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Manimahesh Yatra

One of the paradisiacal spots in Himachal Pradesh offering the pure features of pilgrimage is Manimahesh. A challenging trekking route starting from Lakshminarayan Temple in Chamba and goes to Manimahesh Lake in Bundhil Valley, Manimahesh Yatra is quite famous among the pilgrims of India. Right after the festival of Janmashtami, the Yatra starts, the pilgrims have to walk through the rocky terrains bare footed, singing Bhajans and praying to Lord Shiva. Manimahesh Lake is located at an altitude of 4080 meters in the Pir Panjal Ranges of Himalayas. As per Hindu mythology, this is an abode of Lord Shiva, proving it to be true, there is the Manimahesh Kailash Peak also situated above the lake. Since it dedicates itself to fulfill the prayers of its devotees, there are hundreds of pilgrims flow to see their favourite deity once.

Kunzum Pass

4590 meters above sea level seems a good altitude where challenges can be expected during a journey. Yes, we are confronting with the much talked about pass in the Himalayas, the Kunzum Pass. Located just 122 KM away from Manali, this pass connects the Kullu Valley and the Lahaul Valley to the Spiti Valley. The trekkers going to visit the scenic Chandrataal Lake cuts through this pass as the lake is situated at a distance of just 9 KM from here. One can absorb the best views of the Himalayan ranges, if it is winter, then the beauty just doubles, from here and the pass extends decent challenges to those who cross it, despite of the season. The trekkers who come in winter have to be ready to transit the tough challenges forwarded by the pass, but worth doing it.

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What You Should Know More About Lahaul - Spiti

  • Travel advice:

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Whenever you eat street food, always double check the quality.

    • Make sure the water bottle that you buy from the stalls has its seal intact.

    • Don’t let anyone mislead you.

    • Book prepaid taxis to avoid overpaying. In case you are unable to find prepaid taxis, you can hire a metered taxi or auto. In case there is no option, you must negotiate the fare before you get in the taxi.

    • Never leave your valuables, cash or jewelry behind.

    • Enquire about the availability of the room safe before buying.

    • Do not book a hotel in a shady place.

    • Never indulge in drugs of any form.

    • Never entertain the beggars.

    • Don’t trust anyone with your valuables.  

    • Always carry with you a copy of all your necessary documents and licenses. You may require to show them in some cases.

    • Do no photograph at the places where photography is prohibited.

    • You cannot shoot videos or films without the legal permissions. So, make sure you do that.

    • Do not litter around and spoil the beauty of the place.

  • Drinking laws

    The legal age for drinking in Lahaul Spiti is 18 years.

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    Tabo Monastery

    Tabo Monastery was built in 996 CE and is still a must see attraction of Lahaul Spiti. It is an ancient monastery and is believed to be one important monastery of this region. Often regarded as the Ajanta of the Himalayas, the complex has several stupas and 9 temples that are all made in mud. These have been standing intact for over 1000 years now. 

    Tabo Caves

    On the hill that faces the Tabo village, you can find a number of caves that have multi hued Buddhist flags fluttering outside. There is a small temple on the top that attracts a number of visitors. You’ll also find a hall like chamber where most rituals and prayers are carried out. Annexed to this is a small kitchen where the monks cook their food. Besides this, the other caves are difficult to reach since the walk up the hill is very tedious.  You can get a fascinating view of the mud monastery and the Tabo village from top of the cave. This indeed is the most important place to see in Lahaul Spiti

    Giu Mummy

    On the drive from Tabo to Nako, you’ll have to cross a bridge that will lead you to the River Spiti after Sumdo. From there, you’ll have to take a detour of some 7 km to reach a tiny hamlet known as Giu. It is almost a secluded habitation with no village around. What really makes this place a great sightseeing attraction is the renowned 500 years old mummy of a Buddhist monk. On the outskirts of the village on the small hill, there is a tiny room in the glass cabin. Inside the cabin lies the mummy of an old monk. Teeth, hair and the nails of the mummy appear more so as a living person.


    One of the most beautiful villages of Spiti is Kibber. It is located about 16 km from the Kaza town. Situated at an elevation of 4270 meters above the sea level, the village is believed to be the highest village in the world to have been connected by the motorable road. The road that leads you to the village passes through one of the most prominent monasteries of this region – Key Monastery. There are a number of boards that will welcome you to the village. You can see some 60 to 70 houses here. Every house is painted in blue and white with a black outline on the windows and the doors. Like every village of the Lahaul Spiti, Kibber too has its own monastery however unlike many others, it also has a wildlife sanctuary that is housed by some animals. The sanctuary is also famous for its rare medicinal plants.

    Key Monastery

    The key monastery also known as the Kye Gompa is the main monastery in the Kaza region. It lies on the edge of the hills and towers the River Spiti. This indeed is a landmark attraction of Lahaul Spiti and is a great place to see.

    Dhankar lake

    Situated just a little above the Dhankar monastery lies the Dhankar lake. You’ll have to undertake a hike of an hour and a half to reach the beautiful lake. Catch a glimpse of the reflection of the snow caped peaks of the Spiti in the still waters of the lake. For some of you lucky people, there is also a chance to spot few exotic animals of the Spitian wildlife near the lake. It is so peaceful and tranquil hear, that you can actually hear the grass growing here. This is impeccable experience.

  • What you will like here?

    Spectacular high mountains

    The beautiful and majestic mountains of Spiti are a sight to behold. For past many centuries, the snow has indeed eroded these mountains and as a result several rock structures have been formed that look as if they have been crafted by some master craftsman to give them this beautiful shape.   


    Entire Lahaul Spiti is a delight for the nature and photography lovers. The crisp sunlight, light and the altitude makes this barren landscape a delight to photograph. Lush tracts of the agricultural land, clear blue skies and the white patches of the clouds, beautify the place. Every now and then, you’ll chance upon something really spectacular that you’ll be left agape.


    People of Lahaul Spiti are extremely friendly. Both the locals and the red robed monks are helpful and always greet the tourists with a smile.

    Quaint Villages

    Some of the villages of the Lahaul Spiti have a population of just 35 people. Others are fairly bigger but the maximum population that you’ll find in a village here is 200 to 250 people.

    Village Homestays

    Even though the villages are tiny and the resources are few, the people are very welcoming. They’ll be more than happy to put you up for the night and provide you with sumptuous meals of tasty local food.


    Lahaul Spiti has 5 prominent monasteries that are situated at Komic, Tabo, Kungri, Dhankar and Kye. All of these monasteries are culturally and historically important to Lahaul Spiti.   

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Menka Butt

18 July 2015

Beautiful, unexplored place and the best part away from all the cobwebs of city.This place is heaven on earth. It is hard to believe that such beauty even exists. But yes, beauty comes at a price. Its hard to reach. Weather is extreme. I went there via Kinnaur. And Kinnaur is not for the light hearted. Its a long, tiring and dangerous journey with a treasure at the end.

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews33511.jpg

Neeraj Kumar

02 August 2017

We were 6 friends who had gone for Hampta pass trek with Adventurescape on the June batch. I must say great trek by Rakesh and team. The staff were really nice and polite. Food was simple and tasty. Overall great trek ! Keep it Up!


Devadatt Dhawan

07 December 2015

i felt that i am in heaven. snowy mountains, green valley and chilling cold. everything is just unforgettable....loved the trip a lot....would try again soon and recommend everyone to go for this trip


Shreya Menon

07 December 2015

The snow-covered mountains were so refreshing, the green valleys were so beautiful and the trip was so good. Me with my family enjoyed alot. Thanks a lot thrillophilia for such an amazing experience.


Himani Dhawan

15 December 2013

Jeep Safari – WOW! Spiti Safari is a Jeep Safari that can be taken during May to October. This is the best safari in India. From Manali, this safari starts and proceeds forward to Rohtang pass. This is one of the very great experiences that I have had in the travel front for me. It was an interesting experience. As of the cost aspects, the safari seems quite costly for what it has to offer. Nevertheless, the Safari was indeed good and fine. I recommend this safari to everyone. This is worth the time and money.

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  • 1462366824_winter_drive_to_the_spiti_himalaya_22.jpg
  • 1462366824_winter_drive_to_the_spiti_himalaya_29.jpg
  • 1462366824_winter_drive_to_the_spiti_himalaya_63.jpg

Devi Chattopadhyay

24 April 2015

Spiti valley trek has mesmerising views, i am in love with this tour. The weather is little chilly but take warm clothes and it will be all be fine. Its nothing like the south from where I am. It is very different and nice. I enjoyed a lot, so did my friends. Will go there again for sure!

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews3300.1.jpg
  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews3300.2.jpg

Bhramar Acharya

19 March 2015

AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE to say the least! Its not everyday that you get to see such beautiful escapes of the wilderness adorned with natural beauty. It was long and rewarding trip. Had lots of fun with my friends. Would like to recommend this trip if one has the time and is willing to take a long and adventurous vacation.

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews3299_3.jpg

Mayoor Tandon

01 December 2015

Wonderful time indeed. Being inside snow for the first time was a heart-warming experience. Since I was small I wanted to see and touch snow and finally in this amazing trip I was able to. I felt great. It is a memory I am gonna cherish for the rest of my life. Besides the snow the trip itself was excellent. Would like to return to this place again.


Giriraaj Bandopadhyay

28 December 2015

Spiti is more beautiful than the account that substantiate the claims behind its beauty. kaza is at a higher altitude than Leh. the journey is very dangerous either from manali or kalpa but it is worth it. the peace, beauty and serenity you find there are unparalleled. even ladakh stands nothing before it.

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