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Best Things To Do in Mandi

Things To Do In Mandi

About the Activity:Fixed departure date: 31-12-2016, 21-01-2017, 04-02-2017,18-02-2017, 04-03-2017, 18-03-2017Get ready to welcome 2017 distinctly while you spend a quality time amidst thick snow and at one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh, Prashar Lake.The lake is named after the sage Prashar who meditated here in ancient times. Dedicated to sage Prashar, there is also a temple beside the oval shaped lake. The lake is also famous for the small circular island on its surface which keeps on changing location from time to time. It is believed that the depth of the Prashar Lake is
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About the Activity:Fixed departure: 12th August and every weekend departure.A trek to the Parashar lake in Himachal Pradesh, located 49 KMs away from Mandi is a relishing opportunity for the adventure seekers out there.This 2 day trip will let you revel in the sights of a picturesque landscape of the lake, the mountain peaks around and the tricky pathways towards the location. It is an easy to moderate trek.A three storied pagoda temple located near to the lake is a major attraction of the spot and million number of people visit the lake every year.The package includes food, accommodation and t
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About the Activity:Karma Cottages in Manali is a cozy destination for a relaxed holiday with your loved ones. The rustic charm, pristine surrounding and essential amenities ensure a memorable experience. Take part in various adventure activities both outdoor and indoor.Just de-stress, leave behind time and enjoy the simple pleasures of life at this abode. Each room is comfortable, beautifully furnished and spacious with amenities like LED and fireplace to cozy up.Karma Cottages in Manali is a perfect retreat to family outings, friends and corporate events. Accommodation Types: Doubl
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Prashar Lake

Sage Prashar is the reason Prashar Lake got its name ages ago. One visits this quintessential lake will be unknowingly directed to oblivion and for sure the serenity will let every visitor linger for more. Located in Mandi village, Himachal Pradesh, the iconic attraction apart from the lake is the three stories pagoda like temple structure near the lake. 2730 meters above the lake seats amidst the rejuvenating sets of nature’s miracles including the snow-clad peaks in the backdrop and River Beas flowing so fast through the valley down. One can get access to the lake through Drang. The age of temple lengthens back to 13th century and the lake has one more surprise within it that is a floating island. Though visitors are seen in plenty over here, no one could accurately fathom the depth the lake goes into, till date.

Parashar Lake

Why to visit in winters – The Lake has a unique sight during winters and this is the only reason you have to make a visit to Parashar Lake this winter, this hidden gem of Himachal is great to be explored during winter season.

What to do – Visit the Devnal temple, Prashar Lake, Trokada mata Mandir, Trilonkanth temple

What to see – Temple hopping (lots of temples to hop), Panchvaktra temple and Arya samaj Mandir are worth seeing



Dhauladhar Range or the White Range is located on the southern region of outer Himalayan Peaks, rising to the north of Kangra and Mandi. Hanuman ji Ka Tibba is the highest mountain located in this peak at an altitude of 5639 meters. But this range is popular because of its differing topography. Though the major portions are composed of granite, the range presents the multiple formations of slate, limestone and sandstone often. Those who would like to do trekking at this range are supposed to have the perfect skills in trekking and mountaineering as the ranges extend the vertical incline until the top. It still remains tough to inhabit humans in large numbers but the surrounding meadows and forest range have plenty of admirers from all over the world.

Rewalsar Lake

Though Himachal Pradesh amuses the visitors with its abundant natural sights, Rewalsar Lake or Tso Pema Lotus Lake will be the biggest surprise to see because of its unusual shape itself. This square shaped lake mid-altitude lake is located in Mandi district, at a height of about 1360 meters above sea level. The sacred water in it, the woodlands and mountain peaks around have attributed more beauty to the spot and it has been an important destination for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. The lake shares space with three Buddhist monasteries and three Hindu temples and another holy lake Kunt Bhyog lies above Rewalsar. Here, different types of festivities happen yearly; the Sisu Fair in February or March and Baisakhi festival are the important ones.

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