25 Places to Visit in New York City & Top Tourist Places

Tourist Places In New York

Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway and the Theater District, The Museum of Modern Art, World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and many more.

With its diversified culture, a plethora of entertainment, splendid history and scenic beauty, the places to visit in New York have been captivating tourists for many decades. While some may get attracted to the phenomenal architecture of historical buildings such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, others usually visit here to blend into its chic and luxurious lifestyle.

The South Street Seaport or the Central Park are surely everlasting favourites, but various hidden gems including the Queens County Farm Museum and the Prospect Park are nothing less than a wonder. Brooklyn Bridge is among some of the most unforgettable attractions in New York, you should take a long walk across where you can relax, take in the river’s view, and look at the skyline above.

One of the greatest and most visited tourist places in New York is the Times Square, the busiest pedestrian area in the city and the largest contributor to the world’s entertainment industry. While Times Square is a sight for the “social” and “outgoing” types, the American Museum of Natural History is for history geeks.

Here are some the best places to visit in New York:

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Central Park has been flooding with tourists since 2016, approximately 45 million people visit this park every year on average. It is unarguably the most visited park in the entire world along with being the first public park in the United States of America.

Built within the heart of Manhattan, the park is a lenient ground for athletes, musicians, strollers, and even bird watchers to witness migratory birds above. We believe that it is now your turn to visit these breathtaking attractions in New York, whether it is a long visit or short.

Location: 59th to 110th Street Manhattan Borough, from Central Park West to 5th Avenue, New York City 10022 United States
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The largest museum in the whole world is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For art lovers and aspiring artists, it is among the particularly recommended places to visit in New York for quite some reasons. For example, the museum houses over 2 million art pieces spreading across the history of culture.

The museum consists of more than just paintings, items such as porcelain, sculptures, musical instruments, historical artifacts, costumes, and armaments are a part of the building as well. In the present time, the museum hosts a total of 20 permanent collections that pivot on medieval art, tapestries and lace, and etc.

Location: 1000 5th Ave, New York 10028, United States

Entry Fee: $25 for adults; $17 for seniors; $12 for students. Free entry for members, patrons, and children below the age of 12
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Another set of captivating attractions in New York would be the Broadway and the Theater District. It is an area in Midtown Manhattan, and as the name suggests it houses the most Broadway theaters. However, that is not all, there are different theaters of movies and Broadway with multiple restaurants, hotels, cafes etc.

Imagine spending a day here with your family, exploring like a true nomad, enjoying yourself with your loved ones, and trying out the best food Manhattan has to offer.

Location: 1681 Broadway, New York City, 10019-5827
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The Museum of Modern Art is abbreviated as MoMA, and is enlisted among the contemporary tourist places in New York. The famous art museum plays a prime part in developing and collecting modern art, it is even recognized as one of the largest and most influential modern art museums in the world.

As indicated, MoMA's collection of art pieces include architectural and design works, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, illustrated books, and artist's books, films, and electronic media that gives a gist of modern and contemporary art. To have visited here would mean that one has artistic abilities.

Location: 11 W 53rd St, New York10019, United States

Entry Fee: $25 for adults, $18 for seniors of age 65+, and $14 for students
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The Rockefeller Center is a huge complex consisting of 19 commercial buildings across 22 acres of land in Midtown Manhattan, between 48th Street and 51st Street. There are 14 Art Deco original buildings from the initial days covering from Fifth Avenue to Seventh Avenue.

The complex built additional buildings, later on, 75 Rockefeller Plaza was spread across 51st Street’s north end of Rockefeller Plaza and four International Style buildings on the west side of Sixth Avenue. After World Trade Center, this is the next in line for you on the “Places to Visit in New York” list.

Location: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111, United States
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It is believed that your trip to New York City is incomplete if you do not visit the Empire State Building since it is one of the best tourist attractions in New York. It has been chosen as the world’s most famous office building by the people since it rules the sky and defines great architecture.

The building was opened in 1931 but the first official climb to the top floor was taken in 1937 by A. W. Aldrich, a Vermont Farmer in 36 minutes. We recommend you these places to visit in New York since they are a prestige for not only the city but the United States as well.

Location: 20 W 34th St, New York 10001, United States

Entry Fee: MAIN DECK: 86th Floor Adult: $42.00 Child: $36.00 Senior: $40.00, Top Deck: 102nd and 86th Floors Adult: $75.00 Child: $69.00 Senior: $73.00, To experience sunrise on the 86th floor all visitors must pay $114.81
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No one could ever forget the September 11 attack in 2001, at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the 2,977 people and the six people in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, who lost their lives in the attack are honored.

The museum is operated by a non-profitable institution that aims to raise funds, program, and manage at the World Trade Center site. It is in the group of the most celebrated tourist places in New York because people all over the globe visit here to pay their respects.

Location: 180 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007, United States
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The High Mile is an elevated linear park above the west side of Manhattan streets, running for 1.45 miles i.e. 2.33 kilometers. The park is known for its naturalized plantings, the city’s view, and the view of the refreshing Hudson River.

However, the area was not always a park, it was formerly a raised railway used for transportation. When the railway fell idle, a group called the "Friends of the High Line" planned to reinvent the tracks into a park. Today, the park is flooded with flowers, trees, shrubs, benches, tables, playgrounds for children, viewing areas, and lots more. It is definitely some of the best places to visit in New York.

Location: New York, NY 10011, United States
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The Brooklyn Bridge is amidst the world famous tourist places in New York that link the two boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan with each other.

The Bridge was built with granite towers and steel cables in 1883 and has since offered a safe passageway for commuters, travelers, trains, bicycles, cars, etc. on a daily basis.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY 10038, United States
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Fifth Avenue is a tremendously popular street that connects the north and south side of Manhattan and continues for 5 miles straight with 102 streets, from 8th street to 110th Street. It is New York’s best and most expensive shopping street, hence given the name “Millionaire’s Row”.

Exclusive stores like Cartier and Armani could be located in Central Park magnetizing the rich and famous of the entire city. In addition to the shopping sprees, you could also visit the nearby cathedrals, churches, museums, or buildings for sightseeing.

Location: 5th Ave, New York, NY, USA
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One World Observatory has to be a part of your itinerary of places to visit in New York to admire the entire city from the tallest building in New York, A skyline and citywide view is not the only offering from the tower, it houses other indulging activities as well.

For instance, to reach your destination, take a Sky Pod to the 102nd floor to stare at the scenic view. Then, stroll all the three levels of the Observatory, stop by the cafe to refill your energy, opt for a guided tour, and lastly, relax at the One Mix Bar.

Location: 117 West St, New York, NY 10006, United States

Entry Fee: $32 for adults, seniors pay $30, and children aged 6 to 15 pay $26
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Amid the long list of fascinating places New York has to offer, the New York Public Library tops here, for all the book worms this is an ideal stop for you. The NYPL has 92 locations in total that express 53 million items approximately.

It is the second-largest public library in the United States and the fourth-largest worldwide. NYPL is a private non-profit corporation that equally operates with private and public financing. Also, a fun fact: you could rent the New York Public Library for events like a wedding and it turns out to be surreal!

Location: 476 5th Ave, New York 10018, United States
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St. Patrick's Cathedral, a neo-gothic Catholic cathedral in Manhattan was constructed between the years 1858 and 1878. The church was celebrated then and has managed to keep its importance even today. A noteworthy landmark of New York City and is also the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

Right across the street is the Parish church from Rockefeller Center. This faces the Atlas statue and the International Building. Because of the cathedral’s prominence, it is an often visited site by tourists.

Location: 5th Ave, New York 10022, United States
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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is an art museum and is also known as The Guggenheim. For the aspiring artists and admirers, they should take note of such places to visit in New York for collecting more inspiration.

The museum displays a permanent collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern, and contemporary art along with other special features throughout the year. Originally, the museum was named as the Museum of Non-Objective Painting in 1939. However, three years later it was renamed after the death of its founder, Solomon R. Guggenheim.

Location: 1071 5th Ave, New York 10128, United States

Entry Fee: Adults: $25, Visitors with Disabilities: $18
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Bryant Park might not be as hyped on the internet as the Central Park but it is a multifunctional Park in New York City across from the New York Public Library, engulfed by sensational skyscrapers. The park is open year-round for tourists and locals and ranks as the most beloved tourist places in New York.

The park consistently showcases its beauty with the seasonal gardens, free of cost activities, hygienic washrooms, and fresco dining at your ease. The place is also referred to as Manhattan's Town Square, so you could easily spend your day here without realizing the time.

Location: New York, NY 10018, United States
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Founded in 1889, Carnegie Hall is a concert venue in Midtown Manhattan. It is among the most prime venues in history and offers almost 250 performances each season. Carnegie Hall has 3,671 seats in total, which are further divided among three different auditoriums.

In the year 1962, the hall was designated as a National Historic Landmark. It was later designated as a city landmark in 1967 by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Location: 881 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States
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The American Museum of Natural History or AMNH is a museum dedicated to the natural history of the States. The building is a vast area, occupying 2 million square feet, and externally 26 interconnected buildings accommodating 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library.

This museum houses 34 million species of plants, animals, human remains, minerals, rocks, human cultural artifacts, fossils, meteorites,and much more and thus, makes for an interesting tourist place; especially for history and archaeology buffs.

Location: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States

Entry Fee: $23 for adults, $18 for students with ID, $18 for seniors (ages 60 and up), and $13 for children (ages 3 to 12).
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Washington Square Park has been playing numerous roles despite being a beautiful public park by nature. It is a march, a cemetery, a ground for parade, a spot for artists' meetings, a playground for pets and children and so many more undetected roles.

Infamous for its arch, honoring George Washington by being named after him, and its fountain, the arch's elder by a mere 43 years and a popular meeting spot. You need to start making the list of all the places to visit in New York in order to check-in with every destination.

Location: Washington Square, New York 10012, United States
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Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue which also happens to be a popular tourist spot for domestic and international tourists alike. The hall is located inside the premises of Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan.

With a seating capacity of 6,015 people, the venue now majorly shows music performances, concerts, stage shows, special attractions and media events. The format of the show has been evolving with time, likes, and dislikes of the people primarily.

Location: 1260 6th Ave, New York 10020, United States
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Liberty Island is a federally owned island which is primarily known for housing the great Statue of Liberty in the Upper New York Bay in the waters of Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey.

The island could be reached by taking a ferry for both Ellis Island and Liberty Island since they are at little distance. A trip to NYC remains incomplete without a trip to the Liberty Island for most international tourists.

Location: Liberty Island, New York, NY 10004, USA
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New York Harbor is among the largest natural harbors in the world, placed at the tip of Hudson River where it first empties into New York Bay and later in the Atlantic Ocean. Thi harbor has played a significant role in the history of the city and today, is a commercial centre.

It is a great place to clear your mind on a sunny afternoon, overlooking the passing ships, cruises and the calming water body. It undoubtedly is one of the most popular tourist attractions not just in the US but in the world. So, a stroll around this vicinity, though stereotypical, is a good way to get a glimpse into the fast paced life of the city.

Location: New York Harbor, United States
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People Also Ask About New York City

  1. What are the best places to visit in New York for a honeymoon?

    1. Niagara Falls: Very popular amongst tourists across the globe, this destination is particularly a pick for couples to either take a boat trip known as Maid of the Mist or take a trip to the cave of the mist. Both the options would allow you some time alone, away from the public eye.

    2. Thousand Island: You will find a handful of islands at the St. Lawrence River, spreading over the border of Canada and US. Here, you could enjoy activities like visiting the Boldt Castle, exploring the Heart Island, going for wildlife watching at Clayton Islands, speedboat rides, sightseeing museums and galleries, or taking a hot air balloon ride 1000 feet above with your partner.

    3. Times Square: Walking in and around Times Square is a heartfelt experience. The area overflows with restaurants, cafes, theatres, and other entertainment facilities around.

    4. Catskill Mountain: Is located in the south-east part of New York and could prove to be a great getaway for honeymooning couples. In the autumn, the mountain changes its shade to red, orange, and yellow which is a tremendous sight.

    5. Lake Placid: This is recommended specifically for our adventurous duo who take rides together. The couples can go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, riding snowmobiles, ice climbing and many more. Whereas, during the winter to fishing, boating, hiking, rock climbing, rafting and other such sports are more appropriate. And during the lazy summers, couples can also visit the spas and massage centres.
  2. How can I spend 3 days in NYC?

    1. Times Square: It is a hub for people, you will never find it empty or less crowded. Times Square has to be on your list for a surreal experience of a lifetime. Here, you could catch glimpses of street shows and shop locally to attain a particular look!

    2. New York Public Library: NYPL is a magnificent sight for everybody. The main branch is at the 5th Avenue when you exit Bryant Park on the 42nd street.

    3. Trinity Church: The Church is situated at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway with its gothic look from the 1846. Visit the church to seek blessings and begin your day.

    4. Lunch in ChinaTown: A block past the Mott Street is the main street of Chinatown where you should take a lunch break in order to gain your energy. You will find inexpensive restaurants here, serving delicious meals.
  3. What is the best time to visit New York?

    The best time is either between April to June or November and December. The spring season is between April to June, and therefore you see pleasant weather all along with fewer tourists around. November and December are eventful months with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in line, so there are continuous events to be entertained by.
  4. What is famous in New York?

    New York is an all-rounder when it comes to the things this city is famous for. We have already given you numerous listings of the places you should consider visiting in New York, but what you must also experiment with is food. A New York style pizza at the local pizzeria, a filling steak,  corned beef, or even some baked pretzels to go with. However, food and sightseeing are just two aspects of NYC.
  5. What should you not miss in New York?

    You should not miss fine attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, the Central Park, 9/11 Memorial and etc. Each of the destinations holds a distinct feature to begin with, the Statue of Liberty exudes the declaration of freedom while the 9/11 Memorial shows grief and sorrow for the victims in the attack.
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