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Austria Packages

Duration Price
Ultimate European Highlights | FREE trip to Mount Titlis13 days & 12 nights
INR 2,50,878
Gems of Europe | FREE Trip to Prague Castle13 days & 12 nights
INR 2,26,500
Germany Poland Tour Package15 days & 14 nights
INR 1,40,000
Germany Austria Poland Tour Package14 days & 13 nights
INR 2,75,000
Germany and Austria Tour Package9 days & 8 nights
INR 92,000
Eastern Europe Tour Package7 days & 6 nights
INR 1,04,000

Austria Packages

Browse through a wide range of Austria tour Packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Austria vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Thrillophilia offers many different, personalized and customizable Austria Tour Packages, with some of the best deals and offers. Created by experts, these packages take you through this great land of music and arts, located in Central Europe.

Known for its rich imperial culture, a holiday package of Austria created by Thrillophilia will ensure that the days you spend here are memorable and fulfilling. Whether it is a sightseeing package of Austria and its surrounding European nations, or an adventurous holiday, Thrillophilia will customize it according to your preferences. What’s even better is that we curate holiday packages for all kinds and groups of travellers.

Most of the Austria Packages include several top tourist destinations in the country. These include places such as Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz and Hallstatt, among others. Our experts ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind experience in this amazing country. The Austrian Holiday Packages are personalized according to your budget and preferences, and give you a glimpse of the country’s history and its wonders. Explore the rare and exotic flora and fauna of this land and soak in the scintillating beauty here with holiday packages.

Our Austria Tours offer everything from splendid accommodation to flights and transfers to delicious meals. Austria interweaves historic and contemporary countryside with modern, elegant cities for an unparalleled holiday experience. Known for its amazing icons, such as the giant Rubik’s Cube, Museums Quartier in Vienna, or even the Kunsthaus Graz, Austria is a place that caters to one and all.

From rustic backdrops to vividly colored houses, along with ancient castles and museums, it is a place where you can relax, savor the old-world charm, as well as have a lot of fun. And Thrillophilia guarantees you an Austrian holiday that you will remember for a long time.

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Austria Tour faqs

Which are the famous places to visit on the Austria tour?

1. Vienna: One of the best places in the Austria Tour Packages, Vienna is the capital city of the republic of Austria. Home to many architectural wonders, Vienna also has a lot of great restaurants and cafes. It also has a lot of beautiful museums which transport you back in time, in addition to grand historic and colourful buildings along with a rich and well-preserved culture.

Schonbrunn Palace: As grand as the Versailles in Italy, the Schonbrunn Palace is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in the Austria Holiday Packages. Dating back to the early 1700s, the palace has over 1,400 rooms, all built for Emperor Leopold I. The palace also has a park, which is home to the Privy Garden, a maze and labyrinth, as well as the oldest zoo in the world.

Location: Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien, Austria.
Entry Fee/Price: € 32.50 per adult, € 28.50 per student between 19 and 25 years of age

HallstattOne of the most famous attractions for all travellers in the Austria Packages is the small village of Hallstatt, located in the region of Salzkammergut. Famous for its salt production, this village has attained a lot of wealth, fame and prestige from the salt industry. This baroque village is also home to the subterranean Salt Lake in Hornerwerk Cavern, where you can see the prehistoric man preserved in salt.

Grossglockner Alpine Road: Another one of the top places to visit in the Austria Tour Packages, this is a stunning road offering panoramic views all the way to the Kaiser Franz Josefs Hohe Visitor Centre. It is from here that you can catch a clear glimpse of the Grossglockner, which is otherwise known as the highest mountain in Austria. The alpine scenery along the way simply adds to the amazing experience.

Entry Fee/Price: € 35.

5. St Anton Am Arlberg: 
This is a village in the Tyrol region of Austria. Known for being a legendary ski region, the village has a terrain perfectly suited for this adventure sport. Great for adventure junkies and anyone who loves adrenaline seeking sports, the village is a popular summer as well as winter tourist spot. You can also enjoy a good mountaineering session here.

Location: Landeck, Tyrol, Austria.

6. Melk Abbey: 
Melk Abbey is one of the most famous monasteries in the entire world, and it is a must-see attraction in the Austria Tour Packages. Located on a high cliff, the monastery overlooks the serene Danube River, and was the erstwhile castle of Leopold II. This castle was transformed into a peaceful monastery in the late 1000s. Currently, Melk Abbey is one of the best examples of baroque architecture in the world.

Location: Abt-Berthold-Dietmayr-Straße 1, 3390 Melk, Austria.
Entry Fee/Price: € 12.50 per person for an unguided tour, € 14.50 per person for a guided tour.

7. Vienna State Opera: 
When it comes to exploring the cultural and liberal arts in Austria Tours, the Vienna State Opera is the best place to visit. This landmark structure dates back to the 19th century, and boasts of a neo-renaissance style of architecture. It also has the ever-so-famous marble staircases, along with the classically painted ceilings. The Vienna State Opera holds musical performances and balls on a regular basis, all of which you can attend and enjoy.

Location: Opernring 2,1010 Wien, Austria.
Entry Fee/Price: € 9 per person for a guided tour.

Eisriesenwelt Cave: A haven for nature lovers, this cave, included in many of the Austria Packages, is an absolute delight for tourists. This is the largest limestone and ice cave in the world. Home to many underground ice caves, Eisriesenwelt lets you wander through a maze of beautiful caves, which you can access after climbing down over 700 steps. Once at the bottom, you get to see the Eispalast, a huge palace made entirely of ice. The best part is when light hits the walls of this palace. It is then when you can see the ice sparkling like diamonds, which is a sight for sore eyes.

Location: 5450 Werfen, Austria.
Entry Fee/Price: € 29 per adult, € 16 per child.

What are the best things to do on the Austria tour?

1. Ride on a dragon train into the world of Dwarves at Grottenbahn, Linz: One of the main attractions of the Austria Tours is Grottenbahn, an amusement park in Linz. And the biggest highlight of the park is the Grotto Train, which takes you into the realm of dwarves, forest animals, fairies, and fairy tales. This underground park has a different charm wherein you can enjoy a completely new world whilst on a ride on a dragon-headed train. It is the major tourist attraction of Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.

2. Take a tour of the Royal Intestines and Skeletons at 
Stephansdom Crypt, ViennaAnother different experience that you must enjoy when availing the Austria Holiday Packages is taking a tour of the royal intestines and numerous skeletons at the Stephansdom Crypt in Vienna. Otherwise known as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the crypt attracts many tourists due to its grand architecture. However, it also holds the skeletal remains of over 11,000 people beneath its stone floors. The crypt is also home to the skeletal remains of Franz Cardinal Konig, the archbishop of Vienna, who was laid to rest here in 2004.

3. Dip in the pools at the Aqua Domes with the Beautiful Otztal Alps: 
The Austria Holiday Packages also include a trip to the pools at the Aqua Dome. Located in the heart of the beautiful Otztal Valley, with the Otztal Alps acting as a stunning backdrop, the pools at Aqua Dome consist of warm water where you can take a dip in, relax and rejuvenate yourself. This thermal bath is a different experience as compared to the sightseeing of the region’s attractions, and is a great way to take a break.

4. Watch hundreds of Butterflies at 
Schmetterlinghaus- The Imperial Butterfly House: Home to over 400 different and vividly colored species of butterflies, Schmetterlinghaus, also known as The Imperial Butterfly House is a small palm house. One of the more offbeat attractions in the Austria Tours, this palm house turned greenhouse is home to a large variety of butterflies, where you can see the entire lifecycle of this beautiful creature. You can also soak in the serenity provided by the many thick tropical trees, flowers, and the small waterfall.

5. Take a cable car to 
Eisriesenwelt, The largest Cave in the world At Salzburg: Located in Salzburg is one of the best attractions in your Austria Tours. Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice and limestone cave in the world. In order to reach the cave, you can climb down around 700 or so stairs. Alternatively, you can also take a cable car ride from the top of Hochkogel Mountain to the cave, all the while enjoying the surrounding natural scenery. With cold winds gusting beside you, ice sculptures all around, and complete darkness, a visit to the cave is a must.

6. Climb the 
Pyramidenkogel Observation Deck in Carinthia: Also known as the highest wooden observation deck and viewing tower in the world, the Pyramidenkogel Observation Deck is situated around 851 metres above sea level. A part of the Austria Tour Packages, this deck offers some of the most stunning 360-degree views of Carinthia’s beautiful lakes and mountains.

7. Catch stunning views from the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel: 
One of the biggest and most stunning attractions in Vienna, in the Austria Tour Packages, is the old, but still in operation, Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. This is an ancient landmark that is visible along the Vienna skyline and offers breathtaking views of the city.

How to reach Austria?

By Air: Schwechat-Flughafen in Vienna is the most important international airport in Austria, and is connected to almost all of the major international airports all across the world. Many direct, as well as connecting flights, such as Finnair, Lufthansa Airways, British Airways, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air India and more fly to Austria on a regular basis from the major cities of the world.  

By Road: Austria is well connected to its neighbouring countries by a network of roadways. Some of these European countries include Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland, among others. The roads and highways here are smooth and open for commutation 24 hours a day.

By Rail: Austria has an efficient rail network connecting all the major cities in the country with those of the neighbouring countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Liechtenstein. The Austrian Federal Railways and Eurostar are two major train networks that operate here.

Which are the best hiking trails in Austria?

1. Krimmal Waterfall Trail: One of the best hiking trails in the Austria Tour Packages, the Krimml Waterfall trail leads you straight to the waterfall, which is the highest staged fall in Europe. The trail covers 4 kilometres, and runs along the waterfall, in a relatively steep uphill manner.

2. The Gailsalmsteig Trail: 
Another one of the famous trails in the Austria Packages is this trail at Achensee. Great for beginners as well as experts, the trail leads you to the lake, located in Tyrol, just across the border.

Ravensburgerhutte TrailThe Ravensburgerhutte Trail is one of the most beautiful and serene hiking trails in the Austria Tour Packages, located in the Vorarlberg region. This is a four-hour hike, which takes you from Lech to Spullersee via Ravensburgerhutte. You also get to pass by many traditional houses, indulge in local delicacies as well as descend via a beautiful waterfall.

4. Kaiser-Franz-Joseph-Hoe to Heiligenblut: 
The Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hohe is a panoramic point which lies at the base of the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. It is from here where you can see the Grossglockner as well as the Pasterze, the largest glacier in the country. Heiligenblut is a small village at the base of the mountain, famous for the Gothic church located here. The hike takes you from the point to the village, through alpine meadows, coniferous forests and scenic beauty.

What is the best time to visit Austria?

The best time to visit Austria is between the months of late June and October. These are the months when summer fades away, giving way to the cool autumn months in Austria. The temperatures during this time of the year remains between 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, making it great to enjoy outdoor activities such as sightseeing, swimming, biking, hiking and even adventure activities.

Which are the famous museums in Austria?

1. Kunthistorisches Museum, Vienna: A haven for art lovers, this museum in Vienna is one of the most famous museums in Austria Tour Packages. Also known as the Museum of Fine Arts, this museum showcases the lavish artworks and collections of the Habsburgs.

2. Mozart's Birthplace, Salzburg: 
Also known as the birthplace of music legend Mozart, this most popular museum is included in the Austria Packages. In addition to Mozart’s life, it also gives you a glimpse into the daily life of 18th-century people.

3. Museum of Military History
: The Museum of Military History brings together the histories of warfare and military troops along with technology, science, art, and architecture. The museum is meant to inform visitors about the history of the Habsburg Monarchy from the end of the 16th century up to the year 1945. Museum of Military History focuses on the role of the army and military history on the high seas. This is also one of the main highlights of this museum.

4. Albertina
: Located in Vienna’s city center, the Albertina museum is one of the most unique museums included in your Austria tours. The Museum combines imperial style with works of art and offers a varied exhibition program with great treasures from the fourteenth century to the present. Designed by Hans HolleinI, the wing-shaped roof adds fresh architectural accents to the building.

5. Leopold Museum
: One of the best museums in your Austria tour is The Leopold Museum, located in the Museums Quarter in Austria. It exhibits numerous masterpieces of Austrian modern art gathered by Dr. Rudolf Leopold. It is a one-of-a-kind museum housing piece of Vienna Workshop, Expressionist, and art nouveau works.

The Egon Schiele collection, one of the largest and most important collections in the world, is housed in this museum. Furthermore, it also has masterpieces by Gustav Klimt who was the founder of the Vienna Secession movement.

How much does a trip to Austria cost?

An average 10 days 9 nights trip to Austria will cost you anywhere between INR 90,000 to INR 1,25,000.

Which are the famous palaces in Austria?

1. Hochosterwitz Castle, Carinthia: One of the most popular palaces in Austria's Packages is the Hochosterwitz Castle. It is built on a limestone rock located around 492 feet above the valley.

Schloss Hof: A part of the Austria Tour Packages, this is the summer palace of Princess Eugene, It is one of the most Baroque structures in the world.

Schönbrunn Palace: On your Austria tours, explore the Schonbrunn Palace, an enormous baroque house that was discovered in the Vienna suburbs. While earlier it served as the imperial family's vacation home, today, its opulent residential chambers and expansive palace gardens still fascinate tourists. The palace has more than 20 rooms including the private room of Franz Joseph and Sisi.

4. Schloss Klessheim
: Situated in Wals-Siezenheim, Schloss Klessheim was originally the residence of the Archbishops of Salzburg. In the present time, it has been turned into a casino where people try their luck in the game of chance. The palace intrigues visitors with its baroque architecture and unique gardens. One of the main highlights of the palace is the great banquet hall with its high dome and the eagle statue at the entrance.

5. Lower Belvedere
Lower Belvedere is located at the southern end of the Belvedere palace and is primarily used to house temporary exhibitions. The museum focuses on important phases in Western art history as well as Austrian artists working internationally. The Lower Belvedere was initially constructed for the diplomat and collector.

How many days do you need to see Austria?

At best, you require anywhere between 7 to 10 days to see Austria. This duration can also increase or decrease depending upon the places you wish to see and explore.

How long does it take to get an Austrian visa?

You can get an Austrian visa within 15 working days from the date of your application. All you need to carry for the application is the original as well as photocopies of a government issued ID card, Photo ID, ICR and an authorization letter.

Which are the best places to go caving in Austria?

With so many mountains in Austria, it does not come across as a surprise to have many caves here. The Eisriesenwelt or Werfen Ice Caves is considered to be the largest known ice cave system in the world that encompasses more than 25 miles of caverns. Some of the best places to go caving in Austria are:

- Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave (Werfen)
- Raggaschlucht (Flattach)
- Werfen Ice Caves (Werfen)
- Eisriesenwelt (Werfenweng)
- Dachstein Giant Ice Caves (Upper Austria)
- Kitzlochklamm (Taxenbach)
- Mammoth Cave (Obertraun)
- Lurgrotte (Semriach)
- Lamprechtshoehle (Sankt Martin bei Lofer).

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