15 Things to Do in Kullu That You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

What to Do in Kullu?

Prashar Lake Trek, Go for River Rafting, Go for Paragliding, Camping, Rafting & Adventure Activities at Manali, Trek to Malana Village, Ride a Bicycle in Kullu, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Attend Parvati Peaking Festival, Trek to Kheer Ganga, Trek to Chandrakhani Pass, Take a Dip into Manikaran Hot Spring and many more.

Kullu is located at a distance of 40 km from Manali. It is a popular Himachal tourism destination which is why there are a variety of things to do in Kullu. Kullu is an open valley formed by the Beas River between Manali and Larji. It is famous for its temples, vast and beautiful majestic hills which are covered in Pine and Deodar forests. What is not to be missed in Kullu are the sprawling apple orchards and the many adventure sports activities here that get your heart racing!

From rock climbing to paragliding to mountaineering to bike safari, Kullu has a plethora of options to satiate the adventure rush of tourists. Kullu is loved by tourists for its picturesque landscapes, adventure activities at large and the pleasant weather that the town maintains all the year round. There are a lot of things to do in Kullu when we talk about adventure activities. Trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, paragliding and hiking over the Himalayan hills and glaciers are some of the adventure activities that Kullu offers. These are taken up and enjoyed a lot by tourists.

A large number of treks and trips also begin from Kullu and hence this town is a starting point for various treks. Treks and trips to some of the famous tourist places from Kullu are Manikaran, Manali, Malana, Kheer Ganga, Kangra, Great Himalayan National Park. Another interesting thing to do in Kullu is to attend the festival of Dussehra here. It is a festival that celebrates Lord Rama's victory over the evil king Ravana. Kullu hosts one of the most extraordinary and vibrant Dussehra festivals in India. Unlike the one-day celebrations common everywhere else, Dussehra in Kullu goes on for a week pompously.  Including Kullu in your Himachal travel packages is a must-do. Exploring Kullu means diving into thrilling adventures and vibrant cultural celebrations. It's an unforgettable journey packed with excitement, adventure, and a deep dive into the rich culture of Himachal Pradesh.
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Must Do Things in Kullu


Prashar Lake Trek

Surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley, the Prashar Lake is a serene blue-water lake, a lovely site in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. One of the best things to do in Kullu, the trek offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges. The Dhauladar Ranges, Rohtang Pass and mountain ranges of Kinnaur and Pir Panjal are a pure treat to the eyes on this trek.

The lake is named after the sage Prashar who meditated here in ancient times. The local temple of Prashar Rishi is built in Himachal style architecture and is located in close vicinity.

The trek follows a beautiful route through a forest and several water streams. Meanwhile, trekkers get to enjoy the local culture as the trail goes through villages.

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Go for River Rafting

Image Credit : wikipedia

Have fun indulging in breathtaking water sports in Kullu. The whitewater rafting packages proffered in Kullu are mind-blowing. Enjoy rafting a 14 Km stretch in the mighty River, Beas. The journey begins from Piri and ends at Jhiri. Swimmers or nonswimmers just be carefree and hop into the boats and embark this thrilling journey.

Rafting in Kullu is one of its kind experiences. If you are healthy enough to paddle and row then you should surely go for it. One can go Rafting with family and friends and work together as a team to build a cherishing memory. 

Check here: Some other Exciting Rafting experiences in Kullu


Go for Paragliding

Image Credit : pixabay

Spread your wings and fly like a bird above the enticing hills of the Himalayas. As you flutter in the blue sky admire the immaculate nature. The adventurous activity of Paragliding is one of the most enthralling things to do in Kullu. 

Kullu is a hub for aero sports and hence allures numerous enthusiasts seeking the adrenaline rush. One need not worry about the safety issues, as you would undergo a proper training program and will be thoroughly guided by well-qualified trainers. So get ready for an action-packed experience. Board your flight and sore.   

Click to see more options for Best Paragliding Tours in Kullu. 

Camping In Kullu Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)
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721 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
721 Ratings
Superb 721 Ratings
721 Ratings Ratings
₹ 1,250 ₹ 850 per Adult

Camping Location: Prini, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Check-In Time on Day 1: 10:00 AM

Check-Out Time on Day 2: 11:00 AM

About the Camping, Rafting & Adventure Activities At Manali:

Nestled amidst the snow-capped mountains that are surrounded by lower altitude grassy fields, the campsite offers you a perfect getaway from the urban lifestyle and reconnects you with nature. The campsite is nearby to the many attractions like Manu temple, Mall road etc. and there are several nature trails that originate from the campsite.

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Trek to Malana Village

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Malana is a charming village near Kasol which is a perfect destination for an invigorating weekend trek. The trek commences from Kasol as there is no direct motorable road from Kasol to Malana. Trekkers need to go halfway by taxi after which the trek to Malana begins and it is one of the fun things to do in Kullu.

Malana is overlooked by Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba Peaks. The trek to this charming hamlet is quite beautiful, but a little strenuous sometimes. Trekkers need to traverse through the Malana Nallah that flows right across the Parvati Valley to complete the Malana Trek.

The trek promises dramatically stunning views of conifer forests, hilly village roads, snow-capped Dhauladhar Ranges and the Parvati River.

The distance between Kasol and Kullu is approximately 37 kilometers.

Have a unique experience while camping in Kasol!

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Ride a Bicycle in Kullu

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Cycling in Kullu is one of the most rejuvenating experiences that travellers can indulge in. Cycling around the snow-laden town gives travellers the freedom to explore and pass through varied terrains while stopping conveniently for photo-ops. There are a variety of cycling tours online that travellers can take and be a part of to experience Kullu.

An invigorating exercise, cycling in and around the town is one of the best things to do in Kullu. There are many places where interested cyclists can pick up a mountain bicycle from for about 9-10 hours to experience nature in the best way possible.

Rohtang Pass downhill cycling tours, Manali to Naggar cycling tour and Manali to Manikaran cycling tour are some classic cycling packages that travellers can take.

Also, check the elite camping experience in Kullu!

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Trekking In Kullu Explore All (7)

Visit Kasol for PSY Parties

PSY parties or psychedelic trance or psytrance are characterized by arrangements of musical rhythms and melodies created by high tempo riffs. PSY parties in Kasol involve unrestrained fun, music, boozing, and chilling out. Psytrance fans flock in a great number every year to the hills to indulge in the top-of-the-line trance. visiting these places is a must experience to have in Kasol.

Speaking of Kasol in India, the hill station is no stranger to the magic of psytrance. Ever since the travel hippies of the West introduced the psytrance genre to the Indian junta, its magic has only seen a massive growth in terms of popularity and cult-following through the years.

The Himalayan Music Festival, the Indrasan Festival, Parvati Peaking and Shiva Squad are some popular PSY festivals that take place in Himachal Pradesh.

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Bhrigu Lake Trek

The highlight of the Bhrigu Lake trek is to climb a thrilling height of 14000 feet, which is approximately 25 kilometers in the Himachal region. Trekking to this high altitude glacial lake is thrilling as it covers difficult terrains. The natural extravaganza of the Lake upon reaching the destination is a pure treat to the eyes and it is one of the fun things to do in Kullu.

The trek offers fascinating natural views of snow-clad mountains, lush meadows and verdant forests. The trail also covers magnificent views of the Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters peaks and is one of the best things to do in Kullu. The descend trail covers traditional villages and apple orchards while ending at Vashisht Temple & Hot Water Springs.

The Bhrigu Lake remains frozen for almost half of the year. The best time to visit is before June and after August.

Here, is the list of best trekking tours in Kullu

Attend Parvati Peaking Festival

India's very own psytrance music festival, the Parvati Peaking Festival is in its fourth successful edition. The festival is considered as one of the biggest psytrance events that features an exciting line-up of DJs and artists. It is a 2-day extravaganza that is a must attend for all PSY fans.

Fans and tourists flock in a great number in Kasol for an exciting experience as this indeed is one of the best things to do in Kullu. The Parvati Peaking has been categorized as one of the of greatest Indian trance festivals. The festival is known for its hippie-vibe and serves as a great way to spice up your vacation and experience the off-beat!

Kullu lies approximately 40 kilometers away for reaching Kasol for the Parvati Peaking Festival.


Trek to Kheer Ganga

Image Credit : Flickr

If you are seeking for some adventure and thrill, then trekking at Kheer Ganga is one of the most awesome things to do in Kullu. Situated in the Parvati valley, this place is endowed with a fascinating landscape making it a perfect destination for trekking. 

After this tiresome yet adventurous journey, one can experience the relaxing natural hot water springs here. Kheer Ganga is also a pilgrimage hub. It is said that Karthik, the son of Lord Shiva meditated at this pristine place for approximately a thousand years. The place is open to visitors for only seven months a year and proffers comfortable accommodation facilities.


Trek to Chandrakhani Pass

Image Credit : Mark E-Flickr

At an elevation of 3660 M, the Chandrakhani Pass is the most wonderful and tranquil destination in the Kullu valley. It proffers a very impressive view of the Deo Tibba crest, the Pir Panjal and the Parbati Mountains. The trekking experience here is the best amongst the other delightful treks in Kullu. 

It acquaints the explorers with the culture of Himachal Pradesh. The picturesque magnificence of the Kullu valley and the mountain crests that dab that skyline will mesmerize you with its beauty. According to the mythology, the Chandrakhani Pass was an abode to all the Gods of Kullu, who later were carried to their respective places by the strong winds here. 


Take a Dip into Manikaran Hot Spring

Witness the unusual miracles of nature like a pond full of boiling water at a hill station. Manikaran is situated in the fascinating Parvati valley in Kullu. The hot springs situated on the banks of the Parbati River is one of the fun things to do in Kullu Manali.

When in Manikaran one can halt at a pristine Gurudwara located here. The food served here is simple yet delicious. The accommodation facilities are also considerably comfortable. It is believed that the water from the hot springs has medicinal properties and a healing power. This attracts countless pilgrims, who have faith that this is a cure for their sickness. Be it an excursion or a pilgrimage, Manikaran has to have a priority position in your things to do in Kullu list.  

Find here amazing day outs tours in Kullu

Other Fun Things to Do in Kullu


Visit Pandoh Dam

Image Credit : wikipedia

Are you in Kullu for your honeymoon? Then the Pandoh dam is a must-visit place. Located on the River Beas in the Mandi district, the Pandoh dam is an appealing destination to all. This place holds a prominent position, being easily accessible from both Kullu and Manali.  One can enjoy camping in its immaculate panorama. This quaint spot also proffers boating facilities. 

Imagine, sailing in the midst of the Mother Nature with your better half. This place has the power to enhance the romance in your life in every way. Escape from your hectic schedule and be in awe off God’s stunning creations.

Also, see the most unique and curated list of Resorts, homestays, villas, farm stays, and hotels


The Great Himalayan National Park

If you are an admirer of nature then a visit to the Great Himalayan National Park will be an enthralling experience to cherish. The National park is bestowed with a variety of wildlife species.  It is an abode for approximately 375 types of fauna that include snow leopard, blue sheep, Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan tahr, musk deer, goral and several others and it is one of the best things to do in Kullu Manali.

Another exhilarating option here is to go for a trek. So stuff your backpack and do not forget your camera; tie your shoelaces and just break free from your stressful routine. There are a number of fairs held here during the months of April, May, August and September. If you are an Indian National, then you will have to pay around Rs. 50 as a entry fee. For Foreign Nationals the entry fee is Rs. 200.


Explore the Beauty of Tirthan Valley

Image Credit : wikipedia

The Tirthan valley is a perfect destination to attain peace if you are looking for solitude and isolation. Break free from your noisy and stressed out life, and run away to this immaculate valley. The enthralling water bodies encompassed by a lush green vista make this place seem like a heaven on earth and it is one of the best things to do in kullu manali.

Another added attraction at the Tirthan valley is trout angling. Spending quality time with your friends fishing will build memories to cherish for a lifetime. The woodlands and the waterfalls here are a magnet for all the adventurers. So, get ready and plan a trek through this enticing terrain. 

People Also Ask About Kullu

  1. What are the best things to do in Kullu in december?

    1. River Rafting: This breathtaking water sport provides you a thrill while enjoying a thrilling journey in Beas River. Taking all necessary precautions, a rafting session here is one of a kind experience.

    2. Paragliding: Get a chance to fly like a bird and experience the free fall as you glide from high above. Enjoy a rush in your adrenaline while admiring the panoramic view of green and snowy plains beneath you.

    3. Trekking: A trek to Kheerganga, Chandrakhani and Bhrigu lake from Kasol will offer you a chance to admire the natural extravaganza of frozen lakes, picturesque views of the Himalayas and rocky terrains.

    4. Dipping in Hot Springs: Manikarnika offers some of the best locations where one can enjoy a pond of hot water. The gurudwara of Manikarnika holds many hot water springs believed to cure illness.
  2. What is the best time to visit Kullu?

    Summers are the best times to enjoy the tranquil and cool environment of Kullu. The months between March to August is the time when Kullu experiences a rise in the count of backpackers and travellers. This is the best time to cool off in some serene surroundings and away from the scorching heat.
  3. How can I spend 2 days in Kullu?

    An abode of serenity and natural splendors, Kullu is home to so many experiences and famous places that tourists from all over the world rush here to enjoy them. In addition to this, Kullu is also home to thrilling Treks which entertain loads of adventure seekers. 2 days in Kullu can be spent by following the below itinerary: One the first day of this tour, you can lead towards the beautiful lap of Raison valley.

    This valley is dotted with wonders of nature and finding a stay here is easy. Being so indulged within nature, the Raison valley provides the best staycation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many fun filled activities like snowboarding and skiing can be enjoyed here.

    On the second day, you can go on a spiritual sightseeing tour. Many places here are known for their holy vibes and depict the beautiful architecture. Major locations of tourist interest like Manu Temple, Hidimba Devi Temple, Vashisht Temple with hot water Springs can be covered in just one day. You can also go for other sightseeing places like the Jogini Waterfalls and Van Vihar.
  4. What are the best Himachal Pradesh Treks that we can book with Thrillophilia?

    Here is the list of the best Himachal Pradesh Treks that you can book with Thrillophilia:
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"We booked for the same day and after calling at thrillophilia, our booking was confirmed, we were given a great rafting guide who guided us very safely and completed full 7kms without cheating on us which most guides do there but our guide was very very good.. He even let me dip in the water. it was a great experience. We will definitely recommend this. "
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We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kudrat Resort, the location of the property, design and interior was superb. The rooms were spacious with all amenities. Staff was courteous and friendly. Enjoyed it cold chilly night. Easy check-in with the help of Thrillophilia vouchers.
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This place is really well designed. We had a pretty incredible view from our bedroom and was charged a decent price on this online platform.The staff was friendly and helpful. We had a great time here in Kullu and the hotel was a good choice to stay.
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We booked this beautiful stay in Kullu from Thrillophilia at the best price available online after comparing on all online platforms. Our trip begins from Jaipur. We reached Kullu by flight and transfered to this resort where they have done a warm welcome with welcome drinks. The best part was when we have seen our rooms it was exactly the same as described on this site. We were happy and satisfied. We have done everything in our 2 days stay, the river rafting experience was awesome and the bird watching has made us familiar with new species. Last day we have spent time inour rooms. Overall a lovely experience. Must try if you are visiting Kullu.
15 November 2020
Niladri Shekhar Rafting Adventure in Kullu
It was an amazing experience. I have been taken on a solo ride by the person guiding me and he is so polite and humble and above all highly professional. It was almost a dream come true for me for having such rafting experience. It's really a value for money, safe and sweet journey everyone should experience once in a lifetime.
16 January 2020
Bhisham Gandhi Jujurana
One of the best resorts I have visited in such a pocket friendly price offered by thrillophilia. The accommodations provided were nice. While the location of the resort is perfect. The staff was very cooperative throughout the journey. The rooms were so clean and everything was on point.
18 December 2019
Kama Verma Jujurana
Perfect option for wildlife and nature lovers. We have booked this amazing trip through Thrillophilia online as they not only provide stay but activities as well with the package at the best price. We enjoyed our villa stay with the modern amenities. Our trip was remarkable due to sightseeing in GHNP. We have explored a lot of new species of birds especially there. Highly recommended.
03 December 2019
Deepesh Verma Lily Dale Cottage
Gauri Shankar and Beas river are the best nearby attractions which make this resort a preferable choice if you do not want to waste time traveling to visit these two famous places. Everything was available which was required for a casual holiday.
15 February 2020
Chandani Guha Lily Dale Cottage
This resort is a perfect romantic getaway with forest view property. Me and my better half had a great time at this resort in our 1BHK. We also enjoyed the guided nature walk to the Beas river. It has given us a lot of memories to cherish. Thanks to Thrillophilia for arranging last moment deals for us at such an amazing price.

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