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  • The resorts in Kullu offer a placid environment in this “Valley of God”. When you are 1,279m above sea level, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to have a great time, whether you are in or out. Many of these resorts offer an impressive view of the white marshmallow like mountains. Some resorts in Kullu offer a rejuvenating spa, which takes your pleasure level beyond enlightenment.

    These Kullu resorts do not lag behind any other major city in India as far as convenience and ease are concerned. The staffs are well trained to the best of hospitality that you will want to leave a part of your heart behind as a thank you. Well-prepared with all modern amenities to offer to you, get ready to be blown away.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Kullu:

  • 01Apple Valley Resorts

    Apple Valley Resorts

    The Apple Valley Resorts, “an Oasis by the River Beas” in their own words, is a fashionable choice for your next trip to Kullu. Lying at the bank of river Beas, visitants of the resort are welcomed with utmost merriment. All cottages are up-to-date with wide-ranging contemporary amenities.

    The sound of the brimming river is a therapeutic experience in itself. Some cottages even come with a fireplace to make your stay comfier.

    Distance: 5km from Bhuntar Airport

    Amenities: Free breakfast, Wi-Fi, Outdoor Pool, Restaurant, Gym, Beauty Parlour, Game Room

    Price: Starting from Rs4003.

  • 02Mashoo Resorts

    Mashoo Resorts

    The appearance of Mashoo Resorts is revitalizing to the eyes. On the other hand, the look from this resort is refreshing to the mind, body, and soul. Also facing the river, the sight of the Himalayas is naturally majestic. This 3-star resort boasts of its roof-top terrace from where the view of the city is spectacular. 

    The suites in this resort are polished and urbane with white marble floorings. The separate living room and bedroom arrangement make you feel at home.

    Distance: 3.7kms from Bhuntar airport

    Amenities: Airport shuttle, free WI-FI, Restaurant, Room Service, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs1,105.

  • 03Orchard Resort

    Orchard Resort

    The name Orchard Resort is self-explanatory of the kind of royalty this resort offers. With a true to life location, this resort looks like a ‘dream come true’ stay especially when it snows. It is walled by apple orchards and views of the mountains & the jungle. 

    The site of this resort is equally preferred by professionals seeking for a ‘get-away’ with colleagues and business acquaintances. A distinctive menu helps you mollycoddle yourself with their in-room facilities.

    Distance: 21.9kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Amenities: Luggage storage space, Travel Counter, Room Service, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs2,500.

  • 04Morpheus Valley Resort

    Morpheus Valley Resort
    Yet another 3-star property in Kullu, Morpheus Valley Resorts is enclosed within the woods and the fast-flowing River Beas. The rooms are equipped with grand wooden décor, garden views, and sitting areas to make the stay as untroubled as possible. Some of the rooms also have kitchen space to give you the perfect holiday feel with homely food!

    The adjacent river view from the garden within the premise is like a breath of fresh air. The resort is most known for its ingenious packages comprising activities around the resort.

    Distance: 27.3kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Intercom, Cycling, Tour desk, Garden, Bar, etc.

    Starting from Rs3,200.

  • 05Quality Inn and Suites River Country Resort

    Quality Inn and Suites River Country Resort

    Quality Inn and Suites River Country Resort are like a utopia amongst all other resorts in Kullu and Manali. The name gives the picture-perfect preview of the resort. Grand, by all means, the resort is amid the entire cool breeze coming from the pine and cedar trees that circle this resort. 

    You can take refuge in their wooden cottages for complete privacy. This one is all about class and sophistication. It is located just 15km away from Solang Valley Ski area.

    Distance: 48.7kms from Bhuntar Airport

    Amenities: Welcome drink, Complimentary breakfast, Minibar, Wi-Fi, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs3000.

  • 06V Resorts Kullu

    V Resorts Kullu

    One of the paramount attractions of the V Resorts is the arrangement of a bonfire that turns unknown travellers into friends of joy. Hiding within the green soothing hills, the rooms of this resort are well done in wood with that almost makes you feel like you are in a tree-house.

    You will feel like living in an extended family owing to the resort’s very cordial, warm and prompt staff. The food served is true to its best preparation leaving one craving for more.

    Distance: 11.kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Airport Transfer, Room Service, Free Parking, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs3,500.
  • 07The Anantmaya Resorts

    The Anantmaya Resorts
    This resort in Kullu has been rightly named The Anantmaya Resort translating into “God’s endless and blissful creation”. It is made up like a little townhouse community with a personal touch of super service. The resort offers some great sights while the exterior of the resort is a sight in itself.

    The interiors have an archetypal and the exteriors are surrounded by orchards and green lands. The property has been built on a site that is prominent for its “crosswinds” throughout the day. The spa and dining services are par excellence.

    Distance: 48.1kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Restaurant, Spa, Complimentary breakfast, Banquet Room, Bar/Lounge, etc.

    Starting from Rs4,595.

  • 08Whistling Pines Resorts and Spa

    Whistling Pines Resorts and Spa

    Whistling Pines Resorts and Spa is a sterling exquisiteness where life comes to a standstill. Large spacious rooms, glorious sites, attached balconies facing the chilling nature and the ultramodern facilities makes this property amongst the best resorts in Kullu. The upcoming spa is home to harmony and solitude.

    The restaurant elevates the dining experience to a great extent with a merger of interesting dishes and traditional cuisine.  

    Distance: 47.4kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Amenities: Restaurant, Children’s Play Area, Parking Space, etc.

    Price:  Starting from Rs2,160.

  • 09Trishla Resort

    Trishla Resort

    Located in the concealed treasure of Himachal in Tirthan, the Trishla Resort is a home away from home. The greatest proof this resort is the sociable staffs, which goes out of the way to make your tour a dream-like one. They will assist you in finding the best of services and hospitality which does not pertain to just the stay.

    Not to forget, the resort provides an opulent view of the Tirthan valley and Tirthan River which courses right by the resort. If you are seeking isolation, then this would be an outstanding choice.

    Distance: 48.4kms from Bhuntar airport

    Amenities: Free Parking, Restaurant, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs2,000.

  • 10Nature’s Lap Resort

    Nature’s Lap Resort

    Isn’t the name enough to woo you into this resort in Kullu? Also located in the Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Nature’s Lap Resort is like a calling from the hills. The sound of the gushing winds and the rushing river is a constant reminder of the idyllic state you have been hailed in. 

    The resort doesn’t fail to provide the sight of the best sceneries from their cottages and suites of the far-reaching mountains and the thick pine forest shelter. It lies at a height of 7,500 feet thus giving you a purer view of the divine valley.

    Distance: 52.2kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Amenities: Restaurant, Business Centre, Room Service, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs2,000.

  • 11JJ by Vivaan Resorts

    JJ by Vivaan Resorts

    The first gaze of JJ by Vivaan Resorts yelps royalty. Guests who have previously stayed there have raved about their large spacious rooms, friendly staff, over-the-top wooden design, and in-room facilities. 

    It is also a delightful choice for professional visits owing to their banquet and conference room facilities. This Kullu resort offers an option of rooms and suites to cater to all kinds of travellers.

    Distance: 2kms from Bhuntar Airport

    Amenities: LCD TV, Multi-cuisine Restaurant and Bar, Play area, Internet, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs3500.

  • 12Club Mahindra

    Who hasn’t heard about the “worlds-best-feeling” found in a Club Mahindra Resort? If a member, then you are more than on board in this heavenly property that will leave no stone unturned to ‘Wow’ you. No matter which type of room suits your pockets, you will not be aloof from all the marvellous sights around. 

    Wake up to the mountain faced windows and forget about the world you left behind only to reminisce back to this moment later.

    Distance: 50kms from Bhuntar Airport

    Amenities: Svaastha Spa, Activity Centre, Gymnasium, Restaurants, Bar, Play Area, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs5,230 for members.
  • 13Span Resort and Spa

    Span Resort and Spa

    Also on the banks of River Beas, this resort in Kullu is an erudite swish stay. Apparently, it is the largest luxury resort in the city with an awesome surrounding of the pines and the river. This award-winning 5-star property has rooms that are elite in and out. They have a variety of four room types. 

    It is equipped with over four restaurants and bars to pick from while the fifth majestic café is in making. Their La Riviere Spa experience takes you on a journey to remember.

    Distance: 35.8kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Amenities: Fitness Centre, Restaurant, Bar, Pool, Complimentary Breakfast, Spa, Hot Tub, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs12,000.

  • 14Alokika Resorts

    Alokika Resorts

    The Alokik Resort is another shout out to luxury and extravagance. Also a major attraction amongst tourists for its flawless views, this resort is sheer bliss for money. It offers four types of rooms, namely, Signature Room, Panoramic Chalet, Premier Twin Bed Room and Presidential Suite. 

    What remains common with all these rooms is the stunning view of the apple orchards. Each room is fitted out with a mini-bar.

    Distance: 47.4kms from Bhuntar airport.

    Amenities: Indoor Games, Restaurant, Pool, Bon Fire, Meeting Room, Complimentary Breakfast, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs8,258.

  • 15Amara Resorts

    Amara Resorts

    This well-lit resort is a traveller’s glory for its laid-back location making a difference from all other resorts in Kullu. The world-class amenities in their cottages, suites, private sit outs & rooms and the wooden structure feel of this resort make your stay a soothing one.

     The multi-cuisine restaurant serves delightful food.

    Distance: 40kms from Bhuntar Airport

    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Restaurant, Mini Bar, Welcome Drink, Play Area, etc.

    Price: Starting from Rs4,000.

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Trekking in Kullu

Nature and wildlife in Kullu

Camping in Kullu

Rafting in Kullu



Bijli Mahadev Temple

Kullu has a huge history in its sack. It also homes one of the most beautiful temples in India. Bijli Mahadev Temple stands out from all the other temples due to its serenity and scenic beauty.  It is located at a height of 2460 m above sea level. This temple is a “Kash” style temple in which Lord Shiva is in the form of Shiva Lingam.

The temple can be reached easily after crossing the Beas River. It is located 22 km away from Kullu. The higher ground surrounding the temple offers a panoramic view of the Paravati and Kullu valley. The glistening 60 feet staff of Bijli Mahadev is visible from a very long distance. Legend says that this temple gets struck by lightning every year.

This is why the temple is named after lightning.  The lightning distorts the position of the Shiva Linga. The priest of the temple attaches it again using tattoo and butter as an adhesive. To reach this temple, you will have to perform a 3 km moderately difficult trek uphill. It is an easy trek for younger persons. 

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Bijli Mahadev Temple: 
The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Bijli Mahadev Temple is 5.6 km.

Kashawri, Himachal Pradesh, 175138.

Opening Timings: 
The temple follows the opening and closing timings of other temples usually.

Gauri Shankar Temple

If you enjoy exploring old temples then you are in the right place. Gauri Shankar Temple is one of the oldest temples present in India. It is situated immediately below the castle of Naggar in Naggar Village. The records say that this temple was dated back to 12th century AD and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Mythology says that this temple is the last monument of the Gurjara Pratihara traditions and is a protected monument. The architecture involved in this temple is famous Shikhara architecture. The specific style resembles a mountain. It means that the temple will look like the peaks of mountains.

The temple has a dome shape at the top while the bottom part of the temple is in a square shape. The shikhara of this temple is simple and have nine stories which are decorated with ornamentations and 
ardharatna motifs. The temple is famous for its stone carvings. The idols of Shankar and Gauri are placed on a pedestal and are seated over Nandi. Both the parent god and goddess hold their son Kartik and Ganesh while being seated under a silver canopy clad with gold jewelry.

garbagriha of the temple is decorated with the amazing carvings of Lord Ganesh, people playing musical instruments and some dancing statues. The temple is surrounded by beautiful greenery. It was renovated by Seth Jaipura in the year 1959.

Naggar Village, Kullu, India

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Gauri Shankar Temple: 
The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Gauri Shankar Temple is 22 km.

8 AM to 7 PM.

Bhrigu Lake

A blasting blue Brighu Lake sits cozily between two high-elevation edges towards the east of Rohtang Pass. One of the numerous cold lakes in Kullu Valley, this lake makes for an immaculate weekend trek and is appropriate for families. 

The noteworthy thing about this trek is that one can achieve an amazing elevation of 14,000 feet and experience snow over the second day of trekking! To add to that, the outdoors grounds at Rola Kholi and Pandu Ropa offer dream-like perspectives to wake up to. 

Bhrigu Lake is only 14 km far from the street head of Gulaba. On a splendid sunny day, the lake is a soaked shade of overlook me-not blue. Bhrigu Lake Trek is especially popular for trekking in Manali.
Amid winter, the lake, secured in the snow, will leave exceptional pictures in your psyche. 

Trekking to the lake is as pacifying as being at the lake itself. On Day 1, backwoods trails from Gulaba to Rola Kholi outdoors grounds take you through valuable old towns, welcoming apple plantations, clear rivulets, and greenfield lands. The trail ensures stunning perspectives of Kullu Valley, which gets to be prettier and prettier as you rise.

Preferred Season
: May-Sep

Maximum Elevation:

: 4 day

Difficulty Level
: High.


Chanderkhani Pass

Chandarkhani Pass is located at a height of 3,660 meters above the sea level. This pass is known for its scenic beauty and excellent trekking trails in the Himalayan range. It is treated as one of the best tourist places in Kullu because of the marvelous views, breathtaking landscapes and exclusive trails to follow and make your trip memorable.

You can get the fabulous views of Pir Panjal ranges, Deo Tibba Peak, Parbati mountain range from this pass. The pass takes you to the famous village of Malana through a way between Pulag and Rumsa. The trekkers are introduced to hilly and remote cultures of Himachal Pradesh in this trek. The horizon in this place is a treat for the nature lovers.

The region is also named as the “Valley of Gods”. A legend says that the deity named Jamlu had a basket full of gods. Once he opened his basket in the area. A sudden gust of wind dropped all the gods from the basket. Each fell to the ground and became peaks named after them as Indrasan, Pir Panjal, Deo Tibba, and Parbati.

The top of Chanderkhani pass in Himachal Pradesh is a 360-degree meadow from where you will get the panoramic view of these mountain tops.

 East of Katrain, Kullu, 175101.

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Chanderkhani Pass:
 The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Chandarkhani Pass is 49 km and it takes 57 minutes to commute. There are interstate buses which will help you with the travel so there is no need to worry about it.


Hot Springs at Manikaran

Hot springs at Manikaran is one of the sacred and best places to visit in Kullu. It is located in the bank of Parvati River. It is just 35 km away from Kullu and 4 km away from Kasol. The hot springs are situated at a height of 1760 m above the sea level. A geothermal experimental plant has been constructed here for the research of renewable source of natural energy.

It is considered as one of the holiest places in India for the Hindu and Sikh pilgrims. The three temples of Rama, Vishnu and Krishna are elegantly built by the side of the river. The water of the hot springs can be overwhelmingly hot in some places.

It is better to maintain proper safety and stay under the guidance of the locals. Legend says that Guru Nanak told one of his disciples to lift a stone. It is then the hot springs appeared. The community kitchen offers sumptuous meals here to all devotees. The mesmerizing view surrounding the beautiful temples will give you the ambient environment you always wanted to visit.

The peaceful environment around this temple is the greatest boon given by nature. This place offers a perfect spiritual getaway for the city dwellers to find peace of their mind back again.

Bank of Parbati River, Kullu, India

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Hot Springs at Manikaran: 
The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Hot Springs at Manikaran is 40.9 km and it takes nearly an hour and 20 mins to travel.


Great Himalayan National Park

Established in the year 1984, this is one of the biggest national parks located very close to Kullu. It is considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers a total area of 1171 square kilometers. You can go for all kinds of trekking experience here. The mountain trails offer all types of difficulties for amateur, average and experienced trekkers.

The trekking experience will leave you awestruck. This park is considered as one of the most idyllic tourism places in Kullu to visit and enjoy a trek. There are a lot of things that can be enjoyed in this Great Himalayan Park.

Food is prepared using firewood in the campsite by the authorities and provided to the campers. You just can carry some snacks to have on your way. The special guidance is provided by the Himalayan National Park guides and trek planners so that your trip runs smoothly.

The authority of Great Himalayan National park takes various measures to make the trip wonderful for the visitors. Visiting the park is a great experience for tourists of all ages. The calm atmosphere at night with a crystal clear sky showcasing the stars of Milky Way will take your breath away.  

Kullu District, Shamshi, Himachal Pradesh, 175126. 

Distance Between Kullu Bus Stand and Great Himalayan National Park: 
The distance Between Kullu Bus Stand and Great Himalayan National Park is 51.9 km. 

Opening and Closing Times: 
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Chandratal Lake

Chandra Tal is also known as "Moon Lake" is the source of the Chandra River. It is one of the finest treks for trekking in Manali. It was at one time a provisional spot for brokers from Tibet and Ladakh who went to Spiti and the Kullu valley, however today it draws in countless devotees from over the world. 

Situated at a height of 4300 m, Chandra Tal Lake is only 6 km far from the Kunzum Pass in Spiti and Lahaul locale of Himachal Pradesh condition of India. Strolling on Chandra Tal trek will offer an extreme ordeal like the experience of setting off to the moon. 

You will go through two high mountain ranges named Moulkila and Chandrabhaga, which are entirely trying for mountain dwellers. Further, you will see the delightful snow-shrouded mountain tops and slants. There is an unbelievable story connected with this lake.

Sea Preferred Season son: June - mid-Oct

Maximum Elevation: 4250 mts/14000 ft

Duration: 10 day

Difficulty Level: High


Beas Kund

It is one of the best manali treks known for enterprise and energy. Beas Kund is a standout amongst the most mainstream trek that one can do in a more drawn out weekend in Manali. The trek removes you from the buzzing about of Manali.

Taking after the banks of Beas River expect extraordinary perspectives of Pir Pinjal ranges. The glades of Dhundi and Bakarthach are tremendous in its magnificence. As you move higher you achieve the starting point of River Beas. A little cold lake is fed by the softening snow of the higher tops of the district. This trek is appropriate for all age bunches and no trekking experience is required to do it.

Some individuals incline toward mountains and some sea. Bhrigu Lake Trek is especially popular for trekking in Manali. And after that, there are some who have a weakness in their heart for streams, glades, vegetation or fauna, and would head out unlimited hours just to witness such disconnected wonders of nature once in a while saw in the nearness of any human settlements.

Sea Preferred Season's on: June - Sep

Maximum Elevation: 3620

Duration: 6 day

Difficulty Level: Average


Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is one of the most sought places to visit in Kullu. This valley is ranked 18th among the 35 best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. You will find spectacular views of meandering hilly rivers. Crossing the river is an outstanding experience for the tourists. The safety harness will keep you safe while sliding over the Tirthan River.

The Great Himalayan National Park is where the wildlife enthusiasts will find their heaven. It is also one of the leading places where anglers from all over the world visit to fish. Enjoy a blissful trek via the snowy trails of the mountain ranges. You will also find twin waterfalls located in one of the walking trails in this valley.

Jalori Pass in this area is a green heaven you must witness. Serloskar Lake is a small yet distinct natural reservoir surrounded by lush green forest. It is a perfect angling spot for the anglers. Tirthan Valley is a must-add destination to your visit list in Kullu.

Kullu, 175123, India

Distance From Kullu Bus Stand: 
The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Tirthan Valley is 523.3 km. A lot of inter-state buses are available from Delhi. The distance is 550 km from our Delhi. it is just 50 km away from Kullu bus stand.

 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Bara Banghal

Manali and Dharamshala must rank as two of the best-known slope stations in India, however, few realize that between them lies a fabulous breadth of mountains rich in magnificence and legend. Taking in two passes — Kalihani and Thamsar — the 12-day trek goes through timberlands of pine-oak and deodhar and valleys overwhelming with wildflowers. 

The genuine highlight of the trek, be that as it may, is the Gaddis, semi-migrant pastoralists, who bungle the high valleys with their sheep. This trek permits trekkers a look into their minimal known lives, and gives them the uncommon benefit of going to their most established settlement, Bara Bangal, a town that time appears to have overlooked.

Sea Preferred Season son: May - June

Maximum Elevation: 5347 ft

Duration: 12 day

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Rohtang La

This is a place where the earth meets the sky! At more than 15,000ft, you are greeted and embraced by the clouds on a Manali to Leh Road trip. Located on the eastern part of the Pir Pangal range, this mountain pass is a connecting point for the Kullu and Lahaul and Spiti valleys.

A natural divide between these two valleys, an ancient trade route passed through either sides of the Pir Panjal ranges. From the Rohtang La, enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas and its snow capped mountains. Enjoy regional food at local dhabas and eateries; savour the unique ambience to the brim.


Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery

Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery is a place where Buddhist Monks live in Himachal Pradesh. The monastery was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in the year 2005. The monastery is the gem of Kais village and is also called as Kais monastery. The elegant design of the building along with the backdrop of sprawling mountains makes it one of the prime places to visit in Kullu.  You have to mount approximately 50 stairs to reach the monastery. Leave your footwear below and enter a new paradigm of peace and spirituality here.

After the prayer, you can relax in the monastery. The extremely peaceful environment will automatically calm your nerves. This place is the epitome of picturesque views. The idyllic taste of Mother Nature can be savored here. The environment in the Monastery is so quiet that you can hear the wind howling and the birds chirping. The architecture of this monastery is one of the best things to look for. It is a perfect blend of Indo-Tibetan style that dates back quite a few centuries.

The holy place is situated on the left side of Beas River. The monastery has been dedicated to his Holiness the Dalai Lama. The prayer hall is very big. It has a huge Buddha statue that will surely make you feel calm and peaceful. The enchanting environment will enlighten you. Many monks stay here in search of inner peace for a reason. They will act as guides and will help you with a better understanding of the temple. Moreover, the strong flow of the river also creates a constant splashing sound. You will feel quite relaxed here.  

Location: 10 km from Kullu, Kullu 175101

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery: The distance from the bus station is just 10.1 km. it will take almost 1.5 hours to complete the journey.


Kulant Pith

Yet another dazzling spot in Manikaran, Kulant Pith is one of the most sought piths in the country. The mythology says that even Lord Shiva stayed at Kulant Pith for some time and this is the reason why it became one of the most important places to visit in Kullu. The view of this place is astonishing. You will fall in love with this amazing location. The peaceful ambiance provided by this place will help you in relieving all the stresses. The large sun kissing mountains on one side and Parvati River on another side will make this the ideal place to visit.

The hot springs in Manikaran are the most attractive point to witness other than the temples in the lap of the mountains. The hot water is enough to cook rice and any other items without using a fire. The geothermal energy here is very strong and a topic for the renewable energy department to ponder. This is a sacred place for the Hindus as well as the Sikhs.

Location: Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India

Distance From Kullu Bus Stand to Kulant Pith: The distance From Kullu Bus Stand to Kulant Pith is 41 km and it takes more than 20 mins to commute. You can use cabs, auto rickshaws to reach the place.


Jana Waterfall

You can visit this Jana Waterfall on your way to the Bijli’s temple. The waterfall is at a distance of 11.5 km from the Naggar Castle. You have to follow a small narrow forest route on your way to Jana Waterfall. Surrounded by beautiful pine trees on your way, the meandering hilly route will make you feel very ecstatic. The name of the waterfall comes from the name of the village. It is surrounded by apple orchards, pine trees, and snow-clad mountain peaks. It is a typical waterfall where the water comes out unprecedentedly amidst chunk of rocks.

 It is a source of water hidden within the mountains. The destination looks more adorable due to the presence of a small wooden bridge. You can bath in the water or swim leisurely in the small pool. If you love trekking, you can trek up the hill to get a more beautiful view of the waterfall. The best time to visit these amazing waterfalls is in September. At least 3 to 4 buses are arranged from Naggar town to these waterfalls per day so there is no problem regarding the commute.

 This is the best place to relax in the lap of nature.  The waterfalls are small but the journey till the waterfalls is quite intriguing and you will love it a lot.

Location: Naggar Town, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Jana Waterfall: The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Jana Waterfall is 33.5 km and there are interstate buses for the transportation.

Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Raghunath Temple

Raghunath Ji is the chief deity of Kullu and the Raghunath Temple is one of the most famous places to visit in Kullu. Raghunath is another name of Lord Rama and the temple is dedicated to him. It is one of the oldest temples present in Himachal Pradesh.

The high-rise temple is present on a hillock and provides visitors with the magnificent view of the valley. The compound of the temple is huge. It covers the entire peak of the hillock. The temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh in the 17th century. It is a mix of both pyramidal and Himachali style of architecture.

Raja Jagat Singh built this temple as an apology for all the sins he has committed in his lifetime. According to the mythology, it has been believed that the idol of Raghunath in this temple was used by Lord Rama in the Ashwemedha Yaga. The idol was brought from Ayodhya and has been established here.

There are a lot of stories around this temple and you can hear them from the guides who are present in the temple. The temple is a beautiful piece of ancient architecture and is one of its kinds.

Near Post office, Sultan Pur, Himachal Pradesh, 228001.

Distance Between Kullu Bus Stand and Raghunath Temple: The distance Between Kullu Bus Stand and Raghunath Temple is 600 meters and it takes merely two minutes for the transportation.


Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery

Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery is one of the famous monasteries in India. The monastery is full of divine vibes. Once you enter the monastery, you will get the serene feel. The architecture of this monastery is the most discussed topic. It reflects an Indo-Tibetan art conglomeration. The monastery has become a perfect example of mixed culture in Kullu.  The beautiful artwork and master craftsmanship on the monastery will leave you spellbound. A monastery is a sacred place for Buddhists.

The temple is the most peaceful place where you can indulge yourself in the ambient environment. The statue of Buddha is of greater importance here. You will come across the monks who perform daily rituals here. The trip will take a half day. The breathtaking view of Beas Valley, the spectacular colors of the monastery, and the sneak peek of Bijli’s temple make this place a must go or the tourists. Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery is one of the most famous tourist places in Kullu.

It is highly maintained and can be considered as one of the architecture marvels on such a challenging terrain.

Location: Shravasti, Kullu, 175125.

Distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery: The distance from Kullu Bus Stand to Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara Monastery is 14.5 km and you have to travel on NH3.

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