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  • 01Must Do Things in Seychelles

    1. Gaze the famous beach Anse Lazio in northwest of Praslin island
    2. Hike around Anse Georgette beach 
    3. Stroll across one of Mahe's most beautiful beaches called as Anse Intendance 
    4. Take a sunbath at glittering sand at Beau Vallon, on Mahe's northwest coast
    5. Explore the ruins of the leprosarium on the south shore of Curieuse Island
    6. Enjoy the walk at Moyenne Island
    7. Home of Jouel Kenwyn House is must visit site in Seychelles
    8. One must plan a visit to famous hindu temple called asTempio Hindu located in Seychelles
    9. Get lost in Victoria Market streets
    10. Admire the Petite Anse beach
    11. Explore the famous heritage preservation Mission Lodge Lookout in Seychelles
    12. One must visit Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden in Seychelles
    13. One must explore the famous Kreolfleurage Parfums Laboratory located in Praslin island 
    14. Admire the walls of Bicentennial Monument in Victoria in Seychelles
    15. Visit the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Victoria
    16. Take a walk around Tour de l'Horloge
    17. Enjoy Snorkeling, scuba diving at Ste Anne National Marine Park
    18. Get a bird's eye view of species of seabirds and the world's largest colonies of lesser noddy and roseate terns at Aride Island Nature Reserve
    19. One must visit Aldabra the world's largest raised coral atoll 
    20. Do not miss a visit of The Vallee de Mai

  • 02Adventure Things to Do in Seychelles

    21. Explore Teddy's Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Mahe's Island
    22. Hike to Eagle’s Nest Mountain in La Digue Island
    23. Ride on Victoria tours
    24. Sunset cruises at Mahe Island
    25. Visit the hilltop and award winning spa in the world at Four Seasons Seychelle
    26. Go fishing and Island hopping either by boat or seaplane
    27. Fly with Zil Air and witness the beautiful island from above
    28. Zip Lining and Rock Climbing at Constance Ephelia Resort in Mahe
    29. Go for snorkeling and parasailing in Beau Vallon Beach in Mahe's Island
    30. Climb to Morne Blanc trail in Victoria
    31. Curieuse Marine National Park

  • 03Places to Shop in Seychelles

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    32. Visit at Bazar Ovan (in Baie Lazare)
    33. Take a ride along Victoria Bazaar (in Victoria)
    34. Explore the roads of Bazar Labrin (in Beau Vallon Beach)
    35. Visit at Sir Selwyn Clarke Market (in Victoria)
    36. Shop at Kenwyn House
  • 04Places to Eat and Drink in Seychelles

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    37. PK's (Pasquiere Restaurant & Gastropub) in Anse Boudin
    38. Enjoy great gluten free seafood at L’Indochine in Bae Lazare
    39. Have some burgers at Bravo restaurant in Victoria
    40. Enjoy Cajun & Creole , Bar at Surfers Beach Restaurant in Takamaka
    41. Grab some delicious food at La Perle Noir restaurant
    42. Visit Pirogue Restaurant & Bar
    43. One can grab some food at La Grande Maison Restaurant located at Mahe island
    44. Eat grilled fish from the street shops in Mahe Island
    45. Get some shark chutney to eat at Gala Takeaway in La Digue Island
    46. Have best octopus curry at Starfish Restaurant in Praslin Island
    47. Grab yummy pizzaa at Baobab Pizzeria 
    48. One must visit the oldest restaurant Marie Antoinette's to serve bat,situated in Victoria
    49. Have lunch in Eden Island
    50. Have a BBQ at Therese Island

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