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The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is a fantastic place full of hidden adventure. Nestled in the midst of nature’s rich bounty, this city brings together a blend of rural and urban that makes visiting it a particularly enticing experience. Not only do you get to enjoy a unique metropolitan outlook, but you also get to combine it with the rural flavour that makes a vacation in the mountains such a joy.

There is a rampant natural beauty in and around Shillong- panoramic mountain views are to be had in all directions, sweeping golf courses covered in the mist are to be found everywhere, crystal lakes reflecting intense blue skies add their sparkle to the atmosphere, and musical waterfalls beautify the land with their force.

The city of Shillong offers a plethora of good experiences to tourists from food trails to cultural expeditions to music festivals. The local cuisine belonging to the Khasis and Tibetans dominates the food scene and you should try out the range of boiled or roasted food on offer. Plenty of wonderful restaurants can be found in the market area of Shillong, a place which also offers tourists the chance to indulge in fun-filled souvenir shopping.

The mountainous landscape around Shillong also makes it a great place for adventure activities. When here, you can try a hand at rock climbing, rappelling, paragliding, river rafting and trekking. The famous David Scott's Trail is to be found in Meghalaya, so trekkers can enjoy a challenging but thrilling experience in Shillong. Magnificent views are also a part of Shillong’s offerings.

Shillong Peak offers a panoramic view of the scenic countryside is the highest peak situated at a height of 6,449 feet in this region. The place, the people and the climate all combine to create an atmosphere to make Shillong an ideal holiday resort. Cherrapunjee which is the wettest place on earth is only 56 km away from Shillong and so it is always a part of Shillong holiday packages.

Shillong is often referred to as “Scotland of India” and gained this name by Britishers. The beautiful lakes, green mountains, pine forests and waterfalls are the reason best justifying this honour.

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Explore Meghalaya with 6 Days & 5 Nights Package 6D/5N ₹ 17500 3.0 star View Details
David Scott Trail and Double Decker Root Bridge Trek in Cherrapunji 4D/3N ₹ 18800 3.0 star View Details
Living Root Bridge Trek 2021, Meghalaya | Book @ Flat 20% off 3D/2N ₹ 3599 5.0 star View Details
Shillong Tour Package from Kolkata 2021 | Flat 18% off 6D/5N ₹ 15500 5.0 star View Details
3 day Meghalaya Trekking Tour 3D/2N ₹ 5100 4.0 star View Details
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31 May 2015
This trek has a beautiful trek path. This can be done at any season. A couple of years back, my friend went to this trek in the month of March, and he said it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. But I went in September because of holiday constraints and it was awesome. I totally loved it. It is completely worthy.
It was our first-time camping. In this camp, we met nice-people in which we are not only enjoyed the stay or activity but we get to know the culture and tradition of the place from the locals who visit the camp in was interesting to know about the Khasi people's traditions. Worth-traveling far for this experience. would visit Meghalaya again.
We were glad that we are making this plan to Sohra on the way we took this activity. Staff were nice and warm gave us good instruction and demo for the activity, the equipment used for this activity was a good one which we felt so safe the whole-experience, We saw many tourists that day. Booking through Thrillophilia was convenient.
A fantastic journey to these amazing sights each has its interesting stories behind it. Each sights arrival was impressive and breathtaking and gave us good photographs at each. We booked this through Thrillophilia the company arranged a good operator and staff at a reasonable rate with hassle-free, Good Transport, and professional driver who take care of us the entire tour.
If you want to take a break from your busy life this is the better option for you. pack your bag and move ahead with this camping. In my personal experience, this is really a good one because it has all that you are looking for. I can assure you that you would get the best-experience as our group was.
05 January 2021
Since it was my first trekking tour ever, I was a bit nervous and that’s when one of my friends recommended Thrillophilia. I booked their Shillong trekking package and it made my trip so easy. Trekking on the David Scott memorial trail and finally reaching the Double Decker Living Root Bridge was such a beautiful experience. I also got excellent places to try the authentic local food and they were so tempting. I will recommend Thrillophilia to all solo travelers like me for a totally sorted experience!
07 November 2020
A visit to Shillong was long due and I finally got it ticked last month with Thrillophilia’s package. My entire group really enjoyed the tour and the trekking experience to the Living Root Bridge was very amazing. We also hiked to Shillong Peak and the view was simply excellent. The hotels in which we were made to stay at Shillong and Cherrapunji were also very decent with sanitization done. The rooms were spacious and most importantly the bathroom was clean. The staff was also very kind to send us some late-night tea for our gossip sessions. We also received fresh and delicious meals every day of our trip which was again a bonus. Our entire group was so happy and we really made a lot of memories. Thanks to the whole team of Thrillophilia!!
It was an awesome experience in Shillong.A magnificent view of the valley from an altitude. Clear blue sky, golden sunshine and greenery all around, what more could one ask for.
Interesting trip, the driver was nice and well-behaved, we managed to visit all the tourist spots. Really a good experience
Everything was well-organized. Beautiful sceneries, nice camping experience, Good accommodation, tasty meals, and what a lovely activity. Overall tip-top experience.

People Also Ask About Shillong Tours

  1. What are the best places to visit on the Shillong tour?

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Shillong tours:

    1. Umiam Lake: Umiam lake happens to be of the wonderful tourist attraction in Shillong that is widely famous for providing thrilling water sports and fun activities like boating, water cycling, scootering, and kayaking to the visitors.

    Location: Umiam Lake, Shillong.

    2. Shillong Peak: Shillong peak is a beautiful place that is known for offering stunning views of hills and valleys. This happens to be the highest peak of shillong that nestles at an altitude of about 6449 feet above the sea level. This peak is mostly covered with fog and waterfalls.

    Location: Shillong View Point, Shillong,793004.

    3. Elephant Falls: Elephant falls happens to be a three tier cascading beauty that has got an uncanny resemblance with an elephant. Visiting this place, you can admire the beauty of foamy dropping water and surrounding dense vegetation. You also get an opportunity to collect souvenirs from the local stores.

    Location: Upper Shillong, 793009.

    4. Laitlum Canyons: Laitlum Canyons literally means the end of the hills and it is a perfect place for trekking enthusiasts, nature admirers, and peace lovers. This place offers stunning views of the gorges, zigzagging hilly roads, and lush green valleys.

    Location: East Khasi Hills, Shillong.

    5. Ward’s Lake: Ward’s lake can be considered as one of the important tourist locations that you can visit in Shillong. The lake is encircled by a cobblestone walkway that is just perfect for those evening strolls. This place can be truly called as scenic and picturesque because of its famous wooden bridge and sprawling lotus beds.

    Location: Police Bazaar, Shillong.

  2. What are the most romantic things to do on the Shillong tour?

    Here are some of the most romantic things to do on the shillong tours:

    1. Sip a cup of coffee at the cafe Shillong: Cafe shillong happens to be a charming boutique bungalow that is fashioned with gorgeous interiors. You can come over to this cafe along with your beloved partner and enjoy the living music performances and popular jazz shows.

    2. Spend time boating at the Umiam Lake: Umiam lake spreads over an area of 10 square kilometers and happens to be a wonderful place to try out various water sports. In the course of the shillong tour, you can spend time boating with your loved partner in the azure blue waters of the lake and at the same time relishing the scenic beauty all around.

    3. Head out on a shopping tour with your beloved: On these Shillong packages, you can also go out on a shopping tour around the local bazaars that stand as a testament to the culture and traditional artisanship of the place. You can visit the local stalls that sell colorful handicraft items and indigenous fruits and vegetables.

    4. Seek blessings from the almighty at one of the oldest churches in Shillong: In the course of this Shillong package, you will be visiting the oldest church of Shillong that boasts of a traditional wooden colonial style architecture. Offer prayers and seek blessings from the almighty.

  3. Which are the best places to visit in Shillong at night?

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Shillong tour packages at night:

    1. Platinum: It happens to be the very first nightclub in Shillong that has wonderful interior decors as well as a separate place for siting and dancing. This place is best suited for groups and family visitors.

    2. Piccadilly: If you wish to visit the most happening place in Shillong then here is it. Fashioned with pleasant lighting arrangement and the special upmarket vibe will surely make your visit worth. You can relax at this place as well as dance to the tunes of the heart thumping music on this Shillong holiday packages.

    3. Tango: Tango happens to be a perfect go to destination that offers exotic collection of liquors, lip smacking dishes, and live musical performances.

    4. Cloud 9: It is one of the stylish nightclubs in Shillong that has got a wonderful interior and pleasing ambience. This place is perfect for groups and families who wish to party in Shillong.

  4. What are the best places to stay in Shillong?

    Here are some of the best places to stay in Shillong tour packages:

    1. Blueberry Inn: Blueberry Inn happens to be one of the wonderful places to stay in shillong if you wish to relish exceptional services along with delicious food. This place is located close to the city centre and is very easy to access.

    2. Royal Heritage: Royal Heritage is widely famous for its classy interior decors as well as old world charm. This place has got loads of historical instances attached to it and at the present time it still serves as a home for the royal family of Tripura.

    3. Cafe Shillong Bed and Breakfast: Cafe Shillong Bed and Breakfast has been able to keep up its reputation from the day of its inception with its well curated service, dedicated hospitality and concentration on a particular segment.

    4. Roseville Resort Shillong: The Roseville Resort Shillong happens to be an 80 year old resort that began as a hill retreat for the britishes but at the present times it has become a pillar of constant in the sea of change. You can be able to relish the same dedicated service and good quality food offerings.

  5. What are the most adventurous activities to do on my Shillong tour?

    Here are some of the most adventurous activities to do on your Shillong trip packages:

    1. River Canyoning: River Canyoning can be considered as the most rejuvenating adventure sports that one can try out in Shillong. This activity also involves many other adventures like trekking, swimming, and waterfall rappelling.

    Price: INR 3,300.

    2. Water Sports: Shillong presents a wide range of water sports to the visitors starting from skiing, sailing, fishing, and canoeing. You can sail through the crystal clear water and witness brilliant natural beauty all around.

    Price: INR 20 - INR 200.

    3. Trekking: Shillong is home to some of the enchanting natural treks that includes the Living Root Bridge, Kyllang Rock, David Scott Trail, Sohpet-bneng. You can take part in these treks that take about one day to one week and enjoy a whole new experience.

    Price: Entry charge of INR 5 to enter the park.

    4. Mountain Biking: Shillong is home to some of the best mountainous terrains and green pastures. Taking this mountain biking experience through the green rain forest is just amazing.

    Price: INR 1,800.

  6. Which are the best lakes to visit in Shillong?

    Northeast India is a hidden treasure full of natural beauty, lush green lands and beautiful, serene water bodies. Shillong is blessed to have many beautiful lakes. Some of the best lakes worth visiting in Shillong are Umiam Lake and Ward Lake. These places in Shillong are great place to hangout with friends and family.

  7. What is the best time to visit Shillong?

    The best time to visit Shillong is from the month of march to the month of june. The climatic condition of shimla remains cool all through the year. Visiting this place in between the march and june, you can be able to experience the pleasant summers and relish travelling all around the hill station to visit some of the places of tourist interest.

  8. Is Shillong worth visiting?

    Yes, shillong is definitely a hill station that is worth visiting because of its pleasant atmosphere and serene setting at an altitude of about 4908 feet above the sea level.

    Visiting this hill station in India, you will be able to enjoy the perfect blend of old world and contemporary charm. Shillong is home to some of the picturesque places like Umiam Lake, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park and many more places that are worth visiting.

  9. What is Shillong famous for?

    Shillong is widely popular not only as a hill station but it is also popular for its limestone caves and orange honey. This hill station is home to the oldest presbyterian church, awe inspiring don bosco centre for indigenous culture, majestic waterfalls, incredible phenomenon of the living root bridges, and verdant magic of mawphlang sacred forest.

  10. How much does a trip to Shillong cost?

    The Shillong trip packages to visit the hill station of Shillong starts from INR 5000 and can go up to INR 25000. The hotel accommodations and sightseeing tours are included in these packages.

  11. Is Shillong safe for couples?

    Yes, shillong is definitely a safe place for couples to spend their holiday vacation. There is no need to worry about your safety in the course of this Shillong holiday packages and you can take part in various activities under the strict supervision of expert tour guides who will be of help in case of any emergency.

  12. Where can I enjoy river rafting and kayaking on my Shillong tour?

    River rafting is a fun and thrilling watersport and has very rapidly gained popularity amongst locals as well as tourists in Shillong. River rafting in Shillong can be enjoyed at Umiam Lake and at Ranikor. Both the destinations have many rapids that cause for a great thrill and adventure during the sport. An experienced rafter can enjoy rafting at Ranikor, however, if one is a beginner, it is advisable to try the Umiam Lake first for rafting.

    On the other hand, Kayaking in Shillong can be enjoyed at Umiam Lake.

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