35 Fun Places in Delhi for Youngsters - 2024 (Updated)
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In City Experiences In Delhi
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Places to Visit in Delhi for Youngsters

Hauz Khas, Connaught Place, Kitty SU, India Gate, The Delhi Eye, The Garden of Five Senses, Mystery Room, Kingdom of Dreams , Ambience Mall, Nehru Planetarium, Smaaash, Kitty Su, Privee, Dilli Haat, Worlds of Wonder, Hard Rock Café and many such amazing places.

If you are young and happen to live in Delhi, then there are a variety of places in Delhi that are fun for youngsters to hang and chill out. There is never a dull moment in the city that can let your life go bore.

Being the cultural capital of India, and a foodie’s haven, Delhi is an ideal hangout for young people wanting to unwind in their spare time. Having a large enough area with amazing places to visit in Delhi like Connaught Place, Hauz Khas, India gate, all are here to give you an adrenaline rush.

Moreover, because of all the adventure places in Delhi for youngsters, the city promises a lot of fun. The lovely city premises offers a choice of restaurants, food joints, and lip-smacking street food at one end whereas adventures like paintball and amusement parks at another.
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Must Visit Fun Places in Delhi for Youngsters


Hauz Khas Village, The Coolest Hangout in Delhi

Hauz Khas village is a cool South Delhi Neighborhood frequented by many college goers and young people. As one of the fun places to visit with friends in Delhi, it is wildly popular as an exciting hangout in Delhi.

You get to relive the romance of history at the fort overlooking the lake which is a nice picnic spot or just freak out at hip joints like Elma’s Bakery, TLR Café (for live gigs and comic nights), Kunzum Travel Café and the very snazzy Social Offline

Distance: 23.0 km from Delhi bus stand.

Complex Timings: 10.30 am -7 pm (Sunday closed) Restaurants closure time 11 pm.


Connaught Place: The Most Happening Place in Delhi

You can’t speak of Delhi without mentioning Connaught Place or simply CP. This is where all youngsters come to hang out because it is Delhi’s most happening spot to spend a lazy afternoon, chilling out and one of the fun places to visit in Delhi.

There are several things to do in Delhi and CP caters to everyone, the window shopper, the compulsive shopper, the gourmet, the hogger and then, of course, there is Palika Bazaar, the underground market. If you just want to waste it at CP, then there is CCD or Wenger’s Bakery for coffee and snacks.

Distance: 11.6 km from Delhi bus stand.

10 am - 8 pm (Restaurants and eateries close later).


Have a Great Photo Session at India Gate

India gate is one of Delhi’s most popular fun and picnic spots for youngsters and families alike. Vast beautiful lawns are an ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon or if you are with that someone special, then go for a nice boat ride in the lake and it is one of the most loved places to visit in Delhi for youngsters.

The Actual monument also makes a great location for some pretty cool selfies for your Instagram “#chillingoutatIndiagate” and it is one of the fun things to do in Delhi for youngsters.

Distance: 12.5 km from Delhi bus stand.

open all day, entry free.

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The Garden of Five Senses: An Ocean of Bliss, Yet Fun Too

There is nothing more romantic than a stroll with your love in the Garden of Five Senses. The sprawling 20 acres rocky park features theme sections including one that reflects Mughal Gardens and it is  one of the fun places to visit in Delhi.

This is a perfect area for a moment’s solitude on the banks of a lily pool or couples wanting some time alone. It is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for couplesBesides a shopping centre, there are cultural activities arranged here like Dandiya and the Garden Tourism Festival. If you are grubby, then Flo and Magique are two popular restaurants where you can grab a bite.

25.4 km from Delhi bus stand.

Summer 9am-7pm.Winter 9am-6pm

Adults 35 INR. Children & senior citizens 15 INR.


Experience The Magic of The Jantar Mantar

This is another chill-out place popular with college kids to hang out and kills time. The Jantar Mantar is a giant natural observatory built by King Jai Singh of Jaipur to revise the astronomical calendar and tables of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah and it is one of the famous places to visit in Delhi for youngsters.

It’s cool knowing that the Jantar Mantar can even track and predict the paths of the sun, moon, and planets and has 13 astronomical instruments built into its structure. But if that bores you, then just get lost in its maze-like pathways and have fun trying to come out.

Distance: 11.7 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings:  9 am-7 am

Fees:  5 INR.

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Go to Agrasen Ki Baoli: A Historical Hangout

This has definitely got to be one of the best hangouts in Delhi. The 60-meter long step well built by Maharaja Agrasen of the Agrawal Dynasty may sound like a monument, but it is a popular hangout joint for college kids attracted to its unique architecture that gives couples or groups a fun time to just stroll or monkey around in the maze-like structure ad it is one of the fun places to visit in Delhi.

It is also ideal for those serious nerds who want to bask in history as this is an awesome place to do so. But, if you dare wander alone, mind you, legend says it may be haunted.

Distance: 10.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

7.30 am-6pm, entry free.

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The Qutub Minar, A Cool Historical Hangout

It may be a grand place to visit for history buffs, but you can also have fun there too as it’s a nice hangout zone. Just enjoy a brief moment sitting beneath one of India’s iconic landmark monuments and it is one of the fun places in Delhi.

The Qutub Minar was built during the time of Qutub-Al-Din Aibak and Iltutmish and completed in 1220 making it almost 800 years old. It is 73 meters tall and what’s most attractive about it are its entire surroundings that ooze history with monuments, mosques and of course the Iron Pillar of Delhi.

Distance: 25.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

7 am -5 pm

30 INR.

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Enjoy a Heart-leaping Ride on The Delhi Eye

The Delhi Eye is a breath-stopping gigantic Ferris wheel just like the London Eye that is ideal for any thrill seeker and definitely not for the fainthearted.  You get to ride the wheel in an AC cabin and the views from the highpoint are breathtaking and it is one of the famous places to visit in Delhi for youngsters.

You’ll see Humayun’s Tomb, Akshardham Temple, the Red Fort, The Qutb Minar and what not. What’s even cooler is that the Delhi Eye is one of the best amusements parks in Delhi, so chill out and have loads of fun.

Distance: 21.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

11 am -7 pm

250 -500 INR per head.

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Take a Tour to the Kingdom of Dreams

If you are an art lover, then this is one of the perfect fun places in Delhi. The Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live cultural entertainment centre that includes also leisure activities for enhancing the fun experience. The unique USP of this park is its cultural theme representing every state of India through culture, handicrafts, and food and a perfect places in Delhi for youngsters.

So you’re really spoilt for choice here because there is never a dull moment when in the evening you can even shake a leg at the Bollywood shows conducted in its theatres one of which is shaped like a palace called Nautanki Mahal.

Distance: 32.7 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: Tuesday to Friday, from 12.30 pm - 12 am. Sat & Sun 12 am -12 am

Fees: 600 INR onwards.

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Have a Splashing Blast at Apno Ghar Water and Amusement Park

Image Credit : aapnoghar.in

The coolest fun places in Delhi to beat the summer heat is Apno Ghar water resort and Amusement park where youngsters can have a smashing and rollicking time chilling in the water. Located at a convenient spot on the Delhi-Jaipur expressway, this wonderland is spread over 9 acres of fun and it is one of the amazing places in Delhi for youngsters to enjoy and make memories.

It is regarded as one of the city’s most entertaining joints that offer a water park and an amusement park with attractions like the Turbo Twister, Aqua Tube Slide and shallow water lagoons.  You can also get lip-smacking food, fun-filled activities and even a bar that services some nice liquor.

Distance: 45.2 km from Delhi bus stand.

10am-10 pm

1000 INR combined entry for both parks.

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Enjoy Bowling at Ambience Mall

Bowling is a fun game where you throw a massive bowl down the aisle leading to the bowling pins. The main aim is to target the pins and strike them all down. It is a game which can be enjoyed with friends and families.

If you are in Delhi and looking for some fun places in Delhi for youngsters for bowling, then ‘Pitstop bowling and more’ at Ambience Mall should be your ultimate choice. This place has the most wide alleys in the town, accompanied by various other excellent games. You can even eat some good food while enjoying the recreational activity.

Price: 400 INR


Get Romantic Beneath The Stars in Nehru Planetarium

Don’t be fooled, this is one of the coolest shows of space you will ever see making Nehru Planetarium one of the fun places in Delhi for youngsters.

Rather than a conventional outing, spend a leisurely time gazing at the stars and planets on an awesome journey to outer space. You know what?? This is the ideal romantic date for some quiet quality time together under the stars.

Distance: 15.7 km from Delhi bus stand.

8am-5.30 pm (Monday closed)

60 INR per head.

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Top Experiences In Delhi Explore All (27)
Explore All (27)

Enjoy Your Evening at Smaaash

Smaaash is a full package of exciting games, virtual reality, energetic music and delicious food. Although it is famous as one of the fun places in Delhi for youngsters, you can be of any age, and you will find something here, which will interest you. So, this makes it an ideal place for any type of get together and one of the best places to visit in Delhi for fun.

You can come here for dinner and play some engaging games with your siblings or friends while waiting for your order to come. Or even shake your leg with your loved one or buddies. Virtual reality games will be perfect for children, or you can use it to tease one of your friends who fear heights. You will never regret coming to the place and will make one of the best memories.

Price: 535 INR

Fun Experiences for Youngsters in Delhi


Get Groovy at Kitty SU The Hippest Disco in Town

Kitty SU is one of the hippest, sophisticated discos in Delhi. Located in The Lalit, it’s one of the great spots in Delhi to enjoy nightlife. You can arrange all night DJ parties or simply groove the night away on a weekend.

Kitty SU offers some nice finger food and a variety of Indian and imported alcohol including some pretty neat cocktails to get you in the mood. But get this! There is also a Champagne lounge and a tattoo parlour in case you suddenly freak out for one.

Distance: 10.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

10 pm - 1.30 am (Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)

5000 INR per couple.

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Get Blown Away at The Mystery Rooms

Here’s another mystery challenge. The interactive and highly entertaining mystery room game will set you off on a spree of adventurous missions like diffusing a bomb in “The Hurt Locker” or escaping prison in “Lockout” and it is one of the famous places to visit in Delhi for fun.

The game is guaranteed to boost your adrenaline and wow your thrill factor. Just beat the clock and get out within a given time but it can be very challenging for those who dare this awesome theme based game.

Distance: 21.7 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: 11 am -11 pm

Rates: 600 INR per person and above.

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Shake Your Booty All Night Long at Privee

Be warned, Privee is all about one thing only and that is raw unadulterated fun. This is a major hardcore partying spot and if you want some great hip hop, then come on Sunday although it’s going to be packed, but then again, who wants an empty dance floor? It is one of the most happening places in Delhi for youngsters.

Privee is popular for its large dance floor and fun ambience. The drinks are quite affordable and if you come on Thursdays, the expat night, ladies get drinks on the house.

Distance: 12.1 km from Delhi bus stand.

10 pm – 4.30 am 

3000-5000 INR per couple.

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Go Wild at The Paintball Co

If you love going crazy over paintball and want some real fun physical activity, then Paintball Co offers one of the best adventure places in Delhi for youngsters and also one of the coolest things to do in Delhi for youngsters.

The Paintball Co gives you that perfect experience including other adventure sports and outdoor activities. Paintball gives you an ample opportunity to just get wild and loose with no strings, no-holds-barred fun.

Distance: 35.4 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: 10 am to 8 pm

Rates: 650 for 30 minutes.

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Immerse Yourself in The Mysteries of Codebreak 60

Do you dare to be a Professor Langdon in real life? Then dare yourself this challenge of being a real live player at Codebreak 60. You’ll be locked in a room and you have to escape within sixty minutes by breaking codes and unravelling mysteries of games like “the Pharaohs Curse” or “Egypt”.

A real chilling thrilling experience if there ever was one. The game is exciting to the core and to beat it, you need good observational skills that‘s all.

Distance: 5.2 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: 11 am-9 am

Rates: 500 -800 per person.

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Take The Rock Wall Challenge at IMF Moti Bagh

If movies or gossiping over coffee is boring to you, then one of the best adventure places in Delhi for youngsters is the Indian Mountaineering Federation in Moti Bagh and also it is one of the fun things to do in Delhi for youngsters.

This is the place to be in when you love fun activities that pump up your metabolism and test your fitness levels. Besides the mountaineering and trekking info, there are awesome sports walls to challenge your rock climbing skills. You can also find wide range of options for trekking near Delhi to make your vacation memorable.

Distance: 18.9 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: 10 am -1.30 pm and 2pm -7pm

Fees: 150 per session.

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If It’s Movies, Then It Has to be at DLF Promenade

As one of the fun places for youngsters in Delhi, this is one of the best malls to catch a movie with your date or friends. The DLF promenade hosts a seven-screen DT cinema that can seat 1140 people making it the largest cinema complex in Delhi.

It also offers some pretty good fun activities such as the entertainment zone and play area. But what really makes people drool is its variety of restaurants featuring international chains and top shopping brands making it a great hangout to for a fun day.

Distance: 28.4 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timing: 11 am - 11 pm.


Be Ready To Shop Till You Drop at Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is perfect for the enthusiastic shopper passionate about ethnic wear, handcrafted jewellery, and traditional knick-knacks. It is one of the best shopping places in Delhi and is known to be a shopper’s paradise recreated as a traditional village fair. The flamboyant style of its culture mix and vibrant colours truly get you in the mood for just hanging around or window shopping.

Of course, if you aren’t up to buying anything, you can always gorge on traditional cuisine like momos, and kebabs or bamboo hot chicken from the Nagaland stall. The regional handicrafts, curios, spices, and jewellery are worth looking at.

22.2 km from Delhi bus stand.


20 INR.

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Shake Your Booty in Delhi’s Groovy Nightclub, Keya

Keya can rightly be regarded as one of the fun places for youngsters in Delhi where you can just freak out with your gang on a holiday. Keya is the perfect resto-bar where you and friends can unwind over some snazzy cocktails while enjoying some great Italian cuisine and also one of the craziest things to do in Delhi for youngsters.

They have an attractive menu but lovely food aside; it’s the best rendezvous for a fun nightclub and booty shaking dancing.

Distance: 28.4 km from Delhi bus stand.

12.30 pm to 1 am

Rs. 3000 INR per couple.

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Have a Blast at The Shootout, Chattarpur

One of the most exciting adventure places in Delhi for youngsters is the Shootout Zone. Get ready for some friendly paintball rivalry in the best paintball shootout experience ever.

Paintball can be a world of crazy fun and is a great outdoor activity in New Delhi.  You and your friends can have a real blast where you can also engage warring teams in theme wars like “Capture the Flag” and “Hostage Rescue.”

Distance: 28.3 km from Delhi bus stand.

10 am to 8 pm

Approx 1000 INR onward.

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Drizzle Yourself in Drizzling World

Drizzling World is the ultimate choice for any family or friend’s day out. The place has a Water Park, Amusement Park & Adventure Sports Club with numerous rides and slides along with adventure activities to engage in. Also, there is a wave pool which has a chilling shower too. You can also take a zipline or roller coaster ride on the biggest roller coaster in Delhi. Everything is handled by the trained staff to ensure safety.

You can also munch on quick bites and multi cuisines in a poolside food court. Lastly, the ‘world’ provides you with a banquet hall and a party lawn to arrange any kind of events you would want to along with rooms for an overnight stay. All these elements actually make up a world far away from reality.

Price: 550 INR


Get Scared at Scary House

Although we all know that haunted houses have real people and special effects to create the spookiness. Still, we get scared while roaming in these houses. If you are in Delhi, then it is highly suggested to go to the ‘Scary House’ in Delhi which is perfect for scaring the crap out of you.

You will find some mannequins, real people and spooky lighting to give the house a haunted feel. If you have some friends, who get scared easily then make sure to bring them to one of the most fun places in Delhi for youngsters and see who screams the loudest. The visit could become one of the most memorable incidents of your peer group, worthy enough to tell to your children,

Price: Approx 100 to 150 


Bounce Head Over Heels at Sky Jumper Trampoline Park

Have you ever gone topsy turvy on a trampoline? It’s loads of fun really and India’s largest trampoline park at Sky Jumper Gurgaon is a crazy and wild place to chill out because you can just hang loose and let yourself go.

It isn’t just for bouncing on trampolines but there are other attractions too. There’s dodge ball, volleyball, swing ropes and wall walks. There are loads of snacks on offer too.

37.9 km from Delhi bus stand.

11.30 am -9 pm.

350 INR onwards.

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Beat The Heat at Worlds of Wonder Amusement Park

If you have time to kill and want to chill out with friends or just your bae, or best friend, then this is the ideal spot for you. It is one of the largest amusement parks in Asia, can you beat that? There are over 20 thrilling rides like the Rip Curl, Mega Disco and La Fiesta.

Even if you don’t want to ride, then there is loads of fun to have while indulging on the variety of gobsmacking food on offer. If you like getting wet, then hit the adjoining water park to beat the heat in summer.

Distance: 18.5 km from Delhi bus stand.

11.30 am to 8 pm

690 INR (adults), 450 INR (Children).


Enjoy a Romantic Rendezvous in Deer Park

This is a cool spot near Hauz Khas is perfect for chilling out with friends and is among the fun places in Delhi for youngsters. It can also be a nice quiet romantic rendezvous to enjoy each other’s company in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

There is the quaint fountain, Duck Park, and deer fields but what heightens the romance are the Mughal era monuments that set the mood.

Distance: 23.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timing: 5 am - 8 pm (summer) 5.30 am - 7 pm (winter)

Fees: Entry Free.

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Hard Rock Café: The Perfect Chill-Out Zone in Delhi

You just can’t live in Delhi and not go to the Hard Rock Café. This is the among the best fun places in Delhi for youngsters at DLF Saket and a hip chill-out zone in every sense of the word.

It makes an ideal evening for groupie fun over drinks and awesome food like Fajitas and their Rock Nachos that are worth drooling over. The music is obviously amazing and you just can’t get enough of it. The ambience is out of this world.

Distance: 21.7 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: 12 noon -1 am

Entry charges: No entry fee but the pocket pinch for two with food and drink is approx 2500 INR.


Crash The Mall at Select Citywalk

One of the most popular hangout spots and fun places for youngsters in Delhi is City Select the gigantic 1.3 million square feet shopping mall. When you aren’t up to shopping, who says you still can’t go to a mall, just go window shopping or freak out by simply crashing the mall?

You can even catch a movie show in the movie complex or enjoy the food court or some tongue tantalizing food.  For the serious shopper, you get all the good brands here.

Distance: 21.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timing: 10 am to 11 pm.


See Dinosaurs at Jurassic Park Inn

Jurassic Park is a full package of fun having an Amusement Park, Adventure Park and Adventure zone. They have different kinds of pools for everyone like a kid’s pool, family pool, a wave pool, lazy river and Sprinkle pool. They also have a 70 feet in-house waterfall along with a tapestry of slides of distinct kinds like straight slide, droom box and more. Whereas, Adventure park has various swings which could get your head swirl and adrenaline rush into your veins.

Games like Frisbee, Giant Wheel and Bump Car would involve you enough to forget time. The adventure zone has some daring activities like Burma Bridge, Rifle Shooting and Rope Ladder, which can make you feel like a commando in training. Make sure to spend a fun-filled Sunday at the park.

Price: 750 INR

Food Places in Delhi for Youngsters


Gorge on Juicy Rolls at Khan Chacha’s

When you are on a budget roll and your stomach is grumbling, then just head on to Khan Chacha. This iconic eatery goes way back to the seventies and has now graduated into a fully fledged eating joint frequented mostly by youngsters in Delhi.

Located in the bustling Khan Market that is an added bonus, Khan Chacha serves up some delectable fare that includes juicy Kati-rolls, biryanis, and kebabs.

Distance: 13.5 km from Delhi bus stand.

Timings: 11 AM - 11 PM.

Cost: Pocket pinch for two is approximately 650 INR.


The Ultimate Gastronomic Experience at Paranthewali Gali

Delhi is undoubtedly the food capital of India and nothing is a finer example of this than Paranthewali Gali at Chandni Chowk. The dominant food fare is vegetarian but before you get your taste buds in a tangle, the variety is unlike your palate has ever tasted.

Have you ever tasted Rabri Parantha, khoya Parantha, Mirch Parantha, and Parat Parantha? Well, that’s just a little sample of the levels of gastronomy involving Parantha over here and they are all served with some tasty concocted curries. The ancient monuments along narrow gullies lend an old world charm that makes it even more interesting.

Distance: 2.8 km from Delhi bus stand.

9 AM - 11 PM.

Pocket pinch:
150 INR onwards.


Wine and Dine at Toninos

You can’t call yourself a foodie if you haven’t been to Tonino in Mehrauli. What makes this much recommended Italian food joint a hit with youngsters is its perfect atmosphere for a valentine’s date.

The rustic chic tones of a Tuscan Villa setting and its classic Italian food combine to lend a nice romantic touch. What’s neat is that you can stroll among its courtyards and fruit trees or better still dine under a moonlit night and you can’t get more romantic than that.

37.5km from Delhi bus stand.

12.30 pm -3.30 pm/7 pm-12.30 am

Pocket pinch:
Approx 3500 INR for two.

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SKY Lounge, The Swankiest Joint in CP

If you are looking for a swanky and chic place with the best view of Lutyen’s Delhi, the Sky Lounge Bar and Grill is one of the most happening spots in the city to be in. A popular joint with youngsters, it is one of the best attractions of Delhi Nightlife.

The unique setting gives you a panoramic 360-degree view of the entire city while lounging on LED-lit furniture. Spread over 22,000 square feet, you just have to experience the brilliant menu created with an astronomical theme.

Distance: 8.3 km from Delhi bus stand.

7 pm-11pm

Pocket pinch:
Approx 2000 INR for two.

People Also Ask About New Delhi

  1. Which are the fun places in Delhi for youngsters in summer?

    Below is a list of fun places in Delhi for youngsters in summer:
    1. Connaught Place: A perfect place for spending a lazy afternoon and spending a fun time with friends, Delhi’s CP is a buzzing spot frequented by the youngsters.
    2. India Gate: One of the most loved places of the youngsters, India gate becomes a hotspot when it comes to having roadside food while admiring the architecture.
    3. Agrasen ki Baoli: This historical hangout place is a stepwell with a unique architecture. Providing a place to stroll around, many friends group visit here to spend some time having fun.
    4. Ambience Mall: Throw a massive bowl or do some window shopping as this mall holds a range of fun activities you can do.
  2. Where can I enjoy in Delhi?

    As a youngster, you can engage in a lot of things in Delhi. The ideal hangout places are:

    - Paranthe wali Gali
    - Light and sound show at the Purana Qila
    - A visit to the Indian Mountaineering foundation adventures
    - A fabulous trip to the amusement park
    - A wonderful time spent at the Kunzum travel café at Hauz Khas village
    - Shooting and painting at the paintball field
    - Spend an evening at the India Gate
    - Get acquainted with different cultures at Dilli Haat
  3. Where can I spend the weekend in Delhi?

    You can spend your weekend in Delhi at:
    1. Kitty SU: This hippest disco is home to a tattoo parlour as well as a champagne lounge. Visit here and spend your weekend dancing and drinking your heart out.
    2. Paintball Co.: Spend a day shooting our friends in real life by playing a game of paintball. This place is well equipped with all safety gears, thus assuring you all the fun.
    3. Rock climbing at IMF Moti Bagh: Try this adventurous activity and raise your adrenaline while having a fun outing with your friends and challenging yourself.
    4. Drizzling World: Filled with numerous rides, this sports club is the favourite spot of the youngsters. In addition to rides, this pace also houses wave pools and special pools made for kids only.
    5. Deer Park: Enjoy a day admiring nature at Deer park in Hauz Khas. In addition to the deer fields, the place also lets you witness the duck park.
  4. Where can I go with my girlfriend in Delhi?

    There are several romantic places in Delhi which can be visited with your girlfriend. They include

    - The Garden of Five Senses to spend a romantic time
    - Lodhi Garden near Khan Market for a long memorable walk
    - Hauz Khas village amidst nature
    - Rose café in Saket for the romantic chit chat
    - Parthasarathy rocks in the evening for romantic sunsets
    - Ice lounge in Saket for hot summers
    - A quiet walk hand in hand along with the North campus of Ridge road
    - Qutub Minar complex and Connaught place
  5. Which are the places in Delhi for youngsters at night?

    Delhi has a plethora of fun-filled activities for the youngsters to enjoy the night.
    1. Kingdom of Dreams: It is India’s first live cultural entertainment center and leisure destination that offers a mix of fine art, local cuisines, and culture to the youngsters. 
    2. Connaught Place: This is an ideal stopover for a night out in Delhi with underground markets, bakery shops, and bustling cafes. 
    3. Kitty SU: This is the hippest, yet a sophisticated Disco in town that offers nice finger food, tattoo parlor and gives you a chance to shake a leg onto the rocking music at night.
  6. Which are some famous amusement parks in Delhi?

    The most famous amusement parks in Delhi are

    - Worlds of Wonder
    - Adventure Island – Metro walk
    - Appu Ghar
    - Delhi Eye
    - Fun N Food Village
    - Aapno Ghar
    - Drizzling Land
    - Splash Water Park
    - Atlantic water world.
  7. Where can I spend my night in Delhi?

    If you are sleepless at night, you can visit several places in Delhi to enjoy the night like

    - India Gate – the majestic well-lit night beauty
    - Mocha art house – enjoy your night with food and a match
    - Pandara road – for midnight foodies
    - JNU – to get a whiff of campus life
    - Patel Chai – for their bun-chai and egg noodles
    - Comesum – 24*7 food shop
    - Ghost walks – for the daredevils
  8. Which are the best places to visit around Delhi for weekend?

    Here is the list of some places to visit near Delhi for weekend:

    1. Rishikesh - 237 Km from Delhi (Known for River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox)
    2. Manali - 538 Km from Delhi (Known for Camping, River rafting, Trekking) 
    3. Shimla - 343 Km from Delhi (Known for Mountaineering, River rafting, Paragliding)
    4. Kullu - 497 km from Delhi (Known for Paragliding, Camping, River rafting)
    5. Kasol - 519 km from Delhi (Known for Kheerganga trek, Adventure camping)
    6. McLeodganj - 470 km from Delhi (Known for Kareri River Trek, Camping)
    7. Auli - 388 Km from Delhi (Known for Skiing, Trekking, Camping)
    8. Bir - 517 km from Delhi (Known for Paragliding, Trekking, Camping)
    9. Ranthambore National Park - 394 km from Delhi (Known for Safari Rides, Wildlife Spotting)
    10. Jim Corbett National Park - 300 km from Delhi (Known for Elephant Safari, Wildlife Tours)
  9. How can I have fun in Delhi?

    Delhi is a place where every type of traveller can have fun. If one is looking to visit historical monuments, then they can visit Qutub Minar and Lal Qila. For those who love to explore space can visit Nehru planetarium.

    Lovers of nature and beauty have the famous Lodhi gardens, the garden of five senses and Hauz Khas Village. If your idea for fun is enjoying at night, then several pubs and discos operate in the night.
  10. Is Delhi Safe?

    New Delhi is a fairly safe place to visit but travellers also have to be vigilant and take necessary precautions.

    Travellers should practise caution as small thefts do occur in the wee hours. It is highly recommended that one does not travel alone, especially at night.
  11. What is the best time to visit Delhi?

    Hosting the guests all year round, Delhi has the most pleasant surroundings and temperature between October to March. Around this time, the temperature stays around 10-20 degrees due to the winter season. At this time, you can easily stroll in the markets and visit all famous locations.
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"It was a nice trip, I loved how beautiful that place was"
"The trip was amazing. Loved the campsite, it's right next to the Parvati river and you feel relaxed just sitting there and absorbing the nature. The organisers were also amazing as they arranged for seperate tents for us and also the transportation provided was very good. The busses were very comfortable and had all the amenities promised. We had the freedom to roam around the city and the guide was well behaved, correct mix of strict and friendly."
27 October 2020
Being my first solo trip, I was too nervous prior to boarding the bus to Kasol. But man, what a trip. First of all, I encourage all the readers to try going solo at least once especially on the mountains. The experience was overwhelming. I met other people as well in my journey that came via thrillophilia that made my trip pretty interesting. I enjoyed every bit of it. Whether it was on road, at Kasol or the kheerganga trek, I enjoyed every moment. Since it is October, the weather dropped significantly at Kheerganga, which was surprisingly pleasant for me. The trek was pretty hard but my guide helped me reach the destination comfortably. He was a lot friendly too.. I enjoyed the food as well. The best part was the bonfire at kheerganga to loosen us a bit. To sum it up, each and every moment of my trip was something I'd relish for a long, long time and I just can't wait to plan my next trip again. Thanks Thrillophilia. Cheers!
28 November 2019
I personally loved this trip.. The parvati river and it's shooting sound, natural beauty, and campaign with this, once in a life experience. Kheerganga trekking is my first time for any trekking, but I have enjoyed a lot in the lap of the nature... Obviously don't forget the parvati kund, ohh beauty... Lastly it was a most memorable trip.. Which adopt a sweet spot in my memory, and ringing all time.
09 July 2019
Kheerganga Trek is the best trek i have ever done. Me and my husband both trusted thrillophilia gateway for treking package. And I must say it's the best treking and camping experience for both of us. We trekked with 20 people's group with 2 guides with us. Both of them was very helpful and supportive. Treking with one guide named (Zorochi Stark) on truecaller was really fun. He was really strict about discipline but he was too funny too. Camping and food was the best at this price. We have done wrong date booking by mistaken I guess. But thanks to thrillophilia team to solve it quick and change our booking date. The way to kheerganga was really challenging as its monsoon so trek was very slippery too. But I found it as great adventure. Loved the trip
16 February 2021
Karuna Haran Delhi Sightseeing Tour
Good service and good driver.my family enjoyed good experience.my driver amarjeet sejwal polite person.he drive's safe
17 January 2021
Great facility and a very enjoyable experience. The carts and track are in excellent condition. Very reasonable charges. Our kids loved the outing. Strongly recommended.
06 January 2021
Very Good
Nice trip, made new friends enjoyed alot.
"Trek was awesome with supportive tourist guides but hotel was very bad at service and providing rooms "
04 November 2020
Wonderful experience and enthralling Triund trip with Devine beauty and mesmerizing breath taking views

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