentic declaration on the name of the island which says that Cinque Island is the mostly visited island in Andaman archipelago.

    Activities: As everyone is quite clear about the fact that Cinque Island is an incomparable destination for the best scuba diving spots, tourists arrive here in large numbers every year. Those who would not want to be so adventurous also will not be disappointed since the island gives opportunities to do snorkeling and swimming at their best.

    Distance from Port Blair: It is at a distance of 38.9 kms from Port Blair.

  • 09 Ross and Smith Island

    Ross and Smith Island
    Image Credit : 

    Connected by a white sand bar are Ross and Smith Islands belonging to North Island and both of them together known as the Twin Islands. The beautiful villages, turquoise water, the virgin beaches and the extremely gorgeous tropical rainforest and what not; these islands are indescribably fascinating. 

    As the island is close to Diglipur, one can take the Aerial Bay as the destination via road and get entry permits and travel to the island by a ferry. Around 20 minutes of boat ride will take you to the island. From Smith Island, you are invited to indulge in the nature trails extended till Ross Island through the green tropical forests swaying their heads always.

    Highlights: A Marine Sanctuary on the island is the biggest highlight and it is considered to be the ideal place for watching the rare collection of invigorating coral reefs and colourful fish species. As both the islands are home to Olive Ridley turtles, tourists come at the right time to watch turtle nesting and it is a rare scene to be watched.

    At times, the wild elephants inhabited in the forests may come to the outer world.

    Activities: Snorkeling and swimming are the most suitable and well acknowledged activities on both the islands. Adventure lovers find the space marvelous to do scuba diving tours as well.

    Distance from Port Blair: By road, about 191 kms are there from Port Blair to Ross and Smith Islands, Aerial Jetty is the right spot to take a private boat from and travel to the island.

  • 10 Corbyns Cove Beach

    Corbyns Cove Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Close to Port Blair, a superb, silent beach is Corbyn’s Cove Beach. The fringes of coconut leaves make the beach look adorable. The clear white sandy beach hearing lullabies from the azure water is a remarkable bed for complete relaxation. The shallow water does not support a lot of adventure activities. Still, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a favourite beach for many due to the calmness and cherish-able time it can provide. 

    The crescent shape of the beach with complete greenery on its sides has an inevitable role in showcasing the simple beach look stunning. Families are found in large numbers here as the waves are not trickier and the long extension of sand bed to the sea and suitable places to do swimming and bathing.

    Highlights: Hundreds of tall coconut trees arrayed in a particular symmetry give an admiring beauty to the beach and the swaying fringes of these coconut trees are promising a relaxed, laid-back time for those who love to get out of the bustles of the town. The blue coloured chairs arranged on the beach give enough space to relax and read a book or watch the sea presenting all its beauty before you. 

    A road connecting the main road to the entry of beach is a favourite route as the most beautiful turquoise water supported well be the shore is seen throughout the road journey and a few of Japanese bunkers used for WW 2 can be seen on this coastal road journey.

    Activities: Since the beach is a silent one, not much adventure activities are done here but it is considered to be one of the best beaches in Andaman for relaxed swimming and bathing.

    Distance from Port Blair: 7 kms are the distance from Port Blair to this beach and autos will take around INR 100-150 to drop you at the location. But you can take a taxi as well.

  • 11 Forest Museum

    Forest Museum
    Image Credit : 

    Things related to the wild animals and forest ranges are displayed very effectively in Forest Museum in Port Blair, Andaman. A major attraction of Andaman is this museum run by the forest department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The museum has a wide collection of artefacts created out of timber, oak, sating wood and paduak. They show the wellness appear in the vast wilderness of Andaman, the rich flora of the island. 

    As the area of forests is huge in Andaman, researchers from all over the world have come to study about the dense greenery and the forest museum depicts the outcomes of all those research as well. To entertain the tourists more, the museum has set up a mini zoo and a zoological garden inside the building itself.

    Highlights: The museum is located on Chatham road, an outskirt of the capital city of Port Blair. It is inside Chatham Saw Mill complex. It will take around 1 hour to watch everything displayed inside. 

    Activities: People love to spend time in the zoological garden and the mini zoo. The species which are rarely found in the wild arena of Andaman are in lesser number appearing here.

    Timing: The working hours of the museum is from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm on all days of the week except on Sundays.

    Entry fee: INR 2.

    Distance from Port Blair: The location of the museum is Chatham Island, Foreshore Road, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar. You can take a bus or taxi to reach the museum from Port Blair as it is 10 km away from the city.

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  • 12 Ross Island

    Ross Island
    Image Credit : 

    Located in South Andaman district, Ross Island is a major part of Andaman and tourists have visited the island often because of the flabbergasting beauty of it. Earlier, it was headquarters of Andaman and after 1941 Port Blair became the administrative headquarters. What one can watch on this island is the remnants of an old church existed there, a swimming pool, the chief commissioner’s residence with gardens and ballrooms. 

    There is a cemetery and a museum maintained by the Indian Navy. These historically significant sights in Ross Island gives a serious appeal to it rather than of a relaxed laid-back island. But everyone who visits Andaman would not love to miss Ross Island that is closely connected to the capital city that is Port Blair.

    Highlights: The diminished beauty of Ross Island was preserved as a historical piece of representation of the glory the island once possessed but for many reasons, people love this island. All the buildings and the ruins found here on the island are covered by the thick roots of banyan trees and that itself is a vivacious aspect the structures on the island have to showcase. At the northern end of the island, there is a new concreted light house that is 10 meters high and it is in circular shape which was constructed during the year of 1977. 

    The lighthouse is located on an offshoot rock that measures to be located at 50 meters away from the shore line. The thick, regularly swaying forest ranges and the impression it gives as a secluded and deserted space without no humans are another highlights the island displays. A wide collection of rare fauna and flora has its own authentic space on the island.

    Activities: Boating, beachwalk, swimming, snorkeling etc are some of the easily available and refreshing water based activities done on Ross Island.

    Distance from Port Blair: The island lies 3 km east from Port Blair.

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  • 13 Rubber Plantations Visit

    Rubber Plantations Visit
    Image Credit : 

    The most unique feature of Andaman is the distinct vegetation the island supports. Rubber is one of the most significant cultivation the natives on Andaman Islands are so happy about. A place near Wandoor has the largest areas of rubber trees planted and those who would like to do something different and unique on the island can choose a visit to this large plantation.

     The entry to the plantation will itself give you a clear picture of the interiors. Thousands of golden colour rubber sheets and the collecting jars fitted on each tree are together exhibiting a mesmerizing view of the large areas. A total of 931 hectares of rubber plantations are found on the islands as a whole.

    Highlights: You will be able to watch the processes of taking the rubber milk and placing the coconut shells on each tree and other important procedures before producing the final rubber sheet. Manglutan is the largest producer of rubber in the region, located very close to Port Blair. This was established in the year of 1960 and now the plantation is a 60 acre wide production centre of quality rubber.

    Manglutan village is the prominent rubber plantation space in Andaman and this village has a school, a hospital, a police station and other major centres as well.

    Activities: One can indulge in rubber plantation activity here.

    Distance from Port Blair: Manglutan Rubber Plantation is located about 21 kms away from Port Blair, the south east part of the island. To reach the village, you can hire a cab or auto or bus from Port Blair.

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  • 14 Jolly Buoy Island

    Jolly Buoy Island
    Image Credit : 

    Fulfil your zest for adventure by visiting the Jolly Buoy Island when you are vacationing in Andaman. Renowned for its beautiful corals and its scintillating beaches, this place can be accessed from Wandoor Beach. Often called a no man’ s land, this place can be visited by boats after bringing and taking back all the necessary things. Famous for snorkelling and scuba diving, Jolly Buoy Island will make you feel like you are at the end of the world with the infinite sea in front of your eyes.

    One of the most fascinating things about visiting Jolly Buoy Island is that you can have a look at the gorgeous coral reefs through glass bottom when you are riding there. Moreover, the place is a no plastic zone and boasts of some of the cleanest natural surroundings that you will witness in your life. The stunning island is a must visit if you are a nature lover.

    Highlights: The place is a no plastic zone and it is banned by the authorities to leave any plastic items there. It is one of the cleanest places to visit.

    Activities: The adventure lovers can look forward to have an enthralling glass bottom boat ride and see the beautiful coral reefs beneath. Jolly Buoy Island is also an excellent place to enjoy activities like snorkelling and scuba diving.

    Distance from Port Blair: It is located 30km south west of Port Blair.

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  • 15 Wandoor Beach

    Wandoor Beach
    Image Credit : 

    One of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Andaman, Wandoor Beach is located to the east of Port Blair. Because of the presence of colourful corals on the beach, tourists find it attractive and catchy. Besides, the large thickets in the surrounding give the beach an amalgamated charm. Tourists select Wandoor Beach to simply relax by looking at the crystal clear water and the blushing white sandy stretch on the shore. 

    Highlights: There would be hundreds of fisher men boats arranged on the shore giving a colourful ambience to the beach. The large marine collection adheres to the positive features of the beach. A part of the famous Mahatma Gandhi National Park, Wandoor has achieved fame through the rare species found in the park and in the nearby villages.

    Activities: Very close to Wandoor Beach, there is a large cave formed after the enormous depositions over the years and adventure lovers take a trekking trip through the wilderness to reach the caves and enjoy spending time over there. Comparatively, Wandoor 

    Beach is perfect for relaxing and basking in the calm rays of the sun. But it would be auspiciously awesome to watch the sunset and sunrise from the shore. Since the large amount of corals always glitter from the water, people love to do swimming as well to enjoy being friends with these rare species of sea.

    Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair, you have to cover about 25 kms only to reach Wandoor Beach. Boat services are available from Port Blair to Wandoor Village and from there, you can reach the beach by foot or by road.

    You should witness other amazing beaches of Port Blair to make your tour breathtaking.

  • 16 Viper Island

    Viper Island
    Image Credit : 

    A major island in Andaman, Viper Island got its name from the vessel H.M.S. Viper which was met with an accident and the ruins of the vessel were found near the island. Before the Cellular Jail was built, the jail at Viper Island was the place where the British inflicted the dark form of torture to those freedom fighters of India.

    The tranquilizing island is a favourite tourist destination in Andaman and Nicobar now. The aching beauty of nature along with the historically significant attractions has made the island a throbbing tourist attraction. There is also another saying that the island got its name from the presence of numerous Viper and similar snakes on the island.

    Highlights: Anyone who loves to visit the island would make it mandatory to take a tour of the old jail. A boat journey to the island will enable one to see the ports and Navy ships of Port Blair. Also, the exotic sights of seven points from the harbor are overwhelming.

    Activities: Boating is the favourite activity done by the tourists coming to Viper Island and strolling along the long beaches would satiate your passion for spending time at a relaxed pace.

    Distance from Port Blair: Viper Island lies 4 kms west of Port Blair and ferries are always available from city of Port Blair to reach the island.

  • 17 Campbell Bay

    Campbell Bay
    Image Credit : 

    A sight not to be missed when you in Andaman, Campbell Bay National Park is known to be one of the most hidden and mysterious places in the archipelago. One can reach there after a thrilling adventure through the thick tropical evergreen forests. The landscape here is replete with beautiful orchids, colourful blooms and mangrove forests which add to the enticement of photography lovers on a vacation in Andaman.

    The place is hailed for its rich and unique ecosystem and is a paradise for bird watchers who want to bask in the serenity of natural beauty. Tourists should plan a visit here between the month of March and October when the natural beauty is at is peak in Mount Harriet National Park. Offering a memorable trip for everyone, Campbell Bay National Park is one of the most amazing tourist places in Andaman to visit with your loved ones.

    Highlights: It boasts of having its rich aquatic life with a diverse collection of flora and fauna making it a haven for wildlife aficionados and nature babies. Some of the most exotic wildlife which can be here include Crab-eating Macaque, the Megapode, The Giant Robber crab and the Nicobar Pigeon, Olive Ridley turtles, Leatherback Turtles, Wild Boar, deer and Civet cats

    Activities: Some of the best experiences which you can enjoy at Campbell Bay National Park are swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, coral viewing and rides on glass bottomed boats. There are trekking trails and places for bird watching. There are boat rides to various islands and to places past the mangrove lined creeks and bays.

    Distance from Port Blair:  529 km

  • 18 Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple

    Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple
    Image Credit : 

    One of the famous religious places to see in Andaman, Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple is located in Port Blair. Attracting a dozen of devotees, this temple is a must visit during the festival season which are celebrated here. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and offers a tranquil respite from usual tourist places to visit in Andaman. There are also other shrines dedicated to other Gods and Goddesses like Ganapathi, Lord Shiva and Parvati at the temple reflecting the strong cultural and religious diversity of the country.

    Built in 1926, the temple has many Tamil visitors and celebrates important festivals like Kanda Shashti and Panguni Uthram. It is maintained by by Sri Vetrimalai Murugan, a Tamil businessman and is one of the quintessential places to see in Andaman and Nicobar Islands on your vacation. The temple is built in Dravidian style with many familiarities to Kanda Kottam temple of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and showcases many intricate paintings inside the gopuram.

    Highlights: One of the striking features of visiting this temple is to celebrate some famous festivals like Kanda Shashti, Thai Poosam, Panguni Uthram etc. This is when it sees a great influx of devotees and charity works are undertaken at the temple to feed more than 40000 people.

    Another highlight of this temple is its Dravidian architectural style which is one of the reasons for its shine even after so many years of standing. There are also many intricate paintings that add to the heritage value of the temple.

    Activities: Sightseeing

    Distance from Port Blair:  The temple is located at a distance of 6 km from the main city.

    Timing: 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • 19 Madhuban

    Image Credit : 

    The captivating woodlands of Madhuban have a tremendous influence on the adventure lovers who are coming for a trip to Andaman. They have recognized it as a superb spot to do thrilling trekking and similar adventure activities. There is a rocky stretch from Mount Harriet to Madhuban which extends from the magniloquent hammock and the name of the stretch is Mount Harriet to Madhuban. This particular area is highly blessed with exotic flora and fauna, wild creatures and rare species. 

    Trekking through the jungle have left many of them breathless and an approximate distance of 16 km should be covered through the dense wilderness but there is no other such terrific trekking as this one which definitely shows you the immense collection of birds, butterflies, and similar creatures. For nature lovers, birders and adventure seekers, Madhuban is a lottery. 

    The Kala Pathar or back stones on the road will make the journey quite tough but still, if you have enormous energy and strong legs, then this trekking would be a perfect fit for you. Since it belongs to Mount Harriet National Park, one has to come to the park from Port Blair first and from there only further routes to Madhuban will be opened.

    Highlights: There is a beach in Madhuban, a beautiful, long stretch of white sand. The beach offers a rare sight of training given to logging elephants.

    Activities: Trekking, bird watching, sightseeing, beach walk, hiking and similar adventure activities are quite abundantly available in Madhuban. The beach also serves better options to the tourists who loves to spend time there.

    Distance from Port Blair: Mount Harriet is lying about 40 km's away from Port Blair and there are better routes to reach the park by road and by sea. From Mount Harriet, you can reach Madhuban by trekking or walk.

    Check out the resorts in Havelock Island which is the excellent choice to stay in if you wish to relax in calmness. 

  • 20 Little Andaman Island

    Little Andaman Island
    Image Credit : 

    Plenty of adventure and leisurely activities have taken the name of Little Andaman to the sky. When the size of the island is considered, Little Andaman is in the fourth position on the list of islands in Andaman. This island belongs to the south Andaman district, a little far away from Port Blair about 88 kms. 

    A part of Little Andaman group, Little Andaman Island is kept separated by the famous Duncan Passage and the low-lying island possesses a large scale of rainforests and several unique species of marine turtles. Along with them, the long white sandy beaches and the captivating waterfalls provide the island a fairy tale like beauty.

    Highlights: The popular Little Andaman Lighthouse which is already known as Richardson’s Lighthouse is the one thing that makes the island renowned and it is located about 14 km south from Hut Bay port. Onge aboriginal tribes are the native people here and they call their island as Egu Belong.

    Activities: The island has gained popularity through surfing and there are hundreds of spots to do authentic surfing as the water is so friendly yet tricky at times. Along with surfing, there are some other important activities have achieved special spaces in the hearts of tourists. They are boating through the creeks, elephant safari, elephant calves training etc. Also, there is an astonishing beach located 14 km from Hut Bay Jetty which is truly blessed with long shores and amiable water. There you can do sun basking, surfing, snorkeling and coral viewing. 

    Flanked by the long array of coconut plantation, the beach houses a lot of tourist huts. From Hut Bay Jetty, you have to travel around 6.5 kms to reach yet another activity centre that is White Surf waterfall lying calmly in the middle of thick evergreen forests. In addition to that, a visit to Whisper Wave Waterfall should be considered as important as you will be trekking for 4 kms approximately through the dense forest to reach this enigmatic waterfall.

    Distance from Port Blair: Little Island is lying 88 km south of Port Blair and daily boat services are available to reach Hut Bay wharf which is the central point to connect to the Little Andaman Island.

    Here are some tourist places in Port Blair that you must visit in your trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  • 21 Aamkunj Beach

    Aamkunj Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Rangat is the parent location of Aamkunj beach, yet another eco-friendly tourist destination in Andaman. As it is the nesting ground for the sea turtles, you will be interested to spend ample  time at this beach to observe the sea turtles. The beach was turned to an eco-park to protect the marine species and the environment here and a natural fresh water source is available which is behind the reason for the concept of park’s establishment. 

    This park is made up of wood completely and those wood logs were taken from the beach itself. Thus, this a famous tourist destination now. Hundreds of visitors arrive here to see the structures in the park and spend ample time on the beach. The grey sands on the beach and the exact replica of the beach is seen on the water as well but both these sights make the atmosphere so scenic and pleasant.

    Highlights: The park itself is the highlight of Aamkunj and the easy access from Rangat makes the beach favourite to many locals and tourists equally. But the submerged boulders in the water would appear as a hindrance to snorkeling and scuba diving here. Check out the sites where you can do scuba diving in Andaman.

    Activities: Aamkunj is declared as the ideal location for swimming, relax walks, sun bathing etc. People from nearby villages as well come to Aamkunj to have fun throughout the day. People spend time at the green park and watch the sea turtles’ nesting processes.

    Distance from Port Blair: Though it is located about 8 kms away from Rangat, it is lying at a distance of 163 kms from Port Blair.

  • 22 Lamiya Bay Beach

    Lamiya Bay Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Truly blessed by the enormous natural spectacle, Lamiya Bay Beach is Diglipur is a killer attraction in Andaman. A pristine beach is located on the foothills of Saddle Peak, the highest point on the island and ahead of Kalipur Beach. The quintessential sea enhanced by the polished stones on the shore attracts a huge number of tourists always. The pebble beach which is long and wide is one of the favourite destinations in Andaman for honeymoon couples as well as families. 

    The rock structures of the shoreline are giving the entire atmosphere a charming look. This clean beach assures that the tourists are extremely happy to spend time here. The forest department has set up some eco-friendly huts and a watch room on the beach in order to extend all the necessary comforts and essential facilities to the tourists. 

    But sadly, the lack of proper caring leads this beach to be secluded and devastated and the Government seems to be not that serious about the maintenance of more huts and tourist friendly features, as visitors say. There ae a lot of scopes to build this beach into one of the most prominent beaches in Andaman because of the countless factors that make it look dashing.

    Highlights: The pebbled beach and the rock structures lying on the shore are itself the key factors which make Lamiya Bay an astounding beauty. The sunrise and sunset views from the beach have a lot of admirers.

    Activities: Swimming and beach walk are the most favourite activities. There is ample space on the beach to relax as well.

    Distance from Port Blair: From Port Blair, it would take around 12-hour journey by road to reach Diglipur and from there, one can reach Lamiya Bay easily.

  • 23 Butler Bay Beach

    Butler Bay Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Explore one of the most beautiful places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands with a visit to Butler Bay beach. It is known for its fabulous views and often hailed as one of the most amazing surfing spots in India. The jaw dropping views of the beach will leave you enticed throughout the holiday and will let you have some of the most memorable moments of your vacation.

    For those who are looking for a laid back vacation, Butler Bay Beach offers many huts and cottages where you can treat yourself with the views of the ocean. With a range of activities to keep you occupied, Butler Bay Beach is a place where you will have an amazing time with your loved ones. Flanked by coconut trees, Butler bay beach is something that you should not miss to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

    For the surfers, Butler Bay Beach is a great spot to enjoy their favourite activity. Since it is relatively less crowded , it’s a great spot for those who like to escape the hustle and bustle of life by rejuvenating in a place which boasts of azure blue waters and green trees covering the landscape.

    Highlights: The most fascinating attraction of Butler Bay Beach is its beautiful waterfall, White Surf which will let you soak in some peaceful moments by yourself along with offering a great time.

    Activities: One of the best things to do here is surfing for which it is known all over the country. Other activities which the tourists can look forward to when they are in Butler Bay Beach include swimming, sightseeing, having a bonfire by the beach, sun basking, jungle trekking, elephant rides etc.

    Distance from Port Blair: It is about 100 km away from the capital city, Port Blair.

  • 24 Karmatang Beach

    Karmatang Beach
    Image Credit : 

    Karmatang Beach is very close to Mayabunder, about 12 km's distance and it is a prominent attraction in Andaman. The small huts and places to take rest on the beach are really an advantage for welcoming more number of tourists. To relax, to read books or to arrange a party, these huts are suitable. 

    Karmatang Beach is highly recommended for the tourists since it is kept cleaned and the surrounding greenery is an unavoidable attraction. The green trees on the beach provide space for hammocks as tourists will love to use these hammocks and see the sea coming towards the shore every time.

    Highlights: Karmatang Beach is known as the turtle’s paradise as it supports turtle nesting on a large scale and there you can find a turtle nesting farm as well. The vast shoreline and the cooperation of the natives are really helping the beach achieve a premier position in the tourism sector of Andaman. Natives are frequently found on the beach with their families to spend vacation and Karmatang is an authentic hangout spot for tourists as well as locals.

    Activities: The beach is best suited for relaxation and beach walk. The water is a little bit choppy but the vast beach will offer you enough chances to spend time lying on the white sandy bed and relax.

    Distance from Port Blair: Karmatang Beach is located at a distance of 240 km away from Port Blair. One can reach by the road connecting to Mayabunder. There are ships and boats as well as buses from Port Blair at regular intervals to reach Mayabunder. From Mayabunder, you will get cabs to reach Karmatang Beach which would take around 20-30 minutes to reach. Another access to the beach lies on the Grand Andaman Trunk Road from Port Blair that too directly.

  • 25 Katchal Island

    Katchal Island
    Image Credit : 

    Though the islands in Andaman are pretty famous, the talks about Nicobar Island are rarely heard and thus the real beauty of many of the pristine islands in Nicobar archipelago is a mystery for the outer world. One of the less explored islands in Nicobar archipelago is Katchal Island which used to be known as Tihanyu. To stop these islands getting exploited by the outsiders, the Government has declared the islands in Nicobar as an Aboriginal Tribal Reserve Area. 

    Hence, now, Indians also need special tribal pass to visit these islands. Except from the Government employees, none is permitted to stay on the island of Katchal. During the Tsunami happened in 2004, Katchal Island was affected hugely and a lot of inhabitants were missing. It devastated the island and diminished its socio-economic achievements. The area of Katchal is 146.5 and it is located around 305 kms south to the capital city of Port Blair.

    Highlights: The major peak on the island is the one with a height of 835 feet above sea level. The abundance of calcareous sandstone and marble slates make the hills of Katchal so shining and important. There is a superb, dense tropical forest where you can find an enormous collection of pythons, black monkeys etc and Katchal is simply overshadowing every other island in Nicobar. 

    The vast beaches where the astonishing sunrise and sunset can be viewed from, the prosperous jungles, the auspicious natural spectacle and much more are there to give away Katchal a special place. There are a lot of schools, primary and secondary health centres, police station, power station, jetty etc which make the island second to none.

    Activities: Since there are plenty of jungles and tropical rainforests, trekking would offer you an adventurous moment. The hills may give you plenty of opportunities to do hiking and the beaches will send to you the best space to relax.

    Distance from Port Blair: The Katchal Island is lying south to Port Blair, about 305 kms away.