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Duration Price
6 Days Tour Package to Russia 20246 days & 5 nights
INR 51,000
Budget Tour to Russia in 5 Days 20245 days & 4 nights
INR 38,000
Moscow Land Package6 days & 5 nights
INR 1,05,999
Russia packages - Browse through a wide range of Russia holidays packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Russia vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

From the beautiful changing climate to the lush green forests, and from mountains to clean water lakes and rivers, all can be enjoyed at its best by booking Russia tour packages from Thrillophilia offered with some compelling deals. Russia is one of the most vivid nations around the world where you can experience the diversity of nature, learn about their culture and history. It has so much to offer for everyone such that you will be surprised and mesmerized by its beauty.

Opting Russia tours can be a very stimulating experience as you can learn so much about their culture and history by visiting their beautiful and amazing museums which can be found all over the country. These museums contain millions of artworks that are renowned around the world. To travel to such a huge country with immense history and beauty is a dream of many travelers. One can enjoy all this in the exclusive Russia holiday packages offering discounts that save your budget. Make your travel experience smooth and explore the beauty of Russia without being much confused about where to go next as we have got it all covered for you.

Russia is such a vast country that one can never do all the things in a given time. From adventure activities to spending time in leisure, and from sightseeing to tasting the exocitc Russian cuisine, our packages cover every aspect of this wide country.
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Russia Tour faqs

What are the famous places to see during the Russia tour?

1. Yekaterinburg: Yekaterinburg is one of the twelve cities that is stated ideal for living by UNESCO and this makes it one of the most visited places by tourists.  The city has a vibrant culture and is home to libraries, theaters, dance companies, and also some popular rock bands.

Russia tour package is the best way to explore this place and enjoy one time being here as you can visit some of the vital tourist attractions like the Slanted house, the Water Tower or the oldest wood sculpture in the world.

Location: East of the Ural Mountains, Russia

2. Sochi: Sochi came into the world’s attention after the 2014 WInter Olympics and no wonder why it gathered so much attraction. The perfect weather conditions, all modern amenities, and beautiful views with peace all around to spend your holidays.

Include Sochi in your Russia tour Package and enjoy the beautiful black sea beach where one can spend all day there just roaming around, stopping for meals, doing some shopping, and enjoying the beautiful view. Other than the beach, Sochi is a great place to spend your evening at the bars with delicious dishes and some amazing booze to enjoy and have fun while watching the match or listening to amazing music.

Location: Western Caucasus, Russia

3. Samara: Samara is the sixth-largest city in Russia where you can explore and experience many beautiful things. Start your exploration journey to know more about the city from the Smara Embankment. The 5km long pedestrian zone offers so many beautiful views alongside the river and offers various types of entertainment zones.

Other than this, the Soyuz space rocket and Samara Cosmos Space museum are also included in your Russia tour package where you can know more about space.

Location: Confluence of Volga and Samara rivers, southwestern Russia

4. Saransk: Saransk is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia which is World famous for its sporting achievements as most of the Olympic winners are from Saransk only. This city has become one of the major tourist attractions for its beautiful European-looking streets.

The City has more than 40 unique structured churches which have their own history and beautiful museums that have exhibited some of the ancient artworks which are fascinating to watch.

Location: Republic of Mordovia, Russia

5. Nizhny Novgorod: Located at the meeting of two rivers-the Oka and Volga, The Nizhny Novgorod is a mixture of rural as well as urban cities.  The main attraction of this special city in the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin which is the glorious fortress where you can see the government offices, arbitrary, museums, and more.

Relax after the visit to this fascinating place by taking a walk towards the Volga river embankment where you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

Location: Confluence of the Oka and the Volga rivers in Central Russia

6. Irkutsk: Get Irkutsk in your Russia travel package and make a short but complete visit to this amazing city. Irkutsk holds one of the most vibrant streets i.e Karl Marx, where you can explore mouthwatering street foods and do your shopping.

You will be able to see 19th century architectures, revived churches and some classy eateries. The mouth-watering delicious food and the friendly locals will make it a visit to remember. Also, do make a trip to Lake Baikal which is the deepest lake in the world, and enjoy the time being here.

Location: Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

7. Kazan: Kazan is known as the third capital of Russia and is one of a kind city that you will find on your Russia travel package. There are so many Kremlin's which you will find in Russia and the best among them is in Kazan. Being one of the world heritage sites it has many beautiful attraction spots such as spasskaya Tower, Kul Sharif Mosque, Presidential Palace, and many more.

You can plan your visit with your kids or families and explore the tropical butterfly park and feel the immersive warm atmosphere vibes. Along with this, there is a beautiful puppet show which attracts a lot of tourists from different places, giving them a fun and entertaining evening time.

Location: Volga, Russia

8. Golden Ring: Journey to Russia’s Golden Ring will give you a tempting feeling with it’s beautiful and mysterious cities of Russia. Golden Ring is a theme route which connects old Russia cities, giving all-new travel experience to Russian culture and history.

Get ready to take a trip to Golden Ring and take a taste of old tradition and culture covering cities such as Sergiev Posad. Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, and many more. These open-air museums will take you through beautiful monasteries, stunning architectural designs, and historical churches, where you will be taken in the turbulence of revolutionary history.

Location: North-east of Moscow, Russia

9. Valley of Geysers: The Valley of Geysers is a wonder on earth and proud property of Russia as it is the second largest geothermal site. Although entry to these geothermal sites is prohibited you can still enjoy this extraordinary site of nature which is included in your Russia tour package.

Visit this beautiful site and enjoy the photogenic views of different sites such as boiling springs, hot lakes, geysers, mud pools, mud volcanoes, water springs, and more similar sites. It is a treat to watch as there are only six such sites in the world where such wonder can be seen.

Location: Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

10. Moscow: One can visit the beautiful city of Moscow at any time of the year and it will always amaze you with its beauty, artistry, and magical environment.  Just start from anywhere in the city and you will surely  find something magical.

The Kremlin in Moscow is one of the most visited places as it is very beautifully built and contains some of the most amazing monuments like the Armoury Chamber, the Assumption Cathedral, the Diamond Fund, and more which helps you understand the history and culture of Russia. You can take a boat ride in Moscow which will allow you to see the city from a different angle and enjoy the cool breeze which is included in your Russia holiday package.

Location: Moscow, Russia

What are the best things to do during the Russia tour?

1. Enjoy the longest train journey: The Trans-Siberian Rail Journey is the longest continuous rail line on earth connecting Moscow to Beijing. The tour will allow you to taste the culture of Russia, Magnolia, and Asia as the route covers all the major locations and views which are breathtaking. The journey is 14 days long and the train needs to be booked a month prior at least to avail the tickets and complete other formalities.

Price: 142803 Ruble for first class and 90191 Ruble for Second Class

2. Watch one of the most beautiful Dance forms: Enjoy the world’s one of the most finest and famous dance forms in the capital city St. Petersburg which is already added to your Russia tour package. The Ballet was originally introduced here only, so one can enjoy most of its best form here at different theatres such as Mariinsky theatre, Bolshoi theatre, Alexandrinsky theatre, and many more. The city also has thriving music performances taking place during different times of the day.

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

3. Enjoy the amazing events at Red Square: Red Square is the most iconic and famous place in Russia .i.e, located in the city of Moscow. There are many famous buildings like St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and the GUM. Must include the visit to this amazing place in your Russia tour package to enjoy the most lightning and amazing concerts, festivals, and events.

Location: Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 109012
Price: No fee but the monuments inside the Red Square charge their fees accordingly.
Timings: Open all the time

4. Spend some family time at Gorky Park: Spend some quality time with your family or loved ones by roaming inside Gorky Park. Enjoy the strolls inside the park while enjoying the beautiful view and if you don’t like walking, go rent a bike and roam around the park. One can have fun with their kids as there are different sites inside the park offering many things for kids to play with. During the summertime in Moscow, one can also enjoy the open movie theatre with their family.

Location: Krymsky Val, 9, Moscow, Russia, 119049
Timings: Open all the time

5. Enroute one of the Oldest Russian Zoo: The Leningrad Zoo is the oldest in Russia, history stating that it was built in 1865. The Russia tour package allows you to plan a visit to the Zoo with your children as it has almost 600 species of different mammals, animals, and birds to look for. An entry to the Leningrad Zoo will allow you to have a look at polar bears, snow leopards, spot giraffes, elephants, chimps, and more. There is a zoo especially for kids where they are allowed to interact with farm animals under the supervision of zookeepers.

Location: Park Aleksandrovskiy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Timings: 10 AM - 6 PM
Entry Fee: Adult- 491 INR, Student- 196 INR, Children- 98 INR

6. Spend your day at the Nevsky Prospekt: One of the most famous streets in Russia and a tourist attraction for one or many reasons. Starting from the beautiful landmarks it covers, to the history it has and the position it holds in Russia. Come on the day of some celebration in the country and you will enjoy this street like every other Russian local there. The lights, the music, and the liveliness in the street can be felt by everyone.

Location: Main street in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Timing: Open 24 hrs.

7. Get the best of Moscow Metro: Russia tour is incomplete if you don’t travel in one of the world’s busiest and longest metro lines. Covering around 190- miles and around 200 stations, the Moscow metro is a treat to the eyes as you will see and interact with the locals in it.
The Underground Metro stations are no less than museums themselves as the architecture and art did explain a lot about Russian history.

Location: Moscow, Russia
Timing: 5.25 AM- 1.00AM
Fees: Depends on your traveling station

8. Take a walk in the historic Baumana Street: Located in Kazan, this beautiful street starts from the Kazan Kremlin and as you walk along the street you can find many beautiful monuments. These monuments are sculptured uniquely such as the house of press designed in the form of an open book. Along with these monuments, there are very beautiful restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals or shop in nearby shopping centers offering a variety of local dresses.

Location: Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, Russia.

9. Rafting and kayaking in the Ural: All the rivers in the Ural region are calm and safe for rafting where you can have a thrilling experience. The most popular river for rafting is Vishera where you can find the best rafting environment with a mixture of small and big rapid . If you want to go kayaking all by yourself, there are many shorter rafting routes with low rapids where you can enjoy kayaking all by yourself.

Location: Ural Region
Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM

How to reach Russia?

- By Air: There are various international airports, located in different cities of Russia such as Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, St. Petersburg Airport, Sochi Airport, and many others.

- By Road: You can reach Russia via international bus or coach service which will cover destinations like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and many more.

- By Rail: The Russian Railways is connected with major European Countries.

What is the best time to visit Russia?

The best time to go for a Russia tour is between the months of June to August, as the country experiences summers around this time. A trip to Russia during the summers will let you enjoy the beautiful long evenings and warm-pleasant weather.

What is the currency of Russia?

The Currency of Russia is the Russian Ruble.
1 Russian Ruble = 0.97 INR and
1 Russian Ruble = 0.013 US $

How much does a trip to Russia cost?

A week's vacation to Russia for a single person will cost you around 25759  Russian Ruble which will take you through beautiful places of Russia including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring, and many more.

How much does it cost to visit Russia from India?

The average cost of a flight differs from 25759 Russian Ruble to 51519 Russian Ruble as the Airfares from India to Russia depending on which part of you are traveling to which includes your accommodation, food and other travel expenses.

Is Russia more costly than India?

Yes, Russia is costlier than India by about 20%. Such as, If we compare the dining cost in India and Russia- It’s just double but when we compare the basic necessities it’s just 5 to 10% expensive.

Is Moscow safe for Indians?

Moscow is a very safe and welcoming city for its tourists.  Especially talking about Indians, they are greeted very well like any other country.

How much does a Russian passport cost?

The cost differs from 2000 to 5000 rubles as there are two types of Russian passport- biometric and non-biometric.

If you are opting for a biometric passport it costs around 5000 Russian Ruble and the non-biometric one costs around 2000 Russian Ruble.

Is Russia cheap to travel to?

Traveling to Russia has become quite affordable and cheap since the devaluation of the Russian Ruble. Although, traveling to major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg is still expensive.

Do you need a visa to go to Russia?

Yes, a Tourist visa is required to enter Russia for a vacation purpose. A single or Double entry visa can be availed for 30 days as per the requirement.

How many days are enough in Russia?

A good trip to Russia will need at least 7 days or longer, anything less can make you leave some of the important stops in Russia. During this period you can enjoy Moscow and St. Petersburg to the fullest.

What is famous in Russia for shopping?

Bring the Russian culture home with you by going on shopping in Russia. The famous items that you can buy in Russia are the Samovar, Zhostovo Trays, Honey, Matryoshka, Furs, Vodka, Palekh and Fedoskino Lacquer boxes, Orenburg shawls, and much more.

What is the most popular vodka in Russia?

Stolichnaya Vodka is one of the finest and probably the most famous Vodka brands in Russia.

What are the best adventure activities in Russia?

1. Dive into Ruskeala Marble Quarry: Include this on your Russia holiday package as this is one of the activities you will enjoy the most. Located in Karelia, the Ruskeala Marble quarry carries clean water that has visibility around 18m on a good day where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Make some dives from cliffs into the cold water and if you are not into diving- you can also go rowing in a boat or exploring caves there.

2. Hike to Altai Region: There are so many places in Russia for short and long Hikes but the most famous one and extremely beautiful is the Altai Region Hike which is added to your Russia trip package. Get your hiking gear and be ready to stretch your legs as you are going to explore everything from beautiful lakes to ice-covered mountains and much more nature's miracle in this hike.

3. Rafting: There are some amazing places like Ural, Karelia, Baikal, and more where one can have a beautiful Rafting experience. The local rivers in Russia are always filled with water and offer all levels of rapids which can boost your Rafting experience.

Which are the famous museums to visit in Russia?

1. The Hermitage(St. Petersburg): The Hermitage is the World's largest Museum in a building classified by UNESCO. The Museum is very beautiful and will bring you back to the past of sovereign Russia as it exhibits many magnificent artworks like the three graces, Rembrandt’s dance, Madonna Litta, and the sublime peacock clock.

2. The Tretyakov Gallery(Moscow): This Russian gallery exhibits centuries-old Russian and European masterpieces. It is one the most important museums in Russia as it helps you dive into the Russian past and culture.

3. The Kremlin and Armoury Chamber(Moscow): Visit the Heart of Moscow, The Kremlin which hosts the Armoury chamber and the traces of Russian evolution from the 11th century. Moreover, the Kremlin accommodates cathedrals, churches, and many palaces.

4. The State Russian Museum(St. Petersburg): Visiting this museum will let you dive into the history of Russian arts and how they developed with time. The museum offers around 38000 artwork and 6000 icons to the public.

Which are the best cities to explore in Russia?

1. Moscow: If you are on a Russia tour, Moscow is a must-visit city. You will travel through the ages just by walking on beautiful streets and a variety of architecture at every turn.

2. St. Petersburg: One can’t forget St. Petersburg after they visit this beautiful and mesmerizing city on their Russia tour. You can start your exploration from the Hermitage museum which is one of the worlds largest and stunning art museums, then head onto mesmerizing Peterhof palace and later on can switch places between restaurants, churches and beautiful palaces.

3. Kazan: One of the most beautiful cities in Russia where you can find World heritage sites. The Kazan Kremlin is the symbol of a city that is beautifully built and has unique architecture.

4. Kizhi Island: This is one of the significant places in Russia where you can find the best scenic views. Located in the heart of Omega, Kizhi Island is especially known for its one of a kind open-air museum which exhibits some very significant wooden structures that date back to the 14th century.

How is Russia nightlife? Which places are famous for nightlife in Russia?

When it comes to the most appealing time then Russia nightlife ranks top of it. Popular clubs and bars will make your night exciting with their beer, whiskey, loud music and subtle aura for party. Just make sure whenever you go out for exploring nightlife you have the best location spotted for the party.

1. Happening city - Moscow: Enjoy the nightlife in the world's most famous place where you can experience amazing views of the city while sipping unique cocktails. The lighting and blissful environment transform this city into magical party paradise. Get your booze and enjoy the hell of a night with euphoric russian bands.

2. Taste the classic vodka St. Petersburg: Enjoy the raving party and never-ending fun at St. Petersburg pubs, where you get the best of vodka and cocktails matching your taste buds.

3. Suchi - Resort city: Want to have a thrilling experience of Russia nightlife then Suchi is the place you are looking for. Homemade alcohol and exotic environment makes for a wonderful time.

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