Things to Do in Pushkar

Things to do in Pushkar encircles visit ghats of Pushkar, camping, zip-lining, jeep safari, Camel safari and desert safari, Hot Air balloon, paintball, adventure desert camp, visit the City of Merta, Hike to Ratnagiri hills, Shop in The Markets of Pushkar and many more.

Pushkar is the ideal place for you to visit if you love color, camels, and sand all combined together to form a town that has an amazing personality. Bordering on the Thar Desert, this town is set on Pushkar Lake, a revered site for many Hindu followers, and if you visit this place, you will get to see several pilgrims bathe in the waters before offering their prayers to the Gods.

Pushkar is famous for several sites of religious importance and of late has also got people flocking to every nook and corner of the town to be a part of the colourful fairs, markets, indulge in the unique style of Rajasthani food and engage with the people who are there. Tourists often visit the place to attain salvation and ardent adventurers flock here to see the brimming pot of Indian culture that has many a story made around it.

Here are a few exciting things to do in Pushkar that may have you packing your bags and heading to this exciting sandy region on your next holiday, or anytime you want to escape the torrential rains from your city or the harsh, biting winters!

Here are some of the best things to do in Pushkar:

1. Leisure Stay at Garden of Dreams by Barasingha Luxury:

Overlooking the magnificent hills of Puskar, the Secret Garden is one of the chic and coziest properties you will find here. This boutique resort lies at a distance of just 3 KM from the center of Pushkar City, hence makes sure that you stay away from the hustle and the bustle but still stay connected to the major attractions and experiences. The cozy rooms here come with six different options, each of which is different from the other. The interior of the rooms reflect the culture and rustic charm which this country has, hence attracting numerous tourists.

For your entertainment, activities like jeep safaris, camel tours, ATV rides, horse riding and folk dancing sessions are organized. The whole experience of staying here will let you enjoy a sneak peek into the Rajasthani Culture, and if talking about the food, it is the best. To take care of your healthy daily routine, the resort also offers “The Yoga Shala”, which is a huge room filled with natural light where people can practice yoga.

Location: Village, opp. Hotel Pushkar Fort, Ganahera, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

2. Visit The Ghats of Pushkar: 

How does a visit to a beautiful lake in a desert town sound? The Pushkar Lake is beautifully surrounded by over 52 Ghats and more than 400 temples that you can explore to your hearts content, and this is one of the best things to do in Pushkar! According to the local’s beliefs, a holy dip here is worth washing away 100 years of sins. 

Near the Ghats, you will get to see several religious ceremonies, indulge in the reverberating music of the temple bells, the chants from the priests and the illuminated lamps that make these Ghats come alive in so many ways.

The several resplendent ghats at Pushkar are not only visited by the pilgrims or even by tourists but also double up as a haven and resting place abode for many Sadhus ,ascetics and other sects of Hindu saints who visit these areas, giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with them and meet them as well. 

A visit to these ghats is a muxt on your TO-DO list when you visit this desert town on your next vacation. Enjoy the lovely views of the famous Pushkar Lake and watch the daily life of Pushkar unfurl itself before you. Visit the Gau Ghat, Badri Ghat, Pachdevri Ghat, Varaha ghat, Saptrishi Ghat, Gurjara Ghat, Swarup Ghat, Yajna Ghat among many others. 

3. Experience The Noise and Colours of The Pushkar Mela: 

If you want to feel and experience all that real Rajasthani culture is about while wondering what are the different things to do in Pushkar, you should head out to be a part of the Pushkar Mela whenever you are here on a holiday! The main essence of this event is to get a chance to see the famous camel and cattle trading that happen between the different villages.

The most well decorated camel gets to take home a handsome reward (well, his owner does) and the animals selling price gets very high as well. There are other activities from these things to do in Pushkar to watch out for over here, such as the moustache competition, the ‘matka’ phod, the bridal competition.

During the matka phod, there are men climbing one atop the other, to break earthen pots hanging high above the ground. Indeed, there are so many sights to enjoy here; you need to ensure that visiting the Mela in Pushkar is a part of your itinerary. 

4. Pray at Brahma Temple: 

Hinduism, Lord Brahma is revered as the creator of the universe and holds a special place in the scriptures that they abide by. In Pushkar, the famous Lord Brahma temple happens top be the only temple dedicated to the God in the whole of North India, therefore it is a must visit when you are here with your family for your holidays.

The temple is also known as the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir and is one of the many temples close to the Pushkar Lake. The temples architecture glistens of beautiful white marble and stone slabs and once you enter the temple, you will see images of Lord Brahma and his second consort Gayatri.

The temple has recently developed to become a thriving tourist attraction for several travelers as well as pilgrims and holy men. Though there are many temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in India, this temple stands out for its resplendent architecture and finesse. 

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5. Engage in the Pushkar International Balloon Festival: 

There is nothing more beautiful than getting a chance to see the vast beauty of Pushkar from the comfort of your hot air balloon whilst you are high in the skies. Enjoy your time at the Pushkar International Balloon Festival on your next visit to this place and enjoy the views of the deserts, hills and lakes beneath you. This festival has gained wide popularity in recent times, since its incorporation in 2010. The idea behind this festival was to add an element of adventure into the otherwise serene and calm environment that Pushkar generally portrays for tourists.

The view of so many hot air balloons in the sky along is enough for you to be in awe, and if you stay here long enough, you might be lucky enough to get a chance to see the fusion concert that takes place at the Pushkar Mela Grounds. If you are spending the whole day here, you can get a chance to avail the different packages offered by the tour providers here and go visit the Brahma Temple, the Pushkar Mela among other things to do in Pushkar as well. 

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6. Cable Ride to Savitri Temple: 

One of the most exciting activities to do in Pushkar is the cable ride to the 16th century Savitri Devi Temple. Giving you a bird’s eye view of the scintillating city, this cable ride will take you across the Ratnagiri Hills to its summit.

Quite popular among the tourists this cable ride is the best option if you do not wish to take the muscle tiring trekking through the rugged terrains of the Ratnagiri Hills. For the ones looking for moderate thrill while you are on the religious conquest to reach the top of the hill for the temple, then this is your must-try thing.

7. Go Shopping for Colourful Handicrafts in Pushkar: 

If you love shopping, you need to head to the amazing market road and sharafa bazaar in Pushkar and keep your bargaining skills ready at the tip of your tongue.

The colours here alone will leave you in awe and those who love photography can go crazy clicking many photos here as they please. Get a chance to buy the colourful sarees, sweets, handicrafts and much more while you are here and end your trip to Pushkar with some festive hues in your bag.

8. Explore Amazing Cafes of Pushkar with Ghat View: 

While you’re strolling the beautiful suburbs of this city, you will find numerous cafes serving palatable dishes to your platter. Let the local dishes of the place serve you well with their mouth-watering taste as you watch the ghats from these cafes.

Not just limited to their local food, these cafes also serve various delicacies, including international cuisines as well. Tasty food with an eye-feasting view, what else does one need! You might have to wait for your turn as these cafes are quite flooded with people in the evenings. Warm and welcoming ambience of these cafes will lure you to the core, making it one of the mandatory things to do in Pushkar. 

9. Drive to Ajaypal Ji: 

Located 10 Km away from Pushkar, this is temple is one that provides the historical traces of the place. Founded by Raja Ajay Pal, who was also the founder of the city Ajmer, this temple has the most scintillating driveway you’ve ever imagined.

Passing through the lush green forest, a hill surrounded valley, and sand dunes, the driveway to this temple is best if done on a bike or scooter. The scooter and bikes are easily available for rent in the local markets. If you are up for a thrill-filled vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city then this is one of the activities to do in Pushkar without fail.

10. Witness The Sunset at The Dharma Camel Safari: 

The Pushkar Dharma Camel Safari gives you the chance to view the beautiful golden sands of Pushkar desert. The safari here has a series of activities that you can enjoy and participate in as well. If you wish to see Rajasthani folk in traditional attire, enjoy serene music and spend an evening watching the sun set behind the sand dunes, then head out for the Dharma Camel Safari, one of the most interesting things to do here.

This safari takes you through many villages by day and by sunset, you can relax and enjoy some quality time with your friends and loved ones. 

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Brahma Temple

Also called the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, this temple is located near to the Pushkar Lake. It is one of the few Brahma temples remaining in the country and is amongst the rare places to visit in Pushkar. The place of worship was built in the fourteenth century. Constructed of marble and stone, it has a unique architecture along with the majestic red pinnacle. The bird motif of the sacred structure gives it a distinctive identity. Inside the place of worship, images of Brahma adorn the sanctum sanctorum. Married men are not allowed entry into the sanctum sanctorum as this place is reserved only for ascetics or sanyasis.

Savitri Mata Temple

The Savitri Temple is one of the most famous pilgrimage places to visit in Pushkar. As the name indicates, this temple is dedicated to Gayatri, the distressed wife of Lord Brahma. One needs to reach the Ratnagiri hilltop to by climbing approximately 200 stairs to reach this temple.

However, one can also take the help of the ropeway to reach the temple. The story behind this temple is that Goddess Gayatri rested here on her visit to Pushkar. This temple is also known for its architectural and scenic beauty.

Rangji Temple

Devoted to lord Vaikuntha Venkatesh, the new Rangji temple is amongst the most ancient temples in all of Pushkar. The temple is acknowledged for its mesmerizing architectural design including the high rising Gopuram, a composition which is common amongst several South Indian temples followed by an enormous entrance. The temple, through its layout also carries the essence of Mughal architecture as well. Bowing inside the temple, we find it's four corners embedded with Garuda, signifying the presence of Vaikuntha Venkatesh. Among the temple exists sections of other temples, specifically eight in number, that are dedicated to various gods including Goddess Laxmi and Lord Krishna among others.

The presence of a priest at the temple is always mandatory and they act as a caretaker of the new Rangji temple. Visitors can also indulge in prayers and 'puja' sessions at the temple which is carried out every day. The serene atmosphere and delightful architecture of the temple have made it one of the most visited places among tourists in the holy town of Pushkar. The temple is particularly crowded with tourists during the Pushkar fair, a holy celebration that is celebrated every year during the Kartik period. 

All in all, devotees and tourists who find delight in architectural elegance should definitely pay a visit to the charming New Rangji temple. It is family-friendly and takes more than an hour to explore it completely which makes it a promising destination for weekend getaways with family and friends. There are also various eateries and snack shops near the temple place for visitors to enjoy a good meal.

Pushkar Lake

Surrounded by more than fifty bathing ghats, this lake is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Legend has it that Lord Brahma was looking for a place to conduct a religious ceremony. He dropped a lotus to guide him. The lotus fell on the site which is now the Pushkar Lake.

It is a sacred water body for Hindus and is where the Pushkar Fair is held. Thousands of pilgrims visit here to take a holy dip during the fair which is said to cleanse sins. The lake is generally full through the year and has different varieties of fish. The surrounding regions are home to exotic flora and fauna. Numerous migratory birds visit the water body during certain seasons. Surrounded by good hotels and resorts, you are never short of accommodation facilities when here.

Set amidst beautiful hills, the lake is one of the main tourist attractions of Rajasthan. These hills are where the Saint Agasthya's cave is, which is amongst the intriguing places to see in Pushkar. It is believed that in these adjoining hills, this great saint meditated for good part of his life.

Varaha Temple

One of the most famous of all Pushkar tourist places, Varaha Temple is located in the heart of the city. With Pushkar being the land of glorious dynasties and religious temples, this beautiful temple does complete justice to its name. The Varaha Temple is dedicated to the chief Hindu God, Lord Vishnu’s avatar Varaha, who was incarnated in the form of a boar.

The temple is built superbly with a remarkable architecture consisting of a dome, white walls and pillars. Due to its religious sanctity, it attracts a lot of Hindu devotees from across the country.

Gurudwara Sahib

This beautiful Gurudwara is located in the heart of the town and is one of the most popular places to visit in Pushkar for Sikhs. It is believed that two of the Sikh gurus named Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh rested at this place on their visit to Pushkar.

Also, there is the Gandhi Ghat here, which was earlier known as Gobind Ghat. It is the place where the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh stayed for a long time. There is a stone slab inscribed as Gobind Ghat present here under a kiosk, with four different scripts, including Devanagari, Gurumukhi, Persian as well as Roman. Moreover, the main priest here also has a handwritten copy of the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the most important religious scripture of Sikhism.

Gau Ghat

Pushkar is known as a land of ghats. Of the 52 ghats it has, the Gau Ghat is frequented the most. It is a huge ghat surrounded by the Raj Babra temple which sets its ambience. This ghat is popularly visited by people to perform the religious rituals precisely the pind daan ceremony for the ones who are dead.

Furthermore, the Gau Ghat is popular because the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, and Lal Bahadur Shastri were scattered into the lake here. The lanes near the Gau Ghat are flooded with tiny street shops which offer leather products, jewellery, pieces artwork, and handicrafts.

Varaha Ghat

Among the huge ghats that one can find in Pushkar, the Varah Ghat is a beautiful place known for its evening glory and scintillating views of the lake. Famous for the great Aarti ceremony conducted here every night, visitors can experience the warmth and serenity in the vibrant colours of the sky and lake along with the chanting of hymns and prayers.

One can also find many food stalls and local vendors sell artistic handicrafts and Rajasthani artefacts along the ghat. It is a must visit place if you wish to see the actual vibe of Pushkar after sunset.

Gayatri Mata Temple

Known for its string mythological connections, the historic and beautiful Gayatri Mata Temple is one of the most popular places to visit in Pushkar. It is said that Lord Brahma was cursed by his wife Gayatri when he married to an untouchable girl named Savitri to complete the yajna ceremony during her absence.

As Goddess Gayatri was unaware of this marriage, she cursed Lord Brahma that he would not be worshipped anywhere else except Pushkar. Since then, Lord Brahma and Goddess Gayatri are worshipped at this temple together. The architectural beauty of this temple attracts most of the tourists.

Shiv Shakti Art & Handicraft

Rajasthan is known all over the world for its beautiful and intricate art and handicraft. And Shiv Shakti Art & Handicraft is one of the best stores where you can find some of the most beautiful handiwork. Boasting of an exquisite and exclusive collection of traditional Rajasthani art and handicrafts, they offer everything from home décor, paintings and more.

Man Mahal

The largest royal place of residence in Pushkar, Man Mahal is one of the places to visit in Pushkar. Located beside the Sarovar Lake, the view from here is engaging. You can see the entire expanse of the Sarovar Lake and the surrounding regions. It was built for Raja Man Singh-I, who visited this place as a retreat center. Now the erstwhile royal guest house is public guest house. It is open for visitors who can stay here and enjoy the many facets of Pushkar.

Man Mahal has a commanding architecture that incorporates traditional Rajasthani architectural elements. There is a touch of Mughal influence in the design of the building. The palace is also called the Sarovar Hotel given that it is a world class stay offering an international ambience to suit all types of visitors.

The interiors of the structure are a visual treat for visitors. Located on the banks of the lake, you can go for boating expeditions on these serene waters. The hotel administration also arranges for tour guides to help you make an informed trip into the heart of the city. Providing a unique experience, if you have ever fancied living in a palace, this is your opportunity.

Pushkar Bazaar

The Pushkar Bazaar is amongst the top tourist destinations in Pushkar and the most popular amongst places to visit in Pushkar. The assortment of items sold in this marketplace provides you an insight of the culture here.This market is famous for rose pulp. You can also purchase syrup and gulkhand which are popular items sold in the shops here. Even though it is a bustling market, it is a beautiful place. All handicraft items and miscellaneous items sold here are reasonably priced.

Mahadeva Temple

Built as early as the early 19th century, Mahadeva Temple is one of the most visited Pushkar tourist places, having great religious value. It is one of the finest temples in this town and is known for its unique architectural style. As the name indicates, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Mahadeva).

The best part about this temple is that the idol kept inside has five faces which is made of white marble and is decorated with beautiful ornaments. The interiors have multiple sculptures and carvings of numerous Hindu deities. The courtyard of this temple is also decorated with pink colored pillars which adds to its beauty.

Rose Garden

Pushkar is also famous as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan and the rose farmers here grow an amazing variety of roses. The Rose Garden is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Pushkar for the sheer variety of hues and fragrance that this place has.

Budha Pushkar Lake

Among all the Pushkar Sightseeing places, the Budha Pushkar Lake is one of the most important historic lakes you can find here. Having a strong connection to Hindu mythology, this is the lake where Lord Ram is known to have performed the last rites of King Dashratha, his father.

Aloo Baba Temple

Ranked among the top fascinating tourist places to visit in Pushkar, the Aloo Baba Temple is named after a guru who used to meditate in the area. Known for his simplicity, control and healthy living, this 70-year old man is known to eat just potatoes and nothing else, thereby giving the temple this name.

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Pushkar Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Pushkar with family?

1. Visit the City of Merta: When you visit Pushkar, ensure that you visit the beautiful and ancient city of Merta, a place very well known amongst many travelers as the land of classic, rustic palaces and temples. One of the tick points in your list of things to do in Pushkar, the 400-year-old city has the beautiful Meera Bai Temple, one of the main attractions of Merta. You could also pay a visit to the Aurangazeb Mosque and Bhanwal Matta Temple.

Believe it or not, there is a certain kind of serenity that holds unique for all the sacred temples of Pushkar and you can discover them as and when you explore the different places of worship here. Merta holds itself at a very high level of significance when it comes to ancient Indian history.

The city of Merta has seen several wars and victories as well, one of the most prominent ones being the defeat of Jodhpur and Jaipur armies at the hands of Marathas, before the rule of Emperor Akbar. 

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2. See the Rustic Architecture of Varaha Temple: The Varaha Temple in Pushkar is dedicated to the powerful Lord Vishnu, a God deeply revered by Hindus. The temple symbolizes the stories from his avatar of half-man, half-boar and has many pilgrims paying their respects on many important occasions.

The architecture of the temple dates back to the 12th century and though its walls are still intact, the temple has a solid standing structure even now and you need to visit this holy place even if you are not a Hindu, just to enjoy the amazing architecture, the sculptures and the ruins of what has been left after Aurangzeb demolished the place. 

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3. Attend the Evening Aarti at Varah Ghat: Get ready to feel the goosebumps as the ghat is charged with the roaring chants and bells ringing from all the temples. Let the aroma of incense flow inside while you enjoy the eye-feasting view of the shimmering lake with the lights of the floating lamps.

The breathtaking view along with the loud vibrating chants in your ears and the enticing fragrance, the evening aarti wakes up all your senses, indeed one of the unmissable things to do in Pushkar. A divine experience, this evening prayer will certainly transport you to a different world.

Best Time: Evening 

Enjoy a Kalbelia Dance Performance: One of the most unique activities to do in Pushkar is to witness the amusing Kalbelia Dance which is known to be the most sensuous dance performance of Rajasthan.

This dance is named after the tribe where the performers depict a flexible serpent which is a breath-taking sight to encounter. You can also enjoy this performance on the sand dunes and get the authentic essence of Rajasthan. This is one of the things that you cannot miss out when in Rajasthan.

Spend A Day At The Pushkar Yoga Garden: Located on Vamadev Road, besides Gurudwara, The Pushkar Yoga Garden is an ideal place for you to visit if you enjoy the serenity and calm nature of ashrams. Foreigners have flocked to this retreat to rejuvenate and replenish their senses as part of their holiday regime and have made it a mandatory item in their list of things to do in Pushkar!

This yoga centre is based on the ancient art of ashram stay and is close to a beautiful lake, lovely view of the hills and several rose gardens. Spend some time here or longer if you wish, and understand the intricate yet abstract styles of Yoga and healing through different Indian therapeutic methods. 

6. Hike to Pap Mochani Temple: Boasting of its striking architecture soaked up in the spiritual vibrations, hiking up to this temple is one of the most sought-after things to do in Pushkar. Perched in the north section of the city, this temple is devoted to the Ekadashi Mata, who is believed to render respite from the cardinal sins of the visiting devotees.

To add more to its mystery, this temple is related to the legend of the cursed Ashwathama from Mahabharata who is believed to have visited the temple in order to seek salvation from his sins. Take up the rugged terrains and add a tinge of adventure to your trip to this temple while you trek through the way. Giving you the scintillating view of the lush green surrounding, this 15-minutes trek is one of the best activities to do in Pushkar. 

What are the best things to do in Pushkar with friends?

1. Hike to Ratnagiri Hills: If you wish to indulge in an adventure quest, you can take up a hiking trail to the Savitri Temple all through the rugged terrains of the Ratnagiri Hills. Beginning from the south-west side of Pushkar Lake, this 1.5 Km hike will render the best views of the surreal surroundings from the hilltop.

Savitri Devi temple dates back to the 16th century and is one of the oldest temples in the vicinity. Giving the panoramic of Pushkar from the top, this two-hours muscle-wrecking will be worth every effort you have put in. The ideal time to start this trek is in the evening so that you have the chance to watch the sunset from the hilltop.

Best time: Evening

Visit Collector’s Paradise: Gleaming with the amusing collections of old gems, artworks, and textiles, this Collector’s Paradise has been given numerous awards for its rare collection. The place is flooded with rare dresses and textiles collected from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. You will find loads of unique stuff used for camel decoration that will certainly fascinate you.

If you wish to get into the rich culture of Rajasthan, then this is one of the things to do in  Pushkar that you cannot miss out on. You can also meet the man behind this heaven - Ashok Tak, who has won numerous awards for his impeccable collection and get more insights about his journey and get a dip into his passion for camels and clothes while you listen to him.

Location: Near Ratan Haveli

Visit the Rose Garden: The rose gardens in Pushkar offer the most beautiful experience to the visitors and make up for the best things to do in Pushkar. These gardens are spread in acres and acres of area and the farmers religiously look after them.

The roses grown here are of different colors and variety and are exported all over the world. The calming environment and the mesmerizing fragrance of these roses attract visitors to spend some time here to admire their beauty. Visit these famous gardens and take in a fresh breath of air, unwind and relax amidst the most breathtaking and serene surroundings.

Pay a Visit to Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar: Pushkar is a famous religious destination with multiple temples, Gurudwaras as well as mosques. A visit to the Gurudwara Sahib is counted amongst the must things to do in Pushkar as it will leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

People of all beliefs come here to seek the blessings of almighty and spend some time in solitude.  This is the place where Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak Dev rested when they visited Pushkar. The calm and serene atmosphere here will leave you feeling composed and hence when you are in Pushkar visiting the place is a must.

Take Nagara Lessons at Gangaur Ghat: Music drives and rejuvenates the weary souls! Let loose at the Gangaur Ghat and feel the music drain through you, helping you restore your energy. Just like the other ghats of Pushkar, this ghat will entrance you with the evening and morning aarti, transporting you to another world but you will also get a whiff of a unique activity to do in Pushkar here - take Nagara lessons.

If you are ready for learning something new then this ghat is your go-to place. You can take lessons from Coke studio fame Nathu Lal Solanki who eagerly teaches the people to play nagara. Why take a do-nothing trip when you can actually go back with a new skill earned.

What are the best things to do in Pushkar at night?

1. Witness the gorgeous Pushkar Lake: One of the most prominent spots in Pushkar, the lake is at its best when the sun goes down. Sit back and relax at the ghats or take a leisurely stroll, the calm waters and fresh air will leave you feeling tranquilised.

2. Go for overnight camping: 
Enjoy camping amidst beautiful surroundings and enjoy various things like safaris, cultural performances, BBQ facilities, etc. The stunning environment with a starlit sky, camping is one of the best activities to do at night.

3. Shop at the Safar Bazar: 
Indulge in the shopping spree at the famous Market Square in Pushkar and take home the best souvenirs. You can buy everything here ranging from embroidery items like clothing, bags, etc to jewelry and local handicraft items.

4. Take a food tour at Market Square: 
Market Square in Pushkar is  a great place to enjoy the  lip smacking food of this city. Try the famous Dal Baati, Jabelis, Gulab Janmuns, Kachori and many other dishes.

Where can I experience a camel safari in Pushkar?

Camel Safaris are available in and around Pushkar. There are many tours and agencies that offer this safari.Trekking tours are offered within Pushkar and also from here to Mandawa, Ajmer, Nagpur and Jaisalmer.

Camel Safaris through the rolling hills of the Aravali range, the glistening sands of the Thar and the coral skies of Rajasthan, offer a glimpse at the tribal lifestyle and should be on every Indian’s bucket list.

Is Pushkar worth visiting?

Yes, Pushkar is one of the most famous destinations in Rajasthan and is definitely a must visit. People from all over the world flock to the city to attend the famous The Pushkar Fair. The city offers many attractions to its visitors including beautiful temples, lakes, forts, etc. You can even take part in activities like camel safari, jeep safari, dessert camping, etc.

Is Pushkar safe at night?

Yes, Pushkar is safe at night. It is a small city which is flocked by tourists all the time and you will rarely find any secluded dark areas. The police are always patrolling the streets no matter day or night and are ready to help anyone in need.

Even the locals are friendly as this is a very famous and busy tourist destination. Take the basic precautions like you would anywhere else and you are all good to go.

What should I buy in Pushkar?

You must buy traditional jewellery, mesmerising paintings, pottery, brass utensils, leather products, and embroidered clothes in the markets which are filled with unique things that you can exclusively find here.

Head to the liveliest markets of Pushkar - the Sarafa Bazaar or Sadar Bazaar for readymade garments, striking fabrics, shimmering stone studded bangles, and beautiful camel covers as the markets are quite popular for jewellery and clothes. Make sure you buy wondrous souvenirs from this heaven for shopaholics as they will remind you of the unforgettable moments you have sent in this city.

What is the best time to visit Pushkar?

The best time to visit Pushkar is completely dependent on the festivals and weather conditions. Considering the festivals, October and November are the ideal months due to the famous Pushkar Camel Fair from 23rd October till 4th November and the Hot Air Ballooning Festival from 5th November to 14th November.

Considering the weather conditions you must note the following:

Summer Season (March - June ): Though the morning and nights are enjoyable, the days are incredibly hot. The temperature reaches around 45 degrees Celsius in the day time, making it difficult for the people to stand against the parching sun.

Winter Season (November - February): Winter Season is the best time to visit Pushkar due to the amusing weather during the season. The temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius in the daytime and 5-degree Celsius at night.

Monsoon Season (July - September): Since Pushkar does not experience a heavy downpour, you can visit the place in the monsoon season as well. You must carry an umbrella for the little showers though. 

What is Pushkar famous for?

One of the oldest cities of India, Pushkar is one of the most sought-after places to visit in India. Hills on three sides, brimming with cultural manifestos, enrapturing architectural heritage,  and the sandy suburbs, Pushkar will amaze with the amusing enclosures it beholds.

Known as the rose garden of India, this city is famous for the rose essence exports and indeed a haven for nature lovers. Also to mention that it is home to the only Brahma Temple in the whole world, making it quite famous among the Hindu devotees.

How to reach Pushkar from Jaipur?

Though there are no direct trains from Jaipur to Pushkar, you can take the Aravali Express till Ajmer and then take Indigo from Ajmer to Pushkar. The distance between Jaipur and Pushkar by road is 142 km which can be covered in around 3 hours.

The direct buses are quite frequent and regular here, hence transportation by road won’t be much of a trouble. You can easily avail a bus ticket and reach the destination in 2-3 hours easily.

Where can I enjoy a ropeway ride in Pushkar?

Savitri Temple, at the peak of Ratnagiri, is an ideal site for ropeway riding in Pushkar. The ropeway is not just a tourist activity, but also helps devotees reach the temple atop the Ratnagiri hill. The ropeway is situated at a height of 200 mt and is 720 mt. long. It offers a sweeping view of the entire town.

Which are the best locations for hiking in Pushkar?

Best locations for hiking in Pushkar include Ratnagiri Hills, Gandhi Ghat and Brahma Ghat. All these hiking sites offer panoramic views of the city, while letting you bask in the glorious sunset decorating the encircling valleys and hills.

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Shivangi Sharma
Reviewed: 10 Nov 2022
The tour was exciting, filled with beautiful destination. Stay has been very pleasant. It was wonderful experience with thrillophilia. And staff was helping and guiding through out the trip. Thanks for constant support. 
Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma
Shivangi Sharma
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Tolsee Nagamootoo
Reviewed: 01 Feb 2024
M'y trip was well plan and organized by mr Meena Rahul and Tushar Agarwal.They were always at service for any little problem and always in touch during my trips.thank you very much guys great job.
tolsee nagamootoo
tolsee nagamootoo
tolsee nagamootoo
Arvind Jambe
Reviewed: 09 Mar 2023
Had a great experience with the team, well organized and Well planned. Though their was some little bit issue/confusion was their that was resolved on priority by Nitin. Stay was fantastic and trip was awesome.!
Manish Bakshi
Reviewed: 20 Dec 2022
Very good hotel. It had a roof top area for drinks which was awesome. Rooms were also too good. We got a very good price from our travel agent for the stay.
Chidambaram Tandon
Reviewed: 16 Dec 2018
Took my team out for an office outing near Pushkar, and had a great experience. The package is very well suited to corporate outings, while the local instructor and guide Jigar made sure everything was right. The team had a really fun time with quad biking, and the services provided were very profes... Read More
Chidambaram Tandon
Chidambaram Tandon
Chidambaram Tandon
Chidambaram Tandon
Chidambaram Tandon
Chidambaram Tandon
Vasudev Singh
Reviewed: 11 Mar 2021
I decided to visit Jaipur and Pushkar with my family a few weeks ago, and while looking for affordable packages that met our needs, we came across thrillophilia and decided to book our trip with them…… We had an incredible experience and visited the enchanting city of Jaipur, where we saw some of th... Read More

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