Best Time to Visit Nainital 2020: All-Season Guide

Offering a one of a kind holidaying experience to everyone, the Best time to visit nainital is during the months of March to June and October to January. While nainital is a place which can be visited at any given time of the year, it is best enjoyed either during the summers or the winters. Boasting of scenic natural landscapes and offering a great retreat to tourists, Nainital lies in the mountains, which experience a pleasant climate all year round.

Nainital experiences summer during the months of March to June, which is also the peak tourist season in the region. This is also another Best season to visit nainital, especially since the weather remains pleasant and favourable for sightseeing and other activities. Summers are also the time when people celebrate the Phool Dei festival in Nainital. The months from July to September bring in the heavy monsoon season, when the entire region gets vulnerable to roadblocks and landslides.

The Best month to visit nainital starts from October and lasts until February, during the magical winter season. In addition to enjoying the snowfall and cold winter breeze, winters in Nainital also offer tourists a great chance to bask in the mist laden mountains, while partaking in various adventurous activities. You can also witness the celebration of many festivals, such as Bikhauti, Sharadotsav as well as Uttarayani and Basant Panchamu during these months.  

Here are the best time to visit Nainital:


Nainital in Summer

Nainital in Summer
Months:  One should plan a visit from the month of March to June to witness the summer season in Nainital

Why you should visit at this time: 
Boasting of pleasant weather, the summer season in Nainital is a great way to escape the heat of North India and enjoy the pleasant weather. This is the time when one can bask in the natural beauty of the town and witness the flora that comes out in full bloom during this season. The hills look verdant with nature and it is a sight to behold indeed.

During the summer season in Nainital, the sun could be at times unbearable during the day but the evenings are generally pleasant. With temperature usually ranging between 14 to 30 degrees Celsius, the summer season in Nainital is nice to visit while enjoying the relatively cooler climate. However, it is advisable to carry light clothing and keep yourself hydrated at all times during the summers when visiting there.

Places to visit and activities to during this time: 
Visiting Nainital in the summer season is recommended if you are looking for a summer escape. It is the best time to visit Nainital for sightseeing and indulging in other activities. Some of the popular places which one should visit during this time are Caves Garden, Land’s End, Naini Lake, and Naina Devi Temple. Hopping on a boat ride after 4 pm on any summer evening is one of the best ways to catch a captivating sunset from the Naini Lake.

Summer season in Nainital is a delight to visit if you want to witness the festival of Phool Dei. The popular festival in Nainital is usually celebrated in the month of March by picking the first flowers of the season and then putting them on the entrance of all the houses in order to herald good luck and prosperity.

Average Temperature: Day:
27 degrees Celsius

                                       Night: 10 degree Celsius.


Nainital in Monsoon

Nainital in Monsoon
Months: The monsoon season in Nainital is from the month of June to September.

Why you should visit at this time:
Visiting Nainital in the monsoon season is a great idea if you love rains and like to experience the adventure of the rainy season in the mountains. This is when not many tourists are seen in Nainital and it becomes a great deal for budget travellers. Tourists can enjoy hefty discounts and nature can be seen in its most glorious form. It is the low season in Nainital and one can enjoy some awesome hotel deals and travel discounts then.

Even though there is a contingency of roadblocks and muddy terrains during this season, it is the best time to visit Nainital to witness the beauty of the place. The temperature is lower and the landscape is covered with mist and clouds making it a delight for those who plan to have a romantic getaway. Also, with lesser crowds, lovebirds can enjoy their alone time and cherish some privacy in the beautiful landscapes of Nainital

Places to visit and activities to during this time:
One of the popular events not to miss in Nainital during the monsoon is Nandadevi fair and festival of Khatarua which is held in September. Moreover, Nainital boasts of natural beauty during this season as it is the best time to visit Nainital and many tourist places like Hanumangarhi, Khurpatal, Kilbury and Naina Peal look fabulous during this time.

Average temperature: Day: 
25 degree Celsius
                                     Night: 20 degree Celsius.

Nainital in Winter

Nainital in Winter
Months: Nainital is best visited from the month of October to February to enjoy the winter season. October is when the weather is calm and pleasant and from November, one can see temperature dipping down to a great extent in Nainital, kicking in the snowy season. With heavy snowfall, the temperature may drop to 0 degree Celsius and tourists may need to brace for a challenging winter.

Why you should visit at this time: 
One of the popular reasons to visit Nainital during the winter season is to witness the Nainital Mahotsav which is one of the most celebrated festivals. It is a great way to see the exuberant way of celebrating folk art, dance and cultural programs of the town and it is best time to visit Nainital.

Also, it is one of the best places to escape for a romantic honeymoon. As the weather turns a little colder, Nainital becomes a wonderful escape for honeymooners. During the month of December and January, one can also see the snow and make the most of their winter holiday.  Ski lovers can look forward to having an enthralling adventure with the snowy landscape of Nainital in winters.

Places to visit and activities to during this time: 
Also known as the snowfall season, this is when you can see colourful Christmas festivities and an exciting celebration of New Year's Eve. There is also the Vasantotsav which presents the folk performance of Kumaon in a thrilling manner. Some of the best places to see in winter here are Snow View, Naini Peak, Tiffin Top, Sattal and the Mall and Guano Hills. The weather remains calm and pleasant which allows the tourists to enjoy their vacation in a carefree manner.

Other prominent festivals which can be seen during the winter season include Bikhauti that takes place on the first day of Navratri in October and Sharadotsav that showcases the enthralling folk celebrations of the town. Marking an end to the winter season are the festivals of Uttarayani and Basant Panchmi that are celebrated in January in Nainital.

Average Temperature: 
Day: 15 degrees Celsius
                                      Night: 5 degrees Celsius.
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People Also Ask About Nainital

  1. Which is the best time to visit Nainital with family?

    The best time to visit Nainital is between the months of March to June, during the peak summer season. During this time, the weather remains cool and pleasant, allowing for hassle-free sightseeing opportunities.
  2. Which is the best time to visit nainital for snowfall?

    The best time to visit Nainital for snowfall is between the months of October to February, during the winter season. It is during this time that the region experiences temperatures that can drop to 0 degrees Celsius and bring with it heavy snowfall, making the winters even more fun and challenging.
  3. What are the best places to visit in Nainital?

    1. Naini Lake: Giving the hill station its name, the Naini Lake is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Nainital. The emerald waters of the lake, flanked by rolling green hills on all sides, is best explored through boat rides.
    2. High Altitude Zoo: Situated at an altitude of 2,100 meter above sea level, the High Altitude Zoo in Nainital is home to a number of local and exotic animal species such as Royal Bengal tigers, Tibetan Wolves, the Himalayan Bear. A number of colourful birds can also be spotted here. 
    3. Kilbury Bird Sanctuary: Nestled within the reserved forests of Nainital, Kilbury is a birdwatcher’s paradise, being home to over 580 species of exotic birds.
    4. Jeolikote: A quaint hill station within Nainital, Jeolikote offers a perfect summer escapade for tourists travelling to the hill station. The surreal beauty of the place makes it especially popular among people looking for a little quiet.
  4. Is Nainital safe to visit?

    Yes, Nainital is extremely safe to visit. The hospitality and friendliness of the locals here make the place especially approachable for tourists.
  5. Which is the best time to visit nainital for a honeymoon?

    The best time to visit Nainital for honeymoon is during the winter season, between the months of October to February. With the weather turning colder, Nainital becomes a place of great retreat for those looking for a romantic honeymoon in this hill station
  6. Which is the best month to visit Nainital?

    The best month to visit Nainital is November or December. It is during this time that Nainital experiences the cold, winter season. Moreover, during these months, you can also experience snowfall in Nainital. With the place becoming even more beautiful with a thick white layer of snow, you can also enjoy activities like skiing at this time. Additionally, these months are great for witnessing the famous Nainital Mahotsav, where you can enjoy the traditional folk art, dance and culture of the region.
  7. How many days are enough for Nainital?

    With many temples, museums, lakes and even adventure activities, you require a minimum of three to four days when visiting Nainital.
  8. Is there any snowfall in Nainital?

    Yes, Nainital experiences snowfall in the winter months, from October to February.

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