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    If you’re in British Colombia’s Vancouver, don’t miss an opportunity to take a Whale Watching Cruise. In a typical guided tour, you may spot fascinating killer whales, sea lions, porpoises and seals. On the east coast, you can avail a similar cruise in Quebec, Victoria and parts of Nova Scotia.

    The plethora of vineyards in the tremendous country of Canada makes way for extravagant wine tasting tours, be it in the Niagara of Ontario or the Okanagan Valley of BC or the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver. Although, we vouch for ice wine from the Niagara-on-the-Lake or the Montreal regions!

    In case you’re visiting Canada in the winter, there is a host of winter sports that might interest you such as backcountry skiing and heli skiing in parts of western Canada or dog sledding and ice fishing in Yukon, northern Canada. If time permits, visit the Ski Whistler resort in British Colombia.

    Love water? Indulge in a river canoe or a kayaking trip along the waters of the Nahanni National Park Reserve. The views of the Mackenzie Mountains and the breathtaking canyons will be a magical adventure. 

    1. Go on a Polar Bear Safari near Churchill

    2. Niagara Lake

    Image Credits : Goodsophism - Flickr

    3. Spend a Night in Hôtel de Glace in Québec

    Image Credits : Matias Garabedian - Flickr

    4. White Water Raft in Banff

    Image Credits : Leonardo Dasilva - Flickr

    5. Walk over the Capilano Suspension Bridge

    6. Kite surf off the Magdalen Islands in Quebec

    Image Credits : Bertknot - Flickr

    7. Visit the Land of Anne of Green Gables

    8. Skydive in Saskatchewan

    Image Credits : Philip Leara - Flickr

    9. Float through Iceberg Alley in Newfoundland and Labrador

    10. Zipline through the Forests of Whistler

    Image Credits : Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau -Flickr

    11. Discover the Columbia Ice Fields in Alberta

    12. See the Northern Lights in Yellowknife

    13. Place a love lock on the Corkstown bridge in Ottawa

    14. Ride Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland

    15. Climb a mountain in the Rockies

    16. Dog sled across the Canadian North

    17. Ride Via Rail across Canada

    18. Visit the Largest Shopping Centre in North America at the West Edmonton Mall

    Image Credits : JasonParis - Flickr

    19. Blue sharks in Nova Scotia

    20. Watch Shakespeare play in Stratford

    Image Credits : Marty B - Flickr

    21. Surf the waves in Tofino

    Image Credits : João Trindade - Flickr

    22. Visit the Calgary Stampede

    23. Discover the Sea Caves in St. Martins, New Brunswick

    Image Credits : Chris Murphy - Flickr

    24. Largest Standing Dinosaur in the World in Drumheller

    25. Prince Edward Island

    Image Credits : Nicolas Raymond - Flickr

    26. Rideau Canal in Ottawa

    27. Eat Bagel in Montreal

    Image Credits : Mathieu Goulet - Flickr

    28. Poutine

    29. Stop and smell the Flowers at Butchart Gardens in Victoria

    Image Credits : Steve Olmstead - Flickr

    30. CN Tower Edgewalk

    31. Take a ride at Niagara Falls

    32. Point Pelee National Park

    33. Ski and Snowboard in Whistler British Columbia

    34. See a real inukshuk in Nunavut

    35. Cirque du Soleil performance in Quebec

    36. Drink in Newfoundland and Labrador

    37. Rocky Shores of Cape Breton

    Image Credits : Nicolas Raymond - Flickr

    38. See Wild Bison in Alberta

    39. Visit the Alberta Oil Sands

    40. Visit the Bay of Fundy

    41. Ride around Lake Louise on Horseback

    42. Catch a theatrical performance in Toronto

    Image Credits : Eva Rinaldi - Flickr

    43. Boat through the 1000 Islands

    Image Credits : Ashwin Kumar - Flickr


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